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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  November 15, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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thick smoke is blanketing the bay area for the 8th straight day. it's so bad today, several schools across the bay area are closed. >> the death toll from the "camp fire" is rising and we have a clearer picture this morning of how many people are still missing in butte county. >> and we are following the firefight across california. this morning, new numbers show firefighters are gaining ground. good morning, everyone. it is thursday, november 15th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi, it is 5:00 on the dot. up north as the fires continue to burn, firefighters are making progress but we are certainly dealing with yet another day of unhealthy air in the bay area. >> i wish i had some better news looking very unhealthy to unhealthy air for the bay area this morning. and looks like that smoke stick around not just for the rest of the workweek but into the weekend. i know we were hoping for better air quality over the weekend but not the case anymore. air quality readings this
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morning unhealthy. livermore at very unhealthy air quality levels. 213 for an aqi value. do what you can to stay safe. limit your outdoor exposure. it looks like this is going to last for quite some time. a live look at our temperatures. 30s, 40s and 50s this morning. the 8th day in a row the "spare the air" alerts and an air quality advisory likely that smoke sticking around through the weekend. rain chances for the bay area around thanksgiving. that will be a welcomed site for sure. we are going to show you on futurecast when we could see that rain and the timing of it coming up in just a few minutes. >> i have some good news to report. all lanes are open. we have this closure overnight. northbound 880 at 23rd. they are working on demolishing that overpass.
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it's been going on throughout the week, the last few weeks i should say. look at our live shot. we are seeing traffic looking better on the northbound side. that's the direction the taillights are headed. so southbound 880 looking good with no troubles there. here's a look at the bay bridge. we are getting word of a minor crash not too far from the toll plaza. they are saying just before don't see it here in our live shot but we are seeing some okay conditions out of oakland into san francisco. traffic still light as you work your way into the city this morning. north 101 past sfo. we still have a crash blocking at least one lane. we are seeing some slight delays because of that accident. if you are heading to sfo just keep that in mind. you can use 280 if you work your way north of there into daly city per se. but if you are going to cut across over towards sfo you will catch 380 to get on 101. your drive times look okay. 14 minutes from woodside to sfo on the northbound side of 101. live look of the area and this is just south of where that crash is and traffic seems to be moving at some decent speeds through there. let's take a look at our drive
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times out of the north bay. north 101 easy eight minutes no troubles now along the eastshore freeway. a live look outside where the air is so bad in san francisco. you can see the bay bridge there. but it's hazy. other parts of the bay area are feeling it too as smoke from benazir bhutto's butte county -- as smoke from the butte county "camp fire" drifts into our area. katie nielsen reports. >> reporter: class here at san francisco state university are canceled true saturday all because of that poor air quality. we have seen people walking around campus wearing
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masks like these. the bay area air quality management district says everyone stay indoors in possible and avoid being outside for long periods of time. this is the 7th day the district has issued the type of warning a record for the bay area. people say they are feeling the impact. >> i have a sore throat and feel uncomes. cal state east bay through today and could do the same tomorrow. the biofreeze berkeley half marathon is canceled for the weekend and so has the north face endurance challenge championships canceled. some parents in marin are up set that the school district hasn't canceled classes there. they have actually started a
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petition to ask the district to cancel classes but so far, everything looks like it is on schedule there today. live in san francisco, katie nielsen, kpix 5. taking another live look outside. this time, down in san jose, smoky conditions there, as well. hazy conditions even though that is farther south from san francisco which is 200 miles away from the burning fires in paradise. meanwhile, the air quality in livermore was 285. despite the bad air, some people stayed outdoors even having a meal on the outdoor patio but doctors are recommending that you wear masks if you are outside for more than a few minutes. >> just going from your house to your car, you may not have to wear it. but if you are going to be in the outdoors for more than a few minutes, i would recommend the mask. >> the smoke filled air combined with the flu season could cause problems for people in the bay area. many people could be at risk of lung infection.
