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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  November 29, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PST

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thanks for waking up with us. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. while were you sleeping, it was really coming down. veronica de la cruz shot this on her drive home last night saying 580 east was ponding so badly, cars had to use the farthest left lane just to get around. >> one of our producers shot this during her drive home around midnight on southbound 101 near highway 92 in san mateo county. gianna, welcome back. >> so glad to be back. >> you had a nice vacation. >> i guess i brought some more rain. we are glad to have back we are tracking heavy rain
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you can see red and orange indicating heavy rain this morning. stretching across the east bay over san leandro, you can see that rain coming down for you from san ramon down through dublin. check out union city and fremont. you're getting a heavy downpour this morning and then down across the peninsula from palo alto, woodside, portola valley, request that light to moderate rainfall and across the south bay, near san jose, saratoga, you can see that light rain. so all of this is pushing generally to the east. we are looking at more rain behind what we're tracking right now as that surface low pressure system moves across the bay area. storm watch scale, we're looking at rain and wind at a 6, flooding 3, thunderstorm chance at 3, as well. but we have seen some lightning strikes offshore th morni areaof heavy rain, with scattered showers in
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nature there. we are going to stay windy throughout the day today with the strongest winds up in the mountains. so that wind advisory for the coastline and especially up in the hills in the higher elevations will see that stronger wind. we are going to take you through hour by hour on futurecast as we take h the y toy when we ct to see even more rain coming up in just a few minutes. let's check in with gianna for traffic. >> with the wet weather comes slick surfaces. we have a handful of accidents to start off your morning drive. injury crash east 80 past 780 where a vehicle got stuck in the mud off to the side. we see delays approaching the scene. take it slower than usual. you are going to deal with some flooding this morning, as well. in the north bay, south 101 at ignacio, north 101 at lucas valley where we are getting reports of some ponding north 101 right around san antonio. so that will affect your drive north- and southbound as you work your way through marin county this morning.
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it is pretty windy, as well. so wind advisory is in effect issued by chp for the richmond/san rafael bridge. e avel from marina bay parkway through sir francis drake boulevard. that's 8 minutes. we are seeing the cars stack up early here on the bay bridge. again dealing with those slick surfaces this morning but so far an easy ride out of oakland into san francisco. we'll keep an eye on the roads. that's traffic. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and we have some live pictures right now out of arizona. this is in chandler. it is a suburb of phoenix. a huge fire at a complex, a mansion where a family lived. the good news is they were all able to make it out all right. but you can see some serious damage there. these are pictures from our chopper there in that area from our sister station. firefighters continuing to try to put thatan iright by a
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retirement community called sun watch,ght now 4:34 this mor new video showing rain gets a b this storm. santa cruz is expected to get at least a couple of inches of rain and see gusts up to 40 miles per hour. this week's storm brought in high surf, as well. in aptos, park rangers ordered campers at seacliff state park to move to higher ground and with more rain on the way, county leaders are concerned that this winter's weather may add on to the long list of damaged roads still being repaired from last year heavy rains. >> if we back these storms up year after year every other year we are going to be in a permanent state of disrepair on our more than 200 roads damaged last year, crews have so far repaired about 36. looking live now at a caltrans camera in the sierra,
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we are going to get to that in a bit, because the snow is really, really, really starting to come down. kpix 5's emily turner is in squaw valley this morning where some are welcoming this wintry blast. reporter: that winter storm warning went into effect at 10 p.m. last night. the scene behind me is going to change dramatically over the next 24 to 48 hours with all of the snow they are expecting here in tahoe. before that storm rolled in last night, caltrans used the brief lull during the day to prepare for the storm that we're now experiencing. they are fully staffed working 24 hours around making sure they restock sand and salt to keep the roads clear. there were on and off chain restrictions on 50 and 80. caltrans says they are ready to move the snow and it should be smoother than the thanksgiving weekend because there's less traffic during the week which is good news for the folks up here. the resorts are excited about that as well as all the snow.
