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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  November 9, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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you can smell it in the air. the fire is burning up north. it is friday, november 2nd. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'll michelle griego. this morning, all schools in butte county are closed due to the "camp fire." the fire swept through the town of paradise. more than 30,000 people have evacuated and both directions of 99 are closed after flames jumped the road. acting governor gavin newsom declared a state of emergency. it's exploded to 20,000 acres since it started yesterday morning. officials describe a scene of mass devastation. thousands of structures destroyed. video shows an entire school on fire with half the sign burned away and several homes up in flames. 15,000 more structures are threatened right now. the butte county sheriff is trying to confirm reports of
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multiple fatalities. joining us now on the phone, we have a cal fire captain. are you with us? >> yes. >> are firefighters making any progress? we know firefights like this last for several weeks. >> reporter: there's so much devastation in such a wide area, that's the problem. there's about 2500 individuals assigned to that incident in a very short time so that was good news from the beginning. as far as what the tactics are, it's basically as you can imagine almost every structure in that town of paradise was destroyed. i was on it all day. you can tell from my voice. just watching that devastation due to the winds and the weather. >> what are the biggest challenges firefighters are facing right now? >> right now, it's the weather. granted, yes, it got cold last night. but again, the winds just pushed that fire just in a matter of very short hours into the town of paradise and through it. >> scott, we know authorities
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are trying to confirm fatalities. what about injuries to firefighters? any update? >> reporter: don't have any counts -- >> don't have any counts because of the activity during the course of the fire and continuing, there were some injuries to civilians and firefighters, yes. >> and other agencies helping out? >> many agencies throughout the state of california. >> all right, chief scott mclean from cal fire, thank you for your time. we bresch it. >> thank you -- we appreciate it. thank you. the butte county fire is affecting the air in the south. it moved in quickly this afternoon. you can see last night's hazy sunsets from our tower cameras here. air quality officials have an urgent warning this morning to stay inside. >> yeah. there is a "spare the air" alert today. i know our kids in the schools in the east bay, they brought everyone in, no playing outside. it's so far away. that's amazing that we're affected here in the bay area. >> you know, where the fire is burning in butte county it's
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200 miles away. but we are getting that smoke. so there to the northeast where that fire is burning, we had strong northeast winds just blowing all of that smoke into the bay area. so we are dealing with unhealthy air quality for the bay area. we have a "spare the air" alert. air quality is poor. this is visibility. we are not talking about fog but we are talking about the smoke. so you can see two miles for sfo. four miles for hayward. we are talking about low visibility because of the smog. hazy because of the smoke. low visibility around the area. so smoky skies, unhealthy air quality. we are look at the good news, the winds will begin to shift. they won't be as strong as yesterday. and they are going to turn out of the west. that means less smoke in the air for today but, of course, with the fire burning still so close to us.
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we are still talking about bad air quality. the red flag warning in effect until 7 a.m. today. again, we are going to see the winds ease as we head through the rest of today. that will be a very good thing. we'll talk about what you can expect as he would head through the day as well as the weekend ahead coming up. gianna. >> good morning. we start off this friday morning drive with a trouble spot along 680. we are getting word from chp of a new accident. it's in milpitas northbound 680. it is blocking at least one lane. we are seeing a lot of green on the sensors. it's still early for your friday morning drive but just be advised if you are using 680 northbound at jacklin road it's blocking one lane. the connector 205 to 580, all lanes closed except for one so delays connecting to 580. on 580, it gets better.
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it improves past grant line. so 33 minutes from 205 to 680. taking a look at conditions on the nimitz freeway, early- morning roadwork is cleared. no northbound delays toward the bay bridge. southbound clear out of oakland into hayward. traffic is light all the way into fremont. and a first look at the bay bridge, so far stacking up in the cash lanes but overall metering lights are off and pretty quiet out of oakland into san francisco. that's a look at your morning drive. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk following breaking news out of southern california. a huge wildfire burning in ventura and l.a. counties. i want to show you some live pictures right now. several homes have burned. dozens in fact. we don't have an accurate count right now. with you you can see some of them burning there. these are pictures from our sister station's chopper right now. we have seen firefighters going door to door.
