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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  October 31, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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he? good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, october 31st. >> two people are dead after a four-vehicle crash in union city. jackie ward is there now live with the very latest. jackie. >> reporter: here we are hours later and all lanes of northbound 880 in union city are shut down right now. the accident investigation team for chp is recreating the scene right now. it happened at 10:40 p.m. a tour bus in the middle lane approached stop-and-go traffic and crashed into the vehicle in front of it, pushing it to the left into another lane. the tour bus continued to hit another vehicle and pushed that car into the back of a semi. the two people who died in the accident why in each of the vehicles the tour bus driver hit. the tour bus driver and the truck driver were able to walk
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away with no injuries. but here we are more than six hours later and this de ill usi delays as the morning commute heats up. >> there's a lot of pressure. we understand that any closure of one lane, two lanes, impacts traffic especially when we have all the lanes closed. we urge people to look for alternates. >> reporter: there's still a lot of questions involving what happened and how this happened so at this point, chp doesn't know how fast the bus was going. right now, they don't believe drugs or alcohol were a factor. it's still unclear if this was a case of distracted driving or not. at one point in the crash, the tour bus drove on top of one of the cars that it hit so this was just a gnarly accident that happened long ago but it will have a major impact on the morning commute because all lanes are shut down on northbound 880. they hope to re-open them by 6
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a.m. but that could change. now with >> it is not looking good. we have major delays. northbound 880 at whipple, you're back up beyond 84 at this all the way into fremont. so that drive from fremont to union city is very slow. we are seeing speeds down to 3 miles per hour. you're definitely going to want to use an alternate and on healthwatch, a study in skip the roads on 880. the british medical journal use alvarado niles to dyer finds early exposure to street to reconnect at whipple antibiotics and antacids could past the crash and back on heighten the risk of excessive 880. also, mission boulevard or hesperian boulevard will take you to industrial parkway. weight gain in children. you can reconnect to 880 at researchers said the medications affect gut that point. at this moment, 680 would be a microbes. adolescents who quit smoking marijuana for 30 days good alternate, maybe within improved memory according to research from massachusetts general hospital. the next 15 minutes once they 88 participants between the open lanes but right now a ages of 16 and 25 abstained full is still from smoking marijuana and then showed measurable improvement in cognitive effect from sheridan to andrade. function.
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use mission as an alternate. a safety warning for parents of trick or treaters. once lanes open on 680 you can a study finds children 4 to 8 are at greater risk of being probably use it as an killed by a car tonight. research shows the most alternate. dangerous time is from 5 to 8 all lanes are open north 880 at 23rd avenue in oakland. residual delays are improving p.m. researchers suggest putting on reflective patches on children's costumes. quite a bit. 17 minutes from 238 to the bunions are a real pain maze. bart is on time for the most with millions of people part. dealing with the common foot but trains are not stopping at the ashby station due to problem. for years, surgery options always meant a long recovery . police activity. so if you are commuting out of fremont into union city, now an innovative microsurgery making your way to san francisco, bart is still a is getting patients back on great option. unfortunately, if you are their feet a lot faster. going to berkeley, keep in an orthopedic surgeon at mount mind they are not stopping at the ashby station. sinai west is the first in the we have one other thing i want to show you. bay bridge off to a good u.s. to perform this start, no metering lights just procedure. he says the new minimally invasive surgery takes less yet. so quiet as you head into san time and is far less painful. francisco out of oakland. we have a trouble spot south 17 before highne during the operation, the is shut down for an injury doctor makes a 2 to 3- crash. no delays. it's still early. but once that morning commute gets into full swing we might millimeter insisting and shaves the bone. >> it's done through extremely see stop and go conditions because of this accident. so busy.
