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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 21, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PST

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fresh air moving into the bay area just in time for the holiday. a live look at the city of san francisco. you can see it is a lot clearer. >> and new push is under way in sacramento to let utility companies off the hook for wildfire damage. >> we are hearing from the family of a 49ers fan found dead after disappearing during a game at levi's stadium last week. >> good morning, it is wednesday, november 21st. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. we are finally going to get some fresh air today. coit tower on telegraph hill, you can definitely see it is clear out there. you don't see that haze that we have been seeing for almost
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two weeks now. the rain is moving in, the smoke moved out. the air quality around the bay area has been improving. it was moderate range in richmond last night and things will get better as the day moves along. so r. did you ever think you would be this thankful to have moderate air quality? it's been a long time. so a good day for today across the bay area. we are looking at better air quality and much-needed rain. let's show you hi-def doppler. we are tracking showers this morning. so zooming into the north bay here, you can see some cells here from petaluma, novato, up near santa rosa. a few showers this morning across the north bay and then taking to you the east bay here, you can see the cell near union city in hayward there and could see some heavy downpours with that cell, as 'll see more rain through
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the day. nice to be able to see from our tower cameras this morning. so a big difference with our air quality. take a look at these update aqi values. check out san francisco. we are down to below 100. moderate air quality there. also for santa rosa. now, livermore you're looking at unhealthy air. smoky skies for you. ism proving air quality for all of us through the day. so widespread rainfall through the rest of the morning. ism proving air quality for all of us through the day. tracking a second storm for the rain on friday. could see debris flows and mudslides in the burn zones. we'll time out the rain coming up. we wto take ok at is ho eastbound 380 at el camino real. a two-car crash has backed up
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traffic. keep that in mind in the area. we wanted to look at san mateo bridge where there was an earlier problem so that really backs up traffic. it looks like like though traffic is moving along nicely right now heading from hayward to foster city. our dublin cam shows traffic stacked up on both sides. the main evacuation route from the town of paradise may of course that's going to be a much busier section later this afternoon as people head out have become more dangerous in of town for the holiday. bay bridge toll plaza is looking nice. recent years despite warnings ahead of time. >> and republican lawmakers blasting the president's response to the murder of a journalist. good morning, it is wednesday, your drive time is looking november 21st. stellar heading into the bay i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. bridge toll plaza with no problems. looking at the south bay, you time now is 6:30. we want to get a live look can see drive times are all in outside where you will see a the green except for one spot big difference this morning. the smoke is all but gone. there on the 101 heading up north. look at this beautiful sunrise and it looks like the speeds as the sun starts to rise up just changed so traffic is starting to get better there over lafayette. especially after you hit 880. of course, we are going to see a mass exodus out of town bay area residents are already because of the thanksgiving taking advantage of this holiday especially to the cleaner air. airport. >> got to get to your families >> almost feels like the fire
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and friends. was in our backyard. we're just so grateful that we airports across the country are gearing up for a can breathe again. big travel day today. >> as of last night, those p95 the day before thanksgiving, of course, this is a live look at denver international airport. you can see all the people masks that were familiar -- n- there trying to get through 95 masks were almost gone as those security checkpoints. people could breathe. this holiday weekend is >> i saw someone wiping the predicted to be the busiest lens getting rid of the for thanksgiving travel in 13 particulates off our camera lenses. >> that's not the only reason years. >> i know that airport very we are seeing clearer pictures this morning. well. >> very well. >> we are getting rain, as you're always going there. well. so you know, air quality is >> always busy. but sfo is always busy, too. and kpix 5's anne makovec reports. getting better by the hour. that's a good thing. and we're also tracking the rush is on. you have been seeing a lot of showers pushing into the bay people already heading out area, as well. you can see the there. >> reporter: yeah. things are really starting to pick up here. today is the supposed to be the busiest day to fly this activity lighting up the holiday period second only to radar. zooming in to the east bay, you can see the showers near sunday when everybody is trying to come home from their livermore and up to the east of san ramon. holiday plans. this is also the busiest time for driving and the gas prices then along the coast, you can see see the are the highest they have been showers moving in and and in four years. there is more behind this. let's take a look at the numbers nationwide. 54million americans are widespread rain through the
