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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 14, 2018 7:00am-8:53am PST

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>> we need the rain. >> we do. >> thanks for watching. ready to juvéderm it? correct age-related volume loss in cheeks with juvéderm voluma xc, add fullness to lips with juvéderm ultra xc and smooth moderate to severe lines around the nose and mouth with juvéderm xc. tell your doctor if you have a history of scarring or are taking medicines that decrease the body's immune response or that can prolong bleeding. welcome. common side effects include injection-site redness, california's wildfire death toll rises to 50, while a new swelling, pain, tenderness, firmness, fire breaks out east of los lumps, bumps, bruising, discoloration or itching. angeles. national guard troops will join as with all fillers, the search for more victims. there is a rare risk one woman talks about her narrow of unintentional injection into a blood vessel, escape and the emotional search which can cause vision abnormalities, blindness, stroke, temporary scabs or scarring. for her missing dad. first lady melania trump is ( ♪ ) publicly attacking a member of the president's administration. how a feud with a high-ranking staffer could affect a white house shakeup that may include chief of staff john kelly. juvéderm it. nearly one and a half talk to your doctor million americans travel abroad about the juvéderm collection of fillers. each year to save money on talk to your doctor medical care. a woman who went to mexico for you're getting beta-glucan. of oatmeal, routine plastic surgery is now that's a soluble fiber on life support with brain that slows the breakdown of carbohydrates. damage. her family is speaking out
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warning of the risks of and that provides energy that lasts. so-called medical tourism. and former first lady michelle obama talks with us about her eight years in the white house. and why the presidency is not something to own. she's joined by her mother, marian robinson forweegin this a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. there's another wildfire that has sparked up. >> extremely high winds and huge flames and what's right across the street? homes. the search for survivors continues in california. >> more victims than anybody would ever even think possible. first lady calling for the removal of deputy national ♪ you ♪ to meee utiful security adviser, mira ricardel. ♪ can't you seeeeee? >> you're either with the trumps or you're against them. ♪ you're everything i've hoped for ♪ a florida man is under arrest after allegedly trying to make box. ♪ you're everything i need >> authorities say they found a substance known as the mother of satan. four members of a family have been arrested in connection with the murders of eight people ♪ you are so beautiful
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in rural ohio in 2016. ♪ to meeeeee >> we had obsessively focused on toyota. let's go places. solving this case. amazon will divide hq2 between new york's long island oucraftsn begin each day... ...perfectly seasoning our hillshire farm smoked sausage. city and washington, d.c. suburb of crystal city. big new york and d.c. new so by simply adding the right ingredients... office complex. can end each day crafting a perfectly delicious dinner. it's kind of like watching bill gates win the lottery. like congratulations, i guess? >> mostly conversation, you weren't a spanker? >> no. in the beginning -- >> uh, uh. >> i got my bit in. >> it was like -- >> we knew what a spanking was. >> and on cbs this morning. five-year cancer survivor. idris elba doll is being sold for $1100. being diagnosed with cancer made me rethink take a look at this picture everything in my life. the things that became important to me were the here. relationships with people. [ laughter ] we pulled together closer as a family. it looks nothing like him. i had so many people at ctca helping me find a way look at that. look -- i mean -- this may not to go through the treatments, be the most accurate idris elba to prepare me for anything i would've faced. doll i've ever seen.
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cancer showed me what true living is all about. accurate montel williams doll monthis morning's eye opener is resented by toyota. so i started helping at a school for let's go places. it did look a special needs children. i think they do more for me than i do for them. the reality of cancer is not everybody survives. surviving for five years is a big deal. montel williams than idris elba. at ctca, they have a huge celebrate life event. >> neither one was very good. i'm thinking they need to get the latest copy of "people" that was amazing because the whole day was about magazine. sexiest man alive. all of the survivors. >> a do-over. i'm not exactly sure what's ahead of me, welcome to cbs this morning, but i'm excited about my future. john dickerson is off. visit to schedule an appointment now. as you wake up, the national guard is now joining the search for victims from a northern california fire that's killed at least 48 people. a new lawsuit blames the so-called camp fire on pacific gas and electric. for allegedly failing to inspect and properly maintain its power lines. >> in a statement, pg & e said customer safety is its highest priority and is focusing on helping first responders. maria villa real is in paradise where a nurse barely escaped the
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flames and learned that her father is maria, good morning. >> good morning. the camp fire has been burning for near lay week. but the good news is, it's 35% contained and firefighters are making some progress. the woman you're about to meet, chardonnay talley, she's with a group of nurses, they all risked their lives to make sure they got patients out safely. you know the thing is, she didn't want to talk about herself. she wanted to talk about her > good morning, it's 7:26. father. i'm michelle griego. the death she hasn't seen him since the blaze broke out. hershe wants the focus to be on toll from the "camp fire" in him. and all of the missing people ignitere. butte county is now 48. authorities discovered six as that was his garden. more bodies in their continued >> yeah. search for remains. right now, it is 35% >> chardonnay talley and her contained. pg&e is facing its first husband ernesto say they felt lawsuit over the deadly fire. aidpelled to search through the a group of attorneys has filed rubble of what was her father's suit in san francisco on home. behalf of about 2 dozen at wng to find any sign of life indthe burned-out woods nearby. victims. they are accusing pg&e of e in the failing to properly maintain >> he's been through war and so its power lines. many things. and today the metropolitan transportation commission is and -- the possibility he considering getting rid of cash tolls on the bay bridge it couldn't have made it through and across the bay area. the goal is to ease traffic. we'll have news updates ough >> this is the escape route throughout the day on your
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favorite platforms, including our website, ro talley went through as she fled you know when you're at ross the hospital where she worked, and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. transporting a critical care patient in one ambulance as she yes! followed another. ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! er.we made it. that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. f don't know, maybe half a mile mile beforeambulance in front of it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. us caught o fire. and we pulled the patients out fi p the ambulance that was on fire and put them in a garage. and everything burned around us. calou called your husband. what did you say to him on the phone? phone?aid we're not going to make it out of this. and i feel like my patient is going to die. and there's things blowing up everywhere. and -- tell the kids that i love yes for less. and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross them and to check on my dad. yes! m and the moment that you yeah! that's yes for less. thought you weren't going to ing oft, you were thinking of entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. your dad. >> yes.