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lots of trick or treaters out tiny incisions. so that allows the cut on tonight. recovery time substantially. how's the weather going to be? >> i'm going to be able to buy >> it looks fantastic. more shoes. it's really hard to find shoes. >> this is catherine's left foot before and after surgery. she had both feet done six weeks apart and says she is it looks like a very pleasant night across the bay area. walked out of the hospital with no pain and was off crutches in a week. the new procedure can also be temperatures cool this morning 40s and 50s as we start off this wednesday. used to treat other foot problems like hammer toe. the doctor says most patients san jose at 47. santa rosa at 45. so fog-free as we start off don't need pain medication the day as north winds after the surgery. we have an ongoing traffic continue. sunny afternoon for us as we alert. it's causing big problems in go through the day. 10 degrees warmer than average. union city. northbound 880 right at whipple, it's a crash with two fatalities. it happened about 10:30 last red flag warning still in effect. night. traffic is backed up beyond 84 but it will expire at 6 a.m. we are looking at the winds decreasing and easing now and that will continue as we go so well into fremont. use an alternate. it's big delays on 880.
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through the day. so you will definitely want to that's a very good thing. it's still very dry out there. on futurecast, we'll take you get on alvarado niles to dyer through not just today but over the next few days. street. you can reconnect at whipple. i'll let you know how long mission, hesperian boulevards, this ridge of high pressure great alternates to industrial will stick around for us parkway to get back on 880. they are moving now. coming up in just a few traffic is is fine on those minutes. more lawmakers are service streets. as the morning commute progresses things might get worse depending how long these responding to president trump's threat to revoke lanes will be shut down on birthright citizenship. the president said white house lawyers are reviewing his proposal and it's unclear how 880. keeping or eye on 680 as well, quickly he would act on an another great alternate. executive order to deny citizenships to babies born to closure at 238 to sunol on illegal aliens living in the northbound 680. they hope to open up lanes at states. >> we are the only country in the world where a person comes in has a baby and the baby is essentially a citizen of the 6:00. they are alternating closures so you can get by at slower united states for 85 years speeds, better than 880 with all the benefits. though. >> house speaker paul ryan good news on 880 in oakland. says the president's plan is a all lanes open from roadwork nonstarter. he pointed out the president overnight closure right at 23rd cannot single-handedly change . clear from the coliseum at the 14th amendment. >> well, you obviously cannot the bay bridge. do that, um, you cannot end birthright citizenship with an there is a bart advisory in
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executive order. >> on the late show with effect. no stops at ashby station. stephen colbert, house minority leader nancy pelosi it's going to be a beautiful halloween. here's a said it is a tactic to drum up republicans before the midterms on tuesday. >> what he was saying today live look at the bay area, has no relationship to what clear skies, cool conditions. 40s and 50s in the area: his authority is, but that's of course not unusual. this is constitutional. i just can't even imagine what our founders would be thinking to see a president to, um, take an oath of office to protect and defend the clear cool and fog-free this morning thanks to the northerly winds and the good constitution of the united states and then abuse that. news, we are watching the >> pelosi stressed the winds decrease and ease. so that red flag warning from importance of the november the north bay, east bay hills elections saying it is about a will expire at 6 a.m. checks and balance of power. today. four services are meye. and warm degrs ove this scheduled today for the victims of the shooting in a pennsylvania synagogue. >> the entire community feels stear skie tellite and radar view, the like they have lost their mothers, fathers, and sons and ridge of high pressure still daughters. >> 11 people were killed on saturday when a gunman opened dominant. north winds will continue. we'll continue to see warm
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weather and that sunshine. futurecast shows you the clear fire at the tree of life skies through the day. synagogue. after yesterday's funeral, this is at 9 p.m. president trump and the first we are tracking increasing lady placed visitation stones clouds. and flowers from the white so for tonight, looking at partly cloudy skies. house grounds outside the and then clearing as we go synagogue. nearby hundreds lined the streets to protest our through tomorrow. president. futurecast as we take you through the week here, this >> president trump, you are ridge is really going to persist and stick around over the next several days. we are calling this a stubborn not welcome in pittsburgh!! until you fully renounce white nationalism!! ridge of high pressure because >> and last night two police it's not going anywhere anytime soon. low pressure system stays to officers who were injured in not your and the rain chances stay to the north, as well. now, highs today we are the shooting were honored in a looking at temperatures warmer compared to yesterday. 77 in redwood city. pregame ceremony at the pittsburgh penguins game. the suspected gunman robert 78 palo alto. bowers hated jews and that mountain view 77. upper 70s for san jose. drove him to kill. from benicia, concord, he is charged with 29 felony pleasant hill, 82 for a high. and for the north bay, low to counts and could face the death penalty if convicted. >> a high school is taking an mid-80s. 81 in santa rosa. sonoma a high of 84 later on today as well as for napa and approach to protect students and staff from mass shootings. scott keel has been installing ukiah, 82. special curtains at folsom so here's that halloween trick high school to cover windows or treating forecast.
