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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 16, 2018 7:00am-8:59am PST

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our website, your next local update is 7:26. >> i'm thinking trevor looks good morning to our viewers fine. clean shaven, right? in the west. it's friday, november 16th. >> correct. >> as you wake up in the west, the list of people missing in the so-called camp fire are welcome to "cbs this morning." growing by the hundreds. we're in the ruined town of 631 unaccounted for. paradise, where survivors are officials adding more than 500 names of people reported missing asking, were evacuation efforts in the first hours of the fire. >> searchers found seven more bodies yesterday, bringing the good enough? cindy mccain's first state-wide death toll to 66. that includes three deaths from interview since the death of her husband john mccain. fbi cheryl sandburg tells us the woolsey fire. a report she tried to hide demarco morgan is in paradise, interference in elections is not california, where the camp fire is still only 40% contained. true. and in our school matters >> reporter: good morning.
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just look at what's left of this series, rap star mcla more's home furniture store in mission. paradise. it's pretty much the story of he tell us why he's highlighting the need for art and music in this entire town. every school. we begin this morning with a authorities are still searching look at today's eye opener, your for those who are missing at this hour. they believe many were trying to world in 90 seconds. get away from fast-moving flames >> watch out! >> whenever i take my foot off and don't realize they've been the brake, i slide backwards. reported missing. firefighters are making progress >> a deadly storm cripples the in their fight against the camp fire here. they're telling us it is of northeast. course the most destructive >> the storm wreaked havoc. wildfire in california state >> drivers desperate to get history. home. more than 140,000 acres have >> the number of missing, been burned and 10,000 homes soaring to more than 630 people destroyed. authorities now face questions from the camp fire in northern about whether they took right approach to evacuation. california. >> references to wikileaks some survivors say they had founder julian assange. little warning authorities say when cell service went down, >> the election count in florida officers went into the neighborhoods with bull horns to just got word with broward county missing the deadline. tell people to leave. >> can't make irely? embarrassi. more than 100 evacuees from the camp fire have set up a >> broward county what are you makeshift camp at a walmart in
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doing? >> also to restrict the flavor chico. but sources have told them it will be shut down by 1:00 p.m. of e-sigs. >> it helps my swag and helps my emergency officials are aware, drift. >> and all that matters. but say federal assistance isn't >> we play a game almost every day here at our show. available yet. doesn't really have a title but it's basically called what if president trump is expected to obama had done this. survey the damage and get a chance to meet with the victims. >> we play that at home. >> on cbs this morning. in what is being called ground >> there's a new study that says zero of the worst of this when it comes to facial hair, women prefer a little stubble. wildfire. >> another day of disruption that was found to be the most from an early season snowstorm attractive feature. that paralyzed roa second came full beard. a is intensity >> whoa, that's crazy, i never even thought about that. that is -- wow. the things i don't eyene is
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along with the bridge traffic affected the city's response >> the plows were out, they had their salt that wasn't the problem here. we had a bit if you'll forgive the phrase, of a perfect storm. >> reporter: the port authority offered free train rides to new jersey. police responded to more than 1,000 calls for assistant. >> the technical term for this is a mess, thank you, stay warm. a mixup by federal prosecutors suggest criminal charges may have been filed against wikileaks founder julian assange. an unsealed court document with his name raises new questions
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about the investigation of wikileaks' role in exposing thousands before the election. outside london, asange's home for the last six years. >> reporter: he believes if he were to leave, he would be extradited by the u.s. after what a peers to be a simple mix up. it appears u.s. federal prosecutors conflated two cases because their filing abruptly changes course on the second page, referring to the publicity surrounding the case and reve revealing the fact that assange part was done in error. whether president trump or his associates cole lulded with %
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russia during the 2016 election. asange has been holed up in the embassy in a desperate attempt to avoid extradition to sweden on separate rape charges, which has now been dropped. we asked the department of justice for clarification on what, if any charges he faces. they told us they have no further comment. >> jonathan, thank you. florida's close to learning who will be its next governor while the closely fought senate race is heading to a hand recount. leading senator bill nelson by less than 13,000 votes.
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manuel bojorquez is in florida. >> reporter: that hand recount process is just getting under way in broward. you can see the long line of observers waiting to get in. that recount of questionable ballots have to be complete by sunday. broward county was not the only florida county where the recount process was fraught with issues. >> i've always held myself accountable. >> reporter: operator error caused them to miss the deadline for recount results. >> the results were in progress when i came out and made a statement. >> reporter: when they were finally uploaded, they were two minutes late. the board rejected the new total. >> i have taken responsible for every act in this office. >> reporter: there were also issues in neighboring palm beach county. >> given probably three or four
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more hours, we might have made the time. >> reporter: officials missed the deadline. >> our machines failed because we were using them 24/7. >> reporter: the vote total for senator nelson and governor scott remained less than a quarter of a percent different. by law, this triggered a hand recount. only the votes the machines could not read. >> my opponent isn't interested in making sure that every lawful vote is counted. >> reporter: nelson maintains there are still tens of thousands of votes not counted. on twitter, governor says the state needs to move forward. >> does he want to put florida through a recount? >> reporter: it was not within the margin for an hand recount. the republican ron desantis declared victory. none of the results are set to be certified until next tuesday,
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norah. >> sounds like we'll hear from you again, thank you for your reporting. for the first time, we're hearing from some passengers who were on a cruise ship. she died after reportedly plunging from the upper deck. logan is the passenger on the ship. >> it's real, i'm trauma tized for it. i never would have expected this to happen. >> the fbi is investigating the results. the victim's husband is still in aruba. the cruise ship is expected to return to ft. lauderdale tomorrow. >> president trump reportedly met with his legal team several days this week to prepare answers. the president's lawyer, rudy giuliani, told "the washington post" that mr. trump's answers
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could come as early as today. mr. trump continued his attacks on the special counsel's investigation. he called it a total mess. this week, we got confirmation of the legal filing of the former chairman rick gates is still cooperating. >> the widow of john mccain in her first interview since his death. cindy mccain has gone back to work with the mccain institute. i spoke with mrs. mccain about life after the senator's death and what she thinks about the doctor t direction the trump administration has taken the country. >> it's day by day but i remind myself of the luck and the absolute wonder that i had being his wife and being a part of his life.
