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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 14, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> this is video of the drive out of the campfire thursday morning. he left before getting an evacuation order, and already he says the roads were a disaster. >> and it was absolute gridlock. people were already freaking out, and cutting over on to the sidewalks and the bike lane. it was chaos. >> reporter: and it got worse from there. this is video of a cal fireman rescuing a woman fleeing in her wheelchair as people left their cars in a panic. many claim they never got an evacuation alert, or got it too late. >> my criticism is the same thing. where are you? >> reporter: but the mayor and cal fire say short of predicting the future, there is no way the his tear i can't could have been avoid -- hysteria could have been avoided. by the time they knew it was heading to paradise there were wind gusts up to 70 miles an
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hour. after 8 temperature, the first alerts went to the primary evacuation zones. by 8:29, jared shot this video. you can see the fire bearing down on paradise and shortly after is when he got his first text alert. a second with more evacuation zones at 9:09. >> i feel like there was no way for people to really get alerted quick enough. >> reporter: by noon, the camp fire burned through town, and turned about 17 square miles to ash. it only took 5.5 hours, and the area you see in purple was charred black. >> i don't think you can design an evacuation plan to get everyone in your town out. there's just not enough roadway infrastructure to do that. the other big story, the unhealthy air in the bay area isn't going anywhere. >> relief that was to come this weekend, just got pushed back from the north to the sows bay,
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we are socked -- south bay, we are socked with this gross, unhealthy air. let's go to paul deanno. what has changed. paul? the wind direct change we wanted is not going to happen until early next week, likely so, let's set the stage with what we have going on right now, which is near hazardous air. 275 in livermore, hazardous starts at 300. not the best evening to be out. contrast that with santa rosa. tomorrow was expected to be another smoky day. here is confirmation, it will be. it's a spare the air day. now, let's talk about why we likely will not see a change coming up this weekend. low pressure area that we thought was going to be just off to our west turning the winds sending the smoke in the other direction. the low is still there, but about 500 miles farther offshore so it's going to be too far away to flip the winds, so now that the smoke is here,
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we need a strong for thing mechanism to get the smoke out, and that likely will not be provided this weekend. so the aqi is almost in the hazardous level in and around livermore, thursday will be the 8th straight day with unhealthy air, little if any change in the wind or the air quality through the weekend. which means saturday and sunday, likely will be spare the air days with unhealthy air. kpix5 is live from communication hill in the south bay with what doctors are now advising for folks. >> reporter: they're advising people to stop exercising outside, but when we came here, a popular exercise spot in san jose, we saw people doing just that. the problem is that the particles lingering are harmful. they are an about 2.5-microns in size, that's a fraction of the size of a human air. folks who exercise outside, they take in more particles, which bypass the mouth, nose,
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travels through the bronchial tubes, and can cause allergic reactions with your system. doctors have a stern warning for people exercise outdoors. >> i have seen those people, and i advise people not to do that. >> it's kind of scary. maybe we should stop. >> are you? >> we're going to do probably two more and get out of here. >> reporter: the good news is that healthy adults usually recover completely from short term exposure in about a couple days, perhaps a week or so. we're live in san jose, kpix5. san francisco state is canceling for the rest of the week, they are blaming the unhealthy air conditions. it will stay closed through the weekend. we're hearing there will be no fireworks on friday for the embarcadero center building lighting. that, a holiday tradition in san francisco, but not this year because of all the smoke.