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in the event of an active ghostly clear and cool and again, 50s and 60s. shooter situation. the curtains can quickly be looking good for all of those attached using magnets. little trick or treaters. >> in case of like an active so we are going to warm up even more for tomorrow and shooter and they need to cover still above average through up the window, um, you can just throw it on easily and the rest of the workweek and then if they need to peek and look out you can just roll it into the weekend. dennis has sports. did you see what happened with one second left in the up and then look out and then sharks game last night? pull it back down. and will the 49ers have a new >> keel made the curtains for starting quarterback thursday his eagle scout service against the raiders? kickoff coming up. project after some inspiration from his mother, who is a teacher at the school. >> let's head outside once again, a live look at the sunnyvale's department of golden gate bridge. clear conditions. we'll be right back. public safety is introducing maybe you could save energy by new technology today aimed at upgrading its 911 emergency system. katie nielsen joins us live from sunnyvale to explain the potential benefits. katie. reporter: this is actually going to be a game changer because 80% of all 911 calls now come from cell phones. and in the past, it was hard to pinpoint the caller's exact location. but as of today, here in sunnyvale, that is changing.
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the city is launching rapid sos, a new 911 calling system that links dispatcher with the location feature of the emergency caller's cell phone. it will allow dispatchers to see the location of the call down to within 50 feet. sunnyvale is one of the first cities in the bay area to use the technology. >> it helps get our officers to the scene that people are coming from quicker, more accurately as and fast as possible. >> reporter: in the past if someone called 911 from a cell phone, dispatchers could see the caller's location based on the cell tower use but that only gave them a few mile radius. they use the location service of the phones. the only catch is the phones have to be updated. that means ios 12 for apple phones or version 4.0 or later for android phones. live in sunnyvale, katie nielsen, kpix 5.
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an illinois jury awarded a firefighter more than $11 million in her discrimination suit. >> this is my career and this is what i love and they took it away and they were ugly with taking it away. they were ugly. they were gunning for me. >> she sued for discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation. she says her colleagues watched pornography during work hours and tried to make her do the same. and that she was held back weaving your own shoes... out of flax. from promotions. lewis joined the department in 1998 and has been on administrative leave since or, simply adjust your thermostat. 2015. a thief is still at large after stealing an expensive do your thing part from a tesla car in los with energy upgrade california. angeles. the crime was recorded by a dashboard camera in the city's northridge area. the part is worth about $1,000 but it's decorative and not necessary to operate the car. >> just a piece of plastic is really all it is. but it has the tesla emblem on it so i think they are stealing it because tesla is like the hot thing now.
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>> taking the car part actually requires ecmess with m feeney. the 91-year-old actor has stopped an attempted burglary by scaring off the burglar. someone tried to break into his los angeles home saturday night while he and his wife were inside. he turned on the lights and scared off the suspect. police quickly responded and no one was hurt. good morning. time now 5:11. we are following breaking >> straight ahead a halloween news. northbound 880 at whipple safety warning for parents. what you need to know before a remains completely shut down. delays beyond the fatal night of trick or treating. >> we are tracking that dumbarton bridge at this halloween forecast. i'll take you through the next 24 hours on futurecast and point. slow out of fremont. chp hopes to open lanes by 6 slight changes. the details on that coming up. a.m. use surface streets as an alternate. jackie ward will have a live no >> delays continue in union city due to a fatal crash. i'll have your drive times and your alternates coming up. support. what's the saying, every second counts? that actually played out big time in san jose last night where the rangers had the lead
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in regulation with under 2 seconds to go. third period, game tied at two. chris kreuter scores his second goal of the game and the rangers take the lead. with 1.6 seconds left in the game, tomas hertl ties it and the clock expires. so nobody scored in overtime. we went to a shootout. and kevin shattenkirk got it past jones to give the rangers their first road win of the year 4-3 the final. but at least the sharks got a point. cj beathard took a beating sunday. he reportedly has a sprained wrist and might not play thursday against the raiders which means the 49ers would go with second year quarterback nick mullins as their starter. he has never taken a regular season snap but leads the. shanahan on what he likes about mullins. >> he has been working hard. he doesn't get a ton of reps
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as no third guy does but he gets a lot after with receivers. he has been working and preparing for will be ready. >> a thriller at san francisco state yesterday ended on a penalty kick and the gators make the final stop to clinch a 3-2 win for the women in the first round of the conference championship over cal state san marcos. the gators go to uc-san diego on friday night. tracy hamm, the coach, has never had a losing season. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. an accident that happened late last night is impacting this morning's commute in a major way as all lanes northbound at 880 by the whipple accident remain closed. >> reporter: the city of sunnyvale is rolling out a new
5:14 am
911 system today. we'll explain how it works and how it could help improve response times. that's just ahead.
