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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  November 3, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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months after a teen drowns in his high school pool, an apology from the district. but is it too little too late >> plus, we have a deal. bay area hotel workers sign a contract ending a month-long labor dispute. it's just about 6:00 on this saturday, november 3. >> we begin with break-ins in oakland, a stretch of interstate 880 is closed in both directions after an accident that damaged the overpass. the california highway patrol said a woman in a ford expedition struck three support beams on the 23rd over overpass. the chp says it appears the driver was speeding. it is not clear whether drugs or alcohol were involved. the woman was the only person
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injured. intur state 880 is -- interstate 880 is closed in both directions. so far no estimate on when it will reopen. a bay area teen that drowns in pool class -- reports on local reaction why some are saying too little too late. >> reporter: two weeks after ben curry's sister stood up at the meeting to hold the school accountable for his death. >> the past few months knowing the death was preventible is in inexcusable. >> reporter: despite pending litigation the district wants to be responsive to the ongoing conversation and publicly apologize to the curry family and all community members. ben curry drowned during teacher aaron becker's swim class on may 8th.
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becker had students tread water for three minutes at the end of swim class and tacked on an additional 30 seconds when a student touched a lane divider. ben's body was discovered at the bottom of the pool an hour later by another student. curry family attorney andy schwartz had this to say. >> i'm willing to accept it as an apology and they are willing to accept it as an apology. delivered six months after the incident on a friday afternoon. >> reporter: the apology wasn't given to schwartz or the currys directly. >> we want to know how this was allowed to happen in the first place. why were there no lifeguards, no rules and regulations and why did he leave ben behind. >> reporter: curry family neighbor sheila anderson concurs. >> you send your kids to school every day to be safe and what did happen? does anybody -- the s ha changed so many different times and i think they owe them an apology and tell the truth what happened and own up to it
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were developing news in san jose where police are looking for a woman suspected of kidnapping her young children during a supervised visit. investigators say diana marrero del rio kidnapped her 11-year- old daughter and 1-year-old son yesterday afternoon. del rio had been visiting her kids under supervision of a social worker at emma prusch park. investigators believe both kids y iving a gray minimum ther who write van or suv. striking marriott hotel workers in oakland would be back on the job as soon as this mornin ding a month-long labor dispute but as kpix 5 suesy sometimel reports, the strike may -- stimel rri may co
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other areas. >> reporter: tonya lee has worked at the oakland marriott for 28 years but for the past 30 days, she's been on the picket line. >> for me it was the health care. i'm getting older and i need my health care. >> reporter: -- >> final count was 138 yeses. >> reporter: it's the first sign of progress in the nationwide protest of 7700 employees that stopped working october 4th at 23 marriott locations across the country. >> the theme of this campaign has been one job should be enough and i think we're, you know, making progress in people being able to actually feed their families. >> reporter: the average bay area marriott employee makes $44,000 a year. at a packed meeting in san francisco, the board of supervisors voiced support for marriott workers, many of whom say they sleep in their car and work two jobs to make ends meet. marriott didn't show up to that
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meeting. the company released this statement saying while we respect our associates' rights to voice their opinions and demonstrate in -- and participate in demonstrations, we are sorry that they chose to strike. because the other 21 locations still don't have a deal, whale whaling couldn't discuss the specifics of the negotiations. >> what i can say is people are happy with the results. it did move people forward in terms of the economics and in the job security. >> suzie stimmel, kpix 5 >> the two sides are expected to be back at the bargaining table in san francisco on november 12th. a wildfire that began last night in western so momentuma county -- sonoma county is contained. the so-called sweet fire began in the hills above forestville. a camera atop -- the fire
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destroyed a large pool cabana but firefighters managed to save the home on that property. a sea of brake lights in northern california after a grass fire broke out near 880 during rush hour. all southbound lanes were blocked yesterday evening and only one lane was going north was open. the fire was first reported just after 6:00. a driver passed right by the flames and post they had video on twitter. it was just south of north first street near the airport. crews kept spraying water to ex ex extinguish hot spots. julie has more on the red flag warnings taking effect later today. we have a red flag warning this for the higher elevations above 1,000 feet for the north and east bay hills. we're looking at wind gusts upwards of 60 miles an hour possible with very low humidity. we'll have the downsloping winds, offshore wind.
