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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 4, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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wilson on the sideline. >> rich: russell wilson in a similar situation last year against the texans, it started with a big play on the first play of the drive. get the ball inside the 20 if they're able to get off the field on third down you can't dink-and-dunk in this situation. there will be no time outs left on the clock for the seahawks. first they've got to get off the field on third down. >> kevin: keenan allen, another tight end in sean culkin. jared watt is in there. second down and seven. seattle. two time outs. pitchout. gordon. blocked by watt. down at the 50. no gain on the play. wagner again with a hit. also, stephen was right there plugging the gap. let's take you back to new york. cbs studios.
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james brown. >> boomer: hey, j.b., l.a. rams. down in new orleans. kevin and rich. >> kevin: he had been out with an injury, he's back and paying dividends. what about the resilient l.a. rams. >> rich: a great running back, hot young quarterback, a ton of money tied up in the defensive line. >> kevin: third down and seven. chargers have missed their last six third downs. time out, rivers. 1:48 to go. big play coming up for l.a. for those of you expecting to see "60 minutes" you're watching the nfl on cbs and a game between the l.a. chargers and the seattle seahawks. along with rich gannon, steve tasker, kevin harlan. "60 minutes" will be seen in its
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entirety immediately following this game, except on the west coast. >> rich: you look at this situation, kevin, seattle -- their defense has had 20 straight games with at least one takeaway. the longest streak in football. they haven't had a single takeaway today and they could use a turnover in this situation. i wouldn't be surprised to see seattle get in the shotgun and run the football with melvin gordon. force seattle to use the last time out. that's what i would do in this situation. run the football. >> kevin: they need the 43. >> kevin: rivers. for the first time today. the second sack.
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it's called a loss of 10. back to the 40. >> rich: one thing you cannot do in this situation is take a sack. give the seahawks a chance with 1:33 left on the clock. >> kevin: here is donny jones with lockett back, donny jones has had seven punts blocked. the second most among active punters. setting up the return. for the old pro. short. on purpose. we have 1:24 to go. 43-yarder. >> rich: checking the ball, dinking and dunking is not going to help russell wilson.
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if you drop back on first down and you are not able to push the ball down, you are better off throwing the football away. it drives me crazy in these situations, kevin. you see quarterbacks drop back, throw the football and get tackled for a four or five yard gain with the clock running and no time outs left. you cannot do that. got to use the boundary. push the ball downfield. you have to be aggressive if you're russell wilson. >> kevin: only ran 27 seconds off the clock. seattle oust of time outs. >> referee: number 24 of the kicking team went out of bounds on his own. seattle has elected to enforce the five-yard penalty from the end of the play. first down seattle. >> kevin: williams who was a starter and replaced today by davis in the secondary. they will take the walk-off.
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>> rich: the offensive line has a sense of urgency. they've got to hustle to the football and get lined up quickly. >> kevin: davis in the backfield. first down and 10. >> kevin: blocked. he was brought down on the play in the middle of that line. it's an incompletion. the clock is stopped at 1:19. second down and 10. >> rich: this is what a smart quarterback does, kevin. he knows he's in trouble. he's thinking about running with it. he knows that liuget has him.
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>> kevin: davis makes the stop. a gain to the 32. it is a first down. >> rich: he's got to get over midfield so he can take shots to the end zone. plenty of time. >> kevin: wilson. looking. >> rich: this is where he's dangerous. >> kevin: wilson throws. it's caught on a dive. flag thrown. flag thrown at the 18. did they call a roughing the passer? it's going to be on l.a. >> rich: ingram. >> referee: roughing the passer. defense. number 54. that 15-yard penalty added to the end of the play. first down. >> referee: the roughing the passer penalty is a big mistake by the veteran defensive end. now you put them in position, kevin, with almost 50 seconds left on the clock.
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wilson has an opportunity to take a couple of shots. still has tow pick up 15 or 20 yards. then you can take shots in the end zone and the thing that wilson can do as well as any quarterback, he can run around and buy some time for the receivers to get downfield. you've got to keep wilson contained back there in the pocket. >> kevin: wilson with a first down and 10. first down and more. down to the 28. 16-yard run. no time outs. you see the clock ticking. they've got it at the 28. first down and 10. spiking it. second down and 10. 30 seconds to go. >> rich: you've got time to throw it in the end zone.
