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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  October 9, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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kavanaugh swore in. and another bay area diocese is taking big steps to address sexual abuse by members of the clergy. good morning everyone. >> good morning. thank you for waking up the best. check out our spectacular cameras. this looking out towards east bay and the bay bridge, clear conditions. so warm yesterday. i was so excited to take my daughter to the park. did you know that she was born in hawaii? >> she refused to go outside yesterday. she said it was too hot. it was middle 70s and we ended up playing monopoly. >> take her to alaska. >> maybe today will be cooler. >> she will probably like today. we are looking at cooler weather. and actually wednesday and stilsday getting even cooler all because of orfl. here is a live look with our golden gate bridge camera. and you can see the foggy
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conditions. check out our temperatures from the 50s. many five looking at concord 59 in oakland and san jose at 58 in santa rosa. a big difference with our weather and much cooler patchy fog along the coast in parts of the bay as we start off the day. big indicated with those changes for the wind directions which. not as one this afternoon but still, much cooler for all of us for wednesday and for thursday. let's show you, this coast along the bay, over the golden gate as you go through the golden gate we are looking at it's all thanks to the southwesterly flow and it is in onshore flow for us.
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our temperatures are upper 60s, san francisco, yesterday in san francisco downtown san francisco we hit 79 you can see 84 is going to be that high. i'm not liking what i'm seeing here this is the maze you can see, nobody likes the look at this unless you like the shade of red. we are tracking a 30 minute ride heading into san francisco we are just dealing with a very crowded tuesday morning commute here is a live look 80 at powell and your 580 apart is getting pretty heavy as well as your prototyping 24. heading into san francisco, a slow stop indigo in the red.
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-- stop and go in the red. in an hour, brett kavanaugh all here his first case. protesters are there to greet him as he takes the bench for the first time. and, with multiple women accusing him of sexual misconduct. he took on a conciliatory tone at his swearing-in ceremony bowing to be objective and nonpartisan on the high current -- bowing -- vowing to be objective and nonpartisan on the supreme court. >> they will hear two hours of arguments involving long prison sentence for repeat offenders. last night swearing-in ceremony, president apologized on behalf of the nation for the confirmation process he also claimed that the allegations had been proven to be untrue
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the elections are less than a month away. they are getting a chance to cast their ballots. and is there live whether our son -- ann is there live. >> reporter: yes, basically anybody in the state of california can go to the county elections office and request a vote by mail ballots. in some counties, like here in san francisco you can come in and submit your ballot. city hall opens at 8 am. until 5 pm. and the same hours every weekday between now and election day as well as the two weekends, they are hoping that the momentum before the election bring more people out. social media these days they have e yi i votedey hope that t
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get their picture taken by a. and, what is at stake by posting that. and, here a big measure up for grabs with a .5% gross tax on corporate revenue above $50 million. basically attacks for the biggest businesses in san francisco and it's all for homelessness. it will help give them $75 million in mental-health funds. but there are two schools of thought. one of them that we need this money to help people on the streets the other thought is that more money will just attract more homeless people to san francisco when we needed more regional solutions. they have arctic came out saying that there isn't enough accountability for her to support it. and, there are some business people like mike who say that theyhave the money and that we need an aggressive solution. well, we will hear a little bit
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more about what he is willing to do to support the measure coming up in the next half hour. san joseoldioclive in lda panel discussion. today's event comes as they announced that they will follow san jose. and, accused of abuse. they will also launch an independent investigation into the allegations. the first look of accused priest will be released in 35 days. well, they are testing a new emergency alert system a year after the deadly wine country wildfires. let's check out with jackie who is live this morning. that's >> reporter: and 3.5 hours if you're there and you have a cell phone you should get an alert, noise that will disrupt whatever you're doing on your phone. you will also be getting wording. so it is just a test.
