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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 28, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PST

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and we are seeing some damage already from the first of several storms two storms. a 30-foot tree collapsed in noe valley landing on cars about 9 p.m. >> this is not the worst of it. >> that's right. we are tracking showers in spots this morning. but our second more powerful storm that arrives late tonight into tomorrow morning. so we are tracking that stronger system that will bring heavy rain strong winds and could see an isolated thunderstorm. i'll show that you coming up. but hi-def doppler is going. showers popping up this morning. let's take out to the areas you can see:
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>> more rain is behind it. it's because of residual moisture from the front that pushed through yesterday of a live look with our south bay san jose camera, with a wet camera out there. temperatures are in the 50s. here's what you can expect. we are looking at spotty showers this morning. but we're going to be in between storms today. heavy rain, strong winds, late tonight, likely overnight into tomorrow. that's the storm that we are going to be watching very closely for you for tomorrow looking at high wind warning there so be watching that. futurecast we are going to take you hour by hour to time it out for you coming up in just a few minutes. let's check in with michelle and kenny. >> we will start with a live look at 101 at spencer avenue.
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you can see foggy conditions through sausalito right now. just south of this camera we are still monitoring a crash past the waldo tunnel. chp reporting two lanes are now blocked so speeds are dipping below the limit in that area. just allow yourself some extra time through marin county because you are definitely going to need it. in the south bay, we are tracking two separate crashes first northbound 101 near story road. we are at looking at a crash that's blocking one lane right now, injuries are reported. so we know emergency crews are en route. the backup stretches towards yerba buena so keep that in mind as you go through the area. and on 87, we have one lane blocked near curtner. travel time right now climbing on 87. if you want to ditch these delays and you want to use mass transit, that may be a good idea. because looking at bart, caltrain, muni and ace trains, they are all on time. the storms are creating some dangerous conditions. in addition to the rain, they are causing these dangerous conditions at bay area
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beaches. kpix 5's katie nielsen is at the pacifica pier this morning with more. >> reporter: we're already seeing some of these waves crashing over the seawall here at the pier. now, we are expecting 25-foot- high waves today. there is a high surf advisory in effect until friday. you have heard mary talking about that this morning. now, in santa cruz, there are extra lifeguards on duty. they are expecting to see the biggest swells later today. they say they want to have extra staffing to be prepared for any additional rescues. they are also expecting sneaker waves. they are asking people to be very careful when heading out to the beach. >> you have to respect the waves. you have to respect the power that is out there. >> reporter: so high tide today at 2:00 this afternoon. we are already seeing waves
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crashing over the seawall trying not to get wet. this afternoon at the beaches, be very, very careful even in walkways. you could see sneaker waves coming up over the walls especially around high tide which is about 2 p.m. this afternoon. live in pacifica, katie nielsen, kpix 5. today caltrans is shutting down a 12-mile stretch of highway 1 in monterey county because of this week's rain. closure of the coastal roadway is set to begin this morning near big sur between pauls slide and mud creek. this is being done as a precaution after stormy weather caused mudslides in the area last year. we have some breaking news from oakland. the oakland a's just unveiling intriguing new sketches of a new baseball stadium proposed for the city's waterfront. phil matier joins us now with details of what would be a very unique ballpark. >> reporter: now, for years the push in major league baseball is to get baseball in the downtown, get the fans in.