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afternoon. santa cruz through half moon bay, you can see this batch of traveling 50 miles from home this holiday week. the highest volume since 2005. rain moving right along the most of them will be driving coast there up highway 1. so this is a wider picture and you can see the general motion but a record number is expected to fly. of this pushing to the 2.5million people a day and northeast. sunday could be a record of 3 again, more rain is on the way. a live look at our "salesforce tower" camera, doesn't this million people. here's a look at san jose look beautiful as we are looking at clearer skies. international airport. >> we see consumer confidence at an 18 year high and wages are up. americans have more disposable income so they are taking that additional money and putting good to moderate to unhealthy air quality. it towards a trip with friends and family this year. >> aaa says sunday is when traffic misery will hit its peak on the roads. 48.5million americans are expected to drive to their destinations. that is up 5%. as for flying, it hasn't been so bad here at sfo this rain into the morning in the afternoo rain, as well. morning. we'll talk to some of the people who caught these tracking a second system predawn flights coming up in friday. there is a possibility of
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flash flooding debris flows for near the recent fire the next half-hour. zones. so the "camp fire" will be watching that very closely. live at sfo, i'm anne makovec, we are going to time it all out for you on futurecast when kpix 5. in butte county, rain will cause new problems in the "camp fire" burn zone. you will see the rain where you live coming up. hundreds are still in tents heading over to the north with the wet weather bay right now, take a look at approaching. according to the red cross, there is plenty of space in the road conditions there. you do see some slowing on 101 evacuation shelters but some are scared to go. more than 100 people there there. but still not too bad. have been hospitalized by the speeds are in the 43-mile-per- norovirus, many evacuees plan hour zone. saw from vallejo to to ride out the rains out in novato speeds are slowing down a bit but still moving along and no report of any crashes. the open. >> so we are getting tarps and this is a look at the golden gate bridge. stuff like that. it's been rough but we're we are seeing some rain so you certainly want to be careful making due. >> the "camp fire" is 70% out there. doesn't take a lot to make the contained. 81 people are confirmed dead. roads slick. so be sure to keep two hands nearly 870 are still unaccounted for. that number dropped by about on the wheel. 100 yesterday as more people and taking a look at this hot spot in the peninsula, we have were located. been monitoring this since 5 the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a couple of pg&e transmission a.m. where there was a two-car lines are under the microscope crash eastbound 380 at el and now one california camino real. that crash has now been lawmaker is working on a bill to shield utility companies from liability when they are cleared. so speeds are back to normal.
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6:34. responsible for wildfires. an l.a. definitely give yourself county assembly man is plenty of time on the roads or expected to introduce a bill heading to the airport today. that would expand on sb901 this is a live look at sfo. which was passed this year. clear conditions out there, as it essentially caps the penalties that can be levied well. airport employees there and across the country are bracing against utility companies. for a big travel day. the measure did not apply to fire catastrophes during this calendar year according to the kpix 5's anne makovec reports "mercury news," the new bill from sfo, where some travelers are trying to beat the rush. would apply those protections to fires in 2018. >> reporter: takes a lot of new this morning, nancy love to book a trip during pelosi looks like a sure thing this holiday period because you know it's going to be busy to regain her role as house speaker. ohio congresswoman marsha fudge was thought to be and there's likely to be drama. if you are driving gas prices pelosi's one potential rival for that job. are the highest in four years. fudge now says that will so either way you slice it, it endorse the san francisco democrat. a vocal faction of house is going to be a busy period. democrats has been calling for new leadership in the party. 54million americans are democrats will select their nominee next week then the traveling 50 miles from home this holiday week, that's the full house votes on the highest volume since 2005. now, most of them will be speaker in january. santa clara county supervisors have approved a driving. but a record number is new program that will allow expected to fly 2.5 million people to safely turn in unwanted firearms. people a day. under this program, pitched by and sunday could set an all- time record of three million