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? breaking news, a bay area freeway is shut down now after a deadly crash. this morning we're onthe scene as investigators piece together what happened. >> plus, pinpointing 911 callers. the new technology in applause to bring first responders closer than ever before. a driverless car company gets the green light to hit california roads without humans. good morning, it's wednesday, october 31st. i'm michelle griego. nnchoi. it is 5:30. as we head outside take a look
5:18 am
at one of our cameras, "salesforce" tower camera, clear conditions this morning. you can see the port of oakland, it's nice out there. >> you can see everything. >> yeah. all the lights. spectacular. >> you know, i'm seeing a lot of trick or treaters tonight. >> right. >> watch out for them. >> this is an all important forecast. a little pressure. >> trick or treaters down for sure. and it looks like a fantastic halloween for all across the bay area. a live look outside of our san jose cam. 40s and 50s in the area right now. what you can expect a fog-free halloween morning as north winds continue. sunshine through the afternoon
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averaglater on. d that trick or treat forecast mostly clear and cool in the 50s and in the 60s. the good news we are watching the winds decrease and ease. a red flag warning through today. the winds continue to decrease today. we are watching that closely. everything is still dry. futurecast over the next several days, coming up. breaking news now. a bay area freeway is shut down and two people are dead after a four freak crash at the union city-hayward border. jackie ward reports. >> reporter: as you can see, the highway is shut down. all lanes of northbound 880 by whipple road are closed this
5:20 am
morning. this is why. chp investigators are now recreating the scene of a deadly accident that happened last night. you can see one of the cars on the bed of a tow truck completely mangled. so right now, drivers are using the whipple road on-ramp to get on northbound 880. this happened around 10:40 last night. at this point of the investigation, chp thinks a tour bus driving in the middle lane approached stopped traffic and crashed into the vehicle in front of it and pushing it to the left into another lane. the tour bus didn't stop there. it continued to hit another vehicle and pushed that car into the back of a semi truck. the two people who died were in each of the cars the tour bus driver hit. but the tour bus driver and the truck driver were not injured. >> anytime there's a fatal, they're bad. i can't say that one is worse than the other. a loss of life amount of people that it impacts and affects, they're all bad. >> reporter: at one point, the tour bus drove on top of one
5:21 am
of the cars it hit tangling these vehicles up and creating an even bigger mess. at this point, chp does not know how fast the bus was going. they also don't believe drugs or alcohol were a factor. it's still unclear if this was a case of distracted driving or not. so right now the goal is to get this part of have any alternates that people can take to work around this mess? >> yes, i do, jackie. in fact, g delays alg 880. eyverting atal but because of the backup up to go earlier. use decoto road 84 to mission boulevard or hesperian to industrial parkway. it's still early in the morning, but as things heat up alternates will be busy.
