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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 15, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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outside. stay inside. let's give you a look at current conditions around the bay area, four different pictures. what do they have in common? they're all nearly socked in by smoke, livermore, oakland, san francisco all reporting very unhealthy air, san jose seeing unhealthy conditions as well. we have team coverage on the conditions across the bay area tonight. we start first with kpix5's kiet do who is live in the south bay. kiet? >> reporter: the vast majority of colleges and universities decided to shut down for the day either late last night or early this morning, but here at san jose city college they pulled the trigger just before lunchtime closing at 12 p.m. today and through the weekend. this all begs the question what is it doing to our bodies when we're breathing in all this mucky air? this morning the air quality index in san jose was hovering just below the 200 threshold used by most schools canc class. so san jose city college just kept going, but then their facebook page started getting sarcastic and angry comments, not cool and really shows how much the health of the students
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really matters to this school. >> yeah. i definitely should think it should be closed. it's a little bit like why are they closed and why are we open? it's just thinking about the safety. >> reporter: as the morning wore on, san jose city and evergreen valley college were some of the last holdouts. acting president jorge escobar said they made the right decision at the right time. did you feel some pressure because of all the other colleges shutting down today? had. >> yeah. lots of messages on social media, text messages, phone calls and yeah, everybody is feeling the pressure and they feel compelled to close the campuses. >> it's scary. it's scary because on a r vel w are taking place. >> reporter: stanford researchers mary prunicke studies how pollution affects the immune system. she said certain genes can be affected when exposed to pollution. >> those changes result in increases or decreases in proteins and in cells that allow your body to have a healthy immune system. >> reporter: closed? >> yeah.
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>> reporter: along with wood smoke she says the air lingering over the bay area could contain plastics, solvents and other chemicals that burn in paradise and that there isn't enough data on their effects from long term exposure. is it fair to say we're in the midst of what could be a giant experiment right now? >> i think that's fair to say. >> reporter: two of the bay area's biggest schools stayed open, uc berkeley and stanford. stanford said, "so far air quality readings have remained below the 201 level for particle pollution. as a result we've been continuing with operations." k through 12 schools are hit and miss. you may want to check before sending the kids to school tomorrow. kiet do in san jose, kpix5. chief meteorologist paul deanno is here. it's bad here in the bay area, but check out sacramento. it is horrible there and it's worse there than it is here. >> closer to the fire. think about it.
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the smoke wants to escape. one of the escape routes is certainly through the central valley. it's got to stop through sacramento. current air quality there is 345. that's well into the hazardous range. our numbers here are from 160. san francisco is up to 264, just updated that graphic. >> awful. >> it's kind of interesting because the smoke wants to leave and i built this graphic -- billy, our weather producer, and i were thinking how could we show graphically what's going on because the smoke wants to leave and it's not leaving, three different exit routes through the bay area, the first through the bay heading through the santa clara valley. topography, trapped by the mountains. south bay is smoky. next would be going through the delta hopping down the 680 corridor, topography. it's like a bowl around the tri- valley. the smoke stops there. of course, the most famous and most efficient exit route would be the golden gate, the biggest opening to the pacific ocean. there's a problem. just offshore there's a sea breeze. so the smoke can't go there.
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so all three ways the smoke is trying to leave it cannot and all those blue dots now on the air quality is very unhealthy to hazardous air here in the bay area. of course, with the wind profile not changing tomorrow, we're in it again friday, ninth consecutive day with unhealthy to very unhealthy air quality. it's really interesting how the atmosphere wants to clear us out, but certain things that make the bay area unique are blocking the exit routes for the smoke and it's kind of backing up. >> it is so frustrating. everyone you talk to is feeling it, the sore throat, cough, headaches, stomach aches. >> we'll talk more about it coming up. tonight at 6:00 livermore is dubbed ground zero for the worst air quality in the bay area. kpix5's john ramos will have a full report tonight at 6:00. right after this newscast join us on our facebook page for a special live stream. we have invited a pulmonary specialist to answer your health questions about our bad air. we'll be reading your comments
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beginning at 5:30. let's take you up to the source of all this, the camp fire itself. we have live team coverage from butte county starting with kpix5 joe vazquez who has been in the fire zone now, joe, several days. the deadly officer-involved shooting that happened inside the fire zone, what happened, joe? >> reporter: the last thing they need, ken, this shooting happened past this yellow tape a couple miles down pentz road here. according to the district attorney, the man shot to death was a suspect in a double murder. authorities say it all started around 11:00 this morning. witnesses called 911 when they say a man was acting strangely at a hardware store outside the fire zone. the sheriff's deputies arrived. a high speed chase began. deputies put down spike strips which blew out the suspect's tires. when they confronted him, the man refused to take his hand out of his pocket and authorities say the man was yelling, "i'm not going back," a reference to the fact he did not want to go back to prison.
