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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 9, 2018 7:00am-8:58am PST

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your next local update is 7:26. "cbs this morning" is coming up next. good morning to our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning." it's friday november 9, 2018. a fire destroys paradise, california. we're on the scene there and in southern california where two more wildfires threaten thousands of homes. thousand oaks california, in mourning. we're hearing of other bars, so-called soft targets, plans to protect patrons. the e-cig crackdown.
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is it too late to stop the epidemic? and rachel weise, a rival gwen more than three centuries ago. first, today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> not one home will be left standing. >> devastating wildfires sweep through california. >> an extremely dangerous situation. >> transformers blowing up left and right. >> i saw everything burn. >> i love you so much. >> horrific mass shooting in southern california has shaken the entire country. >> the shooter, a former marine, may have battled with ptsd. >> rallies in support of special counsel robert muler. >> we're going to make sure there's no interference that no one, including the president is above the law.
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>> police are investigating dem mon strapt demonstrators at the home of fox host tucker carlson. >> facing criminal negligence and misconduct charges. >> all that. >> grabs and picks. touchdown. >> get out your towels, everybody. >> the steelers routed the panthers. >> video released by the white house may have been doctored to speed up acosta's arm movement. >> go all the way. do something like this. >> on "cbs this morning." >> so the vigil in thousand oaks last night. remembering 12 victims killed by a gunman. ♪ amazing grace ♪ how sweet the sound ♪ that saved a wretch like me
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every time. >> every single time, norah. it's either very sad or very inspiring or in some cases like this one very, very true on both counts. >> welcome to "cbs this morning." john dic is on ignment this morning. as you wake up in the west, paradise is in ruins. a wildfire has destroyed most of that northern california town of 27,000 people. a cal fire spokesman says there's nothing much left standing. fire officials believe some people in killed in two more fires just north of los angeles has forced the evacuation of some 75,000 homes. >> the so-called camp fire covers more than 20,000 acres. it is extremely dangerous.
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as david begnaud discovered as officials escorted him through the fire line. >> good idea. ready? 3, 2 -- >> david filed this report from the fire scene in paradise, about 80 miles north of sacramento. >> it's been 24 hours since the fire exploded here in northern california and it is still windy. that's the storage center hint me that's burning. we've been hearing some explosions. listen, over the last 24 hours, there have been harrowing accounts of people literally abandoning their vehicles and running for their lives. >> please help us. >> reporter: surrounded by walls of flames whipped by winds of 50 miles per hour. mes burned tothrough hellom a tr
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>> everything is burning up. >> reporter: filling the sky with toxic smoke that could be seen from san francisco, nearly 150 miles away. >> we're getting the heck out of here. >> there was little time for the 20,000 people who lived in paradise to evacuate. >> everything was ignited. by the time i got out of my house, it was like everything was on fire. >> just after 1:00 a.m., cal fire district chief escorted us into the town. it is a disaster. we saw those cars that people a ban abandoned. some people feet refuge in concrete parking lots. firefighters used their own shelter kits to shield civilians from flames. >> devastated. >> reporter: that's the captain. >> the town center's completely on the ground on the south side as well as the north side has been hit very hard as well. >> i hope people got out. woke up, all my neighbors, got
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them out of bed. next thing you know, their house is on fire. i saved their live. >> reporter: a retired engineer escaped with his dog. >> i don't think there's not going to be a home left in paradise. i don't know. when i left, it was all on fire. >> reporter: we have spent most of the night riding around this community. most of the town looked like it's been wiped out. what we don't know is how many people may have died in their home. because they just couldn't get out fast enough. >> yes, the story does not look good. the pictures aren't good. thank you very much. we should point out that david was escorted by -- because it rlyangerous but he was escoauies. res e on the move in southern california, burning more than 18,000 acres so far. the woolsly fire burned dozens of homes. people in those neighborhoods have been told to get out. john blackstone is on the scene
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in oak park. firefighters are battling through the night to save the homes there. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you can see from the huge plume of smoke where the fire is wurniwurn i burning. 15 to 20 homes have been destroyed. in all, this fire has now burned about 30 homes. conditions here are bone dry with erratic winds blowing 25 to as much as 55 miles per hour spanning the flames. the fire has quadrupled in size in just hours. firefighters are doing their best to battle the raging flames as they jump from one house to the next. >> with the high wind, it's really hard with the embers, it's really hard to savee homerg is putting a water curtain in
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between. >> reporter: 30,000 people have been evacuated so far. we were there as flames overtook another oak park home despite firefight firefighter's efforts. big problem, even when they think they have this under control, embers fall and another house blown in started another fire. the number of evacuees expected to rise. one evacuation had to close down as the blaze spread. another blaze topped 10,000 acres yesterday. hundreds of firefighters are still struggling to contain it. now, clearly, many homeowners here have lost everything. and this is tragedy upon tragedy. because this is part of the community where the terrible mass shooting was just on wednesday night. so there's tragedy on top of tragedy here. norah. >> that's so terrible to hear
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about a double tragedy. the people of a thousand oaks are mourning shooting victims. we know all 12 of their names and we'll share their stories. we're also learning more about the former marine responsible for the attack. carter evans is outside the borderline bar and grill in thousand oaks. >> reporter: good morning. this is still a very active crime scene. investigators are behind me, gathering evidence. and now this city of thousand oaks, once considered one of the safest cities in the country is coming to grips with this terrible tragedy. ♪ gce nis in song.t a vil thursdaydr an overflow crowd gathered outside to remember those who were lost.
