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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 8, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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this. these pictures really tell the story. plumes of dark smoke rising up into the sky. and check out this ominous site for drivers driving away from the fire. a massive plume of smoke seen for miles as people were trying to get out with their lives. cal fire says that people are still trapped in the town of paradise. it was evacuated because of the fire but not everyone got out. crews are working to get the remaining people out of that town as we speak. no hard numbers but cal fire says hundreds of structures have been destroyed in butte county. the feather river hospital in paradise also had to be evacuated. some medical buildings nearby were damage and had a fire chief also reports that several civilians have been hurt as well as at least two firefighters. now take a look at what people were up against racing out of
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their neighborhoods surrounded by walls of flames. and this video from a family who escaped their home. flames and cinders crawling across the ground up in the trees heavy smoke. a reality check here this looks like nighttime. but this video believe it or not is the middle of the afternoon, daylight. >> the whole lower side of paradise is totally engulfed in flames right now. the pacifica, princeton area, neil road, feather river hospital all engulfed in flames right now. not one home will be left standing. >> this is called the campfire. it's raging just north of the town of oroville. governor elect newsom has declared a state of emergency for that area. the flames burned right up to the asphalt. this is in oroville. you can see a cal fire helicopter swinging in for a water drop.
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dozers are on the ground clearing out dry brush. audio from emergency dispatchers capturing the panic as people ditched their cars and took off on foot. >> we got information that people are abandoning vehicles on skyway. we're going to start pushing them out of the way. >> they got out of their cars because you could feel the heat coming through the windshield. cal fire is staging their trucks, dozers, crews at butte college. rachel wolf is in butte county tonight. >> reporter: randy and his dog drove through a wall of fire to escape the flames. >> i could feel the heat in my car as i'm driving. >> he's 1 of 35,000 residents under a mandatory evacuation order. the fire started at 6:30 a.m. by noon it was more than 8,000 acres. cal fire says red flag conditions with winds between 40 and 60 miles per hour caused the
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fire to spread quickly and complicated fire fighting efforts. >> when we have winds more than 30 miles per hour drop from the air it's actually ineffective. >> i have a lot of people asking me on social media what had happened with feather river hospital. i was just told by cal fire that there are some people sheltering in place and that the building has sustained some minor damage from the fire. that is the latest we're going to get you more information and bring that to you as soon as we can get it. >> the wind fuelled fire is growing. wrap your head around this. the rate of 80 football fields per minute. at last check 18,000 acres have burned but that number is far gone by now. at least 27,000 people are out of their homes evacuated. this fire is far from being contained. as the fire fight moves into the night we'll be back in 30 minutes with more on this. >> ken, thanks.
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some bay area crews are already on the front lines tonight. others are making their way there. just a couple of hours ago now dozens of firefighters from all over the peninsula met up to form what they call an urgent need strike team. >> it's so sad to see the people that are effected. i saw some people were burned and people are losing properties and homes and just struggling to evacuate. so it effects you emotionally for sure. >> crews from alameda county, oakland, fremont, and hayden arrived this afternoon. a strike team from berkeley is also on the scene. >> the smoke drifting right here into the bay area. and no matter where you are you can probably see it at least smell it. >> this is a time lapse from our sales force camera looking east. you can see as we move through the afternoon the air quality became worse and worse and worse. >> and this video from chopper five you see the thick hazy air over sonoma county. >> adding to the mess small fires here along bay area freeways. around noon more than a dozen firefighters were at the scene
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of this brush fire in oakland on hey highway 13. the fire burned only vegetation, no structures were damaged. the cause is under investigation. in pleasanton firefighters responded to several spot fires along 680 today. we're told those are now out. a red flag warning stretches from the north bay to as far south as palo alto. >> first let's get to paul with the conditions out there. >> this air quality is impacting all 8 million of us in the bay area. at best it's moderate, at worst it's some of the worst air quality we have seen since the wine country wildfires 13 months ago. where is it the worst, santa rosa. your aqi is above 200. that's twice more than what we call unhealthy. a lot of stuff in the air there. san francisco, oakland, fremont, concord and fairfield all with air quality unhealthy. it looks like this fire is down the road a couple of miles away. no it's coming from east of