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>> you said you try to carry out his wishes in every day with the services. what was the message he wanteder to get? >> his message was we need civility. we need to go back to a country at wasovin respected around the world. and understood what we gave our word, we meant it. >> reporter: a lot of people thought this was a rebuke to the president. >> no. >> reporter: did he even talk about that, it might be seen that way? >> no, john never spoke about anything like that. that was not his intention and anyone that says that is wrong. no, it had nothing to do with the president. >> reporter: and when meghan said -- >> the america of john mccain has no need to be made great again because america is already great. >> reporter: you applauded. >> meghan is certainly entitled
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to and speaks her mind just like her father did. i respect her for that. i'd not read her speech. i did not know what she would say. i'm very proud of her. >> reporter: mccain liked to keep a running commentary about things. did you hear him occasionally cracking wise? >> yes, cracking wise. i think he probably would have honestly said, oh, my gosh, this is taking too long. you know how he was. he was impatient. i honestly think he would have liked it. >> reporter: did the president or first lady reach out to you after the funeral? >> no, they didn't. but that's okay. that's not way needed at the time. i needed my family and i had them. >> reporter: what is your feeling about the president? >> oh, gosh. i think he's questioning himself right now as to where he goes, what he's doing.
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i think maybe the things that have occurred, especially with this election, maybe take it back to basics. i'm hoping it i hope he learns from it. and realizes that our country needs a strong leader. not a native n can put it in such a basic term. we need our pretz. we need a white house that's strong, that's not sparring with each other. right now, i think things are in disarray. i would hope through this he does learn. >> reporter: what's your personal feeling about the president? >> oh, you know, my personal feeling is he is now the president of the united states. i respect the office and respect, you know, what this means to the country. you know, our families have had their differences and i'll leave it at that. i mean, we are -- it's been at times hard for me to listen to
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him about my husband, i'll be honest. >> so interesting to hear her the first time. >> a lot of grace there. >> a lot of grace. he is still very much there with her. and as she said, she's taking it day by day. one of the things she mentioned is the senator died near his birthday. he told her, i want you to have a big party and i want it to be a happy occasion. so they're already planning for that. >> she's going to do it? >> yes. >> how long were they married? >> almost 40 years. >> so many people are wondering how did she take the president's personal attacks? >> also recognize the difference of opinion in her own family. >> he didn't reach out to her and she said that's not what she needed. >> we'll have more of our conversation with cindy mccain in the next hour.
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plus, whether he or any of mccain's children are planning their own runs for office. facebook cheryl sandburg conversation the social media giant never paid anyone to create fake news. sandburg defends herself
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coming coming up, how tens of millions of people may have been exposed to tap water contaminated with a toxic weed
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killer. >> an alleged go fund me scam that raised $400,000 for a homeless veteran. >> what was portrayed as an act of kindness fell apart when they began fighting over the money. coming up on "cbs this morning," how the couple allegedly spend tens of thousands of dollars on a luxury car and casinos. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin... i want that too. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis is fda-approved and has both. what's next? reeling in a nice one. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily
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♪ you're looking right now at pictures of this morning's commute in new york city. traffic is moving in bet conditions. saw the front page of "the new york post." it's not funny to the people standing this because this was a long cranky day. we're hearing all the horror stories. tony, our stage manager, says it took him six hours just to get
7:28 am
him home. >> there were kids stuck on school buses for three or four hours. >> you would think a place like new york would be prepared for what wasn't that much snow. >> it's the northwest. >> and it's november. >> yeah. >> but today's a much better day. >> welcome back. it's all sunshine, clear sailing. here are three things you should know this morning. the fbi is proposing a ban on men thol cigarettes and flavored cigars to stop minors from smoking. men thol is associated with increased addiction among young people. the agency says half use menthol. >> nearly 30 million americans may have been exposed to tap
7:29 am
water contaminated with a toxic weed killer. saying utility companies avoid testing during times when it can spike to three times above the legal limit. one utility industry leader says there are checks and balances to address elevated levels. exposures can affect hormones and affect fetuses. and president trump is cautiously awarding the nation's highest civilian honors to elvis presley, babe ruth and justice scalia. four others will receive the presidential medal of freedom. they include mega donor miriam adeleson. people are questioning that choice. facebook's top executive are
7:30 am
fighting back against a report that brings up issues about how they handle the site. and used a lobbying firm to attract critics. we spoke to her by phone, an interview only on "cbs this morning." she strongly denied the article's claims saying the allegations in this piece are serious and absolutely false. >> we are more determined than our opponents. >> reporter: when facebook coo cheryl sandburg testified in congress, she assured members leadership was focused on security for its more than 2 million users. >> when content violates our policies, we will take it down. >> reporter: but according to this, facebook sought to conceal them from public view.
