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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 8, 2018 1:37am-2:11am PST

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people on alert for a possible power shut down as early as tomorrow morning. ready to go dark, pg&e puts tens of thousands of peopl on alert for a possible power shut down as early as tomorrow morning. good evening. >> about 70,000 customers in nine counties are on notice due
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to extreme fire danger,ip colluding napa and sonoma thetilityyays they've learned from the past mistake >> reporter: this generator off highway 29 off pg&e's backup plan if they have to cuts power to calistoga on the evening of another potential public safety shut down in calistoga, man talked about the utility giant. >> this was a very big deal for us as a company and it was the first time this happened and we know based on that experience we need to get better and there is a lot of room for improvement. >> reporter: when the utility company cut the power last month, it took three days for the power to come back on, costing the tourist-driven town. >> we lost over $150,000.
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what i am hearing from pg&e is basically tough, we'll have to figure had out. >> reporter: calistoga roastery, claims it cost him $3,000. >> i paid staff and had to send them home because we didn't know when it was going to come back on and i through away all of my perishables. >> reporter: it was the first of the kind for the giant and in response to pg&e being named as the cause of several fires behind last year's deadly fire storm. the questions from the crowd were tough, calling pg&e policy into question. >> i have not seen anything on the chart that states you were goin >> reporter: a the
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y are t human side effects of the shutdown. >> we were completely exposed, everything from this dread, my clients suffered and i can't be responsive to them, to i'm isolated in my house. i have no way of communicating. that's a pretty scary position to be in. >> reporter: if the wind events gets downgradeding with pg&e says all of the equipment -- down graded, all of pg&e's equipment will be brought out of the your. and a three acre brush fire happened in castro valley this afternoon. you can see those flames got right up to the home burning right up to the patio furniture, in fact. and this red flag warning is in effect from now through friday.rn a lid paul, pictures steel the story. it looks like middle of the july -- pictures tell the story. it looks like the middle of
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july. rains and we have not had the rain yet. we're looking at the water since october 1st. look at these numbers. a percent of average, livermore, that's 2% of average rainfall. san jose, 3% of average rainfall, san francisco, only 12%, and santa rosa, which got a good dose of rainfall october 1st, and 39% of normal. add that into the windy mountain, very low humidity. all bay area hills above 1,000 feet in elevation. critical fire danger from now until friday morning and it's not like some magic pill hits friday morning lowering the fire danger. it's going to stay elevated until is it rains and we'll have more of these events until it rains and we'll be talking about this over and over again until it rains. >> and we're not seeing anything on the horizon? >> no. >> thank you. the fam of a san walkiome ig
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answers. kpix 5 is reporting she was well-known in her north beach community. >> reporter: an 86 grandmother was a few steps away from her home when she was hit and killed by a big rig driver on her block on monday. she lived with her daughter and grandson and they are still trying to process her death. she lived in this sro in north beach for the past six years. monday started off as an ordinary day. she went to the park with her daughter. after that her daughter went to buy groceries from home so she headed home with a cane but never made it back. >> translator: whenever my son hears sirens, he checks to see if she's okay. he never thought that was her. her went back and locernd f d te scene at powell and vallejo in an accident.
