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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 15, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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morning". it's monday, october 15th, 2018. this is the "cbs morning news." in an interview on 60 minutes, president trump promises strong consequences in the case of missing journalist jamal khashoggi. he also touches on a wide range of subjects from climate change to justice brett kavanaugh accuser christine blasey ford. dozens are still missing days after hurricane michael. the delicate search through the rubble. and once the biggest retailer in the united states, sears has filed for bankruptcy. good morning from the studio
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57 newsroom at cbs headquarters here in new york. i'm anne-marie green. we begin with the growing international concern over the disappearance of jamal khashoggi. turkish officials believe a saudi arabia hit team killed khashoggi. saudi arabia is threatening to retaliate if sanctions are im s imposed against it. u.s. lawmakers are promising tough action if it's often the saudis are responsible. and last night president trump said they will face strong consequences if it's proven they're involved. >> they deny it. they deny it every way you can imagine. >> president trump told 60 minutes there will be severe punishment if saudi arabia is implicated in the case of missing journalist jamal khashoggi, but he's arguing to preserve a $110 billion arm sale to the kingdom. >> i'll tell you what i don't want to do, boeing, lockheed, i don't want to hurt jobs.
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i don't want to lose an order like that. o use wordow there are other that's a pretty harsh word, but it's true. >> the saudi stock market plunged after the president promised tough action. saudi officials have called the allegations baseless and in a new statement said the kingdom also affirms that if it receives any action it will respond with greater action. on face the nation, republican senator marco rubio a member of the senate foreign relations committee spelled out what's at stake. >> there's not enough money in the world for to us buy biback our credibility on human rights if we do not move forward and take swift action on this if and when it's proven to be true. >> khashoggi, a contributor for the "washington post," has been missing since he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul nearly two weeks ago. the foreign ministers from the uk, france, and germany release
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ed a joint statement was released calling for a credible investigation and, if relevant, to identify those bearing responsibility and ensure they are held to account. turkish officials say there is evidence that khashoggi was killed by a saudi hit squad. >> well, writing for "the washington post," khashoggi had been highly critical of the war in yemen, it's diplomatic issues in canada and the women's right activists. arrests. during a wide-ranging 60 minutes interview that aired last night, president trump talked about his nearly two years in office. he told lesley stahl he doesn't trust everyone in the white house and is usually guarded during meetings. john schiumo is here in new york with more. good morning. >> reporter: that interview included a few sharp exchanges as you just report the, the two discussed jamal khashoggi, also the russia investigation, climate change, and more. >> it's okay, in the meantime i'm president and you're not. >> president trump and 60 minutes lesley stahl went back and forth on a variety of
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topics, including climate change. >> but what about the scientists who say it's worse than ever? >> you have to show me the scientists because they have a very big political agenda. >> today the president will visit areas of florida and georgia atere hard hit by hurricane michael. chris van holland told face the nation the president needs to take climate change more seriously. >> the trump administration and a lot of republicans who want to put their head in the sand, they don't want to hear the information. >> i have one beer -- >> the president also defended the way he spoke about christine blasey ford who accused supreme court justice brett kavanaugh of sexual assault. >> i had not made that speech, we would not have won. >> and he refused to pledge not to end special counsel robert mueller's investigation of the election. >> there was no collusion at any time.
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>> you don't want to pledge. >> why should i pledge? i don't have to pledge to you. if i want to pledge i'll pledge. >> but jeff flake told us this week he believes the senate will defend the probe. >> it is active in a bipartisan fashion to make sure we move forward, that bob mueller concludes his investigation on his timing, nor the -- not ours. >> to date, 32 people have been charged or pled guilty. >> anne-marie also pressed the president on nato and his support of nato effort to prevent world war iii. president trump responded i like general mattis, i think i know more about it than he does. >> thanks a lot, john. ahead on "cbs this morning," we'll have more of president trump's 60 minutes interview. and later today, president trump is scheduled to visit da t hardrrchael. fema chief brock long calls it some of the worst damage he's
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ever seen and the search for bodies continues. at least 19 people were killed. there are without power in six states still. omar villafranca reports. >> the death toll continues to rise days after the hurricane made landfall. several homes in cape sandblast were pushed off their foundations by the strong storm surge. mark didn't want to give his last name, but told police he tried to get his next door neighbor, an older man, to evacuate but he refused. >> another friend of mine found him and we covered the body. >> reporter: crews are still looking for bodies and survivors in mexico beach. a small community bulldozed by the storm's 155-mile-per-hour winds and 14-foot storm surge. this man is overseeing the search and recovery missions in mexico beach. he says 230 people rode out the storm in this coastal town. after an initial search of home
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still unaccounted for. >> we are focusing on debris piles, naturally occurring piles that were moved by storm surge and we're beginning to search those as well. >> reporter: workers cleaning up giant mounds of debris with a claw are being told to keep watch for human bodies which may be buried in the rubble of destroyed homes. >> it is possible that you will find additional people, absolutely. >> reporter: he says the body count could go up in mexico beach, but he hopes as communication improves, the list of people unaccounted for will go down. >> they might not have been accounted for. they can call into their local eoc, to their local city hall and advise that they are okay or send word somehow that they are okay. >> reporter: cleanup teams will be here for weeks. right now they're just clearing debris that was blocking the road. they haven't started going on private property. we also do not have an official
