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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  October 9, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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>> score. live look and the doubling camera, 586, it is packed. that's her favorite day. >> beautiful. buffalo sam reinert goes between the legs, and jack tuesday can't traffic is looking okay. and the weather isn't too bad. michael, boston university terrier, makes a slick move and it's another warm one. finishes with a backhander for >> changes are coming. the play of the day. so the onshore flow really picking up. get ready for that cooler weather. and, a live look at our we are now one month from the midterm elections in today salesforce power camera looking north. celebrating its 85th birthday early voting starts in several yesterday looking beautiful counties around california. this morning. coming up, we will talk about what is at stake. and, let's show you our temperatures 58 in concord, and and if you're in napa county and you have a cell phone care they are hoping that you have livermore 56, 57 in san -- cell phone. they are hoping francisco and 53 for santa rosa. so, whether headlines are that you have this. this isn't just any saturday. looking at patchy morning fog that has return for parts of the coast in parts of the bay this morning as we go through the afternoon it's not as warm.
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the coolest days of the week will be there through thursday. the visibility is out there just to show you the areas of fog along the coast and right over the golden gate bridge. with some patchy fog this morning. and talking about the wind, yesterday over the weekend we saw northern the easterly winds and it is a dry offshore wind and we are seeing the southerly to southwesterly winds right in san francisco. that's it shows you the onshore flow beginning to kick in. so daytime highs are cooler. about 73 in oakland but as you go inland, still warm in the lower to middle 80s. we will talk about how cool it's going to get. et's check in with jaclyn. this is the golden gate bridge. drivers need to be careful and refrain from using high beams
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and keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. we are tracking some slowdowns. they had a full closure overnight. it looks like they had that wrapped up. but right now can't traffic backed up. it will be slow going and then things start to pick up. instantly enter, we are still tracking this accident. still blocking this on-ramp and 880 is in the green in both directions. over at the bay bridge toll plaza we definitely have some delays as you're making your way into san francisco. and while you are sleeping, a home went up in flames and it broke out around 11:30 am. they extended throughout the entire house in that one point this is a saturday with the best wifi experience live power lines came down at the back of the home. and your shows streaming wherever you go. four people made it out. and with savings on wireless, this is a saturday you can share with the whole family. but they say that one dog did
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die. it isn't clear how the fire started. natural live look at the this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. capital as the sun rises. get started with xfinity internet and tv brett cavanaugh prepares to hear his first arguments he for just $39.99 a month for 12 months and ask how you can save on your wireless bill will begin his first work in a when you include xfinity mobile. click, call or visit a store today. handful of cases. and for repeat offenders in homeland security authorities to detain certain immigrants illegally >> my goal is to be a great justice for all americans. >> it was preceded by a weeks long battle over accusations of sexual assault and 80s. a charge that he denied. last night he offered a public apologhe wassworn inwhithous >> want to apologize to brett in the entire brett kavanaugh for switching to progressive? family for the terrible pain [ engine revving ] and suffering that you have you cannot hear me at all, been forced to endure. can you? >> well, she said that she
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would file a freedom of information act. into that. a year after the devasting wine country wildfires. those results could be made effort to prev public before the midterm sirens and phones will be elections. >> all eyes on those, and going off of the north they a year after the devastating wide voters are getting ready to make their voices heard. country wildfires. we are live in san francisco where there are big issues. plus, a business tax gets a >> reporter: yes, here one of them all over our streets, the big-time endorsement how it could hurt its billionaire backers. homeless problem and a couple and and at home water test of solutions to that. sets office care for the water system. this morning, the city takes here at san francisco city hall action. start at 8 am. it is tuesday, october 9. and it runs until 5 pm. >> let's outside. that's going to go on every and taking a look at the weekday until election day, beautiful cameras. and, it is celebrating a big november 6 and those two birthday 85 years. weekends right before. they are hoping that the momentum before the election will bring more people out. and,y couraginand looking good. did you enjoy the nice weather reminding their friends what is clock >> it was one. at stake. one of the big issues here in >> yes. very good.