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chico. but the set up to the west of the bay area is taking that smoke and sending it on a 200-mile trip to the bay area. so you can literally see on a satellite image that smoke being thrust in our direction and that continues this evening. it's probably windy in your backyard. it probably wasn't as windy as the top of mt. diablo with a 72 miles per hour wind gusts today. mount st. helena at 62 miles per hour. we'll talk more about the red flag warning and how long the smoke will last coming up. >> we'll see you then. red flag warning stretching as far south as the palo alto foothills. chopper five flew over the dry rolling hills in that area. fire crews are getting ready for just about anything. >> reporter: here in the
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foothills above palo alto the sun has gone down, the wind has picked up and with it the threat of wildfires. it has been a busy day for palo alto firefighters moments after one crew left to help fight the butte county wildfire and another was getting ready to patrol the dry, grass fib foothills west of the city. my interview with the battalion chief. >> i have to go. >> was interrupted mid sentence by yet another call for service. with wildfires around the state and the red flag warning in effect this evening and overnight fire departments are spread thin and neighbors are on edge. >> there's always the concern that folks will have to evacuate and then may not have a home or a business to come back to afterwards. >> for the next 24 hours the fire department has moved crews from the valley into the foothills hoping that a quick response will mean the difference between the fire quickly contain and had one that
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spreads uncontrollably. >> from our station five it will take us about 20 minutes to get all the way up here. having us prepositioned up here gives us a lead time on the fires. >> crews say fire season is extending later and the later into the year. but they hope their planning can help them avoid a major disaster like last year's devastating wine country wildfires. >> that is one of the odd advantages to fires being so frequent is the folks in charge of taking care of them have a lot of practice. >> the palo alto fire department did actually send a crew to the fire in butte county. they had to quickly send another crew to the foothills. that's the crew that will be here overnight. >> hopefully people sleep better because of it. devon, thanks. in southern california a number of evacuations are being ordered due to another wind fueled fire. the hill fire in ventu are, a county has burned between 8,010,000 acres.
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that -- 8,000 and 10,000 acres. more than 150 firefighters are on the front lines. nobody is above the law. that is the rally cry for proesters across the nation right now. -- protesters across the nation right now. these are happening in washington, d.c. and georgia. the point is to protect robert mueller's investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. these are the protests happening right now in the bay area. about two-dozen scheduled events. melissa cain is at one of those rallies. she's live at civic center in san francisco. >> we're here in the plaza right across from city hall in san francisco where the crowd just a few minutes ago was chanting lock him up. they say the president has acted unlawfully by replacing attorney general jeff sessions with the president's own ally matt whitaker. they say it amounts to the president controlling an investigation into his own
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actions. that means no investigation at all. we talked to one protester who said he spent time in the military fighting for his country and he's still fighting. >> donald trump is using his base as like stupid idiots and his base needs to wake up and smell the coffee. >> i think we saw the president declare war on the constitution yesterday. the ultimate check on him is the will of the american people. this is a group of americans who are standing up and asking that the constitution be observed. >> the second voice you heard talking was the founder of need to impeach. he said we're in a constitutional crisis. the organizers here say this is far from over. they'll continue to protest again and again every time the president makes any moves to interfere with the mueller investigation. live in san francisco melissa cain, kpix5. >> right now mourners are gathering to remember a young woman from napa who was killed
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in the mass shooting at a bar in southern california. 18-year-old elena housely was having a night out with friends when she was gunned down late last night. elena graduated from vintage high in napa. that's where her mother taught. her family of course grieving tonight. emily turner is live where community members are also feeling the effects of her loss. >> reporter: it's not just her family that's grieving it's this entire community. it's absolutely heart breaking. you can see the vigil there happening behind me. they don't have a program in place they say they just wanted folks to come offer up a prayer for her, for their family to be together to honor her memory because she was just such a wonderful young woman. she just started off in her adult life. her family friends were so excited to see her off and she was excited to be at the university in pepperdine.
