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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  November 20, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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50 degrees to starts. it's tuesday november 20th and i'm kenny choi. >> we're going to look live at paradise in butte county. the number of missing has dropped to 699. the fire has grown to 236 square miles. all that smoke from that fire has choked the bay area for two weeks. but hang in there it is about to clear out thanks to some much needed rain but the relief comes with new dangers for the wild fire scarred areas including where the campfire is still going. >> we want the rain but that could come with some problems.
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>> they could see about 3" of rain with this first system so watching that very closely for you. of course it would be nice to get that rain and we're tracking this weather system. there are actually two, one right behind the other the as we go through tonight we're going to see a change in wind direction. right now we're looking at smokey skies with unhealthy air quality once again but it's not going to last too long here. 169 in san francisco. 161 in san jose. and 144 for livermore. and most of the bay area with unhealthy air quality as we start off the day. but, again, we are going to see some changes as we go through this evening with better air quality. we're going to see a change in the wind ahead of a cold front that arrives for some much needd rain. so i'll show you and time it out when we expect to see the rain. when the winds will change coming up in just a couple of
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minutes. and as mary said the rain should go a long way. but search and recovery crews must race against the clock to try to recover dna and identify the dead. >> heavy ash and soot and when the water touches that it kind of turns to setment so anything we have or potentially have is going to be further buried and intombed by that. >> another concern is acid rain. the rain be more acidic than normal but we are told it won't have much of a lasting impact. >> the pro longed exposure we might end up with problems. >> as for our drinking water we talked to officials who tell us the rain mixing with particlates in the air we will not have a
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problem. a list of the missing is urging evacues to check it. >> i hope people do their best to check those lists and call in and let us know. >> the fire displaced 52,000 people. hundreds are staying at a red cross shelter in gridly and nearly 200 evacues are staying at the woodson bridge rv park in tajaima county. the 115,000 volt line runs parallel to the river. now the mercury news reports about six years ago a storm toppled 5 steel towers that toppled those 5e is near the tof
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pulga but pg&e told state regulators on november 8th cal fire investigating both spots as possible origin. pg&e's stock fell again. the stock has lost half of its value since the fire broke out. a pair of burglars were busted for lewding a cal fire station. lewding during emergency and possession of stolen property. both men were booked into the butte county jail under $250,000 bail. last week 5 men and a woman were also arrested for stealing from evacuated homes. we start off with a couple of accidents first off on work s pleasanton. it's not caused too much of a
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bub and it'see c to the center divide. traffic moving not too bad on that westbound side. most of your delays are coming out of the altamonte pass area. take a look at our live shot here in the bottom of your screen you can see those flashing lights because there's a crash blocking lanes westbound 80 right at willows. it's blocking at least one lane. you've got activity there on scene. parking to the macarthur bridge. traffic is still light as you make your way over there. overall an easy ride out of oakland as you head into the san francisco this morning 11 minutes to work your way across the span. 4:35 right now developing out of chicago. 3 people and a police officer are dead after a shooting at a hospital.