7:31 am
that interview by phone, saying, the article was saying that i was spending time hiding, deflecting. that's not true. adding, i wasn't involved in any of that. on a conference call with reporters yesterday, ceo mark zuckerberg echoed sandburg's denial. >> to suggest we weren't interested in knowing the truth or we tried to prevent investigations is simply untrue. >> reporter: the times investigation detailed facebook's work with the washington firm which reportedly influenced articles blasting apple and google and played down the impact of the russian's use of facebook. the firm also allegedly tried to discredit activist protesters by linking them to philanthropist george sorros.
7:32 am
sandburg says the firm has never paid for fake news. when we pressed her on why she didn't know about the role as an opposition research firm at the company, she responded, i wish i had. >> the question is what did they do and how much money did they spend on it. >> reporter: senator khlobuchar. but for now, sandburg says, yes, i believe so, and as for the security issues, she said, it's on me, on us, to figure out what those are. trust takes a long time to rebuild. we know we have a long road ahead and we don't expect it to happen overnight. in response to "the new york
7:33 am
times" report, the washington firm told us its work was factual and based on public records. george sorros and others have called for facebook to have an investigation information. facebook does say it is now evaluating all the firms they have hired and what they exactly do. there's more to come on this. you'll hear from some employees, saying in chat rooms that the company has lost its moral campus, question about whether advertisers will boycott facebook. a lot of questions. >> for now, cheryl has the support of mark zuckerberg but the board as well. >> yes. they're going to remain so far in their position but this doesn't end, i want you to see, we'd hoped to sit down, but we really only got about 12 minutes on the phone with her so we got
7:34 am
as many questions as we could. we hope to have more time with cheryl to discuss this further. >> hopefully she'll talk next week because this story's not going away. mark and cheryl have the support of the rank and file. >> there's people raising concerns. she says she believes they have the support of the rank and file. >> the ongoing question about whether they were aware and on top of the security questions. but then the new part about whether they took aggressive defensive measures and that's the stuff that got her in the hot seat. >> as coo, what should she have been aware of? thanswer is, well, she hasn't. >> great interview. >> prosecutors say a feel good story that captured the nation's heart, it was dre than
7:35 am
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♪ i don't want no scrubs tens of millions of people believed what seemed like a feel machine good story about a new jersey couple helping a homeless man. now prosecutors say it was a huge scam. conspiring to defraud people out of $400,000. the couple set up a go fund me account for mcbobbitt after mcclure said he helped her. >> reporter: the heartwarming story drew worldwide attention last year. but the clash over the go fund me cash caught the interest of local it was fictitious and
7:40 am
illegal. >> reporter: the new jersey county prosecutors on wednesday charged johnny bobbitt, kate lynn mcclear and mark with desearching go fund me donors. >> a fake, feel-good story. and it worked. >> reporter: as their story goes, bobbitt, would was homeless, gave his last 20 dollars to buy gas for mcclure who was stranded. they allegedly try to pay back bobbitt's act of kindness with a go fund me campaign. the friendship began unraveling. bobbitt sued the couple claiming they were withholding the money. the couple accused bobbitt of using the money for drugs. if they hadn't started fighting over the money, would they have
7:41 am
gotten away with it? >> possibly. >> reporter: have you spent one dollar of that 400,000 on yourself? >> no, nothing. >> reporter: prosecutors say they acknowledged the story was completely made up. >> these cases sort of highlight the risk. >> reporter: adrien gonzalez runs a website called go fraud me. >> the question is, are the donors following up and knowing where their money actually goes. >> investigators say go fund me will reimburse donors. and attorneys for the couple say they have no comment on the charges. the prosecutor told us that text messages showed they were
7:42 am
talking about a book deal they were hoping would raise more money. >> that's so despicable. when you heard it yesterday, i thought i was hearing it wrong. just went from bad to worse. >> not just fraud, it's fraud that reaches into the best part of people and ruins it. >> they went to greedy school. that's why they got caught. >> if they hand turned on each other, we would have never known. a look an this morning's other story about a
7:43 am
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welcome back. here's a hook at some of this morning's headlines. it will depart an american citizen it had detaped since last month for illegal entry. the announcement sends mixed signals to washington as diplomacy between the two appears to have stalled. >> "the washington post" says a federal judge just ordered the white house to return the press pass of cnn's jim acosta. his credentials were pulled last week. the white house press office claimed acosta had shoved an intern. >> the ventura county star reports on a memorial held yesterday for the sheriff sergeant killed in a borderline bar mass shooting.