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her father owns the store down the street from where this vigil is happening. folks in town have been leaving flowers there in her honor just to show their support. the awful thing about this is the family left this morning to go down there not knowing whether elena was actually a victim. they found out a few hours after that, just before lunchtime that indeed she is a victim of this awful shooting. we talked to the town manager today who knows the family well who saw elena grow up at the elementary school here and said they are such a vital part of this community. it is heart breaking. >> the kids they grew up in this community. they have been a part of the fabric of community. a lot of people are familiar and that's just like having somebody torn away from you. it's just hard to understand and for us the community coming after the fires last year the
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pathway shooting at the veterans world it's just another reminder of how the world has change and had how vulnerable we are. >> this community really has gone through so much in the last year. and of course this is just insult to injury hitting them very, very much at their core with such a young woman taken from them too soon. she was again as i said a big part of this community. she was a soccer player. she helped coach soccer. and most of the folks who live here say they either are familiar with her family or they know the family very well. and their hearts and their prayers go out to this family tonight. there is another vigil actually further south in napa as well at her high school in just about an hour. emily turner, kpix5. >> thanks we appreciate it so much. >> coming up at 6:30 we'll have a live report from the scene of that shooting with the very latest in thousand oaks. an ied blows up right in front of oakland police officers at a chaotic protest. now an arrest. >> this new bart station is so
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they are accused of injuring police officers with an improvised explosive device. a man and a 13-year-old are under arrest. they are accused of injuring
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police officers with an improvised explosive device. one of the injured officers told us how it all went down. >> reporter: lieutenant james beard fought in multiple combat missions during his 26 years in the marine corps. >> i have actually disable and had blown up improvised explosive device in combat. >> he never thought he would face an ied in oakland until a device blew up next to him on broadway. >> i heard someone say look out at which point i looked down. i saw what looked like an m 1,000 that was altered. it had caps on each end. i turned away, it exploded. after it detonated there was shrapnel that pierced my boot. temporarily i was dazed, i had a burn on my leg as well as small puncture wounds. >> the blast injured ten oakland officers. it happened during a large
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protest to demand justice for bart stabbing victim mia wilson in july. investigators were there to keep the peace. a man left the device, gave it to a 13-year-old teen and told him to toss it at the officers. >> had it detonated in the air the shrapnel could have caused great bodily injury if not dead. >> the juvenile has pled guilty and is in juvenile hall. the adult is facing a number of charges. >> in antioch a brand new bart station built just a few months ago has already outgrown its parking lot. these are pictures from chopper five and there it is. bart says they are surprised but antioch's mayor says he's been warning them for years. >> we are cruising around the antioch bart station parking lot right now. and if you're not here by 5:20 a.m.
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forget it. the hunt for parking has gotten so desperate. listen to what andrew gutierrez has to do. >> usually i get here around 3:00 to 3:30 just to find parking close enough to the front so i don't have to rush in the morning. >> bart's initial projections had up to nearly 2300 riders a day. but that quickly grew to more than 3,000 a date. in five months they had 1 million riders. the lot is often filled up by sun rise. in the early days mayor shawn wright new parking trouble was brewing. he sounded the alarm years ago. >> is there part of you that wants to gloat and say i told you so? >> no. >> why? >> there's no reason to gloat. it's let's fix this and move on. let's learn how to look at these things in the future better than in the past. >> we are almost a victim of our own success in this case. because we did not anticipate that the ridership would so far exceed those forecast numbers
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before the extension opened. >> the bart spokesperson says funding for parking was limited. >> it costs a lot of money to build parking and parking structures and it wasn't in the initial budget. >> it screws us in the long run for the people who commute everyday. they need to build more space. >> relief is coming slowly. bart just got $16 million to build 800 more spaces right next door. the mayor says that still won't be enough and has a better solution. >> we have your workers, they're driving to you, they're getting on bart and going to you. build your businesses here and they're already here. >> it's all about the air quality we'll get through the high temperatures quickly. it was a warm day but you didn't spend the time outside in the afternoon. had to go inside because of the bad air. 80 in santa rosa, 75 in san jose. 74 in san francisco. what's the air quality like right now? keep the windows closed. it will be like this all night
6:21 pm
long. very unhealthy air quality. moderate to unhealthy vallejo, redwood city, and san jose. the chance through the night tonight where the winds will be strong there could be new fire start in any bay area hills above 1,000 feet because that's where the humidity will be its lowest and the winds tonight at their strongest. strong ridge of high pressure off to our west. that's why it's windy with an area of low pressure to our east. that's gone as soon as tomorrow morning. the winds will die down super rapidly tomorrow morning. the hope is the winds change just enough that the smoke from the campfire will head in a different direction tomorrow and our air quality could be markedly better. not great, not perfect, but better tomorrow. hazy night, windy in the hills. and even though it's smokey outside it's also going to be chilly. north bay 39 nor napa. 43 for fremont, 42 for livermore. it will be smokey in spots closer to the fire. the hope is not as bad as today.