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san francisco would tax the >> it was really good. biggest amount. >> and, we went to bed early. >> they are envious. >> so, it's nice to get that and, businesses are throwing their weight behind it including mark and rest. hopefully you did too. and thank you for waking up with us. big difference with our weather. onshore flow kicking in. offshore wind. and now we are getting at ocean breeze. they live look at the tower --. there's another school of thought, those afraid of came up. and you can see, that shallow throwing money at the problem marine layer out there, we would only encourage more people , more homeless people to come haven't seen that in quite some to san francisco so that's one time. so our temperatures as we start of the bigger debates that we out the day. will see out here at city hall 60 in oakland as well as for and of course, another big cash san jose. -- issue is the gurnatoria 57 in san francisco and that the three for santa rosa. ra so you rather headlines, that has return for the coast through parts of the bay. area business will learn if they can be revived as the that is one this afternoon. nation's first of its kind especially for the bay. and, that is as you go through
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cannabis nursery. the longtime family business the afternoon. much cooler for all of us. had to close down. the building has sat empty ever so let's show you this. since. but the grandson of the owners also, the golden gate getting will go before them to try to foggy conditions. turn the old nursery into a retail market for canvas plants. tracking into the city as well. >> we will not sell and products. we are watching that. no edibles, no oils, no flour, and it really indicates that change southwesterly winds at or anything. >> so far, we haven't heard any seven miles per hour. members of jack things so far. and as well as those eastern winds in napa. >> the 27-year-old owner said highs today, upper 60s today we he expects to sail through the process and will be granted the saw 79 yesterday in san license that he needs to open. they say that the owner francisco. so about a 10 degrees drop in temperatures as we go through the day. 73 and oakland 84 vallejo. involved in a deadly crash did not have the appropriate license to operate the vehicle. in 1000 people gathered to remember the 20 people who were still warm inland we are talking lower to middle 80s. killed in the crash. especially the airfield. they also revealed that the heavily modified vehicle failed
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and expection -- and we'll talk about what you can expect as we take you for the inspection. a driver plowed through a stop week and how cool it is going to get. let's check in with a look on this traffic. sign and crashed into a parked suv. they found that the company has this is a live look over at the bay bridge metering lights. a limit does have a history of so, just a couple of minutes they call to mind a tragedy ago and how quickly that backup closer to home as well. developed and you can see it is this modified limousine caught fire on san mateo bridge. slow going as you make your way up the incline and it continues trapping and killing five women. to be a bit sluggish. when you get past that, things they are now required to are starting to pick up. here is a live look at the toll install extinguishers. and, they have to have to rear plaza. side doors. and we are in the yellow. that backup is starting to reach the foot of the maze. and, at least on the 580 approach. >> it is the sad part. and what happened in new york highlights that. it doesn't take much to get to that remains in the green the business of driving someone looking pretty good as you go around or picking up or through emeryville. we are still tracking that big accident it is over on the purchasing a stretch limousine and starting a business. shoulder. as you are approaching grant line. the real slowdowns are in the >> utilities commission opposite commute direction. regulates limos. theystggle to they still have some lanes properly stop illegal operators
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closed and they will be closed until about 7 am. so it's best to do your own the do expect delays as you're homework before booking. here are some tips verifying trying to get out to work that that the license and insurance as well. here is a live look as are also asks for pictures of the approaching that in the yellow. vehicle and booking new vehicles a 27 minute ride. if you're heading over toward and making sure that there are 680. seatbelts for everyone. remembering ceremonies the but for now, sending it back over to you. we are taking a live look napa county remembers that the deadly wildfires with a nod to out where they are preparing the past and a warning for the for the arrival of hurricane michael. future. from offshore flow, to the wind and the waves are all onshore flow, we are turning ready starting to pick up. today. tracking patchy fog this it continues to gain strength as it makes its way closer to shore. morning, i will let you know exactly where, coming up. it has strengthened into a and we're taking a live look coulke landfall by tomorrow. and by then, it could be a as you are approaching 680, it category three storm with wind is getting pretty busy. speeds of 110 miles per hour. and we have reports of a new yesterday, it hit the western accident. coast of cuba. that's powerful wind pounded the island. damaging homes and even cutting
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off power and sometimes. and as michael continues to intensify and move closer to the east coast hurricane warnings are in effect for the florida panhandle. >> it is forecast to be the most destructive storm to hit the panhandle and decades. the storm will be life- threatening. >> it is expected to move northeast where residents are still cleaning up from hurricane florence. napa county is racing for the next natural disaster and testing a new emergency alert system. jackie ward is there live to show us where residents -- what residents can expect. >> reporter: u'reinnapa county and you have a cell phone, you should be getting an alert. don't total, -- don't worry, here's the sunday can expect.
