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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  November 14, 2018 5:00am-5:56am PST

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on that southwest flight that pulled a woman halfway out the window. good morning. it's wednesday, november 14th. another day of bad air could mean another day of school closures. sonoma county schools are expected to decide at any minute if schools will be closed today because of air quality. >> all that smoke is coming from the deadly "camp fire" in butte county. nasa created this montage showing the progression of the smoke from the fire. it was taken between november 7 and 12. >> we heard the doctors saying to stay inside. >> a lot of people are asking when will this improve? likely through the weekend we'll see a change in the wind direction with more of an onshore wind component by
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saturday. air quality unhealthy for the bay area. a live look at our "salesforce tower" camera you can see coit tower there. 30s to 50s in the area right now. a cold start to the day there. sunnier today. high clouds could trap in the smoke. so we are still talking about hazy smoky conditions. better air quality likely this weekend. we have that to look forward to to. we'll have a chance of rain next week. gianna has traffic. we still have this ongoing traffic alert as you work your
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way through the north bay this morning traveling out of petaluma into cotati. this is a big rig accident. at one point it was engulfed in flames. and it did cause a small brush fire on the right shoulder. so chp and fire crews are on scene north 101 just past petaluma boulevard north all lanes remaining completely shut down. they are diverting traffic off at west railroad avenue. in the meantime, you can use alternates, old redwood highway north or stony point road to get around the mess. it could take ti. we checked in with chp. they are trying to get off to the shoulder and get one lane or the right shoulder open there to get traffic through. we'll keep our eye on that. still early not a lot of delays in the area. we are starting to see more delays westbound 580 from 205 to 680. no delays near grant line. clear at the dublin interchange
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interchange. westbound toward 680 connector not bad traffic clear on 680 itself in both directions. so far, so good at the bay bridge clear in the every into san francisco. the death toll from the "camp fire" in butte county is now 48. authorities discovered six more bodies in their continued search for human remains. nearly 9,000 structures have been destroyed. butte county sheriffs have arrested six people for looting. the fire consumed 230 square miles 35% coained. president trump is sending secretary of the interior and fema administrator to california. they will tour the butte county fire zone with governor brown. >> the butte county sheriff says he asked for 100 members of the national guard to help search for human remains. as of now, there are half dozen search and recovery
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crews in the fire area. more than 200 people are still unaccounted for. identifying the victims can be difficult and time-consuming because some are so badly burned. the hope is to find all human remains as promptly as > some survivors of the butte county wildfire calling on the mayor of paradise to resign. the paradise town council hosted its first meeting after the fire ripped through its town in the city of chico last night. >> paradise is about people. i have already said that. we have a certain spirit amongst the people of the town of paradise that, yeah, we should love paradise. >> each council member lost a home and the focus now is rebuilding. fema pledged their support and rs calleonyor resithe of the evacuation and growing
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death toll. >> you know that we could have had a plan that was better. the reason we couldn't get everyone out is you couldn't fit 26,000 people on the roads at the same time. >> mayor jones says that she will not resign. this morning, pg&e is facing its first lawsuit over the deadly fire. a group of attorneys has filed suit in san francisco on behalf of about two dozen victims. they are accusing pg&e of failing to properly maintain its power lines and are demanding a jury trial. although the cause of the fire is undetermined, the utility told state regulators last week it had a problem with a transmission line in the area just before the fire erupted. in statement, pg&e says it is aware of the lawsuits but its primary focus is on the communities and supporting first responders as they work to contain the fire. this morning, in southern california a new wildfire is
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county. off i-15 in sa firefighters say that the sierra fire is 20 acres and growing. the wind-whipped fire broke out last night near homes and neighborhoods in rialto. firefighters are making progress despite the powerful winds. there are no evacuations in place. many residents have reportedly self-evacuated. meanwhile, flare-ups are still a major concern for crews battling the woolsey fire west of los angeles. the burn zone now covers 97,000 acres. that is an area about the size of denver. but crews are making progress. the fire is 40% contained and some evacuation orders have been lifted. e baotherwtrc is flowing. traffic is though a sore subject for commuters and there's a solution. we are all ears. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward is at the bay bridge toll plaza to tell us about the potential