6:22 pm
71 in fremont for a high. san francisco 71 degrees. and santa rosa and san jose 73. the winds relax tomorrow, the temperatures stay mild. but what we need is rainfall. there is none in the 7-day forecast. we may stay dry until thanksgiving. sunshine across the board with highs mainly in the 70s. that's your forecast. >> all right, paul. fans say good-bye to willie mccovey this afternoon at at&t park. an emotional moment from a giants broadcaster. hear what he said next.
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we even have live sports and news channels. ( ♪ ) and your free wi-fi will start shortly. enjoy your flight mr. jones. world's best inflight entertainment. fly emirates. fly better. stretch was larger than life, and today, a life- size goodbye was held at at&t park... the giants bid farewell to number 44, the event was open to fans willie mccovey passed away on halloween day at the age of 80. the giants bid farewell to number 44. the event was open to fans who came to honor the most beloved giant in san francisco history. a handful of former giants addressed the crowd including barry bonds.
6:25 pm
>> i want to thank the giants for giving mack that cove out there. and i want to thank mack for allowing me to hit a bunch of baseballs in his cove. >> you could ask him how he's doing and it would always be the same answer. oh i'm fine, got a ball game it will all be good. but when he left the stadium there was an endless parade of people giving him high fives and knuckles. they just wanted to tub touch him, they just wanted to tell him how much they loved him. and as i watched him he wheeled away with that attitude, i would hold my cane, and i would say i want to be like him. >> great moment.
6:26 pm
mike ru cko has a de degenerative disease hence the cane. the giants are 1-7. the 49ers undefeated. making a good first impression is nothing new for mullins. he met with the 49ers coaching staff before the 2017 draft dressed to impress. >> nick was buttoned uptight. came in like he was interviewing for a quality control position. did a good job. our quarterback coach told us about him for a while. and the first thing that stood out was when he came in i thought he looked like rich's younger son. so we kind of gave him a lot of crap for it on why he liked him so much. >> he sure looks good on the field. this is saints quarterback drew brees. he's got the best completion percentage in the nfl. even more efficient throwing to
6:27 pm
his kids. he posted my wife must really love me. she gets the kids fed, bathed, quiet and ready for bed. then dad walks in the door. dad comes home and chaos ensues. >> those kids are pretty good receivers. and drew brees might be 39-years old. but he's having the best year of his career. 18 touchdowns, one interception. he could be the mvp. >> you know what those kids make him young. coming up in our next half hour another day another mass shooting in america. >> what we're learning about the gunman's past and the future a young bay area woman will never have. >> plus residents running for their lives as first responders rush into the inferno. the latest on the massive fire in the bay area tonight. >> once again closed south park drive the same as they have done every year for the last 20 years. i'll tell you why they closed it
6:28 pm
this year coming up.
