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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  October 29, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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synagogue. and the battle on the ballots those over into legal action. why some say that they were deceived. good morning everyone. >> good morning. it is 5 am. let's head outside. taking a look at conditions back to work. as we take a look at some of the traffic, all those commuters on the road heading to work. and, on the left, we have the golden gate bridge pretty clear conditions out there right now. i hope that they are heading to work right now. the mac that's early. you know, it's going to be a great start to the day. as we go to the week, we are going to turn up the temperatures. so high pressure is going to prevail. you can see mainly clear skies as we start off the day.
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temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. we are looking at 53. 55% rosa and looking at 58 in san francisco and oakland coming in at 59. the weather headlines, mainly clear skies cool temperatures looking at partly sunny to mostly sunny skies near normal high is but cooler compared yesterday. we had a cold front that rolled through and that is why we have a little bit of cooler temperatures. increased fire danger with dry gusty offshore wind tonight expecting. and will continue through the week with heightened fire danger. we will talk more about this, coming up. but we are tracking that strong ridge of high pressure talking about what that means to the week and that's coming up. now let's check in with a look at traffic. >> we just checked in with chp. the first reports of a new accident as we work our way through the altamont pass. a couple and it may not
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be impacting the mainlines of the freeway possibly just the offramp. he will get more information as it comes in. but it may cause a bit of spectator slowing. it's slow anyway. but we are tapping the brake lights coming away from the 205. and it's a little bit better but you may see a few brake lights near livermore avenue. when you get to the dublin interchange, traffic has no delays here. and looking pretty good connecting over here. so 26 minutes at your drivetime to the 680. let's get a look at the northbay. so far so good. not a lot of fog. so that's good news. you should have some smooth sailing. southbound looks good as well. and it's clear all the way to the golden gate bridge. so if you're commuting, traffic is very light. and an update here, all lanes
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remain closed at they should be wrapping it up quickly. and it may be in progress as we see this needs improving. developing news out of indonesia, and hundred 80 people are feared dead after their crash -- plane crashed. it was filled with 189 people. they say that they have recovered some human remains. >> this morning the pilot is identified as this man. the searches onto the planes back/-- black box. they say the 37 was a brand-new aircraft having just been delivered. the man charged with sending more than a dozen package bombs to prominent democrat and critics the present trump will be in
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federal court. he is charged with five federal client including illegal mailing of explosives and threats against a former president. he is an active supporter of present trump and he showed up at some of his rallies. he is being held at the federal detention center in miami. this is a live picture from here. he was arrested on friday in florida after they said that they identified him for fingerprints and dna evidence. last week he allegedly sent out at least 14 explosive devices the top them across. they include hillary clinton, as well as senator harris, and a political donor and activist. now, the bombs went off but they said that they had the potential to go up. the man charged in a mass shooting at a synagogue is set to face the judge. robert bowers is accused of carrying out what is believed
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to be the deadliest attack on a jewish group in united states history. according to police he walked in yelling racial slurs and started shooting. 11 people were killed and six others were hurt. federal prosecutors are seeing -- seeking approval. people are gathering to show solidarity with victims and survivors of the horrific attack. katie is live where more events are planned today. katie? >> reporter: there are two of them planned tonight. one of them is here off of dolores street. yesterday hundreds of people across the bay area gathered at a number of different vigils in san francisco people came together at congregation manuel for an interfaith service to greet together and support each other. in tiburon a crowd gathered to
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express their for over the massacre of 11 worshipers and. cop pennsylvania. >> it's only comes from a place of lack of awareness, education understanding and it's just of the station. >> reporter: there are two events scheduled for tonight at 7:30 pm. one of them is off of natomas street. the other is here on dolores street. again, both of those events start at 7:30 pm tonight. in kentucky an outpouring of love and support outside of the grocery store were a white man allegedly shot and killed two african-american people. ey yesterday where they say the 51- year-old shot maurice and vicki jones last wednesday. minutes earlier he reportedly tried to barge into a black church.