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mandatory evacuations overnight. so waking people up in the middle of the night. some of these warnings coming over cell phone, some just by person and people, um, hearing sirens and then realizing they needed to leave. we're hearing between 30,000 and 75,000 homes being evacuated right now in that area. again, that's between l.a. and ventura counties. the fire threatening to cross 101 right now. so we are trying to get a better handle on exactly how many homes we're talking about. but we have heard up to 75,000 homes under evacuation now. this fire started at 2:25 p.m. yesterday in simi valley and just quickly blew up, spreading to at least 8,000 acres and firefighters we are hearing have been creating what they call fire curtains just trying to put a wall of water between the fire and some homes. there's also a second fire
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burning right now in southern california. that is the hill fire which has burned about 10,000 acres. so we are going to continue to monitor this throughout the morning. >> thank you. back to our fire watch up north, this is what it look like as people in butte county raced to get out of the path of the "camp fire." one family escaped paradise with moments to spare the flames glowing on the ground and trees all around them. >> fire on both sides of the road. >> we got information that people are abandoning vehicles on skyway. we are going to start pushing them out of the way. >> another evacuee was supposed to move into a brand- new home today and this morning, he is worried it's no longer there. >> the whole lower side of paradise is totally engulfed in flames right now. the pacific princeton area, kneel road, feather river hospital, all is engulfed in flames right now. not one home will be left
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standing. >> this morning, a number of people in the fire's path are missing. macy jenkins tells us their families are fearing the wors. >> my husband says you need to keep calling, keep calling. reporter: flames raging through the town of paradise while highway 99 is backed up with cars trying to escape. >> then they started texting me saying we have to evacuate. oh, my god, i have to get my mom and dad. >> reporter: michelle messaging friends and watching images from her home in modesto, 160 miles away. >> i wanted to go up there, but then i don't think that's a good idea because they are not letting anyone in. >> reporter: her parents living in magalia just five miles from paradise. >> all day long i was so freaked out, i couldn't even go to work. i didn't want to go to work. i don't want to do nothing. >> reporter: she is not alone. we found post after post from families trying to locate their loved ones from this man trying to locate his disabled brother to this woman from salt lake city trying to find her grandmother. their last call was 8:00 this
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morning. many of them older adults who either don't have a cell phone or don't always carry it with them. actor james woods even using his celebrity status to retweet messages on twitter and help reunite families. >> yeah. it's just, um -- i don't know. >> reporter: michelle is still waiting anxiously. >> i'm worried. >> reporter: for news that her parents are okay somewhere outside of paradise. >> i tell my mom and dad if they're listening that i love them and i just want to hear from them. that's all. i just want it hear from them. this morning, dozens of bay area firefighters are headed north right to the inferno. crews from all over the peninsula met up in san mateo county last night to form what they are calling an urgent need strike team. >> it's so sad to see the people that are affected. and i saw some people were burned and people are losing properties and homes and struggling just to evacuate. so yeah, it affects you emotionally for sure. >> crews from alameda county, oakland, fremont and hayward arrived yesterday and snapped these eerie pictures of the
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sky. a strike team from berkeley is also on the fire line this morning. one crew came across this scene as they drove through the town of paradise at a mcdonald's, burned to the ground. the photo on top showing what it used to look like. the 12 victims.. of the latest mass shooting. mourners packed the civic center in thousand oaks last also in ventura county, hundreds gathered to mourn the 12 victims of the latest mass shooting. mourners packed the civic center in thousand oaks last night to remember the lives lost. the victims were enjoying a country music night at the borderline bar & grill wednesday night when a gunman in a black hoodie stormed in and silenced them. [ sound of gunshots ] >> doorman, bouncer, just a young man. and he shot the cashier. >> we got multiple people down. we need a lot of ambulances. >> friends got the barstools and they started throwing them
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through the windows so we could get out. >> as survivors scrambled to get out, first responders were rushing in. sheriff sergeant ron helus was killed when he and a chp ran into the bar confronting the shooter. the sheriff says his sergeant's quick intervention saved lives. >> we know that once sergeant helus and the highway patrol officer engaged him the shooting inside stopped. >> sergeant helus was a husband, father and 29-year department veteran. thousands lined the streets to pay their respects as his body was taken from the hospital to the coroner's office. the gunman who shot himself was identified as 28-year-old ian david long a former machine gunnar who served in afghanistan. his motive is unclear right now but a crisis team that was called out to a disturbance at his home last april concluded he might have suffered from ptsd. it was college night at the bar open to anyone 18 and up and many of the victims were
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from schools including 18-year- old pepperdine university freshman alaina housley, of napa. cody coffman was a few years older. yesterday, his father's grief spilled out for the world to hear. >> my first born son -- only -- how much i love -- how much i miss -- oh, god. this is so bad. oh, son, i love you so much. oh, heavenly father -- >> so devastating for so many families. cody coffman was 22. he was in the process of joining the army and he was about to become a "big brother" to a new baby sister later this month. mourners gathered in napa to remember alaina housley back here in napa. as the choir sang, alaina's loved ones cried and leaned on each other for support.