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the first memorials are underway for the victims of a southern california shooting. our top story at 6:30 the first memorial is underway for the victims of a southern
6:31 pm
california shooting. a napa teenager among the 12 people killed when a gunman opened fire in a southern california bar. >> police have identified the suspect as 28-year-old ian david long. he was a former u.s. marine who was known to law enforcement. authorities believe he took his own life after shooting up a bar. >> we have team coverage on that shooting. kpix5's julie watts is in napa where that young woman's family is grieving tonight. >> we begin live first in thousand oaks. >> reporter: it has now been several hours since the mass shooting. and as the news starts to really sink in here for the community the mood remains somber as those ah who live through it continue to share their stories of what they saw and what they experienced. tonight we still don't have a motive but we are learning more about the gunman. >> jason coffman's grief spilled
6:32 pm
out for the world to hear. >> oh god this is so bad. son, i love you so much. >> he waited all night to hear if his 22-year-old son cody survived the shooting a the the bar is and grill in thousand oaks. >> i just got the news that he was one of the 11 that were killed last night. >> the crowd was dancing to country music when a man in a hood and black sweater opened fire. [ gunfire ] >> then he kept on moving to the right. he shot the front desk cashier. >> sheriff jeff dean identified the shooter as a former marine, 28-year-old ian long. and said he appeared to be killing at random. >> maybe there was a motive for this particular night but at this point we have no information leading to that at all. >> the sheriff says long used a legally purchased .45-caliber handgun with an extended magazine. he was already dead when the officers closed in. deputies had met long last april responding to a disturbance at
6:33 pm
his home. mental health specialists cleared him but did discuss the possibility of ptsd. a law enforcement motorcade escorted the body of sheriffs sergeant ron helus from the hospital. he was the first officer inside the bar and was killed during the shootout. he was a husband and a father described by one colleague as a gentle soul. now at this hour the community is gathering to honor and to remember all of those lives that were lost. >> i know that they're just beginning their investigation here. but have you been able to uncover anything else about the shooters past? >> well what we know about the shooter is that he was formerly a marine and that he served from 2008 to 2013. and what both police and neighbors are telling us is that they were concerned and there were some red flags that he
6:34 pm
could have been suffering from ptsd. we are told that the police had visited to his home in the past for those very reasons with a mental health specialist and neighbors say that they often heard the gunman fighting and arguing with his mother. so again both on the police side and on neighbors and those that knew him here in the community there were concern that is he did suffer from ptsd. >> we appreciate it, thank you. another tragedy for a north bay family. 18-year-old elena housely was out with her friends when she was gunned down and killed. we're live at vintage high school where elena graduated just a few months ago. we'll have that report in just a couple of minutes. democratic leader nancy pelosi did issue a statement today saying our nation awoke to
6:35 pm
news of a mass shooting of staggering tragedy and heart break. the american people deserve real action to end the daily epidemic of gun violence. >> and governor jerry brown had this to say. quote our hearts ache today for the victims of this heinous act and our deepest condolences are with the thousand oaks community and the families of those who lost loved ones. the flag at the white house has been at half staff and will remain that way until sunset saturday. >> on his second day as governor elect gavin newsom told reporters he's humbled by his new position. newsom says he's keeping track of the wildfire evacuations in butte county and southern california. >> it's a heavy heart to come here a day or two after an election for governor. you want to be focussed on other
6:36 pm
things. 23 folks injured and obviously 13 lives in total lost. and it's, you know, this is america. it's got to change. this doesn't happen anywhere else on planet earth. >> newsom took swipes a the the president and congress for their lack of action on gun control and called the nra morally bankrupt for not supporting what he calls common sense background checks. >> duodays ago voters in the affluent east bay san ramon elected the first woman of color to the city council. john ray mose report -- john ramos says it seems like no big deal. >> reporter: tuesday's results shows just how much attitudes and the city itself has changed.
