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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 26, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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♪thisi'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪ . touchdown confirmed! a cause for celebration, nasa makes history with its landing on mars, it happened just minutes ago, the space
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agency's mission to study the red planet with its rover called incite. i'm, look at nasa tv to see what scientists and everyone around world is looking at right now, you can see this is in the control center where many of the engineers and smartest people on the planet are working on this assignment with incite a 2 year assignment where it is going to study the heat deep below. where people are watching all of the excitement unfold. >> we heard the cheers, it is packed at the chabot center, you can see they have a screen here where they are watching the livepictures coming in from
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nasa right now, now that this thing has landed for the first time, study not just the planet's surface, but its core. the insight lander, traveled almost 300 million-miles over the last six and a half months the spacecraft is entering mars atmosphere at more than 12,000 miles per hour. that heated the vessel shields to some 2700 degrees, then slowed to less than 300-mile per hour, parachutes were deployed then it released its heat shield, three legs popped out and small rockets slowed the spacecraft to about 3 miles per hour before it landed. i spoke with an astronomer here who help design the heat shield and is very proud of his work. >> it is pretty cool. every once and awhile thesemonitors will show a shot of the interior of spndry time it, that me right there.
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the insight lander has a wingspan of over 19 feet. the arm will deploy one device to monitor sizement activity and another to dig 16 feet below the surface to measure internal temperatures. because mars and earth, that it would understand how earth wasformed. the approximately 300 people that came here to see this landing we think it is cool. >> this is a great way to see what we are doing, what we are doing to explore just to kind of discover the universe see what's out there, it is kind of a big deal. >> only 40% of the 44 attempted landings on mars have actually been successful. so this is a big deal and hopefully eventually when they learn a little bit more about busting through that
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atmosphere, might even be able to put a man on mars we'll see, today was a monumental step. live in chabot space and science center. president trump is repeating to threat to close the u.s. border to mexico. mola lenghi is at the white house with more on his response. border patrol agents fired tear gas sunday on migrants who tried to rush the border between tijuana mexico and san diego. >> this migrant from honduras says many young children fainted from the gas. it started as a protest against the way the u.s. processes asylum claims. mexico's interior ministry said when police tried to break it up about 500 migrants tried to illegally cross the border. u.s. customs and border patrol claims some threw rocks an other projtsts, ey
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clthe try in eet, the presidentcharacterized them at stone cold criminals, not coming into the u.s. and we'll close the border permanently. they denied a deal to keep asylum seekers in mexico while u.s. courts process their claims. more than 5,000 migrants mostly from central america have arrived in tijuana in recent weeks hoping to seek asylum. mola lenghi, cbs news the white house. mexican authorities said 39 migrants were arrested yesterday and officials in mexico promise to deport the roughly 500 migrants who tried to cross the border. the port of entry is back open today with increase security. a sheriff's deputy is killed after assisting in a vehicle pursuit. he is identified at 45-year-old
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deputy antonio jenostrosa, authorities say his patrol car collided into a power pole. the deputy was a 19 year veteran with the sheriff's department, he leaves behind an adult son. sheriff's say they arrested the driver who led them on the chase and the chp is now investigating. today u.s. secretary ryan zinkee, he called it the worse fire he had ever seen, days later he blasted environmentalists for blocking proper forest management. a day after cal fire deemed the fire fully contained in total scorching over 240 square miles. at least 85 people were killed in the fire, close to 14,000 single family homes were destroyed. nearly 300 people are still unaccounted for. president trump will be traveling to mississippi today to endorse a republican candidate and it is a political
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donation to that candidate that has the san francisco giants facing a potential boycotts. in a tweet, calling cindy hyde smith an outstanding person, made no statement about the recent joke. had racial over tones considering the history of lynchings, but the senator said she was just expressing appreciation to a supporter. we learned san francisco giants charles johnson and 85-year-old billionaire has donated thousands to her campaign. bay area civil rights lawyer john buress says, he wants fans to hit the giants where it hurts. >> i would encourage everyone who has social consciousness about the condition in this country should boycott the giants as long as this person is a principal owner. turns out major league baseball also had donated to the mississippi senators reelection campaign, the league is now asking for its money
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back. new at noon, giant's president and ceo larry bear issued a statement regarding the political donations writing, in part, in no way does the giant's organization condone any racist, hateful language and behavior by anyone. the search is on for the radio host last seen november 10th near a pizza parlor in kentucky just the ohio river from his home in illinois. this missing flier being circulated by police stated the 79-year-old may be experiencing quote, disorientation, signs of dementia. he hosted a long-running over night running on kgo radio called the early show. which tackled political issues from a liberal perspective. he helped found the national association of black journalists and served as president of the san francisco chapter of the naacp.
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moved in 2011. the department of health is launching a youth cannabis campaign, the campaign is called truth or nah, designed to provide facts and dispel myths so young adults can make informed decisions aboutcannabis. the ads are set to appear inside buses across san francisco. whiteout conditions, slippery roads a fall blizzards is affecting bay area travelers. super bowl all over, an exciting game. an estimated 1,000 items ordered each second. we take you inside amazon's operations to fulfill those cyber deals. we're tracking a few weather systems that will bring the rain this week, we'll take you hour by hour on future cast when the rain will arrive coming up. hey there people eligible for medicare.