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and oakland has been looking at trying to deliver on that. well, the a's are set to unveil pictures. and the idea of a mega deal that involves a new ballpark on oakland's waterfront, and also a remake, almost a complete remake of the oakland coliseum site. let's take a look at the waterfront ballpark first. it's being billed as a 32,000 seat jewel box designed like ballparks were years ago. sort of in the traditional manner. fans in close but has modern high-rise office and residential buildings. so it's a big development to go in on the waterfront with the idea of revitalizing that area. as for the old site, the coliseum site, take a look. gone are the parking lots and stadium. instead we'll have a nubbed down sort of amphitheater park where the raiders and a's currently play. oracle arena, however, looks like it's on track to stay as it is as an entertainment site
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to keep fans and money coming in. >> the a's have said in the past they want 100% privately funded. what are they saying now? what's the next hurdle? >> the same thing. think of the sentence you just said there. 100% privately funded ballpark. okay? as for what goes around the ballpark? that's an open question. there's no doubt that there's going to be some help needed for plumbing and other infrastructure. also getting people in. by the way, the a's are talking about a gondola that would be like a ski lift that would take from you downtown oakland over the freeway over the railroad tracks and into jack london square. that's going to have to be negotiated with the city and with the port and other people, as well. >> okay. we'll see how it goes but it looks beautiful from the sketches. >> reporter: that's the whole idea. we're selling you a dream. a dream that's bigger than baseball! and possibly the as' last chance to stay in oakland. >> looks nice. >> reporter: thank you. campaign 2018, this morning, mississippi republican cindy hyde-smith is
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claiming victory in a runoff election that caught national attention. repuanriin tothe arin the historically red state by a remark she made on e said if s to a public hanging, she would be in the front row. the comment did not sit well in a state with a history of racially motivated lynchings. >> the reason we won is because mississippians know me and they know my heart. >> she has my prayers as she goes to washington to unite a very divided mississippi. >> hyde-smith was temporarily holding the senate seat after republican senator thad cochran stepped down last spring. she becomes the first woman in mississippi elected to the senate. investigators are zeroing in on the cause of a deadly commercial airliner crash near indonesia. why they say the plane was unfit to fly. >> and approaching storms are
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causing a lot of anxiety in parts of southern california ravaged by wildfires. where residents have been asked to evacuate. >> we are tracking showers this morning and hi-def doppler. but just wait. we are also tracking our second more powerful storm system. i'll let you know when it rolls in taking you hour by hour on futurecast coming up. >> and we are having some issues on the bay area roads today. we are taking live look at the san mateo bridge. we are hearing reports of a new crash on the span. we'll have details coming up.
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when it arrives coming up. michelle. sierra ski resorts are going to get a wintery blast over the next few days. this is what it looked like at sierra-at-tahoe yesterday. our emily turner is headed there. watch her for her reports at 5:00 and 6:00. it is 6:12. the lion air flight that crashed into the java see last month should not have been flying. that's according to investigators who say that an automatic safety system malfunctioned which kept automatically pushing the nose of the plane down. the pilots fought the downward tilt more than 24 times until losing control and crashing killing all 189 people on board. investigators say that the pilots did not hit two cutoff switches that would have deactivated the system. >> why didn't they just turn the system off? if they would have done that, the aircraft and those people would still be here today. >> the sensor in the plane was replaced two days before the final flight. but investigators say that it was still off by 20 degrees.
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teams are still searching for the plane's cockpit voice recorder which may provide more information about the pilot's actions. victims families are suing boeing focusing on the automated safety feature. new disturbing details on the shooting rampage inside a bar in thousand oaks. the ventura county sheriff says gunman ian long fired 50 plus rounds in the borderline bar & grill striking 13 people at point-blank range including an officer. only one of them survived. the sheriff says the 28-year- old former marine also threw smoke grenades and had 7 high capacity 30 round magazines. it's illegal to buy or possess those magazines in california. officials are still searching for a motive in the mass shooting. also in ventura county and los angeles county, folks in the woolsey fire burn area have a new concern as heavy rain threatens mudslides. voluntary evacuation warnings
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have been issued for some areas as residents hope sandbags will help prevent further damage. >> you have to be overprepared, not underprepared. you know? be pro-active. >> voluntary evacuations are also in effect for areas scarred by the holy fire in orange and riverside coins. there's a new plan this morning to raise money for those affected by this year's deadly wildfires and it's all thanks to one motown legend. ♪[ music ] >> steve whicher did announcing stevie wonder announcing a concert for those who assisted with the wildfires. nearly 90 people were killed in the fires and thousands have been displaced. the stevie wonder concert will be in los angeles on december ninth. >> that's good. >> helping out.
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all right. mary, we have a huge storm coming. >> that's right. get ready for it. so if you are not seeing that rain right now, we are looking at the strong storm system to roll in tonight into tomorrow. but we are tracking scattered showers this morning on hi-def doppler. sunnyvale moderate rain through cupertino. also light rain for san jose near campbell, as well. owe tracking that and then across the east bay from pleasanton to livermore. througunio. 're tracking some showers across the peninsula, from south san francisco down thoffshore activity that will push into our region. so looking at scattered showers this morning, here's a live look from our san jose camera across the south bay. and it's a wet camera there with raindrops on live camera.