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supervisor david cortese, people will be able to bring airline passengers. here's a look at san jose in guns and other firearms anonymously and then without international airport last liability. night where crowds were san jose inside reports that already starting to form. the sheriff's department has been directed to develop a now, so far today, not so bad system. this program will be separate from the occasional gun buy- here at sfo. people were smart booking back events which offer financial incentives. this morning, we are these predawn flights. and so far it hasn't been bad. >> how do you feel about hearing from the family of the 49ers fan who was found dead just three miles from levi's traveling during the busy times like this? >> doesn't bother me. stadium. >> i'm going to miss >> reporter: it's worth it? everything about him. he's like my little brother. i mean, what are you not going >> yeah. >> reporter: very good. >> once in a while. >> reporter: the aaa predicts to miss about somebody that's your family? that as far as driving last >> 32-year-old ian powers of spokane, washington, went night and tonight are tied for missing last monday after attending the 49ers game with his girlfriend. the worst times to start your santa clara police say for holiday drive. sunday is when traffic misery some reason, he walked past the stadium and entered the will hit its peak. guadalupe river where he was everybody coming home. carried a couple of miles now, the reason this year is expected to break records, away. the cause of death was number one, the economy. determined to be an accidental i think these numbers came out drowning. time now is 6:08. before yesterday's big sell- just months after california became the first state to off. but consumer confidence is at an all-time high and people's wages are higher so they are approve the elimination of cash bail, a to overturn that willing to spend the money to
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visit family and friends. some prog >> thank you. 6:36. this morning rain will help some popular bay area tourist crews battling the "camp fire" attractions will re-open today. in butte county. but the big concern right now >> thankfully, much better air is how it will affect and quality across the bay area. we have hi-def doppler going this morning. impact effects by search teams we are tracking the rain. we'll time it out for you on futurecast and how much rain looking for human remains. the heavy rain could lessen we could see coming up. the chances for more wildfires the rest of the year but now flash flood watches are in >> and we are still watching effect for some parts of butte eastbound 380 at el camino county and there are also concerns for mudslides. this comes as the death toll real where there is a two-car from the "camp fire" is now up crash that has backed up traffic to sneath lane. more on that and the rest of to 81. and hundreds are unaccounted for this morning. the bay area roads in a bit. we'll be right back. >> this is going to consolidate that material and if i never get off this island, tell my family i love... make it dense and pack it down and present much more like soil. so anything that we find or hope to find is still there, um, it's going to be very difficult -- it's going to make a difficult task just that much more difficult. >> crews are continuing to dig through the rubble this morning. more than 12,000 homes were destroyed in the "camp fire." meantime, this morning, we have also learned that paradise narrowed its main
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road by two lanes despite warnings of gridlock during a wildfire. nearly two weeks ago this was the eerie scene on skyway, abandoned car after car, torched from the wildfires as thousands of residents tried to escape the flames. some died in their cars as the fire roared right over them. according to the "los angeles times," the decision to narrow skyway came amid safety and business concerns from residents. a stretch of the road was narrowed from 4 lanes down to 2. president trump is continuing his support for saudi arabia despite the cia's conclusion that the saudi crown prince ordered the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi. the president and u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo noted american business and national security as among the reasons the u.s. will not impose sanctions. republican senator corker of tennesseee and democratic senator mendoza of new jersey sent a letter demanding a determination as to the saudi arabia crown prince's role in
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the murder. >> we have to figure out a way to keep the relationship but punish the individuals involved. but to send out a statement like this that just doesn't recognize any of that, to me, it's just hard to understand who he was talking to. >> president trump and the crown prince are likely to come face to face later this month. they are both scheduled to attend the g20 meeting in argentina. new details into the disturbing past of a man who gunned down three people outside a chicago hospital this week. according to the chicago tribune, gunman juan lopez had a history of disturbing behavior including being fired for improper conduct towards women that he worked with. his ex-wife reportedly also had an order of protection against him after she told police that he slept with a pistol under his pillow. on monday, 32-year-old lopez was arguing with his ex- fiancee dr. tamara o'neil outside mercy hospital before he killed her. >> i just wish this wasn't