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. today, cyber monday sales are expected to hit a record $7.8 billion, making it the largest online shopping day in u.s. history. of course someone has to fulfill all those orders, katie nielsen takes us inside amazon's operations in san joaquin county. >> this amazon fulfillment center in tracey is more than 1.2 million square feet, 28 football fields in this warehouse. now one of the hardest jobs in the warehouse is actually being a picker what that means is grabbing the items from the one of the pickers
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working today. so tell us a little bit about what it is you're doing. right now i am picking so i'm going to look at the screen, get the items and put it inside the bin. that's what we're doing. how big of a day is this for you guys. >> it is like super bowl all over, exciting day, a big day for us, pretty good. >> i'm going to let you do your thing and show us how fast you can actually pick. >> okay. i got to put it out here. some quick facts about cyber monday, $8 billion expected to be spent, amazon says they'll get a thousand items ordered each second monday. now a fun fact about cyber monday, the way that it started most people didn't have internet back in the day at their houses so when they went into work on the mo to start shopping online since then it is absolutely exploded.
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2 million people expected to shop on their mobile devices for cyber monday. in tracey, katie nielsen. businesses aren't the only ones to capitalize on this cyber monday, security experts say con artists are e-mailing shoppers trying to lure them to fake websites. >> cyber criminals know that it is fertile hunting ground they know there are people out there looking for deals. experts say make sure you stop on a a safe internet connection. general motors is slashing jobs in north america, saying they are shutting down 5 north american facilities as gm has high costs on tariffs in imported steel and aluminum. you can see the dow is up 330
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points. the midwest is getting blasted with powerful preseason snowstorms you can see snow pounding through, it is so strong, drivers are having a hard time seeing the roads. some areas are even expected to get up to a foot of snow over night, if you are planning to travel make sure to check your flights. you are taking a live look now at, we are going to look at sfo, so far 30 flights out of sfo have been canceled at the san jose airport. no cancellations but there is one delay and at oakland international airport, there are no cancellations or delays. we'll deal with snow here in the bay area, maybe some rain in the forecast? we're tracking a few weather systems that will bring the rain this week so one right after the other for us as we go through the week. for today enjoy it. enjoy that sunshine we're looking at high clouds in the sky a beautiful view looking west of the gulf gate, you can see that blue sky and those high clouds in the sky right now.
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60 in co oakland, 58. livermore, 63, san francisco 63 in san jose, santa rosa coming in, in the upper 50s this afternoon. so we'll show you here what you can expect as we are looking at at least a couple of weather systems that we're tracking so we're going to go if we can here and show you that first weather system that rolls in for tomorrow so that will bring the rain for us as we go through tomorrow first thing for the north bay here we go at 7 a.m. tomorrow with the showers first in the north bay pushing in to the rest of the bay area in the morning and early afternoon, the weather system will be stronger wednesday into thursday. how much rain are we talking about with this first weather system? we're looking at 10, a quarter to a half inch of rain with
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light to moderate rain for your tuesday. our sunset is at 4:52. sunrise temperatures around seasonal looking at temperatures right around mountain view, san jose for danville at 67, san ramone, 66, looking at 65 in santa rosa, ukiah at 56. let's look at that seven day forecast, mild and dry, our first system rolls in for tuesday looking at light to moderate rain and then our second stronger weather system arrives wednesday into thursday. that could bring heavy rain as well as strong winds and rain chances again on saturday. all right thanks so much. bringing the neighborhood together with food and support how our jefferson awards winners are proving you don't have to be related to be family.
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. the holidays are traditionally a time for friends ands family this week's jefferson awards winners prove that bonds can be just as important as those many are
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in. had it on 200 all night. >> donald green and billy ray courtney take their turkey seriously. >> i've been trying to let them cook. always tell them get out of the way because he is not doing, but it is really not no right or no wrong, it is get in there, have fun. for the past 5 years these long time friends and neighbors have cooked this prethanksgiving day meal. it is part of community awareness resources editing, or care, donald and billy ray co- founded the nonprofit in 2015 as a way to serve the public housing residence. >> i have a passion towards helping residents or people in general. care feeds over 200 communitymembers at its yearly holiday feast free of charge filling both plates and whme here wwant you to have a positive attitude, want you to feel like
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you're at home, sit back and thank you. she brought her entire family. >> i love it. i'm really grateful to see familiar faces. the officers and e community together as one so we're all joining in a big thanksgiving feast. san francisco police and firedepartments help carve and serve with a deeper appreciation for donald and billy ray's efforts they are the type of people who think about others, always looking for things to do to get people what they need to move forward in their own lives. throughout the year, care provides free bag lunches every week to the school children, free movie nights for families, professional clothing for neighborhood job seekers and an annual community resource fair. but, it is thanksgiving that really brings the neighborhood together. they really enjoy d they
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to me to safe. so holiday meals and otppto the residents and beyond, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to donald green and billy ray courtney. allen martin, kpix5. the group's next big event will be the annual toy give away this christmas, care relies solely on donations so they are always welcome. you can go online at we'll be right back.
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fresh and stay healthy. matches my jacket too. severalantioch churches and businesses, the search to find the vandals, we'll have that story and much more coming up at 5:00. that's going to do it for kpix5 news at noon. enjoying the day? that sounds good. let's go. have a great afternoon everyone.
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♪ >> bill: pay the architect and cut him loose. >> justin: really? you're putting the brakes on the spencer tower? >> bill: i may have some other plans for that property. >> justin: i want you to walk around that desk right now and put that necklace back on. >> bill: what are you talking about? what, you think i need a necklace to remind me what a badass i am? [southern accent] how many times do i have to tell you, i am the greatest of all times? >> justin: easy, champ. okay? >> bill: and, anyway, it's not in my desk. i gave it to brooke. >> justin: brooke, huh? >> bill: brooke. you know brooke. blond hair. green eyes. beautiful smile. brooke. >> justin: she's the reason you changed. >> bill: are you jealous? you -- lookit! you are! you're jealo-- you need a hug!


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