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it is called a european hi-lo siren and it sounded officials in napa, and lake counties hope people will hear and they get up and move in case of an emergency. there's also a visual element evacuation tax, they will make it easy to see who is evacuated and who is not. that feature is supposed to help save time -- save lives and help. >> well, to be able to do that who hasn't been notified is very important so, it's nice. mrs. walker. michael vasquez! >> well, they are remembering come over here. i've heard such good things about you, your company. those. they face them at 5 pm tonight. well, i wouldn't have done any of it without you. and they started their on october 8 of last year and without this place. this is for you. destroyed 30,000 acres in lake michael, you didn't have to... and, we're going to need some help with the rest. counties more than 40 or 5600 you've worked so hard to achieve so much. and killed 22 people. so copper is a board of perhaps it's time to partner with someone supervisors here and this alert
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goes off at 930 so hopefully, they meeting get disrupted. this will work. while you are sleeping, a home in san jose went up in flames. it broke out around 11:30 am. it is extended throughout the entire house and at one point, live powerlines came down at the back of the home. four people made it out safely along with two dogs. and, another dog did die. it's not clear how it got started. voters will cast the ballot on the upcoming november. we are live were all ready things are heating up. new emergency alert system.. in hopes of preventing another >> well, a lot of excitement and get riur jackie st year's they are coming up one month from today. and today,castart waivrning. jkie? *sirens happening today, napa county expected to test the new emergency alert system in hopes of preventing another disaster like last countries wildfires. let's get there live with more. placing your votes.
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this is going to happeilpm. the jackie? >> reporter: well, in just a few hours, anyone who has a the two weekends right before. cell phone should be getting an they are hoping that the momentum bring my people out. emergency alert on their phone. and here's what it sounds like. you know those stickers that you e seon that isn't a sound that anyone they handed them to you? well, they are hoping that people opposed those to is used to. encourage and remind their friends what is at stake. here in san francisco, this is one of the big things on the and that's the point. they say that that sound allows ballot by corporate revenue of patrol cars to drive several areas and advise people of an about $50 million. emergency fast. it is a european high low siren and is a sound that they hope we are talking about taxing the visit -- biggest businesses will help house 500,000 people that people will hear when it is time to get up and move. >> we are working here to see and give about $65 million to mental health programs. how we can improve our efficiency. now, big businesses in san francisco are throwing their weight behind it including the >> s the distce sales force, pledging $18 be g at thcomm. million tween his company and his own money to help pass those red -- pass those.
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there are two schools of it started in calistoga on thought. october 8 the last year and destroyed 36,000 acres. we need money to help people on the streets. the other, more money will just attract more homeless people. and, in fact, they say that 5600 homes and killed 22 people. so the test is happening at there is not enough accountability in the area. 9:30 am and that will be right in the middle of where the napa county supervisors board is and, he says basically it is meeting. so hopefully, the meeting gets entered -- gets interrupted. worth it to give them a world. >> thank you. and, it is one of several big the crowd going wild a little too wild. issues that we will be talking about over the coming month. after the wrapper promised to a customer complaint on a give away hundreds of free shoes in hollywood. bay area neighborhood has a they say that at least eight city taking action. a san francisco sint in the people are taken to the sunset neighborhoods is a test hospital, none of those juco se kit that she brought -- that and they are expected to launch a tour at that item. she bought has a high level of traffic ticket in la, some pesticide. her neighbor posted similar results. of them can't afford to pay but a social media site set up for a new settlement may change neighbors. but officials insist that it is things. they took la county to court.