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doctors say that if you start to feel a tickle in your throat, get inside. now the latest numbers regarding the "camp fire" in butte county. the deadliest and most destructive wildfire ever in california: 56 deaths and at least 130 people still unaccounted for. more than 10,000 structures are destroyed including more than 8600 homes. cal fire says more than 15,000 buildings remain threatened. the fire has burned 138,000 acres and is 35% contained. the butte county sheriff is trying to track down 130 people who are still unaccounted for. the 56 people dead, 47 have been tentatively identified but not positively confirmed. crews and cadaver dogs are on groundworking to search for more victims. about 100 evacuees are living at an informal shelter in
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chico in a parking lot outside a walmart. this is not set up by anyone. volunteers are bringing in the food and supplies including water and donated clothes. as overnight temperatures get colder, there's pressure to find long-term solutions for the people to go. as if all that isn't bad enough, now there's a norovirus outbreak at a shelter in chico. evacuees staying at oroville church of the nazarene are also showing symptoms of that virus. officials are waiting for test results to confirm it. healthcare workers have set up four isolation rooms for people who have gotten sick already. happening today in chico, the paradise town council is set to meet for a second time since the "camp fire" started a week ago. the town council is expected to discuss clean-up efforts, safety of the area and recovery information. officials say the number one focus is to make sure the burned and evacuated areas will be secure for re-entry.
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the meeting begins at 7 p.m. here's an update on the two closely watched wildfires burning in southern california. the woolsey fire has killed three people. it has destroyed or damaged 600 buildings, mostly homes. the fire has grown to more than 98,000 acres. it is 52% contained. as for the hill fire in ventura county, crews are getting closer to fully containing this one. containment is now at 96%. this fire has destroyed two buildings and scorched more than 4500 acres. the alameda county fire department is on the scene of a wildfire that has burned at least 20 acres. the niles fire began yesterday afternoon and is mostly in steep rugged terrain near geren regional park. there are no reports of injuries and no buildings are threatened. crews believe that it will be fully contained today. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk watching a pre- winter storm blow in.
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let's take a live look now. washington, d.c., where snow is falling. i think it's gorgeous. but as usual, it's causing some problems. travel issues all around the southeast right now, appalachians and new england. this storm is expected to last at least for the next 24 hours. it is the dubious wintry mix that they are calling for. that's when you get snow, sleet and rain. and ice. and that's what causes problems on the roadways. 180 flights are already canceled. so if you are flying anywhere right now, you might want to check that out. taking a live look now at st. louis, you can see the famous arch and snow falling as it has been since yesterday. so they are expecting up to 8 inches before that is all said and done. not that common for st. louis at this time of year. so the season is upon us. we'll continue to watch this throughout the morning. >> thank you. we all could from snowy states and i miss the snow but then
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you remember it causes problems. >> yeah. it's nice to just watch it on our live cameras. it's gorgeous and i'm warm inside. >> no back issues. you don't have to shovel it all morning long. >> yes. >> anne makovec, thank you. this morning stormy daniels's lawyer michael avenatti is out of jail. he was arrested yesterday after allegations of domestic violence surfaced. officials saying that the injuries were visible. avenatti denies the allegations. he posted $50,000 bail for his release. >> i have never struck a woman. i never will strike a woman. i have been an advocate for women's rights my entire career. >> avenatti is exploring a presidential bid for 2020. according to online booking records, he is slated to make his first court appearance on december 5th. a group of students in the south bay are demanding action on the homeless crisis within students. the stay state university
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group -- san jose state university group, student homeless alliance, will meet at noon asking for the university president it make a change. school officials recently found more than 13% of sjsu students have experienced homelessness within the past year. time now 5:11. >> an alarming new discovery in our morning healthwatch. coming up, the possible link between migraines and strokes. >> if you are wondering when will the smoke let up, i'll show you futurecast and we'll see a change in wind direction and also, when we'll see a return of the rain. coming up. >> good news along the nimitz freeway. plus we had a minor accident at the bay bridge but so far your morning drive looks good. i'll have your drive times coming right up.
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tick-borne diseases are on the rise again according to cdc. state and local health officials reported a record number of cases last year. the reason is not clear but experts recommend using insect repellent, checking your body
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and clothing for ticks and showering soon after going outdoors. possible warning signs for people with migraines with vision changes. south carolina researchers found seeing wavy lines, light flashes, blind spots or blurriness before a migraine may indicate a higher risk of irregular heartbeat or atrial fibrillation a common cause of stroke. and a new survey reveals that many people use music as a natural sleep aid. younger people are more likely to turn on music to catch some quality sleep. this morning, dozens of animals from a butte county shelt ver arrived in salinas to make room for displaced pets in the "camp fire." 27 cats and dogs took the trip yesterday with the help of more than a dozen shelter workers. the animals were all in shelters before the "camp fire" broke out a week ago. shelter officials say the animals brought to the monterey county spca are all eligible for adoption without any fees. >> good to see that happening.