5:22 am
so consider 680. we have some earlier caltrans work on 680. that's cleared out through 880 this morning and again the delays are significant. beyond 84, out of fremont into union city, you're going to see slow and go conditions all the way into hayward and again that's where the crash is. southbound 880 also taking a hit for a lot of spectator slowing as folks pass the accident. they slow down to take a look. it's causing delays on the southbound side, as well. bart is an option. but they are not stopping at ashby. so tough commuting into berkeley right now. there is police activity at ashby. bus bridges are in place for acp elsewhere, delays westbound 580 at the altamont pass, 205 to 680, 25 minutes. looks better at the dublin interchange. word of an accident westbound 4 at loveridge. this one is over to the right shoulder. busy any way as you commute out of antioch into pittsburg this morning. 20 minutes for your drive time
5:23 am
to 680. metering lights on at the bay bridge, a backup beyond 880. not quite the maze so still bearable. especially if you're coming off the east bay freeway commute. our biggest problem north 880 at whipple. and a new accident in the backup. so we'll have details coming up. it is a first for california, one company got the green light for driverless cars and testing starts on bay area streets. waymo has been granted the state's first permit. the cars will be rolled out in five silicon valley cities. as part of the process the vehicle must have among other things a $5 million insurance policy, a law enforcement communication plan and continuous monitoring with the two-way communications system. >> i think it's going to be interesting to see what happens with the cars drive by my apartment so many times a day.
5:24 am
i assume they have a lot of driving data now. at some point they have that transition. >> the group says the cars will be controlled remotely like a videogame. the group called the dmv's approval premature and is doubting the safety of self- driving cars. the city of sunnyvale is aimed at new technology aimed at pinpointing the exact locations of 911 caller emergencies. katie nielsen reports from the department of public to explain how this new system works. reporter: michelle, the way that it works is basically using the cell location services feature of apple and android cell phones. in the past, when someone called 911 from a cell phone dispatchers could only see their location based on the cell tower used raus of two miles. the new rapid sos system launching today in sunnyvale will tap into the location
5:25 am
service of the phone itself, pinpointing the caller's location to within 50 feet. it's an update the department says will help speed up response times during an emergency. >> it helps us collect evidence, preserve evidence a lot faster. it speeds the process up when people use cell phones, which used to sometimes slow things down. >> reporter: because of the popularity of cell phones and people doing away with their land lines, sunnyvale police estimate 80% of all 911 calls now come from cell phones. sunnyvale is actually one of the first cities dewill face a judge today after pulling out a pair of chainsaws on the train. video showed the man picking up a red chainsaw and flicking the switch several times. the suspect, 47-year-old patrick bingham, was arrested at the lake merritt station.
5:26 am
he is being held at the santa rita jail on charges of exhibiting a deadly weapon. this is the last day of business for a bar and restaurant in san francisco. the victim of a lingering construction project. the folks who operate the bootleg bar and kitchen say avprect has m the van ness greatly reduced parking, foot traffic and the number of customers. other businesses have also suffered and that prompted a rally yesterday at san francisco city hall. the project was supposed to be completed next year. but that's been delayed to at least 2021. 5:38 right now. diane king hall has our moneywatch report. she joins us from the new york stock exchange. good rnin reer: good morng, this is st date from $5.1 billi the number helped soothe worries about lowering user
5:27 am
growth. just under 1.5 billion use the site on a daily basis. the company has been working to regain trust after it was revealed that a political company facebook worked with had mishandled user data. uber is unveiling a subscription service. it's called ride pass kicking off in five u.s. cities. the price tag begins at $1,499 a month and the program 14.99 a month and the program gives riders a chance to lock in certain trips. they will save 15% on monthly trips and no pricing. >> we understand that one videogame smashed records in its opening weekend. which one is it? >> okay. so it's red dead redemption 2 bringing in $725 million in sales worldwide in its first three days.
5:28 am
people are serious about their gaming. it's the single biggest opening weekend in the history of entertainment. it beat out movies. grand theft auto five still holds the record for best three-day opening at $1 billion released though on a tuesday. >> impressive. i just remembered duck hunt on nintendo. that one looks fantastic. a lot of improvement in technology. >> i know. i'm so behind in my gaming. >> me, too. >> we have a life. >> diane king hall of, thank you so much. 5:40. i love halo. >> you find time for that? >> yes, you have to find time for fun. everyone has their own way of celebrating. for some the display is political. >> outside this is the dublin camera. 580/680 interchange. we'll be right back.