7:48 am
ron helus was one of the first to respond in thousand oaks last week. he saved many lives by immediately exchanging gunfire with the gunman while peoplelea wife. >> it's part of the $35 million the league is giving to five institutions to conduct research on thousands of former players. the 2017 study pun published in jama found 87% had evidence of brain disease. >> and "usa today" reports iconic toy store fao schwartz opened its new store today in new york city. tom hanks famously danced open the giant piano in the movie
7:49 am
"big." the piano is being brought back to the store, of course it is. that's what you call perfect timing. you just can't quit fao. >> i don't know any adult that doesn't want to dance on those piano keys. >> one of these days. >> i'd go. >> gayle is completely evaluating her opinion. >> we think she'll do it. >> a man mysteriously disappeared after a nightclubing in manhattan's exclusive party scene. scene. ahead, the investigation. i even built my own historic trading model.
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it's 7:56. i'm kenny choi. breaking news. major bart delays right now in both directions from the bay fair station due to a disabled train. the station shut down for about an hour and a half. it reopened about 30 minutes ago. taking a live look in san jose, it is very hazy there. many schools and colleges across the bay area are closed today due to the unhealthy air quality. now, to see tv your school is impacted, check our list. we have a full list on and the "camp fire" in butte county is blamed for 63 deaths and more than 600 people considered missing. the fire has burned 142,000 acres and is 45% contained. ews updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our
7:54 am
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first reports of a crash working your way through the castro valley y. it will affect your drive on the eastbound side of 580 this morning. so just a heads up you can see we are starting to see a backup there as a result. so the crash is east 580 connector over towards 238. it's blocking at least one lane h we are seeing speeds down about 14 miles per hour in the area. other than that, though, if you are working your way on the westbound side traffic is light. bay fair station now open residual delays though in all directions. mary? >> the air quality this morning even worse out there a live look with our "salesforce tower" camera of the smoke. smoke through tuesday. rain wednesday through friday.
7:56 am
7:57 am
>> i hope everybody feels glorious today. it's friday, november 16, 2018. welcome back. -to-cbs "this morning." more of john's interview with senator john mccain's widow. cindy mccain talks about his legacy and if anyone in her family has a political future. plus macklemore's effort to make sure every student can learn about art and music in schools. especially hip-hop. here's today's eye opener at 8:0 8:00. >> 630 people have been
7:58 am
unaccounted. >> we believe many have been trying to get away from flames. >> new york city has six and a half inches of snow, the second largest for november on record. >> it appears to be a simple mixup in paperwork. the indictment revealing the fact that assange has been charged. >> broward county wasn't the only county that was fraught with issues. >> i've always held myself accountable. >> what is your feeling about the president. >>? >> oh, gosh, our think our country needs a strong leader, not a negative nancy. >> passengers on a ryan air flight to london were forced to deplane right before takeoff because the aircraft was impounded. it turns out the airline owes authorities $610,000. and it's not just ryan air. spirit airlines is so worried that this could happen to them that they don't land, they just push you out with a parachute.
7:59 am
yeah, that's tulsa, go, go, go, go! a lot of people in new york pushed out of airplanes. they were stuck on trains and cars for hours. >> i was just trying to get on an airplane. >> good morning, i'm bianna golodryga. norah o'donnell is here, gayle king and john dickerson. president trump plans a visit tomorrow to see damage from the wildfire that wiped out an entire town north of sacramento. fide death toll is now at 66. 63 people have the camp fire in northern california and three people from the woolsey fire in southern california. >> that number could still rise. officials now say 631 people are unaccounted for after the campfire. they added more than 500 missing to the list of names yesty.
8:00 am
eriff s t l includes people who left when the fire broke out last week and didn't realize they'd been reported missing. >> the camp fire destroyed almost 10,000 single family homes. it's the deadliest most destructive fire in california pair pollution still an issue a far as away as the bay area. san francisco and sacramento public schools are closed due to concerns about air quality. >> the wife of late senator john mccain describes our current political discourse as awful. cindy mccain is still a fervent political observer and says she's hopeful about the future of the republican party. we spoke to mrs. mccain yesterday in washington for an interview only on cbs "this morning." she addressed her husband's legacy and whether his children what's the quintessential john mccain people want you to remember. >> i want people remember his honor, his courage, obviously his dignity. and his ability to use humor in
8:01 am
all of this. hue more so a great leveller and boy he could -- he was the best at that i thought. he lived effort to its fullest. he enjoyed it, he enjoyed the fight. he taught me that. he taught me how to -- not just how to live a life but to respect a life and enjoy it and enjoy what you're doing. if you don't enjoy it, what's the purpose? >> he often talked about falling in love with his country when he was deprived of its company and now that you've been deprived of his company, is there an energy? do you hear him in your head saying -- giving you guidance for how to deal with this period? >> well, i catch myself asking. every everything i do i think, gosh, what would john do? what would he think? what would he tell me to do? >> was there a particula instance where this is exactly what he would say? >> oh, yes, especially in political climates i find myself saying things i know huh would
8:02 am
have not only said or thought about, which is kind of fun. >> what do you think he would say about kind of where things are now? >> i think he'd say a lot of things. i think he would be terribly frustrated. he was the one that was the kind of the conscience of the senate and we've lost his voice and i saw an elective process this year unlike anything i've ever seen. it was abominable. he would have i nknow said enough. >> he had the respect and dignity that existed after extraordinary fights. he had tough fights with george s sai fig not joined is a fight not enjoyed. i think many of our leaders fail to remember now days that disagreement is part of the process. but not distrust.