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mariah says two of her best friends were killed. >> it feels like a dream. i wish i could hear from both of them again. >> reporter: gunfire can be heard in dramatic new develop phone video recorded during the attack. police say the gunman appeared to fire at random. >> they ran out of doors, windows. our young people, people in nightclubs, have learned this may happen. >> reporter: according to authorities, the shooter was 28-year-old ian long, a former marine combat veteran who had been stationed in afghanistan. police say long used a .45-caliber handgun. first shooting a security guard outside the bar. witnesses say he deployed smoke bombs before going in and aiming at employees and customers. >> i heard the shots and everyone kind of got freaked out. >> reporter: it says it was posted around the timing of the
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shooting, he writes, i hope people call me insane but the only thing people do after these shootings is hopes and prayers and wonder why they keep happening. police searched home he shared with his mother. there were rumors long suffered from ptsd. long's coach says he physically assaulted her his senior year. >> hundreds of people with ptsd. they don't go around shooting people. he was mentally disturbed in high skochool. >> reporter: he says he's known long for years. >> my friend killed my other friends. i didn't think you would see a person do this. i don't understand it. >> reporter: long had a run-in with law enforcement earlier this year. neighbors heard crashing and screaming inside his home. they called police. a crisis response team was sent in. and they determined that he did not need any further mental
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evacuation. bianna. >> clearly, carter, they were wrong, thank you. several shooter victims are being remembered as heroes. justin meek was about to enter the coast guard. his younger sister reportedly survived the shooting because he protected her. his friend was a veteran who helped others transition into human life. sean adler was a bouncer at the bar. his friends describe him as a loving and devoted father. >> he's be the first one to stand up to save somebody's life, no matter what age, color, kid, adult, elderly. he just was that guy. >> many of the victims were young college students enjoying a night out. 21-year-old noel sparks went to the moorpark college. her best friend told cbs news that noel loves to sing.
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alaina housely wassel is and a freshman. she was a friend of tamara housley. she spoke about her. >> an incredible beautiful girl. who would never hurt anybody. was about to go to italy for a program overseas. you know -- >> telemachus was a 27-year-old navy veteran. he survive last year's mass shooting ioon las vegas. to-year-old christina mormorise. cody kaufmof coffman, who was a welcome a new baby sister
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according to his father. >> my first-born son -- only he and -- i know how much i love, how much i miss him, oh, god, this is so bad, ooh, son, i love you so much, oh, heavenly father, just, please -- >> you know, you don't have to be a parent to have your heart break. >> you can really feel the anguish. when he got the call his son did not survive, heartbreaking to see. it just shows you, again this is the conversation that keeps happening over and over and over. we heard from a mother who said i don't want to hear about thoughts and prayers. i'm sick of that conversation. >> well, a ventura county sheriff's sergeant who rushed into the line of fire is being rememberedor age.
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several lined the streets to honor him during the procession. ron helus was shot and killed trying to enter the grill. his friend vined his friend's heroism and the emotional moment he delivered the news. >> i said to her, because of ron, many lives were saved. she looked at me through her tears and said he would have wanted it that way. >> dean says helus was doing exactly what he was trained to do, don't wait but confront the shooter. >> he used to say live your life so the fear of death never enters your heart. friends say he was a stand-up guy you could count on. president trump said he did not act to his new acting attorney general before he appointed him.
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protesters rallied calling for protection, over the sudden removal of attorney general jeff sessions. the president talked about the short-term replacement matthew whitaker outside the white house just a short time ago. >> whitaker worked for sessions and he was extremely highly thought off, and he still is, but i didn't know matt whitaker. he worked for controversy sessions. he was very, very highly thought of. and still is highly thought of. but this only comes up because anybody who works for me, they do a number on him. >> major gadget is at the white house. what does this mean for the mueller investigation? >> it puts it into some sense of unease. the president told us so many things about matt whitaker, that he wanted don't attitude, because he was on session's chief of staff. they've had no conversations about the mueller probe.
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and because whitaker was confirmed in 2004 as the u.s. attorney in iowa that should cover concerned about his confirmation status with the senate in this acting attorney general role. plenty of people disagree but that's what he said. for as long as he's acting attorneyp whitaker will oversea special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. if there's any charges, whitaker will have to clear them. if there's a report from mueller, as everyone expected, and there's any indications in there of possible criminal wrongdoing, whitaker would be the one to decide whether or not that information goes to congress. democrats want whitaker to accuse himself. the president is opposed to that. the democrat said in a letter to deputy attorney general rosenstein he should continue, quote/unqo quote/unquote, to supervise. he believes mueller will be allowed to continue his work >>rimajou.ed and that will be ge
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also interestingo hear kellyanne conway's house, who was a noted lawyer, george in "k times," the trump's appointment of this acting attorney general is unconstitution and illegal and anything he tried to do in that position is illegal. >> after counting votes, some of the midterm election races are still not covered. battling it out in arizona and california. good morning. >> good morning, there are about 20 still undecided. there are still more than 3 300,000. if sinemprevailed.
7:19 am
senator bill nelson calling for a just, guess thisthis, this, .1%. gillum may have taken back his election. gill lum is trailing by about 36,000 votes. gayle. good friday morning to you. it is smoky conditions as well as mary bad air quality. you can see it and smell it and thankfully, the winds should shift today. it is unhealthy air quality for the bay area and very and healthy for the north bay with
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smoky skies through the weekend.
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michelle obama is opening up about a painful conspiracy theory. strong words in his new memoir. we go inside the military mission along the southern border. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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this is a kpix 5 morning update. >> good morning. i am michelle griego. this morning bad air is sweeping across the bay area from the camp fire in butte county and a spare the air alert is in effect with the camp fire burning 20,000 acres and it is at 0% containment. all schools in butte county are closed today. in southern california the woolsey fire continues to grow with dozens of homes destroyed and 8000 acres burned. we will have news updates throughout the day including .