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>> what does he mean to you? yes for less. >> more than anything in the world. >> local authorities are trying to put together a more official list of the missing. where you can go in and real-time update it. oupdating. welcome back. we have major delays continuing out of the north so ttay they can focus bay. i'm going to show you a live shot of 101 right around petaluma boulevard north. s withusband, nay was o for look at this backup. very, very busy conditions. hiking through those woods she this is due to a big rig crash didn't find her dad. and she didn't find any evidence of his remains. that happened just around 4 so the search continues for him a.m. this morning. traffic alert continues one lane open. as well as the hundreds that are they still have two lanes shut htill missing. down trying to clear debris >> you really feel her pain and out of the road. use alternates or give yourself some extra time. her concern, maria, thank you. a new wildfire in southern crash north 880 at marina california threatened homes still in effect. still smoky out there. overnight. a live look with our sutro cam he sierra fire came within and you can see just how bad yards of a highly populated it is. the air quality unhealthy once neighborhood in rialto, about 50 again. a little bit better in spots iles east of los angeles. irefighters got those flames this morning. but still please be safe. rialto.ntrol. limit your outdoor exposure. s erce winds brought new life to the deadly woolsey fire that's smoke your skies, upper 60s in been burning for a week and that firehas killed two people and destroyed an estimated 435 san francisco. low 70s for many locations. hazy through friday, rain next week. buildings. it was burning through mountainous tinder-dry canyons
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west of l.a. and it is still only 40% contained. president trump is reportedly considering a high-level changes in the white house today. downplayinport john kelly'srestf melania ump. the first lady's office stunned observers yesterday big-time by asking for deputy national security adviser mira ricardel to be fired. coming darture of homeland he security secretary kirstjen nielson could set up a chain reaction in the west wing. paula reed is at the white house with more. paula, good morning. >> good morning. the usually press-shy first lady melania trump made an unexpected move yesterday when she released a public statement calling for ricardel to be fired after she allegedly feuded with the first lady's office. chief of staff john kelly and defense secretary james mattis. and this comes as an
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administration official tells cbs news that there will likely be significant staffing shakeups at the white house in the next few weeks. next ave my own voice. od my opinions. >> first lady melania trump's repeated clashes with the president's chief of staff john elly have reportedly included ♪ issues like staffing and travel requests. >> it's very important for me the amazon has announced the things i express what i feel. t's importatement, the first location of their brand-new n ay's office denied there's any second headquarters will be conflict, saying mrs. trump has split between new york city and la a very positive relationship trth chief kelly and there have northern virginia and i got to nship wien any issues between say, i really think this could be the thing that finally puts the two. s betwere move, the first lady new york on the map. publicly called for deputy i do. national security adviser mira >> a lot of people talking about mira el to be fired. amazon's decision, including us. ired,aining directly to her we'll have a conversation about irst solo out being unhappy wit. that coming up in this half hour. welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are three things you should know this morning. twotwo fought over seating on a lawyers prosecuting the tourist plane and using national drug lord el chapo filed a th ional ty council resources for he trip. motion overnight to strike the lesshan a hericardel fterseen at the white house defense's entire opening yesterday, the first deserves tr statement.
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they argue it was based on hearsay and violated judicial in thisng in this white house. lawyers. nterviewterview last month the they claim he was framed by a first lady said there were those corrupt mexican politicians and first la hite house sheouse she did not trust. said a drug traffic named elmayo >> you always need to watch your tr >> you a >> she said she made sure the back said she made. is the real leader. >> and what did he do? >> and the son is expected to testify >> well some people they don't work there any more. against guzman as early as today. two jurors were dismissedanxi to eporter: oday, president trump gnored questions about reports eports that s to remove homeland compining that he would suffer financial hardships. security secretary kirstjen nielson. melandre are you getting this? jewel lab stopped supplying from reports? more than 90,000 retailers with er his adviser, kellyanne conway, tried to cast doubt on cucumber, mango and fruit fla r anonymously sourced reports. >> that could be it's not completely verified and true. flavored cigarettes. >> if nielson is fired, that could trigger a showdown between the president and his chief of critics accuse companies like staff who has made it clear he juul of marketing to kids. opposes nielson's firing. all of this palace intrigue is voluntary action is no providing a helpful distraction for the president, from the substitute for regular steps with the fda. controversy surrounding his the fda reportedly said last week it plans to forbid acting attorney general, matthew
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whittaker. an administration official tells cbs news the president is convenience stores and gas waitin permanent stations from selling most flavored ecigarettes except attorney general. paula, thank you. the first group of immigrants menthol. pan ere are some harmful toys. from a caravan that president trump calls an invasion has arrived at the u.s. border. about 350 central americans seeking asylum in the u.s. slash claw can cause eye . reached tijuana, mexico, by bus yesterday. they broke away from about 4,000 the zoo jams xylophone can fall others farther south. about 80 of them are lgbt asylum apart and become choking hazards. everything sold in the u.s. has seekers. the largest group from that to go through the strictest caravan just arequired in regimen in the world. watch doesn't do rigorous tests. political leaders in new york and virginia are sinaloa, mexico. touting the benefits of amazon's the president wants to stop them from entering the u.s. historic expansion in their illegally. he's sent thousands of troops to states. you're looking at pictures of the border and signed a the new york site in long island proclamation limiting where city. after a 13 month search and bids asylum seekers can legally cross into the u.s. of investigators say they from 238 cities, the tech giant finally solved a mystery that announced it will split its inve olved ational headlines over the second headquarters between the es oing of eight family members long island city neighborhood in in rural ohio. a husband, wife and their two queens, new york, and arlington, adult sons who lived nearby were virginia. >> amazon hopes to bring 25,000