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constantly tested and is safe. now, drivers can claim financial hardship and seek the volume of pesticide that would have to be in here to be diluted by that much reduction they don't have the money to pay the ticket. would actually have to be a >> it was like $200 and i'm significant volume. we don't think that there's any barely surviving. chance that somebody could have dumped that must -- that much >> well, it stemmed from to women whose licenses versus ended because they were too poor to pay the fines. pesticide into the water. >> they say that they will they claimed that they should've conduct new tests just to make sure. 5:34 am. there is a fire spreading gel determined whether they have the means to pay those fines. is here to explain. a good time to check you are talking about the fire traffic with jacqueline. movement. it sounds kind of scary. we are tracking a new >> it isn't. accident and it could impact many people's rights. it is the acronym. this is a long -- rides. we are and it stands for financial independence retire early. there's nothing scary about it. starting to see delays. but, traffic is very heavy as well, it started with you are heading out of tracy. and we are also seeing a lot of red and eastbound direction and that is due to overnight work. millennial to wanted to escape soul sucking jobs that didn't reflect their values. and an economy that is fueled by consumerism. they had added to the chorus of
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so, the crash, westbound naysayers who complain about direction and speed dip the low the generations work ethic but i think it's a great idea and has been spreading to anyone 15 miles per hour. trying to lead a happier more satisfying life. so give yourself sometimes. and for most, it doesn't mean it is a slow ride, it is in the the end of working weather, it red about 13 minutes and you're simply creates more satisfying ride continues to be slow as career options. you make your way along the 580. it is a 27 minute commute. >> so, how do fire adherents achieve these lofty goals? over at the bay bridge toll plaza, we are starting to see >> again, it is a nifty acronym. so, some of those concepts are more cars joining the tuesday morning commute. here is a live look at san to have your major expenses mateo bridge where everybody is with cheaper alternatives, on their west -- best behavior. don't spend more than you earn. avoid debt, cultivate side that is a check of the traffic. offshore wind yesterday hustles or part-time work and that's underwent, you can best in low cost index mutual really see that with the fog funds and don't withdraw more than 4% annually for retirement. so all of those concepts, they rolling in. a beautiful look with the bay are practicing lien fire. bridge, the salesforce tower currently looking at 58, 56 that is the extreme frugality. livermore, and santa rosa, as others have a more typical standard of living pulsating and invest -- investing.
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well. and others are working part- you can see that kicking in. time at starbucks after retiring from the company's health insurance. if you want to learn more about yesterday we were looking at that and you can see half moon the fire movement, you can bay, at san francisco a check out one of the earliest southwesterly wind at seven advocates. miles per hour. and that is really drawing in he retired 11 years ago at the ripe old age of 30 after what that pacific air for us. he called an unexceptional tenure engineering career. you can see, waking up to areas >> well. retiring at 30, all kinds of of low clouds and fog there parts of the bay. and, it is still warm inland. fire. thank you for all of the advice. and, they are in the 80s inland. new this morning, the international monetary fund has downgraded its outlook for the world economy. that is that ridge of high pressure. and, a little bit south we are looking at that onshore flow. they blame rising interest well, as we go through the day, rates and global trade tensions. it says president champs trade policies especially those in china are harming growth in the united date and abroad. it does note that they will we will have that sunshine but watch as we go through tomorrow. late tonight into tomorrow help the united states grow about potential until 2020. morning we are going to see areas of low clouds and fog.
