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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  November 7, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PST

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>> it is wednesday, november 7th. good morning. thanks for waking up with us. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. we are going to get a look at weather and traffic right now. and how are all the ladies doing? >> good. >> great. >> kenny, you, too. >> you're a lucky guy, though. >> yes. >> we talk about a lot of lady things, hair and makeup. enjoy your sunshine. it's been a long time since we have seen the rain. we definitely need it. we'll talk about the high fire danger in just a moment. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. and santa rosa down to 39. a chilly start to the day. weather headlines, cool to
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chilly this morning with clear skies. sunshine continues with above average temperatures. it's so dry. we are going to see offshore winds kick in tonight and extreme fire danger. gusts up to 60 miles per hour. low relative humidity values critical fire weather conditions. and we are going to take you through. so right now, calm conditions. sw you futurecast and ning how strong the winds will get coming up. let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic. good morning. if you are heading out the door early, now a great time to be on the roads. we are checking in with just one snag on 680. westbound in the green which means you're up to speed. 14 minutes highway 4 traveling towards the macarthur maze and look at this live shot of the
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bay bridge. not a lot of cars out of oakland into san francisco just yet. in fact, those cash lanes we usually see at least 20 to 30 cars deep at this point. but right now pretty lightly traveled oakland into san francisco. so no troubles there. people traveling out of the altamont pass busy 28 minutes, 205 to 680 business as usual. clear through the southbound side of 680. westbound 580 stop and go conditions through the altamont pass to grant line. elsewhere, taking a look at 680 northbound just past highway 4, the one lane is still blocked for an earlier car fire. everything is out. they are cleaning up the mess there. crews will be in the lane for quite some time. non-commute direction so no delays north 680 highway 4 to the eastshore freeway. michelle. gavin newsom is now california's governor-elect. the democratic lieutenant governor will replace the
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termed out jerry brown as governor in january. newsom defeated republican businessman john cox 59-41%. >> and he spoke to supporters last night in los angeles. >> you stood for courage, courage for a change. and now i can stand before you knowing i will have the incredible privilege of serving as your next governor. >> meanwhile, cox appeared before supporters in san diego to concede and congratulate newsom. >> we gave it a run. we got the message out. we got the issues out. thank you all. thank you all. >> newsom's election is the first time since 1887 that a democratic governor has been succeeded by another democrat in california. this morning, ballot counters are tallying up the votes in santa clara county. it will be a while before any final numbers are reported.
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>> kpix 5's jackie ward is at the registrar of voters office with the latest. >>rt4:15, so less than an hour ago, 46% of the votes here in santa clara county had been counted. that means it's a long day ahead for these ballot counters. in any event, we saw some of them pull up with new food supplies because they have already had a long night. it's no surprise, either. check out these long lines of voters yesterday. the county won't have complete voter turnout numbers for us until the votes are counted but we know that things were already off to a record- breaking start here are. more than a quarter million people voted early, nearly 900,000 people registered to vote. those are both the highest numbers ever for santa clara. at 8 p.m., 198,200 ballots were tallied. we caught up with one woman who stood in line to vote. >> my ancestors, i'm african- american, clearly, and they went through trying to get this right for me so it's
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important for me to vote every election because of all the that my ancestors went through. >> reporter: this is the first regular election that allowed for conditional voter registration. now, this is a new law that allows you to register and vote the same day right up until the very last minute. early estimates indicate that more than 1200 people showed up to conditionally register and cast a provisional ballot. they are actually expecting that number in 2020 to be even higher now that word has gotten out that you can do this. so as far as all the voter turnout is concerned, we'll be -- i won't be tallying up, but i'll bring you the numbers all morning long. in san jose, jackie ward, kpix 5. democrats will have control of the house when next year's congress republics extended their majority in the senate. nikole ious live on capitol hill with the latest. reporter: good morning. voters in yesterday's midterm
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elections gave democrats the majority but it wasn't the blue wave that they hoped for. virginia democrat wexton defeated republican comstock in one of the first races called, one of more than two dozen seats flipped in yesterday's election that helped democrats take back the house. >> today is more than about democrats and republicans. it's about restoring the constitution's checks and balance to the trump administration. >> reporter: republicans diminished the blue wave by increasing their majority in the senate. many credited president trump. the gop also took back senate seats in north dakota and missouri. >> what is president trump saying about the results so far? >> reporter: well, you know, he is viewing it very positively. he has been pretty active on twitter this morning calling it a big victory, a big win and now he is going even
