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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 8, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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remembering the napa teenager killed in the southern california massacre, next a's bt internet provider" internet. it's "all your teenagers streaming at once" internet. it's "i can get up to one-two-three-four-five mobile lines included" internet. it's internet from xfinity that makes your life... simple. easy. awesome. get a special offer on xfinity internet and tv for $35 each a month for 12 months when you bundle both, and ask how you can save on your wireless bill when you include xfinity mobile click, call or visit a store today. and tonight: raging flames have reached the outskirts of chico. breaking news in butte county. tonight, a town nearly wiped out. it now reached chico. >> the wildfire blanketing the
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bay area causing bad air levels. an emotional vigil tonight for a bay area teenager killed in america's latest mass shooting. good evening. major news tonight. we will have the latest on the rampage at thousand oaks bar in just a bit but first we begin with the wildfire in butte county. acting governor, newsom is asking for direct federal assistance. it comes as a camp fire exploded since it broke out this morning. officials describing the scene of mas devastation, thousands of structures are destroyed. w burned away and several homes up in flames. 15,000 threatened tonight. confirming reports of multiple fatalities. >> this fire swept through the
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town of paradise? tonight, few homes burned in a neighbor he east of chico. it has traveled that far. both directions of highway 99 are closed after the flames jumped the highway. we have team coverage on the fire and the smoke pouring into the area. >> we begin with the fire lines in butte county. >> reporter: ken, i am standing off of highway 99 here in the town of durham right now. we are miles away from the epicenter, ground 0 up in the city of paradise right now but there were flames burning here earlier today. >> reporter: along highway 99 red and blue flashing emergency lights disappear into a glowing haze orge flaan sme. miles outside of the town of paradise the wind-driven camp fire is going unchecked through miles of bone-dry tall grass what firefighters would call fleshy fuels. >> reporter: in under 5 minutes our vantage point of
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flames from this barbed wire fence line became unsafe. at one point the flames and smoke on 99 became unpassable. headed east on durham road strike teams from berkeley and fremont fire were lighting backfires to precharred grass while trying to contain embers and high winds. nearly impossible task. >> this will go on for several days. again, it is weather driven as we are seeing right now. hopefully that wind will slow down early morning hours it will be a big benefit to us. >> reporter: the wind is the concern here overnight in butte county right now. where i am standing that video you shot earlier was not taken far away from where we are right now. we, in fact, could not get up to the town of paradise to see the destruction and devastation there. i was speaking to a family friend on the phone earlier this evening and she evacuated paradise, she said when she was
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leaving her house there were basketball size embers thrown from this fire. >> unbelievable. >> we are hearing of tweets that people living in paradise were sending out asking for help. they were trapped in their homes, could not get out. have they talked about fatalities? this fire swept through so fast people are going to get hurt. >> reporter: the butte county sheriff is anticipating fatalities. they are trying to figure out how they can get to some of the places. still too dangerous for the sheriff's department to go in looking for peopled in of structures right now because -- people inside of structures because everything is so fire. high wind. it may be a few days before we know. but the butte county sheriff seems resigned to that fact, ken? >> all right. reporting live from butte county, thank you. this is what it looked like as people race to get out surrounded by walls of flames, one family escaped paradise with moments to spare.
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the flames glowing on the ground and trees around them. >> fire on both sides of the road on pearson. we have information that people are abandoned vehicles on skyway. we are going to start to push them out of the way. >> reporter: another evacuee was supposed to move into a brand-new home tomorrow, tonight he is worried it is no longer there. >> lower side of paradise is totally engulfed in flames right now. the pacifica, princeton area, neil road, feather river hospital, all engulfed in flames right now. not one home will be left standing. >> reporter: meanwhile, dozens of bay area firefighters are headed north into that enferno. just hours -- inferno. hours ago crews from all over the peninsula met to form what they are calling an urgent need strike team. >> it is so sad to see the people effected and i saw people burned and people are losing properties and homes and struggling just to evacuate. it effects you emotionally for sure. >> those crews are not alone.