7:27 am
millions of dead trees, extreme winds. our weather is becoming more extreme, and we all need to work together to keep our neighborhoods safe. i'm lisa veliz waweru from pg&e. at pg&e, we are accelerating our forest management work in high fire-threat areas, removing dead trees, trimming branches and creating 12-foot safety clearances around power lines. for more information on how to keep you and your neighborhood safe, visit
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new crashes along the eastshore freeway as you go westbound. there is a crash reported with at least one lane blocked. 31 minutes to go and at the bay bridge it is a 37 minute drive time from oakland into san francisco. it is a spare the air day and they are recommending using mass transit. air quality advisory and you can see just how smoky it is and this is looking south with the hazy sunshine. that is what we will see through the day all of the bay area.
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♪ we asked 12 random men, in 1985, down into the box. got away. blocked. score! >>nd that is the u.s. women's national soccer team that won its 500th game with a win over portugal in lisbon. forward jessica mcdonald scored near the end of the first half. the americans are undefeated, 17 wins. >> should reiterate that, women are number one in the world in soccer. >> the announcer going alon lgek
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a breath. congratulations to team usa. here are three things, at least three things you should know this morning. secretary of state mike pompeo and james mattis are holding security talkings with their chinese counterparts today. the meetings were postponed last month amid trade collisions in the south china sea. president trump and china's president xi jinping mans to meet later this month. a new study suggests late afternoon is prime-time for burning calories. researchers found people at rest burn more than 10% more calories. they say it's likely due to or rhythms. they say that could explain why shift workers are more likely to gain weight. the first photos of a joint iceberg in antarctica.
7:32 am
the new iceberg is about 70 square miles about three times the size of manhattan. nasa scientists first discovered a crack in december. one says the speed it broke off is concerning because of what it might mean for climate change. urging local officials to do more to prepare for active shooter situations. in the last two weeks there have been four shooting at so-called soft targets across the country. those places traditionally have little security in place. in texas with a look at how a local landmark there is preparing. >> reporter: billy bob's is a massive place in ft. worth, near three universities. last night was college night. a night where over 1,000 students can show up. and they're serious about ensuring their safety.
7:33 am
it's thursday night at billy bob. a ft. worth landmark that bills itself as the world's large of the honky tonk. chris is billy bob's manager. he says about 6,000 people show up on weekends for a big concert. >> before a person entered, they're looked at two to three times. they pass two checkpoints where they're eyed by individuals as well. >> reporter: despite a presence of 75 security guards that includes ft. worth police officers, bill little bob's goes one step closer with its own employees. traies our management staff is >>orr: smed like an odd question, but is that the time we live in? >> unfortunately, yes. you can never protect yourself
7:34 am
is00,000. >> there are active shooter incidents every weekend. >> reporter: robert trains security personnel used at venues nationwide and says soft targets need to have a plan in place. >> there's no training for a nightclub, a bar, a sports venue, a synagogue. if the plan is to duck and hide, duck and hide. if you're plan is to run to the nearest exit, get out. >> reporter: after the shooting in thousand oak, california, wednesday night, police said that kind of thinking may have saved lives. >> they ran out the back doors, they broke windows. they hid up in the attic. they hid in the bathroom. unfortunately, our young people, people in nightclubs have learned this may happen. >> reporter: for patrons at billy bob's knowing the venue was prepared makes all the difference, especially for
7:35 am
graham wither spoon who brought his kids to play pool. >> for myself, it's a different story. but for kids i want to be safe. >> reporter: in texas, you can open carry if you have a permit. it's worth many businesses do not allow you to bring the gun inside. >> that is a good point. look, i understand the need for this, but it just pains me that young people in this country are going to have to get used to these kind of shootings and train from an early age. school shootings, right, now a bar, a restaurant. >> synagogue. >> i mean, we vael have reached the point that no matter where we are. someone said to me, whatever you do, run. some people freeze or they start calling 911. they said you've just got to move. hard to hit a moving target i'm
7:36 am
told. the food and drug administration is the set to cr down on flavors of e-cigarettes. it could take action as soon as next week. anna warner is here with new information. anna, good morning. >> reporter: as we told you before, in september, the fda set a ked lydeadline for e-ciga companies to prove they can keep cigarettes away from kids. it's been overwhelmingly popular with minors. experts say fruit flavors are particularly attractive to young people. the restriction would reportedly
7:37 am
not apply to mint flavors because men thol cigarettes are sold. he's also considering online restricti restrictions. advocacy groups told me they're pleased to see what they call first steps from the fda but point out since the move will not affect mint flavor, they worry kids may just switch over to that. we also reached out to juul. the company did not offer a comment about last night. they'd said they never intended for their product to be attractive to teens and they're intent on trying to stop its use amoung youth. >> their flavor choices seem to indication otherwise. >> they maintain adults really do like favor, but andy tobacco experts see it exactly differently.
7:38 am
>> anna, thank you. >> the trump administration moves to restrict asylum seekers. the town says the military ramped up the effort with security. >> reporter: hundreds of troops have landed le eed here in texa. is this enough to stop a caravan of thousands? that story is coming up. if you're on the go, subscribe to our cbs post cast app. here are today's stop stories and hayes happening in your world. ening in your world in less than 20 minutes. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪
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talk to your doctor it's "gaming with america's best internet provider" internet. just any internet. it's "all your teenagers streaming at once" internet. it's "i can get up to one-two-three-four-five mobile lines included" internet. it's internet from xfinity that makes your life... simple. easy. awesome. get a special offer on xfinity internet and tv for $35 each a month for 12 months when you bundle both, and ask how you can save on your wireless bill when you include xfinity mobile click, call or visit a store today. the trump administration is placing new restrictions on immigrants requesting asylum. the mandate, signed by the president this morn, declaring that anyone crossing the southern border illegally will bo crossing in texas. .mi rhea
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>> reporter: we were were troops yesterday. they put up this barbed wire fencing. about 20 feet up is that big border wall which is why some locals question why put up this barbed wire fencing when you have agents and a wall nearby. in less than a week, the u.s. military turned nearly 40 acres of barren land in the small border town of donna, texas, into a fully operational military base. >> what it takes is a team work. >> reporter: more than 600 soldiers staff the base set up by the trump administration to help agents. this is the parking lot created for dozens of military vehicles
7:44 am
next to me. anything that can go out into the rural parts of the rio grande valley. more is still coming. it is a fortress equipped with housing tents and end his yards of barbed wire fence. this is as tall as i stand. is it supposed to stop somebody? >> supposed to impede their movement. >> reporter: it features a fully functioning hospital. the first lieutenant said the hospital can hold up to four trauma patients but could be expanded. >> i have four physicians, two pas and a nurse. >> more than an urgent care. preparing for a migrant caravan expected to arrive at the border before year's end. asylum seekers from central american countries. >> republicans want strong borders, no crime, no chaos and no caravans.
