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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 9, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PST

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california bar. good morning, it is friday, november 9th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. we are continuing to follow the latest developments in butte county where tens of thousands of people have already been forced out of their homes as the "camp fire" rages out of control. we won't know the full extent for some time but we know that thousands of structures have been destroyed and there are multiple deaths there. the fire has scorched about 20,000 acres so far since it broke out yesterday morning. and as a result, air quality is going to be a big problem in the bay area today. >> you can smell it in the air. >> yes. >> you would think it's just right down the street and it's not. that's what everyone is saying. just so bad and so thick with that smoke. actually, just checking the air quality for us compared to beijing, china, and we worse than beijing, china. to show you how bad it is. the air quality unhealthy for the bay area here. we are looking at smoky hazy
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conditions. the air quality advisory is in effect. a "spare the air" alert. now the good thing, the winds will not be as strong today. and we'll also see the winds begin to shift as we head through the day. that does mean less smoke in our air. so it will still be bad but not as bad as what we saw yesterday and not what we're experiencing for today. we should see things get a little bit better as we head through the rest of our friday. the red flag warning for all bay area hills will expire at 7 a.m. we are in thing the winds. they are easing and that will be a good thing here but with everything so dry, and with very low relative humidity values, we are talking about a high fire danger even without those dry gusty offshore winds. we are going to take you through futurecast wind gusts through the rest of today and through the weekend as we are tracking the return of offshore winds later on this weekend. i'll have details on that coming up in just a bit. back to you. because of that air quality, there is a "spare the air" alert so use mass transit
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instead of the roads this morning. we just checked in and mass transit is on time this morning. bart has 40-plus trains. caltrain, muni, ace, capitol corridor, no problems. no delays. not the case on the freeways. we have had a handful of accidents just in here from the chp. south 101 at grand avenue, one lane now blocked. they managed to open at least two lanes and cleared some cars out of the road but several vehicles including two big rigs involved in the crash. southbound 101 from 280 to 380, that's a 23-minute drive time. so if you are commuting out of san francisco into south city towards maybe the airport, you're going to see about 23 minutes. so traffic jammed up. back to you. wildfires raging out of control across california this morning. and many bay area residents will notice it the moment they step outside. the "camp fire" has already burned an entire town to the ground county. and it's sending a lot of smoke our way. there is little left in the
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town of paradise this morning and the flames are now approaching neighborhoods near chico. both directions of highway 99 are closed after flames jumped the road. the "camp fire" has scorched about 20,000 acres in the area since it started yesterday morning. right now, there is zero containment. tens of thousands of people have been forced to evacuate and social media is now filled with posts from families trying to find separated lost once including michelle watson whose parents live just five miles from paradise. >> all day long, i was so freaked out i couldn't even go to work. i didn't want to go to work. i don't want to do nothing. i tell my mom and dad if they're listening that i love them and i just want to hear from them. that's all, i just want to hear from 'em. >> all schools in butte county canceled classes for today. santa rosa junior college will also be closed due to the poor air quality. because of the fire burning up north, air quality is unhealthy for most of the bay area. this is a live look at lafayette this morning. it is best for people to stay
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indoors as much as possible. so that means if you are pregnant, like jackie ward is, best to stay inside. >> yeah. no kidding. it was nice of my producers to think of that before i even did. i'm grateful for that this morning. it is not hard to see or smell what we're talking about this morning. but until the sun comes up let's show you sunset from last night. we have pictures from all over the bay area. thick haze didn't keep people from running. some wore breathing masks. this smoke is coming from butte county as we said. it affects our most vulnerable populations, the elderly, respiratory problems and children. >> this probably is the worst i have seen this year. it just came in so quickly. >> smoky and my eyes and my nose are dry as a bone. >> reporter: because of all this heavy smoke the air
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district has a winter "spare the air" alert in place that started last night and will last through today. that means you shouldn't burn wood indoors or outdoors and it is illegal for anyone in the bay to use their fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves and outdoor fire pits. the air district said until this smoke subsides, it is best to stay indoors when possible with the windows and doors closed. back to you. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk watching the woolsey fire burning in southern california. hundreds of thousands of people are now being evacuated as part of the 101 is shut down. this is a live picture from our sister station's chopper. you can see a lot of smoke in the area. this is in between l.a. and ventura counties. but an hour ago the fire jumped the 101 so it is now threatening the communities of calabasas and malibu. so hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated. about 75,000 homes.