8:03 am
listen, we're all americans. we're all here for the same reasons. and trust is part of this. trust and knowing that people are there for the right reasons. and they are. i believe in the process and i know john did. >> you've spoken out at various times in politics. not often but occasionally. >> yes, i've gotten myself in trouble. >> but enjoying the fight the way the senator would have. how does that role change for you now? >> well, i'm not an elected official but i do right v the right to my own opinion. but thing john said to me is you stay high on these things and i agree. >> after the senator's death, a lot of people thought well, cindy mccain, she should take the seat. did you ever talk about that with the senator? >> no. >> did anybody ever approach you and did you think about it seriously? >> i've been approached from different directions, yes, i have. my job right now is to make sure my family is okay and make sure
8:04 am
that we are moving on in the right direction. >> so if you're not going to run for office, there's megan, there's jack, you've got a long list. >> i've got a house. do any have political aspirations? >> i think we'll see one, possibly two do it. there are two i know that won't but there's two that i think will. >> you want to fill that ballot out for us? tell us who it is? >> not yet i won't but think -- they've all grown up in politics. it's hard not to. you either catch the bug or don't. >> you have watched a lot of politics. >> i've had a front row seat to histo history. >> and you've seen tough politics. >> the level of discourse is really awful and so when i see the differences this hatred going on right now it's hard. >> do you feel like you still have a home in the republican party? >> yes.
8:05 am
and john has said the same thing. we will always be republicans. i think the party itself will -- it's -- politics is very cyclical and we both believed and talked about how we believe the pendulum has swung and it will swing back. i think we'll come back. we'll come back to the party we've always been and that's the party of abraham lincoln. that's who we are. he asks every year on his birthday august 29 that we have a big party. >> recently mrs. mccain returned home to their family ranch in arizona for the first time. >> that was hard. everything there is so much him that i had to take a breath and work through it a bit. i did what he had said to do and it was very helpful. he had a certain drink he liked, i know you know this. it was vodka on ice with an
8:06 am
onion and he called it the bewitching hour. and the most beautiful time of day, i don't drink that but i made one of those drinks and put it out, took a picture of it with the lawn behind and put it hereare. t senator had a favorite play list they played while he was sick and she said she's been listening to that again, too and so the whole family is wanting to move on. >>ing you know what we've lost in this culture of outrage is that disagreement is part of the process but not distrust. it's okay to disagree forcefully with people. >> he enjoyed it. >> the whole process was set up for that. >> and when was the last time you listened to someone who's been involved in politics that you say i could keep listening to wanto hear more from cindy .
8:07 am
mccain. >> so far it's been michelle obama and cindy mccain class acts that you want to keep talking. >> from different parties and we need more of them. >> if you want to hear more from cindy mccain, on today's cbs "this morning" podcast -- that's an alley-oop. you can hear our full interview. our podcasts are available on apple's podcast app or wherever you like to download your podcast. friends of a man who went missing after a night on the town use social media. i slurred that. i have not been drinking. >> i'm kara moriarty from "48 hours." joey's night began at a club in downtown manhattan followed by an afterparty in an exclusive neighborhood of town. then he vanished. what happened in apartme that's coming up on cbs "this morning."
8:08 am
8:09 am
we have much more news e ew ahead. critics are calli ing willem dafoe's portrayal of vincent van go go. he'll be here to talk about making "eternity's gate" in
8:10 am
places where van gogh lived and painted. plus, the iconic painting that sold for more than $90 million. and in our series "school matters," mack lem more tells us about the program he founded. you're watching cbs "this morning." you're watching "cbs this morning." derm it? correct age-related volume loss in cheeks with juvéderm voluma xc, add fullness to lips with juvéderm ultra xc and smooth moderate to severe lines around the nose and mouth with juvéderm xc. tell your doctor if you have a history of scarring or are taking medicines that decrease the body's immune response or that can prolong bleeding. common side effects include injection-site redness, swelling, pain, tenderness, firmness, lumps, bumps, bruising, discoloration or itching. as with all fillers, there is a rare risk of unintentional injection into a blood vessel, which can cause vision abnormalities, blindness, stroke, temporary scabs or scarring. ( ♪ )
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8:14 am
♪ social media helped social media helped uncover the final steps of a connecticut man who was murdered in new york city. joey cananale attended the party in the upscale home of james rackover, a jeweller to the stars, but he didn't leave the apartment alive, he died of multiple stab wounds. erin moriarty spoke to his family and friends about the disappearance. >> joey is missing.