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temperatures are in the 50s. a mild start to the day. concord 56 as well as livermore. oakland at 59. san francisco 57. san jose at 59. and santa rosa at 53. so a foggy start to the day in some locations. half moon bay 2.5 miles there. we are looking at three miles in concord. down to a quarter mile in santa rosa. so some dense fog once again for you. so scattered showers this morning. we are actually going to be in between storms today but with that residual moisture from that front that pushed through yesterday, we are still looking at some lingering showers for today. now, some of us getting a break, others getting a few showers as we head through your wednesday. but the strongest storm system will be overnight into tomorrow. that's when we'll see heavy rain and strong winds with the second storm system. so the satellite and radar view, there's that strong storm system that is going to push through overnight into tomorrow. and the impact tomorrow looking at strong winds, now
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areawide flooding not really likely there. but street flooding is possible tomorrow. and the greatest impact tomorrow morning will be the wet commute. let's show you here on futurecast timing it out at 7 a.m. you can see showers still lighting up the radar screen, 10 a.m., as well. as we go through 3 p.m., most of us getting a break. but you can see some isolated showers across the bay area. 7 p.m. you can see a little bit more activity on the radar tonight and overnight. we'll have brief heavy rain and isolated thunderstorms, gusty winds, heavy rain, with that second storm. rainfall amounts: higher elevations double that. of course we're talking about snow up in the sierra. winter storm e.r thwe slopes t sierra, down to 4,000 feet. the highest peak up to 48
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inches of snow. sunrise at 7:03. sunset at 4:51. here's that seven-day forecast. what you can expect. low to mid-60s today. again scattered showers possible. catching a break for most of us as we head through the afternoon. and then wednesday night into thursday, that's our second storm system there. thursday looks wet and windy. shower chances again saturday and next tuesday. just remember to be careful as you head out today because we are looking at some wet roads. it's making for a tricky commute. this is a live look at the san mateo bridge. we had a solo car crash in the center divide. we do know that tow crews are on the scene now but your travel time is really climbing from hayward into foster city. you're looking at a 20-minute ride across the span right now. on 880, we are sluggish southbound. once you connect with 880 in the south bay, conditions improve and speeds pick up. this is a live look at 880 at paseo grande. near 101 in san jose, taillights are heading
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southbound right now. this is another look. so you can see traffic in this area at least not looking too bad. on 87 we have a lane blocking traffic backed up toward highway 85. if you were thinking of using 101, we have a lane blocked near story road. you're sluggish northbound of 101 from hellyer to san antonio avenue. you're looking at a 28-minute ride. and we have an updated report on that crash in marin county. all lanes are now open. southbound 101 past waldo tunnel with all of these delays on our roads, mass transit is a very good option this morning because look at that. bart train, caltrain, muni and ace trains all running on time. here's sports. anybody out there feel the need to catch ve? the men's sur maui coming up. and how the redskins justify claiming reuben foster off the waiver wire from the 49ers. coming up.
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>> let's head outside one more time as we take a live look outside. hard to see what's out there. the rain is here and there's definitely a lot more on the way as we take a look at the radar on the bottom right side of your screen. it's 6:20. we'll be right back.
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reuben foster was claimed off waivers yesterday by the washington redskins the only team to put in a claim for the former 49er who was cut after his latest charge of domestic violence. now, the linebacker was immediately placed on the nfl economicser in's ex-e list which means he could work out
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and participate in team meetings but not practice or attend games. he won't suit up until he goes through the legal process and possible discipline from the nfl. washington senior vp of player personnel doug williams explained: to the ice. evander kane returning to buffalo for the first time since the sabres traded him to san jose. second period, buffalo goes between the legs to get past burns. scores to give the sabres the lead. little joe behind the net just sneaks in for the second goal of the night tying the game to 2. in overtime, martin jones for san jose can't post a puck away from jeff skinner skates in for the game winner and
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buffalo wins 3-2, they tie a franchise record of 10 in a row. the jaws challenge in maui, this dude trying to hang ten, he hung an 0.5 instead. the wipeout ratio was 50/50 yesterday. but not for that man! billy kepper won the event with this barrel run making history by winning the jaws challenge for the third time in four years. he didn't even know if he was going to compete, after a bad back and mri last month in los angeles. next up, the big wave tour, the mavericks right here in our backyard. that's the latest. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. here's the play of the day now from the nhl. ottawa taking on philadelphia. >> pass is knocked down and turn over and look out here comes the senators. he scores! backs it out of the air! >> take a closer look. the
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senators with the shot deflected and promptly slapped the rebound midair for the goal. there you go! like a baseball bat that he used right there. but it's a hockey stick and he ends up with the game winner. they won 4-3. 6:26. a live look at the oakland coliseum near oracle arena. the coliseum this morning, we are getting a first glimpse at what the new a's ballpark will look like. we'll show you the sketches coming up. >> reporter: plus, some massive waves expected here in the bay area as we have a high surf and high wind warning in effect today. we'll take live look at conditions in pacifica after this.