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charged with aggravated murder jobs and $2.5 million to each yesterday. in 2016, almost an entire family was found beaten and shot to location. death in a small town that's the company was offered more south oth of columbus. than $2 billion tax incentivesf david begna has been following ince tory since the beginning. why are you u.s. cities spending >> good morning. good night members of the rodin tens of billions of dollars to steal jobs from one another in ere found e found shot to death the first place? dereck is with us now. in four different homes in pike county, ohio. good morning. >> good morning. lings i after, i spoke with a >> wouldn't we want rnors, orcementrcement official who yors, otherso say and put told us there was a marijuana was out the red carpet and bring a grow operation on the property that the victims lived on. neighborhood? and >> sure. amazon's a fantastic company and that flamed concerns that the killing could be the work of a its a credit to many cities that gang or cartel hit. yesterday when the cops said who anning or ts were, people were get amazon jobs. here's the issue, every year shocked to find out the suspects cked their neighbors. the -- we spend as cities and >> we promise that the day would that the day sts would be made. states, 72 to $90 billion just would beke county massacres. to move jobs within the u.s., to today, is that day. steal jobs essentially from >> ohio's attorney general mike other u.s. cities and states. orneye called this investigation that's more than the federal into the 2016 murders the government spends on housing or infrastructure. and this is money that is taken in longest and most complex in the state's history. from cash that would be spent on >> what's going on? streets, on roads, on bridges, on broken subway systems like
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>> > there's blood all over the ls nht of april 22, right here in new york, on schools, on municipal funds that 2016, eight members of the rodin should go to the people but instead go to companies that can family were killed in four be worth trillions of dollars -- separate locations. >> what about all the products beenll been shot in the head. that amazon sells in long island wd some of them were killed as city and new york that they they slept. twomore than two years, police creates tax revenue, sales tax? followed thousands of tips and conducted hundreds of >> absolutely. its a great question. interviews. the experience of lots of city, intervietrail eventually led them right to the victims' let's say i'm going to use examples from wisconsin and neighbors, george wagner iii, washington suggested a lot of his wife angela, along with times companies promise to their two adult sons, george iv ally do on these subsidies but and edward, who is known as foxconn,xachinese nufacturer re jake. >> one family conspired, planned, carry the out and $4 billion subsidy to build a >> onedly covered up their diolent act to wipe out members manufacturer there. they're not going to create carriether family. topolice say for months leading 13,000 jobs but 10,000 and that up to the massacre, the suspects factory they were going to build, they might not build and studied the layout of the if they do its going to be studded homes, their routines, filled with robots. theirheir sleeping patterns. $8 billion subsidy for boeing, 19-year-old hanna rhoden was they're now trying to claw back tilled as she slept next to her because they haven't created as many jobs as promised. yes, these are great companies 5-day-old infant. but they don't always follow she had had a daughter and was suspts, di kly, was one of the through with their company. >> some of these incentives are
7:13 am
tied with jobs. coldly, calmly and very could you say lesson learned? wagner did fully. >> police say the wagner family >> you're right. >> theyhind a trail of evidence if you're just going to subsidy the jobs created, what's the of evidencerged documents. problem? here's the problem. amazon is a retail advertising investigators believe it was an obsessive custody battle that and media conglomerate and it is may have played a role in the being paid $1.6 billion to move killings. ba >> we are a place that doesn't to the nation's capital of ro let cowardly murderers get away retail, advertising and media. with their crimes under the cover of darkness. that seems like $1.6 billion to >> we should point out the pay amazon to to something they their s moved to alaska at one point and they were interviewed were probably going to do any by a local news reporter and way which is move many thousand they denied being involved at jobs, maybe not 25,000, but many involt to think about it, i thousands and thousands of jobs but to t that one woman who to new york city the nation's died, the young woman, was capital of business. sleeping right next to her so in many ways you see these newborn baby when she was shot sd killed in the head. krpt subsidies go to pay the baby was sleeping. companies to do that which they > such a grisly, gruesome were going to do any way and story. thank you, david. esome rmer first lady michelle that is wasteful spending, obama is opening up about what especially when its taking one it was like for her family to leave the white house after the to one, 1-4-1 to roads that were election of president trump. ver memoir, "becoming," which house afsale yesterday is going to go to bridges and already a best seller. roads. >> it sounds like you're best the former first lady drinking a little glass of details her very nma hatery, why should amazon be blamed? apartment in chicago's s w mrs. this is just a smart business decision on their part.
7:14 am
is to the cities? the cities don't have to make ithcago about her book and asked the bid. if they want to fix the crappy about the current state of american politics. subway system. why is amazon being blamed politiseems that whatever the because they're taking advantage of a good business decision? >> you're exactly right. thea administration has done, if i'm serving the hater -- it seems that current >> i don't want to call you a tministration wants to undo. how do you handle that when you tha at the work that you all have done? hater. >> you know the truth is, is >> i'd like to serve this to the isn the presidency isn't ours federal government. there is a clause in the u.s. constitution that says that the u.s. government has the ability to own. to monitor interstate commerce it's the people's. it's not how and me barack to make laws regarding that and if we are essentially in a feeled, because we occupied the situation where state's are hatt for eight years and did the best that we could do and the spending $90 billion every year nextpresident that is voted in just moving jobs across state ins to do the same thing. you know the question that we lines, the federal government can make a decision that says, have to ask as citizens and as maybe let's ban this. maybe let's say that these voters -- what direction do we states and cities can't spend e nt our country to go in? we saw here that when you sit any mon at all on companies they out, sometimes you get what you should spend monies on making want. awmetimes you don't. their cities better, on timess the nature of our improving infrastructure and democracy. workforce and education those the will faithfully execute. cities to create cities that >> why do you think donald trump companies want to go to any way. won this election? >> amazon can't be blamed for >> because a lot of people came that. >> are you upset about the
7:15 am
to the polls and a lot of people cities that were chosen? amazon dramatized this as if camet. >> our democracy is clear, it's it was going to be some cinder just sometimes people think my thinkoesn't count. ella ball where they were going s justat's just so wrong. to put the glass slipper on some voting matters. eoplehe people who go to the to thdetermine how the country is going to be led. the notion that voting doesn't proverbial foot. th hat it'hat it's fixed, no. t's not. we don't need amazon to be the you know we saw in this mid you terms, people wanted country to greatest city. >> what about all the bids from ove in a different direction ction andcame out in record numbers. rs and t voted. the different cities? >> we don't really know yet what 's howat's how it works. information they got from each >> our motto is -- when they go city, but its clearly the case that a city with national our low, we go high. ambitions that's trying to build >> do you still believe when they go lo go high>> a warehouses and offices around the country, around the world, really, gain a lot of knowledge hasbsolutely. >> after all that's happened? by essentially enticing these you >> absolutely. cities to tell them what their what's the alternative, you infrastructure plans are. altern know? going low means you're operating a brilliant move by jeff bezos from your place of emotion. you knw, it doesn't necessarily who's a genius, but i would like mean you're operating from a to see the system, the rules of place of results. the system fixed. resultften than not, you don't >> great to have you on. get results when you go low. thank you so much. you knst -- you know, get your >> thank you. don't drink so much hatery.