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it's 5:15. let's check our morning commute with gianna. >> i want to take them all home! so hard not to. all right. taking a look at the roads now, good news at the bay bridge. we had a minor crash reported just before the toll plaza. you can see in our live shot for just a couple of minutes but chp and tow crews did a great job of clearing it out of the road. traffic is starting to stack up just for the morning drive. no metering lights just yet but getting busy. you're backed up to the first overpass, that 880 overpass. and again, a little slow as you get past that area towards the upper deck of the bay bridge. eastshore freeway at the maze, traffic looking okay through here. we saw it backing up a little bit because of that minor accident but back to normal. traffic is moving okay again just slows down right when you get to the 880 overpass there. taking a look at the eastshore freeway, most of our folks are working their way westbound this morning. still nice driving conditions. 14 minutes from the highway 4 to the maze. no delays as you work your way through there. and taking a look at this trouble spot. we have had our eye on north 101 past sfo.
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we are not seeing any delays on our sensors. so that probably indicates they are clearing this over to the right shoulder. it did have one lane blocked. 14 minutes from woodside to sfo. so an easy ride along the peninsula right now. in fact, a live look at conditions 101 near 380 interchange. so far, so good there in both directions. new crash reported northbound 880 at montague expressway it's over to the shoulder still light through there. no troubles out of the south bay right now. you're clear through morgan hill. 101 in san jose looks good and northbound 280, 680 highway 101 to 85 through san jose looks good only 10 minutes there. we have a closure due to the niles fire palomares between niles canyon and palo verdes road. keep that in mind. mary. we have been saying all week long just wait until the weekend just wait. but we are looking at unhealthy air through the weekend so it doesn't get any better, unfortunately, for saturday and sunday. the smoke continues checking air quality readings this
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morning. in the unhealthy category and even very unhealthy air for livermore 213. when you have aqi values 200 and higher, that's very unhealthy air. 174 in san francisco. 175 in san jose. and santa rosa at 102 for an aqi value this morning. so an air quality advisory "spare the air" alert once again unhealthy air quality for the bay area. 30s, 40s and 50s in the area right now. freezing in santa rosa right now at 32. the visibility because of the smoke, 2.5 miles in san jose. also looking at hayward, oakland, concord, livermore a
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mile and three quarters. that's how bad it is out in livermore there. and we are looking at five miles for napa. now, light offshore winds currently. calm conditions. that's not a good condition. when you have calm conditions, you have smoke stuck over the bay area. that's what we are seeing right now. light offshore winds bringing in all of that smoke. we were hoping that the area of low pressure would be close enough to us by the weekend to bring more of an onshore flow component but now it looks like this low will be farther away from us so not really impacting our weather for the weekend. we are holding out hope at least for next week. so better air quality for tuesday of next week. and then rain chances. now, computer models split a little bit on the timing and on the holiday rain chances
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for thanksgiving. this is our euro model that shows some impressive rainfall for next week by around thanksgiving wednesday, thursday or next friday. we'll have a better idea when we get closer to that. 67 for a daytime high today in san francisco. 69 in oakland. 68 in san rafael as well as for vallejo. 70 for fremont as well as for san jose at 71. so hazy smoky skies for the rest of the workweek and through the weekend. chance of rain thanksgiving. better air quality next week. a desperate search continues this morning for a washington man. >> his girlfriend says that he disappeared after monday night's 49ers game after levi's stadium. police say that 32-year-old ian powers went to a restroom at that game but never came back. she reported him missing the next morning. investigators found powers' vehicle where he left it. powers' girlfriend and family hope that volunteers will join them at 10 a.m.
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in santa clara to continue the search. the warriors changed their plans upon arrival in houston yesterday and there is no shortage of opinions in a bay area-wide debate about draymond and durant. next. >> before we head to break, let's take a look at the traffic coming in from marin on the golden gate bridge. we'll be right back.