7:45 am
>> reporter: critics accuse trump of using the military move as a political stunt. >> that matters. i mean, if it matters to the american citizen, we are too. so the same way we ask every informed citizen to go and do research, ask questions, listen to what's going on, and then have a real conversation, we ask our soldiers to do that as well. >> reporter: there are more than 5,600 troops. 28,000 of them right here in texas. when i was talking to some troops, i asked them how long will you be around? every single one of those soldiers tell me, until the mission is done, ma'am. >> you've done some incredible reporting, thank you. up next, the other headlines, including an update on ruth bader ginsburg.
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♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." here's a look at some of this morning's headlines. "the washington post" reports the trump administration used an apparently altered video to justify the banning of cnn reporter jim akoccoaccosta. it happened during a heated exchange with president trump. "the post" says a side by side look shows the speed of the clip was edited to make acosta's arm movements appear more aggressive. the doctored clip was one similar provided to info wars. the original shows them making brief contact. sanders con ttends acosta raise
7:51 am
his hands on the intern. the white house tweeting propaganda by a news website banned by other organizations. >> for putting out fake news, exactly. saudi arabia, opec's most powerful member. it comes as president trump accuses the cartel of pushing up oil prices. investors are also distancing themselves from the saudis after the killing of column ni jamal khashog khashoggi. the hill reports ruth bader ginsburg is up and working after being hospitalized after breaking three ribs. she was taken to the hospital early yesterday morning. ginsburg was absent yesterday for the ceremonial swearing in of new associate justice kavanaugh. her nephew says she's cracking
7:52 am
jokes. i've heard broken ribs are very painful. >> people can't crack jokes with cracked ribs. michelle obama says she'll never forgive president trump for something he did before he was elected. new memoir. watch your back, col! ♪ easy... ♪ get outta the way! ♪ [crash] they've gone wild! ♪ saddle up! ♪ toyota. let's go places.
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7:56 am
parts of the bay a..assi wildfi in butte county has made it southward. air quality advisory has been issued.. the "bay area air quality management district" has issued a "winter spare the air" alert... at least through today. here's the latest on that wildfire, dubbed the "camp fire." cal fire now says it's burned 70 thousand acres in butte county... a substantial increase from the last estimate. especially hard hit is paradise... a city of about 27 thousand people, all forced to evacuate. the number of buildings destroyed could be in the thousands. the extent of human casualties is not yet clear. mountain view- based google has released a new policy... ending forced arbitration in cases of sexual harassment and assault. it's in response to recent protests... by workers unhappy with the search giant's handling of sexual misconduct in the workplace. news updathroughout the day onre
7:57 am
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welcome back. we can are in the traffic center. let's head to pittsburg where we have a crash on westbound highway 4 causing delays as you work your way from antioch to pittsburg around bailey. right on the shoulder but still busy. westbound 4 backed up around railroad because of the accident. give yourself a few extra minutes. and 680 southbound at main street, extra volume. looks like a 16 minute ride there, as well. hazy sunshine, smoky skies as we start off the day. you can see it and smell it. an air quality advisory and spare the air alert. the good news is the winds will be easing as well as shifting to less smoke in our air, but still, unhealthy air for all of the bay area, very
7:59 am
unhealthy for the north bay. hazy and sunshiny for all of next week
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday. november 9, 2018. we'll have the latest on a wildfire disaster in california where homes are still in jeopardy. plus, president trump faces criticism over jeff sessions's departure. we'll talk to margaret brennan, she's coming back today after ma tirnty leave. paradise is in ruins. a wildfire has destroyed most of that town of 27,000 people. >> it's been hours since the fire exploded here in northern
8:01 am
california and it is still windy. that's the storage center behind me. >> embers were raining down on this neighborhood where 15 to 20 homes have been destroyed. >> hard pressed to save some of these homes. >> this is a very active crime scene. investors are at the borderline bar and grill. >> my friend killed my other friends and i was there to see it happen. >> for as long as he is acting attorney general, whitaker will oversee special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. >> anybody that works for me, they do a number on them. >> 85-year-old justice ruth bader ginsburg fell over in her no!ice and fractured ri. does she need ribs? i've got ribs! she can take mine. somebody give me a pair of pliers and a bite stick. >> i've this is the ruth bader ginsbubble. we've been developing it over
8:02 am
the last year. we are sending this to washington to protect justice ginsburg. protect justice ginsberg. >> the bubble, bubble wrap. >> people offering body parts, here you go, rbg. it must be comforting to know so many people want you to be safe and want you to be healthy that they're willing to go to give up body parts for you. >> we want her to be healthy, safe, and live for a lot longer. >> she's a tough woman. >> good morning, everyone, i'm bianna golodryga with gayle king. it took less than 24 hours for the wildfires to cause terrible destruction. the fires outside los angeles have forced thousands of people out of their homes and the campfire some 80 miles north of sacramento destroyed an entire town called paradise. all 27,000 people there were ordered to evacuate yesterday as
8:03 am
the fire exploded. fire officials say they expect to learn some people may have died. >> videos posted on social media show people driving through flames desperately trying to escape. at one point the fire was burning, the equivalent of 25 football fields every minute and moving so quickly some people abandoned their cars and started running. in southern california, the woolsey fire exploded overnight, burning 8,000 acres and destroying dozens of homes. at least 75,000 people were told to leaf and an evacuation order was issued. >> educators are trying to pinpoint the motive for a mass shooting at a california bar that killed 12 people, including a sheriff sergeant but authorities admit we may never know the answer to the question why. hundreds of people came together last night for a vigil in thousand oaks. we're learning more about the victims. justin meek recently graduated from california lutheran university. he sang in the school's choir.