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good look at the call sheet of brian schottenheimer. offensive coordinator. gus bradley, former seahawk assistant is very familiar. he's seen russell wilson do this too many times. >> kevin: second down and 10. a bad snap. he vacuums it in and throws wide. out of bounds. incomplete. in the vicinity of moore. 24 seconds left. >> rich: good job by russell wilson not panicking, understanding the situation, a low snap, he's able to scoop it up like the good shortstop that he is and throw the football away. and you see philip rivers. he's been in way too many of these situations during his 15-year career. >> kevin: he's done that before. this year against the raiders. bade snap and he threw a touchdown. third down and 10.
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davis is in. gets the call. tackled from behind at the 20. clock is ticking. >> rich: they've got to hustle. >> kevin: eight-yard gain. you better believe it. no time outs. trying to set. fourth down and two. wilson. here we go. to the end zone. lockett. with a flag. >> rich: pass interference penalty, kevin. >> kevin: davis. >> rich: on michael davis. he never turned around and found the football. >> kevin: no time left on the clock. but two flags around the goal line. >> rich: another opportunity to snap the football. >> referee: defense. number 43. the ball will be placed at the one yard line. the game will be extended for one untimed down. seattle. >> rich: as lockett turns out of
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bounds. that's where the penalty was called prior to getting into the end zone. >> kevin: 19-yard penalty. first and goal at the one. untimed down. wilson wants quiet. davis at his side. >> rich: wilson can run it in the situation, kevin. that's what you get with a quarterback -- >> referee: time out, los angeles. >> rich: so dangerous. he can pull it down and run it as well in this situation. >> kevin: how big are those missed extra points? the struggles of sturgis. >> rich: they wouldn't be in this situation. caleb sturgis missed two extra points and missed a 42-yard field goal. he's got to be thinking to
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himself, "gee, i hope my defense can get a stop." >> kevin: he might be thinking more than just that. first and goal. untimed down. >> rich: i wouldn't be surprised to see them move the pocket. get russell wilson outside. >> kevin: it is a false start. it will be on seattle. >> referee: false start. offense. number 64. five-yard penalty. >> rich: sweezy has cory liuget in front of him. reacts to the fact that he moved his foot. >> kevin: empty backfield.
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the running back wide. back in motion. >> kevin: wilson. dropped. the chargers win. dropped by david moore. the chargers have won. six consecutive, throw in there, that one, however, is dropped and the chargers go to 6-2. five in a row. >> rich: this was a pretty good throw by russell wilson. you see him sliding, buying time, making an awkward throw to the back of the end zone. tough to tell whether or not this gets tipped. it did get tipped. >> kevin: by addae. >> rich: it sure did.
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>> kevin: jahleel addae. >> rich: it changes the rotation and makes it difficult for david moore to make the catch in the back of the end zone. >> kevin: all those completed passes. that looked to be well in there threaded in by wilson and rivers comes up with the win on his 200th start and the chargers go to 6-2. they've won five in a row. their last road win against a team with a winning record, november of 2016. a big one today in seattle. for rich gannon, steve tasker, the rest of our crew, kevin harlan saying so long from seattle. the chargers have won. you have been watching the nfl on cbs. the home of super bowl liii. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division that's longer than the buffalo wing's been around. dozen wings. and did you know that geico... (lips smacking)
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and in contra costa county, authorities are piecing together a fatal police shooting that happened yesterday morning at cottage lane and laurel drive in
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danville. according to home surveillance camera, the suspect appears to be acting strangely. neighbor say he walked back and forth along time and was possibly confused. that's when they called police. the suspect got into a car and led police on a half-mile chase. when officers tried to take him into custody, he drove toward them and that's when an officer fired. >> we heard gunfire and that's when we got on the floor. >> multiple loud shots. >> it sounded like the same gun being shot multiple times. >> reporter: after the young man was shot, he hit a car crashed into a jeep and later died at the hospital. , mother kidnapped her two children from a social worker during a supervised visit. 11-year-old alexander and priscilla were last seen at a park before their mother
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allegedly kidnapped them. police say she is driving a gray 2012 mini cooper and is believed to be headed to colorado springs. the plate reads 6uwl251 . and years after the aids epidemic, a documentary honoring the workers that fought fear to save lives. and as we look toward the golden gate, it's all coming up. proposition 11 solves two issues.
