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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  October 9, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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by the time investigators realized what happened. a gps tracker inside the patrol car showed it heading towards hayward. >> he saw the down the lot. >> reporter: laurie murdoch employees saw the driver trying to hide the patrol car back in the business of the parking lot. >> he saw the guy get out of it in a construction vest and run across the street. >> reporter: investigators say he was wearing an orange shirt with reflective stripes with the words campbell towing. police arrested him after finding him in stolen truck. >> why did he go to the area and abandon the car in that part of hayward? does he know someone who works here, does he have family members who live near the area? >> reporter: how often does this happen? >> i don't remember the last time it happened to us. >> reporter: he may have been able to escape, but he won't be on the run for long. >> it's in his best interest to just give himself up.
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we're going to be relentless in trying to find him. >> reporter: and so again just a few minutes ago we were able to confirm andrew trujillo has been arrested. we're still trying to learn the details of his arrest. did he turn himself in, where was he found? does he still have the handcuffs on him? by the way i spoke to campbell towing and they say he never worked for them. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. if you live in napa county, you may have received an alert this morning on your phone. officials are testing out a new emergency alert system. as kpix 5's emily turner reports, it is still a work in progress. emily? >> reporter: i think there is a perception, liz, because my phone is in my hand and according to my gps knows where i am that a wireless emergency alert should be able to find me right here in the middle of the city of napa. while that expectation is here, the technology isn't quite
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there yet. >> head southeast towards fourth street. >> reporter: we rely on our phones to give us information and in some cases save our lives. >> i know i rely on my phone too much. >> reporter: when it comes to wireless emergency alerts on those phones, it's clear they are not always your guardian angel. >> everything is technological with its glitches too. you know, everything in our lives right now that has technology attached to it. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. >> all right, we'll start with calistoga. >> reporter: today napa tested its new alert system for the first time. everyone in the county whether you live there or are visiting should have gotten this test text message. it went out to 140,000 plus people. 86% surveyed so far got it. >> it is not exactly precisely based on the county line. we do know there are some spots in napa county that exist where cell phones might not work.
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>> reporter: one of those missed areas were inside napa city limits. this is the preliminary map from surveyed results. so far the county knows two designated observers in that area didn't get the alert. but those holes aren't the county falling short. rather our wireless carriers. the same thing happened in sonoma county where it used the same system to target even more specific geographic areas. >> that's the message we're sending. >> the results, only about 60% of the people who should have gotten the message did. and so whether napa or sonoma, it is clearly an imperfect system, proving the importance of making sure others are in place to fill the gap. >> we do know from the 2017 wildfires that we lost cell phone coverage and internet coverage, land line coverage. this is just one tool we might be able to use, but there's other tools we would use at the same time. >> reporter: and so clearly this is not the end all be all for many of us. we feel that it is. napa county says that is where
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some of their other actions come into play like doorknobs or the tabs we told you about yesterday, even the high-low sirens they'll drive around playing, not just in napa, but sonoma and lake county as well. the bottom line is to be on alert. reporting live in napa, emily turner, kpix 5. an update on the branscombe fire burning in solano county. still that blaze is now burning through some marsh lands out there, making it tough for crews to work the fire lines. good news though, firefighters believe they will have it contained completely in about a week. right now it's about 80% contained and burning at about 4,000 acres. >> new reports blame pg&e power lines for sparking a deadly wildfire in last year in yuba county. cal-fire says the saincain cont other during a wind storm last october. the resulting fire killed four
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people and injured a firefighter. 142 homes were destroyed. pg&e equipment has been blamed for 12 now of the last year's wildfires in the wine country. authorities still have not determined a cause for the tubbs fire in sonoma county, the most destructive wildfire in state history. 22 people lost their lives in that one. thousands of homes were destroyed. in the spirit of fire prevention week, mcdonald's has a special reward for first responders. in the bay area and on the central coast, participating mcdonald's restaurants are giving firefighters and ems workers free meals. first responders who show up in uniform or with i.d. could receive a meal. they will be available until 7:00 tonight. and all this week we are covering the road to recovery after the deadly wine country wildfires. ahead at 6:00, how one girl is doing after losing her prosthetic legs in the fire. well thousands of residents along florida's panhandle are