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the storm hitting the bay area this week just getting started. and already, we're seeing some significant damage. >> and it's a big morning on capitol hill with a pair of bay area lawmakers hoping to secure some powerful leadership positions. good morning, it is wednesday, november 28th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. it is a soggy start to the day. let's start with a live look outside. and we are looking at san jose where you can see all of those clouds in the sky. and as we said, we're starting out foggy. so when you hit the road, be careful. there are wet roads out there. in the north bay, the rain eased up but there have already been some issues of a small rockslide partially blocked panoramic highway near the pantoll ranger station last night. the road is clear but stay alert. we have ro ae biof a break even though we're seeing some showers and then it gets
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worse. >> yeah. we're tracking that second more powerful storm system to roll in so get ready for it because we're talking about strong winds, heavy rain could see an isolated thunderstorm and a brief heavy downpour with the second storm. we are in between storms right now but that residual moisture, you can see the showers lighting up hi-def doppler this morning. so let's take you out to the peninsula here. and a cell right over you in millbrae this morning. taking out to the south bay. and for a change, the south bay is getting that rain as we start off the day from milpitas down through san jose sunnyvale, cupertino, light to moderate rainfall for you. and then for the east bay, ramodown 680, about to s near move into dublin and near pleasanton and livermore this morning. behind it, we are tracking more rain offshore that is going to push in. this is all pushing to the east here. and the south bay likely as we head through the morning will
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see most of that rain action for us. you can see the foggy conditions out there. we're also dealing with dense fog in spots. daytime highs today will be in the low to mid-60s. we are starting off the day in the 50s. so a mild start for sure. we are looking at scattered showers this morning in between storms, but lingering showers behind yesterday's front and that stronger storm system rolls in with heavy rain and wind tonight into tomorrow. we are going to time it out for you on futurecast taking you hour by hour coming up in a few minutes. mary, thank you. in pleasanton, we are tracking two separate crashes the first on the northbound side of 680 near sunol boulevard. the cars are ine center divide and there is debris in the roads. on the southbound side the bulk of the delays is cleared to the shoulder near sunol boulevard but we are jammed from dublin to sunol about 20
6:33 am
minutes. you can see speeds in the red in that area. now, if you plan on heading up to sfo, we are tracking a new crash just before the airport. one lane is blocked. and we are starting to see delays build beyond millbrae. on 101 in the south bay, that earlier crash near story road is all clear but we are tracking major delays on 87. we are looking at right now on 87 from highway 85 to highway 101, you're looking eight 14- minute ride some speeds in the red right there dipping to 25 miles per hour. so keep that in mind. also keep in mind the wet roads. as the bay area braces for the brunt of the storm, the surf is peaking today, as well. katie nielsen reports from pacifica with the latest on the conditions there. >> reporter: hey, kenny.