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first, it continues to pay paramedics while we're on break. second, it ensures the closest ambulance can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11. "look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress, and steered billions of federal dollars to california projects
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such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off ...trump's efforts to kill the affordable care act." california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. california values senator dianne feinstein proposition 11 "a common sense solution" to protect public safety. it ensures the closest ambulance remains on-call during paid breaks "so that they can respond immediately when needed." vote yes on 11. a terrible tragedy in china where 31 vehicle pie up killed -- pileup killed 14 and injured dozens more. a heavy duty toe trap lost control and crashed
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into a line of cars at a tollgate. more than 260 officers were at the accident site and the injured driver is under investigation. not enough to scare a good samaritan in southern california. sebastian mccarthy ran toward the flames and pulled a woman from this burning car. he was honored by the los angeles county local sherrif's office. >> the flames it started coming out of the hood of the car and they got bigger and started coming into the car. i grabbed her and i pulled her out. >> reporter: is sherrif's deputy captured the flames on his body camera. the rescue woman was not ready to go on camera but was thankful for the man who saved her. the wind came down and shifted direction which is part of the reason that things cooled down. coming from a safer direction out of the north/northwest. the humidity goes up a bit. not
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that we are out of the woods. the stronger seabreeze means the numbers tumbled but there are fire danger concerns all week long because there is no rain in sight. looking at the golding gate bridge, there are some clouds. in the distance, concord has 80 degrees in oakland at 65. livermore at 77. tomorrow morning we have a chilly start and low for more -- livermore with an overnight low of 48. elsewhere in the 50's to start the day and we will be dry. a double barrel high offshore means the rain is steered toward the pacific northwest. there will be a few high clouds overnight and they evaporate overnight. mostly clear skies and in fact it looks like it will be mostly clear for the week ahead. numbers around the 70s in the bay and inland and around the shoreline, low 60s. we ignore -- normally look for
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rain in november, but we are not seeing any yet. monday will be warm and dry and the week ahead. if that induces you to leave the bay area, you will find sfo with wendy at 18 miles per hour out of the west/northwest. seattle has showers in new york has rain and 60 degrees. overnight we will have lows in the 40s. the forecast highs are pretty close to average and 78 in concord. 76 at san jose and oakland at 72. in general, we will be around the 70s around the bay. east bay will wake up to sunshine and mid to upper 70s by the time monday is said and done. 77 for santa rosa. in sonoma, 75. at ukiah, 76 and sunny and a little bit of a cooling trend that began today big time eases off and the numbers manage the upper 70s inland. cooler on tuesday and wednesday and by the time we get to next
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weekend, the temperatures are up with pleasant weather ahead. and now ladies and gentlemen, now we have sports. we have a special 4:00 p.m. sunday sports hit just for you. we do the work and we pass the savings on to you. straight ahead we have some nfl for your entertainment pleasure with moving pictures that you don't want to miss. several moving pictures at that. california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me.
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proposition 11 "a common sense solution" to protect public safety. it ensures the closest ambulance remains on-call during paid breaks "so that they can respond immediately when needed." vote yes on 11. nfl up top. it is a sunday and the raiders locked warm on thursday. in cleveland, brad williams patrolling the sidelines hosting kansas city and a big dale -- big day for patrick mahon. about 141 total yards as the
4:34 pm
browns found out what it is like to get creamed. 37-21. in the meantime, entertaining the la chargers and in seattle, a moment of science for paul allen who passed away. and russell wilson with time. jarran brown back in the end zone and they loved it. they lead 7-0. fourth-quarter. wilson looks back and he is picked off and it is desmond king and he is gone. 42 yards the other way. the chargers up 25-10 in the game is over. wilson with time. the game-tying touchdown dropped
4:35 pm
, oh my goodness. that is how the chargers hang on to win it 25-17. and his new team with the bears in white and they didn't need him in buffalo. they kept making plays. and 4 takeaways today, they blew out the bills on their own field. and how about tampa quarterback jameis winston. they went with fitzpatrick at carolina. was there any magic? no, he is picked off by 49er eric reed. his first interception as a panther. a big return and a touchdown. this is first-quarter action and i like this play because christian mccaffrey hurling a man. and the former stanford star is up and over.