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further saying that pundits who don't give him the proper credit are fake news. he also just put out a tweet saying that if the democrats now that they have gained the majority in the house, if they are going to investigate him, then perhaps he and republicans may consider investigating democrats. so we will certainly hear a lot more from the president later this morning when he holds a news conference at 8:30 pacific time. >> nikole killion live on capitol hill, thank you. california voters have rejected a controversial rent control proposition. prop 10 would have repealed a state law that restricts local governments' use of rent control. it fell by a margin of 60-40%. supporters will continue their efforts to make rental housing more affordable in california. >> a flame was started and we are nowhere near putting it out. so this is a rallying cry to everyonee state of
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california that we still have work to do. >> opponents contend prop 10 would have reduced the number of rental units as demand continues to grow. >> by far the majority of owners of properties that tenants occupied are small business owners. there's this misconception that they are the ones that would be devastated by prop 10. >> kpix 5 political analyst melissa caen says prop 10 of a couple of major barriers. >> so i think what happened with the rent control measure was again, a, it sort of had a ton of money against it. and b, it ran into the issue of being an urban problem, an urban solution, and folks elsewhere just didn't have any incentive to get on board with it. the oakland mayoral results are n mayor libby schaaf maintained a dominant -- are in. mayor libby schaaf maintained
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a dominant lead. she will now tackle homeless and illegal dumping issues. she took no vote for granted, she said, and said that the numbers reflect her commitment to the city. >> oakland hasn't had a two- term mayor for 16 years. and so to give the city some stability, i think, would be a wonderful vote of confidence from oakland voters. >> we'll update you on more races all morning. you can also find a full list of the results on time now 5:09. >> this morning, there is high fire danger across northern california. coming up, the counties pg&e says should prepare for a power shutdown. >> and we are tracking the winds, dry offshore winds kicking up through the next several hours. we'll time it out for you on futurecast and that high fire danger coming up. >> and we're off to a great start on the roads for your wednesday morning drive. we'll have a look at our bay area bridges plus your south bay drive times coming up.
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anne, thank you.
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we have an update this i'm anne makovec with some good news about five siblings who triggered an amber alert over the weekend. they had been in a foster home in stockton and they were found last night at a hotel in el cerrito. so they have been missing for about 4 days. they were ages 4 to 16 and had been placed at that foster home in stockton by contra costa county family services. authorities had talk to some of the family members to figure out where they might have gone. they were considered at risk because of their age. but again, found safe last night with the help of the richmond police at a hotel in el cerrito. >> thank you. we have an update this morning on the colorado man accused of killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters. christopher watts has pleaded
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guilty. back in august, watts begged for his family's safety when they went missing, but investigators say he killed them in their home then disposed of their bodies. watts agreed to a plea deal which will spare him the death penalty. he is set to be sentenced in two weeks. pg&e customers in parts of northern california could have their power shut off this week. the utility is notifying customers in parts of sonoma, ut nning mo because of high fire danger conditions. the national weather service has also issued a red flag warning for parts of the bay area with elevations above 1,000 feet. new this morning, the feds are investigating if general motors should have expanded a recall. the national highway traffic safety administration says gm may have missed more than a million vehicles during its 2016 recall for windshield wipers that could fail. gm says it is cooperating with the review. on the healthwatch this morning, a new study finds that people under 40 who have
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high blood pressure are at hefater risk of experiencing get older. researchers at duke university suggest that early diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure in younger people may have long-term benefits. the immune system may play a role in postpartum depression after a stressful pregnancy. researchers at ohio state university looked at the brains of stressed rats and found inflammation in areas related to mood. they say that the stress might lead to changes in how immune cells in the brain function. and artificial intelligence could help doctors diagnose alzheimer's disease in advance. researchers in california developed a deep learning algorithm to determine changes in brain metabolism. they say that the algorithm could be a useful tool in conjunction with brain imaging to provide early intervention. it for traffic.
