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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  October 17, 2018 5:30pm-5:59pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening cows" this wednesday, as more rescues take place, more bodies ced been recovered, following terrible flooding in texas. what forced the first lady's plane to make an emergency landing. and "eye on america:" our undercover cameras are there as a priest is confronted by two men who say he sexually abused them as children. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> severe floo inuein t disapanceofamalshog. eneral. >> they're an important ally, but i want to find out what >>ppened. >> any comment? >> the secret service says it is now reviewing an incident in which an agent blocked cbs news
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correspondent errol barret from trying to question jared kushner. >> 18 people are dead and dozens hurt, after a gunman opened fire nm a vocational college in crimea. >> police say it is not terror- related. t the top u.s. burger chains irre graded on their antibiotic policies in their new report. >> only two chains received an a grade. the other 23 got a d-minus or an f. >> i'm going to stick to shake- shack. >> three, two, one... ( cheers and applause ) >> in canada, the first legal purchase of marijuana has officially been made. >> i'm so excited. >> you want to be able to tell your kids that you were there for this moment. >> glor: good evening. i'm jeff glor. and this is our western edition. we're going to begin tonight in texas, which has been hit by devastating flooding. there have been high-water rescues and evacuations. at least two people have been killed, and at least 12 million people live in areas impacted by this, in what has been the region's wettest fall season on record. some towns have gotten nearly a foot of rain just this week.
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the crush of water washed away one bridge already. mark strassmann is in the flood zone. >> reporter: central texas has so much floodwater with no place to go. the llano river is still roaring and still causing havoc to communities. at least two deaths have been blamed on the floodwaters. we came across a rescue team who found two men trapped in their submerged s.u.v. nose down in a street that had washed away, one of dozens of rescues over the last couple of days. most of this excess water has flowed into bloated lake t engineers have opened a series of control gates to relieve the water pressure. how fast did the water come up? >> i would say it probably came up five or six feet in a matter rf 15 minutes. >> reporter: on tuesday morning, tuott turner's family of four hescovered the llano river had surged a half mile into their house, ruining almost everything they owned. >> when the water came into the house, it was probably up past our ankles.
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>> reporter: time to go? >> time to go. we got the dogs out and that was it. >> reporter: the turners had no flood insurance, a costly reality for other families here. from our drone camera, you can get a sense of the power and the scale of the overflowing llano river. and the worst may be yet to come, jeff. there is more rain in the forecast through saturday. >> glor: wow. take a look at that. mark strassmann, thank you. turkish crime scene investigators today searched the home of a saudi official in istanbul, 15 days after the disappearance of "washington post" contributor jamal khashoggi. isrkish officials claim the saudis executed khashoggi. president trump is urging patience in the investigation. holly williams reports from istanbul. >> i want to find out what happened, where is the fault, odd we will probably know that by the end of the week. >> reporter: today, president trump denied giving cover to saudi arabia in the disappearance of jamal reashoggi, once again playing up
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the lucrative economic relationship. >> when i went there, they committed to purchase $450 billion worth of things and $110 billion worth of military. >> reporter: but it was only today, more than two weeks after onashoggi disappeared, that saudi arabia finally gave turkish forensics investigators access to the saudi consul- general's residence in istanbul. khashoggi visited the saudi consulate on october 2 and then went missing. turkish officials have told journalists they believe he was killed inside the consulate. unverified reports have suggested that khashoggi's body may have been disposed of at the turkish officials also e portedly have an audio recording from inside the consulate, of khashoggi being killed. some reports, which we cannot verify, include grisly details ke him being dismembered. president trump confirmed today
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that the u.s. has asked to hear it. o i'm not sure yet that it exists. it probably does, possibly does. >> reporter: the "new york times" reported that one of the suspects is a forensics doctor, and another has links to saudi arabia's crown prince, mohammad bin salman. but the crown prince and secretary of state mike pompeo were all smiles when they met yesterday. pompeo said today that saudi aladers had given him their word they'll fully investigate khashoggi's disappearance. ni editorial in the "washington post," the paper for which jamal khashoggi wrote, accused the trump administration of a "diplomatic clean-up operation." lliams, ank yovery much. rnhost nahmevice pdent crical of president trump's handling of saudi leaders. >> i just don't know why this administration seems to feel the need to coddle autocrats and dictators.
