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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 26, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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tonight, we learn the reasons why, next now 0. a h with you see the first round of rain heading our way. just a taste of the wet and windy storm that will drench the bay area later this week. a trail blazer in bay area radio vanishes, tonight, new video of one of the last places
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he was seen. not just an opioid epidemic, meth is making a come back in the bay area. it could explain a disturbing trend on the streets. good evening. we begin with the 2 storms that are on the way. a live look outside from our sales force tower camera. touring the pay bridge. dry now, by tomorrow morning, the first showers are expected to arrive in the far north bay. maybe, you got to see a chance to see this spectacular sunset this evening. but, much of the rest of the week looks wet. our meteorologist tracking the timing of these two storms. paul? >> okay. two storms last week, two storms this week. they are tk-frpb the weaker one is the one first. -- they are definitely the weaker one. some of nrise tomorrow, getting showers, north of rosa, golden gates in the north bay. wet, tomorrow morning, the rest
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of the bay area will be wet tomorrow afternoon. light to moderate rainfall. middle impact. the roadways, a rough drive home from work tomorrow. a moderate impact there. now, to the second storm of the week. already, a high surf advisory from tuesday-friday. wednesday ahead of the storm. a swell building up to 16 feet. already, for the second storm, a winter storm watch is in effect wednesday night through thursday night and the snow level dropping down to 4,000 feet. that is low for this time of the year. the headlines, light to moderate, brief shower after that throughed with morning and wetter, windier, stronger storm will arrived with night about h rain to expect coming up in a few minute nosall right, paul, we will see you then. stay with kpix5 for the latest on weather and traffic conditions when you wake up tomorrow morning. mary lee will have minute by minute updates starting at 4:30. a developing story, a
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legendary bay area radio host missing in kentucky. he vanished more than two weeks ago. kpix5 on the trail of clues the police are following tonight. >> reporter: surveillance video shows the last time bay area radio legend was seen, he knocked on the door of a church and spoke to the music director. >> award-winning journalist, a friend of his family. he spoke to the church music director, seen in the video, with ray, he told him ray seemed confused. >> he seemed disoriented. explained who he was. he was a prominent san francisco bay area radio host and was very talkative. he tended to repeat himself a few times, stood by the door and chatted for a bit and he left. at 5:01 november 10th that was the last i saw him. >> reporter: he was a trail
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blazer. first african-american major talk show host in the country. a leading voice among progressives, he retoire friday radio in 2011. his family said he was forgetful lately. when ray disappeared he was out of state in illinois nor the kentucky border visiting a property that his wife's family owns. he drove off before they were to leave town. he crossed into nearby kentucky. and stopped at independence bank and spoke to a clerk. when the bank closed at noon he went across the street to the pizza parlor where he chatted with the manager. hours later, around 4:45 he knocked on the doors of the church. the sheriff's department told us there were no leads on his disappearance. monroe says his family remains hopeful. >> they are optimistic. hopefully he is on a bus to san francisco or a sleep on a
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couch. palo alto police want you to take a look at the man in this sketch. he is wanted for robbing and beating a man on a bike path friday night. the victim says the suspect punched him in the face and stole his phone. it happened along the bike path next to the railroad track on inceno avenue. tonight, a building in san francisco's sunset district is left with a big hole in the side of it after a car smashed right into it. two people had to be rescued. the entire front end of the car lodged into the building near 24th. the 78-year-old driver suffered serious injuries. her 40-year-old passenger had minor injuries. both are expected to survive. nobody on the inside of the building was hurt. > the east bay. a volkswagen was hit by
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multiple bullets as it headed north on interstate 880 in oakland. nobody there was injured. chp shutdown the highway to search for shell casings but did not find anything. investigators are not sure if the volkswagen was targeted. the 911 call is out from reuben foster's weekend arrest in florida on allegations of domestic violence. >> your ex-boyfriend did what? took my phone and broke it and slapped me in the face. is he still there? >> what is his name? >> reuben foster. >> foster was arrested on saturday night at the team's hotel in tampa. he left jail yesterday after making bail. by that time the 49ers said they were cutting ties with the second year linebacker. woman, on saturday's 911 call said that foster hit her back in february. she later took back that allegation. >> reporter: president trump