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big corporations are making and just got a huge tax break. but the middle class is struggling. prop c is a common-sense plan. the top 1% of businesses pay their fair share to tackle homelessness for all of us. companies with revenue greater than $50 million pay, not small businesses or homeowners. the prop c plan is supported by the democratic party, nancy pelosi & dianne feinstein vote "yes" on c. big corporations pay for it, not you.
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good wednesday morning. it is 5:43. a live look for you. you can see coit tower there lit up, clear skies, mild conditions. we are talking 40s and 50s to start off the day. ail let you know what to expect as we head through the afternoon and that all important trick or treat forecast coming up. a southern california man's halloween decorations are turning heads. his graveyard display comes wiheof ticians.take a oser look some of the tombstones named nancy pelosi, gavin newsom and governor brown to name a few. some mixed reactions but the homeowner says that he has been making displays like this every halloween. >> it's really kind of sad to see that type of language used
5:32 am
to describe a position on something, violent rhetoric. >> right here in the neighbor, i'm not offended by what he put up, i live right here in the neighborhood. >> the homeowner says despite the concerns, he has no plans of changing or taking down any of the decorations. there are lots of halloween events today across the bay area and we want to make sure you are safe. all san jose fire stations will hand out glow necklaces and safety tip sheets to children who trick or treat at the stations. and here are some halloween photos you have been sending us: >> this is joe vazquez. >> that's joe? >> very clever. we love that. keep sending us those photos. we'll share your pictures on
5:33 am
air and online. those are pretty good. >> what are you going out as? >> the magic carpet. >> i thought were you going to change it? >> my 3-year-old wanted to be jasmine so i made a magic costume so now she doesn't want to be jasmine. now my 10-year-old says now you're just a rug. >> the struggles of being a parent. >> i know. one young boy in southern california may have won for best halloween costume. he didn't let his wheelchair stop him from going all out. >> whoo! wah! >> pretty cool. take a look. a nonprofit charity spent hours turning his wheelchair into a zombie graveyard. 's awe called the zombie boy. connor has cerebral palsy and has spent most of his life in his wheelchair. >> he asked for creepy so we fulfilled his wish and we got a creep ee costume for
5:34 am
halloween for him. >> the magic wheelchair charity customized connor's chair at no cost to his family. >> awww, that's so cool. yeah. he needs to win the contest. right? >> definitely. >> the best halloween costume ever. >> love it. creative. >> awesome. the roads, they are scary out there this halloween. i mean, a lot going on. >> definitely scary and it started about 10:30 last night. in fact, we still have this major trouble spot along 880 right at whipple where all lanes are shut doliis live at t scene getting you a live update. but in the meantime you have some major the. we are getting reports too from chp of a second accident in the backup which is making matters even worse. we have delays back to 84 so all the way to the dumbarton bridge at this point. northbound 880 and again all lanes are shut down at whipple. that second accident is right at fremont boulevard and that's blocking one lane. so your best bet is to avoid 880 if you can. traffic is being diverted off to alvarado niles road.
5:35 am
because we are seeing delays beyond that, you definitely want to leave sooner. decoto road over to mission boulevard if you have the option you can hop on hesperian to industrial parkway. it will help you northbound into oakland. southbound 880 major delays because of the crash. so it is a tough one along 880 this morning. you can also use bart. there is an advisory for bart. no stops at ashby going to berkeley. there are bus bridges in place for macarthur, ashby and berkeley. muni and caltrain are on time. no delays on san mateo bridge. easy ride out of hayward to the peninsula. the bay bridge metering lights on backed up beyond 880, not quite to the maze but that's building. 27 minutes from the maze into san francisco. about 16 minutes extra time there for your community. hot spot right now westbound
5:36 am
36, 80 to 101, busy, but clear on 101 through the peninsula. let's see if we have clear skies. we are looking at a beautiful day ahead with sunny warm conditions. i do want to give you an update. so that red flag warning from the north bay and east bay hills just was extended until 11 a.m. so overnight for various mountains. gusts over 50 miles per hour. now, we are watching the winds ease thankfully. that's a good thing. they will continue to decrease as we go through the day. but again, that red flag warning from the north bay and east bay hills extended until 11 a.m. so critical fire weather conditions. live look from the "salesforce tower" camera of the bay bridge looking east and a beautiful start to the day, clear skies, cool conditions, 40s and 50s at this time. here's what you can expect.