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deputies report they heard a clicking sound. they say the man moved his hands. that's when a total of seven law enforcement officers opened fire. the man was killed, also a police dog, a trained k-9 officer was shot and killed in the process. police have not yet released the man's name, nor the crime he's accused of committing. they say it was a double murder sometime in the last few years. we're back live and i want to stress here that we are inside the fire zone. so this man according to authorities led police from outside the fire zone into this place where hundreds of law enforcement officers are trying to work on a disaster and now they've got to deal with this. >> just crazy, joe vazquez reporting live from butte county. it's like he said, all they need. other headlines from the camp fire, president trump will travel to california on saturday to meet with wildfire survivors in butte county. >> the white house is still working out the itinerary.
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this will be the president's second trip to california since taking office. several shelters are seeing an outbreak of the norovirus. 41 people have come down with the gastrointestinal illness at four shelters in chico. those who are ill are being kept in several areas because norovirus is highly contagious. there are new developments tonight at this wal-mart parking lot. we've shown you this the last several days. this is now being used to house hundreds of evacuees. kpix5's emily turner is there live tonight. the days are numbered now at that camp. they're telling people they have to leave? >> reporter: they have to leave. this is a very real deadline and a critical one in so many ways. the clothes are gone tonight. the dumpsters are here headed to goodwill. tomorrow they'll ramp back the
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food. the bathrooms are gone sunday and by 1 p.m. all these people have to be gone and they don't have any idea where they're going to go. >> we need a clear exit strategy. >> reporter: because there is now a clear deadline on this makeshift settlement outside of the chico wal-mart. co-organizer luigi balsalmo said the red cross told them to shut everything down on sunday. it's a call that has this evacuee in a panic. >> they're taking everything on sunday, the bathrooms, the lights, everything? i don't know what we're going to do. >> reporter: it's a crisis shared by more than 100 people here. emergency officials say they're aware of it, but federal assistance isn't available yet. the disaster recovery center for fema went to even be open until tomorrow -- won't even be open until tomorrow and even then temporary housing options aren't in place. what are your telling people sleeping in a parking lot and still have to wait five to seven days to even get an answer from fema? >> i would tell them that our heart goes out to them.
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we understand the situation that they're in. we are working around the clock to try to help them. >> reporter: but in the meantime fema says shelters are supposed to fill that gap, but four of them currently have norovirus outbreaks and getting worse every day. >> i'd rather breathe the smoke. >> reporter: so while this spot has stopped accepting donations and told everyone their deadline to get out, what happens to these people after it is a looming uncertainty. >> we have weather coming. it's going to rain. what happens if it rains on all of this stuff or the flood zone where these people's tents are camped out over here? we'll have a major crisis on our hands for the community of chico if these people opt to go hit the streets. >> reporter: there are at risk communities here. there are people who are in their 80s sleeping in their car. up until this morning there was a woman with a 3-year-old and a 3-week-old child sleeping in a tent in the cold. she has been housed, but there are other children here in this camp. now we were just tomorrow right
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before air that city officials are now also going to be part of this enforcement process. they aren't going to come in and be aggressive, but certainly there is a very hard deadline here. these folks say they're in limbo that really now feels more like a not a help. >> the old sears store at the chico mall will be set up. fema said it will be up and running by 9 a.m. this is a place to file a claim or request services, but for the time being people are only registering people for aid. help for housing is still a few days away. at the state level the insurance commissioner is asking insurers to speed up their handling of the claims. >> i've dad they write checks for up to -- asked that they write checks for up to four months of out of pocket expenses for people forced out of their homes rather than forcing those people to come up with their receipts every week, find the insurers to give them
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every week, write the checks now so they can cover the cost of their hotel, transportation, clothing and food. >> david jones is asking insurers to cover up to 25% right away of the value of the contents of people's homes. we are sharing ways to help the fire victims. the red cross, the salvation army among the big name charities taking donations. you can list your home on airbnb to help house fire victims. to date the company says 2,000 hosts around california have helped house fire victims. some new developments this evening in the investigation of a man who went missing during the 49ers monday night game. police have recovered some new surveillance video. take a look. that is 32-year-old ian powers seen on his way out of levi stadium. according to his girl friend, powers went to the bathroom but never came back. police say he was also captured walking in the parking lot. that is before the camera loses sight of him at about 9:00. anyone with information is
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asked to contact the santa clara police. kpix5 was there today as powers' girl friend and family joined the desperate search. you can hear from them tonight at 6:00. coming up next why facebook is playing defense this evening. >> one newspaper launching new allegations against the social media giant and who the company has fired in response. >> their story touched thousands of hearts, now a harsh twist in the case of a homeless man and thousands of dollars in donations. >> reporter: i'm don ford on the san francisco wharf on the opening day of commercial crab season just in time for thanksgiving. i'll have that story coming up.
