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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 19, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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of what medicare doesn't. and these are the only plans to carry the aarp endorsement for meeting their high standards of quality and service. to request your free decision guide call now or go online at with this type of plan, you'll have the freedom to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. and when you travel, your plan will go with you - anywhere in the country. whew! call or go online and find out more. . choking smoke in the bay area, crews work to identify remains and find the people still missing. breaking news we're watching wall street as stocks continue to plunge right now and a couple of bay area tech companies are leading the big
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sell off. good afternoon i'm kenny troy. >> i'm michelle griego, let's take a live look outside you can see all these different areas livermore, oakland, san jose, san francisco, all blanketed by this smog here. the unhealthy air is still the big story tobay area, clear skies could soon be on the horizon that's the good news, mary when might we be getting relief from the smokey air. we're tracking two weather systems that will bring the rain but in the meantime we're still dealing with the smoke, this is a live look to the east bay with our dublin cam you can see the hazy smokey skies current values unhealthy santa rosa, 151, san francisco 152, 158, 150 of 163, sase, healthy r. we're still dealvisibility beca smoke 2 and a half miles in mountain view, two miles sfo,
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heyward, oakland airport, concord, looking at 3-miles for santa rosa. the weather headlines the 12th day in a row of unhealthy air, smokey skies continue for most of the day on tuesday but we're going to see a change in wind direction late tuesday with the rain arriving on wednesday. when we will see that rain coming up in just a few minutes. sounds good. many animals at the oakland zoo have had very little reprieve, zoo members have been trying to keep them as safe as possible that includes fitting some animals with their own versions of n95 masks. >> we can't give everybody little face masks which are ideal, some will be more sensitive than others like birds, amphibians. >> the zoo is closed because of the bad air, it is not clear if it will reopen tomorrow. we have a special section on our website on the bad air, you can check the latest air
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quality also get health tips how to protect yourself and the latest on canceled events you can find the link on here are the latest numbers from the wildfire in butte county, the death toll stands at 77 nearly 1,000 people still officially unaccounted for. the campfire has destroyed more than 11,700 homes, has burned 235 square miles an area larger than the city of chicago. cal fire reporting it is 66% contained. we have the latest on how crews are making progress. hundredsof evacuees are on the move at one point living in tents and campers in chico, cooler temperatures and rained on the way the city has beenmoving those that are willing to go to the fairgrounds with solutions inside for what's next. >> more than 5,000 firefighters continue to battle the state's most destructive fire in history, an exhaustion is
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setting in mathemryon s miere, home than any other fire i've been on hands down. the process of sifting through the rubble continues in paradise as officials try to account for hundreds still on a list of those reported missing. they are using rapid d na test kits to help them identify the remains. >> we're hopeful we'll be able to account for the vast majority of those individuals, it is a process. >> still an, saying positive identification may be impossible and some remains may never be recovered at all. after the president's visit, his counselors spoke to reporters saying regardless of party affiliation, everyone is concerned about preventing this kind of devastation in the
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future. >> obviously he is there to help on the back end now as we continue to search for, please pray for the 1,000 people who are still missing certainly those who have been devastated. it is truly one of the most incredibly devastating scenes i think anyone of us have ever witnessed. >> the cause of the fire still under investigation but there are a lot of fingers pointed at pg and e which admits it had two power line failures in that area on the day that the fire started. michelle. thank you. we'll continue to bring you the latest developments in the camp fire, you can get updates online at a lot of nervous investors, a live look at the big board on pal street, the dow has dropped significantly again right now it is down about 376 points the nasdaq also seeing a steep decline, big drops in apple and facebook stock are leading the slump, apple losing nearly 4% in midday, facebook is down 5% right now, new at noon, the
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winner of the olende race made first public comments after a neck and neck battle in this year's midterm elections. >> this is like a dream come true. i am a politician, in this campaign my opponent tried to turn that into something negative. the truth is, i am a politician and i can think of no better way for me to serve in politics than in a program that helps young people. >> tony thurman urged out martial tuck. one of the costliest in california. the two men raised about $43 million between them. new at noon, a judge has sentenced a colorado man who confessed to killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters in a case that has attracted national attention. christopher watts is going to spend the rest of his life in prison with no possibility of parole. he pleaded guilty to murdering his pregnant wife shannon and their daughters bella and