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these evacuation orders coming in the dead of night. some getting the alert through a text messages, others by door knocks. at this point, we have no idea how many homes have burned. but it is at least dozens of homes. the last official word we got was 30. but it is certainly going to be a lot more. you can see just the massive acreage covered right now by those flames. and, of course, we are only getting one perspective. now that it jumped the freeway, they closed it down about 20 minutes ago which was also a diicult challenge because you still had people in the process of evacuating. and i want to mention, this is right near the community of thousand oaks and, in fact, it is in thousand oaks. this community was dealing with the shooting yesterday. so utter devastation for these people. we are going to keep an eye on this throughout the morning. pictures from southern california really stunning.
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>> it is devastating there anne, thank you so much. more on that. thousands of people have been evacuating the areat.isis a clo firefighters have been dealing with. we know dozens county, fire crews say 25-mile-per- hour winds and difficult terrain have create challenges in effectively fighting the blaze. >> by stopping the fire from spreading from one house to the next with these high winds, it's really hard with the embers flying around it's hard to save homes. so what we are doing is putting water curtain in between some homes to stop the fire from leapfrogging and catching other homes on fire. >> the early-morning evacuations are causing heavy traffic delays as residents attempt to leave the area. and just a few miles north, heavy smoke from the hill fire is also forcing evacuations this morning. some drivers on 101 drove the wrong way on the freeway just to escape the flames. it burned more than 10,000 acres so far. as anne said, the hill
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fire is burning in the same community still reeling from the shooting that killed 12 people on wednesday night. [ singing ] >> last night thousands of people turned out for a vigil in thousand oaks. authorities have now identified six of the people who were killed during college "country night" at the borderline bar & grill including sergeant ron helus who rushed into the bar confronted the shooter as well as sean adler a bouncer who died helping people escape. >> what we hear, he engaged him first. and i know sean. he tried his best. no if, ands or buts about it. that's him. >> i am numb now. sean has done so much to help
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this community. >> police say that the shooter, 28-year-old ian david long, may have been dealing with ptsd after serving in afghanistan. long was armed with a handgun fitted with enhe walked into the bar and opened fire. he was found dead inside. officials say that long had encounters with police as recently as april which led him to a meeting with mental health specialists who decided he was not a threat to the public. time now 6:09. google is taking action in response to mass employee walkout but critics say it's not enough. >> commuters are running into a big problem at a brand-new east bay bart station.
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world's best inflight entertainment. saving people money on car insurance. nsk d we want to take you back to southern california where a huge fire
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continues to burn in l.a. and ventura counties. it has crossed the 101. now threatening the communities of catire hillside engulfed in flames. and homes right in front of it. this is the scene that's repeated all over that area right now in ventura county. hundreds of thousands of people had to frantically evacuate. that caused traffic jams and now 101 is shut down. the hill is covered in flames. firefighters are trying to prevent it from jumping the freeway. it happened a half-hour ago. an ongoing threat, major
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back to you. >>you. the acting head of state the justice department recuse himself from the russia probe. california attorney general xavier becerra and 17 others sent the letter to matthew whitaker. he has been publicly critical of special counsel robert mueller's investigation in the past. whitaker will oversee the probe. critics say whitaker's appointment is a sign that president trump is stepping up his efforts to shut down the russia investigation. >> ♪ nobody is above the law ♪ >> rallies were held across the country last night in support of mueller. protests were scheduled in 105 cities around the state. google has released a new policy di it is one of the demands from recent protestors who are
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unhappy about the search giant's response to sexual misconduct in the workplace. now, under this new policy at google, arbitration in such cases will be optional giving the workers the right to sue. google's ceo sundar pichai said: a brand new bart station in antioch... has already outgrown its parking lot. bart says: it's surprised. but the city's mayor says: he s been warning them for years. the antioch station opened back in may. bart initially projected up to 23-hundred riders a day. but bart says a parking lot in antioch is full. the station opened back in may. bart initially projected up to 2300 riders a day. but that number quickly grew to more than 3,000 riders. and in five months, a million riders! the mayor says he saw the plans for just 1,000 parking spaces and he already knew parking was going to be a problem. >> is there part of you that wants to gloat and say i told