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fastat so this is always where traffic gets clogged up depending on what time of day you're traveling from oakland to san francisco. it could take from 20 minutes to an hour. that's why the metropolitan transportation commission is considering other options including getting rid of cash tolls all across the bay area. toll plazas like here at the bay bridge would be replaced with an all-electronic system like what we see at the golden gate bridge. and that's an area as many of us know drivers can roll on through the toll and a camera takes a picture of their license plates. then your fastrak account is charged. those without a fastrak are nt billthe mail. the bay area toll authority says it's the cash lanes that create congestion like on our bridge across the region while plenty of room is left in the fastrak lanes. they said that more than 70% of drivers have fastrak accounts and hoping to grow to 80% by 2020. so later ismorning, the mtc
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will consider a few options including one that leaves plazas intact but with the addition of cameras like at the golden gate, and that is the cheaper option at $23 million. so the mtc will be meeting at 9:30 this morning back in san francisco. from the bay bridge toll plaza, jackie ward, kpix 5. can i'm anne makovec at the live news desk where the counting continues in florida. that is what we are watching right now. take a look at these live pictures. this is in broward county. but the latest drama comes from palm beach county. that is where some of the vote counting machines have been overheating causing mismatched results in the recount of the senate race which is of course one of three races now being decided again in this recount. goor e e ttle on today, a judge is going to be hearing a
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law that throws out votes if the signature on the ballot does not match the signature on th the elected officials. so we'll see what the judge says on that one. and that is of course one of about a dozen lawsuits going on right now in florida as the recounts continue. >> thank you. >> there's a lot of drama in florida with voting. >> when you look at drama with the machines themselves, that is what really breaks people's trust in the process. some people say some of the ballots themselves are missing. so basically, we have an imperfect system. >> thank you. meantime, the georgia gubernatorial race is still
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too close to call. right now, republican brian kent maintains a majority over democrat stacey abrams. but abrams has refused to concede. officials in georgia have been ordered to review thousands of provisional ballots and have yet to be counted for the governor's race. that means kemp, georgia secretary of state will not be able to certify the election unyn. utorng joaqu "el guthe k of a drug cartel. his defense called the charges false, labeling the alleged drug lord as more myth than actual legend. guzman is accused of orchestrating the shipment of colombian cocaine to mexico and then to the united states. he faces life in prison if convicted. also happening today, queer expected to learn more about a southwest airlines deadly engine failure from this year. a woman was killed when an engine blew on board a flight
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in april. debris from the engine atted her window. the notice will release a report on the latest in the -- the ntsb will release a report on the latest in the investigation. a shooting in new mexico. people call it a spontaneous attack by a disgruntled ed ur d wounded inside an albuquerque warehouse on monday. two are in critical condition. >> everybody said he was a nice guy. they didn't -- i don't think anybody foresaw this. >> police say the gunman shot and killed himself. at the time, he was on the phone with crisis negotiators. 5:11. >> this morning, an ecigarette company is pulling items off the shelves. coming up, juul says it wants to stop the under aged from using their products. why experts say the company is not doing enough. >> another smoky day across iedrthe reinmo
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>> and a traffic alert continues in cotati due to a big rig accident. al
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now investigating 252 cases of e elit > th morng's inveincases of
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acute flaccid myelitis up from 219 the week before. health officials saying that there have been 90 confirmed cases of the mysterious paralyzing illness nodeaths have been reported. the disease weakens muscles an leaves children with paralysis. the food and drug administration is giving companies two years to stop using artificial flavors. the six-flavor add tvs on the list are additives create flavors. well known maker of ecigarettes is having some of its flavors removed from stores. juul based in san francisco claims the move is to reduce "vaping" among teens. the company is temporarily suspending the sales of four flavors. but they will still be available online. some critics say it doesn't go far enough. >> they are used by youth and