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a 49-year-old man was at the wheel but not arrested. police have not said why. >> translator: i will some the driver. he killed my mom. no arrest, no jail time and let him go. >> reporter: the 21-year-old grandson did not want to show his face on camera. >> i feel really sad about it because she needed us all the time and i miss her a lot. >> reporter: certificates honoring her work with the tenant's association hang in the unit the family shares. san francisco police say her death was the second fatal traffic accident that day. a young woman on a motorcycle crashed into a car one block from where ying was killed. >> there are cars coming and going constantly. even though i know cars should stop i always like to double-check around here. >> reporter: in san francisco, kpix 5. >> it's been a terrible week for
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these kinds of accidents. google says one of its own employees was hit and killed in an accident near the google plex campus in mountain view identified as emily hong, who worked in the finance department. she was hit by a company bus and the driver of the bus is cooperating with investigators. tonight president trump's relationship with the media has gone from bad to even worse. >> this is another cabinet member is forced out of the white house. kpix 5 on the day of drama that gap with the with off thing of jeff sessions. >> earlier today, sessionsy,tert your request i'm submitting my resignation. sessions chief of staff matte whittaker will serve
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as acting attorney general. a doj official says he will oversee all matters, including the russia investigation led by special counsel robert mueller, something he's called a political fishing expedition. >> it would create a constitutional crisis if therapy a prelude to ending or greatly limiting the mueller investigation. >> the justice department says whittaker's oversight of the special counsel will be subject to review by federal ethics officials. the other big story out of washington tonight, jim acosta has been banned from the white house. >> reporter: this is just acosta, i'm in front of the white house, secret service officers asking for my hard pass. obviously no hard feelings to the officer, but i'm now getting my hard pass and giving it to the secret service. >> reporter: acosta tweeting this video after being denied entrance to the white house this evening. here's the incident that start today all.
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>> that's enough, that's enough. >> reporter: can i ask -- the other folks -- pardon me -- cocoa beach should be ashamed of itself having you working for them. you are a rude, terrible person. you shouldn't be working for cnn. >> now after that exchange, press secretary sarah sanders tweeted this, quote, president trump expected welcomed questions of him and his administration and we will never tolerate a man placing his hands on a young woman. she was trying to do her job as an interim. >> we can see the man take the microphone away from acosta. in her third attempt she grabs it and tries to pull it away but grabs it with both hands. he said quote this is a lie. >> house minority lead are nancy
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pelosi launching her bid to become speaker of the house who sent a letter to incumbent democrats one day after her party reclaimed the house and wrote quote my vision for the next two year is to restore the house to the role it should have fhe american people. pelosi's bid faces challenges though. several democrats distanced themselves from her during the mid-term campaign. oakland mayor libby schaff celebrating her reelection but she'll be taking on her second term with a very different city council. newcomers pulled off an upset defeating long time council member desley brooks in district six and 2. here's more on the new blood coming to city hall. >> reporter: this may be the biggest shake up on the oakland city council in years. three newcomers voted in, one 16-year veteran of the council defeated
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decisively. >> there is a hunger for change and we're ready to bring that change. >> reporter: this is the man behind the biggest upset on oakland cyil, lauren taylor beat desley brooks at the ballot box ending her term as the district of council member. a on former "black panther" elaine brown cost the city of oakland more than $2 million and has been sued for physical and verbal abuse on an aide. libby schaff called for her ouster. >> i think oakland would be tremendously served by having that individual replaced on the city council. >> reporter: brooks isn't the only council member who will be replaced. the district 4 council seat, any campbell washington announced she would vacate this year. district 2 incumbent also fell to the community organizer.