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pg&e stock took a huge blow. they reported trouble with a line minutes before the campfire broke out. julie watts is live outside. >> reporter: it took the steepest single day dive in decades, and many wonder what's next with the utility. a new day, a new low for pg&e. the stock lost half its value over the last five days. it comes after pg&e said if the utility is responsible for the butte fire, there's not enough insurance for the damage. they said they had problems with transmission lines before the fire started and many in paradise are criticizing pg&e for failure to follow through. >> they knew there was a problem, and had a plan in
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place to shut it off. why didn't they. >> reporter: the first of manylawsuits was filed this week that accused of them of negligence age failing to properly maintain the power lionel. the utility is facing more than 200 lawsuits stemming from last year's wildfires, with liability estimates as high as 15 million. but it's not clear if that's enough to force the utility into bankruptcy. >> the problem with pg&e, cried wolf. >> reporter: a watch group said they threatened bankruptcy. -- the bill provides financial assistance for the 2017 fires, and would not include bond money for this one. >> maybe bankruptcy is what it will take to get systems change. >> if what's reported is true, we have a serious trouble. this isn't working. >> reporter: in response, pg&e stresses the cause of the
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campfire has not been determined. in a statement, pg&e tells us "our hearts are with the communities impacted by the campfire, we are aware of the lawsuits. right now, the entire company is focused on supporting first responders andassisting customers and communities ." they will not speculate on what or may not be impacting the stock market. governor brown toured the burn zone, and says he will sign an executive order to clear red tape so recovery in the area can speed up. and ryan zenke said california fires are just getting worse. >> each trip, i say this is the worst trip i've seen, and now we're here today, and this is the worst fire i've seen. >> crews are still working to clear debris in the area. the trees, the cars, the power lines still need to be moved out of the streets. local law enforcement has been on high alert for looting
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in the evacuation area. today, the butte county sheriff's department released the names and photos of six people arrested on suspicion of looting. firearms, ammunition, laptop, and a motor home are among the items missing. from looting to health problems. we're learning about a norovirus outbreak in butte county. joe vasquez will have more on that coming up at 6:30. cash tolls could become a thing of the past. no one likes to wait in line at the dmv. how these kiosks could change everything. he is a father, a police officer, and battling to fight for his life. tonight, how the community is coming together to help kyle kick cancer. i'll have a live report coming up.
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cash tolls on these bay area bridges could soon be a thing of the past. we are live at the bay bridge toll plaza with details on a new proposal that is gaining momentum. >> reporter: that's right. we are here at the bay bridge, behind us, can you see the
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traffic backing -- you can see the traffic backing up to pay the tolls this. is pitched as a way to save drivers time, and a question about whether it safely the bridges money. let's take a look. switching to all electric toll collection would save the bay bridges about $5 million a year. but going all electric is likely to cost as well, upwards of $55 million. so, who comes out ahead in the deal? those of us who use the bridges, or the bridge system. >> what's the drive behind this? >> just technology, and moving forward. it's expense i have to have two full collection systems in place. >> reporter: so the plan, starting in 2022, the bridges will start to get rid of their cash lanes and toll takers, and dryers will have the option of getting -- drivers will have the option of getting a fastrak or a bill in the mail. >> how much does that cost? >> more than fastrak, but less than the collective cost of
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carrying for cash. >> reporter: five years ago the golden gate bridge has saved about $900,000 getting rid rid of its toll takers. don't expect the same result with the other 7 bridges. antioch and others will lose back ups but they aren't that heavily traveled. but the san mateo, bay bridge, and richmond san rafael will trim just a few minutes off the their trips with the back ups still likely to remain. >> we expect a trip across the bridge from end to end will be shorter by 7 minutes. your time reductions at the bay bridge probably 3-4 minutes during the -- >> how about san mateo? >> probably about the same. >> so we're extending 25-$50 million for 4-7 minutes? >> that's 4-7 minutes multiplied by thousands of people every day. >> reporter: and the plan is to
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start with the karkanis bridge, and then the bay bridge, which will probably be the last, because it's the biggest with biggest backup. and the most toll takers they have to find new jobs for. >> we're learning more about the big rig that caused a massive crash on highway 1 in santa cruz, they say the truck shouldn't have been on the road because it wasn't registered for highway use. the brakes gave way causing it to plow into other vehicles. >> it's full -- fully loaded, so now you, in this truck has come over highway 17, which has a significant downgrade, you have brakes that are ineffective, so what's left of the brakes, by the time you're done with that, they're gone. >> an investigation is underway
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to determine whether the trucking company will be held responsible. most of us would do anything to avoid the long lines at the dmv, and new automated kiosks could allow you to steer clear of the offices. dmv installed this at the central park library branch. you can renew your registration there on the spot and print out your tags. there are 137 of the kiosks statewide. >> nobody likes to stand in line for hours. and here, you can come to the library, hang out, do your thing, get books, and get your registration printed out. >> instructions are provided in both english and spanish. the kiosks have been placed in libraries, grocery store. one police officer who has fought to keep communities safe is now in the fight for his own