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hundreds filled the soccer field at vintage high school where alaina was an exceptional student leader and athlete. she graduated this year with classmates who are now consumed with grief. >> i can't really talk right now. i'm sorry about that. >> that's okay, sir. >> my heart is racing. it's like crazy. she was very sweet, kind. she was outgoing. she looked to help a lot of people. >> housley is also the niece of former fox news correspondent add damage housley and his wife tamara mowry-housley. in a statement, her parents said that words can't describe our grief over losing our data. she was everything we could hope for in a child, kind, smart, beautiful and respectful. the saddle rack the big "country night" club in fremont is paying tribute to the thousand oaks shooting victims. a moment of silence was held last night. many employees were shaken by the thousand oaks shooting but are confident in their club's security measures. one worker is a survivor of
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last year's mass shooting at the route 91 harvest festival in las vegas. >> i was just getting to the point where i can go somewhere again. okay? i'm okay. i'm not going to be looking around, looking at exits and looking for people. and now this happens again. it's just -- it just brings that all up. >> the staff says the club will be paying tribute to the shooting victims all weekend. time now 4:44. we are keeping an eye on the fires raging this morning. >> plus, coming up, a decision in dublin this morning the fate of an ikea store that has sparked some debate for months. >> and we want to take a live look outside. we are looking at coit tower. it's a hazy morning. it's 54 degrees in san francisco right now. we are going to have more on the fire and your weather and traffic when we come back.
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neighborhoods right now. the wind-driven woolsey fire has expanded across more than 8,000 acres since it ignited yesterday. more than 30 homes have caught fire about 40 miles northwest of los angeles. 1st of homes are threat -- 1,000 people are threatened and 30,000 people are evacuated. the "camp fire" to our north is tearing through 20,000 acres of butte county. it's spreading at 80 football fields per minute. more than 40,000 residents have evacuated since the fire started yesterday. ash from that fire is coming down into the bay area since the winds are bringing smoke to the region. the winds are weaker but still an air quality advisory, mary. >> yeah. that's right. we are tracking strong northeast winds that we had yesterday that brought in all the smoke from the butte county "camp fire." thankfully, the winds will not be as strong today and we actually are going to see the winds take a shift and that will be a good thing for us as
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well for the air quality but a live look with our "salesforce tower" camera this morning under hazy smoky skies. check out our temperatures out there from concord at 57. oakland at 62. a mild start to the day. unhealthy air quality from the north bay and east bay closer to the wildfire burning. 40s and 50s in the area. and 34 in santa rosa. weather headlines and what you can expect, looking at that hazy smoky skies with unhealthy air quality for all of us across the bay area, which is why an air quality advisory is in effect. a "spare the air" day, as well. hazy sunshine. warm temperatures above average for this time of the year about 5 degrees above average. let's talk about the butte county "camp fire" because i just checked the fire weather conditions out there that wind
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direction still out of the northeast for them. gusts up to 47 miles per hour. so some strong wind gusts. we are looking at low relative humidity values, as well. and the "camp fire," the reason it's so smoky for us with those northeast winds, drawing in that smoke and carrying it into the bay area, from even 200 miles away. good thing is, we are going to see the wind direction take that shift and that should help our air quality a little bit here. air quality unhealthy for the north bay and unhealthy air quality for the rest of the bay area. the red flag warning expires at 7 a.m. for the bay area hills above 1,000 feet today. we are not going to see as strong of wind gusts out there but still everything is just so dry out there.
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high pressure to the west, low pressure to the east. with those two weather systems so close to us, we have a strong pressure gradient and that means strong winds. that low will move east and with that the winds won't be as strong. the winds will be easing as we head through the day. but we are watching saturday night into sunday. offshore winds will pick up again. so high fire danger concerns through the weekend. 71 in fremont. 73 for san jose. and there's seven-day forecast. cooler saturday, warmer sunday, but the sunshine continues through the weekend and into next week. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic this morning. snag at 680 is not slowing things down because it's still early.