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yourude out. de out.n you're in the white house, and you have that >> just raising good questions. platform and that resposibility, where every word >> thank you. an emotional interview, youers, you know you're often monica lewinsky is opening up thinking -- at least barack and about her affair with fear aracken thought is, what we're about to say going to help? and guilty afterwards and why is it going to move the needle forward? or is it just going to make us she decided to speak out now in a new a&e series. elel vindicated in the moment? and you learn that vindication if you're on the go, in the moment is so short-term. subscribe to our apple podcast >> going high doesn't mean you app to hear today's top stories don't feel, have feelings and and what's happening in your that you don't express feelings. world in less than 20 minutes of that you don't acknowledge hurt the you're watching "cbs this morning." ur pain or anger. oru know that's not what going podcasts. high is. hear what's happening in your going high means now you have world in less than 20 minutes. you're watching "cbs this ave feeling, how do you express morning" if the prs ow d feeling in the world? oud how do you do that responsibly. >> you end your book with "let's the mercedes-benz winter event is back . ket kindness in." you still feel optimistic about our country and we as a people. >> yes, because i lived in the opti country. we as in thow? traveled the country. i saw the heart of who we are. forget race or party or fo ethnicity or gender -- people
7:17 am
agree with us or not. orple were kind. people are worried. ndople have issues. but everybody is working for the same thing. the same goal and i got to see that part of america. listel she, she just still remais a class act. and everywhere i went, i was now --rying the book around. now you can say we have it people would say -- ask her to run! that's the one question i didn't run.her, i know she's sick of it nd i know it's not going to cappen. wow, you've been at it a long time. she said i lived that life for sick eight years and that's just not thing is, i like working. imething that interests her. >> it's nice to hear that each what if my retirement plan is i don't want to retire? of her actions is value-based, then let's not create a retirement plan. hat know what i mean? it's solution-focused. let's create a plan for what's next. it's not about an emotional -- i like that. make you feel better in the get a plan that's right for you. td ameritrade. ament as she said. everything is solution-focused. ♪ t's how to be a leader, how to everythixample. nd i know we're going to hear (sister) no, no you gave this one to me. hey wait, is that my shirt? more of your interview. t up we (woman) no, i didn't give it to you. you know what? i'm un-giving it. sayinghe presidenc doesn't (sister) seriously? belong to them. (woman) i want it back, bring it sunday? it belongs to the american (sister) oh, you're going? (woman) yeah. (sister) oh! ok. people. 'lll said. >> she sgood answer. (woman) bye! (sister) bye! our conversation continues, (woman) love you. (sister) love you. heere's so much to discuss with
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new documentary series shows a white michigan man will the raw and emotional toll on lose his freedom for shooting at monica lewinsky on her affair a black teenager who was looking for help. the stiff prison sentence in a case that captured national with former president bill attention. plus, a top seller of clinton. on a&e. e-cigarettes in the country is pulling its most ngad of here's what we're learning from government crackdown. and monic the former white house intern. opening up about the toll of her good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the most painful and traumatic relationship with president clinton. tony dekopel shows us>>onica le experiences of her life followed her affair with former president
7:21 am
clinton and if she could she would erase all those from her back on her affair with former memory. she's revisiting those years president clinton has been hoping to find a better way agony. forward for the country and for coming up, why she decided to herself. tell her truth now. you're watching "cbs this >> i was terrified. morning." >> reporter: its an emotional look behind the mask of someone who stood stoic in the public eye for decades. >> i felt terrible. monica lewinsky spoke to a&e from president clinton. >> he motioned me in. i don't think my heart had ever beat as fast -- >> reporter: to the lowest lows as she was confronted by fbi agents about the affair. ( ♪ ) >> and i remember looking out the window and thinking that the only way to fix this was to kill myself, was to jump out the window. i just -- i was mortified and afraid of what this was going to do to my family and -- >> reporter: in a "vanity fair"
7:22 am
piece in why she produced in the piece, she feels grief for the broken young woman who watched the president deny the affair. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> reporter: this year in the wake of the me too movement, clinton struggled with the question of whether he should apologize to lewinsky. >> you didn't apologize to her. >> i have not talked to her. the suggestion was that i'd never apologized. i did. i meant it then and i meant it now. >> reporter: former first lady hillary clinton told cbs last month that president clinton should not have stepped down after the affair became public. >> there are people who look at the incidents of the '90s and they say a president of the united states cannot have a consensual relationship with an intern, the power imbalance is too great. >> who was an adult. let me ask you this. where's the investigation of the current incumbent against whom numerous allegations have been
7:23 am
made and which he dismisses, denies and ridicules. so there was an investigation and it, as i believe, came out in the right place. >> reporter: lewinsky for her part is focused on healing from the memories of that traumatic time. >> however wrong it was, however misguided for who i was in that very moment at 22 years old, that was ht lt. >> reporter: we d out to the tono about. lewinsky said what she now feels is grief, grief for the years she affair caused others. if she saw hillary cliton today, she would apologize. gayle? >> my guess i in hearing an apology from monica at this time. my heart goes out to monica. this affairye is moved forward and she still
7:24 am
seems to have a taint or a scarlet letter on her which i don't think is fair. >> you still see the emotions she grapples with. >> i think its good that she can tell her story in the way she wants to do that. >> think about the grief she talks about, the pain from the imbalance of that relationship, the abuse that she suffered and that's still real. it lives with you for your life, your entire life and everybody needs to wake up to that and i'm glad she's talking about it. >> i am too. an american woman who went to mexico for plasty surgery is now on life support with brain damage. ahead, her family's urgent warning about med
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7:29 am
a retired firefighter was sentenced to four to ten years in prison for shooting at a lost black teenager. brandon walker said he knocked on the door to ask for help in april after he missed his school bus. 53-year-old jeffrey ziegler stepped out of his home and fired a shotgun at the teen who was running away. he was not hurt. >> at the time he said he had tripped and the gun accidently fire and the video clearly shows that's not what happened there. president trump and the first lady will skip the kennedy center honors for the second year in a row due to scheduling conflicts. the event on december 2nd pays tributes to individuals. the president is set to travel to argentina for the g20 summit. this year's honorees include cher and reba mcintyre. the national christmas tree association say the average
7:30 am
price for a natural tree was $73 last year. that's up 17% from 2015. younger people are opting for locally grown trees. demand for christmas trees have increased as empty nesters turned to artificial intelligence. >> i love the smell of that. ahead more of my conversation with former first lady michelle obama. we'll find out why she often felt the needo p herself. you're watching "cbs this morning" to thank you for that. we'll be right back. need to prove herself. you're watching "cbs this morning," we thank you for that. we'll be right back.