8:15 am
he's somewhere, he's got to be somewhere. where's joey, have you heard from joey? >> joey's father pat knew his 26-year-old son well and at first he wasn't worried when he couldn't reach him on sunday morning, november 13, 2016. joey had gone clubbing with friends the night before. >> a bunch of people were going out to new york city. >> that night we went to the gilded lily. >> the gilded lily is in the meatpacking district. >> it's a lounge. it has club-type music. 3:30 or so the night was ending so everyone exits. i remember joey on my left and these girls were looking at him a certain way and he was looking back at me and just smiling like, you know, that he was interested. >> steven says he drove his girlfriend back home to stamford, connecticut, whily joe went off with the women and guys he just met to a small party in
8:16 am
the exclusive manhattan neighborhood known as sutton place. expecting an issue. >> the party was in apartment 4c at the grand sutton. it was home of 25-year-old james rackover, the son of jeffrey rackover, the so-called jeweller to the stars. his clients included oprah winfr winfrey, j. lo, even president trump and his wife melania. >> what could go wrong on the upper east side? >> but by the next afternoon, no one could find joey, not his father, not his friends. that's when everyone jumped on social media. >> i went on facebook. >> i went had you ever tried to down or retrace somebody steps before using social media? >> no. you here in a panic trying to >> nday. frie. >> dnday. >> joey's father pat headed to
8:17 am
the grand sutton with detectives from the nypd and spotted on surveillance video his son walking into the building. i said to myself, i don't think he walked out of the building alive. >> when investigators sere reed in on the party host, james rackover, they discovered a man with secrets and a dark past. james rackover wasn't really james rackover, was he? >> no. >> what do you think happened in apartment 4c? >> erinexwocial dia helped them. >> this made a huge difference. if they hadn't hearted this investigation in another 24 hours we'd say whatever happened to joey? his friends, as soon as they realized he was missing they went on instagram, their locator function, and the pictures other people posted and they found one of the women who had been at the party with joey.
8:18 am
through her they got a name and telephone number. i never realized any of this. they put in the google, they got his facebook page. so within hours, the police had the name of one of the suspects. i learned so much doing this. but we never worry about young men like this. this guy, joey cam nally was an athlete, he was savvy, he was smart. he thought he was going to a home of an heir to a fortune. >> you think you bonded people you met overnight. my heart broke for him. he was a good kid from the state of connecticut and met up with the wrong people. that was heartbreaking story. >> truly a victim. >> he was. you can watch erin's full report, what happened in apartment 4c, tomorrow night as part of a 48 hours double feature that begins at 9:00, 8:00 central on cbs. ahead, how a computer system half a century old is causing major problems for america's veterans. you're watching cbs "this morning." we'll be right back.
8:19 am
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the popular giant panda bei bei showed us how to make t >> popthis good morning. it's 8:25. i'm michelle griego. we are following breaking news. major bart delays right now in all directions for the bay fair station due to a disabled train. they opened an hour ago. >> we have very unhealthy air in the region. some classes are canceled. 63 deaths are linked to the butte county "camp fire." minethe number of people
8:23 am
unaccounted for is 631. the huge spike came after authorities did a thorough review of emergency calls and missing person reports. we'll have news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website,
8:24 am
good morning. i'm in the traffic center. we have delays in castro valley so just a heads up as you work your way out the door this morning. if you are heading towards 580, connecting over to 238. you might see some delays eastbound 580 right at 164th where the crash is. it's blocking one lane with slow traffic as you approach
8:25 am
the scene. elsewhere, getting a look at the eastshore freeway near ashby, not too bad. traffic is good on the westbound side. that's an easy ride from highway 4. eastbound though we are dealing with a crash right at 5 0 as you connect off the richmond/san rafael bridge at 580. it's blocking lanes so 11 minutes from the maze opposite towards 580. that albany split. here's the maze. not too bad towards the bay bridge. mary. >> the air quality continues to get worse this morning. this is a live look from our "salesforce tower" camera looking east. you can't see anything. aqi values 245 in san francisco. that's very unhealthy air 173 livermore, 198 in san jose. so 200 higher very unhealthy air. 150 or higher is unhealthy air. smoke through tuesday. wednesday through friday chance of rain.
8:26 am
8:27 am
♪ what did you do last night? i can tell you what john dickerson did. he braved the cold weather for what did you do last night? i can tell you what john dickerson did. he braved the weather for an organization that helps young peopleover come homelessness. >> there are resilient, brave young people trying to overcome homelessness and against the fear and isolation there's covenant house with solutions and with food and shelter and medical care. but really the big thing is the big heart of covenant house. >> so john dickerson slept in a sleeping bag on a
8:28 am
to show his solidarity and support for covenant house which supports more than a million homeless boys and girls worldwide. you work with this organization. this is something you scheduled to do a long time? just happened to have a big storm? >> these sleepouts -- that clip where i was talking was in the middle of times square so that's what the honking is, everybody ang troy ry to go home. but nobody would pretend you know what it's like to be a homeless youth but as kevin ryan, the president of covenant house says, when you're homeless, you can't pick the weather. and when the water soaks through your boots into your socks, if you're homeless, where do you go to sleep. >> it's a reminder and you spend the night with the people -- new the presence of grace when wur the people in covenant house. you have such joy helping tki t who have been kicked out of their homes or runningaway from gangs or trafficking and see what happens when they're just allowed to exhale and be these
8:29 am