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that means critical fire danger. it also means warmer? i weather outside. you can see clear skies thanks to the offshore flow so not looking at a whole lot of fog out there. temperatures in the 50s. pretty much area-wide, 48 in santa rosa. 50 in livermore right now, 57 in oakland and 53 your current temperature in concord. later today, we'll be warming up into the mid to upper 80s for the warmest spots inland, 67 in pacifica, 74 in san francisco. 86 fairfield, 85 livermore. can't rule out a couple of 90s especially as you get close to the sacramento valley. dry weekend with warmer temperatures for saturday of the slightly cooler on -- saturday. slightly cooler on sunday. gusty winds in the hills and that's why we do have that red flag warning. your micro climate forecast, that will be dublin, low 80s today, slightly cooler. 78 79 tomorrow. authorities in florida stay
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a gun man killed two women in a tallahassee yoga studio before killing himself. police say the gunman shot people and pistol whipped another after walking to the studio which is part of a small shopping center. a woman who works at the neighboring bar said she's trained in first aid and helped a couple of the injured survivors. >> they were able to talk and able to cry. but for the most part, they were just -- it was a lot of -- everybody was just very shaken. >> when i got the news about the shooting, i happened to be in south florida attending a ceremony at a synagogue and again it reminds us that these occurrences are far too frequent. the mayor's office said the shooting appears to be linked to a domestic dispute but no motive was confirmed. the current and former presidents are criss-crossing the country in the last minute
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push to get out the vote. presidents trump and obama were separated by just a few hundred miles as they rallied their bases. president trump made stops in west virginia and indiana and in a rally in indianapolis he touted the country's economic successes and continued to hammer the immigration issue. >> want to turn america into a giant sanctuary for violent predators and ms-13 killers. a blue wave would equal a crime wave, very simple. and a red wave equals >> now on the other side of the political divide, former president obama took a swipe at his successor in georgia. >> a president doesn't get to decide on his own who is an american citizen and who is not. that's not how the constitution of the united states works. that's not how the bill of rights works.
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that's not how our democracy works. >> now, looking at these lines at polling places, you think the presidency was up for grabs this time but the "l.a. times" reports more than 30 million early ballots have already been cast. that's unpace for the highest turnout in an offyear election since 1966. here in california, a record number are registered, nearly 20 million at last count and nearly a quarter million more than 2016 for the general election. the state's new motor voter program has a lot to do with that. it automatically registers any citizen who visits the dmv unless they opt out. we have you covered on election night and will have live updates and analysis in studio as those results roll in. is it tarts tuesday at -- it starts tuesday at 8 with our special live stream. a bart train car cleaner at
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the right place at the right time. what he learned at a page life. and -- >> elementary school teachers dressed up as president trump's border wall. that's just part of the costume that's sparking outrage.
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it looks like some elementary teachers in idaho have a lot to learn about cultural sensitivity. this photo was posted shows one group dressed up as the border wall and the other as mexican stereotypes. the photos have since been taken down. the superintendent says the district is looking into it
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well, community college in the sacramento area took quick action to remove controversial flyers from campus. early thursday morning, someone posted leaflets at american river college in carmichael that said it's okay to be white. the dean of the student services says the college takes these flyers seriously. >> even though something might be protected under free speech, it can still have a lasting impact on students and can be hurtful and go against the value of american river college. >> the leaflets were limited to three building on campus and were removed within hours. similar flyers have been showing up on college campuses rv a shakntry. the mo . 4.rumbled the in valley yester unity of tres penos.