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that almost 30% of adolescents and young adults who are using juul say they are using mint flavored. they are addicted to it they say. >> some say it's a preemptive strike before the food and wnng weeks. 5:16 right now. let's check traffic. we have a traffic alert. >> yeah. traffic alert continues in the north bay right now. if you are traveling out of petaluma to cotati this morning we had a big rig accident at 4:00 this morning. it overturned. another vehicle was involved. at one point that big rig caught fire as well as the brush on the right shoulder. so everything is out. the fire is out. but the lanes are still blocked. north 101 right at west railroad avenue, they do have a hard closure now in place with all lanes coey have swpeleu to the scene there to get all the debris off the road. waiting on a tow crew to up right that big rig trying to leave open one lane to at least let traffic through but you're still being diverted off at west railroad avenue in
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the meantime so your best bet is to use some alternates. hopefully traffic will ease up. we'll update you. the traffic alert is still in effect. everything is on time on mass transit. it's a "spare the air" day so keep that in mind. in every from oakland as to safe, traffic is light. no metering lights from the bay bridge. your clear from the maze into san francisco on the central freeway. 13 minutes is your drive time through there. and a quicokat the nimitz freeway, both directions looking good north- and southbound, no delays there. quick look at the san mateo bridge. you are clear as you work your way westbound from 880 to 101. again, "spare the air" alert still in effect. mary has the forecast. air quality conditions across the bay area, an unhealthy air. >> in santa rosa one of the worst air quality spots this morning at 168 for an aqi
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value. so unhealthy air for our entire region. we have an sp alerstill in effect. you can see the bay bridge as we start off the day. 38 in concord. oakland in 48. 52 in san francisco. below freezing as we start off the day. still smoky conditions we are looking at the 7th day in a row for the "spare the air" alert. change in wl push o east that will make way for an area of low pressure to move in for this weekend. that will be onshore this weekend and rain chances for
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next a t of us are just really hoping for that rain. it will clear the skies as well as drop that fire danger down, as well. we have some rain chances next week. that he rain is over them through next week and also for the bay area. so we are looking at rain chances around thanksgiving. we'll have a better idea of the timing of that as we get closer to it. 7 is in redwood city. 1 palo alto. santa clara 71. 72 san jose. upper 60s from mountain view, hayward, far inland locations upper 60s antioch. 60s and 70s in the area today.
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hazy today through friday, improving weather conditions by saturday. so unhealthy air through friday. moderate saturday. we have that to look forward to. chance of rain next week. what happened between draymond green and kevin durant that led to one of them being suspended? we have reaction this morning and how would golden state react on the court? we'll tip it off coming up. >> and before we check out sports, let's head outside once again take lild gate bridge. 52 degrees in san francisco. you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yes! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. the perfect sweater makes the perfect holiday gift. and it feels even better when you find it for less -
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to understand what your wealth is really for. find your new fall look at an "oh, yeah" price. check this out. that's yes for less. from the latest trends to your favorite brands, it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. the warriors suspended derailment green one game without pay -- draymond green for one game without pay after he had a heated argument during the game and in the locker room two nights ago. they say green crossed the line. injured steph curry was out last night as well as draymond
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green. defense strong early. kevon looney to iggy to durant for the two. durant had 29. it was a no fight night. jonas delivered a double- double. 14 points and 13 rebounds. it was a close game with time winding down. and durant in the paint makes a nice move. steps back and ices the game with that shot. warriors win 110-103. but afterward, durant was in no mood to discuss his relationipmond green. >> have you and draymond been able to hash anything out? >> no. i know you guys got a job to do but i'm not trying to get nobody no headlines. what happened happened. we try and move on. just trying to play basketball. joe pavelski and the sharks trying to give nashville their first road regulation loss of the season. sharks down one in the third period. pavelski the equalizer! then less than a minute later, joe thornton, who scored his 400th career goal, he is the
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11th player in history to reach 400 goals and 1,000 assists. sharks win 5-4. bob melvin won the american league manager of the year after leading the a's to 97 wins. it's the most since 2002. and it's the third time he won the award, second with the oakland a's. pretty good considering he had the lowest payroll, had to use 14 starting pitchers last season. that's it. we'll have any further information regarding the secon that includes right here at the bay brid. we'll tell you the details about what the mtc is considering next. >> and right now, this new wildfire is raging in southern california. this ae orth in butte county.