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life. julia goodrich is live in pleasanton with how his fellow officers are rallying behind him. >> reporter: his officers, family, it's some story. kyle henderson has been on the police force for 10 years. he's off duty, on leave, because he is fighting for his life. >> it's a lovely saturday, in november, it's supposed to be 85. >> reporter: you wouldn't know that 35-year-old police officer henderson is batting stage 4 pancreatic cancer looking at the video he did with his daughter. it was to keep her spirits up, and his, too. >> thank you so much for all the love and support and the messages. >> reporter: it's moments like this with his wife you understand the real depth of what he and his family of six
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are going through. >> we love you guys so much. and -- >> i want to say thank you to everyone. >> we appreciate it and -- >> reporter: with the community's help and support, they keep fighting. >> definitely in good spirits, and taking it a day at a time. >> reporter: nicholas albert is kyle's close friend. >> when you sign up for the job, there's a lot we prepare for as far as dangers and threats and we're given a lot of tools in the tool belt, body armor to protect the threat. there's not much that we have in this aspect, we're pretty vulnerable. >> reporter: his friends and family say they know kyle will keep fighting and do his best to stay on a positive note. that's something to watch. we'll make sure we put that
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entire video on our web page so can you see it along with more information on kyle and his family. the family certainly has a gofundme page, and even the officers association is meeting to think of ways to raise fund for his chemotherapy. a lot of information that we'll share on our website. >> what a wonderful family. >> going to get a lot of support. it puts things in perspective. >> no question. >> our troubles are small. >> a great family. so we will talk ballot air quality -- about the air quality, and when it will end. the bad air has been here for 7 days, tomorrow is 8. we'll go ahead through this, and eventually get some rainfall. it's just taking longer than it typically does this time of year. air quality, it's not that good. especially in livermore, i put a different icon, a diamond, because you're near hazardous levels. santa rosa, it's moderate.
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it looks like it's foggy over san jose. santa clara valley, in the smoke, like the rest of us. santa rosa, 71 for a high today. san jose, 68 mosh began hill, 74 -- morgan hill, 74. satellite and radar, we want of ridge of high pressure to move. little of rainfall, so when is the rage going to move -- ridge going to move? probably hang out close enough and strong enough that even through the weekend, the next low will dive down way to the west, so it's not going to give us the wind direction change that we do want to get the smoke going in a different direction. the ridge is still there, weather will stay stagnant, smoky, hazy for the foreseeable future. so hazy tonight, with cool temperatures. overnights have been chilly, down into the 30s. it should be chilly this time of year, livermore 39, oakland 47, santa rosa 35. we stay smoky tomorrow with little change for the next 4-5 days. we will see more significant
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changes towards thanksgiving. so smoky through the weekend, 60s to low 70s for highs. the air should begin to clear next week. notice we do not have any rain in the 7-day forecast. likely the end of next week when the first november rainfall does move into the bay area. back to you. coming up, taking shelter wherever they can. >> why hundred of people are now congregating in one parking lot building a massive tent city for people who have little to nothing left. a college basketball player is suspended. the video will show you why, and it's shocking. managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority.
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today, there are no shortage of opinions on draymond green and -- >> do you think draymond will say my bad? i have no idea. >> reporter: the air waves were dominated with the green/durant feud. >> draymond is doing what he's been doing since he's been here. >> reporter: -- >> draymond should have begin the ball to kd. >> he felt draymond robbed him of a game-winning moment that he could have added to his resume'. >> who lights a keg dynamite and the -- >> reporter: they sparred on the bench and in the locker room. >> as you know by now, we have suspended draymond. >> i'm not going to answer in any detail. it's a private matter. >> we just had a. >> warriors publicly wouldn't
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share details, but there were more leaks than the oval office. calling him a name we can't say on tv, a report that said curry went to draymond's house to get his side of the story with know peace pipe insight. >> have you andrea month been have you been -- have you been able to hash anything out? >> is this just a speed bump? >> once they get on a win streak, it won't matter. >> steph curry joined the warriors, but will not play. he will miss at least ten more days as he continues to recover from a strained groin. pittsburgh state's platte was suspended for this cheap shot last night. watch it again. platte appears to look at the referee to see if he's watching when he lowers the boom. the second official did see the blow, not only was platte suspended but banned from the school's campus while the
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incident is being reviewed. the player hit bright platte did stay in the game. nichols won the game. the rest of the country will be spared from watching the raiders and 49ers in prime time next month. both teams had their upcoming sunday night games replaced by more compelling teams. the 49ers and seahawks game on december 2 is now at 1:25. the raiders/steelers game is also now an afternoon start. so san francisco and oakland will play home games at the same time on the 9th. >> insult to injury. >> that has to hurt. >> the only contest right now between the 49ers and raiders is who gets the number one pick. right now the raiders have that slot. >> that's not a good competition at all! coming up, the sickness now hitting fire shelters in butte county. >> one location has even opened up several isolation rooms to
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keep the germs from spreading. >> lawyer for stormy danielsarrested. what michael avenatti had to say about the charges. the first of the migrant caravan has made it to the border. but is this the end of the line? what's next for thousands of people.