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selest before dumpinsite. family members overcome with emotion had an opportunity to address watts directly in court. >> this is the hardless one, the evil monster who dare you take the lives of my daughter shannon selest and niko, i trusted you to take care of them, not kill them. earlier watts confessed to killing his family in a plea deal to avoid the death penalty. police in is south bay may have gotten a break in the search for a 49ers fan missing for a week a group of fishermen spotted a body on saturday near the boat launch in san jose a few miles from levi stadium. 32-year-old ian powers vanished, he was there with his family when he went to the bathroom powers never came back. he was later seen on surveillance video right here walking along the bridge towards the parking lot that bridge crosses the creek which runs into the bay. democrats in washington say
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they'll keep a close eye on the man now overseeing the russia investigation. as mola lenghi reports president trump says stay mostly hands off. president trump has given acting attorney general matthew whittaker full authority over special council robert muller's russia investigation. >> it is going to be up to him, i believe he is going to do what's right. >> if he decides to curtail. >> i would not get involved. >> democrats have called upon whittaker to recuse himself from overseeing the investigation pointing comments whittaker has made in the past criticizing muller's probe. he was choosing for the purpose of interfering with the muller investigation. three democrat senators have sued to have whittaker removed saying the constitution requires senate approval for all principal officers such as attorney general. but the white house argues that whittaker is not considered a principal officer because he is only temporary. >> he is clearly a principal officer in the fact that he is a temporary principal officer, doesn't mean that that is any
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less subject to senate confirmation. special council robert muller agreed to submit written questions to president trump and the president is expected to submit his answers next week. but the president has been advised not to answer any questions about obstruction of justice. >> and nothing written or in person on obstruction. i would say probably. probably, i can change my mind but probably. i think we've waisted enough time on this witch hunt. >> mr. muller does have the power to subpoena to answer the question but would have to sign off on the subpoena. the yous has still not responded to claims that the crown prince of saudia rabia was involved in the murder of washington post reporter jamal khashoggi, confirming the cia has intelligence that the crown prince ordered the october killing of the journalist. the crown prince has denied those claims, members of both parties in congress are calling for strong action against the
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saudi leadership. >> clearly this guy is a wrecking ball when it comes to the mideast in a relationship with the united states. it is certainly testing the proposition that the enemy of our enemy is our friend. today in his first public comments since khashoggi's murder, saudia rabia's king expressed support for his son the crown prince but did not address the growing controversy. in guatemala a burst of activity at the fuego volcano is sparking evacuations you can see lava and ash bubbling up from its crater the company issued the highest alert yesterday when it began spewing ash and lava, 4,000 people have been evacuated from villages near the slopes of the fuego volcano. this comes 5 months after 194 people were killed during an eruption in june. coming up, a major bridle retailer filed for bankruptcy. coming up, why the company worry about. s have nothing
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protecting the heathe oia s side effect.
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. the top man is at nissan is in hot water following an internal probe, the auto maker discovered the chairman had under reported his salary and committed other financial
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violations, also accused of engaging in personal use of company assets, nissan says be dismissed. the nation's biggest wedding retailer filed for bankruptcy but still plans to stay in the business, the company says its chapter 11 filing will not disrupt customer's wedding plans, says it has secured support from lenders to help stay afloat. an ohio hospital is using a new technique on breast cancer patients. doctors at the cleveland clinic say a snokle-like device helps radiation, they take a deep breath and hold it increasing the distance between the heart and the area getting the radiation. >> the breast and chest lift up during the inspiration, the heart stays where it is. we're able to treat the breast and chest while limiting dose to the heart. >> researchers say using this active breathing technique is cutting radiation doses to the heart by 50% or more for patients in most cases. bay area nonprofit is getting ready to feed lots of
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needy families this holiday season, the organization needs people like you to help meet its goal. right now volunteers for sacred heart and san jose are assembling boxes for 4,000 families, the organization is 2,000 turkeys short of its goal for this week. the food boxes offset of course the cost of groceries for needy families saving them about $100 each. for a lot of members in our community, this actually helps him save money this holiday season and that money can go towards other costs like the high cost of rent. if you would like to help make a donation to sacred heart online or in person. the sacred heart station will be open today through wednesday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. let's get a check on our weather now with mary, hey there. >> we are looking at better air quality and rain that is on the way so it is coming some relief for sure this week. but for now we're talking
