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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 26, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> during the rainy season we like to see about 1 inch of rainfall per week to keep on pace with average. we'll get that or more because of two weather systems moving in this week, the first of which will get here tomorrow. radar has been dry the past three days, but as soon as tomorrow we look into the future with futurecast and there's rain arriving in the far north bay at 5 a.m., the rest of the north bay getting light to moderate rain by lunchtime. that rain will spread south in the form of widely scattered showers tomorrow afternoon. this is the weaker of the two systems. wind is not a big deal. rainfall impact is low to moderate and certainly will slow things down on the roadway, moderate impact there we'll say. the bigger storm is wednesday night into thursday. it will kick up some rough surf, the roughest we've seen since last spring. swell 13 to 16 feet and breakers as high as 25 feet wednesday into thursday and the second storm will bring snowfall in the mountains. snow level will drop to 4,000 feet. the highest peaks of the sierra could see 2 1/2 feet of snow
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later this week. tomorrow we're talking light to moderate rainfall, the weaker of the two systems. we get a little break late tuesday through wednesday afternoon. the wetter and windier storm will arrive wednesday night into thursday, so another soggy week with more much needed bay area rainfall. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes, also tease the weekend in about 10 minutes. >> thanks, paul. stay with kpix5 for the latest on weather and traffic conditions. when you wake up tomorrow morning, meteorologist mary lee will have minute by minute updates of the rain coming in starting at 4:30. a break in the rain turning out to be a great opportunity for park rangers in the santa cruz mountains. >> they took advantage of conditions to try and reduce fire danger. state officials decided to do a controlled burn at wilder ranch state park. kpix5's kiet do has the story. >> reporter: here in the santa cruz mountains it is not too wet, not too dry and not too windy, a perfect day for a controlled burn. state park rangers say it is one of the fastest, most cost
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effective ways to clear tall grass. firefighters using drip torches set a line of flames just a few yards away from the tree line. the grass which has been drying out since the first storms of the season last week is devoured by the flames within seconds, but once that wall of fire hits the tree line, which is still moist from the rain, the flames just die out. so far so good? >> yeah. >> reporter: the result? a field of knee high grass nearly 200 acres in size is practically gone by lunchtime. look closely. in the ashes you can see the rains have already triggered new growth. had they waited any longer, biologists say the field would have been too green to burn. >> this is a prescribed burn we've been doing the last 10 to 15 years. it's an effort to reduce fuel loads and enhance the natural resources. >> reporter: conditions have to be just right so the smoke doesn't get trapped, but it looked like the smoke went straight up and blew away which is what the firefighters
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wanted. it drifted into the neighborhood next-door along empire grade, but neighbor stephanie jessen didn't notice anything. you don't smell anything? >> i don't. just briefly every now and then i get a little whiff, but nothing i can't deal with. >> reporter: for hikers and bikers it was a surreal mix of heat, smoke and business as usual. >> these guys know what they're doing. so i'm not nervous at all. >> we like prescribed burns. we like them taking care of the forest up here. >> reporter: in the santa cruz mountains, kiet do, kpix5. 911 recordings captured the moment when authorities in florida learned of possible domestic violence by a 49er player. >> you say your ex-boyfriend did what? >> took my phone and broke it and slapped me in my face. >> is he still there or did he leave? >> yeah, he's still here. >> what is your ex-boyfriend's name? >> reuben foster. >> reuben foster arrested saturday night at the team's hotel in tampa. he left jail yesterday after making bail, but by that time the 49ers said they were
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cutting ties with the second year linebacker. the same woman on saturday's 911 call said that foster hit her in los gatos back in february. she later took back that allegation, but foster now faces the new charges in florida. this evening san jose's police chief is defending his officer's use of deadly force in a day long standoff with a gunman. police say a gang member with felonies for weapons crimes fired at officers two times during the confrontation on friday. one officer fired back wounding the suspect. >> to stand there the way he did to fire back at the suspect the way he did, you know, is absolutely heroic and it is our job to neutralize that threat. that is our job and that is what the officer did. >> mario caballero barricaded himself in a home on barrow court almost 10 hours before police flushed him out with tear gas. caballero was later arrested with the help of a police dog.
