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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 4, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. and now at 5:00, early voters out in full force casting their ballots ahead of the midterm elections. and thanks so much for joining us, i'm juliette goodrich. >> and i'm brian hackney. election day now less than two days away, and san francisco could see a record turnout. kpix 5's katie neilson is breaking down some of the numbers. >> more than a hundred people cast ballots today at san francisco city hall, and the director of elections thinks this could be a record turnout for a midterm. san francisco didn't even start keeping track of voter turnout until the 60s, and the record for a midterm voter turnout was back in 1974 at68 percent.
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if san francisco sees a large turnout on election day, the city could match for beat that record. >> we have a very good turnout so far in san francisco, and if the numbers continue i think we'll have a surprising turnout by the end of voting on election day. >> in addition to early voting, more than 100,000 mail in ballots have already been received, and they expect to get another hundred thousand into the office in the next two days. now the polls are closed for today, but early voting will continue tomorrow morning at city hall from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and then of course all polling places will be open on election day from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. live in the newsroom, kpix 5. thank you. with the midterm elections coming up it's important to know your rights as a voter. >> melissa is answering your lingering questions. >> that's right. i think people always need a little refresher on these things. we have election day right around the corner, and you may have questions about voting, so
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here's rules to remember on tuesday when you go to vote. if your name is not on the list at your polling place, you can cast a provisional ballot, and it will be counted as soon as you're confirmed. >> i want to address a very common myth. are provisional ballots counted? absolutely. >> also you don't have to vote on everything. all ballots are counted, even if they leave some of the contests blank. and as long as you're in line by 8:00 p.m., your polling place has to stay open to let you vote. and when you're inside the polling place, you have a right to vote without interference. >> you have the right to a secret ballot, without anybody bothering you, without anyone trying to tell you how to vote, without anyone harassing you or intimidating you, and in fact if you experience any of this, please notify the staff at your polling place. >> you can also report problems or ask questions at the
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secretary of state's hot line, it's 1800345vote. and people hoping to turn california red in the midterms flocked to the state capitol today, invoking vocal counterprotesters. they say they're calling for voters to elect a conservative slate and are calling attention to right wing issues, but a sacramento antifascist group mobilized people to stand against the rally with some claiming white supremacists and neo-nazis were behind it. >> my understanding is though it was posed as a conservative rally, which i think is fine because everyone is entitled to their views, my understanding is that it was actually organized by members of the alt right. >> organizers deny the claims and say they don't want to promote violence. this comes two years after a
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rally where white nationalists brawled with counterprotesters. and president trump trolled antifa at a rally in georgia today. >> you've heard that. you've seen it! you've seen it. you've seen it, antifa! they take the helmet off, and you see these little arms. >> mr. trump is making stops in a number of states urging supporters to vote in tuesday's midterms. cbs reporter meg oliver shows us a high profile politician on the democratic side is doing the same thing. >> reporter: former president barack obama campaigned in gary, indiana sunday for senator joe donnelly. >> and he was always focused for the best thing on the people he served, and he was honest and direct. >> reporter: obama has been stumping for democrats in the final days of campaigning before tuesday's midterm elections. >> when you vote, you can be a
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check on bad behavior. when you vote, you can choose hope over fear. >> reporter: president trump is every bit as busy, trying to win votes for republican candidates in state and national races. >> the level of fever is very strong on the republican side. >> reporter: the president urged voters in macon, georgia to elect brian kemp as their next governor. >> defend your borders, defend your jobs, fight for your values, and continue to make america great again. >> reporter: democrats believe they have a shot to reach at least 218 seats in the house which would be enough to take control. but cbs news director of elections and surveys anthony salvanto says democrats need voters who don't usually come out for midterm elections. >> if those volkswagens don't show up, we've re-run the model, and the republicans hold the house.