6:37 pm
she wasn't trying to change the world when she ran for city council arriving in san ramon in 2006 as a single mom with no job he worked her way up to be leader of the technology center of excellence at ge digital. so she says she's used to operating in a male dominated environment. >> for me it's the norm in technology. for me i'm usually just the only woman in a room full of people because that's my norm. so for me it's going to not feel any different. >> she won with a grass roots campaign meeting people anywhere and everywhere she could. she spent a year in a city sponsored leadership academy studying issues and making contacts. and through it all she says her muslim faith was rarely an issue. >> somebody did ask me that question, i want to know if you're christian, muslim, a jew. and i'm like sir that pothole is not going to know my religion. >> like a lot of cities with large business centers, san ramon has had an influx of
6:38 pm
workers from around the world. it is now a community without a majority. and it's mayor says it's only natural that the old guard would change. and now you're having this emerging change of new leadership coming through. and they're ready to serve. she happens to be the first. >> she says her greatest hope is to be a bridge between the older residents and the more recent rivals. >> it's going to be a cool thing to bring people together. and how we do this and do it successfully as a city would be awesome. >> she'll officially be sworn in on december 11th. john ramos, kpix5. >> we wish her the best. tuesday was a good day for muslim candidates across the bay area. five muslim-americans won seats on various boards and councils. we're back with a live report from julie watts next.
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
among the 12 people killed when a gunman opened fire in a southern california bar. as we mentioned a napa teenager among the 12 people killed when a gunman opened fire
6:41 pm
in a southern california bar. 18-year-old elena housely was out with her friends last night when she was gunned down and killed. julie watts live at napa's vintage high school where elena graduated just a few months ago. >> reporter: elena's mom is actually a teacher here. she's the head of student activities. her little brother is a freshman at this high school. and if you look behind me you can see lots of cars pulling in getting ready for a vigil. as you can imagine people here are devastated. the loss is palpable as you walk around campus. grief counselors and chaplains were on campus today as students and faculty remembered elena as an exceptional student leader, musician, and athlete. >> elena housely is exactly the kind of young person we all want our kids to be. i think it was her genuine authentic connection to people. seeing the best in others. >> her principal said elena shined in her senior school musical. these are photos from her insta
6:42 pm
dpram. she also played varsity soccer at vintage and club soccer for napa united. she was a freshman at pepperdine and among 20 students there that went to the bar and grill for country music night before the shooting began. her college suite mate tweeted she was still missing before 2:30 a.m. a short time later her family took to social media asking for prayers. elena is the niece of former fox news correspondent adam housely and his wife sister sister actress tamara maury housely. there is a vigil here and another one begins at 7:00 on the soccer field where elena used to play. people are arriving right now and preparing for that vigil. >> plans for a new ikea in the
6:43 pm
east bay could be a new reality. right now the dublin city council is meeting to vote on plans to build the furniture store. it's situated on a portion of i-80 that sees frequent traffic jams. residents protested at the big box change store with yellow shirts and signs. but ikea says it would generate money and jobs. when the city council makes a decision we'll bring you the latest on air and online. >> still ahead the latest from butte county. the camp fire forcing tens of thousands from their homes.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
county tonight.. governor-elect gavin newsom has declated a state of emergency.. ands flee their ho we are staying on top of a fast moving wildfire in butte county tonight. >> governor elect newsom has declared declared a state of emergency as thousands flee their homes. >> crews have been working all day long trying to get the upper hand on the camp fire. air tankers are making the rounds dropping fire retardant all over the flames. the fire broke out this morning
6:47 pm
just west of i-70 near oroville. the fast moving flames forced out all 27,000 people in the city of paradise. and we just got our first images of the destruction. take a look. you can see they're coming in a minute but there is an entire school engulfed with half the sign there burned away. we are also seeing several homes on fire. there's the school we mentioned. we're hearing that several homes have been completely destroyed. and take a look it shows what appears to be a small town shopping center coming up with the entire facade completely covered in flames there. still unclear how many exact buildings have burned. so far the fire has scorched 18,000 acres. crews have spent the entire day going door to door trying to get everyone out. ash in the sky has created some eerie scenes like this one as drivers fled their homes leaving everything behind. >> it was fast. it happened so fast. we went outside and we saw smoke, we thought we had time and it was just at our house.