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crews from oakland, fremont, hayward arriving earlier this afternoon snapped these eerie pictures of the sky. strike team from berkeley also on the fire line tonight. one crew came across this scene as they drove through the town of paradise. a mcdonald's it burnt to the ground. the photo on top showed what it looked like a couple days ago. the butte county fire is having a major impact here in the bay area tonight as huge clouds of smoke filter south. you can see the hazy sunsets from our tower cameras there. kpix5 has the urgent warning to stay inside. >> reporter: people we spoke to here in oakland say the smoke came rolling into the east bay very quickly this afternoon despite that, people running around lake merit. the air quality district says this haze may stick around for awhile. >> i looked out my window and i saw the smoke sort of filter in. and it looks bad. >> reporter: danny strapped on a brothy mask before leaving
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his home -- breathing mask before leaving home this evening and stepped out to the smokiest air. >> it is the worst that i have seen this year. it just came in so quickly. >> reporter: the smoke visible from our tower cameras and chopper 5 flown in from butte county and blanketed the area obscuring skylines and triggering an advisory. joseph hall was left gasping for air. >> ash in your mouth, muggy it is -- it is my eyes and my nose are dry as a bone. >> reporter: scrambling to get his daughter out of the bad area. >> trying to get her back to the house as soon as possible. >> reporter: in a statement the air district urged people to stay inside with windows and doors closed until smoke levels subside and warn that the most vulnerable populations are the elderly, those with respiratory illnesses and children. tonight, that did not stop the golden eagles team from breathing the bad air in the name of flag football. >> practice makes perfect. >> you did not mind it was a
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little smokey out here? >> nope. >> reporter: we found diehard runners pushing through the pollution. >> how are you running in this weather. >> i love it you. >> don't mind the haze. i don't mind it. not bothering me at all. >> reporter: the smoke advisory is effected to be in effect through friday. back to you. >> smoke also bad in the north bay. this is the view from sky drone 5 over cowastoga. any better paul? >> we can not see it but it is still there. north of interstate 80. sonoma county. napa county. also solono county. unhealthy air quality tonight and only moderately better for concord, livermore, san jose and river cities.
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what is going on. miles away from san francisco. a lot of smoke in the atmosphere. sent directly here, wrapping around a ridge of high pressure, carrying that smoke still tonight you can see it on our imagery passing right over the bay area. a lot more smoke to come. right now the wind is forecast to not change over the next 24 hours. red flag warning expires at 7:00 tomorrow morning, the winds die down. tonight, all bay area hills dealing with another night of strong winds and high fire danger. ken we are not done with our local fire danger yet and other areas getting a fire impacting our weather here. >> all right, paul, thank you. another fast-moving wildfire forced thousands out of their homes in southern california, the hill fire broke out this afternoon in ventura county. flames scorched 10,000 acres there. the smoke was so bad in some areas crews were forced to close several major roads including highway 101 in both
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directions. drivers were seen driving the wrong way just to escape the flames. also in ventura county tonight, hundreds gathered to mourn the 12 newest victims of an american epidemic. >> we have the latest from thousand oaks. >> reporter: mourners packed the civic center in thousand oaks tonight to remember the lives lost. the victims were enjoying a country music night at the borderline bar and grill last night when a gunman in a black hooded shirt comes in and silenced them. >> heard shots. shots. doorman, the bouncer, -- he shot the cashier. >> we have multiple people down. we need a lot of ambulances. >> friends got the barstools and they started hitting them against the windows so we can get out. >> reporter: survivors scramble to get out first responders were rushing in.
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the sergeant, ron helus was killed when he ran into the bar to confront the shooter. the certainty says he saved lives. >> we know helus and the highway patrol engaged him, the shooting inside stopped. >> sergeant helus was a husband, father and 29-year department veteran. thousands lined the streets to pay their respects as his body was taken from the hospital to the coroner's office. the gunman who shot himself was identified as 28-year-old ian long, a former machine gunner who served in afghanistan. his motive is unclear. a crisis team that was called out to his home last april concluded he may of suffered from ptsd. it was college night at the bar. 18 and up. pepperdine university freshman housley from napa.
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cody coffman was just a few years old. his father's grieve spilled out. >> he was my firstborn son. [crying] only him and i know how much i loved him. how much i miss him. oh god there is so hard. oh son i love you so much. [crying] oh heavenly father please be with him. >> he was just 22 years old. he was in the process of joining the army and he was about to become a big brother to a new baby sister later this month. >> that is tough to watch. thank you for that. back hoar -- back here, 18- year-old alaina housley, we have more. >> reporter: it a tight knit community. tonight it is devastated over her death.
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judging by the huge turnout at two candlelight vigils this young woman made a tremendous impact. [singing] >> reporter: as the choir sang alaina housley's loved ones leaned on each other. so many in the crowd brought to tears, hearts heavy, hundreds filled the soccer field at vintage high school where she played. the 18-year-old graduated earlier this year with class mates who, tonight, were consumed with grief. >> i can not really talk right now. sorry. my heart is racing and it crazy. she was very sweet, kind, outgoing, she likeed to help a lot of people. secovigi the commcentfee loss fothe hous they are great people. >> they had a strong presence in napa. her mother is a teacher. her father owned two markets.