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it's not a real emergency. another component to the emergency alert system is a sound that patrol cars make. here is what that sounds like. that is not a sound that everyone is used to. and they say that that allows patrol cars to drive through rural areas and advise people of an emergency fast. it is what is called a european hi-lo siren and it's a sound that they hope that people will hear when it's time to get up and move. >> we are moving forward, we are looking in our rearview mirror to see if we can improve our efficiency when we face disasters. >> reporter: it is the not so distant past that people will be remembering. unity ce calist on october 8. and it destroyed 36,000 acres in napa, sonoma,
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and lake counties. and killed 2200 people. it will play a different sound than the one that we just played. still, it should be something a bit unfamiliar and unrecognizable. this behind me, the board of supervisors will be meeting here. hopefully this will work this morning. >> thank you. also today, at the center of the devastation during the wildfires will mark one year since the tragedy. a vigil is scheduled for tonight. the ceremony follows a full day of events yesterday. led candles eliminated a vigil at the journeys and mobile home park. -- end mobile home park. they still are not allowed to return it suffered permanent damage in the fires. messages of hope and healing redrawn.
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anyone who wants to add to that project could also do so today. time now is 6:08 am. one city is moving forward with a plan to house the homeless. despite passionate objections people living nearby. and people who are pressured into giving up her new baby half a century ago finally gets the chance to meet her daughter. onshore winds had made their return. much cooler after us. i will let you know you can expect in your neighborhood, coming up. and 880 seen those brake lights. we are tracking delays on many of those roadways. is your commute a part of that? find out, after the break. this isn't just any saturday.
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this is a saturday with the best wifi experience and your shows streaming wherever you go. and with savings on wireless, this is a saturday you can share with the whole family. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet and tv
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for just $39.99 a month for 12 months and ask how you can save on your wireless bill when you include xfinity mobile. click, call or visit a store today. you've worked so hard to (huachieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you well enough to understand what your wealth is really for. saving people money on car insurance. saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul after the disapperance of a prominent journalist... d circuit t-v turkish authorities are vowing to search saudi arabia's consulate after the
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disappearance of a prominent journalist. it shows jamaal entering the consul one week ago. they say that there is a strong possibility that he was murdered inside of the facility although they haven't provided evidence. he has worked for the washington post among other media outlets and has been a strong critic. he had been living in exile since last year the cousin fears for his safety. a proposed bay area homeless shelter has neighbors fighting back. they said across the street from the crab cover -- crab code visitor center. along with the public park. they want to change that into 90 units of housing for older and newly homeless people. last night they packed a board meeting and said that it would be a safety risk. they voted to move forward however, people say that they are not giving up just yet.
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>> seeing it throughout the county, people are obviously concerned. >> standing up for those kids. and i'm just standing up for our rights. >> they now say that they are planning to gather signatures to get a measure on the ballot designating the area and open space. in the meantime, the city council give a final approval. a san francisco staple will close its doors today. they are one of the first owned. and it is at 24th and alabama. it is been in business for at least seven years. it reportedly and a disagreement over the business. a reunion 52 years in the making and sacramento valerie leatherwood was 20 years old when she found herself unexpectedly pregnant. she worked sent away to hide her pregnancy. weeks later she gave birth to a baby girl but she never told
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her family. decades later, they have reunited. >> we have all these weird feelings i was scared, i was nervous. i wanted to find her. and it worked. >> i just wanted to get to know both of them. >> very cool. a mother and daughter say that they all ready have a lot in common including mess. >> well, not so nice on the roads, what's going on out there? >> drivers are going to be grinning and bearing it because, they are tracking delays and a lot of accidents. which is good news. and, we are still seeing red. here is 880. that is just south of 238. and in the southbound direction, it is just about a 20 minute ride. southbound 680 approaching that still blocking -- or partially
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blocking that right lane and traffic really starting to back up towards 84. and, they are making their way through northbound 101. and, in the earlier crash it looks like that has just cleared over to the shoulder. so, we are still seeing some residual delays just below that. you get past that, you are looking okay. and traffic is moving at the limit. where it isn't at the limit, this is 80. as you're getting ready to ahead near that. it has just been slow stop and go. i have no reports of any accident. seeing those delays as well. and heading into san francisco we are tracking a travel time coming down one minute 23 minutes. connecting with the 101. that is a check of your traffic. and here is a live look
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under clear skies this morning. now let's show you where the tower camera you can see the beautiful bay bridge and a shallow marine layer. that's an indicator of this changes for us. looking at onshore flow. you will definitely feel that difference. 58 in concord, 53 in livermore. and, lower 50s for you in santa rosa. so, showing you the wind let's look at southwestern, and that is in onshore wind with cooler conditions especially for the coast and for the bay. tracking patchy morning fog. and much cooler as a ghost the day. although, warm inland with those highs in the lower to middle 80s once again. so there is that ridge of high pressure moving a little bit further to the south and that switches are wind onshore.