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>> on the bay bridge first reports of a broken-down vehicle on the lower deck of the bay bridge eastbound 80 approaching treasure island. you can see in our live shot the upper deck moving well. that's where most of our volume is, the commute direction from oakland to san francisco. so keep that in mind if you are commuting from san francisco to oakland that the upper deck is slow. no metering lights on the at the bay bridge toll plaza. no troubles in the south bay. good morning, san jose. north 101, easy ride as you work your way from hellyer to san antonio avenue. 21 minutes, a couple of slow spots but nice speeds. 280 a great choice northbound no delays out of san jose. 880 and 101 in the south bay traffic moving just fine in both directions. your drive time for south 880 from 237 to 280 that's only 9
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minutes so very easy there. we are starting to see traffic load up along the nimitz freeway 880 this is a live look at paseo grande southbound side extra volume speeds still okay through there but definitely getting a bit busier. northbound, though, 880 looking good from hayward to oakland. san mateo bridge, so far, so good, no delays out of hayward to foster city. and a clear ride on 101 towards sfo. enjoy the sunshine. we have a treat for you this morning. this is a spectacular beauty shot of coit tower. this is courtesy of our photographer chris. thank you for that view. clear skies, cool to chilly conditions starting off the day. now let's show you a live look with our "salesforce tower" camera. this is of the bay here under
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clear skies there. temperatures 40s and 50s. check this out, santa rosa down to des. or yo in concord. oakland 52. 44 in livermore. san francisco at 53. and 47 in san jose. so your weather headlines, cool to chilly. clear skies this morning. sunshine continues with above average temperatures. extreme fire danger tonight through thursday and friday morning, as well. so a red flag warning from the north bay and east bay hills from 10 p.m. tonight until friday at 7 a.m. 60-mile-per-hour gusts, very low relative humidity values. critical fire conditions. wind gusts, light winds right now. we are going e through tonight tomorrow and then all the way
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even through friday morning. so high pressure in control for us. it is still in place. we are going to see a trough of low pressure at the top of the ridge and that will bring offshore winds. we are going to see a dry gusty northeast winds pick up for us as we go through tonight into tomorrow and friday. futurecast through sunday here, that ridge is still in place. we are still going to stay dry. you can see dry for the entire state compared to what's going on across the rest of the country. sunshine across the bay area and for california. do need the rain though and unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll see it anytime soon. still under extreme fire weather conditions. 70 in san francisco. 70 in oakland. 77 in vallejo and concord. 76 for santa rosa. here's that seven-day forecast forecast with that sunshine. a little cooler through tomorrow friday and especially
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for saturday there. and then warming right back up with that sunshine. so great weather for veterans day on sunday. we observe it on monday. and then looking at dry weather likely into next week. some sports news. the san francisco giants have made another move in hopes of preventing another losing baseball season. today the team plans to introduce a new executive. los angeles dodgers general manager will become the giants' president of baseball operations. he will try to turn around a team that lost a combined 187 games over the last two seasons. and before we go to break, let's head outside. a look at the golden gate bridge. we'll be right back.
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we started off in the south bay, northbound 101 out of morgan hill. we are starting to see traffic stack up a bit. still nice drive tennant and cochran about 5 minutes. but we are getting reports of debris in the roadway that may cause a bit of a snag for your
5:24 am
morning drive. there's a mattress in lanes so a backup behind that. looks like cars are stacking up at the bay bridge. metering lights are off but getting busy at least from that 880 overpass as we commute towards the toll plaza. you're clear on the upper deck. the lower deck of the bay bridge though we have a stalled vehicle, stuck in lanes at treasure island. the midterm elections included the most diverse group of candidates ever in the u.s. voters helped make history in several big races. a record-breaking number of women appeared on ballots. in new york, democrat alexander john bonds-- in new york, had alexandria ocasio- perez won. >> marsha blackburn won. >> voters also are in fusing
5:25 am
washington with some new ethnic diversity. democrat ilhan omar will be the nation's first somali america congresswoman. in kansas charisse davis will be the first native american congresswoman. she is a lesbian. and they have a gay governor now. young kim the first korean- american female in congress. >> so definitely a lot of firsts. exciting night for all of us. we are here in the center of it all here in santa clara county take a morning. these people have been working hard all night. we'll have the latest numbers next.