7:31 am
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7:34 am
in butte county is now 48 as authorities search the rubble for more remains... good morning, it's 7:56. i'm kenny choi. the death toll from the "camp fire" in butte county is now 48 as authorities search the rubble for more victims. the fire has burned 135,000 acres and is 35% contained. federal leaders will tour the fire zone today. the san francisco board of supervisors has approved a plan to revamp the city's soma neighborhood. the plan will create about 31,000 jobs and nearly 9,000 new homes. and the city of san jose is facing a lawsuit over google's planned mega-campus. two advocacy groups say the should be left in the dark
7:35 am
about the project. the city says it disagrees with those statements. ews updates throughout the day on your favorite platform s, including our website,
7:36 am
welcome back. an update in cotati. this major accident all morning long traffic alert continues. they are now saying they should have lanes open up by 10 a.m. so still a couple of hours on this closure. it's northbound 101 at railroad avenue. a crash happened about 4:00. overturned big rig. look at the backup. north 101 just before petaluma boulevard. traffic is a mess. parking lot before the toll plaza. check out how smoky it is on our sutro cam there. that's the sun out there. so we are looking at unhealthy air quality for the bay area. smokey hazy skies upper 60s in san francisco. low 70s for many spots in
7:37 am
santa rosa, oakland, down through san jose, low 70s hazy sunshine. hazy skies through friday improving air quality by the weekend.
7:38 am
. good morning. michelle obama talks about overdoming the way she's judged. her new book is a best-seller. we'll hear from her mom in their first tv interview together. we're the only ones backstage with oprah when she helped the former first lady begin her took tour last night. first,re's8: vtims ofa north killed at least 48 people. >> the fire has been burning far week. >> it caught fire and everything around us was on fire.
7:39 am
>> the unexpected move when she released a public statement calling for ricardel to be fired? >> whatever obama administration t obama administration has done, it seems the current administration wants to undo. >> i don't take it personally. we occupied that seat for eight years and did the best that we could do and the next president gets to do the same thing. why is amazon being blamed? >> because they're taking advantage of a good business decision. >> they're spending $90 billion every year moving jobs across state lines, the federal government can make a decision that says maybe let's ban that. president trump tweeting france makes excellent wine, but so does the u.s., the problem is that france makes it very hard for the u.s. to sell its wines into france and charges big tariffs. >> aren't you losing support with suburban white women -- [ laughter ] maybe now isn't the time to
7:40 am
>> we has a point. now is not the time to go to suburban white women and their wine. >> i've heard it's very popular. that's what my friends tell me. my sources say. good morning, i'm bianna golodryga with gayle king and norah o'donnell. john is off, it's ladies morning her here. red flag warnings are up tonight in areas closer to the pacific where crews are battling the woolsey fire. in northern california, the camp fire is blamed for 48 deaths. searchers found six more bodies. it's d ee's destroyed homes and businesses. victims are suing pacific gas and electricing the
7:41 am
utility company of negligence. the cause of the fire hasn't been determined. pg&e says it's working to restore power. former first lady michelle obama found herself as one of the most visible women in the world but growing up she says she was haunted by self-doubt. last night, the former first lady launched her book tour in her hometown of chicago with opr oprah. we spoke about the book and coming home. >> i got the best night. i got to come home to sweet home chicago and she is the south side of chicago hometown girl. >> we're back in chicago! we in chicago. and we get to share that energy with the audience. >> welcome michelle obama!
7:42 am
. i love a good book and i almost didn't choose this because everybody would say yeah, you're choose dhak book because michelle obama is your friend. everybody's story matters. the significance of her story is that it started with humble beginnings but with love and support of family and that when you have that you can do just about anything. the value of her story is that it lets everybody know that your story is equally as valuable even if you don't make it to the white house. >> that's a good point. >> that's the thing about michelle obama. she's relate blg and inspiring. that was the first book tour kickoff. she's going to ten cities in the united states then international. paris, london. she is very popular around the world. >> that will keep that book at number one for a long time. >> a lot of people want to hear from her. >> in part two of our
7:43 am
conversation, michelle obama describes learning she was not it'soiok62owt going?white od i nt people to get a sense, michelle, of your life. >> my life now. >> your it toa gate. >> this is how i open up the book as traveling, malia was in college, sasha was somewhere doing something and it was me and bo and sonny my dogs and i did what i didn't do for eight years which was open up my own cupboard, pull out bread and make cheese toast.
7:44 am
>> did you remember how to dosei >> toughout the book there's a lot of am i good enough you're told by a school counselor you're not princeton material. why didn't that destroy you at the time? >> because fortunately it was the direct opposite of everything i'd ever been told about myself. i had grown up with love and support and encouragement and high expect stations but here i walked into this room with a woman who didn't know me because w big high school and she had to make a big assessment and her assessment could have been, and i don't know, was grate point average yeah, you're a good student, your scores are good, you're black, you'rer in hoo in public school, maybe you're stretching. she didn't even know my brother went to princeton. she just decided that the dream i presented was wrong. but we could probably go into any room of black women or
7:45 am
people of color or people who grew up in poor communities or rural communities and you would ask them as anybody ever told you you wouldn't and everyone would raise their hand. >> you get to princeton. one of the first things you notice is discover , wow, stuff. because while a lot of students are sort of criticizing and debate about affirmative action when it comes to race, i realized there's all kinds of affirmative action that goes on. kids who get in because they're athletes, because there's legacy. it's just that race stands out but it was important with me to see that .