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nice to have that ocean breeze back. as we go through the day, we will see that as we head through tonight. areas of low clouds and fog in parts of the bay. so, ocean breeze returning looking atas that. . our sunrise is at 7:12 am. and, our highest today, right around where we should be. inland locations at the south bay, a little bit warmer than normal. 84 in campbell, 82 morgan hill, 82 santa clara, 83 for a high in san jose as we head across pittsburgh, 84 in antioch east bay looking at walnut creek. and, across the north bay, lower to middle 80s, 83 in novato, as well as for napa, and 81 for ukiah.
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stronger onshore flow kicking in for us for wednesday and for thursday looking at the coolest days out of the week. and, high pressure and offshore winds will warm us right back up for the end of the work week. let's check in with dennis for a look at sports. had you given up on the 49ers? while, kyle shanahan has a message. >> how the 20. man on the roster entered the baseball record books last night. we will show you what he did, coming up. and before we go to break, a live look. looking south, you can see at&t park, it has been quiet. but lots of postseason baseball to watch if you're a baseball fan. you are watching this morning. we'll be right back.
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the achy suffered the worst playoff the feet in -- in histo you could hear a op before game three. they scored seven in the fourth inning and again the frame with a base hit. and they were up to that trouble. so, they were 11 to 1. and then bounced one over four an rbi double. and then, completely over the wall. in the first ever cycle in postseason history. and put them on the brink of that. and the running back matt freda will be downfall. brady suffered an ankle sprain they felt the one in four but nobody wants to.
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>> no white house for shanahan sure they are all ready for game is back. and, they are tuning out the haters who think that the season is lost. >> maybe they don't listen to staying safe. otherwise you. you know when you go through that stuff you don't need the outside expectations i just try to preach to those guys you know to be stronger. >> and i have more history. they found smith for a 62 yard touchdown and passed that record of 71,940 passing yards. the next touchdown will be the 500th of his career making it just one of four players to reach that milestone. it was 10 am when he dropped it against the islanders. third period, matt martin gave them a three to nothing lead.
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and, how about steve kerr? they got kicked out in a meaningless preseason game against them and it's going to cost them some coin. and was ejected for arguing and saying i want to be here anyway. on his way out. phoenix got the basketball game. the warriors began that season one week from today. that is the latest in sports. see you tonight. hockey is all ready underway. they are taking on the vegas golden knights. it is good. >> between the defenders, look at that. 'sa move. and the university terrier
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former player for them, doing the magic. that's a plan the day. water quality in one san francisco district is under the microscope after a resident claims she found dangerous contaminants. and early voting for the november election starts today. we will tell you how you can get your hands on a ballot and some of the big measures at stake.
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get started with xfinity for $34.99 a month for 12 months. plus ask about xfi pods for even more coverage. click, call or visit a store today. transportation safety in the spotlight... ace the limo crash that killed 20 people in new york has transportation safety in the light. the safeguards in place after a similar tragedy. well, hurricane michael is picking up some steam.