6:34 am
so forecasters are saying we could see 25-fo ves rfvisory in effect through friday. when we take a look back here, you can see some of the waves are coming up to the base of the pacifica pier. yesterday we saw a couple of people walking out along the pier. today that is not happening. the gates are locked. these are dangerous conditions. even for experienced surfers, these conditions are treacherous. that's because if a surfer miscalculates a wave they can get tumbled and have only a few seconds to get air before another wave comes in again. >> swells this large we either get surfers that get injured that know what to do when they're out there or we get beginners that aren't familiar or the conditions and get in over their head. >> i got washed in, in about
6:35 am
10 waves almost hit the cliff. >> reporter: conditions will get worse as the day goes on in terms of the swells, high tide this afternoon at 2:00. low tide at 8:30. right now, we're even seeing some of these waves crashing over the seawall. as we're trying to stay dry this morning, if you are going to be heading out to the beaches, definitely be careful especially later on this afternoon at high tide because even walking along the walkways here in pacifica and santa cruz and other places, sneaker waves to take you right off your feet. katie nielsen, kpix 5. big news out of oakland this morning. we are getting a first look at the a's sketches of the new baseball stadium proposed near the port. phil matier is up early this morning. joining us now with all the sketches. >> reporter: it's been a year in planning. they already have one site near laney college shot down and now the a's are saying
6:36 am
they want to build their ballpark on the waterfront at jack london square at the howard terminal. it's a mega deal that involves not only the new ballpark near the downtown, but a complete remake of their current home in east oakland at the coliseum site. all right. let's take a look at the new ballpark idea first. it's being billed as a jewel box, 32,000 seats one of the smallest in professional baseball. and it's going to be sitting right on the waterfront even with cranes in the background. the idea is to track people from the downtown. and as you can see, it's going to be surrounded as usual by these deals, real estate. in this case office buildings and housing up to 20 stories tall all up just north of jack london square. how people are going to get there? they will have to work that out because there's a freeway and a railroad line in between. back on the coliseum sited, that's what the oakland coliseum is going to look like after it's dismantled. the idea is to turn the area into a park, a tech center, housing but keep the oracle
6:37 am
arena where there will be concerts. but this is a far cry from where they played a while ago. it's a big deal involving hundreds of millions of dollars one way or the other for the portland and the coliseum site but the a's are ready to roll. the question is whether oakland and the residents, they are fickle, whether they say yes. >> there's a lot of red tape. >> reporter: but also green dollars. one of the big questions is, who is going to pay for what? the a's have committed to a privately financed ballpark but they are going to need some help with infrastructure. that would be the roads and such leading in and out of it. and they are also planning to put a gondola, sort of a ski lift idea that would take from you downtown oakland over the freeway, over the railroad tracks, and into the ballpark area with the idea of it revitalizing all of the northern waterfront. >>so a lot more hurdles before those sketches become a reality. >> reporter: are you kidding? we open with the pretty pictures. then we get into the not so
6:38 am
pretty politics and finances. but this time the a's think they have a combination that they think will work for the fans, for the community, and for the economy. >> definitely, i mean, it's beautiful. so definitely would attract a lot of fans. >> reporter: also -- >> great for the fans and the team. >> reporter: if you look at the ballpark stadium up close, the top is actually a park. kind of like at the transbay terminal here in san francisco where you can walk around the top and take in the views. we'll sell it to the kids, as well >> they got to approve it, too. thanks, phil. major league baseball says that it is change its policies do a better job of vetting its political donations. the league was facing a huge uproar over donations it made to cindy hyde-smith who just won a runoff election for u.s. senate in mississippi. giants principal owner charles johnson is under fire for making an individual donation of $2,700 to hyde-smith. johnson releasing a statement saying he was not aware of the allegations of racism against
6:39 am
her and has asked for his money back. that prompted the president of the san francisco naacp chapter to rescind his call of a boycott of the team. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk following developments in capitol hill where the democrats will vote on house leadership today. it is a big day for nancy pelosi who is going for her former position as house speaker. there was a lot of rigamarole within the democratic party and if they wanted to go with a new leader this time around. but in the last 24 hours, a lot of democratic leaders have been calling their members and telling them to fall in line on this one. then she faces a vote from the full house. the other thing to watch for today is east bay congresswoman barbara lee going for a position that could make her the highest ranking black woman ever in leadership in congress. she is running for a position
6:40 am
of the chair of house democratic caucus. we'll be watching it. voting starts in about a half- hour. thank you. a short time from now, in washington, u.s. senators will brief some trump administration officials about the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. the defense secretary james mattis and secretary of state mike pompeo can expect to be grilled at the closed door briefing. questions will likely focus on the administration's response to saudi arabia and the kingdom over the killing of khashoggi at a saudi consulate in turkey. critics say that president trump is dismissing the government involvement. >> i think almost no one believes we should completely and totally fracture our relationship with the saudis. but yes, some kind of response is going to be appropriate and we're going to continue to talk about that. >> u.s. intelligence agencies have concluded that saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman must have at least known about the plan to kill
6:41 am
khashoggi last month. cia director gina haspel is not expected to attend the hearing. she has heard what turkey says is an audio recording of the murder while pompeo and mattis have not. time now is 6:41. a controversial project from google has hundreds of employees publicly urging their companies to reconsider. >> a total stranger stepping in to brighten life for students who lost everything in the "camp fire." we'll hear from them coming up.