7:46 am
i write in chapter 17 that -- that chapter was probably one of the heartest for me to write an painfulime campa but my whole persona was distorted. this was the time i was called an angry black woman, called obama's baby mama. i was called someone who didn't love her country and it's important for me to paint that because people don't remember that. they see michelle obama, especially young girls who were too young to know that part of my journey. >> let's go back to angry black woman. how did you process that. >> well, it's like the -- >> it's painful. >> it's like a punch in the gut
7:47 am
of the counselor. it was another series of punches. someone who judged me without knowing me. it was just happening at a bigger level but i hadow me and at that point i thought about getting off the campaign trail. >> you went to barack obama and >> i said look, if i'm not an asset, pull me out and he was t. i'm going to have to show the world that i do believe, i am good enough to be the first lady, i do love my country. >> think about this. she said there are no -- there's no handbook about being first lady. she's been on the campaign trail, no speeches, all hair and
7:48 am
makeup was left to staffers by michelle obama's ratings are -- the way people felt about her many times were higher than barack obama's. you meet her and you spend time with her. >> and the first lady role has never been defined. it's always been something that reflects the person in office. they don't have a staff, they don't have a budget. but i find fascinating her talking about si that's a universal message and that title "becoming," becoming something bedespite that self-doubt and the people who tell you you aren't good enough. >> she asks many times am i enough, am i good enough and at the end of the day she believes yes. >> and she worked her way up to be the closer. remember that speech at the dnc convention? but the reason she knew she was good enough was because of her parents. >> that's a perfect segue.
7:49 am
>> see? >> thank you, norah. >> our next half hour will feature the first tv interview michelle obama and her parents, her mother marion robinson, thank you, norah. why they say mrs. robinson's room became the white house's confessional for staff members. plus what life is like for the presidency. also, sin cindy mccain sits dow with john dickerson for her
7:50 am
7:51 am
much more news ahead, including a new warning about medical tourism. you're watching cbs "this morning." including a new warning about medical tourism. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ you're it! ♪ toyota. let's go places.
7:52 am
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you'll pay even less for data. or if you need a lot we have unlimited too. plus, get $200 back when you buy a new smart phone. it's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today. a dallas real estate agent is on life support with brain damage after traveling to mexico for plastic surgery. laura avila's family says she went to a clinic in ciudad juarez for several procedures, including a nose job and breast implant replacement. but before those precede yours
7:56 am
complications. anna werner is here with the risks avila's family is warning others about. good morning. >> good morning. we spoke to a prosecutor in mexico who is handling an investigation into the rino center where laura avila was treated. the clinic has been raided. now laura's family is back in the u.s. and they say they want justice. >> we don't want this to happen to anybody else. >> reporter: enrique cruise says he was at the rino center in ciudad juarez last month when his healthy fiance, laura avila, went in for plastic surgery. eight hours later doctors said there was a problem. >> the only thing that they told me was that they had to take her to the hospital because that the anesthesia wasn't wearing off and they didn't know why. >> i just said to myself this isn't happening. like, this can't happen. >> reporter: angie avila is laura's was
7:57 am
transferred told them the rino center put the anesthesia in the wrong place in laura's spine, thatheent into cardiac arrest. eporte laura's fiance says he researched the clinic and found positive reviews online and angie says they have family in mexico and often crossed the unds crazy to say, oh, they went to another country but to us it's home. it's familiar. >> a 2017 study estimated nearly 1.5 million americans were expected to travel is outside the u.s. for medical care. in mexico, procedures can cost anywhere between 40% and 65% less than in the u.s. laura's family estimates her procedures were somewhere around $8500. >> people are seeking alternatives. >> reporter: joseph woodman is the ceo of patients beyond borders. >> the oversight in countries
7:58 am
like mexico isn't up to the same standards as it is in the united states. >> reporter: text messages provided by laura's family, allegedly between her and a doctor at the rino center, show laura did has reservations abou. on august 25, dr. judith hernandez wrote "you will get a mix of sedation and blocking." lawyer. >> laura later responded "i'm am concerned because i'm nervous." it's sedation, hernandez responded. don't worry." >> never would i imagine they would tell us she suffered severe brain damage. >> reporter: last week, laura was transferred from the hospital from mexico to el paso where she is currently on life support. her family says they want the rino center to be held responsible. >> as long as my heart is beating i will make sure that they pay for what they did. and this can't happen to anybody el
7:59 am
else. >> her family has to decide whether to pull life support. we tried calling the rhino center several times asking for comment but as soon as we said we were from cbs news, they hung up on us. >> so sad to hear the sister say "she'll never be our law a again." what can people do to ensure a medical procedure abroad isit's. the second storymexico you thate american cto aac institution. oesn't appear theinnally an thesologist before you meet them but that's very tough in another country. to your day. and that is something else. kinda makes you hungry don't it? [sneezing] ♪
8:00 am
you don't want to cancel your plans. [sneezing] cancel your cold. the 1-pill power of new advil multi-symptom cold & flu knocks out your worst symptoms. cancel your cold, not your plans. new advil multi-symptom cold & flu. u feonnt to take on anwith benefiber, you'll feel the power of gut health confidence every day. benefiber is a
8:01 am
8:02 am
>> ahead,
8:03 am
from the camp fire in butte county is now 48 -- authorities discovered 6 more their contin good morning, it's 8:25. i'm michelle griego. the death toll from the "camp fire" in butte county is now 48. authorities discovered six more bodies in their continued search for victims. right now the fire is 35% contained. today governor brown and interior secretary ryan zinke will tour the "camp fire" burn zone. they are expected to provide an update on the relief efforts later on. parents are protesting the port of san francisco for allowing vap company juul to move into pier 70. parents and community members say the move, quote, betrayed the community. we'll have news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website,
8:04 am
8:05 am
welcome back. out the door, delays in the north bay. north 101 at cotati area there near railroad avenue. we are still having a traffic alert in effect. the latest from chp is that lanes will re-open at 10:00 this morning. one lane is open. two lanes completely shut down. here's a live look. 101 just north of petaluma boulevard. you can see it on the nosh traffic is crawling through there. elsewhere bay bridge metering lights are on. it's getting better. 22 minutes from the maze over into san francisco. so it is improving as you work your way through there. if you are heading through the south bay, live look at first
8:06 am
street. traffic busy. 280 might be better hi still bu from tennant to cochran. hazy smoke filtered sunshine today. our "salesforce tower" camera. we are seeing aqi values lower than yesterday. we'll continue on the trend through the weekend with better air quality saturday and sunday with onshore flow kicking in. in the meantime hazy skies upper 60s in san francisco. also for mountain view upper 60s. low 70s reeds, oakland, across the east bay, fremont 72 in san jose. and from the north bay low 70s, as well. hazy sunshine thursday and friday with the "spare the air" alert through friday. better air quality for the weekend, chance of rain next week.