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-- while hundreds of its residents -- remain missing this morning. e in the skies paradise, the town wiped out in the "camp fire," looks for answers while hundreds of its residents remain missing this morning. >> the smoke in the skies hasn't moved out just yet. a look at the latest air quality readings. >> this morning, south american migrants have shown up at the u.s. border. what the trump administration prance to do next. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, november 14th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. it is about 5:30 right now. it's certainly tempting to go outside and exercise. gianna, you have a young kid. as you know mary has been suggesting because of bad air quality. >> good >> you said your dog was going crazy, right? >> a little bit nuts every day. >> everyone wants out. >> but we have to wait a few more days s lo likeugthe next few days, w
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are still in it. it looks better over the weekend. we have a return of onshore winds by this weekend but in the meantime, unhealthy air. now, a little bit better with our air quality today. not by much. but still, we'll take anything right now. so unhealthy air even worse air quality this morning. a live look with our "salesforce tower" camera looking east. hazy skies, 38 in concord. 48 in oakland. livermore at 36. good morning to you. san francisco 52. san jose 42. and a cold start to the day in santa rosa below freezing at 30 degrees. a little bit sunnier today. we'll see some high clouds that could trap in more of that smoke. so still hazy, still smoky as we go through the day today. the 7th day in a row we have a "spare the air" alert and air quality advisory. that will continue for thursday as well as for
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friday. but better air quality is coming likely this weekend. so we will talk about what you can expect as we go through at least the forecast on futurecast taking you through the next 10 days and our best chance to see some rain coming up. gianna. we are tracking this major accident a traffic alert out of petaluma into cotati this morning. northbound 101 all lanes still completely shut down right at railroad for an accident involving a big rig. that big rig did overturn. it's blocking all lanes and we're hearing that there's hoping to have one lane open shortly. we'll check in with -- we'll check in with chp. use alternates. the big rig caught fire as well as a brush fire. that's out. it's taking time to clear it. so we are starting to see some slow speeds through there. here's a live look at
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conditions way south of there highway 17 at lark avenue. we had a full freeway closure here this morning. you can see traffic is nice in both directions with no delays north or south. delays out of morgan hill north 101 from tennant to cochran. looks like that morning drive is getting busy there. take but nine minutes through there. northbound 101 through san jose still clear as well as 280. the death toll from the "camp fire" in butte county is now up to 48. authorities discovered six more bodies in their continued search. nearly 9,000 ri vefor looting in the evacuation zones. governor jerry brown and interior secretary ryan zinke will visit the area later today. the fire has consumed 203 square miles and it is now 35% contained. we have a report from paradise. >> reporter: we're here in paradise where we have seen this countless times but you
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can't even tell what these buildings were. they have literally been leveled to the ground. it is this way all up and down every street you see here. once in a while you'll see a building that's still standing. the air quality is horrible. you can see people walking around all wearing masks. we have brought ours, as well. this is the situation here in paradise as they try to rebuild. they are trying to figure out a way to get kids to school even though three of the school buildings in the district burned to the ground. so a difficult road for the city of paradise as they try to recover and to talk about even rebuilding and finding some sense of rmalcy. back to you. some survivof the lling on the mayor of paradise to resign. the paradise town council hosted its first meeting in the city of chico.