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you so? >> no. >> why? >> there's no reason to gloat. the gloating doesn't do any -- it's let's fix this and move on. let's learn how to look at these things in the future, better than we did in the past. >> bart received $16 million to build 800 more spaces right next door. but that won't be for another two years. the mayor says that's still not enough. even though they are lacking parking spaces there we are still encouraging everyone to take mass transit this morning. >> yeah. you know, especially today with the poor air quality that winter "spare the air" alert is effect and we checked in with mass transit. bart has 50 trains on time now so a very good choice this morning. ace train number 3 through vasco and livermore on time right now. caltrain, muni, checking in problem-free. metering lights are on at the bay bridge. 4 minutes from the maze to the central freeway. looks like -- 24 minutes from the maze to the central
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freeway. delays into the maze tip. traffic stacking up there coming in off the eastshore freeway. delays off 580. so very busy for your friday morning drive from oakland to san francisco. here's a quick look at the lower deck of the bay bridge. if you are commuting in the opposite direction from san francisco to oakland, just past here we have reports of a broken-down vehicle so getting to the lower deck of the bay bridge won't be a problem but once you get on there, you will see a bit of a snag, some slight slowing, one lane blocked because of the stall. big rig versus a car, south 880 at marina boulevard. this just in from chp. we are seeing delays build behind it. no word yet if any lanes are blocked but a little slow as you approach the scene. south 880 on and off for slowing this morning. stall at "a" street is clear but 19 minutes from 238 down to highway 84. so sluggish as you head along the nimitz freeway. quick update here on the crash along 101 in south city. southbound at grand avenue, good news all lanes are now cleared. delays are recovering so you should be back to normal within the next 5 to 10
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minutes on 101. 8 minutes from 280 to 380. 280 itself looks great in both directions if you want to use that in the meantime until all those delays clear up. and we are starting to see the morning rush along highway 4 from loveridge to 680. that's a 22-minute drive time. most of your delays are pretty much between kirker pass road on the westbound side and stays slow past willow pass road, slow out of concord to 680. a quick look at our dublin cam here, as well. westbound 580 to 680. slow making the connector at the dublin interchange. here's your forecast with mary. in the east bay to lafayette, you can see the hazy skies out there. that glow in the sky. our sunrise just about to rise there. but with all the smoke in the air, it's hazy. a live look with our mount
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vaca cam, and you can see see hazy skies as well this morning. we are looking at temperatures -- a big temperature spread from the 30s to 50s. here's what to expect. hazy smoky skies, unhealthy air quality. you can smell it and see it. an air quality advisory is effect and a "spare the air" day. unhealthy for all of you was. hazy sunshine, warm temperatures as we head through the afternoon. very unhealthy air for the north bay. unhealthy air quality foall of us fire" in butte county is burning to the northeast of us. we have strong northeast winds carrying all of that fous and
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we are talking about ndtang a s northeast and eventually out of the west. and that should help a little bit with our air quality. but a strong pressure difference from the ridge of high pressure to our west, that low to our east with those two weather features so close to us. we have some very strong winds yesterday. now, as that low pushes off to the east, farther to the east, those weather systems won't be so close to each other and that means our winds will not be as strong. so futurecast wind gusts. we'll show you what we're talking about here. easing winds through the day. and then also for tonight. we are looking at the winds picking up with dry offshore winds picking up again late saturday into sunday. so we'll be watching that closely for you with that high fire danger. daytime highs today 60s and 70s in the area. cooler saturday and for
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veterans day on sunday a little warmer. we'll continue with that sunshine though as we head through the rest of even next week dry conditions, as well. warriors star steph curry was injured last night and the rest of the team suffered a bruised ego as well something you don't see very often. highlights and reaction coming up.
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> steve sufred the secondsts coachingee ev lght. against the bucks. draymond green resting his injured toe. there was no prime minister protection. case in point, down the lane giannis antetokounmpo, gets the dunk.
6:25 am
the greek freak had 24 points in 26 minutes. injury to insult. giannis antetokounmpo missed the dunk. steph curry has a strained groin. this could be an issue. didn't come back. mri for today. fourth quarter bucks dominating. khris middleton on the break to eric bledsoe who had 26 points. bucks get a tko over steve kerr and the warriors, 134- 111. >> sometimes, sometimes you got to get hit in the mouth to remind you how hard it is to win a game. and i felt that's what happened tonight. the giants bid farewell to willie mccovey number 44. the event was open to fans at at&t. they came to honor the most beloved giant in san francisco history. >> i want to thank the giants for giving mac that cove out there. i want to thank mac for allowing me to hit a bunch of baseballs in his cove. >> joe thornton became the 19th player to play in 1500 career games as the sharks faced the stars in dallas. third period game tied sharks on defense now.