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most of them have just opened in the last week or so. and they are expecting anywhere interest one feet of snow. snow levels will drop down to 4,000 feet here this morning. they dropped down to lake level around midnight which is great. the folks here just hope that this storm is going to set up a great weekend as well as a really good holiday season beyond the obvious concern of traffic one thing that folks will keep an eye on is the wind speed especially those resorts. they don't want all this fresh powder to go to waste. so they are going to make sure that they monitor those wind speeds to know if they have to shut those lift down. of course, we'll be th the day to bring you the latest. at squaw valley, emily turner kpix 5. to politics now, the trump administration is reportedly planning to move forward with a long promised goal. it's not the border wall but, rather, bump stocks. john lawrence reports it's a move bound up to set the nra and some gun owners. reporter: change is imminent for some gun owners. >> this is the bump stock
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which takes four to six minutes to put on and this is the way it works. >> reporter: sources say the trump white house is getting ready to officially ban bump stocks. >> we're knocking out the bump stocks. i told the nra. bump stocks are gone. >> reporter: he announced this shortly after last year's shooting in las vegas that killed dozens. but despite bipartisan backing, it's been a long process. >> in order to eliminate, terminate, bump stocks, we have to go through a procedure. we are now at the final stages of that procedure. >> reporter: bump stocks allow semi-automatic weapons to fire rounds much quicker usl. the obama administration concluded bump stocks were a weapon accessory and clear from federal regulation. not everyone will be in favor of this ban. >> if you are a law-abiding citizen in america and have a clean record, you should be able to own anything you want. >> reporter: a source says the new rule calls for giving bump stock owners 90 days to either
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destroy or turn in their devices. >> what should be banned is bad people. we, the people, have the right to protect ourselves and our families even unto the shedding of blood. >> reporter: i'm john lawrence reporting. president trump is traveling today to argentina where he will join world leaders at the group of 20 summit. saudi arabia's crown prince is among the attendees but there are no plans for a formal meeting between the two leaders. taking a live look at capitol hill, the u.s. senate is moving forward with legislation that would end u.s. involvement in a saudi- led war in yemen. as cbs news' tom hanson reports, the bipartisan vote was also push the for saudi arabia's role in the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. >> yes, 63, no 36. >> reporter: the senate advanced a resolution yesterday to end military support of saudi arabia's involvement in the war with yemen. >> if the president won't send a message, we have to that you
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cannot murder a journalist in a consul, especially a u.s. citizen. >> reporter: the vote was to punish saudi arabia for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. the cia's assessment is that saudi's crown prince gave the order to kill him. >> maybe he did, maybe he didn't. >> reporter: president trump has been reluctant to accept those findings. >> there is no direct ceto e ders ter jamal khashoggi. >> reporter: before the vote, the secretaries of state and defense both echoed the uncertainty to senators in a closed door briefing. >> we have no smoking gun that the crown prince was involved. >> reporter: missing from the briefing was cia director gina haspel, the one official who has heard a recording of khashoggi's murder provided by turkey. >> like most in the room, was disappointed that gina haspel was not there. >> gina haspel if all the accounts are true would have said with a high degree of confidence that in fact the
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crown prince of saudi arabia was involved in the muof jamal khashoggi. >> reporter: it's unclear why she didn't attend. a cia spokesman noted she previously briefed a senate committee. tom hanson, cbs news. newly released surveillance video showing a beating at a napa bar. a woman was battered and bruised at stones sports bar and lounge on november 7th. the man shoves this woman out the bar door and onto the ground. two men go on and beat the victim knocking her unconscious. our juliette goodrich describes how some people tried to help. >> reporter: in the video, you also see two people holding these two sticks. the owner says those are actually friends of the victim. they grabbed these, ran outside to try to help her. >> and according to the bar owner, the two men were only there for about 10 minutes before getting into a heated argument. we were able to reach out to the victim to get her side fle
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like he threw me and landed on top of me. i -- i went blank. i have a daughter. i have a life. this isn't going to stop me. this can't stop me. the suspect rojas has already turned himself in. an active arrest warrant is blic's help in locating him but they warn, don't approach him yourself. just call police. he is armed and dangerous. a new independent audit criticizes richmond police saying the department has no vision and lacks strategy for crime-fighting. the report suggests a comprehensive strategy does not exist to challenge the conditions that contribute to crime and disorder in richmond. the report also contends command staff is apathetic and unaccountable and 97% of officers surveyed said morale
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is poor or not the concern of the administration. >> what'swrong that morale would be that low? is it clear? >> it's not clear at this time. i know that the chief is willing to sit at the table with everyone involved to make this a better organization. >> mayor tom butts said he expects police chief brown are respond to the audit. there is no timeline for a response. only one city in california made national geographic's best trips issue. coming up, what put one bay area city in the same category as cairo, egypt and galway, ireland. >> and taking a live look outside at the city of san francisco. it says 0 degrees right there. that's not true. >> it's cold! freezing! >> it's warmer than that. it may feel really cold out there especially with the rain coming down. we'll have more on your forecast and your we and your traffic coming up. we'll be right back.