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each council member lost a home. the focus is on rebuilding. fema pledged support and others called on the mayor to resign due to the chaotic evacuation of the town and the growing death toll. >> do you feel like that's warranted? >> well, people died, yes. it did not go perfectly. i don't know that we could have had a plan that was better, though. the reason we couldn't get everyone out is you can't fit 26,000 people on the same time. >> mayor jody jones says she will not resign. there are reports paradise residents did not receive cell phone alerts which led to last- minute evacuations. mayor jones told us residents were notified by reverse 911 call but you have to have a land line for that. and by a cell phone alert. but you have to sign up for that. the mayor says they have encourage resis apply. in southern california, a new wildfire off interstate 15 in san bernardino county. firefighters say that the
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sierra fire is now 20 acres and growing. the wind-whipped fire broke out last night near homes and neighborhoods in rialto. firefighters also making progress despite powerful winds there. there are no evacuations in place right now but many residents have reportedly . and i'm anne makovec at the live news desk. following the fire we have been colling for almost the last week now, the woolsey fire also burning down in southern cali hours. this was near lake sherwood which is on the western edge of the fire that continues to burn along a.-ventura county border. it has burned 150 square miles so far. 435 structures have out of thei for six days at this point. it is just getting exhausting. those high winds that have been pushing and fueling these flames expected to last at least through the end of today and then there's a chance
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tonight overnight that firefighters might get a bit of a break to be able to start to get a handle on this gigantic fire. >> it's just so tough with these fires burning on both ends of the state. >> yeah. it really is. i mean, resources are stretched thin all over the state. when you hear about another fire breaking out, that fire near rialto, the concern is that it is g to more exhaustion on the part of firefighters. we heard up in the paradise area that they don't even have enough water to put out the fires, some of the roots and foundations of homes. so that's going to continue to be a problem. >> nearly half the states in this country have sent help to california to help in the effort. >> reporter: we appreciate it. >> thank you, anne makovec. let's take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is 5:37. and as you can see, it looks like a parking lot out there
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right now. way different picture just about 30 minutes ago. if there's a way to cut down on traffic in the bay area, transportation officials want to consider it. if you have the answer, they will love you. jackie ward is at the traffic hot spot with potentials onat btalk ouis n g. be the bane of drivers' existence every day. it may get better soon. i don't know. the metropolitan si hopes so. it's considering some options to cut down on traffic tozas li bay bridge would be replaced with all-electronic system like the golden gate bridge. so in that scenario as many of us know you just drive through. a camera photographs your license plate. without fastrak you get a bill in the mail. the bay area toll authority says the cash lanes create congestion on the bridges across the region while plenty of room is left in the fastrak
5:38 am
lanes. so this morning the mtc will consider some options including one that would remove toll plazas entirely and replace them with what's called open road tolling. that would cost about $55 million. an alternative plan would be to leave the plazas intact but to add in those cameras like what we en idhat projt would cost e e's solight thenof the t th this morning. from the bay bridge toll plaza, jackie ward, kpix 5. developing news now. some central american migrants part of a caravan of people have reached the u.s. border. about 100 people are now in tijuana, mexico. they are waiting at a shelter hoping to eventually get into the u.s. the trump administration is determined not to let them in illegally assigning an estimated 5900
5:39 am
members of the military to the border region. >> we'll update you on costs as they become known. obviously, the units executing the border mission have to report the men up here but we are capturing the costs. >> critics say having troops on the border because of the politics. is mistake on re in i'terested lrneme two members the p administration will visit parts of the texas border today. 5:40. u.s. consumer prices are up .3% in october led by higher gas, housing and used automobiles, plus troubling times at coffee giant starbucks. for more from the world of business, diane king hall of "cbsmoneywatch" joins us. >> reporter: good morning well, oil prices are slightly higher this morning. but the price of oil went down at one point yesterday to the lowest level in more than
5:40 am
three years. benchmark u.s. crude dropped about 7%. the decline was driven by concerns over increased production and weakening demand. meanwhile, hundreds of jobs are being slashed at starbucks. the company says it is laying off 5% of its workforce. that translates to 350 jobs. the cuts are happening at headquarters in seattle affecting divisions including marketing technology and store development. >> we hear that there are some toys you should cross off your christmas shopping list. i guess it's time to be the grinch. >> reporter: i know. i would say might. you have two toy industry groups fighting this one out. a consumer safety group out with the annual the worst toys for the season is saying a "black panther"/claw and power ranger are two of the toys that are causing harm. other toys including a cabbage pack kid doll, and other toys.