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he has pled not guilty and is being held on five dollars bond. a court hearing is scheduled for the fourth member of a white supremacist group linked to malays including in berkeley. they say the 38-year-old surrendered himself. they arrested the movement leader and two other leaders of the group just last week. all for them charged with traveling to incite or participate in riots. the fbi says intercepted text messages incriminating the group after the april 15 showdown. supporters of the gas tax repeal are expected to take legal action just eight days before election day. jackie ward is in san francisco to explain. >> the chairman will be there to clear up some reported confusion. gax was set spring of 2017 that brought the cost up. and, that used
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tond the $5 million were ey are into voting when they thought that they were voting in favor of the tax appeal. they are announcing that they are taking legal action against the creators of what they call the misleading ballot title. >> we have our he paid one of the highest gas taxes but one of the politicians do? they had stolen our money here year after year. >> in our exclusive survey a poll conducted in midshipman- october people were asked how do you vote? 50% said yes. 29% said no and 13% were undecided. according to the public pole institute in san diego county that's where it's drawing the biggest support not as much here in the bay area right now.
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so, coming up, more details on this action that they are taking. >> thank you. unmasks is the controversial cost -- suite -- e1 musk -- elon must says the controversial tweet was worth it. the securities and exchange commission accused him of fraud. on saturday he wrote on twitter, it was worth it because of the number of likes that the tweet received. time now 5:09 am. markets are playing flag football than ever before. why they say could protect young players from life altering injuries.e ss weather watch for the northbay and east bay hills. we will talk about that. and high pressure in the control for us.
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coming up. we're off to a fairly good night. we will have a look at the bay bridge pleasure travel times along the freeway.
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on healthwatch, blood pressure readings of 130/80 can be used to diagnose hypertension. researchers found those with high pressure that high blood pressure levels had the same heart disease risk of people similar levels measured by medical professionals. a vaccine may one day replace oil blood centers. researchers tested in experimental vaccine and found it protected against class without increasing risk of bleeding. an ingredient in the yellow carry -- curry has been gaining. but they say didn't help prevent inflammation. researchers say they found no benefit compared to the placebo. even found an increased risk of postsurgical kidney damage.
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also, youth football concerns. new studies linked it to a an increased risk of brain injury. now youth football league's are turning to flag football instead of tackle. flag football should be the standard for kids before age 14. >> we were playing tackle and we noticed it was like every game. we were sending them to the ambulance. and, it just got to the point where you know it's crazy. >> some specialist say that children are more vulnerable. they say kids heads are disproportionately bigger than their bodies. >> people who start playing tackle football have a greater chance for later life behavior, cognitive and mood issues compared to later in life. and the nfl hall of fame
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quarterback says he supports a bill aimed at ending tackle football for young players. and illinois isn't the only state pushing for that change. many others introduced a same band. and let's get a check on traffic. >> it's not too bad. yet that the roadways can't do it early. no delays here, a few brake lights pittsburgh. tickets a little bit better. he shouldn't have any delays connecting the freeway. the east shore freeway, a pretty easy ride. you are looking at a 14 or 15 minute drive time. nursing extra volume but everyone is behaving. you're going to slow down just a bit. no metering lights just yet and
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it might just be on this overpass. most of those delays are the fast-track lanes. if you are commuting into san francisco, a live look right here traffic looks great with no delays north or southbound. let's get a look at conditions. we stop an accident not causing any delays. most of them are coming out of the altamont pass. a 20 minute drive time from the 205 over to the 680. if you want to go north traffic is pretty nicely. that's if you are connecting over. it will only take you four minutes. let's take a look at the forecast. a little cooler this morning. >> that's right. starting up on the cool side. and we are looking at temperatures cooler than
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yesterday thanks to a front that rolled through. a live look taking out to the south bay and the twinkling lights. looking beautiful. our temperatures are in the 40s and in the 50s. looking at 53 for you in san jose 54 in concord, 58 in san francisco and 59 the warmer in oakland. that's as we kick off the work week. this is what you can expect. clouds, cool temperatures. looking at partly to mostly sunny skies near normal daytime highs and we are watching the fire danger because with dry gusty wind and increased fire danger, i would say this. but satellite and rate of you, cool to mild conditions. we are looking at high pressure building and.