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held a pair of rallies in mississippi urging voters to reelect republican senator, smith in a run off tomorrow. >> we are all here tonight to support an amazing leader. and a tremendous champion for this great state. a woman who went to washington. she has been there for now a short period of time as your senator. but she is respected by all. >> but back here in the bay area, a donation to the senator is sparking a boycott threat against the san francisco giants. charles johnson, the team's principal owner gave $2700 to her campaign. she has been accused of racism, partly because of a remark that she would be will be to attend a public hanging. johnson's lawyer says his client did not know about this. >> very sorry in my own tati, i
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don't think he would of written that check had he understood or known about this woman's background. >> it was more than i could take. and i decided on my own, one person, that never again would i support the giants. i will not buy a ticket. i would not encourage my friends to buy tickets. >> that is a bay area civil rights attorney. urging a boycott of the team citing what he calls the value system of the principal owner. giants president, ceo, issued a statement quote in no way does the giants organization condone any racist or hateful living room and behavior by anyone. it is in direct conflict of the values of the san francisco giants. several companies asked for their donations to be returned.
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they include google, at&t, pfizer as well as major league baseball. the california democratic party chair is taking a loaf of absence amid allegations of sexual misonduct. a party spokesman says he will stay on load until an outside investigation ends. a vice chair for the party accused him last week of sexually harassing and assaulting several unnamed people at the party functions. there has been calls for him to resign. he said in a statement that he takes seriously and allegation brought forward by any one who believes they have been caused pain. a parolee is under rest arrest in the mother bay accused of stabbing his own brother and meth may have been a factor. he stabbed his brother with a folding knife last night at a home near santa rosa. the brother is expected to survive. family members tell investigators they think that he was using meth. they say he had not slept in
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four days. when it comes to street like this. the opioid epidemic. the fact is, meth is on the rise right now. kpix5 joins nus san francisco where we are seeing it playing out in the streets. joe? >> ken we are talking about violence among homeless people. the likes of which we had not seen since recently. getting caught up in the violence and becoming victims. that is why the authorities are are increasing their focus on an old drug that is making a come back. >> meth in northern california odding thee special rge says th is back after tapering off for years. >> the highest purist we have ever seen. somewhere in the ballpark of
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95% pure. >> reporter: meth labs in houses are rare. now, it is being produced in super labs owned by mexican drug gangs across the border. >> purity is up, prices are down. mexican cartels are flooding the state with their poison. >> reporter: in the last few years, the dea office says they seized a marked increase of meth. in 2015 they took 1,85 pounds off of the street. this year, so far, they are approaching 1600 pounds of meth seized with another month to go. dea officials say the increased availability made it less expensive and more excessable to people with less money we ei streets tweaking, they call it. >> money, let's talk money. >> over the past five years what we have seen is that methamphetamine has become the
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number one stimulant used by the patients that i see. >> reporter: this doctor is the medical director of san francisco's street medicine team. homeless people use it as a stimulant to stay up at night to watch their few belongs and protect their friends. it also could explain the street violence we have been seeing associated with homeless meth users. >> it is one ever the things that is really fueling that. people are getting -- having problems with losing touch with reality. and, feeling paranoid, feeling like people are about to hurt them and that is leading to violence. >> i had my issues with it. i never attacked anyone. >> he says he has a friend who was murdered. >> they found him dead in his apartment. he was assaulted by someone tweaking? sorry to hear that. >> 51/50, someone is involuntarily committed because
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they consider themselves a danger to themselves or others. ken, they were testing folks committed under it and half of them are testing positive for meth. that is a big problem. >> we have done the story for a long time, joe. meth really is brain poison. poisons your brain, it can kill you, does anyone think much can be done to improuf the situation? what do they want to try to do? it is hard to rehab off of meth, too. they like the teams they put together. they like to see more resources on it. what they are able to do is inner face with homeless people and talk to the people and perhaps stop the violence. but it is just a band-aid. as long as there are this many people on the streets, there is only so much anyone can do. >> joe, reporting live, thank
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you. joe. going deeper into mars than ever before. >> touchdown confirmed. >> a nail biter landing. now, the mission begins. the equipment on board that may of saved one passenger's life. a few more shopping minutes left on cybermonday but the margins are not done. how to score great airfare deals tomorrow
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a man made spacecraft landed on mars. >> the insight probe touching down on the red planet surface.