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shore finds the back of the net. sharks lose 4-3. >> highlight of the weekend, if you don't have anything to do, don't forget the alzheimer's walk tomorrow at at&t. show up, walk and help us find a cure. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. -- tens of thousands of people are scrambling to find safer ground... the latest on the massive wildfires... raging this another live look from southern california where tens of thousands of people are scrambling to find safer ground. the latest on the massive wildfires raging this morning. >> and it's because of fires to the north of us that the air quality all over the bay area is at an unsafe level this morning.
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and i'm michelle griego. time is 6-- firefighters in northern and fbi every. good morning. it is friday, november 9th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. firefighters in northern and southern california have a huge challenge on their hands this morning with huge wildfires causing extensive property destruction and forcing mass evacuations. in both cases, the battle is just beginning. >> first the bay area is having bad air quality. >> it's as if this wildfire was burning right here with just how bad the air quality is. >> just checked. values about 184, 187. when you get to 200, that is very unhealthy air quality. serious health effects. the red isn't good. that means unhealthy air quality there. and here's a live look at the "salesforce tower" camera just
6:31 am
to show you how smoky and hazy it is out there. as we start off the day, temperatures running all across the board here. 40s, 50s, 60s down to the 30s. so concord 46. 31 santa rosa. so we are talking about smoky skies, unhealthy air quality and air quality advisory in effect a "spare the air" day alert so please be safe out there. winds shift today clng out some of the smoke. the red flag warning expires at 7 a.m. in the hills. but we have a high fire danger still. we need rain. over the weekend we are tracking the winds to possibly
6:32 am
pick up again. eastshore freeway towards fairfield a report of a traffic alert eastbound 80 at highway 12. we have a lane shut down for a fatal crash. the accident happened about 5:30 this morning. eastbound 80 backed up to pittman road slow through there there. plan for that eastbound 80 highway 12 shut down for a fatal crash. the commute direction which is at westbound side is moving okay. we are seeing stop and go conditions pockets of owin und 80 4 ma 22 minutes so bearabledelays in maze. crash south 880 at marina boulevard. the "camp fire" in butte county has exploded in size
6:33 am
this morning and it is showing no signs of slowing down. mandatory evacuations have been ordered across several communities. this morning the flames are threatening homes in chico. the biggest city in the county with a population of 90,000. so far 20,000 acres have burned. thousands of structures have been destroyed. not clear how many of those are homes. smoke from the blaze is so bad it's affecting air quality in the bay area. >> we are evacuating pulgas, california. we don't know where the fire is. so please, please, please pray for us that we get out of here okay! >> when the fire first started, people in butte county re forced to grab what they could and get out immediately. this is video from one family as they were surrounded by the thick smoke and flames. thankfully, they did make it out okay. now, crews from the bay area are heading north to help in the firefighting effort. fire departments around san mateo county are sending a strike team to the fire zone.