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and this dry and warm air there. futurecast taking it through the day. you can see partly sunny skies. so we are looking at that. but then look at what happened. clear skies by 4 pm. we will continue to stay sunny as we go through the next few days. high pressure is in control that clockwise flow. and also gusty conditions tonight. which is why that fire danger is to the middle part of the week. this is for tonight through wednesday morning 20 to 30 miles per hour gusts up to 55 miles per hour especially in the higher peaks. low humidity as well. so, critical fire weather conditions we are really watching them closely. and we are looking at
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temperatures today about 73 palo alto and also fremont across the inland s 71 oc75 in brentwood. the highest 79 in pleasant hill and across the northbay, daytime highs in the lower to middle 70s and, ukiah, a high of 70. we are going to slowly warm up. so with those offshore wind dry and warm air in place in as we go through wednesday for halloween, sunny and one. great weather. low 80s inland. middle to upper 70s for the bay and stay warm to the work week. let's check in with a look at sports. the 49ers in the raiders, with those ballgames yesterday. two critical mistakes what it means for thursday night bay area ball. that's coming up.
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and before we go to break, another live look gorgeous golden gate bridge. it is 5:20 am. and is 58 in san francisco. we've hadfor a long in san francisco
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the raiders and the 49ers
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face-off with a combined record of to and 13. but if you had to pick a winner it had to be the raiders. they were yesterday against the colts. the question is, a leader, derek car led them to face them. it is brandon for the touchdown. they lead 28-21. and, tied at 28. others to play. losing to jack oil and he leads, 35-28. the first play doug martin commit a diet -- deadly sin. and, they one 42-28. meanwhile,, shanahan in the 49ers are looking for the second victory of the year. rookie joss roshan a fellow rookie of the go-ahead touchdown and arizona got the two point conversion and they landed.
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snapped the ball over the head and time would run out. the cardinals overcome a 12.44 deficit and they win 18-15. the 49ers are now 1-7. clayton kershaw trying to get the la season ally. the third batter of the game took him downtown. and, the red sox led to manage their. david price had never gotten a playoff start since then. and he got the money come back. boston winds 5-1. winning the series in five games in the first title since 2013. they are the fourth and last 15 seasons. the warriors taking on the mess in brooklyn a little over a minute. that's the dagger. he finished with 35. golden state beats them 120 to 114.
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they get denied by john gibson. but his second shot finds the back of the net. that is the game-winning ball. san jose wins 4-3 in overtime. in the nfl trade deadline is tomorrow. that could be action for both local football teams. we will have that tonight and reaction if the trade happens. have a great day. people across the bay area continue to gather to remember those killed saturday in the synagogue shooting in., pennsylvania. they will have a rundown of tonight's events, coming right up. and later this morning learning more details about the legal action campaign leaders plan on taking tuck those shirts in, fellas. come on.
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close to hundred people are feared dead after a passenger plane crashed. thousand pushing forward as more migrants join the march up north. and a gunman targets a synagogue. good morning everyone. first let's start with a live look outside as a take a look at our bay area cameras. look at this beautiful shot. you can see all the lights, conditions to start off. let's see if the forecast will be just as pretty? >> of course. a beautiful day across the bay area. get ready for that. we are looking at clear skies
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as we kick off your work week. a live look at the bay bridge. this is looking east. our temperatures are on the cool side. and, good morning to you oakland, 58. we have afternoon partly to mostly sunny skies. near normal daytime highs for this time of year. but cooler compared yesterday thanks to a cold front. and we do have the increased fire danger as we go through tonight with a fire weather watch. and cut temperatures will be rising as we go through the week. we will time it out for you. what you can expect in the next 24 hours as well as the rest of the work week coming up. let's check in with a look at traffic.g an
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the 101 through the peninsula. southbound 101. right at the tampa theater is on the shoulder. so, they are heading out to the scene. hopefully they will wrap this up pretty quickly. not seeing any delays. southbound traffic is looking pretty good. and, it looks like a good ride. let's get a look at the south bay. we are starting to see a few brake light just passed the 280 interchange. and it stays a little sluggish just north of there we are seeing a few brake lights. and, let's go south of there. your commute is slow and go as you work you a northbound are going to see delays. and that will take about an eight minute drive time. and you will see delays on the 101. 883 send lorenzo starting to bunch up on the southbound side. northbound looking okay but if you're traveling over towards oakland no roadwork.