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good. i want to show you this mount vaca cam view. we are tracking scattered showers on hi-def doppler with the rain in some locations. i'll let you know when that
6:45 am
stronger more powerful storm system rolls into the bay area coming up. time now 6:45. former 49er and raider aldon smith has reportedly reached a plea deal with prosecutors in san francisco. in march, smith was charged with false imprisonment and violating a court order after the linebacker allegedly attacked his then fiancee at their home. he will plead no contest and avoid jail time. instead, he will reportedly be sentenced to three years' probation, one year of counseling and community service. 6:45 this morning. hundreds of google employees have signed an open letter demanding that the company stop plans to build a censored search engine in china according to the intercept which is known as dragonfly will censor phrases about human rights, democracy, religion and peaceful protest to meet strict regulations in china. in a statement, google said that it is not close to launching a search engine in that country.
6:46 am
time now for a look at what's coming up later on cbs in morning. gayle king joins us now from new york. and it's always good to see you, who are you talking to, gayle? ha ha! >> i'm talking to patty and now what we're talking about? garth brooks is going to be here. he is going to be in the studio tomorrow live and i'm going to be heading to south africa for this global citizens event and i'm so bummed because i love garth brooks! there you have the whole story. and i just learned of this information. so here's what we are doing today, though. ahead on "cbs this morning," we are going to begin with the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. plus a new antistall system used in some u.s. planes may be to blame for the deadly indonesia lion air crash. we are going to you inside a flight simulator to show you how it's supposed to work. wait until you hear this
6:47 am
terrifying story. what you need to know to protect your letters and packages. d e te to self series preview conditions with fatima ali and her recommendations to get the most out of life. this is a very moving note to self because she is dying from cancer. be very curious to see what she has to say. we'll see you at 7:00, michelle. which is about 13 minutes and counting. >> okay. we are counting down. gayle, thanks so much. see you at 7:00. >> all right. a heartwarming moment for students and staff who lost their high school in paradise. they just received some major cash from an unexpected source. so each student and staff received a $1,000 check last night in chico totaling over a million dollars donation from this person. the man behind the donation bob wilson real estate developer from san diego, never been to paradise. >> really appreciative because we can put it towards moving on. >> you know, if they take away
6:48 am
from this that some guy 600 miles away thought enough to come up here and give them a check, you know, that's all the compensation i want out of it. >> he made the donation he said because his heart went out to the students and wanted to show them someone cares. very sweet. >> very sweet. especially during this holiday season when they could definitely use some of that extra cash for a gift. >> that's amazing. we are tracking our second storm system. we had round one yesterday. we're talking about round two. that is coming. now, today we'll be in between storm systems but we are still looking at scattered showers. so hi-def doppler, let's show you that. and that wet start to the day for some locations in the south bay, a change for you. you're getting that wet weather right now from san jose down through willow glen, campbell, santa clara, down through los gatos, light to moderate rainfall this morning
6:49 am
especially across the south bay. from the peninsula, south san francisco through san mateo, light rain. across the east bay, spotty showers from orinda san ramon spotty showers. and then widening this out, hi- def doppler radar, you can see more activity offshore and that's going to push in especially across the south bay this morning. here's a live look with our "salesforce tower" camera. and a foggy start to the day. so we are looking at the visibility. low for some locations 56. livermore 56. oakland 59. san francisco 57. san jose 59. santa rosa 53. so let's talk about the visibility and the dense fog about a mile and a quarter in half moon bay. 2.5 miles for concord. down to a half mile in napa and a quarter mile in santa rosa. so some dense fog once again across the north bay. scattered showers this morning again in between storms today.
6:50 am
but with that residual moisture behind yesterday's front, we're still talking about some lingering showers but then that second storm with the heavy rain and strong winds that will arrive late tonight into tomorrow morning. so this is that second stronger storm system again that arrives late tonight into tomorrow. we're time it out for you on futurecast taking you hour by hour. stopping the clock at 8 a.m. you can see showers especially san francisco south and then as we go through the afternoon most of us getting a break but you can still see some isolated showers line lighting up the futurecast radar screen. tonight at 7 p.m., the orange and red colors indicating we could see some heavy rain. this is at midnight and overnight is when that second storm system moves in. so could see some brief heavy downpours an isolated thunderstorms upon, heavy rain, strong winds, with this second storm. here we are tomorrow at 8 a.m. so it does look like a wet morning commute tomorrow with
6:51 am
that rain continuing there. and then finally easing as we go through thursday into the afternoon and evening. high surf advisory for all coastal beaches today. the highest swells, 13 to 16 feet. breakers 18 to 25. because of our series of storm systems rolling in, high wind watch for the coastline and for the mountains tomorrow. sunrise at 7:03 and here's that seven-day forecast as we are looking at highs in the low to mid-60s. again, second storm late tonight into tomorrow. wet and windy tomorrow. catching a bit of a break on friday and then our next chance of rain on saturday. all right. thank you. we are tracking minor slowdowns on highway 17 all due to this crash northbound 17 near summit road one lane blocked leaving one lane open. so traffic is backing up beyond laurel road.