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he was wounded but is recovering. a search is on for vandals who defaced buildings with offensive images in antioch. the targets also included cars and a celebrated mural. kpix5's don ford on the damage that has spread across much of downtown. don? >> reporter: these are not your normal graffiti taggers. these folks were quick. they were clandestine and extensive. it isn't as if antioch or any bay area city for that matter hasn't seen its fair share of graffiti, but in isn't a tagging. it's an attack. >> i haven't seen graffiti in the downtown area or any area in the city of antioch this extensive. >> reporter: street after streetcar after car the vandalism stretched throughout downtown. if it had an open space, it was tagged. yolanda owns a beauty shop. >> i was a little shocked. irst thought it was just mine and she said no. everybody's got it. >> bunch of swastikas. >> reporter: downtown also has
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several security cameras. this is the image of a person of interest, hard to make out, but it's a starting point to solve this crime. this prized mural is 30 years old. it was deep faced, black paint sprayed all over the historic artwork. however, it has a very special protective coating. danny jones is a sherwin- williams professional coatings rep. he and his store manager grabbed their rags and bottles and rushed down to help when they heard what happened. >> this mural has been around i think about 30, 35 years. so we want to protect the history here at antioch. >> reporter: by midday most of the graffiti has been removed or painted over. the damage estimates here in downtown antioch are clearly in the thousands of dollars. in antioch, don ford, kpix5. we have just learned fema has already handed out $20 million in disaster aid in the wake of the camp fire. the bulk of that for housing vouchers, but 5 million for
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other needs including funeral expenses. so far 17,000 people have registered for relief. we're also learning just how fast those flames were moving as they consumed more than 150,000 acres. kpix5's emily turner on the unique view we saw today for the first time. >> reporter: here on the ground you can see the devastation and the destruction of the camp fire. cal fire said it blew through town like a blowtorch, but for the first time we're seeing just how fast and how hot this fire burned from space. a land satellite just happened to be passing over paradise at the time the camp fire broke out. with those heat signature images timestamped by 911 calls and emergency radio calls, cal fire has recreated the path of the blaze. cal fire says it moved at 76 acres a minute and outpaces a fully staffed cal fire command in the area. >> it was started in a remote location and as the resources got overrun with fire and trying to get people out, then
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it just transitioned into an urban fight within the community. >> reporter: winds up to 60 miles an hour blew embers as far as a mile ahead of the front igniting houses in paradise as early as 8 a.m. that's when cal fire started corralling people to keep them safe. >> it was just about life saving missions, finding these temporary refuge area. i can tell you 100 stories about people moving civilians into some of the commercial properties and then defending the commercial properties because they had such a population there. a lot of our bulldozers were used to open roads because of the abandoned cars. >> reporter: cal fire says it burned the fastest in the area right before it hit town. that's the area that's heavily forced. they say there is a lot of fuel there. at 6:00 i'll tell you what the secretary of the interior as well as the secretary of agriculture for the united states had to say about that fuel load. in paradise, emily turner, kpix5. the border crossing at san eninro is back open this was st down for hours
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sunday because of clashes between hundreds of migrants and border patrol agents. >> we've during certain times closed the border. they're not coming into the united states. they will not be coming into our country. >> tear gas fired from the u.s. side sent people scrambling yesterday in tijuana. that was after a few migrants allegedly tried to breach a fence and threw objects at border patrol agents. reporter mola lenghi has more. >> reporter: president donald trump has threatened to close the southwest border permanently a day after protests by central american migrants seeking asylum turned into chaos. >> they were being rushed by some very tough people and they used tear gas and here's the bottom line. nobody's coming into our country unless they come in legally. >> reporter: u.s. border agents fired tear gas after nearly 500 migrants tried to illegally cross the border sunday. mexico says it's deporting 98 people who were involved in the
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clashes and is threatening to deport more. president trump has reiterated his call to congress to approve money for the border wall. the next government funding deadline is in less than two weeks and in the past the president has threatened to shut down the government over the wall. >> this would be a very good time to do a shutdown. i don't think it's going to be necessary. >> reporter: barometric pressures say they are currently work -- republicans say they are currently working to get more funding for the wall while democrats say there's more funding for the next congress to tackle comprehensive immigration reform. >> i think democrats in the house are serious about comprehensive immigration reform. i think we have some republicans in the senate. let's see if we can do something. >> reporter: lawmakers have yet to reach an immigration deal they can pass. mola lenghi, cbs news, the white house. steph curry walks away from a nasty crash. coming up the new dashcam video giving us a new look at the wreck. >> touchdown confirmed. >> big victory for nasa after