8:04 am
elena hausley was a pepper dyne university student. her parents describe her as kind, smart, beautiful and respectful. >> noel sparks was a regular at the borderline bar and grill. her aunt told the associated press noel was the kind of girl that if you had friends you'd want them to marry her. sean adler was a bouncer at the bar. a long time friend described him as warm, friendly and passionate about everything in his life. long lines wrapped around the block at a blood drive for victims yesterday as the community showed his support. according to the gun violence archives, this was the 307th mass shooting of the year. it came on the 311th day of the year. that means on average there has been a mass shooting almost
8:05 am
everyday in the united states. unbelievable. >> some people caught in the borderline shooting were survivors of the massacre at a country music festival in las vegas last year. brendan kelly said he was dancing wednesday night when he found himself once again in the middle of a mass shooting. kelly, a marine, coldtold kabc ran to safety. >> borderline was our safe space, for lack of a better term, the home for the 30 or 4045 of us from the greater ventura county area. that was our place that we went to the following week so we could be with each other. >> and look at this. kelly has a tattoo on his arm memorializing last year's shooting. at least one of the vegas survivors did not make it out of borderline alive and that's 27-year-old navy veteran
8:06 am
telemachus orsanus. his mother said this. >> i don't want prayers, i don't want thoughts. i want gun control and i hope to god nobody else sends me any more prayers. i want gun control. no more guns! >> we should note, california has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. police say the handgun used in this shooting was obtained legally. and that conversation will continue about how to keep guns out of the hands of people like the gunman in this particular case. >> that mother made it clear, a lot of people are saying that, i'm sick of prayers, i'm sick of thoughts and good wishes, it's time for somebody to do something. very tough story to keep reporting day after day after day. >> so many mothers burying their children. >> exactly right. former first lady michelle obama who is known for choosing her battles carefully is revealing her personal feelings about president trump in her new
8:07 am
memoir. the "washington post" published an exert from "becoming" before its official release. mrs. obama writes about the president for pushing the false idea that barack obama was not born in the united states and therefore was ineligible to be president. she calls it crazy and mean spirits, dangerous and deliberately meant to stir up the king nuts and kooks. she writes "what if someone with an unstable mind load add gun and drove to washington. what if that person went looking for our girls. donald trump with his loud and reckless innuendos was putting my family's safety at risk and for this i'd never forgive him." >> the former first lady also writes she was buzzing with fury after seeing the "access hollywood" tape and she accusesover trying to stalk hillary clinton during one of their presidential debates. mrs. obama claims the president's unspoken message is "i can hurt you and get away with it." mr. trump says he hasn't seen
8:08 am
the book but claimed the former first lady was trying to stir up controversy. >> her book is tracking to be a huge, huge best-seller. . she normally doesn't engage this way but clearly she has a lot to get off of her chest. >> i think she's just making the point that words matter. >> >> words have power. >> they're not just rhetorical, sometimes they lead to action and that's the conversation we're discussing. >> a lot of people are waiting to hear from her and she's not holding back. >> she's not. the president flies to paris today to meet world leaders marking the 100th anniversary of the end of world war i. he's leaving the u.s. while democrats call for an investigation into the forced resignation of attorney general jeff sessions. "face the nation" moderator and mama margaret brennan is with us from washington where she returns to hosting this sunday. margaret, great to see you. welcome back. we hope eamon does not hate us for taking his mom away from him this morning to come in and talk to us about your second favorite job. and there's a picture of him.
8:09 am
he's so beautiful. >> other, thank you so much. he's just two months old so i think we can count him as one of the younger viewers of "face the nation." >> we love him watching. what will you be focusing on this sunday? >> did i miss anything? this sunday we'll talk about who the new chief law enforcement officer in this country may be. we have senator ted cruz and lindsey graham, two key voices on the judiciary committee who will hold these hearings and question whoefrg is nominated to replace attorney general jeff sessions who was just forced out. but there's so many questions here about just what will qualify someone for job in the president's eyes. when you think about it, jeff sessions was the president's border wall personified.
8:10 am
the original sin of recusing the russia investigation put him on the wrong side of president trump so we have to assume when it comes to selecting someone for the job, that will be question number one, how will you interact with robert mueller and will you make his findings public? we'll talk about that on sunday's show. >> us's a big weekend of news because the president is heading to paris to meet with world leaders. what do we know about what will be discussed? >> this is interesting because it's supposed to be, according to the french president, a celebration of what can happen when allies work together. defeating as they did side by side evil during world war i as he described it. now you have the french president saying europe may have to form its own army to protect itself against china, russia and the united states. if that doesn't tell you how our relationship with our closest allies have deteriorated, i don't know what does. the president will be standing you beside these european partners. l entecan
8:11 am
ct wh vladimir putin. no formal sit down is scheduled but we do know that they will interact there and there's a lot to talk about in terms of the u.s. withdrawing from the arms control agreement, the placement of u.s. troops throughout europe and what may be happen iing lat this month when the president heads to the g20 and is expected to dig in more substantively to the questions of arms control and trade agreements. >> all right, eamon's mom, there's nothing like hitting the ground running. having a baby agrees with you. >> you are all moms and i have to tell you how much respects. i have, it has only grown for those who can multitask. >> welcome to the club. we're a big group but it's a great group. >> welcome to the diaper family. >> margaret, good to see you. sunday on "face the nation," margaret will talk to house democratic leader nancy pelosi and republican senators ted cruz and lindsey graham.