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>> outside of mercy hospital shots fired in front of mercy hospital. >> a gunman opened fire at chicago's mercy hospital yesterday afternoon. >> it was extreme and it was very loud and it was close. >> police say the shooter and his x-fiance dr. tamara o'neil were arguing in the parking lot when he shot and killed her. he ran into the hospital where he and officers exchanged gunfire. >> they did what the heroic officers always do they ran towards that gun fire. >> officer samuel jimenez a 28-year-old father of three. >> this tears the at the soul of our city. it is the face and the consequence of evil. >> dr. patrick connor worked
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with o'neil a 38-year-old emergency room physician. >> simply one of the most fast working, heart working persons ever. >> also killed was 25-year-old dana less a first year pharmaceutical resident. a recent active shooter drill helped save lives. laura podesta cbs news. and as of this morning police have still not released the name of the gunman. a federal judge has temporarily barred the trump administration from refusing asylum to people coming across the border illegally. the administration had directed asylum seekers to enter at one of the 20 entrances. time now 4:37 new reports this morning claim president trump's daughter ivanka used a personal e-mail account for
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government business. hundreds of e-mails were sent. many of them were uncovered by white house officials reviewing ivanka trump's e-mails. a spokesman for ivanka's attorney says none of them contained classified information. until the white house provided her the same guidance they had given others before she did. almost always for logistics and scheduling concerning her family. >> hillary clinton has to go to jail. honestly she's guilty as >> throughout the 2016 campaign president trump dubbed his democratic rival hillary clinton as crooked hillary. meantime according to the post ivanka used a private account for much of 2017 she assumed an official white house role in
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march of last year. more than a month has passed since saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was killed. >> sources say the cia has concluded that saudi crowned prince ordered jamal khashoggi's death. but the white house has yet to reach the same conclusion. >> the president has said it's a complete tragedy he's been looking for answers. he's directed everybody go and get those answers. >> the washington post could collum's death was planned. he's supposed to see the report tuesday. >> we also have a great ally in saudi arabia. they give us a lot of jobs. >> some say financial ties shouldn't play a factor inside
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matter. >> i hope we do it based on the truth. not something we simply want to see. >> german officials meanwhile are taking a strong stand against saudi arabia. >> we've been in close contact. >> i'm john lawrence reporting. and the white house denounced sanctions against 17 saudi officials last week in connection with the killing but crowned prince muhammad bin salmon was not with them. nancy pelosi is facing more opposition within her own party as she tries to become house speaker again. they write that during their recent election campaigns quote we promise to change the status quo and we intend to deliver. the resistance could present a problem for pelosi and that's
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because she can only afford to lose 15 members. but pelosi and her supporters say they are still confident she will win when a forward vote happens on january 3rd. time now is 4:41. a new solution for the bay area's housing crisis coming up airb&b meets eharmony. >> 50 degrees right now it is 4:41 we'll be right back.
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i'm ann macovich at the live news desk. this happened about 20 miles northeast of the capital of barcelona. a lot of folks heading into barcelona. two cars went off the track and this was likely caused by a
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landslide according to emergency officials there in spain. they've been getting a lot of rain there over the past 48 hours. so the rescue operation has been going on for the past about 5 hours as we'll try to treat those injured. we're going to try to keep an eye on that. >> ann mackovich for that live news update. the dow dropped nearly 400 points and the nasdaq tumbled more than 200. shares of some of the biggest names in tech also took a beating. facebook into the day down 6%. apple 4%. amazon, and google pairing alphabet and net brix there's a possible plan to stop the further sinking of my
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len yum and tilted 14" to the west since it opened in april of 2009. this morning a bay area company says it has a unique solution for a housing crisis. >> and the company says no construction required. >> we kind of think of it as a combination of an air b&b meets eharmony. >> the company says the goal is to make 25 matches between renters looking for affordable housing and homeowners who have extra space and don't mind charging below market rate. >> they could get services that the renter could give to the house hold. >> for now it's partnering with
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school districts and hospitals to help keep educators and medical workers from being forced out of the bay area. happening today yosemite national park will be closing two roads ahead of an on coming snowstorm. glacier point road will also close. the storms are expected to dump at least 1' of snow and visitors are required to carry those tire chains while driving during the winter months. let's get a check on our weather here in the bay area. rain is in the forecast. >> yes, finally some relief. we are talking about better air quality as we go through this evening. you are going to see some changes. but right now we're still dealing with the smoke. current aqi values from san francisco 169. san leandro 155.