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ability smokey conditions with the unhealthy category. san francisco 172, 174 in oakland, 160, san jose, 163 for livermore. santa rosa. 151, 167 for a value looking at the delay of 153, 112 in vackerville, 180 in berkeley, how bad we're still talking about unhealthy air. we're going on the 12th day in a row in the spare the air alert that's a new record for the most consecutive days of spare the air alerts the old record set back in october of 2017 that was during the wine country wildfires. here is a live look with oursales force tower cam. hard to make out the tower there because of the smoky conditions temperatures are in the 50s and 60s, 65 in concord, oakland 59, 65 in livermore, 61
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in san francisco, san jose, santa rosa, 69 we're tracking two weather systems that will bring the rain the first one this area of low pressure will swing the cold front our way, that will bring the rain. our smoke forecast showing improving air quality, it is coming especially as we head through tuesday and for sure on wednesday. so that rain begins early on wednesday so wednesday morning could see some brief heavy downpours for wednesday morning but the rain at times for the rest of the day on wednesday a few showers for thursday on thanksgiving catching a break for most of the day on thanksgiving and then our second weather system arrives for late thursday in to friday for more rain. so how much rain with we talking about? likely an inch of rain for the north bay, greater rainfall amounts we'll be watching areas around the car fire in redding of course the camp fire in butte county, they could see some heavy rain and the possibility of debris flows
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there. sunset at 4:55, sunset, here is that seven day forecast, for tuesday kind of a transition day we'll see a smokey start to the day and then late tuesday improving air quality with a change in wind direction rain wednesday few showers for thanksgiving but mainly dry and then rain again for friday. we welcome the rain. you know you have the rain we're talking snow now, forget the skis and snow board. this is pretty interesting this new sport developed in the mountains of czech republic combines skiing and skating the developer of snow feet say they have adjustable binders so one size fits all, it can fit over your winter boots. a company warns that snow feet are not suitable for deep powder conditions. looks fun. still ahead using family sacrifices as an inspiration how a bay area scholar over came tough times to find success.
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. the immigrant families struggle to make ends meet. >> through it all they put their children's education
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first. meal time is family time, a 19-year-old sophomore is spending the holiday weekend cooking pazoli with her mom and grandma. >> she is really good at what she does, she is experienced. she is grateful for the lesson, a simple yet important family tradition something she'll never take for granted i get emotional thinking about it, we did come from a very hard time. her parents left mexico to pursue the american dream, settled in san jose, began working and had five beautiful daughters, living space in the family's one bedroom apartment was tight. >> it was very overwhelming, literally people sleeping on top of each other. through it all cynthia kept her grades up and accepted to a prestigious private school. the family was evicted. >> we didn't have anywhere else to go so therefore we had to move out. >> her family relocated to moo,made a tough choice to give cynthia
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and their other daughters the best education possible. they would drive 80-miles every day from modesto to san jose to go to school. the 6 hour round trip took its toll. >> sleepless nights, not being able to eat well. many hardships that freshman year kind of consist of. eventually the family found a new home in their san jose neighborhood. >> cynthia found students rising above. >> came at my right time at the junior year, they provided that for me. her mom sandra is proud. yeah. she is my little angel. she is a strong. she has a nickname for her girls. her mom calls us warriors. you're my little warriors. if you're happy and you know it clap your hands. cynthia is planning on becoming a pediatrician as the oldest daughter she has lots of
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experience with kids. and gratitude for her family. >> security here and i know i'll be safe with them. it is really nice i can come home now and they'll let these company around and there is this family and i feel united. for students rising above, i'm kristin airs. you can catch up on individual alums and scholars and learn more about sra by going to our website, it is we'll be right back. this little home of mine,
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coming up tonight at 5, a new experimental drug for peanut allergies could help children that suffer from allergic reactions. fires and air quality the other big story of the day the drop on wall street the dow is still down about 354 points. hey there people eligible for medicare.
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with this type of plan, you'll have the freedom to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. and when you travel, your plan will go with you - anywhere in the country. whew! call or go online and find out more.
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