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saving people money on car insurance. secures his bid for governor. and we've got the latest results form around the state this morning. but one bay area county -- is we're liv this morning, former san francisco mayor gavin newsom is the next governor and result from around the state. >> we are live in the south bay where election officials have been hard at work continuing to count ballots. >> good morning, it is wednesday, november 7th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. we have all your election results this morning. first, let's check weather and traffic. >> let's go to weather first. >> good morning.
5:30 am
let's start with the good news. we are looking at sunshine today. we'll see temperatures above average for this time of year. 30s, 40s and 50s to start the day. chilly conditions across the north bay. concord at 49. oakland at 52. livermore at 44. san francisco at 53. san jose at 47 this morning. clear skies as we start off the day as we head through the afternoon, that sunshine with above average temperatures. very similar to yesterday. but then we are going to add that offshore wind component through tonight and because of that an extreme fire danger. this is not a good thing. everything is just so dry out there. then we add those northeast winds, and we're looking at critical fire weather conditions. gusts up to 60 miles per hour
5:31 am
with that red flag warning for the north and east bay hills. now, light winds this morning. your bay bridge commute got busier. report of a crash just as you work your way into the maze out of emeryville towards the bay bridge toll plaza. here's a live look at the eastshore freeway. 580 where all the freeways connect toward the bay bridge toll plaza and a couple of cars tangled up blocking at least one lane. chp is heading to the scene so we'll definitely keep our eye on this. we are seeing busy conditions. look at this live shot right before the toll plaza. you can see traffic is definitely starting to stack up with a 15-minute drive time from the macarthur maze over towards the central freeway. so defiklaninto san francisco. trouble reported, a vehicle down an embankment north 101 at moffett boulevard,
5:32 am
emergency crews heading to the scene. the drive at the peninsula steady. mostly green just past there as you work your way towards sfo. if you are heading into san francisco, you shouldn't have any troubles once you get past that spot near moffett. here's 101 at 17th street in the city and both directions traffic is pretty light. looks like we're busy westbound 580 out of the altamont pass. we are starting to see a few more brake lights as you connect to 680 at the dublin interchange. gavin newsom is going to be the governor of california. he will replace the termed out jerry brown as govern in january. newsom defeated republican businessman john cox 59-41%. >> and newsom addressed supporters at a post-election celebration in los angeles. >> you stood for courage, courage for a change. and now i can will g r next gov >> meanwhile, cox took the
5:33 am
stage in san diego to concede and congratulate newsom. >> we gave it a run. we got the message out. we got the issues out. thank you all. >> the election of newsom is the first time since 1887 that a democratic governor has succeeded another democrat in california. a look at some of the statewide ballot propositions. voters shot down the proposition 6 repeal of the gas tax. 55% voted no on the effort to pull back funding for bay area roads and transportation. another ballot measure that had big money behind it prop 8, seeking to regulate the profits of kidney dialysis centers. voters rejected that 62-38%. and voters passed prop 7. it would allow california to consider staying on daylight save time year round. an extra $300 million a year will help a measure approved by voters
5:34 am
in san francisco. prop c will tax big businesses with revenue over $50 million which would help with the ongoing homeless crisis in the city. prop c won 60 to 40%. election day is over but ballot counters in santa clara county are still in the thick of things. jackie ward is in the belly of the beast right now in san jose. jackie. >> reporter: this is what the hum of the election -- the day after election day sounds like. these people have been working all night. we are coming up on a break for them in a few minutes. they will be taking about an hour. 47% of all ballots in santa clara have been counted. the county does things different here. all of the ballots from the 849 polling locations across the county come here. when the polls closed yesterday, less than 200,000 votes had been county but nearly a quarter million voters had turned in early
5:35 am
ballots alone. despite all the ways people could vote early, some waited until the very last second to vote. >> i was sitting at home at 7:15 and i felt it was my civic duty to vote. so i called and they said as long as i was in line by 8:00, i could get in. so -- >> wow. talk about pushing it to the last minute. geez. >> yeah. so i think it's worth it. >> reporter: this is the first regular election that allowed for conditional voter registration so this is a relatively new law that allows you to register and vote the same day right up until the last minute as we heard. early estimates indicate that more than 1200 people showed up to conditionally register and cast a provisional ballot. so it seems like the people here making about 2% of progress an hour because last time i saw you guys in the last half-hour the numbers from 4:15, they had county about 46% of the vote. this half-hour it was 48%. so we'll see if we can hit that halfway mark the next time i talk to you.