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livermorewo city. moderate air quality at 91. looking good there. as we head through santa rosa. 161 for san rafael. san pablo. and vallejo 170 in concord and 147 in vacaville. most of the bay area waking up to unhealthy air with all of that smoke but things are going to be changing. live look looking east. temperatures this morning on the chilly side. once again in concord. 39, oakland liver more coming in the upper 30s. san jose 43 and santa rosa at 34. so the weather headlines we're looking at still smokey skies for one more day for most of the day today but improving conditions by this evening. that rain beginning early for tomorrow so in the morning you are going to see that rain, the air quality much better in the
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normal category and soaking rain near the campfire. we will be watching that to 3" of rain. a flash flood watch in effect for butte county. that ridge of high pressure that has been in control for about a month and a half is going to move out of here. it's going to drop a cold front our way and that will bring some much needed release. and smoke forecast, take a look at this we were talking about red. we are going to see improving air quality as we go through the day today. future cast as we take you through again looking at smokey skies to start off. then improving conditions. you can actually see those clouds beginning to push through and there we go for tonight. by tonight with that change in wind direction. here we are for tomorrow morning
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stopping the clock at 8:00 a.m. that front moves through for tomorrow afternoon. rainfall amounts looking at anywhere from a half inch and we're looking at as much as 1" and a quarter to almost 2" of rain across the northern portion of the state with that flash flood watch in effect from the wild fires dealing with flash flooding. so we're looking at a rainy wednesday. a few showers for thanksgiving and looking dry for the weekend. thank you. let's start off on the east shore freeway. we've got a trouble spot right
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around that freeway connector. i just checked in with chp and it looks like they said one vehicle did catch on fire and you're now starting to see some delays as you work westbound. down to the mcarthur maze delayn that eastbound side of highway 4. elsewhere bay bridge not bad at all. traffic very light out of oakland into san francisco. so easy ride if you're working your way out of the east bay over toward the peninsula as well. it's in the center divide not causing any delays. traffic very quiet connecting on to 680. out of the altamonte pass westbound 580 slow to at least altamonte pass road. quick look at the san mateo
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bridge as you work your way near lafayette. 4:51 right now. former nba star and warriors star created a new image black santa to celebrate diversity and spread positive to give families the opportunity to meet black santa and mrs. claus. >> it's really about a celebration of culture and also seeing the good in other people's culture and celebrating and loving them. >> it opens this friday and runs all the way to christmas eve and
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they're flossing. >> moving flossing. all right. time now is 4:51. >> they're rocking and rolling right back to the bay area. coming up the rolling stones announcing a new tour with a stop close by. >> and this is a live look outside in san jose where you are waking up to 43 degrees. 4:52 right now we'll be right back.
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well we are tracking two weather systems that will bring the rain and also clear out the skies there, clear out the smoke from the skies. we're looking at temperatures at around 59 in pacifica for daytime highs. 65 in mountain view. 67 in san jose. for brentwood 65. 66 for a high in pleasant hill.
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walnut creek good morning to you at 65. we're looking at 64 for you in berkley as well as for oakland and 66 in santa rosa. we'll time out for you when we'll see the rain and when we will see better air quality. i know a lot of people looking forward to details on that in a couple of minutes. we're seeing delays along the east shore freeway this morning. we've got a hot spot westbound 80 effecting your commute out of hercules this morning. your drive time now 34 minutes from the carcinas bridge. that will probably change later this evening and tomorrow evening as folks head out of town tomorrow for the holiday. kenny and my which he will. ♪ i know it's only rock and roll but i like it ♪ the rolling stones are coming to the bay area. at levi stadium on may 18th
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marking their first tour. that was back in 2013. and all the stones will bring the no filter tour to 13 u.s. stadiums in 2019. tickets go on sale starting at 10:00 a.m. on november 30th. 4:56 right now. >> valuable items belonging to frank sinatra are being auctioned off. here's more on your eye on entertainment. >> snoop dog now has a star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> i want to thank me for believing in me. i want to thank me for doing all this hard work. i want to thank me for having no days off. >> jimmy kimmel and quincy jones were there to honor this rapper. amazon prime is giving its members a chance to see aqua man
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early. subscribers can get tickets to see special screenings of the film on september 15th. jason mamoa plays the aquatic super hero trying to save the under water city of atlantis. frank sinatra's collection includes dunces in the collection. that's your eye on entertainment. cbs news los angeles. time check it is 4:57. relief is on the way. >> coming up incoming rain is expected to wash away the smokey air tonight. we pinpoint the timing. >> plus a caravan of donation social security about to leave from here in fremont heading up to paradise. we'll have the details coming up. this little home of mine,
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♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine.
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♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. relief is on the way. this morning we're tracking a storm that will hopefully wash away all that bad air. >> but that's good and bad news in the butte county fire zone. and a late decision puts the brakes on a trump administration order. this morning a big win for migrants heading to the border. good morning everybody. it is tuesday november 20th i'm michelle griego. >> we are going to get a little bit of a break. >> yeah, finally we're going to have that relief. going on 13 days of unhealthy air and a spare the air alert and that is a record for the bay area for the most consecutive spare the air alerts for the region here. >> we are going to see some


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