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we're tracking hi-def doppler. we are tracking thunderstorms. we are tracking a second powerful storm. more coming up. holiday season is in full swing in the world. yesterday tree lighting ceremonies went on from the big apple to pennsylvania avenue. tom hanson reports. reporter: around the country and the globe, trees lit up. >> it was just beautiful. i never have seen anything more beautiful in my life. >> reporter: kicking off holiday festivities from hawaii to germany's oldest christmas market dating back to 1434. in washington, the president
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and the first family hosted the annual national christmas tree lighting. other parts of the white house went red with first lady melania trump's christmas decorations. >> we are in the 21st century and everybody has a different taste. i think they look fantastic. >> reporter: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. , big moment finally came with the 86th annual rockefeller center christmas tree lighting ceremony. from diana ross to john legend to the new york city rockettes, an estimated 20,000 people got a front row seat. >> merry christmas! >> reporter: the big apple's iconic symbol of the holidays will remain lit through january 7th. tom hanson, cbs news, new york. national geographic magazine has listed oakland as one of its top destinations in the culture category. oakland joined cities like cairo, egypt and galway, ireland on the top 10 list. the city is cited for its art,
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diversity. oakland's much hyped neighbor did not . >> oakland plays second fiddle to san francisco. i was taken aback by how much is going on here. >> surprised and pleased that oakland is getting some love. >> some much deserved attention there. oakland is the only city in california chosen and of only 4 u.s. cities included in national geographic's best trip for 2019 in that issue. so pretty cool. >> oaktown! >> yeah. >> the zoo is pretty good, too, over there. >> yes. love the zoo there. >> have you been? >> yeah! my daughter and i went about two months ago. it's fantastic. new addition makes it even better. >> you should take her to the zoo lights because they have that going on. >> right. >> pretty cool. >> oakland! >> i know. not now, because the rain can
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dampen that. it's really coming down. i want to show you this first of all. hi. we're looking at the bay bridge. it's really coming down now a heavy downpour. you can see the wet roads out there and that heavy rain pushing across the bay bridge there. temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s. 58 in concord, san francisco. we're looking as well as for oakland, livermore 55. 56 san jose. as well as for santa rosa. so let's get right to hi-def doppler and you can see the location getting the heavy rain this morning. also several lightning strikes up across the far north bay here. so guerneville, healdsburg you might have heard that rubble of thunder. you can see several lightning strikes with the thunderstorms there. so tracking that for you, we are looking at some heavy rain as well from vacaville right over you in vacaville also just to the east of napa this morning. then we are going to take you to san francisco. you can see that rain from san
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francisco the mission district, embarcadero center, getting that rain and then all of this, there is the bay bridge. that heavy rain pushing right over the bay bridge there and into the east bay. as we head from union city there, pleasanton, livermore, you can see light to moderate rainfall moving right over you this morning. pensula through the south bay, saratoga raining. through the morning we are looking at heavy rain as well as scattered showers through the rest of the afternoon. windy from southwesterly winds at 25 miles per hour at sfo, 20 in half moon bay. 17 in vallejo, 14 in napa. we are looking at rain and thunderstorms this morning. scattered showers as we head through the afternoon. windy all day today. the strongest will be up in the mountains. the satellite and radar view, this is all because of the surface low pressure system system that's going to
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continue to push across our region this morning. here we go on futurecast. we are at 8 a.m. you can see some heavy downpours still. through the afternoon this is stopping the clock at noon. you can see still see that activity as we head through the rest of the afternoon and to the evening, things will wind down but again we are talking about some strong winds at 7 p.m. maybe an isolated shower but we dry out as we go through late tonight and especially into tomorrow. picking up as much as 2.5" for the north bay, 2 to 4" for the santa cruz mountains, other locations about 1.5". wind advisory at the coastline, bay and hills strongest in the mountains. gusts up to 45. and here is that seven-day forecast. a fast-moving system moves in friday through saturday, then a break sunday and monday and the next storm is tuesday.