5:36 am
for now in san jose, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> thank you. today the white house announced president trump will hold a post-election news conference at 8:30 this morning. here's a live look now at the u.s. capitol where for the first time in 8 years, democrats control the house. this morning, democrats hold 219 seats to republicans' 193. voters flipped more than two dozen seats held by republicans. house minority leader nancy pelosi who represents san francisco cruised to victory. she celebrated democrat wins around the nation. >> today is more than about democrats and republicans. it's about restoring the constitution's checks and balance to the trump administration. >> meanwhile, republicans diminished the blue wave by increasing their majority in the senate. the gop taking back seats in indiana, north dakota and missouri. on the democratic side this morning california senator dianne feinstein is
5:37 am
celebrating her victory. she defeated her opponent kevin de leon 54-46%. this will be feinstein's fifth full term in the senate. the 85-year-old senator now heads back to the senate with 25 years under her belt. >> this is such country. and it's been factionalized and trivialized with rhetoric. we must stop that. we must come together as the great power that we are for the good of the nation and i think of mankind. >> we'll update you on more races all morning long. you can find a full list of results on new this morning, a possible setback in the relationship between u.s. and north korea. secretary of state mike pompeo's meeting with kim jong- un has been postponed without reason. president trump recently said a second talk with kim jong-un would be possible after the midterm elections. but north korean officials say the country won't negotiate
5:38 am
unless the u.s.'s sanctions are removed. 5:37. more encouraging news regarding jobs in america. we'll have that and more from diane king hall of "cbsmoneywatch" from the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. oil prices are regaining some ground this morning. that's one day after falling to the lowest level since august. prices dropped after the u.s. said it would allow some countries to continue buying oil from iran. but today a report out of russia stating it is discussing production cuts from saudi arabia in 2019 gave oil a boost. the number of jobs ceedednumb september. the job openings fell 4% to 7 million but remains near a two decade high. it's estimated there are just under 6 million unemployed americans. top of the job vacancies, measures those who left their jobs voluntarily, seen as a sign of worker confidence held steady. >> china is going to be the
5:39 am
most popular tourist destination. what's that about? >> reporter: this is expected to happen by 2030. it would overtake france. a growing middle class in asia is expected to drive the change as they spend more on travel. research firm euro monitor credits loosened visa restrictions and olympics in china. >> thank you, diane king hall. time now 5:39. >> coming up, hundreds of jobs in the south bay are on the line this morning. new details on cisco's latest cutback. >> we are looking at traffic, 580/680 interchange. we'll be right back. rundown-director time is 5-- (toni vo) 'twas the night before christmas,
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good morning. clear skies as we start off the day. here's a live look at our "salesforce tower" camera looking south. cool to chilly conditions. 53 in downtown san francisco. it is 5:42. we'll talk about what you can expect with that high fire danger that goes into effect tonight. i'll have details on that coming right up. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk with new numbers this mofogeorgia govern this was an historic race watched around the country because it could have ended up with georgia having the nation's first black female governor. that is democrat stacey abrams. she is refusing to concede. but at this point, her opponent, republican brian kemp, does have enough votes to put him over the top preventing a runoff, that's 50.5% of the vote right now
5:43 am
compared to abrams 48.6% of the voteabrams has refused to concede. at this point, it's almost 9:00 a.m. georgia time. she is still refuses to make that call to kemp. in the past she has promised the possibility of a recount. a lot of those votes came in late. a lot of them came from metro atlanta where people had to wait in very long lines and there have been a lot of accusations about voter suppression and other malfeasance in this election. so it will be very interesting to see what abrams does this morning. with these new erou 100% of precincts reporting, according to the "associated press," we'll see what happens. thank you. here in the bay area a isne all 90% contained this morning. a pile of construction debris at the recology center went up in flames. the smoke prompted an air quality advisory for most of the day. kids were also sent home from a nearby preschool and the city even checked on voters at