8:12 am
that's sunday right h on cbs.> to help you live a long life. what? dr. david agus -- what you talking about, willis -- is in our toyota green room. we've heard it's all in the genes. he's got the results of a surprising new study and
8:13 am
we have much more we have much more news ahead. a mysterious object moves into
8:14 am
our solar system. why two harvard scientists suggest aliens may have sent it our way. >> two harvard scientists. whoa. >> plus bill gates made billions building software. why his next challenge is a little more down to earth. and oscar winners rachel weiss and emma stone will be here to talk about playing 18th century back stabbers in a movie called "the favorites." you're watching cbs "this morning." y back stabbers in a movie called the favorites. you're watching "cbs this morning." which is kind of, a lot. and if that pain could mean something worse? joint pain could mean joint damage. enbrel helps relieve joint pain, and helps stop irreversible joint damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred.
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8:18 am
♪ say as solar system may have been a probe sent by an advanced alien civilization. astronomers were excited to discover the interstellar object
8:19 am
last year. it was named "oumuaua" that's hawaiian for messenger or scout. tony due coi dokoupil is in new city. >> you're looking at a meteorite, that came from our solar system. this other object comesfrom outside of our solar system and, get this, once it got here, it behaved in ways scientists can't quite explain which is why this team of harvard scientists are floating that a theory that they explain is out there. when it was discovered last october, it was tumbling past the sun at 169,000 miles per hour. to some, the reddish object looked like a cigar, others thought it was shaped like a pancake. >> it looks very different from objects we have found in the solar system. >> reporter: avi loeb said it
8:20 am
didn't behave like an ordinary asteroid or give off gas like a comet. >> there seemed to be an extra force that is pushing it and it's not clear what this push is from. >> reporter: in an upcoming paper, he and a colleague author what they call an exotic scenario. oumuamua may be an intentional probe sent to earth by an alien civilization." according to their calculations. oumuamua is less than a millimeter thin, but very wide like a sail. similar to the spacecraft used by count duku in the "star wars" film. >> i want everybody to take that with a grain of salt. >> reporter: jakeky feherty says muamua didn'give ony al spacecraft. >> if you say the top ten list of explanations doesn't include alien probe, what's on that
8:21 am
list? >> it's a comet or asteroid or rock. >> reporter: where is alien civilization on the list of explanations? >> real, real low. >> reporter: feherty doubts oumuamua's appearance means we're on the verge of an alien encounter like the one in the movie "arrival." >> oumuamua as it stands is a phenomenal discovery and a really important object for astronomers to study and for the public to get excited about. it's okay it's not aliens. >> now oumuamua is out of our solar system. feherty has a theory for why we keep coming up with these explanations. as hard as it is to fathom the existence of aliens, it's harder for us to fathom the idea that we're alone. norah? >> i just like hearing tony say. on social
8:22 am
media. you're watching cbs. researchers in massachusetts say
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
ahead, what's beh a "winter spare the alert" is in good morning. 8:25. a winter spare the air al and effective bad air quality washes over the bait area. smoke from the camp fire is drifting into the bait area. and the camp fire has scored more than 70,000 acres. the fire broke out yesterday. thousands of structures have already been destroyed and schools in the county are closed. after a long drawn out battle, ikea finally getting the go- ahead to build its new store in dublin along interstate 580. last night the city council voted 4-1. we will have news updates brought the date on your favorite platforms putting our website,
8:26 am
8:27 am
i am glad a frankel bakery start with mass transit. many people using mass transit for spare the eight -- spare the airdrie. delays at the station winchester mountain veal light. northbound 280, the connector to northbound 87 with a crash blocking the ramp. slow anyway working your way to 80 from 680 and highway 85.
8:28 am
a 22 minute drive. if you are taking one-to-one it is a little slow through san jose. what he three minutes. if you're traveling northbound to san antonio avenue, southmont looks better. let's get a look at the nimitz freeway. you can see the hazy skies northbound from 238 to the macarthur maze. a 26 minute drive times. south bound a 80 delay the hayward and the bay bridge give yourself 20 minutes if you're headed from the macarthur maze to san francisco. smoky skies and unhealthy air quality. we have a spare the air alert and air quality advisory for all of the bay area. we are talking unhealthy air for all of us, and even very unhealthy air for the north bay. going through the day we see hazy sunshine. daytime highs in the upper 60s for pacifica. no 70s for many locations in san francisco, san rafael, oakland, fremont, the mid- seventies to san jose and livermore. we will see hazy sunshine heading through the weekend and we could see the wind to pick up late saturday into early sunday for critical fire weather conditions. dry into next week. internet. but not just any internet.
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8:30 am
♪ ♪ let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ♪ ♪ it doesn't show signs of stopping ♪ >> it's too ♪ it doesn't show signs of stopping ♪ -- >> it's too early for christmas music. >> no, it's not. >> but those are flurries we were seeing in chicago. >> norah, we haven't done thanksgiving. i don't want christmas music yet. >> i kind of like it, though. >> i like watching you race to the table. . sorry, what did you just reveal in "oh" magazine? >> our favorite things list for shopping. >> for what holiday? >> christmas! >> okay, mrs. too early. >> but we're not singing songs. >> it's never too early. >> we're always nervous about you coming back tos ble.