5:41 am
they represent safety hazard but another trade group called the list needlessly frightening and says many of the hazards are listed on the packaging. >> thank you, diane king hall of "" thank you. one month from today former first lady michelle in the bay area as part of her new book tour. mrs. obama kicked off her tour yesterday in herby oprah in fro of a full house. her memoir called, becoming, covers topics from a miscarriage to her time in the white house. >> it seems that whatever the obama administration has done, it seems the current administration wants to undo. >> the presidency isn't ours to own. you know? it's the people's. >> michelle obama will be making her stop in the bay area on december 14th at the no >> how much would you pay for warriors tickets at oracle arena? what if we told you, you could
5:42 am
get a month's pass for just $100? there's a catch. >> it is a big catch. ha ha. here's a live look outside from our dublin cam. gianna will have a traffic update coming up after the break.
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deadly accident near healdsburg. c-h-p says the driver of a u-haul on 101 at honda creek hit a car and took off. in the north bay, crews are investigating a deadly accident near healdsbu. hat thd of a u-haul on 101 at honda creek hit a car and then took off. cal fire crews saw it all happen and then followed that driver. then they say that the suspect got out of the u-haul at 101 and lighten springs and was hit and killed by another car. chp shut down northbound 101 to clear the scene. it reopened overnight. san francisco is moving forward this morning with a multi-million dollar expansion
5:45 am
of the city's 911 call center. the center is located on turk street near laguna in the city's fillmore district. it sits alongside the margaret hayward playground. the board of supervisors just approved the park to expand on the park's two tennis courts. but emergency management officials must pay $4 million to the recreation and ha an bas fans, $100 monthly pass to get into the arena for games in oklahoma. but it's not a bargain. the fans cannot enter the arena. instead wa on tv sets in a concourse lounge. so what do fans think? >> we have an opportunity to create memories here and to be able to say i was there for a particular game or moment. it's something i think a lot of people look forward to. >> if i can't get in there, i'm going to be right here. >> a number of fans said they don't see the point of it.
5:46 am
i guess it's for the ambience and aura. >> i don't know. >> i like the idea. >> really? >> like an nba ticket it is very expensive to go to the games. if you want to be part of that preparty with the fans and you can hear the crowd -- >> you're close. >> even though you're watching it on tv. >> if you're watching on tv you might as well be comfortable on your own couch. >> and not paying $14 for a beer. >> on top of the $100 monthly pass. >> i think being there with all the energy might have something to it. >> but. >> and the garlic fries. >> mmmm! >> don't forget that. all right. let's jump to the roads. we have had our eye on this traffic alert all morning long. and it continues along northbound 101 in the north bay near cotati. it's northbound 101 right at railroad avenue. one lane is now open. there was a big rig that overturned and caught fire. a brush fire on the right
5:47 am
shoulder, as well. everything is out. but they are clearing it. they have opened at least one lane so traffic is moving through. we are starting to see some slow speeds behind it. 22 miles per hour in some spots. so you could still use alternates. old redwood highway north or stony point road. this closure is going to be there for quite some time hopefullat happening up there for you in just a couple of minutes. elsewhere in the bay area, metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza, 33 minutes from the maze to the central freeway so you're back up almost to the maze at this point. in fact, here's a live look at conditions where the freeways merge heading into the maze and you can see traffic is starting to get very busy as you head through there. we have reports of a crash westbound 4 at solano way. it is blocking one lane. and it's cautioning some delays out of pittsburg as you work your way westbound highway 4. loveridge to 680, that's a 32-minute drive. let's check your forecast.