6:34 am
they will be joined by crews from alameda county, oakland, fremont, hayward and berkeley. the town of paradise in butte county is more than 150 miles away from the bay area but in many low cities is smells like the fire is local. these are live pictures from the city of lafayette. this morning we can see the haze. that's why jackie ward is actually reporting inside this morning on the bad air quality. >> yeah. it's really rare for me to be inside but that's just how dangerous it is because i am pregnant. my producers were nice enough to think of me and my health. i really appreciate that. this kind of air affects our on that includes the elderly and anyone with a respiratory illness and children. this is what it looked like across the bay area last night as the sun was setting. it looks like we need to clean off our camera lenses but that is just how bad the smoke was and is. it is so thick that some people have resorted to wearing breathing masks and that is not a bad idea. the bad air quality has
6:35 am
triggered a winter "spare the air" alert that will be in place throughout the day. >> i saw the smoke filter in from the window. it looks bad. >> probably the worst i have seen this year. it just came in so quickly. >> reporter: the alert means that burning wood inside or outside is illegal. you are also not allowed to use your pellet stove. as always, carpool or take public transportation to help cut down on air pollution. in addition to the closures across butte county, the city of santa rosa just announced that all of smoke. back to you. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk monitoring a so yesterday afternoon. it exploded in size overnight. hundreds of thousands are being evacuated. this is from our sister station chopper. you can see massive amounts of smoke and they are trying to show us there where some of
6:36 am
the roads are because 101 in this area between l.a. and ventura counties is closed down. that happened at about 5 a.m. after the fire jumped the freeway. and now it's threatening the communities of malibu and calabasas. there is concern with the way this thing has been spreading 60-mile-per-hour winds, that it could reach the ocean. so schools in all of those communities closed down today. people being told to stay inside. the smoke you can see again the massive amounts of smokan afterthought when you're worry about your home standing, is absolutely terrible in this started in simi valley and then the santa ana winds whipped up. we are talking embers the size of tennis balls in the area. spot fires have taken off like crazy and now you have this
6:37 am
fire on both sides of 101 in l.a. and ventura counties. so firefighters at this point just trying to get people out of harm's way. evacuations happening in the dead of night. 75,000 homes were evacuated so again, that is encompassing hundreds of thousands of people had to free overnight wondering now what might remain of their homes. the last official word we got, 30 homes burned. it is certainly going to be a lot more than that. >> thank you. now, just a few miles north from the woolsey fire which ann was just reporting on, heavy smoke from the hill fire is also forcing evacuations in ventura county this morning in southern california. some drivers as you can see here on 101 drescape the flames and avoid them. meanwhile anxious homeowners in parts of camarillo are packing up essentials this morning and getting ready to evacuate at a moment's notice. >> we already have all our bottles premade.
6:38 am
we have our diaper bag ready to go, clothes ready. we have everything. already in the car and ready to go. >> the hill fire has burned more than 10,000 acres so much. one of the 12 people killed in wednesday night's shooting at a ventura county bar was from the bay area. alaina housley was a freshman at pepperdine university and a graduate of vintage high school in napa. a vigil was held for her last night at the vintage high soccer field where she used to play. >> ively so sorry. >> i'm sorry for the family. they are such great people. >> she was a niece of former fox news correspondent adam housley and his wife, an actress. a vigil for all the victim was held last night at thousand oaks city hall. one person said you might not know everybody's name but you're there for everyone. today the trump administration is expected to put o
6:39 am
opeekingum in the u.s. the ad antswho illegally cross the southern border will not be eligible to seek asylum. this could be effective once the presidential proclamation is issued. the expected move comes as caravans of migrants slowly come to the u.s. border. a federal tales court has rejected an attempt to end daca. also called the "deferred action for childhood arrivals." a federal appeals court in san francisco made the ruling yesterday and that's likely to set up the stage for a supreme court showdown. lawsuits by california and others say it's challenging the trump administration's decision. it will play out infedel court while the injunction is in place. time now6:39. the fda is rolling out new rules on ecigarettes. internet. but not just any internet.
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it's "gaming with america's best internet provider" internet. it's "all your teenagers streaming at once" internet. it's "i can get up to one-two-three-four-five mobile lines included" internet. it's internet from xfinity that makes your life... simple. easy. awesome. get a special offer on xfinity internet and tv for $35 each a month for 12 months when you bundle both, and ask how you can save on your wireless bill when you include xfinity mobile click, call or visit a store today. than a hundred thousand people to evacuate... expected to soo another live look from ventura county right now where
6:43 am
the woolsey fire forced more than 100,000 people to evacuate. these are live picture. you can see the flames burning on the lower left side of your screen. very hazy conditions there. then evacuating people since yesterday and that numbegr this morning. now up to 100,000. the fda is expected to soon impose new restrictions on ecigarettes. the changes could be announced as early as next week. most flavored ecigarettes in convenience stores and gas stations could be banned. but the products would still be available in tobacco shops. agency also plans to add age verification requirements for online sales. recently the fda ched ssive uca aimed at teenagers. 6:43. inflation is rising and bad earnings for yelp. >> joining us now cbson brooks. >> reporter: the government says that wholesale side inflation in october posted its strongest monthly increase
6:44 am
in six years due to higher gas and food costs and chemicals. the annual gain at 2.9%. the federal reserve considers a range of inflation signals when it considers policy. this shows inflation is up after cooling off over the summer. they left rates unchanged this week but has gradual course of rate hikes as the economy expands and this report likely heightens the odds of a rate increase in december. yelp turned in its third quarter earnings missed on revenue expectations and its fourth quarter guidance was also well off estimates. that's not making investors happy at all. it's resulting in bad reviews for the san francisco company from wall street analysts and yelp's stock is taking a 30% dive in the early going. overall the market is pulling back.