5:44 am
a polling station in that area. cisco has announced it's cutting hundreds of jobs in the bay area. the company says it will lay off 405 of its employees at san jose headquarters and 57 in milpitas. employees began receiving pink slips on monday. most of the job affected are in product, marketing, business operations and other technical positions. new this morning, if you are not much of a cook, when it comes to thanksgiving, pringles has you covered. you can now order your thanksgiving meal in a can. the popular snack brand is bringing back three fan favorites. turkey stuffing, pumpkin pie all in the form of a pringle. they are only available online and the price is $15. there you go. >> i mean, i'll try it. but to replace your thanksgiving day meal? >> no, thanks. >> my favorite is sour cream and onion. can't beat sour cream and
5:45 am
onion pringles. but i'll try it. i'd rather have the real turkey. >> i want the stuffing. i want the turkey. >> i want to be able to fry it up. >> the cranberries. >> you like cranberries? i stay away from that. >> delicious! gravy. >> i can't do cranberries. >> we are really hungry this morning if you can't figure it out. even for pringles. gianna, what's going on on the roads? >> we just check in with chp. we have a couple of hot spots along 101 this morning. one of them in the south bay and one north there was into mountain view. so let's get to the south bay. northbound 101 delays for a crash at oakland road. it is blocking at least two lanes. you can see that traffic is backed up all the way to tully . so use 280 as an alternate. a much better choice. a vehicle down an embankment
5:46 am
north 101 at moffett boulevard. they have shut down two lanes because there's a lot of debris in the road. this is lightly traveled right now so not too many es or delays as you work your way through there. slightly slow past the scene. past that clear from mountain view into san francisco. south of there into morgan hill. gilroy into morgan hill, usually slow around this time of the morning but making matters worse, there's a large mattress that's stuck in the road for half an hour so north 101 at coughlin two lanes blocked. 13 minutes from tennant to cochran. over to the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a crash just before the toll plaza right around the maze. it looks like it's not blocking lanes but may cause some spectator slowing. another crash reported westbound 80 at university. metering lights probably are on at this point. we are seeing traffic jammed at least out of the maze to the toll plaza, gets better
5:47 am
into san francisco. here's mary with the forecast. we are looking at plenty of sunshine as we head through the day. here's a live look with our "salesforce tower" camera looking east. and you can see the clear skies out there. and, of course, our beautiful bay bridge. so temperatures are chilly. we are talking 40s, 50s and even down to the 30s. so santa rosa 39. napa in the 30s, as well. so for the north bay, really waking up to those temperatures in the 30s. concord 47. oakland 52. livermore you're at 44. 53 in san francisco. and 47 in san jose. so cool to chilly, clear skies this morning once again. that sunshine continues for us with above average temperatures for this time of year. we're talking about 4 to 8 degrees warmer than normal. and extreme fire danger that starts tonight. so we are going to see offshore winds really kick in. it's so dry out there, then you combine those northeast winds with gusts up to 60 miles per hour, especially for the north and east bay hills, and that does mean critical
5:48 am
fire weather conditions. so a red flag warning in effect from 10 p.m. tonight until friday at 7 a.m. so we have this big chunk of time that we are really watching those strong winds. futurecast here and stopping the clock at 10 p.m., when that red flag warning kicks in for us. you can see the reason why. with strong winds starting at for friday morning there. so watching those gusty northeast winds that's dry warm air and high pressure in place. still in place. we are going to see a trough of low pressure just riding the top of that ridge and because of that, we'll see those offshore winds. those winds start tonight. daytime highs today again 4 to 8 degrees warmer than average for this time of the year. let's check the south bay. 74 high in santa clara.