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facebook on the defensive today following a new york times expose that alleges among other things that facebook knew about russian election interference and failed to act. >> facebook stock has been on a rough ride. shares have been down over 35% in the past four months and
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stocks closed at $143 a share today. >> kpix5's julie watts is here with more on this story. >> so there was a call today with various reporters and mark zuckerberg and on that call he talked about the progress facebook has made in the past two years to remove negative content and bad actors and how they're increasing efforts to stop bullying, harassment and child exploitation, but it was that new york times investigation that dominated the conversation with reporters. >> i want to take a moment to talk about yesterday's story. >> it was the first order of business. zuckerberg admitted the company was too slow to spot russian election interference. >> but to suggest that we weren't interested in knowing the truth or that we wanted to hide what we knew or we tried to prevent investigations is simply untrue. >> cnet's ian sheer says it was what zuckerberg admitted he didn't th hapeople talking. >> he said he wasn't aware what was going on. >> facebook employed a pr firm
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to push negative stories about facebook's critics. in response to yesterday's story zuckerberg said he didn't know any of it was going on. >> as soon as i read about this in the new york times, i got on the phone with our team and we're no longer working with this firm. >> the question is what is going on at facebook? who is in charge? who is making the decisions and how are these decisions playing out? what we learned today is that it's a lot muddier than we thought. >> still the question remains does any of this matter to facebook users? >> yes, it does because we share a lot of things on facebook. >> it's a concern. >> it's interesting. there's surveys coming out that people's trust in facebook is eroding. >> reporter: the real question is are you going to delete your app? >> probably not. >> probably not. >> no, would not. >> the new york times reported after apple's tim cook publicly criticized facebook zuckerberg ordered his management team to ditch their iphones and only use android phones. facebook did respond to that as well saying that it has long encouraged employees to use
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androids because they are more popular worldwide than iphones. we obviously use -- >> double burn. >> we obviously use these here in silicon valley, but worldwide androids are popular. >> thank you. a gofundme gain that raised almost half a million dollars for a homeless man turned out to be all a lie. >> this one is pretty mind blowing. a woman and her boyfriend now say that they made up a story about a homeless man who gave them his last 20 bucks in philadelphia so they could buy some gas. >> they posted their feel good story online and started a gofundme page that quickly went viral. they collected $400,000 from over 14,000 donors around the world, but in september the homeless man exposed the scam when he llauities lemismanaged their money. now all three of them face
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felony fraud charges. so gofundme has promised to refund all 14,000 people who donated. dungeness crab will be ready to crack and serve in time for thanksgiving. commercial crab season began today and fishermen still recovering from economic hits the past two seasons are already bringing back holds to the shore. kpix5's don ford on what to expect. >> reporter: the commercial crab season owned a few hours ago at midnight and -- opened a few hours ago at midnight and already crabs are coming in. it's a tradition as time honored as turkey for thanksgiving. dungeness crabs are a holiday favorite. >> in the past we've had some slow starts, but this year everything went smoothly. we did our price negotiations and we came up with a number easily and we're ready to go. >> we're going to get 3.50 a
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pound. we didn't have any hassle or anything. >> reporter: that's new. >> that is new. >> reporter: the retail price you pay at the store is expected to be somewhere around $6.99. offshore weather conditions are excellent except for one thing. >> today the weather was just gorgeous, smoky. >> reporter: smoky out there still. >> still smoky out there, yeah. >> reporter: crabs live under water. they don't caper. however, unhealthy domoic acid levels have been found in crabs north of bodega bay. skimmers tell me the ban could be -- skippers tell me the ban could be lifted next week, thereby opening up nearly the entire california coast. this year's catch is expected to be 20 million pounds of crabs. >> they're hearty, heavy, they're cracks. they look great. i can't wait to eat one. >> reporter: in san francisco, don kpix5.