6:45 am
let's check it. coming up later on cbs this morning. joins us now from new york. good morni thanks. >> thank you. it is 6:45. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." joining us from new york is gayle king. good morning. >> reporter: michelle, does this seem like the longest week ever? do you believe that election day was on tuesday? >> i know. we have mu in that have happened. i know. it's been a very troubling week. ahead on "cbs this morning," we are going to begin with the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. plus we're covering the front lines of the woolsey and wildfires as they take over paradise and los angeles forcing thousands as now to evacuate. i know you have been covering that story all morning, too. and the wake of the thousand oaks shooting we are going to
6:46 am
take a look at how soft targets like bars and restaurants and even synagogues, it has come to that, are working to make security their main priority. and harvard scientists reveal their their just about a mystery object floating in space. where is it? where did it come from? who is in it? what do they want? leave us alone. we'll talk about that. we'll see you in about 14 minutes at 7:00. >> that's important, where did it come from and what do they want? >> yeah. what do they want!! >> all right, gayle, thanks so much. see you at 7:00. >> et is back. >> must be. right? we'll soon see. some residents won't be happy but ikea has the green light to build a new store in dublin. >> the city council voted 4-1 last night in favor of the new store along 580. many residents oppose the plan saying it will make a mess of traffic in the area but ikea is saying that it will generate nearly $2 million in annual revenue for the city of dublin along with bringing
6:47 am
hundreds of jobs to the city. let's get a check on traffic right now. we have a lot going on. >> out the door give yourself some extra time. we have a lot going on. we are going to start with the traffic alert. it's along the eastshore freeway in the non-commute direction but it's serious. a fatal crash eastbound 80 at highway 12 one lane completely shut down. the crash happened about 5:30 this morning. they are going to have the lane closed for quite some time for the investigation. so grass that back to pittman road. drive time 9 minutes to the campos parkway. past that okay. let check conditions on the flip side. westbound 80 we are getting reports of a motorcycle crash. one lane is blocked here. it's right at san pablo dam road. and delays are building quickly back to appian way. slow on the eastshore freeway. 25 minutes now for your drive
6:48 am
time. at least from highway 4 to the macarthur maze. you're going to see a few brake lights westbound at gilman street. it bunches up through emeryville over to the maze heading towards the bay bridge with the metering lights on. south 880 at marina boulevard, you have a crash here blocking one lane as well as the davis street on-ramp. south 880 areas there are blocked in that portion so big delays here. we have a live shot just north of there. we turn it around to try to see. you can see up in the distance at the top of the screen some flashing lights. it's slow as you approach that crash. it's going to be busy through there on the southbound side of 880. bay bridge stacked up metering lights are on. you're backed up into the maze. busy there on all approaches towards the bay bridge. looks like if you are going to head out of oakland into san francisco, you will need about 25 minutes to make that portion of the drive. south bay business as usual north 101 hellyer avenue to san antonio, 32 minutes through san jose. and it is a winter "spare the air" day all trains on time for bart. ace train five is 4 minutes late. use mass transit because of
6:49 am
the air quality problems. i wish i had some better news for you but, of course, the big weather story our smoke ee skies very bad air quality -- our smoky skies, very bad air quality, you can see it, you can smell it on the now flights are delayed by more than an hour. you can see why. hazy smoky skies. low visibility due to the smoke across the bay area. 30s to 50s in the area right now. santa rosa below freezing this morning at 31. so a huge temperature spread across the bay area. our air quality is worse than beijing, china. we have an air quality advisory. hazy sunshine, we are going to
6:50 am
see the winds ease. they are already easing this morning. unhealthy air quality across the entire bay area. this is the reason why. the butte county "camp fire" is burning sending the smoke into the bay area. we had strong winds and two weather systems here. this ridge of high pressure to our west, this low to our east. we have a strong pressure gradient and strong winds. the good news, the low is going to push east and with this weather systems her apart the winds ease and we are already seeing that. futurecast wind gusts just to show you what we're talking about here, the winds will ease through the day.