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>> earthquakes like this where they're large enough to be felt but not large enough to be damaging, reminds us we live in earthquake country. >> there have been more than 20 aftershocks since yesterday morning but no reports of damage. let's get a check of our weather with julie in the weather center. we're off to a mild start this morning for most locations. we have clear skies outside. you can see the golden gate bridge in our sales force camera. it's dark but i promise you it's there. temperatures right now, we are at 53 in concord, 57 in oakland, 58 livermore and 58 in san francisco. 52 current temperature in san jose and 48 in santa rosa. we are starting it off with th to our prsure isholding upy north and keeping us nice and warm this weekend. we do, of course, have high in effect because of that
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offshore flow. the downslope winds create dry conditions, low relative humidity. we're also seeing as you can see here on futurecast clear skies because of that offshore flow and that dry atmosphere for you. we do have gusty winds, though, forecast in the higher elevations and that's why we have a red flag warning posted for the higher elevations mainly above 5,000 feet. offshore winds return. no fog to start but we are seeing temperatures as much as 15 degrees warmer than average. prospects for rain remain dim as we move into the next week or so. in fact, the extended forecast for right now does look dry. so your temperatures forecast today, we are in the mid-70s for san francisco. that is above average for this time of year, concord, we're at 85. 81 in san jose, 82 in oakland. taking a look at the highs around the bay, low 80s for many locations in the santa declare -- santa clara valley. inland temperatures, union city
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at 79. 77 in hayward. east bay, topping out in the mid-80s, mid to upper 80s for the warmest spots there and we are looking at temperatures in the mid-80s for wine country, sonoma, napa, novato, 83 in santa rosa. extended forecast shows temperatures hovering in the 80s through the next week or so. slightly cooler tomorrow as we decrease the offshore flow. remember, tomorrow we get one more hour of sleep. it's going to feel like a bunch for those of us what wake up at 2 a.m. on weekends. daylight saving time ends tomorrow, we fall back. a new ultra powerful opioid is about to make its way into hospitals. the food and drug administration approved a drug yesterday. is 10 times more -- a tablet in an applicator. but health care providers administer under the tongue. critics blasted the agency for bringing a new opiate to
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markets at --s at nation faces an severe yoep eyed cries -- opioid crisis. opioid deaths hit all time highs last year. according to a new report, the dea continues to name heroin and fentanyl as the biggest drug threats in the united states. the report shows more than 27,000 americans dried -- 72,000 americans died last year from dug overdo the labor department says employers added 250,000 jobs in october. the unemployment rate held steady the same as september. which is a sign lots of people are getting even as many come off the sidelines and rejoin the pool of available workers. a bart car cleaner hailed a hero for performing cpr on an
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unconscious passenger and possibly saving his life. >> kpix maria medina spoke to the bart worker who said he wasn't even supposed to be at work. >> reporter: he was asked to work at the dublin pleasanton station sunday when a co-worker yelled to him someone is dead. >> the gentleman was laying right here slumped over in his seat. >> reporter: vincent seals didn't know the passenger, but that didn't stop him from doing what he did next. >> i didn't hear anything. at's wh him up anon the floor. >> reporter: without hesitation, vincent began cpr leading to the stranger to fight for his life. despite the fact he feared the man had already passed away. >> i need to you breathe. follow my voice. come to me. breathe. breathe. breathe. that's what i kept telling him. >> reporter: then it appeared vincent's chest compressions which he learned at a previous job may be working.
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>> he gasped for air. that's when i had a strong pulse. sign of relief, i'm like, yes! i got him! >> reporter: that relief short- lived. vincent said the man began losing consciousness again. a bart police officer showed up and helped vincent with cpr. finally they say the man had a pulse by the time the ambulance arrived and rushed him to a nearby hospital. >> life changing experience. >> reporter: life changing because vincent wasn't supposed to be at work today but he was asked to work that day because they were short-handed. vincent almost said no. >> something just clicked and said go to work. >> reporter: federal laws won't allow him to find out if he in fact saved the man's life but vincent, a man who's only worked for bart 11 months cleaning cars said if he did, he's not the one that's a hero. >> he's the hero because he's the one that had to be the
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hero. he had to want to live. >> reporter: and bart police say because they have not received a call from the hospital that the passenger passed away, they believe he in fact survived. maria medina, kpix 5. . alec baldwin arrested. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
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"look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress, and steered billions of federal dollars to california projects such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off fo ca" and wildfire restoration." california values senator dianne feinstein
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good morning, everybody. see the logo? belongs to the back-to-back nba champs. your golden state warriors. steph curry last night got his heart rate up pregame hosting minnesota. early on it was kevin durant on the attack, led all scorers with 33. warriors up but turned it over 16 times that kept minnesota in the game. anthony tolliver right place, right time, yes, sir, for the former warrior. then the warriors said that's enough. klay thompson got hot. 10 of his 22 in the final period. curry loved that they held the wolves to 12 fourth-quarter points. wa win 116-99.