4:36 pm
he had 157 yards with a couple of touchdowns. second-quarter, watch this catch in the end zone with cam newton. a one-handed catch. it is held 42-28 with 10 straight wins at home for stefan curry's hometown team. and i hate to see an offense of lineman we held out. free stars up front and i host the falcons. then he took off running and look at this, he paid for it. what a shot delivered by falcons safety. you should've seen juliet off-camera, she gasped. anyway, they are up and matt ryan and julio jones. he didn't stop until the end zone. finally scoring a touchdown,
4:37 pm
his first since last november. it was 38-14. and the warriors are back at it tomorrow night against the memphis grizzlies for the third and five in a nice little homestand. then alfonso mckinney joins me in the studio. quite the journey with the nba. stops at luxenberg in mexico and earlier this week he scored 19 points as his return to chicago. that's not what made the homecoming so special. >> i started the day signed off on some documents to give my mom a house. >> out a boy on that one. getting your mama house. >> that was one of the best moments ever to me. that something she wanted and something she has been wanting and for me to do that is a blessing. >> i don't know if i could top that. he bought in -- be bought
4:38 pm
is mama house in the bay area, that would be impressive. now, that would be something. still ahead, looking ahead at the darkest times and the bay area history with the aids epidemic and people who wrist unknown risks to care for patients. a home with stunning views available in the bay area, but there is a catch. and elon musk takes us on a tour of his next big thing after the break. will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing, expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein.
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profited millions from tobacco, oil, and wall street. as a rich developer, she violated clean water laws. now she's trying to buy this election. the lt. governor's office isn't for sale. i'm dr. ed hernandez. as state senator, i worked across party lines. held drug corporations accountable. invested in schools and middle-class jobs. our campaign's people powered by firefighters, teachers and nurses. because i'll put you first - not big money.
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in a few hours, powerful new documentary will have a premier at the castro theatre. it tells the story of the heroic nursing roles -- nurses at sf general. >> we celebrate her 70th anniversary as a station and those who suffered and died from aids. a look at the unfolding epidemic . >> reporter: the city of san francisco. imagine 40 years ago and the date was june 26, 1978. the occasion was the gay freedom day parade with a lot to celebrate.
4:42 pm
harvey had just become a san francisco supervisor and the first openly gay official in california. for those in castro, the future looked bright. >> people here are celebrating their liberation. they are free to come out of the closet and be gay people and unafraid. they have hopes and fears, but they are walking out of the closet in such great numbers they are encouraged with themselves to think they won't be stuck back in the closet by anybody else. >> reporter: at the biggest time -- at the time, the biggest threat was an initiative on the ballot that would prevent gays and lesbians from teaching in schools. >> parents have the right to know who will teach their children.>> at one time parents did not want blacks to cheech or women to teach -- to teach or women to teach. >> reporter: it was ferocious because they were at each other's throats.