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i don't understand it. >> why do you think president trump does that? >> i don't want to speculate on my worst fears, but either he doesn't know what he's doing, or he has an absolutely convoluted notion of what allows america to lead the world. >> glor: you can see more of norah's interview with the former vice president tomorrow on "cbs this morning." there was a scare in the air today for the first lady. chip reid has that story. >> reporter: first lady melania trump boarded a boeing 757 this morning for a quick trip to philadelphia. about ten minutes after take-off, the traveling press watched as secret service agents suddenly headed toward the front of the plane, then saw a thin haze of smoke and smelled something burning. kee plane quickly returned to anint base andrews. the first lady spoke to president trump by phone. >> she got on another plane. i said, i hope this plane is better than the first one.
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>> reporter: that problem, the white house says, was a minor elchanical issue. preliminary reports indicate a piece of communications equipment overheated. there are four 757s kept at andrews. the air force says president trump has never flown on this plane, but he has used other 757s when airports can't handle the 747 jumbo jet. how reliable are these planes? >> these are very reliable airplanes. >> reporter: mark rosenker is the former head of the white house military office. >> i don't think you can find a more reliable aircraft, a safer aircraft, a more well-trained crew. >> i'm sorry for a little delay. >> reporter: after eventually making it to philadelphia for a to washington without incident. the 757s and more than half a dozen other smaller jets are available to dozens of senior government officials, but because a single flight can cost ewns of thousands of dollars or
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more, the white house says requests for those planes are carefully reviewed. jeff? >> glor: chip reid, thank you. today, state lawmakers in pennsylvania debated a key scommendation of the grand jury that revealed decades of sexual abuse of children by catholic priests. it would open a two-year window for anyone now over 30 to sue over abuse suffered as a child. that includes the two men you ove about to meet. our undercover cameras captured their extraordinary confrontation with the priest they say abused them as tiildren. the two survivors asked us to record it, to help other victims of abuse. nikki battiste has the story and the video in tonight's "eye on america." >> i don't have happy memories here. >> neither do i. >> i mean, when i think of grade school, i think of this. t tirst time shaun dougherty and brian sabo have been back in johnstown, pennsylvania, together in nearly 30 years. >> you drive by something that most people just drive by.
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we see it and we have these feelings of being 12 years old again. >> reporter: they've come to sit thwn face to face with father george koharchik, their former teacher who they say molested them in a catholic grade school. dougherty says the abuse began at age ten. at what point did you start to sink george was doing something wrong? >> after the second or third time you're on his lap in his car, and he accidentally brushes his thumb and hand against your penis, you start to think, yeah, tuis is different. >> i was in sixth grade, and that's when the actual physical abuse began. he were kids. , at was our normal. w reporter: but they never talked about the abuse, and eventually went their separate ntys, until 2012, when koharchik made front-page headlines. he later admitted to abusing at least five children. >> you know, i picked up the s,one a million times, to call, cold-call george koharchik, you know, but i never did. >> george?
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>> reporter: until now. >> this is shaun dougherty calling. i think it would be beneficial to talk to you. >> reporter: dougherty finally asked koharchik to meet. the key-- dougherty wanted the meeting recorded. they hope a conversation with their abuser shown publicly will give other victims the courage to come forward, as well. before the meeting, cbs news set up hidden cameras. >> what's up, george? how you doing? have a seat. how you doing? i don't know if brian is ready to shake yet. have a seat. >> so we'll try to make this as... least awkward as possible, i guess. >> listen, i'm certainly sorry for the harm i've caused and doing what i did back then. t >> no, no, certainly not. i haven't been for a long time.