8:07 am
8:08 am
>y. old thi doesn't make you smile this morning watching this cute little boy meeting his sister for the first giving her hugs and kisses. they're going to remind them of this when they're fighting in a few years over toys. >> may that never change because after a while they get the impression how long's she going to be here? >> give her back. >> that's nice. >> doesn't that make you want to have another baby? >> my factory's closed, cobwebs, it's all dried up. so i'm going to leave it to you and bianna. >> peter's out of town. >> norah. >> i'm getting old. >> you all are both able, just saying. >> on that note --
8:09 am
>> lie liwelcome back to "cbs t morning." it's time to show you e air qual bng worse than in california's cities hit with smoke and wildfires. data from beijing show levels of a to be aycimore t yrte our onis out of there? >> i actually am. the atlantic reports on eye new study suggests your mother's past affects your dating adventures. a study found people are more likely to have many partners if they're mom did as well. researchers say nobody likes to hear mom was a tramp. the likely explanation is genetics. some people have personality traits that make them better or worse at maintaining relationships. >> yeah, i know. it's your fault, mom.
8:10 am
>> can't you hear that? >>. all right. britain's guardian reports on prince charles celebrating his 70th birthday today and the release of a new faxmily photo. one shows them laughing.'slarenc prce charles was honorit a his mother is throwing a party at buckingham palace. >> to welcome another grand baby. >> that's true, meghan and coups engagement shoot. he decided to peek his head into the frame. the photographer said he, quote, made our day. they now have the coolest engagement photos. >> that's fun. >> yeah, dave lives in yellow spring so it's not surprising to see him walking around. michelle boeobama says it w never easy being the wife of a driven politician. they said it strained their mayor rage and they saw the help
8:11 am
in therapy. plus, we'll talk with the woman who helped make it work, michelle's mother. she tells bus her eight years in the white house, but first, michelle obama talks about marriage. >> you've had a complicated relationship it seemscs >> uh-h is married to this man i often have -- >> every time barack came to me with the idea of running for an office, i was just like, please guilty of -- gifted. and but for the fact that i was married to him and it would be hard on me, i would want him to run. >> but he was always a different kind of guy. >> he's a different guy
8:12 am
altogether. >> he's a different kinda dude. there's a segregate story in the bookie you said you wake up one night and he's staring into space. what was he thinking about. >> income inequality. it's like really, dude? i thought you were dreaming about me. >> so you knew he was different. >> you're very candid about talking about marital counseling. >> i tell young couples it's like when you get married you've got that moment, those years if o of you, individuals on your paths. you come together when you need to, it all works until you have kids. your first joint project where the inequalities are felt. you know, i'm working and managing child care and sick kids and trying to coordinate my job and he's fliterring in. sensings start tensions started to arise and we
8:13 am
knew we needed to have a place where we could work these feelings out. >> he was like, great, let's go to counseling? >> oh, no. >> i can't wait to go. >> he was -- barack is a problem solver. it's like i'll buy a book and we will study. >> on relationships. >> on relationships, and we will study chapter 12, you read chapter 13 and we can figure it's just one of those things we don't need help from anybody. it was like, you know what? because for me i was like i need to go to somebody who's bog to tell you you're wrong. and i talk about that. it's like i didn't get that. the period of counsel will fing was a turning point because i realized i was responsible for my own happiness. it wasn't his job to solely mak? >> absolutely, yeah. >> even though you're so well known now? >> gosh, yeah. i think counseling is a tune-up time. marriage is hard, all marriages are hard. you know us. i love my husband, we have a wonderful marriage. but it takes work.
8:14 am
>> work that was made easier thanks to her mother marian robinson. >> the whole eight years you were in the white house, i think i could count how many times i saw you on tv and i got up to one and i had to stop. >> stop. >> it's just noting some that y -- not something that you do. y kwow you ly says?s i dnt wh yoursti didn't sayyt then i a la othe uted states and on-ilaw >>ecause ielthi hawhat a v them. and i was worried about their safety and i was worried about my grandkids. i mean, that's what got me to
8:15 am
move to d.c. >> why did you want her there? why was it important to you? >> because for the girls, you know, i wanted them to come home to family. there was just parts of the girls' life that i just knew were going to be okay because mom was there when i traveled internationally. grandma was there, you know. when i wasn't home at the end of the day, grandma was there. when the h s be with them and school, you think about my girls were being griffen around in a motorcade of three cars with at least four grown adults with guns in each of those cars. and i just thought that that's an unnatural way for a little n where they say mrs. robinson can we get you something, mrs. robinson, do you need anything? >> right. >> was that a big adjustment? >> it was a huge adjustment. i talked them into allowing me do my own laundry. >> you were doing your own
8:16 am
laundry? >> yes. >> and she taught the girls how to do their laundry. they would go upstairs for laundry lessons and she was the most beloved figure in the white house. >> i believe that. >> she had a stream of people, the but the letters, tlers, the there and then they would leave. people still visit mom in chicago. >> they do? >> some of the staff come to visit, they're in town they come and individuals it her. >> do you feel you have your life back? >> i do. >> do you miss your life at all? >> not at al lil t me an we closethere. >> your mom says she doesn't miss the white house, do you? >> no. the eight years was more than enough. and what i realized over the years is that home is where we are. and the white house happened to be our home for years.