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coordinated number of people who were unaccounted for in every city affected by hurricane michael. omar villafranca, cbs news, mexico beach, florida. well, the first flu related death of the season in florida is a child. the child who tested positive for influenza b died between september 30th and october 6th. the child had not been vaccinated. sears where america used to shop filed for bankruptcy this morning. the move was not a surprise. it had a $134 million debt payment that was due today. it plans to close 1 forty 2 unprofitable stores near the end of the year. sears was oncehe besides selling stores, it hopes to sell other assets including kenmore appliances and its home
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services business. representatives from north and south korea met today to follow up on last month's summit. between kim jong-un and south korean president moon jae-in. the meeting was held at a border village. moon and kim had agreed to resume economic cooperation including relinking railways and roads. north korea said it would abolish key missile facilities in the presence of foreign experts. there is breaking royal news. britain's royal family is growing. kensington palace announced this morning that prince harry and mehgan markle are expecting a baby in the spring. they're in australia on their first overseas tour. they were married six months ago. titles in the royal family are pretty limited and their child might not even be a prince or a princess. coming up on "the morning news" now, california bus crash. more than two dozen people are injured in los angeles. and, calls for more
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a downgraded hurricane leslie slammed into the coast of portugal leaving at least 27 people hurt. the category one hurricane had been downgraded to a post tropical cyclone when it landed on the coast saturday. strong winds and heavy rain flipped over a plane, smashed windows and brought down trees and power lines. the storm also hit spain yesterday. nearly two dozen dirt bikers are arrested in philadelphia and tragedy at a pond. those are some of the headlines on the morning news stand. the minnesota star tribune reports the bodies of two women were pulled from a pond about 30 miles outside of minneapolis. they are believed to be 19-year-old cousins. their families say the women disappeared early saturday after
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leaving their separate workplaces and later called 911 for help. the bodies were found in a murky pond yesterday along with the car. no foul play was suspected and leaders of the minneapolis community say the bodies are those of the missing women. "the los angeles times" reports a bus crash on a highway in the san fernando valley yesterday triggered other crashes leaving more than two dozen people hurt. they say the private charter bus was carrying at least 37 people from a church event. it crashed through a concrete divider on the 405 freeway and hit another vehicle causing other collisions. part of the highway was shut down. it reopened this morning. "the new york times" report senate minority leader chuck schumer is calling for more safety regulations on limos after last week's crash in upstate new york killed 20 people. schumer says the ntsb hasn't properly investigated any limo crashes in three years after it agreed to following a deadly limousine accident in 2015.
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>> what i'm asking is that the ntsb investigate every stretch limo crash that we've had in this country. there have been a bunch. there's now enough information to make recommendations. >> schumer said there are no regulations for side impact air bags, roll over bars, or appropriate exits in limos like there are for other vehicles. the philadelphia "enquirer" reports 20 people were arrested after hundreds of dirt bike rode through city streets to honor a murdered biker. they were paying tribute to a stunt biker who h a large following. he was shot to death in a car four years ago. the bikers shut down traffic on a city bridge. dirt bikes are illegal on most philadelphia streets. police arrested one biker after chasing him through a cemetery. still ahead, no shows at an economic summit.
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in your gut, you feel confident to take on anything. with benefiber, you'll feel the power of gut health confidence every day. benefiber is a 100% natural prebiotic fiber. good morning mrs. jonhson. benefiber. trust your gut. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. on the "cbs moneywatch," an economic summit in saudi arabia loses more big names, and venom
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rules the box office. laura podesta is at the stock exchange with that and more. good morning, laura. >> weekend negotiations failed to resolve a key issue from the exit from the union. once the uk exits on march 29 em, the border between north northern ireland and ireland will be the only uk's land border with an eu nation. both sides agree there should be no customs checks but cannot agree on how that can be accomplished. the leaders meet in brussels on wednesday on what could be a make or break summit. here on wall street, investors are looking to recover from last week's two-day route which the industrial jones dow jones dropped 3000 points. on friday it started to claw its way back and gained 287 points. the s&p 500 gained 38 and the nasdaq composite finished 167 points higher.
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more major executives are pulling out of a high profile business summit in saudi arabia after a "washington post" journalist disappeared after entering the saudi consulate in turkey. turkish officials say they fear a hit team killed khashoggi. the saudis called the allegations baseless. jp morgan chase has pulled out of the investment conference in riyadh, so has the chairman of ford. and william coors, former chairman of adolph coors brewing company has died at the aim of 82. coors grandson of the company's founder died saturday at his golden, colorado, home. he was chairman from 19592000 which coors grew from a regional brewery to one of the world's largest. under his watch, he revolutionized the beer industry with the recyclable beer can. and the comic book movie venom drew the top spot at the box office its second week out.