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everything has now been cleared. and five hours this man charged with a shooting rampage at a synagogue is set to appear in court. robert bauer accused of carrying out what is believed to be the deadliest attack on a jewish group in united states history. he marched into the tree of life synagogue shouting about his desire to kill jewish people and then started shooting. 11 people were killed, including two brothers, a married couple, a doctor and a professor. they are seeking approval to pursue the death penalty. people are coming together to commemorate. -- and people are coming together to share solidarity. the are a couple of events gradual today to show support. >> reporter: the rabbi here on dolores street is planning an event to remember the victims and also the survivors of that pennsylvania shooting. >> ♪
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>> reporter: yesterday thousands of people gathered at events including one in tiburon that was standing room only crowd as speakers expressed their horror over the massacre of 11 worshipers. in san francisco, at the congregation, more gathered for an interfaith service to grieve and support each other. and at stanford, hundreds gathered to remember the shooting victims. >> today i am in morning. today, i am lost and confused and in need of an ally and i am beyond grateful to see so many of you here. >> reporter: there are two memorial event scheduled tonight. one of them is in san francisco off of natomas street. the other is here at another on dolores street. again, both of those starting
5:34 am
at 30 p.m. we have also been told by police that san jose police, and oakland police that they are in increasing patrols around the synagogue. more migrants are starting a lengthy track towards the united despite warnings from the trump administration. over the weekend a third caravan left them with more than 2000 migrants mostly from hundred reached a border town yesterday. >> i was crossing the continental to america. because in my country we don't have peace. >> they prevented them from crossing without applying. some migrants say eye feeling poverty and violence in that they are not deterred by the trump administration's plan to play troops. kiersten nielsen says that they
5:35 am
are working with mexico on this matter. >> they have taken unprecedented efforts what is in their territory to ensure an orderly flow and that those who have low -- no legal right to be there are move. and we intend to do the same. >> gives them the right to seek asylum. officials say they have recovered human remains after a plane plunged into the waters below with more than 180 people on board. all 189 passengers are feared dead. the 737 was a brand-new aircraft having just been delivered back in august. it's one of the youngest but biggest airlines with domestic and international destinations. the plane crashed minutes after takeoff en route to paying yang -- pyongyang. the search now is for clues
5:36 am
onto why the flight went down. this crash is thsisir asia flig traveling to singapore. they killed all 162 on board that plane. the archdiocese held its last of five listening session as part of a healing process. they came to the immaculate heart of mary full of the range of emotions. dozens of other parishioners came before the court. no cameras were allowed inside where some carried the weight of sexual abuse going back decades. >> i want justin's done -- justice done. i like to see the fax really out there. >> while the archdiocese hasn't released a list of credibly accused clergy member a law firm
5:37 am
accused of sexual abuse released its own report that listed 135 clergy members accused of san francisco. >> leaders of the campaign are saying that the battle -- valid is misleading -- valid is misleading. we are there to sort out what's going on. jackie? >> we don't know the extent of what this means but we hope to be learning more later on. so here we are. and the campaign leaders are saying that california voters are being deceived because of the ballot title. so to clarify if you are in favor of getting out of the gas tax that means that you are in favor of prop six. those against it say we need to fund five billion-dollar transportation project. according to aaa californians
5:38 am
pay the most in gas. nearly a dollar above the national average. the president of the councils reports attacks and says that there are new safeguards in place to protect the funds. >> i think we are in an emergency here. anyone can tell you that. and here's the opportunity to do something about it. >> in our exclusive survey, people were asked how devoe? 58% said yes 29% said no and 13% were still undecided. so they will be holding a press conference later at 10:30 am. democrats are promising to prioritize an antidiscrimination bill that would establish equal rights protection for lgbt queue. the minority leader says it
5:39 am
will be one of the first orders of business democrats retake the house. the equality act would outlaw discrimination and businesses like restaurants and retail. and and identity. it would also expand protections for individuals applying a loan or using health and social services. present trump is packing his campaign schedule days to go before the election is seeking to boost republicans. the presidents team says he will hold at least 10 moralities before election day including in florida and west virginia. you can stay up-to-date on all races just go online for more. justin, consumer spending rising by an inflation-adjusted at 0.3%. plus, in the final countdown until election day facebook
5:40 am
making a shocking discovery diane king hall joins us with those. good morning. >> and morning. shares of amazon have dropped $1 trillion last month. that is declined by roughly 200 billion and amazon mean alice it's person that's purchase. following third behind michael. -- microsoft. and is undercover they disinformation campaign. it's part of efforts by the social media giant to rain in abuse similar to that used by russian agents. and the run up to the 2016 presidential election they attempted to so discord over lightning rod issues. >> so, a freaky remake meaning big business over the weekend.