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they're 9-1 for the year. they earn the weekend off, too. quick baseball note for you, for you dodger fans up here under the radar, pitcher clayton kershaw agreed to a three-year, $93 million extension that will keep him in this uniform when he plays the giants through 2021. and if you see this guy here, john gott, a lineman for the -- he's no. 63. well, here's how he celebrated a touchdown last night. ran to the sidelines, grabbed a beer, threw the face guard, just chugged it down, all through the beard and you love it. crushed the can on his helmet. we love john gott. >> chug, chug, chug. >> and that, my friends, is a little something to talk about this morning. over your coffee. i'll see you later. it appears that crocs are
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cool enough for cool enough for rapper postma loan to collaborate on his own special foot wear called posty crocs. the sign featured the croc but they come with a baby devil face motif. the first sold out in the first day for 60 bucks a pair. alec baldwin is accused of punching a man over a parking space. police say it happened yesterday afternoon outside the actor's manhattan home. witnesses say both men pushed each other. then baldwin allegedly hit the man in the face. he was arrested and released a short time later and has been ordered to appear in court later this month. the emmy award winner insists the story is fiction. in a tweet he said the assertion that i punched anyone over a parking spot is false. i realize it has become a sport to tag people with as many
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negative charges as possible for the purposes of click bait better at the bait entertainment. after a beam comes crashing down on interstate 880. >> plus get the two -- to-do list ready, and the cost of home remodeling projects is about to jump.
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welcome back. it's 6:30 this stuart morning. >> we start this half hour with that break-ins in oakland. a stretch of northbound interstate 880 is closed after an accident that damaged an overpass. the california highway patrol says a driver in a ford expedition struck three support beams earlier this morning at the 23rd avenue overpass. the chp says it appears that that driver was speeding. it's not clear, though, if drugs or alcohol were involved. the woman, a 28-year-old from hayward, was the only person that was injured. she was sent to a nearby hospital with injuries that are not considered life- threatening, so far it's not clear when the northbound lanes will reopen. we have a red flag warning in effect for this weekend for the north and east bay hills. this is primarily above 1,000 feet where we could see winds gusting upwards of 60 miles an hour, very low humidity with
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the downslope winds. the offshore flow is going going to help us stay warm and dry but creating critical fire conditions, especially in the higher elevations. here's a live look outside to start off your morning. still dark out there but a clear view of the golden gate bridge. temperatures right now, 50s pretty much area-wide. 57 in oakland. later today, we are warming up into the low to mid-80s for the warmer spots inland. 70s by the bay. full forecast still ahead, devin, over to you. striking hotel workers at the oakland marriott city but e con atthe ack on the job marriott affiliated hotels in san francisco, san jose and other cities. the average bay area employee makes $44,000 a year and a meeting in san francisco yesterday, the board of supervisors voiced support for the workers, some of whom say
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they sleep in their cars and work two jobs just to make ends meet. >> the theme of this campaign has been one job should be enough and i think we're, you know, making progress in people being able to actually feed their families. >> because of the other 21 locations who still don't have an agreement, the union can't discuss specifics of the oakland negotiations. several people are being treated for injuries after a shooting early this morning in a bar in watertown, new york. so far, no official word on how many people were younded or the -- wounded or the extent of the injuries. a witness told the watertown daily times he thought he heard up to five shots. back here in the bay area, east palo alto teenager was kidnapped in front of her own home and sexually assaulted. police say three men pulled up to the home on cooley avenue thursday night and forced the 17-year-old into their van. they drove her to an unknown locations, sexually assaulted her and threw her out of the van.