8:17 am
but we took all that love and energy and we just moved it to another house. it's still there. and that's the part of -- that's the part of life that's important. >> what's the best thing about michelle obama that makes you proudest? >> well, now i -- my say is when i grow up i would like to be like michelle obama. >> oh, wow. >> we all just went oh, wow, even the crew. what a beautiful thing between mother and daughter. what a beautiful thing between mother and daughter. mrs. robinson tells a funny thing, that michelle obama was a feisty little kid. she said i could stop raising her when she was 9 because she was that good. you can tell they are very well connected and michelle says personally and professionally, she wouldn't have had the life she had, if her mom hadn't been there. you can always count on your mom. >> to be there for the girl, to make a car pool somewhat normal when you have armed guards and three other cars following you,
8:18 am
with a grandma sitting next to you. >> no one would say mrs. robinson is such a character. she wasn't trying to be part of the family in a public way. she loves her children, barack and michelle, and loves her grandchildren but she also had life. n life and soo he own >>d first ladies and families that are most respected in the white house are the ones who treat people who work there as family, not as staff but as family. >> check, check. >> they still visit mrs. robinson. >> here's to you, mrs. robinson. you're going to be singing it all day. heaven loves you more than you could know. oh, oh, oh. you can hearieinterv miclle oba and her mom op apple podcast or wherever you like to download your podcast. you've got lots of options. >> it will be a good podcast. fortnight is one of the most
8:19 am
popular video games on the planet, making hundreds of millions of dollars. not everyone is sol and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yes! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. the perfect sweater makes the perfect holiday gift. and it feels even better when you find it for less - at ross. yes for less.
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8:22 am find your new fall look at an "oh, yeah" price. check this out. that's yes for less. from the latest trends to your favorite brands, it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. the wildly popular video game fortnight dollars since october 2017. the game is free to download and
8:23 am
free to play. the revenue comes entirely from in-game purchases. this includes sales of costume, skins or dances known as emodes. the developer behind fortnight is facing backlash. we spoke to one artist who accuses fortnite of stealing his dance moves. >> you've got kids, you know what i'm talking about, battle royale style video game pits player versus player and increases chances of winning that hasn't stopped them from becoming popular, profitable and now controversial. >> rapper tu milly may not be a household names, but these kids know his signature move. the milly rock has become somewhat of a viral dance craze. getting picked up by other
8:24 am
recording artists. sports stars and now the hugely popular video game fortnite. >> everybody was just like, your dance is in the game. >> the milly rock renamed swipe it in the video game is one of 100 dances called emotes that players can buy. that's where he takes issue. >> they actually sell the particular move. >> right. >> it's for purchase. >> they're charging money for -- >> oh, no, this can't go on. ♪ >> fortnite widely samples popular culture for its dance emotes, from movies. ♪ it's not unusual >> tv shows. from psy's gangnum style to snoop doggg's drop it like it's hot. imagine the money people are
8:25 am
spending on these emotes being shared with the artist that made them. the e emotes are a big part of why fortnite has become so popular. >> it's the most popular game on the planet. the culture not just around the game but this culture growing up around the memes, dances in the game has taken on a life of its own. >> youtube is filled with videos comparing the dance emotes to their real-life counterparts. you can even enroll your kid in fortnite dance classes. tu milly hopes to pursue a suit but faces tough steps to get there. >> case law suits surrounding the copyright of music, lyrics, sounds. it there's a full body of case law relating to that. regarding choreographic works,
8:26 am
that does not exist. >> what would make it fair to you? >> i don't even want to bash them for all the millions, you know what i'm saying? it's not really like that. i just have feel like i have to protect what's mine. >> epic games declined to comment on our story. you can no longer buy swipe it emote. if you own it, you can continue to use it for now. chance the rapper really crystallized this. people are cultural appropriati. michael jackson did the moonwalk. that's michael jackson. if you put it on a game and charge people for it -- >> ay he's gots to go. >> you're watching "cbs this morn
8:27 am
8:28 am
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two young refugees jumped . and the canadian prime minister justin trudeau said now convince them that shoveling is fun too. >> we'll give them this one as
8:31 am
8:32 am
in butte county is now 48 -- authorities discovered 6 more their continued ins. right now -- good morning, it's 8:55. i'm michelle griego. the death toll from the "camp fire" in butte county is now 48. authorities discovered six more bodies in the search for remains. right now, the fire is 35% contained. and taking a live look from our "salesforce tower" where the skies are better, but the smoky skies are still here. it's another day of bad air. it means another day of some
8:33 am
school closures. sonoma county, the gravenstein union school district will be shut down today as well vemonte and today the metropolitan transportation commission is considering getting rid of cash tolls on the bay bridge and across the bay area. the goal, to ease traffic. ews updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website,
8:34 am
welcome back. i'm gianna in the traffic center. let's start off with a trouble
8:35 am
spot on 880. this just reported by chp. looks like it's causing delays. a motorcycle accident southbound 880 right at washington avenue. it has been cleared over to the center divide. but a busy ride in both directions as you work your way in san leandro down into hayward. so keep that in mind. elsewhere, north of that the nimitz freeway sluggish with a lot of brake lights past the coliseum. 38 minutes from 238 to the maze. traffic alert continues. this has been there all morning long north 101 at west railroad avenue. only one lane open. chp says lanes should open up about 10:00 this morning. expect a backup. look at at the backup around petaluma boulevard north. hazy skies out there. looking at that smoke. so we have the 7th day in a row with "spare the air" alerts and air quality advisory for the bay area. hazy skies continue today. upper 60s in san francisco,
8:36 am
low 70s for spots in santa rosa, napa, oakland as well as for san jose. we'll continue with hazy skies for thursday and friday. better our quality coming for the weekend with onshore flow kicking in and rain chances for next week.
8:37 am
wayne: ah! - i'm gonna take the money, wayne. jonathan: $15,000 in cash! wayne: we do it all for the fans. jonathan: my personal guarantee. tiffany: yummy. wayne: two cars! that's what this game is all about. she's leaving here ten years of deals, right? jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: hey, america. welcome to "let's make a deal". i'm wayne brady. thank you so much for tuning in. it's time to make a deal. who wants to make a deal? you do.
8:38 am
come on, xavier. everybody else, have a seat. xavier is first up to bat. how are you doing, sir? - i'm doing well-- i'm blessed. wayne: i'm glad you're doing well, i'm glad you're doing well. so what do you do, where are you from? tell us your whole story in five seconds. - yes.
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