5:41 am
give us the latest numbers? >> days before halloween the reboot of the 1974 from dominated the north american box office for a second straight week. which of course brings back jamie lee curtis to get an estimated detailing dollars in ticket sales. last week they came for a female lead. and, they held onto second place in its fourth weekend. >> right. thank you. is 5:41 am. a canvas company goes to court. what a lawsuit over the pungent smell could the entire industry. and let's check out this traffic. morning commuters, 580 interchange, it is packed. of course copy will get you all caught up with the morning commute, when we come back. g on record profits
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buuggl d jusg prop c is a common-sense plan. the top 1% of businesses pay their fair share to tackle homelessness for all of us. companies with revenue greater than $50 million pay, not small businesses or homeowners. the prop c plan is supported by the democratic party, teachers, and mental-health professionals. vote "yes" on c. big corporations pay for it, not you.
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it is monday. look at our salesforce power camera looking south. temperatures in san francisco at 57. it's a cool start. we are looking at temperatures right around where we should be. we will talked about the work week ahead, coming up. today, a trial is beginning over the smell of marijuana. a denver couple filed a lawsuit claiming foul odors from an indoor canvas company have hurt their property values. it's the first time a jury will consider a lawsuit using a federal anti-racketeering law to target cannabis companies. halloween is two days away
5:45 am
and a new study finds we are spending more on candy. americans will increase their spending by more than 40% bringing total spending to $2.5 billion. the reason, more generous spending habits. speaking of halloween, one facility wants you to dive for a pumpkin. check it out. they held a floating pumpkin patch and they had to dive into gravel and that they wanted. they say that they wanted to bring a fun twist to the hollowing tradition. >> i think that it was fun and different. i like it here because you get to dive for pumpkins >> and forget carving, today. do not they painted them and
5:46 am
decorated them and took them home. >> yes. you get your exercise and pumpkins. >> who knew that a pumpkin could float? >> that's right. that's pretty cool. pumpkin picking. >> that's right. it was kind of fun. >> we got a few good sized one. and she picked the smallest one. >> right. it was cute. painting, great idea. >> right. a little messy on the freeways. and there is a brand-new accident through pleasanton. injuries reported in the accident. westbound 580, that is our live look. and injuries are reported to it's going to take some time to clear up. so we are seeing a backup because of this crash. two lanes are completely shut
5:47 am
down. give yourself some extra time. 2526 80 looking at least a 30 minute drive time. we on 680, you're going to see some delays. and let's jump over to the east shore freeway. safe from hercules. it's been pretty nice. 17 minutes is your drivetime. but that's really when brake lights start to hit. traffic is backed up as you go to the bay bridge so now 24 minutes into the red. and when you get on the upper deck, it's a lot better into san francisco. and traffic is clear into the city. westbound 80 coming up off the effort -- up off -- up off of
5:48 am
the upper deck. and a quick look at our mass transit. use this instead. 44 trains >>happndto you.r re they liveoocewer camera. this is looking east. and our temperatures are on the cool side. san jose coming in at 53. 50 flat five in santa rosa. in oakland at 58. and here's what you can expect. as we go to the afternoon partly to mostly sunny skies normal daytime highs. we are looking at temperatures right around where we should be for this time of year. we are watching those dry winds. and because of that, ey ghfi da fire weather watch. but first, we had that cold
5:49 am
front that rolled through. so we are looking at temperatures on the cool side.f you can see partly cloudy skies. and then, we will have that clearing with that sunshine and we are looking at plenty of sunshine to the next three days. this ridge of high pressure is in control for us. we are looking at northerly northeasterly winds. this is going to be high for the middle part of the week. and because of that, the fire weather watch is in effect tonight through wednesday morning. gusts up to 55. low relative humidity values. critical fire weather >> and, 75 for a daytime high in concord. as well as for fairfield. and, with the offshore wind,