8:31 am
watch, watch, watch. >> no fair! >> you do that with such grace. >> kudos to you. >> i look like a lumbering cow. i don't like that shot at all. >> let's replay it. >> in slow motion. >> thank you, control room. >> stay tuned at the end of the show, there will be more fun stuff like this gail has moves and talent. >> welcome back to cbs "this morning". it's to share headlines around the globe. a study found parents post 13,000 photos of their kids on social media by the time they're 13. the report from a british government watchdog said kids 70,000 times. the report says children's day
8:32 am
is collected from social media accounts as well as kids' accounts. >> the "new york times" reports bill gates is encouraging the world to build a better toilet. he held the reinvented toilet expo on tuesday. the companies showcased toilets designed to improve hygiene, work separately from sewage system and turn human waste into fertilizer. about 4.5 billion people worldwide live without access to safe sanitation. >> this happened to me this morning. i had toilet issues and i left the note with the doorman "call the plumber asap." i don't know what's going on in the master bathroom so i need a new toilet. >> that's a crappy situation, gail. >> literally. >> let's put a stop to this. >> our partners at the bbc say china's state news agency nrtif intelligence news anchor. >> hello, everyone; i'm an artificial intelligence anchor.
8:33 am
this is my first day in xi jinping waugh news agency. >> ai synchronizes his voice and expressions based on real chinese news leaders. the presenters can work 24 hours a day, reducing news production costs. >> i don't mean to be ugly, but he needs to smile a little bit. >> but he doesn't have toilet problems. >> nothing wrong with smiling, guys. >> a surprising new study finds genes have less control over how people -- how long people live than previously thought. >> the results published in the journal genetics. it says that only 7% are in the ancery, the onlinelogy web . they analyzed the family trees of more than 400 million people. david agus is here with tips for how to
8:34 am
healthier life. we know genes are important but there are other factors that are more important. >> this is a wild study. thigh tried to find new genes and they found out your spouse is just as long as you more correlated than your parents and when you look at your in laws, they live as long as you, too. you don't see a marathoner marrying a couch potato. >> the gene thing is interesting, my mom died at 61, my dad died at 47. i've outlived both of them and i thought it was in the genes so. >> there's no deterministic fate. we are in charge of our health and we know what to do. look at the data of the 400 million people, the two big things that hit us were don't go into a war and don't smoke. those are clear.
8:35 am
we know that. at the same time it's movement over time. getting vaccines, i'm proud of both of you. i had tears of joy going down my face. >> what can people do? if it's not in your jeans, what can they do? >> you're in charge of your own health and how long you live. get moving, eat healthy, go to the doctor. these simple things will have an enormous impact and they work and push your spouse to do the same. >> it confirm we sort ourselves as a society. >> what is astonishing is we marry people similar to us with similar behaviors. this affirms it over the last 200 years so our spouse, even though your space may not think so, they're similar to who we are and so is your mother-in-law and cousin in law.
8:36 am
>> i'm looking for a single anchorman. got it. >> what a strange morning. >> academy award winning actresses rachel weiss and emma stone are fighting for queen ann's attention in england in the new movie called "the favorites." there they are. they get along in the green room. in the movie not so much. it's my understanding this is the first time they've talked about the movie together so they'll talk about how
8:37 am
you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yes! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. the perfect sweater makes the perfect holiday gift. and it feels even better when you find it for less - at ross. yes for less.
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8:39 am find your new fall look at an "oh, yeah" price. check this out. that's yes for less.
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from the latest trends to your favorite brands, it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. actress emma stone started in "the help" "birdman" and "la-la land." and she won an academy award for that. rachel weiss won an oscar for best-supporting actress in the 2005 drama "the constant gardener." so two slackers here. this movie is so good. it's set in the 18th century when clean ann ruled england. it tells the story of the rivalry between ladies sara churchill and abigail hamasham.
8:41 am
>> mr. hawley asked me to betray your confidence about what goes on between you and the queen. >> i see. and what will you do. >> i'm not going to, obviously. >> not obviously. you may tell me to encourage my trust and work both sides of the street. >> i'm a person of honor even if my station is not. even if i was the last left in this wretched place i would remain a lady. >> you're pretty when outraged. so my secrets are safe with you? >> all of them. >> all of them. and then she proceeds to shoot her. emma stone and rachel weiss join us at the table. i'm not giving anything away. good morning you guys. >> good morning. >> i describe this movie as mean girls on steroids. i like the dialogue between you.
8:42 am
you look at the script and thought what, emma? >> i was in love. it was heaven to read those beautiful rich layers, complex parts for three women. >> and you were the only american in the cast, right? >> i was. >> and rachel, why were you drawn to the character of lady churchill? >> i think all the characters are interesting and complicated and i know what you mean about the mean girls comment but -- because there are lots of females in the leading roles and they're not kind to each other but the difference is this it's about running england not being the most popular girl in the class. so in the beginning of the film. the te's in crge but she's not. by the end of the movie this one has taken over. so it's like vying for high stakes mean girls. >> "variety" calls it the of e back stabbing that plays out
8:43 am
between the two cousins. describe the power struggle. you come and you were sort of a scullery maid. you refer to her as scullery scraps and turn one who was clearly in charge and then things took a turn. >> as i mentioned, i like to keep mentioning, running england and my cousin has fallen to from grace and she comes to court and flatters me so i think this beautiful young ingenue, protege, and i totally don't realize how powerful she is. she ain't no ingenue. she's trouble. >> i know you said this was physically challenging for you. how so? >> it was -- i mean it was physically fun as well. but abigail, my character, goes through a lot of being slapped, falls in mud. olls
8:44 am
>> i slapped you pretty hard. >> yes. >> were the costumes uncomfortable? >> yes. >> you had a corset. >> should we pretend they were comfortable? >> they were lovely. >> they were so beautiful. >> i think everyone has that feeling, right? that era -- >> i work in spanx but i don't think spanx crush misbody organs. you said you felt your body organs moved. >> that's because i'm straight up and down and i wasn't used to corsets. >> think spanx with whale bones, 40 whale bones in them. >> and then being tied into them. >> breathing is -- >> but it was also a very interesting time in history because you wouldn't think the queen was taking lesbian lovers back during those times. so i was -- >> and why not?