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ending a 7 month journey. >> reporter: scientists in nasa accomplished a huge victory today the mission is just getting started. it is on a fact-finding expedition to gather information to help scientists understand planet earth's future. >> touchdown confirmed. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: nasa celebrated a spot on landing for insight after traveling 301 million miles to the red planet. >> this is just sitting there. it landed on what some scientists call the biggest parking lot on mars for the next 2 years the mission is to send back information digging deep into the surface. according to the assistant director of the planetarium one instrument on board is a seismometer to measure the movemented movement inside of the planet. >> the more knowledge, the better, the better we understand how our planet can change over time or how we can
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help it stay stable and allow it to sustain life here on earth. >> the second is a drill that will go 16 feet underneath the surface to detect the fluctuations in temperature. >> if we know what the core is made out of, if you know if the core is hot or cold. if we know how much of the core is iron, for example, it tells us a lot how the planet evolved over time. >> with the data scientists hope to learn why each planet is different in the solar system that formed 4.5 billion years ago. they played a part in this journey. they helped design the spacecraft. >> every once in awhile some of the monitors here will show a shot of the interior of the spacecraft and every time i see it, i see that is me, that is me right there. >> this, however, is not a mission to find life on mars. nasa hopes in 2020 to launch
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another spacecraft that will look for signs that life once existed. back to you. two flight disruptions for alaska. flight 1026 to jfk forced to turn back. deicing sensor was not working. it circled over and refueled before returning to sfo where passengers transferred. another delayed flight. from seattle to hawaii was diverted to sfo after an elderly passenger suffered a cardiac incident. crews used a portable defibrillator to reviver and rushed to the hospital. the flight took off a few hours ago. tonight, health officials say it is okay to eat some romaine lettuce once again, make sure to check the label. the fda says romaine lettuce
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sold at markets will be labeled with a harvest location and date. officials say it is safe as long as it is not from california central coast, growing region. you should not eat if there is no label. general motors announcing major layoffs today. the nation's largest carmaker plans to shift its focus to atonomous and electric vehicles. closing down plants and lay off 14,000. wall street cheered the plan, the stock rose 5%. we are in the final minutes into cybermonday and it could be the biggest year for the holiday, ever. predicting sales could reach $7.8 billion. that is a 17% increase over last year. this following record online sales over the past 4 days. and now that you ordered all of that stuff on-line you can head to for tips on how to
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keep those porch pirates from taking your holiday deliveries. a live look at sfo. the long holiday travel weekend is slowly winding down tonight. now, the airline is enticing toy travel, again. cybermonday is giving way to travel tuesday. the airlines offering one-day deals like $125 on domestic travel prices and $250 off of international travel. and allitalia offering $650 round trip between new york and milan. i would like to go to milan. >> beautiful city. not sure if it will be drier here. a lot of places will be. we will be soggy coming up tomorrow. the current temperatures outside tonight. ahead of the rainfall poised to move in. santa rose a cloudy.