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of the warriors canceled practice in houston yesterday and still no word if draymond green is on speaking terms with kevin durant. but everyone else is speaking about it. >> you asking me do i think draymond will say, my bad? i have no idea. >> reporter: the airwaves were dominated with the green- durant feud. some callers sided with draymond. >> draymond has been doing what he's been doing since he's been here. >> reporter: others with durant. >> draymond should have given the ball to kd. >> reporter: there was no in between. the fury stemmed from monday's game in los angeles. durant wanted the ball, draymond didn't pass. they sparred on the bench and in the locker room. warriors brass wanted to leave the details in-house. >> it's a private matter.
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>> reporter: while the warriors publicly wouldn't divulge details, there were more locker room leaks than the oval office. reports of draymond calling outdoor rant on his impending free agency, calling him a name we can't say on tv. a report that said curry went to draymond's house to get his side of the story with no peace pipe in sight. >> kevin, have you and draymond been able to hash anything out? >> no. >> reporter: is this the beginning of the end of camelot or just a speed bump on the road to another championship? >> once we get on a little win streak, it won't matter and this will be in the past. >> reporter: steph curry traveled with the team on the road trip. likely as a peacemaker. but the warriors announced steph will be out at least ten more days as he continues to recover from a strained groin. number 8 here, wide open shot at the net. the goalie isn't there until the coach pushes the goalie back into position just in time to make the save. ha ha! with all the bad news going
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on, we had to show you a little fun stuff as the warriors will find out about draymond and kevin durant. they play tonight in houston. highlights and reaction on the late show. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. another day of poor air quality here in the bay area leaves people reaching for masks and also events being canceled for the weekend. we'll have a list coming up. janice, progressive can help you save over $650 on car insurance.
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how do you take two selfies with one phone? -what? -[ scoffs ] never mind. [ camera shutters click ] in butte county the death toll is rising. the "camp fire" is still burning out of control. and this morning, the smoke from the fire is blanketing the bay area in a hazardous haze. >> this morning, a new threat is looming for fire evacuees.
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a highly contagious virus may have infiltrated a california shelter. >> and this morning, stormy daniels's lawyer is in legal hot water of husband own. good morning, it is thursday, november 15th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. thanks for waking up with us. 5:30 right now. firefighters continuing to make progress and we are working and waiting for the weekend but again, we are dealing with yet another day of bad conditions in terms of air. >> unfortunately. you know, everyone is asking, when will this let up? when will the smoke end? and unfortunately, you know, we were talking about maybe this weekend now as the smoke continues for us through the workweek into the weekend. air quality conditions right now unhealthy for the bay area. and livermore has an aqi value of 213 with unhealthy air, when you get above 200 dangerous unhealthy air
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quality there. so please be safe. be careful. limit your outdoor exposure. 8th day of unhealthy air quality here. concord 37. oakland 46. livermore 35. san francisco 50. san jose 42. freezing currently in santa rosa there at 32. so again the 8th day in a row with a "spare the air" alert and air quality advisory for the bay area will likely stay smoky through the weekend with rain chances for the bay area around thanksgiving. we are really hoping for that. we'll show you futurecast when we'll see an area of low pressure with rain. the timing coming up in a few minutes. wednesday bound 580 bunching you want around the 205/580 connector. drive times going up 28 minutes from 205 to 680. slow speeds down to 16 miles per hour connecting off 205 to 580. gets better at the top of the
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pass there with no delays pretty much from grant line towards the dublin interchange. here's a live look where you can see traffic moving not bad in both directions at least westbound 580 at tassajara as you work your way westbound heading towards that 680 connector. looks like 880 starting to get a little bit busier this morning. those taillights working their way southbound 880. you're starting to see some slower speeds between 238 and highway 84. looks like northbound 880 also just a little sluggish. we have a couple of accidents along 880. northbound 880 right at hesperion there's a crash to the shoulder. you can see southbound on our sensors here. 48 miles per hour as you commute towards hayward. once you get on the san mateo bridge, no delays. our other trouble spot on 880 northbound at montague expressway a crash over to the shoulder. really our hot spot in the south bay now is as you head on 101 through san jose. it's bunching up at the 280/680 connector. you can see traffic at 101
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moving nicely through this portion. the death toll from the devastating wildfire in butte county is rising. here's the latest. 56 deaths are now linked to the "camp fire" already the deadliest and most destructive in california history. at least 130 people are still unaccounted for. more than 10,000 structures are destroyed, including more than 8600 homes. cal fire says more than 15,000 buildings remain threatened and the fire has burned 138,000 acres, 35% contained. this is a live look outside in san francisco as the smoke from the "camp fire" is blanketing the bay area again this morning. here's a look at the skies from several bay area locations yesterday.