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real. i wish this wasn't real. >> to have something like this to happen to us really shakes us up. but we get our strength through our faith. >> lopez also shot and killed a pharmacist at that hospital as well as a chicago police officer before he died in a shootout with police. time now is 6:39. health officials in the u.s. and canada issue a warning to avoid all romaine lettuce. >> and a northern california man is receiving the gift of sight for this holiday. we'll hear from him next. >> the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's check the big board. you can see the dow is up saving people money on car insurance. about 110 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. you can see the bay bridge
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from the "salesforce tower" camera looking east. better air quality for mor. we arecking the rain on hi- def doppler. i'll time it out for you coming up. 6:12 right now. improving air quality will allow some bay area tourist attractions to re-open today and that includes public tours at alcatraz and muir woods national park will re-open after being closed since friday because of the bad air. cable cars in san francisco are also back in service today. meanwhile, in southern california, there are concerns mrs. walker. this morning about the michael vasquez! incoming storm in the woolsey come over here. fire area. they are worried about the i've heard such good things about you, your company. potential for mudslides and debris flows if there are well, i wouldn't have done any of it without you. heavy amounts of rain. the pacific coast highway and without this place. this is for you. the malibu area are among the michael, you didn't have to... locations of greatest concern. and, >> known what to does. we're going to need some help with the rest. i'm packed to get out of here. you've worked so hard to achieve so much. that's about it. perhaps it's time to partner with someone depends how much tout. who knows you and your business well enough to understand what your wealth is really for. >> the burned almost 9798% ned.>> a n s tthr
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years in prison for inciting violence at a southern california political rally. ple guilty yesterday to one count of conspiracy to violate the federal riots act. he was charged in connection with a rally in huntington beach last year. in his plea green, lob admitted he and other members of the group called the rice against movement were involved in violent attacks at the demonstration. a rum to block cash bail in california is going on the 2020 ballot. 520,000 elections were submitted to election officials more than 200,000 extra. if the signatures are verified, the law signed by governor brown would be suspended until voters decide whether to overturn it. investors hope for recovery on the last day of trading before the holiday begins. all three major u.s. indices
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are now in the red for the year. after the big sell-off. here's a look at the numbers from yesterday: tech stocks taking some of the biggest losses yesterday apple losing nearly 5%. tesla shares dropped 1.7%. now, this time of year most americans are thinking of thanksgiving day dinner and spending time with family. but for others shopping is just as important of a tradition. many cities across the country shoppers are already camping out, outside big box stores and retailers. some of say they don't mind standing in line. over the years, some even start to recognize the same people who are equally excited as they are about the doorbuster deals. >> it happens every year. a lot of times it's the same couple of customers. honestly, it's to each his own. >> i would rather get it early, spend thanksgiving with my family. other than rushing, let's go,
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tracking the rain. this is a live look out at let's leave thanksgiving dinner early. >> a number of retailers are getting a head start by lafayette. isn't that beautiful? sunrise the golden pink colors opening early or thanksgiving in the sky. day, best buy, j.c. we are talking about better penney, macy's and target, quality and rain. hi-def doppler a closer look included. >> you love shopping. at doppler as well as time to get out for you. are you a black friday you will see the rain where shopper? >> nope. because i hate lines. you are coming up. >> me, too. in new york this morning, firefighters say at least three cars burst into flames >> i would rather eat all the after a crash on the brooklyn leftovers after thanksgiving. >> that turkey makes me bridge. sleepy. authorities say one person is we are looking at a nice dead, five others are hurt. thanksgiving. so we are tracking a couple of the crash shut down both sides of the bridge during the morning commute. weather systems and enjoy the a nationwide health warning right before cleaner air for sure. thanksgiving. >> the centers for disease ne may not be safe to really great to see that and eat. thankful, as well. it's in response to an outbreak of illnesses caused hi-def doppler. you can see the showers this morning. so zooming right into bye. coli contamination. the north bay, tracking a few showers there near novato, popping up still on our radar screen here, and then moving avoid eating thro to the east bay here near san ramon, close to 680 there, you out y you have purchased. can see some showers this restaurants shouldn't serve it.