wonderful people they are. it was an extraordinary experience. >> i thought about you last night. i thought about you last night. bravo for doing that. great cause. >> covenant house. everybody, all of the glory goes to covenant house. >> it's time to show you this morning's headlines. cbs lexington, kentucky affiliate wkyt reports three federal hate crime charges have been filed against the suspect in the kroger grocery store shooting. gregory bush is charged with killing two african-americans last month. he's accused of attempting to shoot another person based on race or color. he could face the death penalty if convicted. >> the "washington post" reports that potentially tens of thousands of veterans are not getting their payments of the g.i. bill because of the 50-year-old computer system that is broken. the problem began when the benefit processing system buckled under complex new formulas for the g.i. bill students. the v.a. says an additional 202
8:30 am
workers have been assigned to fix the problem and employees have been working mandatory overtime. >> and the "new york times" has a follow-up about a david hockney painting we told you about that sold at auction. the iconic painting broke a record selling for more than $90 million at christie's in new york. it was expected to fetch $80 million. christie's did not identify the buyer of portrait of an artist. >> so which wall are you planning to put that on, gayle? >> in the living room. this morning in our series "school matters" we look at one musician trying to keep arts education alive. students show the arts contribute more than $760 billion to the economy. seattle native and grammy winning rapper macklemore returned to his former high school to help low income teenagers hone their hip-hop skills. carter evans went along. >> reporter: when macklemore
8:31 am
first started rapping in high school, he admit he is had a lot to learn. >> i sucked and i got better slowly. >> reporter: it was here at garfield high in seattle's inner city where ben haggerty, the boy that became macklemore, found his passion for music. >> this is the place that i had just started to rap when i was like 14. >> reporter: today his talent is undisputed. the grammy winner's music videos have more than 3 billion views online and now he's using his success to help his hometown. >> as soon as i got money and a platform i said how can we do something in seattle, locally, that we didn't have when we were kids. >> massive cuts to the arts and music programs in schools across the country have left many teens with few outlets for creative expression. >> if you're just in this strict curriculum everyday and you're not exercising that creativity, you want to escape, you want to
8:32 am
get out. >> so macklemore and his business partner rya lewis teamed up with pop culture and arts corps to give seattle's disadvantage teens a chance to pursue their hip-hop dreams for free. >> welcome to the residency. >> it's an immersive extracurricular program where teens are paid so they can focus on learning skills from song structure -- >> you cheated and lied when all i wanted was the truth. >> reporter: to beat making. >> all of these notes, they just go up an octave. >> reporter: 19-year-old a leia logan said she could never get that in high school. >> there was t school-to-prison pipeline is a real thing. those students that are creative, those students that don't have the outlet, a lot of times they end up on the streets because they can't find what they need insrooms. ♪ it only makes sense that it ends for me ♪
8:33 am
>> reporter: students mix and record their own music using professional equipment. >> i remember going home the first day and i crashed and i got up at like 3:00 a.m. and i was just making music until i went at 8:00 the next day. >> reporter: alyssa enrico mentors the teens. >> what do they leave that makes them more rounded people. >> that it's okay to fail and fail big. >> art comes from a place of struggle, it comes from a place of opening up the heart and transmitting what's inside of you. >> reporter: macklemore has struggled with substance abuse since his teens. these days his passion for music fuels his commitment to stay clean and soebino ng back from s percocet, adderall, xanax ♪ >> i'm worried about the use. i think if i would have had the
8:34 am
access to pills like kids in 2018 do in this very same school i think i would be dead. >> reporter: macklemore hopes the arts will save these teens the way it saved him. >> i want to give them that magic that is hearing yourself on head phones for the first time. that's a spiritual experience. if you are an artist, you are a rapper and a singer and you hear your voice on head phones for the first time, that's god right there. >> for cbs "this morning," carter evans, seattle. >> art can save. carter evans, thank you. critics call actor william you know when you're at ross
8:35 am
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. >> all right. >> okay, out. i warned you, one drip and you're out. >> oh, come on! >> out now. >> it's going to melt outside. >> obviously it's melting inside, too. >> but bobby -- >> out. >> willem dafoe received his third oscar nomination for his role as a hotel manager in "the florida project." he's known for his versatility. he's portrayed a soldier in "platoon" the green goblin in "spiderman" and a hitman in "the
8:39 am
grand budapest hotel." now he plays vincent van gogh in his final years in the new movie "at eternity's gate." >> i thought an artist had to teach how to look at the world but i don't think that anymore. now i just think about my relationship to eternity. >> what do you color eternity? >> sometimes they say i'm mad but in the grain of men, that's the best of art. >> "at eternity's gate" is distributed by cbs films and willem dafoe joins us here. rolling stone said it's your
8:40 am
best performance. it's not really about the painter but it really focuses on the painting. >> it is about painting and it was important for me to paint in the movie and that really became the key to unlock iing van gogh >> didn't julian say "you're not holding the brush right?" >> yes, it's important. there's a lot of painting in the movie and we did some long takes. and i do painting in realtime in the movie. but it was important mostly to -- he taught me many things about painting. how to make marks, how to paint light. it really changed how i see and that was essential and that's the heart of the movie because if you can get into how to look at van gogh's work, you can get in his head and that's the experience of the movie, i think. >> explain what it means, seeing like a painter. what do i look like to you as a painter? >> looking at you right now
8:41 am