6:51 am
dry offshore winds picking up saturday night into sun, not good. so we are talking -- dry offshore winds picking up saturday night into sunday, not a good thing so we're talking about critical fire weather conditions through the weekend. five degrees above average for this time of the year. daytime highs in palo alto. 72. 71 in mountain view. high of 72 in milpitas so cooler compared to yesterday and i think with those hazy skies, we could see even cooler conditions. very unhealthy air quality in ukiah closer to the fires. this is that seven-day forecast. cooler for saturday there. we are looking at temperatures a little bit warmer for veterans day on sunday. of course, we observe it on monday. that sunshine and dry
6:52 am
conditions continue through next week, as well. michelle? >> thank you. new this morning, police in australia are treating a deadly knife attack as a possible act of terror. >> one in a car exploded in front of my house. >> police initially responded to reports of a car fire. when they arrived on scene, they were confronted by the suspect. police say he stabbed three people one of them died. officers shot the suspect in the chest and he later died of his injuries. it has been two weeks since the synagogue shooting in pennsylvania. and this morning, a moment of silence will be held to honor those victims. the mayor is calling for people around the world to join in on the moment of silence at noon today. a rally for peace will also be held to honor the 11 victims. the shooting was the deadliest attack on jews in u.s. history. the "camp fire" that's taking over parts of butte county is affecting the bay area in a dangerous way. you can smell it the moment you wake up. we'll be talking about the bad air quality next.
6:53 am
>> and before we go to break, a live look outside from twin peaks looking at the city of san francisco. look how smoky it is. we'll be right back.
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you only have one chance to make a first impression. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents, but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. -whoa! the club is rockin'! i'm jackie ward in the newsroom with details on how bad the air i'm anne makovec at the live news desk following what one fire official just called a catastrophic night in sout cor a fi burnin l.a. it the woolsey fire. it has caused the evacuation of about 75,000 homes. so we are talking hundreds of thousandto assess the damage because at this point, we have no idea how many homes burned but it
6:57 am
is definitely in the dozens. and they had to close down the 101 freeway there. there is concern at this hour that this fire could go all the way to the ocean threatening the communities right now of calabasas and malibu. it has done a lot of damage as well in the town of thousand oaks. you're looking at a rare sight, an empty highway 101 right now in southern california between l.a. and ventura counties. they shut that downf thwas en evacuations going on. hundreds of thousands of people out of their homes wondering what they may be able to come back to tonight. this fire is zero percent contained. i'm jackie ward in the newsroom with details on how bad the air quality is in the bay area this morning. it is not hard to see or smell what we're talking about. this is from all over the bay area. you see sutro tower there over in the east bay. we have some shots of san francisco skyline.
6:58 am
we are in thick haze as we are waking up this morning but it didn't stop people from getting in their evening run or walk last night at lake merritt. other people took serious precautions and made sure they had a breathing mask on before leaving their homes. this smoke is coming all the way from butte county. it affects our most vulnerable populations like the elderly, those with respiratory problems and children. >> this probably is the worst i have seen in this year. it just came in so quickly. >> ash in your mouth, smoky. my eyes and my nose are dry as a bone. >> reporter: because of all this heavy smoke, the air district has a winter "spare the air" alert in place that started last night and it will last through today. that means you shouldn't burn wood indoors or outdoors. it's illegal for anyone in the bay to use their fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves and outdoor fire pits. you also want to minimize any outdoor activity. and more school closures to announce. the sonoma value unified school district just announced
6:59 am
that all of its schools are closed because of this smoke, sonoma valley unified school district. jackie ward, kpix 5. because of the "spare the air" alert they are recommending using mass transit so 50 trains on time for bart, all on time. ace number 5, 4 minutes late. eastbound 80at highway 12 a traffic alert in effect with a lane closed. want to show you how bad. our "salesforce tower" camera, smoky skies, a lot of smoke in the atmosphere and that dot is the sun. a "spare the air" alert, unhealthy air quality for us in the bay area. hazy sunshine today through the weekend. >> thank you for watching kpix 5 fuse this morning. the kpix 5 news this morning. your next local update is 7:26. "cbs this morning" is coming up next.
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning." it's friday november 9, 2018. a fire destroys paradise, california. we're on the scene there and in southern california where two more wildfires threaten thousands of homes. thousand oaks california, in mourning. we're hearing of other bars, so-called soft targets, plans to protect patrons.


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