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so, the ocean breeze returns time now is 5:41 am. today. facebook is branching out not as warm and much less smoke. coming up, the social network we are looking at temperatures unveiling a new at home device to keep connections strong. right around where we should and here is a live look be. 84 in campbell, 82 for a high outside, lots of diamonds and in santa clara. what at 84, and fairfield at 84. rubies out there on the road. she's going to have a traffic update after the break. for the northbay looking at highs in the lower 80s for many spots. as well as for sonoma and ukiah. here is the 74 -- seven-day forecast. the coolest is out of the week there. as we go through the end of the work week, we are warming right back up. thank you. the risk associated with too much vitamin a and new questions into cholesterol drug usage. we have some of today's top health stories. taking too much vitamin a
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could lead to bone fractures. they led them -- they found that they had significantly center bones after just eight days. they said that there's not enough evidence to revise guidelines. for patients with health issues other than heart conditions. previous studies have suggested that can help patients. adolescents who identify themselves as bisexual or transgender maybe at a higher risk of attempting suicide. researchers base their findings after reviewing 35 studies involving 2.5 million adolescents. those are some of today's top health stories. have you given up on the 49ers? well, we have a message from him to his players. and how the red sox 25th man on the roster entered the baseball record books last
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night. guess who is beefing up your morning with a steak & egg breakfast burrito? this guy. loaded with prime rib steak, scrambled eggs, crispy hash browns, and melted cheese. because at jack in the box, whoops, we're all about beefing up breakfast. alright, buh-bye. [crash] and we're pretty pumped about it. beefy, baby! up top, jack! [crash] ...mondays, right? [laughter] good tuesday morning. beef up your breakfast with my new tracking big changes. steak & egg breakfast burrito. part of the breakfast burrito family. we are looking at patchy morning fog along the coast and also, our golden gate camera. you can see that fog out there. so onshore flow kicking in for us today. mo thanstruck the island. as of now, rescue teams and
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volunteers are keeping rescue efforts going. they say that thousands of the missing are from areas destroyed by let's. it is that time of year, google is unveiling surprises. and, it will be streamed live in just a few hours. and for the first time, it will be held in new york in that of that. they say, they will be showcased in according to these workers, the pixel three and pixel three xl phone will be the highlight of their event. reporting that there -- home a more powerful way to stay connected. hub speaker will likely make a big debut as well. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, while google is reviewing it's hardware is shutting down its social network. enhanced coverage, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. it comes after they exposed the xfinity xfi. personal data of half 1 million users. it was being collected between simple. easy. awesome. 2015 and march 2018. they say that it was never get started with xfinity for $34.99 a month for 12 months. misused but still decided to shut down those google plus
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plus ask about xfi pods for even more coverage. permanently. it could be the video messenger of the future. click, call or visit a store today. it is called facebook portal. this widescreen is made for video chatting. so, what makes this unique? well comparable -- the built in camera uses this to follow users as they move around. it even widens the shot and another person enters. but some lawyers say it is a gift for hackers. >> bringing video into the home, bringing in a camera, i think it just ups the ante on the possibility of our security breaches impacting our lives. >> it is set to hit the market in time for the holiday shopping season. the price tag for a large screen about $350. >> did you get one? good morning. >> you know my entire family is in colorado. it is 5:21 am. be kind of cool to see everyone and the northbay it is very on the big screen but
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>> the fact that it tracks people like that. >> right. >> you put a blanket there. >> [laughter] >> exactly. >> well, we have got some foggy in certain areas. so we have a fog advisory in place if you're making your way delays building over at the bay across the golden gate, please bridge toll plaza. because, i'm trying to figure be careful as you are heading out what exactly is going on. in and out. we are tracking your ride coming up. but first, let's get a check on no reports of accidents. here is a live look at carlson. you can see, our speeds are still in the green as far as travel times but things are sports. >> the yankees suffered the definitely getting very slow. worst in history but it will be at the maze. a utility player who will and up in the new york tabloids. as you are heading along less than 80, and your 580 approach. >> you can hear a pin drop. boston scored seven in th boun so, it looks like, i can see flashing lights and that is for an rbi double. and then history, completely what sets off these delays as over the wall for a home run in you're heading into san the first ever cycle in francisco. here is a live look at the postseason history. travel times. from the maze connecting with
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they put the yankees on the the 101. and, give yourself plenty of brink of elimination. the 49ers play the packers next extra time if you can hold off. monday in the running back will and, this is what it is going be that downfall. he suffered against the loss. to need to slow things down. and nobody wants to do it. those things will stick around throughout the morning commute. they're still tracking that crash, that is slow going. >> yes, no white house. and seeing that usual brake sure there are all ready for games. and enough injuries to philip a lights as you head on down unit. but they are tuning out the towards 84. we are in the yellow. a 13 minute ride. haters. we are getting reports of >> well, we are listening to northbound of 680 right at washington. so, we are just seeing some those things. minor slowdowns as you are when we go to that stuff, and approaching that scene there. you don't need those outside expectations it starts to impact you. so i just tried to preach to thank you. a live look with our salesforce them to try to be stronger. tower cam and if you look >> well, drew breeze second closely, you can see the fog rolling in. rate to see the tower quarter against washington went celebrating -- great to see that tower celebrating. for a 62 yard touchdown and passed the record of 71,000 passing yards.
