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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 16, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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bay area isn't going anywhere. why things could actually get worse today. >> a high-speed chase inside the fire zone leads to a deadly confrontation. >> and a key ruling in the city of oakland's battle to exempt itself from liability for the ghost ship warehouse fire. >> good morning, it is friday, november 16th. i'm michelle griego. >> and good morning. i'm kenny choi. smoke from the "camp fire" is blanketing the bay area. the air quality is worse than anyplace on earth right now, according to one study. >> let's look outside now. it is still dark so it's hard to see that haze but you can kind of see it looking at coit tower and i think it's real fitting that we're looking at coit tower this morning because this is a memorial that was built for volunteer firefighters in san francisco. and, of course, we have fires burning both ends of the state. so here we go though with another day and today is going to be the worst day yet when it ai nftutely. we are starting off the day very bad. so even worse compared to
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yesterday with unhealthy to very unhealthy air. the smoke trapped in the bay area. and then this light offshore winds bringing more smoke that just means the problem is compounded, unfortunately. so with air quality forecast here unhealthy to very unhealthy air, how bad is it this morning? well, check out these aqi values. san francisco 205. so aqi values of 150 or higher is unhealthy. 200 or higher very unhealthy. so we are starting off the day with dangerous levels of pollution. so i want to show new butte county and chico, the aqi value soaring to 330. that's in the hazardous category. so firefighters and everyone in butte county dealing with hazardous air quality, extremely dangerous unhealthy air quality there in butte county. and the smoke forecast, the red is all of that smoke there. across the bay area.
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so we are going to continue to see that as we head through today through the weekend and likely into next week with a "spare the air" day alert extended through tuesday. when the wind direction change and rain chances, we'll explain coming up. let's start off on the eastshore freeway where we are starting to see delays build because of an accident right at university. it's involving a couple of vehicles and there is at least one lane blocked so breezy through there. the good news is once you get past the accident, no delays heading towards the maze. but westbound 80 just past university avenue at least one lane is shut down because of this accident. westbound 80 at gilman behind there we are keeping a close eye on the camera to see how far the delays are through there. 16 minutes still moving okay along the eastshore freeway from highway 4 to the maze. it will just slow down. a bit of a hiccup around
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university. stacked up off the 580 approach. busy there. metering lights are on. 22 minutes now from the maze as you head into san francisco. there's a crash in the center divide causing slowing through there. 880 at paseo grande slow southbound through san lorenzo. we have bart delays 10 minutes in the dublin-pleasanton warm springs direction. the bad air caused schools around the area to cancel classes including santa clara university, usf, cal state east bay, uc-berkeley and others. now, most bay area school districts will also be closed today. that list includes san francisco unified school district, all public schools in alameda, contra costa and solano and marin counties. but kpix 5's katie nielsen reporting that some schools in the south bay will still be open today. reporter: in just a couple of hours, this campus here at santa clara high school will be packed with students, no
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doubt wearing masks like this one because the school district decided all classes should continue as scheduled. >> schools in santa clara county, k through 12, will remain open. >> reporter: a spokesman with the santa clara county office of education says the staff talked about air quality with the county health department and also school superintendent. they all collectively decided school should serve as a safe shelter from the smoky air so classes will go on as scheduled but many outdoor activities and practices are canceled. some parents question the decision. >> why not allow kids to stay at home and not be exposed to the air given the quality is so bad? especially san jose state is closed. valley christian high school. notre dame high school. a variety of schools in the area are closing down. >> reporter: the office of education will have district employees double-check ventilation systems and also replace air filters as needed. the district will be
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monitoring air conditions throughout the day today and said if the smoke does not clear, they could make changes to their class schedules next week. live in santa clara, katie nielsen, kpix 5. the stunning numbers from butte county about the "camp fire" are worse. the deaths of 63 people are now linked to the wildfire. the number of people unaccounted for has skyrocketed to 631. that huge spike came after authorities did a thorough review of emergency calls and missing persons reports. nearly 12,000 structures have been destroyed in the fire, including 9700 homes. the 141,000-acre fire is now 40% contained. hundreds of evacuees who have been living outside a walmart store in chico are being told they have to leave by sunday afternoon
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at 1:00. they are urged to leave that informal evacuation have and go to a real shelter. federal help won't be ready for at least another week. >> this is a disaster. right? and these people evacuated in a moment's notice with nothing. people want to help. we need people to be active in their own recovery. we're ready to help them help themselves. >> meanwhile, a paradise town hall meeting was held last night in chico. people affected by the fire gathered to hear about recovery procedures and later filled out fema paperwork. butte county deputy shot and killed a man inside the evacuation zone after a high- speed pursuit. authorities say that it started with a report of a suspicious man living in a car near the town of paradise. he turned out to be 48-year- old man wanted for skipping parole and under suspicion in a double homicide. when he was caught up, police sent in a k-9. hendricks charged at them and they opened fire.