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updated numbers on the deadly campfire as it continues its destructive path in butte county. >> ken bastida is following the developments. >> reporter: the new numbers are out, minutes ago. cal fire releasing the campfire has grown to 215 square miles. it is 35% contained. more than 10,000 structures have been destroyed, and crews found 8 more bodies today, bringing the number of people killed to 56. 130 people are still listed as missing, and authorities are looking for help in trying to clear that list. >> the 130 names of those still unaccounted for will be listed.
6:30 pm
we would ask people check that list to determine whether or not they are on it. because as i've said before, friend and family may have been unable to locate them and called our office to report them missing or unaccounted for. if you find your name on the list, please call my office and speak to one of our investigators to advise us you are safe and well so we can move on to other cases. >> more than 50,000 people are still under evacuation orders. many have no other choice but to just camp out at this wal- mart parking lot in chico. it has grown in size over thelast few days, but it is not an official evacuation site. >> it's real cold at night, and that's what's holding us back. i think some other people, too is transportation to get to the facilities we need to go to and register so we can get help and get into a place or a motel to get us so we're not out here, because the rain's going to
6:31 pm
start soon, and it's really cold. >> many people have no insurance, no money, nowhere to go as if losing their homes wasn't hard enough, there's a norovirus outbreak going around. joe vazquez reports from oroville. >> reporter: this is the oroville nazarene church, one of the main fire shelters and just inside healthcare workers have set up four isolation rooms for people who have gotten sick. >> we did have county health officials, and some people from the state and we've been trying to segregate sick people from well people, so it doesn't spread anymore. >> reporter: what's making they can sick? a nurse said off camera it's a norovirus outbreak. but the county health department spokesperson says they have not yet gotten the official test results back, so they are not officially tell the public it's a norovirus outbreak at this shelter. but the county is confirming
6:32 pm
lab tests have identified a norovirus outbreak at another location, the neighborhood church which is a shelter for fire victims and evacuees in chico. officials are urging shelter residents to wash their hands as frequently as often to stave the disease. >> one more note on the number of people killed in the fire, of the 56 people who died, authorities say they have made tentative identification on 47 of those victims, and liz best, they've now haded hundreds more people to search for the remaining victims. everyone in the fire zone is pitching -- ran into an about a dozen chickens. he found a large bag of oatmeal with cereal in a nearby garage, and fed the starving bunch. the officer says the chickens were very happy with their meal. for those whose wedding day was compromised by the fire,
6:33 pm
the butte creek country club in chico was offering the indoor venue for free. it will waive frees for this friday and saturday. look at this time lapse video. this is from southern california. all the smoke is manufacturing over the hills in -- hovering over the hills in malibu, coming from the woolsey fire. firefighters are getting a handle on the flames, because containment is nearly 50%. more than 97,000 acres have burned so far. this is burning through parts of los angeles and ventura counties. and about an hour and a half east of that the sierra fire burning in san bernardino. that has burned 147,000 acres, or 147 acres since it started last night. the city of rialto is 87% contained. a body was found in a home
6:34 pm
destroyed by the woolsey fire. that brings the number to 3. michael avenatti was taken into custody for felony domestic violence. he calls the allegations "completely bogus." he said the claims are fabricated, and meant to harm his reputation. avenatti gained fame forrepresenting stormy dan jells. she claims she had an affair with president trump. hundred of migrants in a caravan from central a-- the migrants they have been taken into shelters on the mexican side. the u.s. government has been preparing for their arrival by hardening the border with barbed wire and barriers. the original caravan has picked up speed by breaking into smaller groups. another shakeup for the trump administration today after the first lady called for
6:35 pm
a staffer to be ousted. national security advise sore mirra is living her position, this comes a day after the first lady's office issued a statement saying she no longer deserves the honor of serving in this white house. more changes are expected by the end of the year. the first lady has been at odds with john kelly, something her office denies. kirstjen nielsen is also on the outs. california republican kevin mcarthur think was elected house minority lead -- mccarthy waselected house minority at the leader. he is vowing to help the gop win the house majority in 2020. incredible sight from above. the great white shark baby boom in monterey bay. an incredible story of survival. a mother gives birth in her
6:36 pm
car. the baby just minutes old, nearly dies. the mother flags down help.