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>> we can do whatever we want. do we have a deal? >> despite poor reviews, venom added an additional $35 million in ticket sales. last week's number two film "a star is born" remained where it was and the neil armstrong space epic "first man" debuted in third place. anne-marie. >> thanks a lot, laura. still ahead, portraits of a royal family. the official photos from princess eugenia's wedding are released. princess uain princess eugena's wedding are released. for a smile that's 4 shades visibly whiter! so eat what you like! just make sure you brush
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lgthat works. olay deep hydrating eye gel breaks through the competition olay eyes with b3 complex hydrates better than $100, $200 even $400 eye creams. that's something to see. olay make an unprecedented move.. shutting off electricity for thousands of customers today. plus: an update on a major artery in downtown san francisco.. that's been closed for weeks during repairs at the transbay terminal and they're back. get ready to see scooters rolling through the city again -- starting today. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:30.
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good morning. it's monday, october 15 here's a look at today's forecast in some cities ar long hair on long hair crime here in houston. >> you know, you always talk
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about you say it's going eventually happen but it hardly ever does. >> oh, that looks like that hurt. that is one way to make a tackle in the nfl. houston texans defense end jadeveon clowney pulled ivory down by grabbing on to his long dreadlocks. now both players have long hair. that kind of tackle is totally illegal since any hair hanging from a player's helmet is considered part of the uniform. the texans won the game 20-13. and the official photos from friday's royal wedding of princess eugenie are out. queen elizabeth's granddaughter married jack brooksbank at saint george's. now the princess's mother also turned some heads. in one of the photos ferguson dressed in green is seen smiling standing next to her ex-husband prince andrew. the couple divorced in 1996. coming up on "cbs this rng, continues his climate diaries
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♪ our top stories this morning. saudi arabia is threatening to retaliate for any sanctions imposed by the u.s. president trump said on 60 minutes that the saudis deserve severe punishment if found responsible for the disappearance and suspected murder of writer jamal khashoggi. khashoggi disappeared over a week ago after entering the saudi consulate in istanbul. the saudis call allegations that it was involved baseless. and kensington palace duke and duchess prince harry and meghan markle are expecting a baby in the spring. the royal couple was in australia on their first overseas tour. they were married six months ago and the palace says they're delighted to share the happy
4:26 am
news with the public. there are calls for idaho's fish and game commissioner to resign after he shared photos from his african safari. meg oliver has details and we want to warn you some of the images are graphic. >> reporter: idaho fish and game commissioner legally shot leopards, giraffe dollars and wart hogs on a recent trip to africa with his wife but it was this picture, smiling over a family of baboons that sparked outrage. he sent pictures to friends and colleagues saying first day she wanted to watch me and get a feel of africa so i shot a whole family of baboons. the reaction was one of anger and disgust including one from pro hunters for wildlife. >> it's not sportsman like, it's not ethical, in my book it's just almost immoral the way it's being displayed. >> reporter: we talked to their executive director over the phone.
4:27 am
>> you're arrogant, pompous, you shouldn't be doing this. you're not acting responsible. hunting's a right and a privilege and we can lose it. >> reporter: the idaho governor reappointed fisher to the post this year. he's one of seven responsible for preserving and protecting the state's wildlife. some are comparing fisher's pictures with the controversial killing of the lion by walter palmer in 2015. the u.s. dentist sparked an international outcry over big game hunting but he he was never prosecuted because he had a legal permit. fisher told the idaho statesman i didn't do anything illegal, i didn't do anything unethical, i didn't do anything immoral. a group of idaho fish and game commissioners are now demanding fisher resign. the governor's office told me he is concerned and looking into
4:28 am
the matter. we tried to reach fisher but he didn't return our calls. pro hunting groups do educate hunters to refrain from taking pictures with their kill out of respect for nonhunters. meg oliver, cbs news, new york. coming up on "cbs this morning," ben sasse tells us about his new book on the loss of community in america called them, why we hate each other and how to heal. and the we take a look at a nasa mission 1500 feet over antarctica. that's the cbs morning news for this monday, i'm anne-marie green, have a great day. news for this monday, i'm anne-marie green, have a great day.
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monday as we begin the new work week from salesforce terror camera looking south, clear conditions to start. it is monday, october 15.
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thank you for waking up with us. >> it is monday. haven't seen you for a couple of days. >> yes. and you didn't win the lottery. >> i didn't. >> i didn't play. >> well, we have a big day. >> we do. >> we are talking about a warm day ahead. also looking at high fire danger. look at our camera, looking east at the clear skies and check out these temperatures. mild. we are looking at 62 concord, 6 to 7 oakland costing some gusty winds. 60 in san francisco. and 58 for santa rosa. and warm this afternoon above average temperatures. that means extreme fire danger. i will talk more about that, coming up. and we


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