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he was killed. the sheriff k-9 was also killed. the dog named bandit was wounded when the officers opened fire. and then the suspect's dog attacked and killed bandit. right now hayward police are investigating a shooting in involving one of their officers. it happened around 9 p.m. last night on o'neil avenue near mission boulevard in hayward. police shot a man who was reportedly armed with an edged weapon. no officer was injured. the suspect's condition is not being released at this time. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk following developments out of north korea. first of all, secretary of state mike pompeo is about to meet with the korean republic's minister of unification. that's happening in australia. and we are about to get some live pictures of that. in the meantime, north korea has released this photo of kim jong-un meeting with some top military leaders unveiling or discussing what they call an ultramodern newly developed weapon. so that certainly throws some
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snags into the relationship right now with the u.s. and all of those talks of denuclearization after the president met with kim jong-un last summer. there are some concerns that north korea is upset about some recent tests that had gone on between south korea and the u.s. north korea calling that a, um, sort of, um, basically a threat to them. so they are also talking about releasing an american that came to north korea last month and they have been holding that person. so a few developments either way when it comes to the u.s. relationship with north korea. >> thank you. a key new ruling leaves the city of oakland potentially liable for ople di disaster and now the "mercury news" reports the state supreme court ruled the civil lawsuit filed by the victims'
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families against the city can go forward. the families say the city knew of the dangers of the warehouse and did nothing. the trial is scheduled to octob unless it is settled before that. the san jose man convicted of murdering his parents in 2016 is set to be sentenced today. earlier, a jury found 25-year- old hasib bin golamrabbi guilty of killing his parents in april of 2016. he faces life in prison without parole. attorneys for the defendant blame golamrabbi's younger brother for the killings. in 2016, charges were dismissed against the 17-year- old brother. 6:09. the justice department may have accidentally revealed secret charges against the founder of wikileaks. how the information got out. >> taking a live look at sfo this morning on what was already expected to be a very busy travel day, the busiest travel day of the holiday, it's packed inside. what's going to add to the misery for anyone flying today?
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>> the air quality across the bay area this morning is even worse! so i'll let you know when we'll see some relief. we'll show you futurecast coming up. >> metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. plus we have some major bart delays. i'll have details coming up. welcome to emirates mr. jones. just sit back, relax and let us entertain you... ...with over 3,500 channels of entertainment,
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we're going on day nine of unhealthy air. this is a live look from our transamerica camera. you can see how smoky it is as we start off the day, unhealthy to very unhealthy air this morning. we'll talk about when we finally see some changes. futurecast is coming up. the trump administration may have secretly filed charges against wikileaks
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founder julian assange. that's according to a court filing in which his name was accidentally included this week. it's unclear what ge assange may face but u.s. authorities have been investigating the release of classified diplomatic communications in 2010. he has been in l eador assembly extradition to sweden to face sexual assault accusations. today those packing bags and heading to the airport should also pack their patience. airports nationwide are expecting a record-breaking 25 million passengers for thanksgiving and an unexpected snowstorm in the northeast is causing a number of cancellations and delays. busiest days will be today and next wednesday. this is a live look at sfo this morning at security lines. the airport added new interactive maps to help
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travelers. in total, 6.7 million travelers are expected at sfo between today and january 1st. i still can't believe it's already thanksgiving time. when a lot of people trying to take advantage of the full week, you will an earlier evening commute so maybe about 3:00 to 5:00 when it bunches up. >> makes sense. >> plan ahead if you are going out of town. we have some bart delays right now this morning. police activity and some major delays at the bay fair station. so plan for this. is there may be a vehicle fire near the bart tracks. ten-minute delays in other directions. warm springs, richmond, daly city, dublin-pleasanton. again, technical problems and police activity at the bay fair bart station so it is closed. heads up, ac transit will not be operating service from line