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if you typically take 680 in the morning, there is a trouble spot. northbound right at jacklin road a crash blocking at least one lane and looking at our maps here we are seeing lots of green there. so that means traffic is moving at decent speeds as you work your way through there. if you want to play it safe, go on 880 out of the south bay as an alternate. right now 680 moving despite that crash being stuck in one lane. let's jump over to the altamont pass. business as usual. we are seeing stop and go conditions as folks come out of tracy connecting over to 580. early-morning roadwork really slows things down through there. speeds down to 19 miles per hour in some spots. so pretty slow through there. gets better once you hit the dublin interchange. first look at 880 in san lorenzo so far, so good no delays both directions southbound 238 to 84 a nine- minute ride. if you are traveling north of there into oakland, free- flowing no delays both directions. here's a live look at the nimitz freeway near the coliseum and traffic looks good as you head towards the maze. and 80 eastshore freeway right at the maze off to a good start. we are not seeing delays as of
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yet. looks like cars are stacking up at the bay bridge. but still clear out of oakland into san francisco. michelle. we are following breaking news right now. authorities are responding to reports of an active shooter at a high school. this is in north carolina. sheriffs say this is in hampstead. there are no reports of injuries. but again, reports of an active shooter at a high school in north carolina. we'll have more details as they come in. after a long drawn-out battle ikea got the go-ahead to build a store in dublin. the city council voted 4-1 last night in favor of the new mega store along interstate 580. residents have been protesting the plan saying the store will make a mess of traffic in the area and make it worse. but ikea says it will generate nearly $2 million in annual revenue for dublin along with hundreds of jobs. a classic holiday movie is back. it's not christmas without the grinch. plus more of your hollywood
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headlines. >> and here's a live look outside. this is in san jose. we'll be right back. creator of the hit-musical,
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role. hilary lane has more in your eye on entertainment report welcome back. a holiday classic rebooted and the creator of the hit musical "hamilton" comes to the lead role. we have your "eye on entertainment." >> reporter: in theaters today, a new animated take on the holiday classic the grinch. >> today we'll do mean things and we will do them in style. >> reporter: the latest version of the dr. seuss tale features benedict cumberbatch. he is the voice behind the
4:56 am
character who hates christmas. >> my favorite character by the end of the film, he realizes what the true value of christmas is. >> reporter: rashida jones and keenan thompson lend their voices to the film also. michael buble is getting a star on the hollywood walk of fame. the canadian singer-songwriter who sold 60 million records worldwide is set to receive the honor november 16th. buble a four-time grammy winner will release his tenth studio album that same day. lin-manuel miranda the creator and star of "hamilton" returns to the title role in january for 24 shows in puerto rico. $10 tickets will be set aside for 10,000 residents of the commonwealth. >> say so and i'll do it. >> airing tonight the 200th episode of cbs' hit drama, "hawaii five-o." the show's stars each play
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different characters from the 1940s in this episode trying to crack a cold case. that's your "eye on entertainment." hillary lane, cbs news, new york. 4:56. right now wildfires are ripping through parts of the state. coming up, homes engulfed in flames. the destruction worsening every minute. we have an update next. >> and because of those fires, the air quality across the bay area is extremely bad especially in the north and east bays. a warning from the air district about what this smoke means for your health next.
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through hillsides -- into neighborhoods --- sending people running -- and homes crumbling. this morning: the latest from the fire lines. overnight, california wildfires ripped through hillsides into neighborhoods set every sending people running and homes crumbling. this morning, the latest from the fire lines. >> smoke coming from butte county has covered the bay area this morning. air quality officials say the air is unsafe. >> and new overnight, terrorism strikes australia.
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the latest on the deadly attack. good morning, it is friday, november 2nd. -- it is friday, november 9th. >> the "camp fire" has exploded inside overnight and is devastating communities in butte county which is about 80 miles north of sacramento. the blaze started yesterday morning in the town of paradise. and it has since exploded to more than 20,000 acres so far. right now flames are approaching chico, the biggest city in the county, with a population of 90,000. and some parts of the city are under evacuation. meanwhile, more than 30,000 people have already fled their homes since yesterday. all schools in butte county are closed today. >> smoke from that fire is now blanketing the bay area and causing health concerns. a winter "spare the air" alert is in effect today and that means it is illegal to burn wood. commuters are enco


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