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>> reporter: san jose state university is closing until saturday. no classes at san jose state because of the bad air that's at least through saturday. other colleges have announced similar closures: san francisco state university talking about it as well as san jose state university and san mateo colleges have all canceled classes through saturday. cal state east bay canceled classes today. the biofreeze berkeley half marathon canceled as well as the north bay endurance challenge championships in the marin headlands cancelled. the bay area air quality management district is urging everyone to stay indoors again today because of the smoke and particulate matter. some local doctors say the smoke combined with cold and flu season could be a one-two punch and having a mask on hand isn't a bad idea. >> just going from your house to your car, you may not have to wear the n-95. but if you will be out for
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more than -- out in the outdoors for more than a few minutes, i would wear an n-95 mask. >> reporter: so this is an example of one of those n-95 masks. you can find them at most hardware stores and also online. might be a little difficult to find just because we have heard that a lot of stores are starting to sell out of them because again this is the 8th day that we have had these unhealthy air alerts and we have actually seen a couple of people walking around campus this morning already wearing some of these mask. that's just how bad it is here in the bay area. live in san francisco, katie nielsen, kpix 5. we have a special section on our website on the bad air. you can check the latest air quality index in your area, health tips on how to protect yourself and the latest on canceled events. find all that in a link on search-and-rescue crews and cadaver dogs will resume
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their search today in the ruins in butte county. alyssaalisa becerra reports. >> reporter: the "camp fire" started here a week ago. it's hard to believe that people had to escape this area. this is the rubble that's left. we have seen it so many days since that fire. i can tell you there's an eerie feeling now out here this morning as we continue to hear hissing, popping, things breaking. one thing that's certain is this area is dangerous. people cannot return here. many of those people when they fled a week ago are now forced to live in tents. they are living in their cars or various shelters. so again, we know that cal oes set up disaster area at the airport where they are going to be bringing in supplies. tomorrow they are going to set up another area at the former sears in chico so people can get help. but certainly you look at this
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and you're reminded just how bad it was. back to you. because of the thousands of evacuees fleeing the "camp fire" many official shelters are killed. and at one parking lot outside a walmart in chico about 100 people are living at an informal shelter not set up by anyone. 81-year-old donald harden doesn't want to go to an official shelter because he has three dogs so he is living in his car outside the walmart. >> rough. i got arthritis. you wouldn't believe. i have to take pills to -- just to survive. >> volunteers are bringing in food and supplies including water and donated clothing. and as overnight temperatures get colder, there's more pressure to find longer term housing for the evacuees. and on top of everything else, now there's a norovirus outbreak at a shelter in chico. evacuees staying at a church are showing symptoms of this
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virus. officials are waiting for test results to confirm it. healthcare workers have set up four isolation rooms for people who are sick. the butte county sheriff's department is getting a lot of help from outside agencies trying to find people still unaccounted for. at least 130 people have been unreachable since the devastating fire began last week. some could be in shelters without cell phones making it tough for relatives and friends to get in touch. but the painstaking search continues for victims in burned homes and cars in the fire area. the paradise town council will meet again to discuss what's next. the officials say the number one focus is to make sure that the burned and evacuated areas will be safe for re-entry. the meeting begins at 7:00 tonight at the laxon auditorium. here's an update on the wildfires in southern california. in los angeles and ventura counties, the woolsey fire has claimed the lives of three
5:39 am
people. it has destroyed or damaged 600 buildings mostly homes. the fire has now grown to more than 98,000 acres and it's 52% contained. as for the hill fire in ventura county, crews are close to full containment. it's now at 96%. the fire has destroyed two buildings and burned more than 4500 acres. and back here in the bay area, alameda county firefighters are working to contain a wildfire that has burned at least 20 acres. it's been dubbed the niles fire and is mainly in steep rugged terrain near gerrans regional park. it began yesterday afternoon. no reports of any injuries and no buildings are threatened. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk following new developments out of turkey and saudi arabia. more fallout from the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. saudi arabia's top prosecutor has now recommended the death