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600 to 699. 688 will be operating today. samtrans, muni and vta will be offering free service for riders today. just keep in mind cable cars will not be runng. ilplacedby ta powell-mason. wl and jumping to the roads right now if you are working through the maze, heads up slow mostly at the 580 approach heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. you're slow out of oakland into san francisco. we do have a new crash reported south 880 right at warren avenue. it's not blocking any lanes but it is in the center divide. we are seeing still some green on our sensors so that's good news but busy as you work your way on the 880 at least through the san lorenzo- hayward areas. so heads up there. we are going on day 9 of unhealthy air. and checking the air quality this morning, red dots that is unhealthy air blue diamonds there very unhealthy air. it is even worse than
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yesterday morning. so for today we are looking at unhealthy, very unhealthy air likely continuing through the weekend and for the start of next week. the red is smoke in the bay area. so your weather headlines we're looking at that smoke continuing through the weekend. rain chances for the bay area around thanksgiving. and i'll show you futurecast here in just a moment. as you can see, there we go with that ridge of high pressure that's in place. so we are going to see an area of low pressure that will bring the rain for us. so we are really hoping for that here. so as we go through wednesday, thursday and friday, chances of rain for us. this is our futurecast with the longer range weather models here. and this is our european weather model. you can see through next tuesday the winds finally begin to change.
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that will be improving air quality thankfully so. and then through wednesday, thanksgiving, and friday, you can see that rain pushing into the bay area. so thankful for the rain chance there. our sunrise at 6:51. sunset at 4:57. hazy smoky skies continue for us. daytime highs today 67 in san francisco. 66 in oakland. 68 in vallejo and concord. we'll continue with smoke in the skies today through monday. the "spare the air" alert is extended into tuesday. hopefully we'll see some improving conditions through wednesday, the rain chances there as well as for thursday and friday. in the meantime we are stuck with this smoke over the next several days. >> patrick marleau returns to the tank and he wasn't very kind to his old friends and draymond is back. the warriors and the fallout from the feud next.
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>> this is a live look from the "salesforce tower" camera looking east towards the bay bridge. we'll be right back. internet. but not just any internet.
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the draymond-durant feud may be over but the residue remains. golden state played one of the worst games in the steve kerr era last night in houston prompting the coach to say, quote, we're banged up spiritually. how would the chemistry look on the court between durant and green? well, how about this? opening minute off the turnover, draymond running the break, goes to durant for the dunk. and then looked good then. but that was about as good as it got. houston went on a 21-0 run in the second half.
6:23 am
james harden with the three. the rockets made 16 threes. warriors just four. houston cruised 107-86. but late in the game, hey, kd and draymond were yucking it up on the bench. after the game one guy wanted to talk about the drama. the other did not. >> how would you characterize how things are with you and draymond? >> don't ask me about that again. >> those emotions are what caused us to lose, then it's my bad. you know? but we're not panicking, like oh, man we're not a great team of. we are stiffly the best team in the league and we're going to win another championship and we'll be fine. >> don't forget that steph curry is out with a groin injury. now, due to poor air quality basketball has been canceled last night against the university of detroit for the cal bears. poned gameinst ari state. now, the big game is scheduled for saturday in berkeley. but the conditions will be very unhealthy. sharks having an old
6:24 am
friend for dinner. first period tied at one, marleau with the pass for the goal. towon 3. san jose has lost three of its last five games. thursday night football, how about aaron rodgers and the packers visiting seattle. five minutes left, green bay leading 24-20 but then russell wilson to dixon for the go ahead touchdown. seahawks win 27-24. they even their record at 5-5. packers dropped to third place in the nfc north 4-5-1. again, if you are going to the big game, you better monitor the situation today. the air quality is going to be bad. i'd be surprised if they play the big game between cal and stanford in berkeley. that's the latest in sports. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. let's have the play of the day now hitting the hardwood. nba action atlanta taking on denver. >> we didn't have to. alley-oop! >> good team work. the nuggets morris to plumlee
6:25 am
for the alley-oop jam. denver goes on to beat the hawks 138-93. some of the bay area's most popular tourist attractions shut down, visitors being left disappointed. >> reporter: most of the bay area schools are closed today due to the unhealthy air. but one district decided to stay open. we'll explain why just ahead. >> and let's take another live look outside this time in san jose. you can see how hazy it is now that the sun is coming up. bad air quality conditions once again all across the bay area. we'll have more on that coming up.