8:45 am
>> exactly right, rachel. exactly right but when i saw it on the screen i was like whoa. >> yeah. we know there are love letters between my character and the que queen. what happens in private we don't know, the filmmakers dreamt up the dialogue and what happened in private between abigail and the queen. >> and on that note, you may notice we in the united states are a bit obsessed with the british royal family. did you learn more about the monarc monarchy? >> i didn't know much about queen ann. she's not much known about but what's fascinating is the queen -- i love meghan markle but she won't actually -- well, she is going to try to change a lot of things but she's not
8:46 am
runnn she's like the president so she's in charge as i mentioned twice, now three times, i'm in charge and then you're in charge. >> so it was election day and you turned 30 emma and rachel has a new baby in the house, congratulations to you and daniel. >> great movie and great to see so many women in charge. >> and three women here. >> emma and rachel, thank you so much. congrats on the movie. >> favourites" opens in november. you're watching cbs "this morning."
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ gayle, that's right. >> norah. >> gayle? >> norah? >> who runs the world?
8:50 am
girls. >> that does it for us. as we leave you, let's look back at all that mattered this week. so much time. have a great weekend. bye. a mass shooting at a southern california bar filled with hundreds of college students as left multiple fatalities. >> we heard a bunch of shots. >> everybody was dancing on the dance floor. he stormed through the door and opened fire. >> he used a glock 21 but he had an extended magazine. he was armed to do damage, which he did. >> sergeant ron helus died at the hospital. people. nt in to save lives. >> 200 people waiting to vote. >> democrats on track to take the house. >> republicans will keep control of the u.s. senate. >> millions of dollars of wknewh
8:51 am
night for republicans in the house of representatives but it's not a blowout. >> not a wave. not a wave. >> president trump is looking for a new attorney general after forcing jeff sessionss to quit. >> >> it felt as if the tension between the white house press corps and this president reached a fever pitch. >> sit down, please. sit down. that's a racist question. you are a rude, terrible person. you shouldn't be working for cnn. >> an unbearably cute cub on a snow capped mountain. >> he's like. ♪ i keep on falling >> good on ya, bear. >> bearing up under pressure. >> oh, you're trying to steal my line now. >> an iowa grandmother claimed her powerball jackpot. she almost lost the ticket. >> i said to my sister, get that ticket, get in your truck and get up here now. >> i liked everything about her. her car was a ford fiesta that had 142,000 miles on it.
8:52 am
>> we like the sister in that story. she didn't drive in the other direction. >> bob schieffer is here. this is the 25th election he has covered. do you like us saying that? this is the 25th election? do you like that? >> yeah. >> okay, good. >> i hope you say it's his 26th. >> in the tennessee race for senate, republican marsha blackburn defeated democrat fill bredesen despite bredesen receiving an endorsement from taylor swift. i guess tay-tay didn't have that much sway-sway. >> stephen colbert, kay-kay. >> let's get under way-way. >> wow. >> i woke up at 7:00 and thought it was 7:00 in the morning. i did a three stooges move in my apartment. >> it's never too early to begin our morns with you. >> okay, okay. >> you made it. >> we're always nervous about you coming back to this table on time. >> no fair! oh, my god, no fair. i don't like that shot at all. >> thank you in slow motion. what's a gig of data?
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is drifting into the bay area. creating air quality concerns. today: a "winter spare the air" alert good morning. i am michelle griego. this morning, smoke from the camp fire drifting into the bay area creating air quality concerns. today a winter spare the air alert has been issued in the bay area. the campfire has exploded in size and thousands of buildings have been destroyed. it is burned more than 70,000 acres and containment is at five percent. and southern california firefighters be handling have been destroyed. so far the fire has burned 1000 acres. we will have news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our website,
8:56 am
8:57 am
morning we are dealing with mass transit delays with capital quarter including bt any south bay. it is delayed at fruitdale, winchester mountain view line. due plan for delays or capital quarter from berkeley to richmond, train 4432 minutes behind schedule. if you want to hop on bart all trains on time and caltrain running without trouble. northbound 101 we have reports of an accident number two
8:58 am
maclane for the left shutdown. delays down third street. a bit busy working your way to san francisco. using 280 as an alternate. 280 getting a little slow at the connector one-to-one. golden gate bridge holding study, no delays can go to to san francisco. check out how smoking it is out there. looking at the sales force tower camera. haze and smoke he. unhealthy air quality with the air quality advisory and a spare the air alert today. we are looking at the wind that will take a turn. we are looking at less smoke in the air as we go through the day but the air-quality forecast is unhealthy for the bay area. very unhealthy for the north bay. please be safe. hazy sunshine, low 70s in san francisco as well as for oakland, and fremont. mid-seventies and livermore and fort fairfield hazy sunshine for the weekend. dry and sunny heading through next week as well.
8:59 am
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wayne: ah! - i'm gonna take the money, wayne. jonathan: $15,000 in cash! wayne: we do it all for the fans. jonathan: my personal guarantee. tiffany: yummy. wayne: two cars! that's what this game is all about. she's leaving here with the big deal of the day. ten years of deals, right? jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: hey, america, welcome to "let's make a deal." i'm wayne brady. thanks for tuning in. who wants to make a deal? you do, with the tutu, come on over here, everybody else, have a seat, have a seat. nice to meet you. what's your name? - cami! wayne: nice to meet you, so nice to meet you too. now where you from? no you got a lot of glitter on you, i want to hug you, but i just don't want the glitter to come off because i'll be all shiny. - i know, i hate glitter too. wayne: nice to meet you. no, but it works for you though.


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