5:40 am
penalty for five of the people accused in the killing. but turkey, where it all happened in the saudi arabia consulate, says that that is not good enough. turkey wants to be involved in the investigation because there were initially 18 suspects on this case. now, this went the -- killing happened on october 2nd. and now saudi arabia officials say that this was preplanned about three days ahead of time. so as more information comes out in the investigation, turkey is really pushing back calling for there to be a real clampdown on these suspects. we'll continue to follow the latest out of the middle east. >> when you read about this in more detail about what these alleged men brought to the airport including bone saws it's disturbing. >> reporter: really haunting, yeah. >> thank you. today stormy daniels' lawyer is back in the spotlight and a free man for now. yesterday he was arrested
5:41 am
after allegations of domestic violence surfaced. officials say that the injuries are visible but avenatti denies any wrongdoing. he posted bail of $50,000 and will be back in court on december 5th. happening today, crab fishermen are gearing up because today kicks off commercial crab season. but a group of west coast fishermen is taking on big name oil companies. they are suing them for allegedly contributing to the domoic acid that devastated the crab season some years ago. in 2015, high levels of the acid destroyed crab season fishermen saying they lost $110 million in revenue. now them oil companies to pay up. exxon, chevron and shell to major a few for allegedly contributing to ocean warming which leads to high levels of domoic acid. the acid can make them dangerous or deadly to eat. >> they knowingly sold this product for decades while
5:42 am
understanding full well that there would be literally catastrophe. that's their word. their scientists knew it and we're dealing with it now. >> this year, crab season is off to a good start from south of the bodega bay to the mexican border. it's different north of the bodega head where domoic acid is showing up in crabs. this just in. u.s. retail sales rose at a healthy pace up .8% last month led by strong sales of cars and appliances. wall street hoping to rebound today when it opens up in less than an hour. it had another rough day yesterday with tech companies, banks and insurers leading the fall. the dow closed about 205 points. the nasdaq dropped 64. meantime, british prime minister theresa may says that her cabinet has approved a draft "brexit" deal with the european union. it heads to an eu summit and then to parliament where it faces a tough battle with may's political opponents.
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tired of waiting for that credit card chip reader to buzz? chase is going to have cards to just tap them rather than putting them in the reader. they hope it will speed up the in-store checkout process. the new cards will still have the chip, only about half of all u.s. merchant locations currently accepting contactless payments. happening today, teachers and parents in an east bay school district are expected to rally over stalled contract negotiations. oakland unified school district teachers have been working without a contract since july of last year. since then, 571 teacher vacancies were posted and as of this morning, 40 of those positions are still vacant. today's protest begins at 3 p.m. at all oakland schools. time now 5:43. >> it has been five years since batkid saved the day in san francisco. where is he now? find out after the break. >> and here's a live look outside from our dublin cam.
5:44 am
the morning commute is under way. we'll be right back.
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it was five years ago that a 5-year-old boy became a superhero for a day and then became a media sensation. miles scott had cancer and the make-a-wish foundation arranged various activities for him as batkid in the bay area. there was even a documentary about it. these days batkid is in remission from leukemia. he is reportedly playing little league baseball. he is going to school. and he is helping out on his family's farm. he lives way up north. but that day was so awesome. there is the late mayor, ed lee, presenting him with an award. and also, um, the former police chief -- i mean, it was just so cool to see thousands of people come together to make this day possible for him. >> amazing. >> once word caught on,
5:47 am
everybody came out. >> filled the streets. >> it was really cool. >> yeah. >> batkid saved the day! saved san francisco. >> we're glad he is doing well. all right. how are the roads? >> not so good. we have this major trouble spot on the eastshore freeway. you can see in the live shot it's causing big delays. traffic is is slow now as a result. so depending on how long it takes to get out of the roadway, slow conditions working your way westbound 80 at carlson boulevard breaking up through there westbound from 4 to the maze. 22 minutes on your drive time. backup to san pablo dam road, heavy through there and bunching up closer to the crash. we'll keep an eye on that to see how long it takes for lanes to clear through there. once you get past that it gets better until you approach the maze. the metering lights are on so traffic is backed up at the
5:48 am