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stores shouldn't sell it. this grocery chain removed it morning. so we have more rain on the from the produce department way. there we go. as it moves along the coast and salad bar. >> we are going to lose near half moon bay and santa cruz there, we'll continue to financially in business. the customer is going to lose experienced with lettuce but i can say more than anything we are here for the public to see more rain as we go through make sure that they are safe the day. and we got to make sure we pull everything. >> the origin of the outbreak it's been 7 weeks since we had is unknown. the outbreak has already sickened 32 people including rain. good air quality in san jose. 10 in california. we have a link to the statement on so a big difference compared to yesterday. concord at 52. time for a look at what's 55 in oakland. livermore 48. coming up later on this is san francisco 56. san jose 59. this morning. gayle king joins us from new and santa rosa at 54. so temperatures are warmer york. happy thanksgiving. compared to yesterday for >> the same to you, michelle sure. so much-needed rainfall better ma belle. all the people planning caesar air quality. it is going to be a good day salad for thanksgiving, what across the bay area. our second weather system will we gonna do? >> get the arugula! >> no romaine anywhere. bring more rain on friday. i luke arugula, too. but we are talking about flash ahead on -- i like arugula, flooding concerns near the too. ahead on cbs morning we recent fires near the "camp beginning with the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. fire," the carr fire,ed mendocino complex fires, all plus more than4 million are
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under flash flood wa flying, a lot of people at the so this is the reason why. this first rainfall in seven weeks with this low pressure system that's going to bring rain for us and we have airport. how one of the busiest another weather system behind airports prepares for a tough that. so let's time it all out on week. and the social psychology to futurecast. 9 a.m. things get going for us. get through thanksgiving stopping the clock again at 2 dinner without disturbing the peace. "black panther" actor michael b jordan. p.m., and the red and orange tells us what it took to prepare for creed 2 and why are the possibility of brief heavy downpours maybe an the role is a childhood dream isolated thunderstorm as that come true. we like childhood dreams to cold front pushes through the come through. see you at 7:00. bay area this afternoon. going through the evening behind the front a few showers >> what was you have childhood for thursday morning but for the most part for our thanksgiving, it does look dream? >> to be a broadcaster. dry. so here you go. rainfall amounts with our >> that was your dream? first system here today >> . looking at about 1.5" for the north bay also for the santa i wanted usream er. cruz mountains. up to an inch of rain for the ed bieam er! east bay peninsula and a >> no quarter to half inch of rain that. >> see you at 7:00. for the south bay there. well, we are talking about the rain but also the snow. >> all your dreams came up in the higher elevations, through. >> they came through.
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west slopes of the northern i guess. this morning stocks are sierra nevada looking at snowfall 10 to 18 inches up to looking for a rebound after 24 inches of rain for the two days in a row after deep higher peaks so travel delays dives on wall street. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks joins us. >> good morning. the stock market has been a likely through the passes there. sunrise at 6:56. nightmare the past two sunset at 4:54. here's that seven-day forecast. really great to have that rain sessions. the dow dropping over 950 today. >> a break for thanksgiving although for north bay up see rain late thursday afternoon points the past two days. it's all in negative territory spreading to the rest of the for 2018. are investors are concerned bay area thursday night into about the trade war with friday. and right now, looking at china. partly sunny skies for the the federal reserve's next weekend. move regarding interest rates and overvalued tech stocks. the so-called, facebook, we have good news on the amazon, netflix and google got peninsula. we have been looking at this pummeled all of them in bear crash that happened earlier territory. 20% or more off the recent this morning on eastbound 380 peaks. apple stock fell 5% yesterday. el camino real. those companies are rebounding it was a two-car crash. speeds were down to 5 miles today. that's helping out the market. per hour at one point but we are now looking at speeds of we are also getting a couple 52 miles per hour. so it's all good going out to the airport. of key reports on the economy. it was making it tricky there for a while but now it's good. the biggest decline in 15 it's also good on the san months. the key category tracking