6:48 pm
with ehad to drive through flames on both sides of the mountain. >> we have learned the feather river hospital in paradise also had to be evacuated. some medical buildings nearby were damaged. a fire chief also reports several civilians have been hurt as well as two firefighters. >> we're talking about that smoke making a 180-mile trip in the atmosphere to the bay area. you may have thought a fire was very close to the bay area. it's not but mother nature is blowing that wind and smoke in our direction and the air quality is taking a significant turn for the worse this afternoon. it's still there this evening very unhealthy air quality in santa rosa, san rafael, and san francisco. east to concord and fairfield also fremont we're talking about very poor air quality. and the moderate at best air quality will continue into the overnight hours likely through tomorrow morning. some improvement is expected tomorrow. 66 degrees in oakland right now. 56 in livermore. we are cooling off quickly this evening. excuse me i think the smoke is
6:49 pm
getting to me a i object will. santa rosa 60, and san jose 68 degrees. low 40s tonight tri valley. 40 in fairfield. 45 in redwood city. and 46 in santa rosa. at best it will be hazy sunshine tomorrow in san bruno. 771 degrees and the haze as long as the fire burns. what's causing this wind to fire up? we had wind gusts in our mountains from 50 to 70 miles per hour and it's certainly windy in butte county as well. strong pressure over nevada. of course we have the strong ridge of high pressure to our west. in between a strong north wind, offshore wind so it's dry. the winds are very gusty in the hills. so any fire that does start will spread rapidly. there was a point in time when the camp fire was spreading at 80 acres per minute. that's because of the dry fuels and all of the wind. the wind will relax tomorrow. we'll see this in future cast.
6:50 pm
1:00 in the morning we're still above 10 miles per hour with gusty winds in the hills. by 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 it goes calm. as soon as that low leaves we stay dry. fire danger stays high but the wind element of the fire danger will be gone by tomorrow. how about the dry element, to where any time soon. we stay dry the ridge of high pressure still just west of the california coastline, no rain anywhere close to the bay area or even seattle. coming up next week as the storm track goes farther away from us. the winds begin to shift tomorrow. that means less smoke, not no smoke, but less smoke and we're going to be dry for at least another week. highs in the low 70s tomorrow, still above average. san jose hazy sunshine and 73. hayward 69 degrees. 71 in dublin. 72 in pittsburgh. a high of 71 in san francisco. pretty uniform temperatures across the board. staying sunny through the weekend into next week. highs in the upper 60s to low 70s near the bay.
6:51 pm
and mid to upper 70s inland. dry november weather continues. that's your forecast. >> the effort to make sure these creatures don't get squished coming across the road. >> and coming up at 10:00 a popular country bar will open its doors just minutes from a sold out show. what's being done to keep the crowd safe. that's tonight at 10:00 over on our sister station kbcw.
6:52 pm
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crews are shutting down a road.. to make sure some slimy creatures don't get run over. kpix 5s don ford explains -- make way for newts. crews are shutting down a road to make sure some slimy creatures don't get run over. don ford explains make way for newts. >> reporter: it's that time of year again when the east bay regional parks closes south park drive the same as they have done for many years, decades in fact. it is essentially a road used by locals but slimy little creatures called newts use this road and it's their mating season. every year when the rain starts they cross this road to get to
6:55 pm
their mating ponds. >> it's close to 200 were being killed in a day. >> wow. >> run over by cars. of course that number is old since cars have been banned for 20 years now. but east bay park says newt mating is doing well because of the ban. >> really proud of our history and protecting the california newt. >> at the moment there are no newts out. the road is dry to the bone and newt don't like that. they like wet weather for mating. at the uc berkeley life sciences museum of vertabrate zooology. >> whether it's a newt or not depends. >> the doctor showed me some samples of the newts in their collection for study. these will be used by scholars from around the world who study such things. i asked are they safe to touch
6:56 pm
or just slimy. >> you can pick them up it's fine. just don't put them in your mouth. you can handle them without any danger but you can't eat them just like predators can't or most predators can't because they have this extreme toxin. >> oh my gosh. >> best rule of thumb, look, don't touch. don ford, kpix5. >> wow. >> you now know more about newts than ever in your life. >> what's that road? gingrich? >> oh look at you. >> we'll be back at 11:00.
6:57 pm
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