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prime piece of water front land in richmond is becoming a headache for city leaders. >> several developers who once sought to transform it have dropped out. the scenic real estate is located -- now, there's a deadline that could mean costing the city its land altogether. >> reporter: april, richmond ended a 8 year lawsuit from an indian tribe that was zenned a casino here. the agreement calls for the city to build a housing development here, and split the proceeds with the tribe. the land would be sold to a
6:39 pm
develop term exposure of build a housing -- [technical difficulties ] >> i put enough poison pills in it to make it unfeasible. >> reporter: the restrictions prohibit building in this area which is the most wide open space, centering development instead at the so-called wine haven area with the historic buildings that would have to be preserved. the developer must pay for replacement of the crumbling infrastructure, and counsel set a gold of 2/3 of the units going to moderate to extremely low income. >> if we have the developers we want to attract to richmond, we should give them the restrictions that we as a city expect and see what kind of creativity they have. >> reporter: the mayor says three developers have dropped out of the project. that's a problem because the settlement says if the city
6:40 pm
doesn't have a developer in place by april of 2020, the tribe can buy all the land for the grand sum of $300. and then, if the restrictions prevent a feasible project, the fear is the tribe will reopen the lawsuit, charging the city with sabotaging the own agreement. >> the city could lose the gays, get hit with a judgment of 50, $100 million, maybe more. bankrupt the city, and we could end up with a casino at the end of the day. >> reporter: a citizen's group opposed to the plan says this only happened because the city negotiated the deal behind closed doors without consulting the public. >> we think the city went about this backwards, and put themselves in an odd position. >> reporter: the election changed the makeup of the council, and the mayor hopes he can convince the new members to remove some restrictions,
6:41 pm
making it more attractive to developers. the mayor says he doubts he will get any proposals from developers, but if they do, they are scheduled to be reviewed later on this month. fascinating sight in monterey bay. the great white shark baby boom seen from above. the air quality is still bad, and it will be bad once again tomorrow. so when will we end this? normal stuff for november. your forecast is next.
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the largest commercial fishing association in the west coast is taking legal action against 30 fossil fuel companies. the lawsuit describes the caused by repeated closures of dungeness fisheries because of alge bloom. they are seeking damages on behalf of crab fishermen, and businesses and families. great white sharks are known as fierce some predators,
6:45 pm
but in the monterey bay, there's more fascination than fear on what my be a great white shark baby boom. >> reporter: shark sightings have been on the increase in monterey bay, but what is unusual is the high number of juvenile or young sharks people are seeing, thinking the monterey bay may be a breeding ground, and also a shark nursery. you're unlikely to see them from the shoreline, but from here, a thousand feet up in a helicopter, it's easy to see what some call a population explosion of great white sharks. >> recently, we've been seeing big sharks, and then a little baby. >> reporter: chris has been flying sightseeing trips over monterey bay for weeks, but he and others have seen up to 60 sharks on a single flight. >> what we've been seeing has been developing into what
6:46 pm
really looks like the great white sharks having babies in the monterey bay. >> reporter: little is known about how and where they give birth, but if true, this would be the farther test north a nesting -- farthest nose a nesting area would be found. they seem docile in the water. >> mixing with surfs, and kayak curse, and on the shoreline, and you see the babies, and nobody is getting attacked that zone. so, why? >> reporter: right now, we are at the peak of the observation season, and the number of sightings will probably start to decrease at the end of november. >> just horrible air all over the bay area today. paul, and it feels like it's getting worse every day. >> this afternoon, it did get worse, and we used the golden
6:47 pm
gate. that's where the fog comes into the bay area. it's the path of least resistance. it's the opposite right now, the smoke wants to exit over the ocean, and golden gate is the biggest exit route, but here's a problem. right at the coastline, the winds are on shore so the smoke is hitting a wall, and backing up over the bay area. it's like a traffic jam in the sky, but the traffic is the smoke and we're stuck breathing it because it's trying to get out. trying to go that way. it's hitting a wall, the wind is going this way, where is it stuck? right over our backyard. that's why the air quality has been so bad. so what we need, a strong westerly wind over the entire bay area to send it the other direction. not happening until early next week. livermore, 229, it's smoky outside. 54, concord, 54, san jose 58, 30s tonight, chilly and smoky
6:48 pm
tonight in fairfield, 36, oakland 47. for union city, smoke and haze in the forecast for tomorrow and friday. you'll get near 70, but the opportunity to get outside and enjoy it will be minimal, unless you go against what we suggest which is limit your outdoor exposure. many doctors have said this accumulate in your lungs, and not terribly fun.minimize it if you can. >> it's converging on the bay area, the smoke stuck and not moving. that pattern's not going to move for a while. the next area of low pressure will slide off to the west and not give us that shove you need. talk about good news. good news would be rainfall. this is futurecast over a 8-day period, we stopped it around next tuesday not. rain yet, right around thanksgiving, one of two computer models says yes, we'll some rain around thanksgiving.