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months in space. nasa's spacecraft makes a smooth landing on mars. >> and a teenager with some explaining to do, the aftermath after he takes his dad's porsche for a joyride. this little home of mine,
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♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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days after steph curry was involved in two car accidents in oakland we have new dashcam video showing the moment of impact during that first collision. as you can see, the driver of a lexus lost control along highway 24. you see the arrow there. sliding across four lanes of traffic and then clipping the front of steph's black porsche, then both drivers smash into the center divide bouncing back onto the road. now soon after that accident another car crashed into his porsche from behind. steph's porsche was worse for wear, but everyone walked away thankfully uninjured and steph even took a photo with the responding officers. an unlicensed teenager decided to take his dad's sports car out for a joyride this weekend and, well, this was the result. as you can see, this did not end well. this happened in santa rosa. the accident left this silver
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gorgeous porsche undrivable. the passenger side door is completely crushed and the impact took one of the back wheels off. thankfully nobody was hurt. hopefully the teen learned his lesson. he's probably grounded. right now an 800-pound mars probe is sending signals nearly 34 million miles to nasa. the insight lander touched down on the red planet today. kpix5's wilson walker shows us that space now comes with a little more competition and showmanship. >> reporter: big day in the world of space exploration. we're going back to mars right about here to be exact catching a ride with nasa. >> touchdown confirmed. >> reporter: a packed house at the chabot space and science center at the insight landing, an event nasa invited the world to watch. >> everyone has seen elon musk's spacex landing rockets on floating barges in the ocean. so there's a new sort of
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premium on being able to show people what you're doing. >> reporter: tim firhalts is author of rocket billionaire. he said the showmanship we've seen doesn't just create competition for nasa. remember if you're spacex nasa is also your biggest customer. >> now nasa has a competitor and a partner in its own backyard and it's been collaborative friction and i think the catalyst for new things. >> reporter: so not so much public versus private, more of a partnership with competitive aspirations. >> i think everyone at nasa knows that if they don't plan a mission to mars or build a huge space station, elon musk will. >> reporter: but while technology is moving ahead very quickly it does not mean it will necessarily meet our expectations. >> people imagined in the 1980s we'd be flying 100 space shuttles every year and have a moon base. >> reporter: the future is kind of hard to pin down like the people who drew up these
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scenes would have been blown away by these smartphones that broadcast today's landing. so the future of space exploration is not always the way we imagine it might be. in oakland, wilson walker, kpix5. millions of americans letting their mobile device or mouse do the shopping today. >> yeah. cyber monday, the traditional follow-up to black friday blowing up old sales everywhere. allen martin looking at the frenzy of online shopping. >> retailers today are catering to their digital customers offering huge discounts and shoppers came flocking. amazon's fulfillment center in tracy has been humming all day. it is the size of 28 football fields. it was taking in nearly 1,000 orders per second. it's expected to add up to $7.8 billion in online sales today, a whopping 17% increase over last year.
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that's on top of the record online sales over the past four days. >> i think as you see consumer confidence increasing and the use of online tools, we're seeing a terrific confluence of events to bring truly monumental sales activity. >> businesses aren't the only ones trying to capitalize. security experts say that con artists are e-mailing shoppers trying to lure them to fake websites. they say to protect your personal information, make sure you shop on a secure internet connection and buy items with a credit card that offers fraud protection. now that you have ordered all that stuff online, head to for tips on how to keep porch pirates from plundering your holiday deliveries. coming up in weather what's going on outside right now, which is an absolutely spectacular sunset, and then what's going to start tomorrow, which is a round of rain. look at the sky over san francisco. that is amazing. it's live, looking good, but we'll be looking at the radar
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coming up pretty soon, more on the rain next. >> coming up the world's first genetically modified babies, why the method is raising safety and ethical concerns.
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♪ we are santa's elves unlike santa's presents, ours don't just magically appear. they're designed, meticulously.