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more remains are being found as the "camp fire" rages on. why the missing suddenly spikes by hundreds. >> a huge drop in facebook's stock price. >> good morning, it is friday, november 16th. i'm kenny choi. i'm michelle griego. get ready for another of really bad air. smoke from the "camp fire" is causing problems all over the bay area. this shows the sun coming up from the mount vaca camera but still smoky.
6:30 am
pollution levels in the air will once again be higher than notoriously smoggy cities of beijing. that's what we're dealing with here. >> unfortunately, there's no way around it. our air quality is terrible. we are looking at very unhealthy air quality through the day today likely through the weekend, as well. so hopefully you're staying safe. the blue diamonds is very unhealthy air. red dots unhealthy. so we are looking at the ninth day in a row of unhealthy air a "spare the air" alert as well as an air quality advisory still in effect for the entire bay area. a mile and a half at sfo. and there are flight delays by more than an hour. an hour and a half flight delays there at sfo because of
6:31 am
the smoke. we are looking at a mile and three quarters in san jose. two miles oakland, livermore, concord 2.5 miles for the visibility in petaluma. and that smoke forecast the red, that's all of that smoke for the bay area. light offshore winds will bring even more smoke to our region. now, futurecast, i will show you in the next couple of minutes when we will see some relief and when we will see the rain coming up. major bart delays due to technical problems and police activity mostly affecting bay fair station was closed between bay fair and richmond. major delays. it's completely closed the bay fair station. possible vehicle fire near some of the tracks. not sure what's causing all this. we'll update you. we have a photogpher ad to the scene to get more information. smart train delays sonoma- marin commute just a heads up, all trains dealing with major delays there. we have a big problem there.
6:32 am
a train may have hit a pedestrian. major delays. ac transit only for 688 operating. no lines between 600 and 699 will be in service today but ac transit will be running parallel service for bus 10 san leandro to hayward and bus 28 in castro valley to accommodate people for bart delays. in fact, one of our producers was on bart this morning and said one of her trains went out of service because of this. so we'll keep our eye on that. samtrans, muni, vta, all offering free service today. so all lines right now on time for samtrans. muni, no cable cars will be running today for the california, powell-hyde, powell-mason, being replaced by buses. on the freeways we have a crash south 880 at warren avenue in the center divide. we are seeing a backup behind it. 30 minutes right now from 238 as you work your way towards 237. michelle? everyone is urged to stay
6:33 am
inside if possible. most bay area schools have canceled classes as well nin te us some schools in the south bay will still be open today. >> reporter: in just a couple of hours, hundreds of at santa clara high school. many of them probably wearing masks like this one. but classes across the district still on schedule for today. >> schools in santa clara county, k through 12, will remain open. they need school. >> i disagree. kids have to get from class to class. not every school has the luxury of being inside. >> reporter: the santa clara only districts in the bay area only district in the bay area where all schools will hold classes today as regularly scheduled despite the unhealthy air. the decision is being met with mixed reactions from parents. they talked about the air quality with the county health
6:34 am
schools should serve as a safe shelter from the smoky air. so classes going on as scheduled. that's in santa clara. many other districts across the bay area have already canceled classes. here in santa clara, many of the outdoor activities and practices have been canceled today. no doubt, we are going to see a lot of students and teachers coming to class today wearing masks like these that we have seen on people across the bay area for the last week or so. live in santa clara, katie nielsen, kpix 5. most bay area school districts are closed today, san francisco unified school district union and others. san francisco, alameda, contra costa and marin counties. we have a list of all the closures on our website. check the aqi value in your area and find information on how to stay safe in escondions 6:34. the cityscape of san francisco is practically unrecognizable this morning because of the
6:35 am
bad air. cable cars will stay parked again today in san francisco. the mayor announcing service will be provided by bus shuttles instead. and it is disappointing news for some tourists. >> we come all the way from pennsylvania and one of the highlights of our trip was to see the golden gate bridge and to ride a cable car. and sadly, we can't do either today. >> mayor breed says that muni will be free today to help reduce the community's exposure to bad air. but if possible the safest option is to stay indoors. in the fire zone, hundreds of people are still missing. this morning search-and-rescue will be in paradise looking for remains. >> well, you feel terrible for these people. it's been devastating for them. i couldn't imagine coming back here if this is my home. your hope is that we -- if there are missing people, we can find them and bring some closure to people that need that. >> more than 450 workers including many volunteers are going house to house on what's