initially i would have tried to paint a man but right now i'm looking at you i see the white highlight here. i paint the light. i paint the light. i remember trying to paint a cyprus tree and julian says wait, what do you see in see the dark spots? paint the dark spots. what it does is it's not just e deconstruction, you start to see the rise and fall of things and it opens things up and it's a new way of saying -- and really for me when when you see that happened in the movie and you do as you watch him paint it opens it up to paint that things he writes about in his let zblers his letters are amazing. >> you try to deconstruct van doe's life. we know he died at 37. what did you learn about van gogh that you didn't know? >> well, i think he was deeply steeped in spiritual impulse. that he was much more joyous
8:42 am
than we often think and he was ecstatic and productive in his last days. >> because he was considered a tortured a when he had those psychotic episodes when he did his best work. >> it appears from his life that he was happiest when he was painting and he was basically making a painting a day. i didn't think so much about the tortured aspect. i really focused on the painting. it was hard to reconcile the exstatic states with every day life. >> you said that julian was skeptical initially about making the film. >> that's what he told me. someone wanted him to make the film, and he being a painter he
8:43 am
was considered van gogh for all of his life. one of the special things about this movie is it is a painters view of a painter. when you're not stocking laundry mats. >> we will talk about that next time. >> you people take on a role the way you do. congratulations on all of the acclaim krour g acclaim you're getting on this. next, we'll look at all that mattered in this long week. >> it was a long week. ng week. >> yes. all that matters in this long week. >> it was a long week.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
that does it for us. that does it for us, we're now all going to take up painting now. >> didn't we like that? >> you heard it here first, he
8:47 am
will be nominated for an oscar. that is my prediction. >> she a great talent, be sure to tune in to news tonight with jeff glor. here is all that mattered. >> the most destructive fire in california history is the deadliest. >> our neighbors are gone. >> it is scenes like this that have homeowners worried. >> this was all on fire. >> it was outrunning us before we even knew we were in a race. >> u.s. customs and border protection have cloegssed four lanes here. >> they are trying to recount 8.2 million ballots. >> the women filed a $70 million federal lawsuit. >> you both say you were rapped by former dartmouth professors.
8:48 am
>> what is the quintessential john mccain you want people to >> his honor, courage, dignity, and his ability to use humor in all of this. >> it seems whatever the obama administration has done, the current administration wants to und undo. >> the truth is that the presidency is not ours to own if is the people's. >> congratulations on being named new co-host of cbs this morning. >> thank you. >> where was john dickerson this morning? >> he had the day off. >> he is such a diva. >> he is a human. >> the hair and makeup time that that man requires is unbelievable. >> i know the president calls you my kevin welcome of all of the nicknames he has come up with, my kevin sounds prey good, my kevin. >> you're holding up the whole show. >> holy --
8:49 am
>> awesome sauce. >> what does it mean that you're the executive officer of this carrier. do you ever stop to think about that? >> not usually because my days busy. >> holy malordy, i like that. >> do you have your lifeback? do you miss the white house at all? >> no. not at all. >> women find men more attractive when they have a beard. >> men with the light stubble beard is more popular these days. you're very on trend. >> a good compliment here at the table. >> deputy national advisor is out, officially reassigned within the administration. >> the firings are interesting, there is so much speculation about people losing their jobs thinking if i'm going to be fired i want to know about it before everybody else does. tell me ahead of time. >> i'll do my best, but i would not do the firing. >> i would happy you hail the
8:50 am
taxi. >> it is not going to happen. >> walk out with my little box.
8:51 am
8:52 am
good morning. it's 8:55. i'm michelle griego. breaking news. major bart delays right now in all directions from the bay fair station due to a disabled train. the station shut down around 6 a.m. and it reopened just about 90 minutes ago. we are going to take a live look outside right now. this is downtown san jose. you can see those smoky skies there. this is the worst they have been this week in the bay area. so a number of transit agencies are offering free rides today to commuters. they include muni, samtrans and vta. all the smoke coming from the "camp fire" in butte county which is blamed for 63 deaths
8:53 am
and more than 600 people considered missing. the fire has scorched 142,000 acres and is 45% contained. we'll have news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website,
8:54 am
we are deather conditions better conditions at the bay cr ust clred it ffwa cep bethere so
8:55 am
slow and go as you work your way northbound 101 of the delays from hellyer to san antonio. use 280 much better choice this morning. we have a crash south 880 right at "a" street. it is blocking one lane. you can see a backup right behind it. so a little sluggish on the nimitz freeway ride through there. if you are working your way northbound though say near the coliseum traffic is clear no delays towards the maze. and a quick look at 101, 380 towards sfo. traffic good in both directions. it is even worse this morning. you can see a live look from the "salesforce tower" says. it's smoky. you can't make out the bay bridge this morning. current aqi values at 245. that's very unhealthy air for san francisco values 150 or hieron healthy. it higher, unhealthy. 200 or higher very unhealthy. smoke ee throughsmoky through
8:56 am
tuesday, rain chances wednesday through friday.
8:57 am
wayne: ah! - i'm gonna take the money, wayne. jonathan: $15,000 in cash! wayne: we do it all for the fans. jonathan: my personal guarantee. tiffany: yummy. wayne: two cars! that's what this game is all about. she's leaving here with the big deal of the day. ten years of deals, right? jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: hey, everybody. wayne brady here, this is "let's make a deal." who wants to make a deal? you, right there, cassie. everybody else, have a seat, come on over here, cassie. how are you doing, cassie? - good, how are you? wayne: excellent. and what do you do? - i'm an operating room nurse. wayne: give her a round of applause, operating room nurse. saving lives.
8:58 am
now we're going to make a deal with you right now. you ready for this? - i'm so excited.
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