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police say the suspect's van was black with dark tinted windows and they are calling this a random attack. you can see our cell force tower camera caught the large black plume of smoke from across the bay. snapchat video shows the scene up close at ground level near interstate 88o yesterday. witnesses took to social media to share some of their photos and videos like this one near franklin elementary school. firefighters are still on scene dousing hot spots. officials say 15 shelters were destroyed and the fire scorched the bottom of the 22nd avenue overpass. it's not clear how many people were it is placed. we are -- were displaced. we were told this is one of the largest encampments in oakland. earlier in the day there was a fire near a home less camp near 580. the 49ers are staying mum on the latest anthem protest at
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levi stadium. one of the cheerleaders nield before the anthem was played. the incident went viral on social media after a fan in the front row took a photo. 49ers gold rush cheerleaders are actually not team employees. they work for a company called e2 k events and entertainment. so far no one from the firm has returned our calls for comment. and rowdy behavior at thursday night's 49ers-raiders game led to 32 arrests, including three for assault. a fan took video of a fight in the stands, one of several that broke out during the game. you can see a man in a red t- shirt punching someone repeatedly. the subject was pulled away by bystanders leaving the victim with a bloody face. the video helped officers make a quick arrest. a 31-year-old man is now facing assault charges. president trump is clarifying what he ant when
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he said the military can open fire on immigrants armed with rocks. the president said, quote, when they throw rocks like they did at the mexico military and police i can consider it a rifle. yesterday the president clarified. he never said shoot. >> they do that with us, they're going to be arrested. there's going to be problems. i didn't say shoot. i didn't say shoot. but they do that with us, they're going to be arrested for a long time. >> of course, he's talking about the caravan of migrants from central america. the president has vowed to keep them out of the u.s. the president is expected to sign executive orders next week restricting asylum for the folks. now members of the caravan are suing. a class action lawsuit names the president and his administration. it claims that immigrants are allowed to seek asylum in the u.s. and president trump is violating the constitution by deterring the immigrants the supreme court says that a trial over the decito
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add a citizenship question to the 2020 census can move new yo california was one of dozens of states to sue over the plan to add the question. the mid term election is now just three days away and kpix's -- asked former willy mayor willy brown if he expects a blue wave or red wave come tuesday. all right. well, we have some technical issues there but of course we will have that for you tomorrow morning at 6:00 right here on kpix 5. meanwhile, governor brown made a pit stop in the bay area in an event to defeat pr angameasur according to aaa, thll of gas i $2.90 but here in california, it's80 the governor assured voters that regardless of that high
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cost the money is fixing our in and he says prop 6 is a scheme and a scam. >> killing proposition 6 is the right thing to do. it's a bad idea. it's dangerous. and it was cooked up by some shady politicians who used their campaign funds because they thought they could fool the people. >> well, the republican candidate for governor john cox supports prop 6 saying california already has enough money to fix our roads. his opponent, democratic gavin newsom agrees with governor brown. of course you can stay up to date on all the state and local races. head to and we will have you covered from all angles on election night. we'll be bringing you live results starting at 8 with our special live stream on the f.b.i. confirms that a second suspicious package has been found addressed to bay area billionaire activist tom sire.
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-- stire. no word yet if authorities say -- he agreed to be transferred to new york to face charges in connection with mailing more than a dozen explosive devices to critics of the president around the country. meanwhile, uc davis administrators have learned that the campus may be the target of that suspect. authorities say that there's evidence that he did online research about the university. >> that's nuts. like, i don't feel like in danger when i'm on campus but that's really weird. i wouldn't think that that would ever happen here. >> uc davis was warned about potential iog th security but nothing turned up in the mail there. if you have any big home improvement projects on your to- do list you're going to want to get them done before the end of >>kpix 5 don lynn explains why president trump's trade war with china may be
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about to get home. >> ken and his daughter-in-law pam ordered their kitchen cabinets. now they want to sign on a new -- decide on a new countertop soon before the price goes up. >> that means 25% more for materials and we're hearing the same thing from all vendors. fortunately, we're shopping right now. >> reporter: at sincere hardware i found this landlord loading up his truck with thousands of dollars worth of cabinets. >> i do my framing but i buy cabinets right now. >> reporter: he's trying to beat the price increase. >> i eamy rent, so, therefore, i'm going to pass the about you can to my tennants. >> reporter: many chinese store owners say come january they expect to pay a tariff. >> fantastic news for us. it gets us in the entry level game which we really can't compete with the imported
6:40 am
cabinets on. >> reporter: the tariffs are providing a much needed relief for companies that sell american-made cabinets. >> it's going to even the plague field and gives us the ability to be in the game with a better product. >> reporter: business leaders worry the higher prices could lead to other problems. >> subcontractors if they bid on a job already and they already quote a price but now they cannot deliver, so we anticipate there are many, many lawsuits. >> reporter: kpix 5. >> some contractors are putting price escalation claws in their contracts. many store owners are hoping the trump administration and the chinese government can come to a compromise before january 1st. may no longer want saudi arabia to -- back in august, music stunned wall street by announcing that his plans to take tesla private in a tweet. saudi mosu g makethat happen.