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voters are looking ae. >> change is what they'll get in their new faces. vote are turnout declined in this election, despite record breaking turnout across the county. >> many district 6 residents have given up on voting and the city to solve their problems. they're not excited -- i'm excited they've put their faith in me. >> reporter: council member larry reid has said this will be his last term. in oakland, kpix 5. >> the voters passed san francisco's business tax to raise money for the homeless, but he t may take a while before we -- it may take a while before we see any of the effects of prop c. the measure passed with 60% of the yes votes but faces a potential legal challenge. controller says the city will still collect the tax money but
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those funds will be frozen until any legal fights work their way through the courts. tonight a mystery in san jose after the volunteer annual orchard sign -- vintage orchard sign disappeared overnight. >> reporter: the empty building behind me was one of its first stores, even after it closed, the store sign stayed up until someone took it this week. when a piece of san jose history suddenly vanished -- >> people are so up at. >> reporter: -- santa clara county supervisor was so upset he tried to track down the signd have affection for it. >> reporter: ryan grayson is the executive director for the preservation active council of san jose says for months
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even before afternoonard orchard supply announced they were closing, the sign went up more than six decades ago standing tall as san jose transformed from an agriculture center to silicon valley. so who took it? supervisor yeager says the homeless nearby gave him some clues. >> the whole area is gaited so someone had to have the key and they had this big truck or they put it in a big crate and drove away. >> reporter: he's even made calls. >> google says they don't know anything about it. >> reporter: when it comes to lowe's -- >> we haven't heard back from lowe's, even though we called and e-mailed. no responses. >> reporter: they say they'll seearly century. the part of >> before too much s d the s forever. >> reporter: i reached out to lowe's but i'm waiting for a
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response. a council member tweeted it was spotted in san francisco, but as of now it's still missing. in san jose, kpix 5. it's been dubbed the florida shuffle. drug addicts from across the country have been lured to the sunshine state for decades with the primis of treatment. >> kpix 5 -- promise of treatment. kpix 5 found out addicts are being paid to come to california. it's a process that's being known as body brokering. >> ken and liz, many addicts have overdosed and died in the process of being brokered to california. we talked to a father who lost his son this year who was offered money and free flights to come to a treatment center here. as florida tightens its regulations, addicts say california is becoming the wild west of rehab. treatment andtart about cali rep rich stlg a
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his 22-year-old son, a recovering heroin addict called to tell him he was planning leave his treatment center in florida for a new rehab facility in california. days later he got the call alex o.d.ed and died a few miles from the rehab facility. >> somewhere building some type of wall waiting for the day, but nothing prepares you. >> reporter: when he learned what happened, the pain turned to anger. turns out someone was offering him money and plane fare to switch to a new rehab in beverly hills. >> i had all the text messages after my son passed away. >> want to go to cal i? i'll send you $200 to get you established on through the and on top of that you get two smokes a day, haircuts and gym. i'm pretty sure, alex responds. then the messages get more urgent. you ready? cal i's calling your name, then the
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person spells it out, send me your insurance info and i'll run it to get you approved. send it tomorrow, i'll throw you the cash after 17 days, broski. let me get back to you with my info. finally, alex send says his insurance information, then radio silence. rich now knows why. >> that same person that does that hard sell you on, they're going to tell you towards the end of that process that you know you have to fail your urine test in order to justify getting you into treatment. >> reporter: it was that relapse that cost alex his life. the person who was trying to lure alex to california is what's known as a body broker. unethical treatment centers will pay former addicts kick back money if they bring them an addict with good insurance to their facility. they'lthen run that ad account insurance for unnecessary testing and make millions. >> body broker, to use delicately, is a pimp.
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>> reporter: a facebook group moderator called it's time forrethics in addiction treatment. -- for ethics treatment. >> and most time they'll be sold over and over, including being paid to relapse oftentimes. >> reporter: he flags what might be unethical rehabs. >> i felt responsible because i was the sole reason they were brought in. >> it was like a flop house basically. >> reporter: the former employees and others we spoke with reported to authority the center was paying for patients. >> i really feel sorry for the people who were there to get well. >> reporter: they say while were there, there was no inaw aiessed d. res showolepo t te calls cg near-death heroin overdose, possible meth use, battery, and an attempted suicide.