6:36 am
left of the town. 63 people have been confirmed dead. the number of missing was raised significantly yesterday to 631 people after reviews of calls that came into dispatchers. cal fire says it is looking at a second location where the "camp fire" may have started. the first was in pulga. the second possible ignition point is in town of concow. tomorrow, president trump is scheduled to visit california to meet with wildfire victims. a powerful pre-winter storm slammed into the midwest and northeast catching millions of americans off guard. it is being blamed for at least eight deaths so far. the weather system brought traffic in new york city to a halt yesterday. a chain reaction crash on the george washington bridge between new york and new jersey was, partly to blame. and washington, d.c. saw the earliest snowfall on record in 22 years. a little different here in california where it's a sure sign of winter being close to winter in california a number
6:37 am
of lake tahoe ski resorts opening up today and that includes mount rose, heavenly mountain, squaw valley and alpine meadows/north star california. there are celebrations planned through the day. trading is under way on wall street this morning and facebook is hoping for a rebound as it deals with allegations that the company failed to act on information about russian election interference. and then tried to hide that fact. facebook shares have been down more than 35% over the past four months. the stock price closed at $143 a share yesterday. last night the coo said she was unaware that the company had hired a pr firm to discredit facebook's critics. earlier in the day, ceo mark zuckerberg denied any knowledge of such a thing. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk with new video just coming in of jim acosta cnn reporter trying to get his press credentials back to cover the white house. he is walking into the u.s.
6:38 am
district court right now in washington, dc. the goal today in this hearing is to get those press credentials back while the court case goes forward. cnn and acosta suing the president and five top aides for revoking those press credentials when he had a struggle trying to keep the microphone at a very contentious press conference last week. >> thank you. time now 6:38. the fda is imposing new restrictions on flavored tobacco. why critics say the rules won't keep the product out of the hands of young people. >> and how the uc regents are hoping to keep more california high school students from going away for college. >> the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. the dow is down about 120. we'll be right back. what's a gig of data?
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you can see the smoky
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conditions out there unhealthy to very unhealthy air this morning. even worse than yesterday morning, we'll talk about when we'll see some relief on futurecast coming up. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and we are watching the hand count continue in florid ve pictures county where they are counting votes in two elections one for u.s. senate, that's between former governor rick scott and current senator bill nelson. they are also recounting in the agriculture commissioner position which is a statewide position. that is because the margins were so razor-thin during the machine count that they had to go to the hand count. meantime, we have democrats alleging voter suppression. we have republicans alleging voter fraud. that's the latest from florida. >> anne makovec live at the news desk, thank you. it is 6:42 right now. new this morning, a white supremacist accused of inciting violence at political
6:43 am
rallies in berkeley and elsewhere will reportedly plead guilty. 22-year-old tyler is a member of a movement. >> he and three group members are charged in connection with this rally in huntington beach last year. according to the "l.a. times," he admitted to assaulting a journalist covering the protest. he also reportedly told authorities group members underwent combat training and showed up to rallies ready to fight. the head of california's public utilities commission plans to expand an investigation into the overall structure of pg&e. the electric equipment has been linked to several california wildfires over the last year. now investigators are looking into a possible link between pg&e equipment and the devastating "camp fire" in butte county last week. cpuc president michael picker says his agency will examine the corporate structure and
6:44 am