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it was too warm for you, we are starting to cool things down. so cool for some of us, one for others. i will let you know what you can ask ask, coming up. and you can expect delays no matter what roadway you are heading out on. we will take a closer look at those. good morning, tuesday, october 9. thank you for waking up at best. it is 6:30 am. today, voters will cast their ballots for the upcoming november elections. we are there live where all ready things are heating up. >> there is a lot of enthusiasm about the midterm elections for a variety of reasons. and, if you just can't wait, everybody has a chance to get their hands on a vote by mail ballot by going to your county elections office and in some
6:31 am
cases here in san francisco you can do the early voting in person. you can come here at 8 am to city hall, they are open until 5 pm same hours every weekday until election day which is november 6. and the two reit. you know, those i voted stickers that you see on people. a lot of them posted to social media to encourage and remind their friends what is at stake. here in san francisco one of those things is prop c which would get 5% -- .5% gross tax about $50 million to homelessness to help house 5000 people and about $70 million to mental health programs and now, one big company is doing it, mark ing that between his company and his own money to help pass e ty
6:32 am
two schools of thought here on this, we need money to help people on the street, the other is that more money will just impact more homeless people to san francisco. and the mayor has come out saying that there is not enough accountability. but they say, that they need to be aggressive about this and it could be worth it. first we have to find out what they have to say and that's what matters. >> thank you. and intensifier over the south bay, killing a dog and displacing four people. the flames erupted at mount mckinley court. adding to the danger of the firefighters. four people made out of the home safely along with two dogs the cause of the fire remains
6:33 am
under investigation. let's take a live look outside. why not? well, look at that. the sun is starting to come up. isn't that beautiful? >> well, it is so beautiful. >> right. we wish that you were here. well taking a look at the traffic and weather. >> just gorgeous to start off the day. beautiful with that sunshine. still tracking changes. if it feels too warm, we are going to cool things down. that ocean breeze has returned. a live look taking you out to the south bay with clear skies. and now, let's show you this, you can see patchy fog. look closely. temperatures are much cooler.
6:34 am
so when we step outside, you'll feel that difference. we are in the 50s for many spot across the bay area. oakland 59, 53 livermore, and 56 san jose and 51 for santa rosa. patchy morning fog, not as warm this afternoon. cooler especially for the bay and the coast. although it is still warm in the and. the coolest days of the week will be wednesday and thursday. so let's show you, you can see that patchy fog along the coast in parts of the bay at least right over the golden gate. so watching that for you and the wind, you can see about four miles per hour that is really an indicator four miles per hour of the onshore flow and the ocean breeze kicking in. so 69 san francisco yesterday, downtown san francisco hit 29. so, 80 redwood city, 80 vallejo
6:35 am
and 84 warming up in fairfield inland. talk about what you can expect and how cool it's going to get for the middle part of the week. let's check in with jacqueline. we have a lot of brake lights. we are just calling this a be tuesday because drivers along left on highway four, it's just a very slow ride heading over towards next 80. they do have that near bailey. but, that just came in. so, we have been seeing those delays for quite some time. when you get over to 680, it is slow going time to make your way into walnut creek. we are develop ask about a 10 minute ride. and, this is right as you're passing the highway 4. and it's going to be a really slow commute. about a five minute commute
6:36 am
where it continues to be slow stop and go. we have berkeley curb here, and we did finally see some reports come in of an earlier crash it doesn't appear to be blocking any lanes but there was a tunnel there. it looks like that has all been cleared but the drive times are sticking around it's a 34 minute ride heading into that area. it's going to be pretty heavy. but this tuesday everyone is heading back to work. coming off of the bay bridge, 880 making your way through san lorenzo. it's just a crawl and if you're going down towards 84, an earlier accident is causing a big backup right at washington now reports of a new accident. so we have speeds dipping below 15 miles per hour.
6:37 am
it is heading all the way from 580 down towards mission boulevard. so, give yourself plenty of extra time, pack your patience, and be safe out there. that is a check of your traffic. thank you. happening today, napa county is bracing for the next natural disaster and testing an emergency alert system. jackie ward is there live to tell us what residents can expect. >> reporter: in just about three hours anyone in napa county has a cell phone should be getting an alert on their cell phone. so just a test. it's not a real emergency. there's also another sense that you should familiarize sewi thi >> so, it is the sound that
6:38 am
they will admit -- email. hoping that people hear it and that is when it is time to get up and move in the case of an emergency. it is part of a new emergency alert system. there is also a visual visual alert. this will make it easy to see who is evacuated and who isn't. that is supposed to save time and lives. >> it helps, to be able to go to someone who hasn't been notified. going to a place where there is no one there. >> people in calistoga will be remembering the devastation and terror that some faced. at 5:30 pm, the fire started in calistoga and destroyed 36,000 acres in napa, sonoma, and more than 5600 homes and killed 22 people. so the test of this new part of
6:39 am
the alert system is at 9:30 am. and the board of supervisors for napa county will be meeting right here in napa. so hopefully there meeting will be the new text part of the system. thank you. the wildfire that flared up in solano county is now 80% contained. that fire burned thousand of acres and ripped through that structure. it burned through more than 4500 acres. the at home water test set off a scare for the water system this morning. the city is taking action. a resident in the sunset neighborhood says that a test kit determined that her faucet water has a high level of pesticide. the neighbor posted a similar test. it is for neighbors to communicate. they insist that the water is test -- is constantly tested.