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bracing for hurricane michael in sarasota florida. the flooding is happening along the city's bay front. it's expected to make landfall along the gulf coast within just a matter of hours. reporter hilary lane has more details from florida. >> reporter: downtown panama city beach, florida is nearly deserted. businesses are closed and most owners have evacuated as hurricane michael picks up steam. but wendy hamilton who owns three stores is staying put. >> our house is hurricane safe. we've got a generator where we've got plenty of water, where we are good to go. >> reporter: ivory and her elderly parents are also riding out the storm. >> we have a parking garage, plenty of water, our tub is filled up. we're ready. >> reporter: long lines of traffic, low fuel supplies, and empty store shelves convinced both women to keep their families home. hurricane michael is expected to make landfall tomorrow. here in panama city beach, the
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wind has been intensifying and the water is getting rougher within the past few hours. >> get ready for deadly winds with a storm surge of up to 12 feet. governor rick scott urged people to get out while they still can. >> the time to prepare is right now. the storm is dangerous and if you don't follow a warning from officials, this storm could kill you. >> reporter: wendy hamilton and her husband have secured their store fronts. now they're waiting for michael to come and go. >> we want to be here to be able to get back to the business to get it open, so it is suppose to be a beautiful weekend. >> reporter: michael is predicted to be the most devastating hurricane to hit the panhandle in the last several decades. forecasters say it will cross georgia and the carolinas as a weaker storm. hilary lane, cbs news, panama city beach, florida. >> chief meteorologist paul deanno joins us now. i've been looking at some of these satellite images. it fills up most of the northern section of the gulf coast. this is big. >> some folks would think, okay, october, end of hurricane season, not as severe.
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this spot, the eastern half of the gulf of mexico is an area where not only is the water super warm, but deep. hurricanes could feed off of that energy and that's what we're seeing right now. this storm is getting stronger. as ken mentioned from new orleans all the way back to tampa. that is the width of the this storm. it is getting wider, it is getting stronger. right now a major hurricane, category 3 storm, maximum sustained winds of 120 miles near the center. some strong winds extend out 100 miles from that center. look at the latest track. forecasted to be a category 3 hurricane. the center of the forecast cone is right over the city of panama city, then weakening as it moves inland. as it moves inland as we have seen in several different storms. it's not just the wind, but the rainfall. this entire area in red all the way up to southern delaware may receive up to half a foot of rainfall. your headlines, a direct hit and the panhandle is likely, but storm surge will be a major issue as will flooding rainfall. we will continue to track michael over the next couple of days. >> thank you, paul.
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a live look right now at president trump's rally in council bluffs, iowa. the president arriving with a gift of sorts to growers, who have been hinting for months about lifting restrictions on ethanol and gasoline. now he appears poised to announce it before a very receptive audience. it would be good news for growers. ethanol is made from corn and sugar cane. blending it with gasoline making e15 is restricted during summer months to protect the environment. the president couldn't wait to tip his hand just moments ago. >> we're a little bit early, but we are going with e15 year round, okay. >> the president's executive order, lifting restrictions on the e15 blend might not mean much to many americans. it's not necessarily widely available, and not all cars are designed to use it. major shakeup in the trump administration today.
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u.n. ambassador nikki haley announcing she is out. she made the announcement this morning. haley says she is not quitting to run for a higher office as many expected, but she will campaign for president trump in 2020. he was asked about naming daughter ivanka to the post. >> the people that know ivanka would be dynamite. i think she would be incredible. doesn't mean, you know, i would pick her because it'd be accused of nepotism. >> nikki haley told the president earlier in the year she was ready to take a break from public service. she formerly served two terms as south carolina's governor. brett kavanaugh began his first day on the supreme court by hearing a handful of cases. among them longer prison terms for repeat offenders and homeland security's authority to detain criminal immigrants in the u.s. illegally. kavanaugh also did something no other justice has done. hired four female law clerks. the clerkships give young lawyers a chance to oversee
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cases and help the justices with recommendations and oral arguments. california's voter registration issues continue to get worse. about 1,500 people have been improperly registered to vote. the secretary of state alex padilla says the dmv is to blame. they have signed up noncitizens to vote in the november election. apparently on top of that, they've also signed up felons and other people who can't vote. >> what we're talking about is 1,500 individuals who either said they did not attest to the eligibility and it could be ideal for a variety of reasons. maybe it's citizenship, maybe it's age. you're also not eligible to vote in california if you're on parole for a felony conviction, but your parole has not been completed. different reasons for not being eligible. >> welcoming up at 6:00, we will hear from the man who helped discover that mistake and blew the whistle that unveiled a much bigger problem.