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the two former employees provided a line item for $240,000 for marketing which they believe was actually used to pay for clients. >> we would never pay a client to come to treatment. >> reporter: the treatment center's president -- >> one of the line items in the treatment budget is for marketing/referrals and this past year you spent about $341,000 on that. who are you paying that money to? >> we have a very reputable marketing firm that we pay a substantial monthly payment to. >> reporter: indigo gave us the name of the marketing company. when we called, they've never heard of umnpa. >> it's sort of whack a mole. e ohe- scamming is cracked down, and find another way to exploit the center. >> reporter: the there are so md
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actors and they struggle to stay open. >> you wonder how people sleep at night. >> reporter: victims' families have had a hard time sleeping at night, too. >> just that echo of nothing, knowing the phone isn't going to ring again. >> reporter: rich hopes by telling alex's story he can prevent another addict from being brokered here and prevent another parent's heart from being broken in the process. >> governor brown signed a new law that out laws patient brokering. if caught a treatment center could be fined and loses license, but that is a lot less strict than florida's law that makes it a felony and catching people in the act of body brokering is tough asdot ue unreported. >> the scam going on here is against the insurance companies. >> yep. >> so these so-called treatment
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centers are really milking them for sometimes unnecessary treatment. what are they getting for their money, these insurance companies? >> that is a big part of the story we've yet to get to. one of the big things these treatment centers do will partner with a urine lab and perform unnecessary urine tests that can run for $10,000 a week. they actually call it in the industry liquid gold. that is something we are continuing to look into and we'll have a followup story on this. >> it's despicable. people are trying to get better and save their lives. >> and they're extremely vulnerable. >> suzy, thank you for that. we have gone 0 for november when it comes to rainfall, but every evening, has given us a sight like this. over mount sutro, the sutro tower, another 5:00, 58 degrees in
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san francisco, 42 in santa rosa. erday4brisk in concord, 50, and morning, you got up to a high of 82 degrees in the afternoon. 77, windy in napa especially in the hills tomorrow. sunshine on friday, 75. so the dry streak and sunny streak if you will, will continue because our ridge of high pressure centered off to the west is still there and is not moving it's all. the difference between this strong ridge and this area of low pressure, which will go over the ridge and slide over nevada is going to pick up the wind. 48-miles-per-hour winds, stronger tomorrow, especially in the higher elevations, is why we have the fire danger. you'll feel it in santa rosa and napa tomorrow, and fairfield. wind gusts, exceeding 30-miles-an-hour and staying mainly north and east ofransco e
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hills. into the weekend and next week, the ridge is exactly where it is right now so we should not expect our weather to change. it will stay clear and chilly at night. very dry during the afternoon with mainly sunny skies. highs tomorrow, averages are now upper 60s and we'll be in the upper 70s. cooper tin o, 76. -- coopertino, 76, and dublin, mid-70s there. pittsburgh, 75. fairfield, petaluma, low 70s. alameda, and richmond, low 70s, 77 degrees in napa as i mentioned, earlier. 76 in clover dale. bottom line, continued warm for the foreseeable future. each of the next seven days will feature weat s to today. there is eventually g went on the
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air. >> mike rowe comes clean
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enjoy your flight mr. jones. world's best inflight entertainment. job ahead...which pls stay, which players go, free agency, tem..bottom the new president of baseball operations has a pig job ahead. which players stay? which players go? free agency, the farm system. bottom line fans can expect a complete overhaul. the giants introduced the new baseball of operations. the san francisco streets were clogged during glory days of the not so recent past. let's just say he's a fan of traffic jams. >> seeing the three guy not as parades on the local news and hearing my friends complain about how it was messing up
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had very firsthand experience with those and that's the goal. i hope we're meddling up peoples' commutes very soon. >> now, the question is, will the giants take the same road as oakland has in rebuilding their already traded khalil mack, amari cooper, and releasedwith r isn't surrounded by many familiar facings. >> you look around and coop isn't sitting behind me in the offensive meeting anymore, and khalil isn't sitting next to me in the team meeting. i go up to bruce's locker and it's not bruce. it's tough. it hurts. it's hard , but no one pays me to care about my feelings. >> on tuesday, texas andrew jones return to the court after missing the longhorns final 20 games of last season after being
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diagnosed with leukemia. jones scored his first point and walked off the court to a standingva as bea eastern illinois 71-59. now, jones wasn't sure he was going to play basketball will at all. in fact he's not done with treatment, has another treatment coming in december. ken, for everybody at home, thinks the giants are going to trade madison bumgarner. >> that's my
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the giants new p >> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music]
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