6:52 am
now a live look at our dublin camera where headlights are the westbound commute coming out of tracy and livermore where we are tracking a new issue. it is on the opposite commute direction. we also have two separate crashes on eastbound 580. first one near santa rita road reported to be blocking one lane. our sensors are still showing speeds in the green in that area but just east of that we can actually see our sensors dip just below the limit. a separate crash eastbound 580 past vasco road. that's blocking two lanes. and we want to take a look in pleasanton on 680. we are still monitoring two separate crashes one northbound and one southbound near sunol boulevard. both are cleared to the shoulder. but delays are building in both directions southbound. we are in the red om 580 and highway 4. you're
6:53 am
looking at 22 minutes. time now 6:52. areas of southern california are scorched by recent wildfires. they are bracing for the worst with the incoming storms where residents have been asked to evacuate. >> reporter: and a high surf advisory in effect for bay area beaches. we'll take a live look at conditions in pacifica right after this.
6:54 am
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? we're here at the pacifica pier where we're seeing some of these big waves that are expected to just increase as the day goes on. forecasters are saying ulwaves up to 25 feet high across bay area beaches today. that's why there is a high surf advisory in ofa 25-foot wat
6:57 am
building. in santa cruz they have extra lifeguards on duty. they are expecting to see biggest swells later today and want to be staffed up just in case. they are also expecting sneaker waves and they are asking people to be careful when heading out to the beach. >> we have to respect the waves. you have to respect the power that is out there. >> reporter: here in pacifica we're already seeing some of these waves crashing up and over the seawall and we're almost at low tide. so if you can imagine what these waves are going to be like as this storm pushes in, especially later on this afternoon and as we reach high tide at 2 p.m. definitely be careful. there could be some sneaker waves and in the words of our former weather anchor, roberta gonzales, never turn your back on an angry ocean. which is exactly what i'm doing right now. so i will send it back to you guys. live in pacificaniel thank 6:57 right now.
6:58 am
time for your "final 5." >> today folks in southern california's wildfire burn zones are bracing for more wet weather and the potential for mudslides. voluntary evacuations are in effect for parts of los angeles, ventura, orange and riverside counties. the oakland a's are unveiling sketches of an elaborate new ballpark near the city's waterfront calling for the demolition of the current coliseum to be replaced with an amphitheater on the site. today house democrats are meeting to select new leaders for the next congress with all signs pointing to nancy pelosi and running for chair of the house democratic caucus is oakland's barbara lee. if she is elected, she would be the highest ranking black woman into leadership ever in congress. republican senator cindy hyde-smith is declaring victory in mississippi's u.s. t hanging. and in about an hour in washington, u.s. senators will brief some trump administration officials about
6:59 am
the murder of journalist jamal saudi arabia. taking a look at the roads right now, it's on the san mateo bridge, taillights heading westbound towards foster city, we are jammed just about a 30-minute ride from 880 to 101. and a live look now at 101 at poplar avenue, headlights heading towards sfo, you can tell from woodside road to san francisco international airport, it is a 20-minute ride. just checked with sfo. because of the low clouds and fog, some flights are delayed about an hour. hi-def doppler, you can see scattered showers lighting up our radar screen especially down across the south bay right over san jose. light rain down through campbell, los gatos there. and then checking the peninsula, san mateo, light raing thwet weathe so scattered showersay action with showernie caon theo
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's wednesday, november 28, 2018, welcome to cbs norng. a report out overnight, details 11 minutes of terror. aboard a boeing 737 max that crashed in indonesia. killing everyone on board. the lion air pilots struggled to control the jet after an anti-stall system failed. see what this means for the u.s. airlines that operate almost 50 of these jets. overnight the chinese scientist who claims to have successfully altered the dna of twin girls says another woman in his study may be pregnant. dr. tara narula looks at the concerns of the procedure the scientific community is calling


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