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halloween decorations targeted a man caught on camera, smashing someone else's pumpkin. and looks like something out of a movie. inmates using trash bins to escape prison. this had shocking -- this shocking, but pretty funny sight out of a safeway parking lot. these aren't just pancakes,
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well, yes they're pancakes but they're more than pancakes. they're a pancake experience. introducing the new craft pancake lineup from denny's.
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"smashing pumpkins"... and we're not talking the rock band. kpix five's juli someone in livermore has a thing for smashing pumpkins and we're not talking about the rock band. kpix 5 juliette goodrich is in the neighborhood where a halloween hater has been caught on camera. juliette? >> reporter: ken, i have to say this is really the first time i've done a story about a pumpkin smasher if you will. but what makes this story so unique is this time. we have social media and surveillance cameras. guess when, you can run, but -- guess what, you you can't hide. in this quiet little livermore neighborhood, there's been quite a stir after one home surveillance camera caught this frightening scene. a pumpkin smasher.
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>> he took my pumpkin, threw it, and ran away. >> reporter: leaving 5-year- old's marcello's pumpkin smashed to pieces on the front porch. >> i was crying. >> reporter: his mom decided to post the video on livermore's rant and raves facebook page, garnering thousands of views and comments. when their neighbors heard what happened. >> i was bummed because it makes you feel like you can't have nice things or that it makes you think twice about putting things out. >> it's like a christmas tree. they go out and they go with their family to pick out the pumpkin and the kid probably woke up in the morning to see what they carved and now it's gone. >> reporter: then it had happen -- then this happened. neighbors decided to bring back the halloween spirit on his front porch. >> it's so awesome. >> you know he's coming back from kindergarten right now. >> i hope he is blessed by it. >> are you going to let him know it is you? >> no. they have a ring camera. [ laughter ] >> yes, they know who it was on both parts. >> as for marcello, a message to the pumpkin smasher.
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>> if you did that to mine, you know that is funny for, you but not for other people. >> reporter: and now we saw when he got home from kindergarten, he was very surprised to see the pumpkins. he wanted to thank his neighbors. he said he's going to check the surveillance camera and find out who the guys were so he could personally thank him. his mom told me he wanted to keep the pumpkins inside, but then she told him hey, with with all this publicity, there's a lot of ears and eyes around here that no one is going to have their pumpkins smashed in this area. in livermore, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. new details on a deadly shooting in a quiet fremont neighborhood. the victim was a bay area chef. 56-year-old dominic sarkar was the executive chef at the restaurant passage to india in mountain view. according to orlando magazine, he came from a career in high- end hotels and restaurants in new delhi, dubai, and the bay area. his body was discovered early yesterday morning at a house on
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charleston way near fremont boulevard. police got reports of gunshots and a witness told police a man was seen riding away on a bicycle shortly after. so far no arrests have been made. the four alameda cown jailed depp -- county jailed deputies are now accused of using excessive force against an inmate. allowed other inmates to throw bodily fluids at him while he was being held at the santa rita jail. they call the deputies status and says he doesn't know why he was singled out. >> my heart goes out to all young men that are being tortured right now. without a cause and for what? just because they are minorities? this has got to change. >> all four of the deputies were arrested last year on a variety of charges including felony assault. now they are awaiting a preliminary hearing to
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determine if criminal cases will move forward. new video shows two inmates using trash bins to escape from a kentucky prison over the weekend. authorities say the suspects rolled out in the bins by fellow inmates. they later escaped, but it wasn't long before police found them. three additional inmates are now facing charges for helping the two men. well people flying out of san jose will have fewer options to travel overseas. the live look at san jose's airport right now. german airline luftansa is the one to first cut the flight. the final flight will happen on october 27. all travelers with reservations after the 27th will either be rebooked onto different flights or allowed to cancel. meanwhile at sfo the airport unveiled these design renderings today of what the new terminal one building will look like. the $2.4 billion project began
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in 2015. the design with -- it's designed with passenger ease at mind. >> to make it easier to get through, intuitive wave finding, to see what lies ahead. we find a lot of the times uncertainty is what contributes to stress at an airport. >> terminal one will be called up. gay rights activists, the first nine gates open next summer. some stubborn shopping carts foiled a bear's attempt at a late night food run in tahoe. a deputy found it had black bear at a tahoe city safeway. it seemed to be trying to get a shopping cart loose before failing and sort of moving away. as a reminder, they're looking for food to store for the upcoming winter. remember not to leave any food in your car. did the bear bring you a club card? take a look outside. we are cloudy over san francisco, but there's not a ou
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we'll talk about the difference and when those clouds will push inland coming up. coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, high housing costs force people to extremes. the new kind of landlord investing in four wheels. california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%.