4:43 pm
>> you know you are changing the statements around. >> reporter: now an invisible new danger was silently spreading in the community. a virus that would soon strike with lethal force. in june, a cluster of strange pneumonia cases began to pop up in gay men. then a rare cancer that left purple lesions on their bodies. there were persistent rashes, lingering coals -- colds and dramatic weight loss. the virus had killed nine people in the city and by 1992, that jumped to 30 per week. >> it was more than a story because my friends were dying. >> reporter: and working for kpix news, he was one of the first openly gay journalists in the country. for hank it was hard to maintain object to vitti. >> i usually kept it together long enough to do a story and
4:44 pm
to go to someone's house. many times i had to go into the hallway to compose myself. especially going to a place like san francisco general where they were doing heroic work. there were so many aids patients at the time that i often had to go out and get it together and then come back to finish the job i was sent there to do. >> reporter: on the front lines was the dedicated staff of san francisco general hospital. in 1983, the hospital open the first dedicated aids ward in the country. >> what we were doing here was trying to mend the effects of something that was new, devastating and tearful. it seemed to come out of nowhere . at least now there was a central place where they could at least try. >> there was a big difference knowing there was somewhere that could handle the situation and take care of the problems. just knowing it is there helps. >> patients would feel very
4:45 pm
much at home here. they would feel welcomed. >> reporter: within days, it was fully occupied and was called five b and it is the subject of a new documentary. >> we record the deaths to the end of 1983. there were 24 patients. in 1984, there were 117 patients . >> reporter: the entire staff from the nurses to janitors were volunteers and fear was widespread. >> to go to the aids ward and talk to people. to doctors, patients and to relatives, it was tough to get reporters and photographers to go, quite frankly. they were afraid. >> reporter: good evening. earlier this summer gemini hosted a show that answered basting -- jim and i answered
4:46 pm
-- hosted a show that answered questions about aids. >> reporter: the show answer questions about how the disease was spread and how viewers could protect themselves and loved ones. >> we have done it on the last program and we might as well do it again.>> vaginal fluid could possibly transmit the aids virus . >> reporter: -- buy making known to the public what the challenges were and to stigmatize what it was. >> reporter: the eights lifeline was a pioneering campaign with a goal to educate viewers about the disease. to stem its threat and lessen its fear and put a face on the tragedy.>> you will join us for the -- for the first live broadcast from the aids ward at the san francisco general hospital. what was your reaction when you
4:47 pm
were told you had aids? >> i asked my doctor to leave the room so i could cry. >> reporter: there were a lot of remotes inside the aids ward . >> we went in and there was so much information coming out about the human side of this thing. >> i make short-term goals and i keep them, i tried to keep them. dying for me -- you know, there's a very fine line, i believe. i think at the very end stage that you just keep going because you don't have a choice . you can't give up, at least i can't. >> reporter: with the eights lifeline, kpix helped to debunk stereotypes and help with research. and then president ronald reagan took years to even
4:48 pm
mention the word aids in public. >> ronald reagan and his administration were silent about aids. finally he gave a speech about eight years into the epidemic. i stood in front of reagan who was up on stage and i was down with the press. i made a note in my reporter's notebook in d.c. that the moment that he said the word aids for the first time, 23,000 americans had already died. >> reporter: in san francisco, kpix 5 . since the beginning of the epidemic globally, more than 73 million have been contacted. the george foster peabody award for the h lifeline coverage. still ahead, -- for the aids lifeline coverage. still ahead, home with incredible fuse and a high d -- and a hefty price tag.
4:49 pm
we are going to explain a red-hot moment in history just ahead. will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing, expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein.
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look at that. one of the prettiest parcels of land in the bay area. stunning views of the bay and bay bridge and it could be yours if you are in normatively rich. at the southern tip of the tiburon peninsula, it's for
4:51 pm
sale for more than $100 million. it does come with a lot of baggage. >> reporter: if the picture is worth 1000 words in this sky drone video is worth millions. $110 million to be precise. that is what the family is selling the 110 acre parcel for. but, the land is priceless. >> is the most gorgeous property in the bay area and perhaps in california and maybe the world. >> reporter: they have been tight -- trying to buy the tiburon open space for decades to preserve it as a resource. many people use the land like a park. >> it's a major part of our life up here. we love it up there and we have three very central -- gentle and beautiful golden retrievers who also love it. >> reporter: now that the owners have put the property on
4:52 pm