6:40 am
hurricane michael has strengthened to a category two maxed on and it takes aim at the gulf coast handle. this is a live look from golf stores, alabama. you can see the wind is kicking up. michael is are ready drenching parts of cuba as it turned its way towards the west. the governors of florida had all ready declared a state of emergency georgia and south carolina are now under a tropical storm watch. >> be cautious and get out. be safe. we can put a willing back. we can't put you back. >> it would be life-threatening and extremely dangerous. we are expecting 4 to 8 inches of rain. >> well, it could be the first major hurricane to hit the florida panhandle. mandatory evacuation orders have been issued for much of the northern gulf coast where they are expected to hit
6:41 am
tomorrow before moving over alabama, georgia, and the carolinas. >> details about that crash that killed 20 people according to new york's governor it should've never been on the road after failing it -- failing inspection. they said that the driver didn't have the pot -- proper license. the focus now is the airbag control module looks like a black box. it may reveal more details about the crash that are still unknown. that crash a reminder of this bay area tragedy in 2013 when a modified limousine caught fire. it prompted the senator jerry hill to introduce strict legislation, they are now required to install that in modified limos have to have to we are side doors and at least one popout window. if you're looking to book a limousine, here are some tips. verify the license and insurance on the state website and asked the company for
6:42 am
actual pictures of the limousine and book your viewing -- newer vehicles. time now is 6:41 am. facebook's first ever gadget is generating big concerns.
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california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california.
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i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent.
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forecast in just a few minutes. but it's already raising privacy concerns. facebook is unveiling another way to video chat is rising privacy concerns. it is designed for video chatting at home. they can all ready do that with messenger so what makes it unique? well, it uses artificial intelligence to automatically follow users as they move around. some say that could open to hackers.
6:46 am
but they say it should come with a cover to block the lens when it is in use. >> right. i have an amazon echo device. >> i have one as well. it's unplugged. >> well, time now is 6:46 am. and small business owners are optimistic. joining us now is jason brooks. >> dealing with privacy concerns. and with the data breach. well, they did disclose. reportedly because they feared that they would be dealt with scrutiny. they have now responded by shutting down which had 500,000 users which is a pretty poultry number compared to the major social media player such as facebook and twitter. google shares are moving
6:47 am
slightly higher. business owners are continuing to be very optimistic about the economy. they say that it's optimism index is down slightly from a 45 year high but still at a very high level mainly crediting the tax cuts. the stock market continues to get pressured by everybody else. let's see how we are doing. -- by the bond yields. the nasdaq is trying to rebound. it isa couple michelle, back to you. thank you. inoregondelaby a train that sed a 26 thannd place finisher. they had no time to waste. some even climbed over the cargo to continue through the race. organizers say that they did notify the train company and
6:48 am
requested that they didn't go through their event. it could cost them their shot at qualifying for bigger races like the boston marathon. all that training for nothing. >> yes. because all that training. >> well, that was like what we were doing, climbing over all kinds of obstacles. >> but not a train that can start moving at any second. >> that's a little dangerous. not recommended. we were just climbing over i have bruises. we a lot of stuff to talk about. bay area traffic is legit. but take a look at this. this is 880. this is down into hayward. and, we are tracking a new crash.
6:49 am
speeds are dropping below 15 miles per hour just getting to san mateo bridge it's going to be a struggle. 26 minute ride from 880 over to the 101 connecting the san mateo. you're right heading along 680, slow stop and go. we have reports of a crash in the backup from an earlier crash along southbound 680 as we are approaching north mission. so do expect a delay. that is very slow as you're heading on down towards the mission all of our. it's another 20 minutes or so it's just red all over our senses. and here is a live look at the maze. and the berkeley curb and it's just crawling into the 27 minute ride. it looks like there were reports of a tanker truck that ran out of gas. but he was over by treasure island.