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business investments down for mateo bridge. you can see some stop and go traffic there but not too bad the third straight month. heading across the span there. heading out to the east bay, jobless claims up by 3,000 to as you can see, "super commuters" tracy, deing too b 224,000. close to a five decade low. market is looking better so far this morning. let's check it. as you see speeds in the 39- mile-per-hour range not too bad in certain areas and then s&p up 15 points apple stock up a little over a .5%. of course picks up into livermore. east bay dublin cam you can see a lot of traffic stacking up but it's moving nicely. michelle and kenny, back to normal for these conditions at this time of the morning. you. have a great thanksgiving. this is what's not normal, the just in times for the holiday, a sacramento man who bay bridge toll plaza as you can see, no traffic build-up. has been blind for most of his usually the metering lights go life can see again. on at 5:30 and we see the cars mallory started to lose his really stacked up. sight at age 47. doctors diagnosed him with extreme cataracts and myopia. but you can tell, this is the the condition only 2 to 4% of day before a holiday. a lot of people are getting people have. mallory says doctors refused out of town for thanksgiving. to operate, saying the risks were too great. back to the east bay it is highway 24. that changed when a uc-davis performed a miracle!
6:21 am
>> -- when a uc-davis doctor performed a miracle! >> he was smiling. will the durant-draymond feud impact kd's decision on staying with the warriors? we have the answer. >> to see this in front of my and tiger and phil go face to face and make a huge bet. you're going to hear what that bet is coming up. eyes, it's like wow. you know, that was exciting. you this little home of mine, >> throughout his exam post- surgery he not only could see the medical equipment scattered about the room, but he could also see his doctor for the first time. >> definitely a medical miracle. i love the stories when you see kids hearing for the first time. >> you take your eyesight and hearing for granted. it's amazing. great to see the rain, right? better air quality. oh, my goodness. it's been a long time seeing improving air quality by the hour. tracking that rain pushing into the bay area, thankfully, so, hi-def doppler, we have our radar sweep going for us.
6:22 am
through the east bay showers near emeryville, alameda, oakland, getting the wet weather as we start off the day. heavy rain along the coast at highway 1. we're watching the activity here. ♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align cars using the wipers and wet roads out there. 40s and 50s in the area right now. ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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here's the air quality numbers right now: as we go through the day, better air quality for all of us across the bay area. widespread rain through the morning and afternoon. better air quality for all of us that second system brings more rain for friday and flooding concerns near your recent fires. as much as 8 inches of rain in the fire zones. but here's this area of low pressure that's going to bring a cold front our way. so the first rainfall in 7 weeks. it has been a long time for sure. it gets going at 9 a.m. as we head through one to two p.m. we see the orange and red colors there with the possibility of brief heavy downpours but could see some
6:24 am
isolated thunderstorms as well especially as the front pushes across the bay area. scattered showers, then tomorrow morning a few showers to start off the day and then for most of the day for thanksgiving, mainly dry. looking at up to 1.5" for the north bay. a first system today. we are looking at some heavy rain possible through friday near the "camp fire" there. they could see five to eight inches of rain which is why a flash flood watch is in effect. looking at five to eight inches of rain shasta county where the carr fire was and three to five inches of rain a live look from southern california right now where the in mendocino where they had the complex fires. holiday rush is on. this is the scene outside l.a.x. here's dennis. kevin durant said rain thursday night into h. yesterday that his spat with draymond green last monday will not factor into his free agency decision at the end of the season. durant said he was done friday. talking about last monday's shoutout with draymond green.