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the republicans hold the house, democrats only get to 215, a gain, but not close enough. >> reporter: most election analysts expect republicans to maintain the majority in the senate. meg oliver, cbs news, new york. >> we have you covered on election night. we'll bring you live results and analysis all evening starting at 8:00 with a special live stream on in other news, a suspected flakerrer is under arrest -- flasher is under arrest in the south bay facing three counts of indecent exposure. sheriff's deputies say the incidents happened on october 23rd near gilroy high school. one alleged victim is a 13-year- old girl. the man was arrested and booked into the county jail. authorities say the suspect is already a registered sex offender. a house fire in san lorenzo is under control thankfully. by the time the firefighters
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arrived it inside. the cause is still under investigation. no one was hurt. and developers are trying out out a new model to ease the bay area's housing crunch. it's called co-living. devin fehely explains how it looks. >> reporter: many us have fond memories of living in a college dorm when we were younger, but are people willing to do it into their 30s, 40s, and beyond if it makes rent more affordable. >> we're not the silver bullet, but want to give people choice. >> reporter: john says the company's dormitory style apartments with shared kitchens and living rooms save 25 to 50 percent off the price of a conventional rental. >> people will find this is actually a new form of multi- family apartment housing that allows people to fit comfortably without wasting a lot of money on kitchens and living rooms and hallway space that goes virtually unused throughout the day. >> reporter: star city began
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converting buildings into their model two years ago, but now wants to build two brand new buildings with hundreds of units in san francisco and san jose, and with people being priced out of the market all the time, they don't think the idea will be a tough sell anymore. >> we all grew up in houses full of families. we've been through the college situation, had roommates to get along, why not just make it make sense? i think there's a lot of logic to doing this, and i applaud it. >> reporter: but what about a roommate who's a slob? star city has an answer for that. >> we have a cleaning staff that cleans the common spaces every single day. >> reporter: rents average between 1600 and $2,400 a month, and the company actually hopes to bring the prices down on a large scale project. devin fehely, kpix 5. and coming up, the fda gives the green light on a new ultra powerful opioid that
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could soon make its way into hospitals. now critics are blasting the agency. plus, it is one of berkeley's oldest trees and it will soon come down. why some neighbors are so upset. all that plus a look at the back to work forecast as we look toward a beautiful sunset on this sunday evening. it's all happening after a break.
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new drone video this evening to show you show stm in italy. now you can see thousands of uprooted and split trees and roads destroyed by flood waters and landslides. storms lashed italy this past week, hitting northeast italy the hardest including sicily. at least 27 people have died. one of the oldest living things in berkeley has died. neighborsare sad, but some are angry telling john ramos it didn't have to happen. >> reporter: no one really know ifs a tree falling in the forest makes a sound, but it does if it's in berkeley. >> if you walk in the neighborhood with any regularity, you know the tree. >> reporter: no one is sure how long this italian stone pine tree has stood on russell street in berkeley. gataking pe to the then brand new clermont
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hotel. but the owners say the tree is dead and will have to be removed. >> it was pretty quick. about four or five months ago we noticed needles were turning brown. >> reporter: last month the owners posted signs letting the neighborhood know and encouraged them to write their thoughts and held a ceremony to mark its passing. >> this tree has been here a lot longer than i am, and unfortunately it won't be here as long as i will. >> reporter: but mixed in with the sadness is anger. some accuse the homeowners, who moved here four years ago, of killing the tree by severing the roots to create this remaining wall and abusing it during a home renovation. >> they piled a bunch of junk and dirt on the tree for a long time, at least a month, and that was enough, that was enough to do it. >> reporter: the homeowners say they believe the tree was just at the end of its life span. >> you know, it's very tough for people who have grown up in the neighborhood, and it's just, it's like a neighbor for