the operation of the utility. state senator jerry hill of san mateo and other pg&e critics have suggested that the utility should break up into smaller companies. california university will accept thousands of more students without impacting tuition. the "l.a. times" reporting that the university of california regents approved a $9.3 billion budget. it will add 2500 more in-state undergrads. the regents say the budget will allow them to help students who are struggling financially without raising tuition for the next year. the lighting ceremony in san francisco's embarcadero center will go on tonight despite the bad air. >> organizers are scaling back on the festivity. this is last year. this time around, the fireworks show has been canceled. the winter carnival will go on as scheduled from 4 to 6 p.m. and michelle and i will be there tonight to help light the building in a shortened ceremony that begins at 6:15 p.m. >> so we are showing this
6:45 am
video of nobody there. usually that's not the case. ha ha. >> not quite open yet. >> it makes sense that the ceremony will be kind of shortened. >> 15 minutes. maybe a lot of people will stay home. >> what's not been so fun this morning is major bart delays. in fact, one of our producers got stuck in the mess this morning. she sent us a picture to show you, you could see the trains flashing with no service and a lot of people just kind of sitting around and waiting. the problem is there is police activity at the bay fair station which is completely shut down. also dealing with tech issues, as well. we are getting reports that there is some heavy smoke coming from under a train on the elevated part of the tracks. so they don't know what's causing the smoke. but they have fire crews and bart police department on scene. no word as to when the station will re-open. but it is causing big delays in the richmond, warm springs,
6:46 am
daly city direction. ac transit offering parallel service for bart riders. bus number 10 from san leandro to hayward you can use bus number 28 as well heading to castro valley. now, we also have a major problem in the north bay for smart trains rail service there for sonoma, marin counties. bus bridges are in place from santa rosa to cotati. there may be a serious situation where a train may have hit a pedestrian. that investigation is ongoing. ac transit line 600 to 699 no service today. 688 will operate. samtrans, all lines are on time and they are offering preservice as is muni and vta because of all the bad air. no cable car cars today for muni today. we are seeing the morning commute in full swing but it is "friday light" on the east shore freeway ride. easy towards the bay bridge.
6:47 am
at the maze and the bay bridge things get busy. it will change this evening. you will see an earlier evening commute for a lot of people using today to get out of town to enjoy the full holiday week next week so give yourself some extra time there and 101 at 17th street looks like we are pretty good as you work your way through the city. i love to give good news but the air quality is just bad. as we go through the day it will get worse. we are starting off the day with really bad air. 150 or higher is unhealthy. 200 and higher is very unhealthy air for aqi values. wire going on the ninth day in a row of -- we're going on the ninth day in a row of the "spare the air" alert and air
6:48 am
quality advisory. this is our "salesforce tower" camera this morning. hard to make out coit tower due to the smoke. temperatures in the 30s to 50s right now. so weather headlines again that ninth day in a row of unhealthy air. we are just going day after day of this. we'll stay smoky through the weekend with rain chances later next week. i want to talk about the reason why it is just smoky here in the bay area. northeast winds bringing in all the smoke and the exit routes for the smoke for the santa clara valley. it just gets trapped by the mountains. and then for the 680 corridor when the smoke moves through it gets trapped in the tri- valley. and then the golden gate gap, you know, that smoke, it continues to push through but what happens is we have a sea breeze there so just off the coast we have a light sea breeze and that actually acts
6:49 am
as a wall to block the smoke from moving into the pacific ocean. and because of that, that smoke is just stuck over our region. that smoke forecast the red is the smoke. still over us that will continue over the next few days. so we have the smoky pattern in place. we may have rain wednesday through friday next week. temperatures today highs in the 60s and 70s.
6:50 am
better air quality with rain chances dnesroh friday of next week. michelle and kenny? >> thank you. the food and drug administration has announced it plans to restrict sales of flavored ecigarettes and vaps to adult only stores. >> those are stores where age verification is required to enter. it's an effort to curb use of those products by teens. the fda's move was a hot topic yesterday evening in fremont where the city, school district and health advocates had a meeting. some said that the new federal restrictions don't go far enough. >> their plans do not include restricting the sale of menthol and mint ecigarettes. it doesn't apply to the open tank ecigarettes. overall their plans are just not going to address the youth heard about demic.