toll plaza at the bay bridge. 22 minutes from the maze as you head into san francisco. passes the metering lights free-flowing on the upper deck into the city. live look at the san mateo bridge, not bad. easy ride from 880 to 101. richmond/san rafael bridge okay from marine in a bay parkway to the boulevard. that's 8 minutes. 30 minutes, 80 to 101. we are tacking you about another day of unhealthy air. unhealthy air through the throughout the bay area and livermore at 213 for an aqi
5:49 am
value. and anything about 200 and higher is very dangerous unhealthy air. we are an air quality alert and air quality advisory. the coast and central bay and the east bay worse today. a live look from the "salesforce tower" camera with the hazy smoky skies. 30s through 50s right now. low visibility because of the smoke. so let's talk about the winds. light offshore winds bringing in more smoke from the butte county "camp fire" and right now just calm conditions for many spots and that's not good
5:50 am
because the smoke just stays stuck over the bay area. we need a good onshore flow to kick out the smoke here. but this ridge is still in place. it's weakened a little bit but it's still the dominant weather feature for us. we were hoping that this area of low pressure would bring onshore flow for the weekend. now this low stays farther away from us and that means we'll continue to see smoky skies through the weekend. now, we're looking at next week. better air quality for next tuesday. the wind direction does change hopefully by then. and then we are looking at rain chances as we go through next wednesday, possibly thursday and for friday. now, the computer models split a little bit on that holiday rain chance. this is the euro model one of my favorite models there and it does show some impressive rainfall. let's hope that the european model is correct there. but 67 currently for a daytime high in san francisco looking at 69 in oakland as well as
5:51 am
for mountain view. 70 in fremont. 71 in san jose and santa rosa as well as for napa. so hazy smoky skies not just today, but for tomorrow also through the weekend. i know all week long we were saying, it gets better for the weekend and now it won't be the case. better air quality at least by tuesday and rain chances again by thursday. 5:51. looks can be deceiving. a seemingly healthy dog may have a heart disease. >> and a live look outside right now at the richmond/san rafael bridge. we'll be right back. you know when you're at ross and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross.
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you know when you're at ross and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. saving people money on car insurance. i want to show you the latest air quality readings this morning. you're down to at least below 100 for aqi values in santa rosa. 167 in san francisco. livermore at 215 for an aqi value. that's very unhealthy air. and we are looking at unhealthy air throughout the bay area. even worse conditions north
5:55 am
bay, coast, central bay and east bay today. we'll talk about when we could see the air quality improve coming up. let's start off on the eastshore freeway. i want to show you this live shot. traffic is stacked up here with the flashing lights. we have an accident blocking at least the second lane from the left. two cars involved in the crash waiting on tow crews to get it completely out of the road. the damage is done. your commute now from highway 4 to the maze 26 minutes. this crash itself has you back to the san pablo dam road. heads up, dog owners. some seemingly healthy bay area dogs have been diagnosed with eye potentially deadly -- a potentially deadly heart disease and there's concern it may be linked to a trendy type of dog food. four owners told kpix 5 that their pets had a conditioned called dilated cardiomyopathy, dcm. they say their dogs all ate a grain free diet which is expensive. uc-davis has seen dozens of cases and doctors changes the
5:56 am
dog's diets and instead gave them prescription drugs. they found that 23 of the24 got better. >> i have no doubt that it was the food. >> i think i spent $80 a bag for this healthy great food that ended up almost killing my dog. >> the fda is now investigating more than 150 reports of dcm in a variety of dogs that may be linked to a grain-free diet. the cases all involve a variety of dog foods and brands and formulas. it is 5:56 right now. in the next half-hour, more than 100 people are still missing while many fire survivors have no place to go. we take you to paradise with the latest from the "camp fire." >> reporter: plus, smoke from that fire still filling the skies here in the bay area leading some universities to cancel classes. we'll have a list coming up.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
grab your facemask and cancel outdoor plans. we have another day of unhealthy air across the day. we'll pinpoint the worst areas. >> all that smoke brought here by the butte county "camp fire." this morning, hundreds of fire evacuees have no place to go. how they are helping each other in the face of devastation. >> and it's the first day of commercial crab season and already fishermen are gearing up for a fight. >> good morning, everyone. it is thursday, november 15th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. it is 6:00. let's take a live look outside right now. the air is especially bad right now as smoke from the wildfire in butte county blankets the bay area in a hazardous haze. today marks the 8th straight day of unhealthy air quality. >> and this is what the air quality looked like around the bay yesterday. right now, the air across much of th


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