6:50 am
and traffic does start to pick up a bit. that is a check of the traffic. it's check in with mary lee. if you are just waking up, and you are thinking it's only tuesday, something to brighten your day. this beautiful live look. the golden colors in the sky, a stunning sunrise. excuse me. and, much cooler as you start off the day you will definitely feel that difference. 58 in concord, livermore 53, 56 san francisco, and 51 santa rosa here. so, tracking onshore wind. yesterday we had a very dry warm air with offshore flow. now the return of that ocean breeze so the southwesterly winds at four miles per hour and that is that onshore flow the southwestern wins. so, very light patchy morning fog along the coast part the bay.coolerfor e
6:51 am
y. although still here is the satellite and radar view. and there is that ridge of high pressure dropping to the south. with that slight movement, the wind is shifting out of out of the southwest. so the onshore flow, as we go through the afternoon he will have that sunshine. it's going to be another beautiful day. there is that fog along the coast. the ocean breeze returns, not as warm and much less smoke for the bay area. and it's a very good thing. we are looking up at sunrise. daytime highs today cooler for the coast in the bay. yesterday afternoon we topped out at 79. 10 degrees cooler for san francisco. although inland, and lower to middle 80s, 84 for fairfield and about 83 for livermore. a little cooler as that kicks
6:52 am
in for wednesday and thursday. warming up by the end of the workweek and into the weekend. 6:51 am. the dog is killed. and, it rips through a southbay home. early voting begins today in california. in advance of the elections. how you can get your hand on a ballot and the big issues at stake. tuck those shirts in, fellas. come on.
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you only have one chance to make a first impression. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents, but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. -whoa! the club is rockin'! r ha a
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vote by mail ballot by going to the county elections office. here in san francisco they're going to be open from 8 am until 5 pm. the same hours every weekday. and, the to weekend duet. they are hoping that it will bring more people out. those stickers that you probably have seen on social media they are hoping that they will post their pictures to encourage them what is at stake. one big issue is prop see. it would tax the biggest businesses to raise money to help the homeless. as much as $3 million. and one big business is throwing their weight behind it two schools of thought. we need money to help more
6:57 am
money will just attract more homeless people to san francisco in fact, the mayor has come out saying, that there isn't enough. they said they need to be aggressive about it and it might just be worth it. we will see what they have to say about this live in san francisco. thank you. 6:57 am. a dog is killed and four people are left without a place to stay after an intense fire. the flames erupted at a home on mount mckinley court just before midnight. a couple of powerlines were knocked down four people made out of the home safely along with two dogs. the cause of the fire is under investigation. one of the communities hit the hardest by one ye sincthe tragedy in coffee park. that is where four people were killed and 1400 homes were destroyed during those fires. love, testing the water in
6:58 am
the sunset district. they said that a home testing kit found a high level of pesticide. they insist that it is safe to drink but they will run new test just to make sure. hurricane michael upgraded to a category two . -- this is a live picture. you can see all the waves crashing. michael could be a category 3 hurricane by the time it makes landfall sometime tomorrow. it's of emergencies authority been declared in florida and alabama. in just a matter of minutes, brett cavanaugh will hear his case as a member of the supreme court. he said he would strive to keep politics out of the courts decisions. well, the name of the game, through the east bay. this is 680 and 242 making your way down towards the 242.
6:59 am
and westbound 80, east shore freeway, we are definitely used to seen delays. 46 minutes over to the maze continues to be slow across the bay bridge. 880 making your way into hayward a slow ride. they are still tracking that crash. and it has been dropping below 15 miles per hour. let's show you a live look, blue skies and a thin marine layer. easy cooler temperatures along the coast and for the bay. although, still warming up. this is what you can expect. with that sunshine lower to middle 60s for the coast. and then, much cooler for all of us wednesday, thursday, warming up by the end of >> thank you for watching. your next local update is at 7:26 am. and cbs this morning is coming up next.
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the wef. it's tuesday, october 9th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." hurricane michael is barreling towards the florida panhandle. 2 million people are in the path of this potentially catastrophic storm. we're in panama city beach where people are preparing for landfall. >> thousands gathered last night to honor the 20 people killed in the new york state limo crash. official records show a string of safety problems for the limo company involved in that wreck. plus, there's a nationwide shortage of epi pens and some schools are telling children to stay home if they don't have one. a mom tells us about her desperate search for the life-saving device. >> a climber who conquered a legendary rock wall with no


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