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that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california. i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent.
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you could really feel it in the air today. it was crisper, you saw some leaves falling from the trees. >> yes, load up on groceries. or longer. >> just follow the bear for the forecast. when they start hitting the grocery stores. you know, it's time. the snow is coming in the mountains. >> it's much cooler today. up to 21 degrees cooler in the bay area today compared to yesterday. napa you were close to 90 this time yesterday. you're barely 70 degrees if that right now. only 66 in santa rosa. you were close to 90 yesterday. so a big time change. the onshore flow has returned. golden gate, currently 60.
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warm spot in livermore, 75 degrees. amazingly whatever we do during the day we almost always hit the same spot this time of the year, which would be the low to mid-50s. we'll do that tonight in vallejo and napa 50 degrees. air quality certainly was an issue over the weekend with the smoke along the 680 corridor towards santa clara. less of an issue because now the smoke is being blown in the other direction. it's heading to the east. so good to moderate air quality in the forecast for the bay area tomorrow. menlo park, not that warm for the next couple of days. 71 degrees tomorrow. 71 degrees on thursday with widespread morning cloud cover and some afternoon sunshine. so we have a change coming. two changes. first off we have the cooler weather, which arrived this afternoon and it will be with us for two days. now we have a component to the winds. we'll grab the ocean influence once again, ing in at 56 degrees. that's chilly. so we will be chilly relative to the average as well. this low right here is going to slide off the east. the next one that goes up and over the ridge will induce warm
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and offshore winds. that'll come on friday. now a forth wind in certain parts of the country at this time of the year will be cold. for us it's the opposite. an offshore wind that will warm us up for friday and into the weekend. tomorrow near the water, we will get afternoon sunshine. even more clouds are pushing even further inland coming up on thursday. so fog and low cloud cover, more widespread tonight. staying cooler than average for the next two days. then the winds will change again, friday into the weekend. we will warm up once again. fremont 71 tomorrow. san rafael 71. 74 in concord. 65 in san francisco, 73 your high in santa rosa. staying cooler than average for the next two days. 60s near the water. the transition day is friday. a little cloudier, but also warmer. a look at your weekend, close to 90 inland. highs in the mid to upper 7s near the bay. that is your kpix forecast. we'll be right back.
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five... the cbs evening news is next. >> jeff deplorer is here with the preview -- glor is here with the preview. >> from panama city beach, florida, the latest on hurricane michael including the track and all preparations. we have a team of correspondence in the region on tonight's cbs evening news. >> thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. >> al, elizabeth, and paul back with more on that hurricane in 30 minutes.
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we'll see you then.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this tuesday: we are along the florida panhandle, about to get hit by its first major hurricane in more than a decade. michael is now a category three, and panama city and the florida gulf coast are in the crosshairs. we have extensive coverage from a team of correspondents in the hurricane zone, beginning with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> the time to prepare is right now. >> nearly two million people are bracing for impact from hurricane michael. >> the storm is expected to be one of the most destructive hurricanes the region has seen in decades. >> very fast-moving, high surge, and very, very powerful winds.
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>> on behalf of the country i want to thank you for a great job. >> a surprise announcement from


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