5:50 am
dry and warm air. a little warmer today. and for halloween sunny and warm. middle 70s for halloween for the bay. middle to upper 60s for the coast. thank you. it is national cat day. celebrating cats and kittens and helping them find a forever home. you are encouraged to adopt a for a friend and help break the internet with the adorable pictures. it was created in 2005 and they say it helped rescue the lives of more than 1 million cats. time now is 5:50 am. a picture-perfect moment. captured by a stranger. the photographer who snapped this proposal finally tracked down the happy couple. and a live look outside at
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the richmond san rafael bridge as traffic is moving along pretty nicecethe bay area. pack your patient because you're heading those bay area roads. -hey, did i mention i can save you $620
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you?
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good monday morning. it is 5:54 am. and we are seeing some cool conditions. 76 morgan hill, 73 san jose for a hike, 70 in mountain view as well as for fremont. 76 high and walnut creek. daytime highs and lower to middle 70s. and 73 for napa, east bay, berkeley coming in at 67 for a high. we'll talk about the rest of the work week, coming up. a little messy. first reports of a crash at southbound 101. six cars involved in this waiting for the chp on the scene. we are hearing that it may push to the right shoulder but we are seeing pretty significant
5:55 am
delays. drivetime are all one hour. a wedding proposal seen around the world. a romantic moment, and camera sparking a days long search to find the mystery couple. the michigan photographer snapped this proposal in yosemite. he had no idea who it was. he went to social media to try to track him down. >> i truly hope that the photo finds you. i'd really like to share it with you. >> love how the picture went viral earning thousands of shares online. days went by with no word until he realized it was him and his bride to be. >> it's an amazing feeling. the the great photo. timed perfectly. and just such a coincidence. >> the happy couple has set a date they will tie the not a
5:56 am
mother and say that they would love to have him take photographs at their wedding. >> it is a pretty picture. >> but nowadays the trend is people pop out of the bushes and take pictures. and he did it without even knowing. >> a very special moment for that couple. it is a very popular spot. it is a dangerous spot. just a few hours the man accused of sending packaged bombs the prominent democrats will appear in a florida courtroom. and we will hear from the bay area billing and who is allegedly one of the targets. people across the bay area are taking time to those killed in a synagogue shooting. hear from some of those impacted. coming up.
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mrs. walker. michael vasquez! come over here. i've heard such good things about you, your company. well, i wouldn't have done any of it without you. without this place. this is for you. michael, you didn't have to... and, we're going to need some help with the rest. you've worked so hard to achieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you and your business well enough to understand what your wealth is really for. love to pay tribute to
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those killed in a pennsylvania synagogue as the accused shooter had to court. in a last ditch legal effort in support of repealing the gas tax hike. good morning everyone. >> and morning. it is 6 am. let's head outside. take a look at our high definition cameras keeping our eyes on the bay. this will looking north. you can see this in the distance. clear conditions in the city. a beautiful way to side this monday morning. >> and we're going to see temperatures cooler compared yesterday. if you're trying to wake up, just had outside because there looking at a chilly start to the day. let's show you a live look outside. san jose good morning to you. looking at temperatures in san jose right around 51.


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