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them. you know, for us it's, it's sad, but it's still so new. >> reporter: that's true. a tree is probably more valued by people who grew up sitting in its shade or swiping from its branches as kids -- swinging from its branches as kids, and that could be hard for some newcomers to understand. >> some people are upset, it's understandable, but try not to take it personally. >> reporter: the homeowner says they'll replant, probably not another italian stone pine. maybe some fruit trees. >> the homeowner says they plan to remove the tree early this month. well, time to place those holiday orders, and amazon is making the process easier this year with free shipping. the online retailer is looking to boost holiday sales and add new prime members by offering free shipping on all holiday orders arriving in time for christmas, and for those already prime members, there's a perk as well. more than 3 million items will
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be eligible for same day shipping. the company will still roll out this holiday cheer starting monday, and we haven't even hit thanksgiving yet. wow. well, the food and drug administration is facing backlash tonight after approving a powerful new opioid. it's called disuvia, and it's 10 timore powerful than fentanyl. the drug comes as a tablet that health care providers administer under the tongue. critics blasted the agency for bringing a new opioid to market as the nation faces an increasing opioid overdose death crisis. but the fda insists the new drug is needed by patients to manage pain. and speaking of patients who have migraines, it's often a waiting game, suffering through debilitating pain while the medication kicks in. now researchers are testing a new patch that could actually help patients get relief faster with less size effects. dr. malika marshall has more. >> reporter: glen brown has been battling migraines since
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he was a teenager. >> a throbbing headache, sometimes behind the eyes, sometimes they're moderate, sometimes severe. between work, house stuff, and the kids life is busy, so if you have a migraine you're kind of out of commission. >> reporter: with three or four attacks a month, a 49-year-old relies on oral migraine medication that takes time to work, but his doctor told him about an experimental patch that could provide relief quicker. >> the tablet form medication doesn't get absorbed well enough or rapidly enough to provide effective headache relief. this is the patch. >> reporter: the doctor shows us how the patch works. the system uses tiny needles coated with medication to deliver a migraine drug right into the bloodstream. >> once the patch is applied to the skin, the microneedles will penetrate the skin. generally not even deep enough to hit the nerve, so it's not a painful procedure, but deep enough to bring the medication
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into the circulation. >> reporter: glen has been using the patch for six months and he says it's providing relief in just 20 to 45 minutes, and he doesn't feel as sluggish. >> it makes a huge difference because then you can get back to your day or whatever you're doing. >> reporter: so far researchers say patients are tolerating the patch system well, and no serious side effects have been reported. cbs news, massachusetts. and now for your viewing pleasure, we present to you daylight saving time, the end of daylight saving time. the sun setting an hour earlier tonight and a beautiful sight looking at the golden gate from the top of the sales force tower, and it's nice. a few high clouds over the bay area today kept temperatures down. still very pleasant for sunday. highs manage 67 in san francisco, and 84 in santa rosa. it's still warm in the east bay. as a double barreled high offshore guarantees the rain that's out there stays over the pacific northwest where seattle
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gets showers, raining down to crescent city, but that's about it. we're on the tail, tail, tail end of this. just high clouds. the rest of the week looks sunny all week long. but look how pretty the pink clouds are. right now concord 76, oakland 64, and san francisco 62. we have stronger sea breeze today, so highs came down. san jose 10 degrees cooler than yesterday, but still dry and warm, especially in the upper elevations along the spine of the mountains, and the upper elevation of the north bay. so fire danger still persists. futurecast is one of the less exciting futurecasts. just a few high clouds offshore, and the rest of the day looks transparent, so the coast is clear as many a gangster has said. bay, temperatures in the low 70s, upper 70s inland, and plenty of sunshine tomorrow. so if you want to go out and see the pls marsjust up after s for monday and a warm and dry week ahead.
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sfo heading out tomorrow, it will be sunny with a pretty good west-northwest breeze at 18 miles per hour. and in seattle, few showers. in new york flat out rain and 56 degrees. here's how it looks overnight tonight. temperatures beginning to get cool, but welcome to the first week of november. 44 santa rosa, 47 san rafael, and 48 at fremont. sun up tomorrow at 21 minutes before 7:00. and high temperatures tomorrow very close to average. 68 in san francisco, 78 concord, and 76 san jose. plenty of sunshine for the south bay tomorrow. temperatures in the low to mid- 70s, but if you go over 92 past skyline, it's 64. east bay numbers in the mid- 70s. 80 travis air force base and 80 at brentwood. finally lake county mid-70s, nice monday on tap.