6:25 am
that seemed like a wise strategy to turn the page. but he apparently had a change of heart yesterday. he told yahoo sports: this is where our photographer brian kiley is right off highway 24. so you can see traffic moving along pretty nicely in both directions. some of the cars heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. this is what you're going to >> dr. j in brooklyn to watch cal take on temple. get at the bay bridge as we the sophomore at cal, his son. second half, owls up 13. rose led all scorers with 23. look at the toll plaza pretty temple won 76-59. soon. are we going to look there? maybe not. tile tell you it is good news. cal falls to 1-3. there's a shot of the bay bridge toll plaza right there. it's definitely looking like it is the day before new orleans coach ken hitchcock taking over for todd thanksgiving p a lot of people are off work today. golden gate we are starting to see a little more traffic along the span coming into san mcclellan, former sharks head coach, who was fired yesterday. just 51 seconds into overtime, francisco. you see a lot of people still have their headlights on. that's because they are that is leon dry seidel for the game winner. dealing with rain in the north the puck actually went his bay.
6:26 am
skate. the oilers won 4-3. some water along the golden gate bridge. there were issues on the san like two prize fighters, fill mickelson and tiger woods mateo bridge from hayward to went head to head. foster city. could see some stop and go conditions there but still not that's ahead of friday's match in vegas. $9 on the line to hit the course. too bad. not bad across the span. 6:53. it appears that nancy pelosi $9million will be on the line has the house speaker job locked up. when they hit the course -- make that $9.2 million. >> i'm willing to risk 100,000 that says i birdie the first the announcement that likely hole. >> whoa! >> so that's how good i feel clinched things ahead of next heading into this match. >> whoo! >> you don't have to take it. week's vote. >> reporter: and what are you >> double it. >> oh!! doing for thanksgiving? a lot of people traveling as usual. coming up, a look at the effects that is having on the >> did you see how i baited him like that? airports and the roads coming up. yes! ha ha! yes! s this weekend at ross. >> little catch to this match. it's only on pay per view. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. that's the latest in sports. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. reopening friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less. 6:26. recovery crews in the "camp fire" burn zone are rushing to get as much done as possibri ve efforts. >> reporter: it looks like it
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but a record number is expected to fly. here's san jose international airport last night. crowds were already starting to form. 2.5 millionaire passengers a day. sunday is going to be setting a record at 3 million. normally we are in the 2 million plus. so 3 million is a significant surge. >> reporter: and, of course, those are nationwide numbers. aaa predicts when it comes to the roadways, 48.5 million americans are driving somewhere up 5% from last year and gas prices are the highest they have been in four years. it's worth it thanksgiving. let's hopeuncle bob behaves this year. i'm anne makovec live at sfo. moving into the bay area just in time for the holiday. that he rain is moving in. the smoke is moving out. the air quality gets better as the day moves along.
6:31 am
the rain could bring relief for crews battling the devastating "camp fire" in butte county but the big concern is how it affects and impacts efforts to recover human remains. this comes as the death toll is up to 81 with hundreds unaccounted for. >> nancy pelosi is closer to getting her role as house speaker. marsha fudge was thought to be her one potential rival for the job. fudge will endorse the san francisco democrat now. president trump supports saudi arabia even though the cia says the saudi crown police ordered the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi last month. the president's stance is drawing criticism from some. live look now at the big board where stocks are rebounding slightly this morning. the dow is up about 104 points. speeds are up, too, along the bay area roads.
6:32 am
slowing on highway 4 into the concord but moving along nicely. speeds at about 43 miles per hour. today is a good day to take mass transit as you can see no delays across the board. a beautiful view of the raindrops on our live cam there. we are tracking the rain from portola valley across the south bay, aboutto move into berkeley and emeryville and the bay bridge. rain at times today getting a break for thanksgiving. more rain late thursday into friday. >> i like your little turkey shaking the feathers there. >> of course! >> love it. >> thanks for watching "kpix 5 news this morning." our next local update is 7:26. november 21, 2018. welcom to "cbs this morning."
6:33 am
it's time to hit the roads, more than 50 million americans will do this thanksgiving week. we'll take you inside one of the nation's busiest airports where workers are preparing for the holiday surge. a dramatic warning from the cdc, romaine lettuce, they say don't eat any. throw it out. the latest on an e. coli outbreak. police are investigating the mysterious deaths of a tech ceo and his family at a new jersey mansion that went up in flames. why a fire at another home just miles away may be
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