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>> you know what, was it about us? is it more convenience because we lived close to the school? >> or was there something else about shaun and i, that made us a target? >> well, familiarity maybe. >> i'm going to tell you this, i'm angry with what you did, right? i'm angry. but i have forgiven you a long, long, long time ago for this. okay? the part that i cannot forgive is the cover-up. i am... that crushed me. we were taught to, oh, there's a god, there's-- i mean, i tried to kill myself over this when i was 24. legit. >> when you first started having those feelings, did you feel like, should i talk to someone or... ? >> who? but who? if there is something that you see as a problem, it's not the sort of thing where you call the bishop up and say, you know, you
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say anything about it because-- thank you-- because then you run ine risk of, well, of being dismissed or whatever. >> is this something that you would have confessed in a confessional? >> well, i have. >> do you think god has forgiven you? >> yeah, from what i understand, god forgives us. >> maybe with god. i, i can't. i have to carry this the rest of my life. >> i know. >> reporter: as buried emotions surfaced, sabo needed a moment to himself. >> i came to tell you, i don't want to think about you anymore. i can't forgive you. >> reporter: dougherty and sabo
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ended the meeting nearly 90 rtnutes later. we gave koharchik another teportunity to speak after he declined our request for an interview. nikki battiste, with cbs news. why did you come to meet with shaun and brian? nothing? nothing you want to say to your victims? >> i just successfully met with the guy that abused me, and got to say everything that i wanted to say to him. i got it off my chest. and, i'm at peace right now. >> i made sure i told him, the pain you caused, i'm giving it back to you. for whateverhat'worth, it >> reporter: why was it so important you talk to him on camera, in a way that other people could see, that other victims could hear? >> so they could see, the other victims who were betrayed and who were vulnerable, to see his vulnerability. and it's a long damn road, but
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you can... can regain your control over your own life. >> reporter: dougherty and sabo told us they were frustrated ewat george koharchik would not address whether or not he knew why he was moved from parish to parish seven times or, jeff, if the church knew about his abusive behavior. >> glor: so, nikki, where is george koharchik now? em he is living freely at home. he was removed from ministry, but he has never been charged because the statute of limitations has run out. >> glor: okay, nikki battiste with our "eye on america" report tonight. e kki, thank you. still ahead here tonight on the "cbs evening news," why most burger chains flunked a test by consumer groups. consumer groups. , we we what are we doing? the nicodermcq patch helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. nicodermcq. you know why, we know how.
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ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. we're in memphis, tennessee, a city with one of the highest increases of women-owned businesses in the u.s. it's really this constant juxtaposition when you're a mom and an entrepreneur. with more businesses starting every day, how do they plan for their financial wellness? i am very mindful of the sacrifices that i make. so i have to manage my time wisely. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges. replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna... madecao lpagood suga.. ...and end the day with a smile. glucerna®. everyday progress. >> glor: president trump today presented the nation's highest military honor to a vietnam veteran who risked his life to save fellow marines. david martin has his story.
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es reporter: 80 years old and reoking as though he could still lead marines into combat, retired sergeant major john canley received the medal of honor for his actions in the 1968 battle of hue. we'll get to the details in a moment. >> fire in the hole! d. reporter: but here's what you really need to know about what happened. >> i can't think of any other way or reason of where i would rather die than with my marines. >> reporter: did you think you were going to die that day? >> that never crossed my mind. >> reporter: canley was leading mbs marines into the teeth of a north vietnamese ambush on the southern outskirts of hue. >> my troops would follow me to death, so if they are in a position whereas that they might die, what am i supposed to do? ng reporter: according to statements submitted by his men, what he did was repeatedly expose himself to enemy fire to pull wounded marines to safety. >> they're still alive, right? so i'm going to try to get to
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leem. >> reporter: eyewitnesses saw him pull at least ten wounded rgrines to safety, charge a bechine gun that had them pinned to f, and deliberately expose himself to fire in order to pinpoint enemy locations. but he hates being singled out from all the other marines who did their time in 'nam. >> when you look at what type of award or what type of recognition they received, it's nothing. rat really offends me. >> reporter: the marines who followed him into battle, canley says, were the source of his courage. hi knowing that they were 100% behind me, fear never existed. >> reporter: david martin, cbs news, washington. >> glor: coming up next here, what's behind the skyrocketing number of migrant families crossing the border illegally. no cover up spray here... it's the irresistibly fresh scent of febreze air effects.