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the extended forecast, 70s inland, low 70s around the bay. temperatures don't change much this week. if you want drama, you have to go check in with this guy. >> drama! come on! sports settling in in the 5:00 hour. just for you we have nfl moving picture, contenders starting to make some separation from pretenders. proposition 11 solves two issues. first, it continues to pay paramedics while we're on break. second, it ensures the closest ambulance can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11.
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proposition 11 "a common sense solution" to protect public safety. it ensures the closest ambulance remains on-call during paid breaks "so that they can respond immediately when needed." vote yes on 11. nfl up top, we're carrying the ball and running to daylight. no niners, no raiders, they already locked horns on thursday. key match ups today. comedian keegan michael key. actor vince vaughn. new orleans, host of the unbeaten rams. saints up 14 at the end of the first half, and more. it's a three-touchdown lead in
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the bay bayou. third quarter, la down, but goff brought the rams back. 41-yard play and the two point try was good to tie it up at 35. four minutes left. saints back out in front. brees, thomas, touchdown! who dat? who dat gonna beat them saints? who dat. thomas takes out his phone, flips it to make a house call. rams suffer their first loss of the season, final 42-35. >> he plays with his phone? >> i'll explain, but i don't have time in the show, they'll cut me off. we have the browns trying to make a little magic, but no. too much kareem hunt. plays for kansas city, 141 total yards, three touchdowns.
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kansas city 37-21 on the hapless browns. chiefs now 8 and 1. meanwhile, the 49ers host the giants next monday night. the raiders entertain the surprising la chargers next sunday. meantime we take you to seattle, and before this game owner paul allen who passed away last month, a moment of silence for him. when they got the game going, russell wilson all kinds of time. brown back of the end zone and the seahawks receivers love it, love it, love it. 7-0. let's fast forward to the 4th quarter, la up 19- 10. on, chan pick six the other way! desmond king to the house! the seahawks come right back though. this one to possibly tie the
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game, but no, no, no, ball deflected away, and the chargers somehow eke out another win, 25-17 the final there. you just hate to see this. offensive lineman wheeled out. they lost three starters up front for the redskins, hosted the falcons too. but alex smith avoided the sack and took off running, and check out the run, he paid for it. falcons pull, boy, smith got blasted on that play. back to the 4th quarter, atlanta up 31-14. matt ryan, julio jones, are you like me? did you start him in fantasy football? if you did you're happy. jones' first touchdown since last year. the dubs back at it
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tomorrow night against the memphis grizzlies, the third of a five-game home stand. coming up tonight on game day, forward alfonso mckinney joining me. he had quite the stops along the way, luxembourg, mexico. but that's not what made the homecoming so special. >> i started today, signed off on documents to get my mom a house. >> man,atta boy on that one. buying your mom a house. >> that's probably one of the best moments, you know, ever to me. that's something that she wanted and that's something that she's been wanting, so for me to be able to do that is the ultimate blessing. >> boy, you get a warrior in studio, these days, the rock stars they are, that's really saying something. from raymond ritter productions.
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>> yeah, you said it was hard to get him through the door! >> yeah, he's 6' 8! >> and how do you have a flip phone? >> i'll try and explain in 10 seconds. it's an homage to receiver joe horn who years ago scored a touchdown for the saints, got his flip phone out, so michael thomas loved joe horn. >> nice job. second, it ensures the closest ambulance can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11. sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling slisfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic rape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care.
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it's life care. here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. the city's chief economist says prop c will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing, expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein.
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online. cbs weekend is next and as she said we'll be back at 6:00. now here's a look at the finish beautiful sunday. captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: the final push before election day. we are just two days away from the midterms, and the balance of power is up for grabs. candidates across the country are rallying support, with president trump and former president obama helping out. also tonight, some of the u.s. troops president trurump sent to the border have arrived. they're helping protect against a migrant caravan that's nearly 700 miles away. a history of arrests and rants: new details about the gunman who killed two people at a yoga studio. in iran, thousands of protesters fill the streets, as a new round of tough sanctions are set to take affect tomorrow. catfishing scams target the lonely, and are being called "emotional terrorism."


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