5:37 am
fog-free this morning because of northerly winds. sunny, warm. daytime highs today in spots. 10 degrees above average for this time of year and a really good-looking trick or treating forecast there with mostly clear skies temperatures in the 50s and 60s. so ghostly clear and weeat for treaters. through the next few days, not a lot of change. that ridge of high pressure just stuck in place there with our north winds continuing for us. we'll see plenty of sunshine as we go through the day. this is on futurecast 4 p.m. you can see how clear it is all across the bay area. now, we could see some partly cloudy skies develop here. this is at 9 p.m. so some clouds. then clearing as we go through late tonight into tomorrow. futurecast taking you through the next several days. that ridge of high pressure is not moving for us. it's going to continue to strengthen and build. low pressure system to the north will continue to bring
5:38 am
rain to the pacific northwest. but not for us. sunrise 7:34. sunset 6:11. here's what you can expect. daytime highs warmer compared to yesterday. 72 in san francisco. looking at 77 in oakland. vallejo a high of 82. 84 in napa. and 81 for santa rosa. here's that seven-day forecast and what to expect. it's going to warm up for thursday. thursday will be the warmest day out of the week and low to mid-80s friday through the en low 80s ne to you. has out of fuel. the keppler space telescope was launched 9 years ago. scientists say it's changed the way they think about other worlds that we could someday visit. nasa says it will end its mission within its current orbit which is a safe distance away from earth. time now 5:51. >> straight ahead this morning, missing for months, one california mother refusing
5:39 am
to give up in the search for her son. >> and here's a live look outside at the richmond/san rafael bridge. we'll be right back. janice, progressive can help you save over $650 on car insurance.
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how do you take two selfies with one phone?
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-what? -[ scoffs ] never mind. [ camera shutters click ] good morning. sunny, warm conditions through the day. temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s for the south bay. looking at 79 for santa clara. 82 in morgan hill there. 82 for you in pittsburg. high of 82 as well as benicia and concord. up across the north bay, low to mid-80s santa rosa, high of 81. 84 for sonoma as well as napa. we'll have more coming up. delays continue through hayward northbound 880. chp investigation continues into a fatal crash that down no right at whipple road. we have a backup beyond 84 at this point.
5:43 am
use an alternate. decoto road to mission boulevard is the best bet. avoid 880. bart is a possibility except no stops at ashby. more coming up. california mother isn't giving up hope more than 10 months after losing her son in the montecito mudslides. she continues to search for the body of her 17-year-old son jack who has been missing since the january 9th mudslide. much of montecito is plowed through but there are still pockets of areas that haven't been searched. >> i have absolute hope that jack is in the mud. i have a strong feeling he did not go to the ocean. he is in the mud. >> she is urging residents, workers and contractors to carefully remove dirt and debris from their property while keeping missing children in mind. the january mudslides in montecito killed more than 20 people. as you just heard gianna say, all lanes of northbound 880 remain closed this morning by the whipple road exit in
5:44 am
off the freeway. that's a good sign for drivers. we're live with an update on the fatal crash that caused this delay. >> reporter: plus, the city of sunnyvale is rolling out a new 911 system design to improve response time. we'll explain coming up. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
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"look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress, and steered billions of federal dollars to california projects such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off ...trump's efforts to kill the affordable care act." california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. california values senator dianne feinstein
5:47 am
a deadly crush snarled the east bay commute and police are racing to re-open the road. >> the man charged with sending out more than a dozen package bombs may have been considering another bay area target. >> and relatives of the couple who fell to their deaths at yosemite are providing new details on this accident. >> good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, october 31st. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. we continue to follow breaking news right now. a bay area freeway is shut down right now and two people are dead after a crash involving a tour bus. as we take a live look at the
5:48 am
union city hayward border where it happened, a lot of traffic right there. let get right to jackie ward with more. >> reporter: the good news in this terrible situation the media is moved off northbound 880 where we were standing 20 minutes ago. i'm now at the industrial parkway whipple road intersection in hayward because we
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