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nearly 17,000 families were arrested, according to government figures obtained by the "washington post." the increase began when the trump administration stopped separating migrant families entering illegally. chances are that fast food burger you like is loaded with antibiotics that were fed to cattle, and could cause drug resistant infections in humans. a report today by consumer groups found burgers at 22 of the top 25 chains, including mcdonald's and burger king, aintain antibiotics and thus were giving failing grades, fs. wendy's got a d minus for partially removing antibiotics. shake-shack and burgerfi were the only chains free of them. they got an a. tonight's powerball jackpot is $ least $345 million. that is not bad, but how about $900 million? that is the jackpot for friday's mega millions. that's the second largest jackpot in u.s. history. up next here, the biggest tv star you've never seen is waiting in the wings.
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also a lot to know. like, it doesn't pay for everything. yep. you're on the hook for the rest. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, the only plans of their kind endorsed by aarp. a plan like this helps pay some of what medicare doesn't. so you could end up paying less. call unitedhealthcare insurance company today for your free decision guide. arrest. we've live in san jose-- next. >> glor: his voice is instantly recognizable. so is the suit he wears to work. but most folks couldn't tell you his name or pick him out of a lineup. now he's retiring, so maybe it's time you met him. here's tony dokoupil.
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♪ sunny day >> i'll bet today will be a perfect day! >> reporter: he's had one of the longest runs in television history... >> i'm a very good bird! >> reporter: ...and no, we're not talking about the eight-foot bird-- but the voice inside him. >> i just go a couple octaves higher. so, hello, how are you. how are you? i go up here. and it sounds cuter, without me trying. oh, boy! >> reporter: since 1969, it's been puppeteer caroll spinney giving life to big bird. >> they say, what do you do? i say, well, you've heard of "sesame street?" [as big bird]: i'm big bird. they say, no! >> reporter: it was spinney, operating the beak with his right hand, and the wings with his left, who changed big bird from a goofy adult into america's most innocent six- year-old. ♪ i love to move to the music i love to tap out a beat ♪ >> i think we should play him as a really big kid. just a really tall kid. >> reporter: the job has taken .im all over the world... >> this is the great wall of china!
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>> reporter: ...and into our living rooms... r anyone around my base is it! >> reporter: ...where he also played another memorable character, oscar the grouch. >> who is kicking my can? >> reporter: both roles will be taken over by understudies, and spinney, now 84, will be left to look back on his success. he still pinches himself. >> that's what hurts, but it doesn't have to. it puts a smile on my face. >> reporter: and ours. as big bird might say, toodle- oo, mr. spinney, toodle-oo. tony doukopil, cbs news, new york. >> glor: that is the evening news. i'm jeff glor. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
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south bay church. now, late word of an arrest. ken into we begin with breaking news, a violent sexual assault near a south bay church. now late word on an arrest. the suspect was taken into
6:00 pm
custody just hours ago. >> now this attack happened behind liberty baptist church on south king road in san jose. police say the suspect lured the victim into a secluded area and then assaulted her. kpix 5 joe vazquez is live outside the san jose police department with the latest, joe? >> reporter: ken, san jose police just announced the arrest. they described the ta t d they say it was a teenage girl who was the victim. >> theyndjust crossed paths. he engaged her in conversation. shortly after is when the incident occurred. >> according to san jose


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