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>> it's unfair to do that during -- don ford, kpix5. >> it's unfair to do that during the dinner hour. we will get some rainfall because it is going to happen. we'll talk about it coming up. >> they're lost and probably just fell. >> an oakland a's pitcher with a daring puppy rescue, but it's what happened after that really touches your heart.
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normally he throws a baseball for the oakland a's, but he is hailed a hero today. >> that's after rescuing, then adopting two frightened puppies from a houston storm drain. >> i got it. there she goes. >> poor little thing. on monday a's reliever daniel migden who is a houston native heard the puppies crying. he and two other men ended up climbing down into the sewer to
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make the save. >> just i was with someone and they kept yelling and barking back and it kind of went back and forth and finally it got louder and louder. one of them kind of put on a fight biting at us. we kind of had to put him down. he was just scared. both of them were bloody. it was one of those things where they were lost and probably just fell. >> no surprise here, migden just fell in love with the two puppies and decided to adopt them for himself. they'll have great lives. >> took them both, paul. >> smart man, beautiful, cute little puppies. weather time here, we warmed up to the mid- to upper 60s. we've cooled down to the low 60s currently in san francisco, san jose and santa rosa. it's not the best night to get outside. air quality will be e into tomorrow, 30s for napa, santa rosa, 40s elsewhere including oakland, 47 degrees. tomorrownine, nine consecutive days with unhealthy to very unhealthy air quality. there's really no meteorological reason to think
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anything will be different into the weekend. so your microclimate forecast for cupertino, more of the same, smoke and haze tomorrow, 70 degrees. smoke and haze on saturday with a high of 67 degrees. let's talk about the overall weather pattern. we got specific about 10 minutes ago as to how the smoke wants to escape but cannot because of topography and all microclimates in the bay area. a big strong ridge and storm pretty far away and the smoke is here and there's nothing to move it out. so the smoky pattern is stuck. we'll talk about the next low pressure area which is still likely to stay too far off to the west to flex its muscles and get that wind to change directions. so it will be a miss for wind direction changeover the weekend. when is it going to happen? we turn to longer range futurecast. it predicts that by tuesday a storm begins to approach. the winds will finally begin to change, improvement in the air.
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thursday this week, we're talking tuesday next week is when it likely will happen. heading towards thanksgiving, there's some rainfall. we're still on track for that. we can be thankful that there is a rain chance in the forecast likely on thanksgiving day. for tomorrow more smoke, 68 vallejo, 69 redwood city, 70 in livermore, 71 santa rosa, not the best day to get outside. so many things are being canceled, rightfully so because you shouldn't spend many hours outside. that will go into next week. we'll get better air, more sunshine in hopefully tuesday or wednesday. rain in the seven-day forecast on thanksgiving day. that is your forecast. we'll be right back. coming up next is it too smoky to start thinking about the ski season at lake tahoe?
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preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. in lake tahoe heavenly squaw valley and north star ski resorts are all open tomorrow for the season. >> all three will have celebrations throughout the day. mount rose, boreal have been making snow. all are already open. the resorts expect some brave people to wear shorts this weekend because of the sunny conditions. the air quality is perfect up there. >> the aqi is 23.
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>> i don't know what's prettier, the snow or the clear skies. thanks for watching at 5:00. allen, myself and paul are back in 30 minutes. >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this thursday, the first big storm of the season dumps snow, sleet, and freezing rain. travel is a mess. schools are closed. the f.d.a.'s new plan to ban some of the most popular cigarettes. and, five weeks after hurricane michael, we return to florida, with the recovery stalled. that and much more, beginning with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> oh, my god! >> the first winter storm of the season is slamming the eastern half of the country. in affecting tens of millions of teople. ec it is dumping heavy snow and umin, making for very dangerous driving conditions. >> watch out, watch out! .> the trump administration slapping sanctions on 17 saudi arabian officials. t for their role in the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi. >> the florida senate race


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