6:41 am
music later dropped the idea. the sec fined him $20 million. music admitted he doesn't have much of a filter when it comes to twitter. he simply tweets things as they come to him. he plans to be more careful when it comes to messages that could move the market. music also talked about the past year running tesla and space x, a challenge he calls excruciating. he said he's now spending less time at tesla than this summer where he was putting in 120 hours a week. he claims he is down to a much more manageable 80 to 90 hours. apple posted its worst loss in four years. yesterday shares tumbled by rev and flag figures showing iphone sales have essentially peak he would. -- peaked. . >> the company had a big quarter but its holiday quarter
6:42 am
forecast came in weaker than expected and in a real curve ball for investors, apple said it will no longer provide unit sales numbers for the iphone, ipad and mac and that is a worry some sign for the stock market. >> all major indecces finished the day in the red. the markets are still higher on the week thanks to strong gains over the three previous days. well, the time now is 6:42. coming up, the sweeter side of politics. >> a bay area artist -- plus we often show home security video to help catch a thief. why one bay area woman wants to thanthis mystery visitor.
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well, a fight on a bus leads to a deadly plunge in
6:45 am
china. take a look at this video. it shows a driver getting into a heated argument with a passenger. the driver takes his eyes off the road, loses control and flies off the side of the bridge. here's another view from the car's dashcam behind him. you can see the bus veers over lanes, hit a car and plummets off the bridge into a river, all 15 people on board were killed. well, panic broke out on a shuttle bus in southern california when passengers thought they were being kidnapped. a private bus was carrying up to 30 people thursday night. police say the driver was supposed to make a short trip to the queen mary cruise ship in long beach, but he somehow got lost and ended up in the city of carson. std amatthdriv through emergency exits. >> pure instinct kicked in. my body was moving before my mind was. >> nobody is telling us what's going on and it's getting to the point where the tension is
6:46 am
building. eventually the driver tells everybody to shut up and sit down and that's not helping. >> the queen mary which hired the bus is apologizing. the driver was arrested on charges for earlier fighting with a passenger. the upstart e-scooter industry has a unique problem in the city of portland. some people there unhappy about the scooter invasion have been protesting by throwing the scooters into the river. the scooter company bird released a statement that said in part, we encourage people and communities to report incidents of vandalism to bird and irresponsible behavior to bird. the scooters in portland are under a pilot program which is set to be reviewed in three weeks. some bee keepers are being stung by thieves in sacramento county. e mad mate40,0 beolen, about cae of honey ththiefs appear to be members
6:47 am
of the bee keeping community because of the danger of their heist. some bee keepers are concerned that the thefts could cause long-term harm to the industry. it's that time of year again, the recreational crabbing season started about seven hours ago. crabbers can set their pots in the bay area but the california department of fish and wildlife has delayed the season north of humboldt counties because of the toxin. in two of the last three commercial crab seasons. in tampa, florida, a big mess after powerful storms, including a tornado, moved through the state. yesterday the storms ripped up trees, tore roofs off of buildings and scattered debris and winds up to 66 miles an hour knocked out power to at least homes and businesses. florida officials confirmed that seven homes were damaged. thankfully, our weather is a little bit milder. let's go to the weather center to get a check of the weather with julie. we have a red flag warning in effect for the higher
6:48 am
elevations in north and east bay hills due to low humidities and gusty winds in those higher elevations. 53 in concord, 50 in livermore, 58 in san francisco, 52 in san jose and a chilly 48 right now in santa rosa. satellite shows high pressure firmly in place and it's keeping the storm track well to the north. it's triggering that offshore flow which will keep things clear and dry and warm with temperatures above average. we will see though temperatures just slightly cooler for tomorrow as we reduce that offshore flow a bit. futurecast showing that offshore flow is keeping the skies clear. a few high clouds but overall, we are clear through the weekend with plenty of sunshine. offshore winds, no fog to start this morning. temperatures up to 15 degrees warmer than average. prospects for rain remain dim as we move into the next week. we are dry for the foreseeable
6:49 am
future. your forecast today, above average for this time of year. we're at 85 in concord, 82 oak and land 74 in san francisco. a look at the highs around the bay, silicon valley, warming up into the low 80s for you today. 69 in half moon bay, 67 at pacifica and then we're at 79 in san mateo as well as union city. farther inland warming up into the mid up toer 80s. 83 in danville, 86 in pleasant hill. oakland at 82 today, hovering around the 80-degree mark. we're in the mid-70s in san francisco. low 80s for kent field and san . excashs pleasant weather, temperaturthrh extended forecast. morning you t a couple of get an extra hour of sleep unless, of course, you have children who will wake up at