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oakland, 59. san francisco, 58. seasonal overnight lows, cloudy, milder, oakland, 52, san rafael, 52, radar clear for now. the rain will move south of santa rosa. 9:00, 10:00 in the morning, approach san francisco lunchtime. making it to castro valley by the afternoon tomorrow. afternoon light to moderate rainfall. high of 63. showers mainly in the afternoon again on wednesday. castro valley's high, 61. storm track it is aimed just to our north. we are getting a blow from the first storm. actually, first storm is stronger than the second one. for our impacts here the second one will be stronger. a direct hit. it is just pouring and windy. wind gusts, 70 miles an hour. 4 inches of rain at the coast. we get a blow from that storm tomorrow. it will provide us about quarter of an inch of rainfall. timing it out. rain approaching. napa county tomorrow morning, all of us getting rain by tomorrow afternoon. clearing out, a break from tuesday evening, through late wednesday morning.
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the next storm comes up from the south. watch it build over the mountains, lunchtime on wednesday. spreading over, the wettest hour, midnight wednesday night into thursday morning, heavy rain, gusty winds even isolated thunderstorm chance on wednesday night. first storm, rainfall totals, quarter of an inch to half an inch. now a second storm and the numbers are impressive. anywhere from an inch to an inch and a half rainfall. staying with the average, we will likely be ahead of that coming up this week. average high, 60 or 61 degrees, tomorrow's highs, between 60 and 64. pretty close to normal. fremont, 63. palo alto, 63. afternoon rain for you. highs in the lower 60s. antioch, afternoon rain for you. late morning rainfall. mill valley, kentfield. high of 60. and the earliest rain is the farthest north. likely rain around sunrise and
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a high of 57 degrees. your extended forecast, a little wet tomorrow. the more significant storm moves in wednesday night and thursday. wet and windy. we dry out on friday. there is more. another chance of rain early on saturday. november actually acting like november. that is your forecast, we'll be right back.
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it has been a tough couple of weeks for the kids at paradise high school. >> tonight it was a chance just to play some basketball. [singing] the bobcats taking on the chico panthers in the first game between the two rivals since the camp fire. chico and other schools in the region stepped up to help opening up their campuses and holding fundraisers. >> even though everything around them is falling apart i want them to know that basketball is the one thing that has stayed. it did not go away in the fire. >> cal state chico chipped in, donating the use of their gym tonight. >> the game -- we will tip it
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off, next
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two weeks ago it is armagedon. going to san jose, they did not score tonight. teammates did, rocking it in the 2nd. orlando led by 18 in a quarter.
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it was nearly a 20 point lead in the 3rd. the lay-up, andre, going the other we. midrage, four points right there. clay, in the 4th, a full 102- 100 lead. then, durant nailed it. 20 seconds ago. he had 49. clay had 29. the only 2 warriors in double figures and they win. 116-110. curry, still injured. has spare time to take his porsche to the shot. the accident on highway 24 surfaced. scary incident on the wet roads, another car crashed into curry from behind. jones, hoping his bears would look as good as his suit. hosta santa clara. knocking it in. now, a 14 point lead. it was 19-5 when he pace lined in. jammed. just the bears win 78-66. they are 2-3.
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now, 1-5. nick, will remain the starter next week. traveling to seattle. watson feeling it on a monday night in houston. here is all you need to see. that is miller. taking it. going 97 yards. incredibly. the second 97 yard touchdown run in his career. texans beat the titans 34-17. that is their 8th straight win. challenge in maui. round 1 heat. you will see alex. on this next wave. getting swallowed. they call it jaws for a reason. the waves were so monsterous the competition was postponed until tomorrow. the final leg is scheduled for >> i would hang out on the beach. >> yes. no kidding. >> we'll be right back.
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the late show is next. our next newscast tomorrow morning, 4:30. have a good night captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hey jon, have you noticed anything different about me? >> jon: you wearing a suit? >> stephen: i always wear a suit. >> jon: new hair? >> stephen: nope. >> jon: oh, then no. >> stephen: jon... we're cartoons! >> jon: yeah! that explains why i can do this. (air blowing) (pop) >> stephen: and why i can do this... (chugging) >> jon: you can do that while human. >> stephen: yes, but, as a cartoon, i don't have a problem. boy, what a great thanksgiving weekend. i have so much left over turkey. >> me, too ( gobble gobble ) i didn't have the heart to eat my


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