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every bolt, stitch, line of code tested and tested again. until, finally this. elves got nothing on us. ford. built for the holidays. time to get our best offers of the season. a chinese researcher has shaken the international science community. he claims to have created the world's first genetically edited babies. dr. he jiankui says he's altered fertility treatments for seven couples in one case creating twin girls. the practice is banned in the u.s., many experts fearing it could lead to the creation of "designer babies." there's been no independent investigation of the doctor's claims and he's being investigated by the university where he worked. this evening health officials say it's okay to eat
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some romaine lettuce again, but make sure you check the label. the label will now have a harvest location and date. if the label does not have the information, you should not eat it because it could still be part of the e. coli outbreak. switching gears, we're gearing up for more rain. >> yes. about an inch of rain a week is what we need to stay kind of on pace with what the rainy season was. we got more than that last week and we may get more than that coming up this week, so good news. a lot of elements to this storm we'll get later on this week. we have some rough surf coming, some mountain snow, but i want it show you what's going on right now, which is a beautiful live picture right now looking west over mount sutro and sutro tower. that's looking pretty good, gorgeous sunset, upper 50s to low 60s, two storms coming, the stronger one arriving wednesday night. tonight we have rain arriving in the far north bay, lows in the 40s and 50s.
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radar is clear now. by this time tomorrow we will have widely scattered showers throughout the entire bay area. castro valley tomorrow, high 63, showers moving in wednesday evening, high 61. the most rain is coming up on thursday. so an active pattern. a blocking ridge of high pressure will retreat to the southwest of cabo san lucas not impacting our weather. here's the first storm right here winding up, more of a hit on the pacific northwest. we get a glancing blow, but there is some rain moving in tomorrow. futurecast, we'll go now through thursday. tomorrow morning 8:00 santa rosa and points north getting the rainfall. the rest of the bay area is cloudy. then the rain pushes to the south, but the front i was weakens. -- itself weakens. by the time it makes it to morgan hill, gilroy, santa clara and campbell, we're talking light to moderate rainfall in the afternoon. that moves out. the next storm comes from the south. we'll see rain moving south to north wednesday afternoon and
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wednesday evening. i've stopped futurecast at the wettest hour just after midnight wednesday night, thursday morning, a steady soaking rain for a good slice of the bay area, also windy with rough surf. the first storm will yield about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch of rainfall, about half as much as we had last week. 0.4-inch predicted for hayward and about 1/3 inch for fairfield. one storm gets here late tomorrow morning, early in the afternoon. the more potent stronger storm arrives wednesday night. we will have rough surf, mountain snowfall and get more much needed rainfall. your highs tomorrow mainly low to mid-60s. livermore 64, rain in the afternoon, 60, rain in the morning and san francisco the rain gets here around lunchtime, high of 60 degrees. extended forecast, we're wet wednesday night. we're wet and windy throughout the day on thursday. likely another quick moving system is coming through saturday morning. we are in the middle of the
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rainy season and finally now we're getting rain every few days. that's your forecast. the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> jeff glor is here with a preview. >> hi, liz and ken. here's a look at some of the stories we're working on for tonight's cbs evening news. more than 14,000 workers asked what is next after massive cuts were announced to general motors. >> and a midwest blizzard leaves behind a travel mess as more snow piles up in the northeast in tonight's cbs evening news. >> thank you, jeff. coming up a happy ending in marin county after a hiker and his dog were rescued.
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during a rally in mississippi president trump says he was told that he looked just like elvis presley. >> i shouldn't say this. you'll say i'm very conceited because i'm not, but other than the blonde hair when i was growing up, they said i looked like elvis. do you see that? can you believe that? i always considered that a great compliment. >> he looks exactly like him to me. a hiker trying to rescue his elderly dog found himself trapped on a hillside this weekend. >> so a marin county search and
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rescue crew stepped in to help. a 55-year-old man found his missing 14-year-old black labrador saturday night. the dog named shadow was barking below a steep embankment off dias ridge, but his owner couldn't carry him out and the two were stuck. rescue crews responded to help. shadow was exhausted and unable to walk, so they bundled him up with blankets and he got a ride out to safety on a stretcher. ahead at 6:00 victims of car break-ins demanding justice. >> the legal loophole that puts the burden on them to prove their case. allen and veronica are back in 30 minutes with that and more news.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this monday: g.m. is closing plants and dropping nearly 14,000 jobs. a blizzard strands thousands and is now set to drop more than a foot of snow in parts of the northeast. and a bittersweet reunion 18 months and miles later. all that and more beginning with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> a powerful winter storm pummeling the midwest now headed east, wreaking havoc for travelers. >> millions of people are under storm warnings and watches.e hig >> chaos on the southern border after hundreds of migrants try to rush a popular port of entry. >> president trump doubling down on his threat to close the entire southern border. >> we're sending a clear message: turn around; go back home.


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