6:50 am
the same time anyway. the calendar may only say november 3rd but it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in the windy city. chicago's official christmas tree arrived downtown yesterday. it was hauled through the streets on a flatbed. the city chose the 60-foot norway spruce among 79 submissions this year. this is chicago's 105th official christmas tree. well, in all the politics, something a little sweet for you. ben and jerry's is out with a new ice cream flavor. the coy own ral bent is known a >> this pint is about celebrating immigrants and women and people of color and it's the anti-trump flavor. never in the history of the company have they openly criticized a president but these times are not normal times. >> well, as of this morning, no tweets from the president about
6:51 am
the resist ice cream flavor. the time is 6:51. she has made it her mission to help the homeless in her town. >> after the break, we'll introduce to you this week's jefferson award winner. ty's cef estp c ckt op c. u'ven theading willce homessness"reating , expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books,
6:52 am
and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein. an east bay woman has made it her mission to help the homeless. >> alan martin introduces us to candace elder, an oakland neighbor who is making a big impact in her hometown. >> the hygiene kits and lunches are on your table. >> reporter: candace elder brings bagged lunches and hygiene kits to east oakland homeless encampments. >> these leaders are our friends. we hug them. we talk to them, we sit and visit with them. you know, every week. >> reporter: the delivery is a life line for carey, who's been living under a bart train overpass for three years. >> oh, man.
6:53 am
she's a blessing. everybody that comes around here help us, they're a blessing. >> reporter: candace and her small army of volunteers are past of the east oakland collective's feed the hood, a program that's provided kits to 3,000 homeless residents. >> that takes a toll on you to see people living in crisis. >> reporter: candace founded the east oakland collective in 2016 as a way to engage her community and build political and economic stability in east oakland. >> a lot of us have been displaced. >> reporter: this volunteer says events like feed the hood are critical in maintaining the city's sense of community as many are pushed t >> this activity s. changed drastically and a lot of us are reeling from the changes that are happening here. >> we cannot wait until we get of eos nick
6:54 am
houston said candace is an inspiration. >> she's extremely passionate about creating a bridge between the people and resources that creates equity. >> reporter: the nonprofit's homeless crisis response team works with residents when encampments need to be moved. it uses social media and word of mouth to recruit volunteers like first-timer eugene jackson. >> it's touching. it's great. it puts things in perspective that we're all just a check away from being here. >> it gives me hope that there are so many people in oakland who want to make a difference. >> reporter: each feed the hood event costs $10,000 and is funded solely by community donations. candace said her dream is to expand into other cities. >> we serve the people. that is my passion. >> reporter: for helping east oakland residents who are homeless, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to candace elder.
6:55 am
>> eoc also encourages smaller groups like schools and churches to do their own bagged lunch programs and the organization provides training for those groups. you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at we'll be right back. you could save energy
6:56 am
by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california. a happy reunion in fremont where police were able to return a horse to its owner.
6:57 am
police posted this photo on twitter after they found this horse wandering on mission boulevard. if we can get that photo, as you can see, it has a brand that reads either m-i-i or m-h. the tweet did work and they got the horse and owner reunited. >> there it is. >> you can see that brand on the back of the horse. it says -- looks like m-i-i, but they were able -- they said that tweet worked pretty quickly. they posted it, a few hours later they were able to connect the horse and its owner. >> very good news. also some good news today, we're going to see some pleasant weather throughout the weekend, though i do have tored g. this is for higher evinnorth his. sty higher elevations. but overall, we are going to see pleasant weather this weekend. >> all right. that is -- that was a good thing.
6:58 am
no tricks, just a single treat for a petaluma woman on halloween night. >> what she captured on her home security camera. a man knocking on her down and leaving something in her mailbox. she realized he left her purse behind. she lost it while she was out trick or treating and everything was still inside. >> i've had that happen, i lost a wallet some place.
6:59 am
here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. the city's chief economist says prop c will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing, expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein. the new sleep number 360 smart beds are on sale now during sleep number's veterans day sale. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to put your pedal to the metal. and now during our veterans day sale, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only for a limited time.
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