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on campus alaina was a student leader, musician and athlete. >> hug your loved ones. tell them you love them because you never know when that is going to be the last time that you can say you love them or see them. like alaina's family did not deserve this. >> reporter: she is the niece of adam housley and his wife "sister sister" actress tamara mowry housley. >> they said words can not describe the grief of losing our daughter, she was everything we could hope for in a child. kind, smart, beautiful and respectful. her parents went on to say that alaina would of enjoyed the public debate that is bound to happen after this tragedy but insisted it would have been respectful. they want to honor her by focusing on how she lived her life. >> taking the high road on something like this is hard. >> yes.
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downtown landmark in campbell has gone dark tonight. the city shut off the lights on the famous water tower in honor of the victims of the thousand oaks bar shooting. meanwhile n fremont, the saddle rack bar paid tribute in their own way with a moment of silence tonight. >> there were tears shed tonight here at the saddle rack including from one employee who survived the deadliest shooting in recent u.s. history. >> i was just in shock. i can not believe it happened, again. >> reporter: for tammy, last night's shooting hits too close to home. she is a survivor of last year's route 91 harvest festival shooting that left dozens dead in vegas. >> i was just getting to the point where i can go somewhere and okay i am okay. i will not be looking around and exits and at people and now it happens again and it is just -- it just brings it all back. >> we want to take a moment of silence for our country family. >> reporter: tonight employees including tammy held a moment
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of silence for the shooting victims. country clubs band performed at the saddle rack three nights a week. >> it scares you. this is the society that we live in. that is even more scary. >> reporter: yesterday's shooting happened on country college night. tonight, as club rodeo in san jose hosted a sold out concert staff told us they increased security. at the saddle rack, employees are shaken by the events but find comfort knowing security is already tight there. >> i am thankful for the security we have here and the team and the family that we have here. here at saddle rack we try to bring happiness to people through country music. >> reporter: employees plan to hold more tributes this weekend to the victims. in fremont, back to you. a rally cry was heard across the bay and around the country tonight in support of robert mueller's russia investigation.
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[singing] ♪ nobody is above of the laugh. >> reporter: protesters are calling for the investigation to be protected. the new acting attorney general taking session's place has been a vocal critic of muellers. >> i think we saw the president declare war on the constitution yesterday. the check on him is the will of the american people. this is a group of americans who are standing up and asking that the constitution be observed. >> protests were planned in 105 cities across the state. you most likely heard by now how we are celebrating our 70th anniversary here at kpix5. in the midst of the party, how about a little dirt from the dirtiest guy on tv. >> i'm mike rowe and i am on a mission. broaast tv-- new web series on facebook. mike may be best known for a
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hit show. [music] would have happened without "evening.." "evening magazine show open" bucket fulls of bat crap. >> reporter: dirty jobs. it ran for 8 seasons. >> dirty jobs. >> reporter: now, mike is about to come clean. >> it never would of happened without "evening." "evening" as in channel 5's "evening magazine" in 2001 mike started working at kpix. he was hired to cohost "evening." we recently uncovered a treasure trove of their out takes and bloopers. >> so. [ laughter ] >> we are naked in my kitchen. >> what is that green one. >> that green one is not indigenous to this area. >> is that fancy talk for you don't know what it is? >> look, i have a heart on. i never started a sentence on
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"evening magazine" scouts honor, i never started a sentence that i knew how i was going to finish it. [ laughter ] >> a lot of poo. >> reporter: while at kpix, mike began to do a segment known as "somebody's got to do it" he went out with bay area workers who performed strange, difficult, messy or often very disgusting jobs. >> oh, dear. >> reporter: from the animal control officers that pick period up road kill. to san francisco technician who serviced porta-potties. >> reporter: or the artificial cow inseminator who manly pregnated cows with bull sperm. no we are not going to show you. >> i will never forget the first night the segment went on air. >> reporter: the boss called mike into his office. >> i got a lot of e-mail saying it is difficult to eat our meat loaf with this knucklehead
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crawling through the sewers of san francisco but it was fun. >> reporter: the show was a huge hit. a few years later, rowe left "evening" and pitched a spin off to the discovery channel. dirty jobs focused more on the dirt. now he is back to focusing on those who do the labor. >> i ran into mike a couple weeks ago. still busy. he started a foundation that gives scholarships to kids who want to work in the trade. a great idea. if you want to see the entire cow segment -- [ laughter ] -- in its uncut and original version. [ laughter ] >> go to kpix5. >> uncut, unrated you fill in the blanks. i don't know if willtake youro it. >> it is all about science. >> whatever t to do, right? let's talk about some weather. we had bad air quality today.