6:51 am
what's in the products they started to consider quitting. >> the fda's new policy is expected to be phased in over the next couple of months. we should learn more today about a bizarre grisly discovery in san jose. a case involved a domestic violence suspect was found dead under a home. it all started wednesday night when a victim says she was assault at a home on elwood drive near almaden expressway. the suspect refused to come out. police ultimately found him hiding under the home. he was n responsive and died a short time later. -- he was unresponsive and died a short time later. a huge mess on the east bay commute this morning. this is a photo of the crowds at the bay fair bart station. we'll have more details and the latest on all these delays. >> reporter: many bay area schools have canceled classes today due to the poor air quality but one district says it's staying open. we'll explain coming up.
6:52 am
>> poor air quality is canceling schools and canceling flights and this is the view you're getting all across the bay area. we'll be right back.
6:53 am
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saving people money on car insurance. most bay area schools have canceled classes today due to the unhealthy air quality but the santa clara school district decided to keep all schools open. we are here at the high school where we have seen a lot of student coming up wearing masks as they head to class. >> schools in santa clara county k through 12 will remain open. >> reporter: a spokesman with the santa clara county office of education says the staff talked about air quality with the county health department and also school
6:56 am
superintendents. they all collectively decided school should serve as a safe shelter from the smoky air so classes will go on as scheduled but many outdoor activities and practices are canceled. some parents question the decision. >> why not allow kids to stay at home and not be exposed to the air given the quality is so bad? especially san jose state is closed. valley christian high school. notre dame high school. a variety of schools in the area are closing down. >> reporter: the office of education will have district employees double-check ventilation systems and also replace air filters as needed. the district will be monitoring air conditions throughout the day today and said if the smoke does not clear, they could make changes to their class schedules next week. but for today, all schools in santa clara are open. live in santa clara, katie nielsen, kpix 5. today muni, samtrans and vta are offering free rides because of bad air.
6:57 am
they are hoping to minimize how much time people spend outdoors in san francisco the cable cars will stay parked for a second day today. service will be provided by bus shuttles instead. 63 deaths are now linked to the "camp fire" in butte county and that number of people unaccounted for has risen sharply overnight to 631. the sheriff says that the huge spike came after a thorough review of calls and reports. a number of lake tahoe ski resorts are opening today and that includes mount rose, heavenly mountain, squaw valley and alpine meadows and north star california. >> and a look at sfo this morning. airports nationwide are expecting a record-breaking 25 million passengers for the upcoming thanksgiving holiday. the busiest travel days will be today and next wednesday. a bart station is closed right now because of a small fire under a track. right now there's no estimate when the bay fair station in san leandro will be open. the situiscausin
6:58 am
service delays elsewhere. yeah. it is causing major delays in fact let's start with bart. station closure we have major delays in the richmond, warm springs, daly city directions. they have parallel services for ac transit being offered to bart riders so bus number 10 for san leandro to hayward commuters and bus number 28 if you are heading towards castro valley. now, we have another major mass transit issue in the north bay. bus bridges are in place for smart rail and santa rosa to cotati. they have major delays for a trouble spot. looks like they have an issue where it's under investigation where a train may have hit a pedestrian. so a lot of activity for mass transit this morning. elsewhere the road busy your morning commute in full swing on this friday as you work your way out of oakland into san francisco. metering lights are on at the bay bridge. 23 minutes as you head through there. a look at hot spots 580 first street to 205 due to roadwork 83 minutes. westbound slow any way out of
6:59 am
the altamont pass. air quality worse this morning with really bad air across the bay area. flights hour and a half delay at sfo because of bad air. we are talking the ninth day in a row of unhealthy air. the "spare the air" alert and air quality advisory in effect. you stay smoky through the weekend with rain chances later in the week for next week. so we stay smoky today, saturday, sunday, monday, we could see a change in wind direction on tuesday and chance of rain wednesday through friday. we could definitely use the rain. >> yeah. >> no doubt. >> this weekend a lot of outdoor activities have been canceled. >> yeah. >> sports. >> right. >> please stay safe. >> we have that air quality map right there on the bottom right side of your screen. also if you want to check that
7:00 am
aqi value in your area, go to our website, your next local update is 7:26. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, november 16th. welcome to "cbs this morning." we're in the ruined town of paradise, where survivors are asking, were evacuation efforts good enough? cindy mccain's first interview since the death of her husband john mccain. fbi cheryl sandburg tells us a report she tried to hide interference in elections is not true. and in our school matters


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