5:49 am
75 in san jose with that sunshine there. 81 brentwood. mid- to upper 70s in the north bay. 75 petaluma. ukiah 76. here's that seven-day forecast. temperatures just a little bit cooler for thursday you friday, saturday. plenty of sunshine across the board for veterans day looking great with that sunshine. temperatures inland about 80 for the bay. about 70 and mid-60s for the coast still looking dry for next week, as well. back to you. time now 5:49. >> call them power pants. coming up, experts say that these high-tech trou are e otf the future. how they offer mobility to those who need it the most. we'll be right back.
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but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. -whoa! the club is rockin'! good morning. take a look at our temperatures. as we go through the day with that sunshine, warming up looking at 75 for you in san jose. 75 san ramon and berkeley, alameda, oakland, san leandro. 60s to 70s in the area today.
5:54 am
we'll have more coming up. we head to danville this time around. we have a crash on the northbound side of 680 with a big rig involved. it is over to the shoulder. northbound 680 right at sycamore valley road. 124 minutes from crow canyon to 242. westbound 580 this morning, towards the dublin interchange, 31 minutes out of the altamont pass. we are seeing traffic bunch up as you make the connector to 680. 31 minutes as you work your way westbound 580. crash still blocking lanes north 101 at oakland road. two lanes blocked and two lanes blocked north 101 at moffett for a crash on the shoulder. 5:54. this morning, we are getting our first look at what could be the clothing of the future. a unique pair of pants is offering mobility to those in need. they are called power pants. >> for those people who don't have much muscle function,
5:55 am
then the pants will give them a lot of power. that's the goal. >> scientists say robotic technology is stitched into the seams down the thighs of the pants. they act as extra muscles expanding with air to help you stand or contracting to help you sit. researchers say they can bot leg stby0% but the onlm, they are $2 million. >> our goal is to make these within about seven to 10 years cheap enough for the average person can go into a store and can buy them and use them. >> scientists say the goal is to make the pants affordable by 2025 because who has $2 million for a pair of pants? >> they have a lot of work to do before they cut down on the price. can you imagine, 50% off and it's still a million dollars? >> and they are for people in need. yeah. definitely would help the elderly and people with disabilities. >> hopefully the price comes down. could have their
5:56 am
power switched off this week. >> reporter: and ballot counters in santa are finally getting a well deserved break after counting ballots all night. that doesn't mean they're done. they just need a rest.
5:57 am
in 2017, california had the worst wildfire season on record. scientists say, our weather is becoming more extreme and we all have to be that's whye is adoptingfeca to help us monitor and respond
5:58 am
to dangerous weather. hi, i'm allison bagley, a meteorologist with pg&e's community wildfire safety program. we're working now, to enhance our weather forecasting capabilities, building a network of new weather stations to identify when and where extreme wildfire conditions may occur, so we can respond faster and better. we're installing cutting edge technology to provide real-time mapping and tracking of weather patterns. and we use this information in partnership with first responders and california's emergency response systems. to learn more about the community wildfire safety program and how you can help keep your home and community safe, visit
5:59 am
continue to roll in... we'll have the very latest on all the big races... and p-g-&-e announces it's once again considering shutting off the power for thousands of y area residen ballots still being counted. we'll have the latest on the big races. >> pg&e is considering again shutting off power for thousands of bay area residents due to fire danger. >> good morning. it's wednesday, november 7th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. the after pefulleveryone is wel you guys y night? >> a little bit, yeah. watching the results. we're all on election
6:00 am
hangover. ha ha! >> but it's okay. >> we have you covered coming up. >> we have you covered with, too. so we are looking at sunshine as we head through the day. everything is just so dry out there. it's been a long time since we have had the rain. and unfortunately, we're going to see dry offshore winds kick in for us beginning tonight. and that does mean critical fire weather conditions. we'll talk about that in just a moment. but taking you out to the south bay, san jose good morning to you. under clear skies. a beautiful view there. temperatures are in the 40s, 50s and even in the 30s this morning. santa rosa just dropped to 38. so a chilly start for you across the north bay. we are looking at temperatures oakland coming in at 52. livermore 44. san francisco 53. and san jose at 48. so cool to chilly this morning with clear skies. we'll have that sunshine once


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