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we had a spare the air alert issued at 9:00 at night that does not happen every day. the weather here is changing by the minute and tomorrow we will likely see unhealth air quality throughout the entire bay area again on friday. very unhealthy in the north bay. so, spare the air day telling me the winds will not change much. the fire is still growing. we likely will have air quality issues tonight. happening right now. and also will continue into tomorrow. santa rosa, 47, livermore, 48. oakland, 54 degrees. cold not tonight, down to 40. 36 in santa rosa. 46 in mountain view, 51 in san francisco. it will be smokey tonight. keep the windows closed. then, tomorrow, we will have less wind. the low pressure area to our east that is half of the equation as to why it was windy a strong low there, a strong ridge there. caught in between. the low is gone. good news for the wind. the wind will die down, helping the folks fighting the camp fire. the ridge will stick around. the dry weather is not going
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anywhere any time soon. watch the wind in the north pay and out towards the delta. really at sunrise tomorrow complealy go away. -- completely go away. the low will hightail it out of here. still windy but things will improve rapidly, when it comes to the wind, tomorrow. high pressure off to our west. friday, saturday, sunday, monday, middle of next week, the ridge does not move and our weather will stay dry. if anything the storm track will leave the pacific northwest and head towards alaska and northern british columbia. heading the wrong direction. it is not heading towards us but the other way. it will eventually come back, we hope. 73 tomorrow, smokey skies, degrees above average. 73 in sunnyvale. danville 72 for a high. pittsburgh 72, livermore, 74. plan on a lot of smoke. sonoma, nap a low 70s. smokey, 71 and lake port, 73
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degrees. extended forecast. i can not guarantee it will be a blue sky. we have the huge fire burning to the north and east. there will be sunshine there. will it be hazy sunshine? frankly, a question mark right now from the weekend and beyond. we stay dry. 60s near the water. 70s inland, air quality issue is significant we need rain. >> rain is the perfect remedy. >> all right, paul, thanks. we will need more than an allen wrench for this, ikea is about to build something big in the east bay (toni vo) 'twas the night before christmas,
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as an opportunity to thrive your way. in dublin. after a long and drawn out battle ikea finally got the go ahead to build that massive new store. >> the city council voted 4-1 tonight in favor of the new megastore along 580.
11:26 pm
residents have been protesting the plans claiming the store will make a mess of traffic in that area. ikea says it will generate nearly $2 million in annual revenue for dublin and hundreds of jobs. you have a place to buy a tennis racket i guess. maybe they don't sell those. >> or a bed. >> furniture. >> yes, or a bookcase. >> yes. thanks in are that tip. more bad news tonight, warriors star, curry, injured. the rest of the team suffered a bruised ego as well. something you don't see very often. highlights and reaction next ♪ you don't realize what a difference they make. until you realize what a difference they make.
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loss of his coaching career tonight against the milwaukee bucks... draymond green resting his injured toe, and there wasn't alot of rim protec the second worse loss of coaching year tonight against bucs. not a lot of rim protection. case in point. driving a lane, gets the dunk, at 24 points in just 26 minutes. injury to insult. missing the dunk, curry suffers a strained groin. it could be an issue. he did not return, mri set for tomorrow. 4th quarter. dominating on the fast break. 26 points. they get a tko for the
11:30 pm
warriors, 134-111. >> sometimes you got to get hit in the mouth in this league to remind you how hard it is to win a game. you know, i thought that is what happened tonight. giants bid farewell to number 44. honoring the most beloved giant in san francisco history. >> i want to thank the giants for giving mac that cove out there and i want to thank him for allowing me to hit a bunch of baseballs in his cove. >> the 19th player to play in 1,500 career games with the sharks facing the stars in dallas. 3rd period, game tied. sharks on defense. shore finds the back of the net and the sharks lose 4-3. ben roethlisberger, 22 of 25, 328 yards and 5 touchdowns against the panthers tonight. here is one of them. antonio brown, 53 yards score.
11:31 pm
steelers crush the panthers 52- 21. their 6-2-1 -- they're 6-2-1. no need of bell, the star running back who is still holding out. >> i was just going to say that but you beat me to it. >> that is my job. [ laughter ] >> yes. >> dags before the break. the warriors, a blowout. curry's mri we will find out more tomorrow. hopefully it is not serious. we'll be right back.
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you'll pay even less for data. or if you need a lot we have unlimited too. plus, get $200 back when you buy a new smart phone. it's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today. morning at 4-30. good night. steve kerr suffered the stephen colbert is next. next newscast at 4:30. >> we will have an update on the fire in butte county. for now, good night >> this morning, cnn's jim acosta is banned from the white house. his press credentials pulled after a testy exchange with the president. >> the white house press also put out a docketed version of
11:35 pm
the video by info wars, made acosta look more aggressive than he actually was. >> the "late show" obtained new ly released footage from the white house of the acosta accost ing. ( laughter )


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