5:48 am
well, a smoky start to the day once again. checking aqi values the air quality index values and a little bit better in spots compared to yesterday morning. we are talking 104 livermore. 134 san jose. but still talking about unhealthy air quality. it does look very bad in san ancisco, 164 and espe santthair an air quality advisory and it's a "spare the air" day. temperatures running at 38 in concord. oakland 48. san francisco 52. san jose 30. -- santa rosa at 30. so maybe a little more sunshine could see some high clouds trapping in that smoke so still talking about smoky conditions for the 7th day in a row. a "spare the air" alert will be in effect through friday
5:49 am
because we are expecting that smoke to linger. our smoke forecast all of that red is the smoke. but we are starting to get yellow and green there for the north bay and also for the south bay. so that's a good sign of improving conditions with our air quality. it's still not going to be the best. we are still talking about unhealthy air but we are starting to see a little bit better with our air quality conditions there. a ridge of high pressure, this is the reason why, slowly losing strength. it will continue to push off to the east and that will open the door for an area of low pressure to move in. so the wind direction, that's the big story, it will take a change likely this weekend. and that will bring more of an onshore wind component for us to help kick out some of that air. and futurecast as we take you through next week, we have the chance to see some rain near thanksgiving. around that time. maybe a day before or a day after could see that rain.
5:50 am
we'll likely have a better idea of that as we get closer to hopi for that rain for sure. sunrise at 6:48. sunset at 4:58. daytime highs today on the cool side. 60s and 70s for highs today. smoky skies through friday, "spare the air" alert through the workweek, better air quality from unhealthy during the week and saturday moderate air quality. we are looking at rain chances next week. time now 5:51. >> good news amid devastation. coming up a horse running from the fire ends up trapped in a dangerous situation. this morning, the man who came to help just in time. >> and here's a live look outside at the richmond/san rafael bridge. we'll be right back. if i never get off this island, tell my family i love...
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saving people money on car insurance. a horse ends up trapped as flames caved in. a traffic alert in cotati
5:54 am
this morning northbound one at railroad. we have one lane now open. at one point nes for aovedse. ht . it w u.p.s. truck. so there is a lot of debris in the road. in fact, we have a live shot of the scene right now. look at all this activity there. again, this is north 101 at railroad avenue. one lane is open but they are working on clearing the big rig out of lanes. so it is going to cause a backup. use alternates. old redwood highway north or stony point road. there was a brush fire at one point. but again, they are trying to wrap things up. sweepers are called to clear the debris but use alternates or give yourself some extra time. north 101 at railroad north. an incredible story this morning from the fire zone. a horse ends up trapped as flames caved in but one man was in the right place at the right time.
5:55 am
this horse jumped into a swimming pool as paradise caught fire. a man from chico came upon it and said the animal looked defeated. the shivering horse was tangled in the pool cover which prevented her from drowning. amazingly, the good samaritan managed to get her out and pulled her to safety. it was so cool that he was able to stop and d say, okay, yeah, that horse is going to live. it's cool. >> smart horse and so much devastation in the area but nice to see some stories like this people helping others as well as animals like this horse. >> yeah. it's awesome. 5:56 right now. federal and state leaders are heading to butte county this morning with the "camp fire" relief effort getting under way. we'll have the latest on the battle against the deadliest wildfire to ever hit california. >> reporter: plus, transportation officials are considering ways to reduce traffic in the bay area that might be getting rid of toll plazas as we know them.
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morning -- a day after 8 more victims of the camp fire were located... search and recovery efforts resume in this aday aft more victims of the "camp fire" were located. >> southern california is dealing with yet another wildfire burning out of control this morning. >> and today president trump is expected to throw his support behind a rare bipartisan agreement in washington. >> good morning, it is wednesday, november 14th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. it is 6:00 right now. state and federal leaders will be in butte county this morning as the grim work of finding and identified victims in the "camp fire" stretches into yet another day. 48 deaths have now been confirmed after authorities announced yesterday that the remains of eight more people have been found. the wildfire was already the deadliest to ever hit california. >> more than 203 square miles have been burned in the weeks
6:00 am
since it started. the fire is 35% contained. and again, we are going to have another "spare the air" day here all thsmoke. he7th day in a row with a "spare the air" day


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