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much cooler compared yesterday his next will be the 500th of morning looking at 58 in his career making him just one concord, 59 oakland, as well as of four players to reach that for san francisco. milestone. 60 in san jose and 53% rosa. the saints win 43-19. let's talk about the visibility. because we are tracking areas it was 10 am and they along the coast and also the dropped the puck against the golden gate. and pushing into the city to islanders. it was way too early for a san francisco so watching that shark hunt. third period, he gave them a 3- 0 lead. they lost 4-0. without 13. and it's an indicator of the and, how about steve kerr? onshore winds. we had those yesterday, the warm dry air now we are looking they got kicked out and a at that breeze. parts of the bay although meaningless preseason game against the sons it's going to cost them some coin. inland is still warm today but and he was ejected for arguing a file and said he doesn't want to be here anyway on the way temperatures inland and in the out. 80s. so here is the sa the warriors begins the regular- season low week from today. it is moving a little bit further south and because of that, we are getting the southwesterly winds. there is the latest in the sports. that onshore flow kicking in and futurecast, we are going to see you tonight. here is a play of the day. see that sunshine. as we go through tonight in early morning tomorrow.
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that is not as warm and much less smoke. so, let's say this temperatures. and, it is upper 60s still 10 degrees cooler compared yesterday. it is hitting 79 degrees. and, it is 82 as a santa rosa. and, much cooler onshore flow for wednesday and thursday right back up by the end of the work week into the weekend. >> that sounds good. a new study by bbc america in the women's media center suggest that young girl sylmar confidence when they see female superheroes in movies and tv. within 2500 girls and boys were surveyed and it showed that every demographic once more female leads. >> time now 5:50 am. well, coming up, weaving
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through lanes until a good samaritan save the day. a live look outside at the richmond san rafael bridge. you can see the lane, cars are stacked up get that fast track. it is 5:51 am. you are watching kpix. janice, progressive can help you save over $650 on car insurance.
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how do you take two selfies with one phone? -what? -[ scoffs ] never mind. [ camera shutters click ] tuesday morning. it is 5:54 am. cool along the coast and for the bay. although, still warming up for the south bay. 84 in campbell, 82 morgan hill, 80 and low [ null ]. -- the northbay 82, and 83 in nevada and 82 for sonoma. tabletop -- talk about what you can expect and how much cooler it's going to get. drivers are seeing red heading into san francisco look at the maze were traffic is backed up. onto the foot of the maze. this is getting pretty slow and
5:30 am
the east sure freeway you haven't seen that barge just yet. and, a 22 minute travel time to the maze. and, back to you guys. scary moments on an arizona freeway. they hit the brakes just-in-time to avoid hitting a poor little puff. look at that little dog. stuck in rush-hour traffic. very scary. it crossed all lanes of traffic. fortunately, a truck driver pulled over and stopped traffic from hitting him. >> as soon as i saw the puppy, i looked and i got out. i don't know. i have my own and i would hate for my own animals to get out. so hopefully, he can get back. >> very dramatic music. >> well, they are handed over
5:31 am
to the state trooper >> and nice job by the camera operator we will be right back. a debut in just a few hours, what napa officials are hoping that this does. and today marks one month until the midterm elections. coming up, how you can caster vote early. -- cast your vote early. no downloa timr, we go beyond fast with 4g backup for complete reliability. so if the unexpected happens... (snaps fingers) you stay up and running. we lost power... but not to that. i want that. (laughing) for a limited time get fast, reliable internet and add voice for just $24.95 more per month. call now. comcast business. beyond fast.
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cases today after making a promise to the american people during his swe new supreme court justice brett cavanaugh -- brett kavanaugh swore in. and another bay area diocese is taking big steps to address sexual abuse by members of the clergy. good morning everyone. >> good morning.
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thank you for waking up the best. check out our spectacular cameras. this looking out towards east bay and the bay bridge, clear conditions. so warm yesterday. i was so excited to take my daughter to the park. did you know that she was born in hawaii? >> she refused to go outside yesterday. she said it was too hot. it was middle 70s and we ended up playing monopoly. >> take her to alaska. >> maybe today will be cooler. >> she will probably like today. we are looking at cooler weather. and actually wednesday and stilsday getting even cooler all because of orfl. here is a live look with our golden gate
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