the market, tiburon open space could lose the opportunity to buy. >> we have to wait till relet -- till reality sets in. >> reporter: the property has been an out-of-court battles since the 70s about what and who can go on it thanks to permitting snafus. jeremy hopes it will drive down the battle and in a battle spanning nearly half a century, jerry knows the best jeremy knows the power of patients. >> they -- patience. >> we are still at it. >> reporter: tiburon open space has the money to purchase the property thanks to space for open land. certainly not -- not without an appraisal that the family has rejected every time it has been offered, even as recently as
4:53 pm
last week. kpix 5. this is the underground tunnel being built below los angeles. elon musk wrote he wrote -- walked the full length of the tunnel last night and the goal is to ease congestion by whisking people from point to point in pods called skates at 150 miles per hour. it's on track for a party on december 10 and the public can take a ride the next day. and a first for nasa with the parker solar probe. the closest approach to the son by a man-made object. it blew by the sun at the speed of 150 miles per hour. the current record is 126 miles per hour from the sun's surface. and here temperatures took a tumble today falling by 5-15 degrees. the clouds made for a pretty
4:54 pm
sunset at the golden gate tonight. san francisco at 67 in san jose down to 63. oakland got up to 71. and here is what is happening tonight with a double barrel high offshore. rain in seattle and light rain at the crescent city at the california/oregon border. sunny and mild all week long in the bay area and as far as the eye can see, there is no rain in sight. concord at 80 right now in oakland at 65. san francisco is 64 in san jose at 69 right now. and the sea breeze is a driving force in the temperatures coming down but that doesn't mean the fire danger is gone. it will be dry and warm all week long. there will be mild and dry weather. the wind has calmed down and the futurecast shows that we have high clouds today
4:55 pm
and there isn't much in the way of cloudiness tomorrow. tomorrow will be sunny with temperatures in the mid-70s around the bay and upper 70s inland. to sum it up, tonight will be mostly clear and good for stargazers. mild tomorrow and mild and dry all week long for the bay area. tonight will be chilly. 43 in santa rosa and 47 at san jose. livermore at 46. at sunup on monday morning, 21 minutes before 7:00. in terms of the forecast highs for tomorrow, right on average for san francisco. san jose at 76 and oakland at 72. 75 tomorrow for cupertino and palo alto at 75. 75 at milpitas. upper 70s and low 80s at fairfield and brentwood. there may be some low
4:56 pm
cloudiness around the beach, but otherwise there will be plenty of sunshine. at ukiah, 76. sunny for much of the week and the temperatures don't change much from the mid to low 70s around the bay and 60s at the beaches. a dry week on tap and all we are doing is waiting for the rain. it will be a while. a bizarre discovery in monterey bay. 1000 octopi clinging to an underwater volcano. they are looking at what has drawn the animals to this spot. >> reporter: a team of researchers exploring a dormant undersea volcano at the edge of the monterey bay animal sanctuary. incredible pictures of something never before witnessed by humanized. >> there are a lot of eggs. >> reporter: you can hear excitement in the poses -- voices of the research team
4:57 pm
laying eyes on an underwater nesting site. there are brooding females flipped upside down and guarding their eggs. >> is this enough octopus for you, joe? >> reporter: the discovery was made by a research vessel operating a remotely controlled underwater vehicle which captured the images. >> this is an event never seen before. the octopi brooding on eggs. >> reporter: the team was on a mission to explore the davidson seamount which is a dormant underwater okay no about 75 miles west. they led to speculation there may be extra warmth there. >> you have warmer water seeping up out of the substrate.
4:58 pm
this volcano has been dormant for some 9.8 million years. >> females can sit on eggs four years before they hatch and the slightly warmer water may cut brooding time or make offspring more healthy. the location was only recently added to the protected area and because of its status as a sanctuary, it will receive federal environmental protections. in monterey, kpix 5. it's time for us to take a break . more news ahead and more on the upcoming elections. be sure to join us at 10:00 on cable 12 number. we will be back for a half-hour more news coming up at 5:00. big corporations are making and just got a huge tax break. but the middle class is struggling.
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prop c is a common-sense plan. the top 1% of businesses pay their fair share to tackle homelessness for all of us. companies with revenue greater than $50 million pay, not small businesses or homeowners. the prop c plan is supported by the democratic party, nancy pelosi & dianne feinstein vote "yes" on c. big corporations pay for it, not you.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. and now at 5:00, early voters out in full force casting their ballots ahead of the midterm elections. and thanks so much for joining us, i'm juliette goodrich. >> and i'm brian hackney. election day now less than two days away, and san francisco could see a record turnout. kpix 5's katie neilson is breaking down some of the numbers. >> more than a hundred people cast ballots today at san francisco city hall, and the director of elections thinks this could be a record turnout for a midterm. san francisco didn't even start keeping track of voter turnout fotil the 60s, and the record


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