6:49 pm
the other says no. we pick the one that shows the rainfall on there. if this were to verify a nice, solid soaking rain somewhere around the holiday, it would improve the air quality, and give us the rain we need to put out the campfire. we stay smoky through the weekend. that's a change. saturday, like a spare the air day. sunday, likely a spare aday. hearing of events being canceled over the weekend. around thanksgiving, that hopefully will change. highs tomorrow above average, even with the smoke. campbell 71, union city, 70, 68 in danville and pittsburg, 70 in sonoma. we stay smoky lieu the weekend, air quality should improve next week as we cool down. no rain in the 7-day yet. likely some rain, we hope, by the middle to end of next week.
6:50 pm
that is your kpix5 forecast. coming up on night beat, cirque du soleil's newest show volta is coming to town, but after a recent fatal accident, how they're going to keep the san francisco show safe. holidays are coming and paul deanno, and others will have the building lighting friday, at 6:00.
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friends of the jefferson award winner says he walk the extra mile to keep the russian river clean. >> reporter: when casey played in the river as a kid, he was fought whatever you pack in, you pack out. that lesson guides him today. >> look at the trash. >> reporter: casey and his friends discover an illegal dumping site. they dig out a mattress, then
6:54 pm
uncovered tires, couches and refrigerator. casey cleans up along the river three to four times a week for hours at a time. >> i've hauled off 27,000 pounds total since the first of january. >> reporter: one of the problem spots under the first street bridge. you don't have to go far to find the garbage. the area inspired casey's volunteer effort, he brought his family to the spot to swim three years ago. >> it was just trash, everywhere. whoa, this is, so i grabbed a garage bag and started to pick it up. >> reporter: first he walked along the river alone before or after his shift as a butcher. he would haul the waste to the land full, and pay disposal fees. >> we used the water, the animals used the water, the plants use water. it's just the number one life support. >> reporter: today, he partners
6:55 pm
with the clean river alliance in sonoma county. volunteers collect trash and the sponsor covers the disposal. the founder commends case stare for his work. >> casey for his work. >> he has a great attitude, sense of humor, he's got a big hard. >> reporter: he collected what others throw away. >> that's the bags of trash they pull up. >> reporter: and posts what he finds on social media. his dedication amazing friends like jason. >> i don't think i've ever heard of him taking a vacation. >> he does this a lot. >> reporter: so for his commitment to keeping the river clean, this week's jefferson award goes to casey carr. >> he and his wife have 8 children, and sometimes they join him in the cleanup efforts. he is teaching his kids what he was talk as a child, to respect
6:56 pm
the environment. >> a great lesson. carry on their dad's tradition. >> keeps going. if someone like casey does inspire you with public service, nominate him or her for the jefferson award, you can do it online. experts are concerned about a potential link to what dogs are eating and making them sick. the latest is always on our website, which is >> join us for night beat at 10:00. >> have a good night. managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority. until i held her. i found my tresiba® reason. now i'm doing more to lower my a1c. once daily tresiba® controls blood sugar for 24 hours
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheering and applause] steve: how y'all? how's everybody? thank y'all. how y'all doing? how's everybody? i appreciate y'all. yeah, i do. thank y'all. thank you now. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] heh. got another good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total of 20,790 bucks, from kansas city, missouri, it's the champs, it's the dayton family. [cheering and applause] and from oradell, new jersey,
7:00 pm
it's the verrier family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody--somebody might have a shot at driving out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] let's go meet the verrier family. hey, john. how you doing? all right. where y'all from? john: we're from oradell, new jersey. steve: oradell, new jersey. john: that's right. steve: what do you do for a living, john? john: well, the most important thing i do is love my wife of 33 years. steve: come on, man. [cheering and applause] you got all ladies over here, john. john: i do, and i have 6 sisters and no brothers. we have a packaging company in teaneck, new jersey, and ellen and jean and myself work there, and these are 3 of my sisters. my sister ellen. [cheering and applause] my niece nicole, my sister michelle, and my sister jeannie. steve: all right. we done met everybody. you seem like really nice folks. these are the champs. heck of a nice family.


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