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thank you, mary. you just mentioned the winds. chp has issued a high wind advisory for the bay bridge where you can see it is really coming down through there right now. so take it slow. leave space between you and the car in front of you. right now, no accidents on the bay bridge. you are clear to san francisco. but you're going to see your drive times inch up a bit, 11 minutes from the maze to the central freeway. very slick surfaces through there. let's check the maze, as well. you can start seeing traffic stacking up just a little bit taking it slower as you work your way through there. we have a crash eastbound 80 at berkeley curve. it's in the center divide. you have some slow conditions as you approach the scene. in fact, a handful of incidents are kind of trickling into the traffic center. roadway flooding especially. you're going to see a lot of ponding west 980 at jackson. south 880 at 23rd. north 880 to eastb aswell. usion you work your way westbound 580 near broadway and westbound eastshore freeway right around gilman. let's jump over to 680.
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shut down in some areas of the off-ramp. monument avenue off-ramp to southbound 680 is closed because of flooding as well as southbound 242 on monday i'm avenue off-ramp. it's not affecting the main lines of the freeway. but again, if you are trying to get on and off they will have a detour in place because of the flooding. use caution through there. let's check the altamont pass. loaded up westbound 580 typical slow and go conditions as you work your way coming away from 205. 30 minutes to 680. we have a bart advisory in effect. the 19th street station and 20th street is closed, that entrance, because of flooding. so use an alternate. the rest of mass transit is on time. bart trains, caltrain, muni, ace are on time. time check strght morning, a handmade sequel and bobby brown files suit. that and more hollywood headlines coming up. >> let's head outside once again to take a look at the conditions out there, this time in san jose. more rain is on the way. mary will ha
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we're tracking a second storm moving in on def different. you can see the rain moving -- on hi-def doppler. you can see the rain moving over san francisco and the bay bridge with windy conditions. across the east bay from oakland, berkeley, right now, you're getting that rain moving right over you. heavy rain this morning. we'll talk about what to expect and the hi-def doppler view of where the rain is coming down where you are hour by hour on futurecast coming up. one of those hot spots in berkeley a crash around the curve where we are seeing rain plus mass transit, keep in mind there is a 20-minute delay for bart at the downtown
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oakland station. that's where it's originating in the antioch, richmond, warm springs and sf directions, ance iclosed due to flooding. a sequel to the handmaid's tail is announced and bobby brown is suing showtime the bbc for millions. >> ileana diaz has today's "eye on entertainment." >> my name is alfred. i have had another name. >> reporter: margaret atwood is writing a sequel to the handmaid's tail. the testaments will take place 15 years after the final scene. atwood says the new book will answer many of the questions from the first book. the sequel comes out september of next year. that's a wrap at least for now of the cbs remake of one of tv's most iconic shows. "murphy brown" will complete its 13 episode run on december december 20th. the new comedy will take over the time slot. no word year.
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r&b singer bobby brown is suing showtime and bbc over a whitney houston documentary. the documentary, can i be me, violated rights and improperly used footage from the reality series being bobby brown. he is asking for $2 million. that's your "eye on entertainment." ileana diaz, cbs news, los angeles. time now 4:57. >> coming up, u.s. life expectancy drops again. what's fueling the steep drop from year to year? >> reporter: plus, flooding on bay area roads causing some problems for drivers this morning. we'll show you some of those hot spots coming up including this area still closed in oakland.
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strong storms drench the bay area overnight. we are tracking heavy rain sticking around this morning.
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>> and all that rain has to go somewhere. this morning it's ponding on the roads. gianna will help you get around the mess. >> and a big announcement coming from the trump administration. this morning, the plans to ban bump stocks. >> good morning, it's thursday, november 29th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. the storm leaves behind a mess this morning in parts of the bay area. this tree toppled on a pickup truck in mill valley overnight. so we are already seeing a lot of damage being caused by this rain. >> and there's more on the way. >> that's right. yeah. we're tracking the rain and the wind this morning. if you are getting ready for work and school, i want to let you know what you're going to be dealing with. hi-def doppler and let's zoom in first of all. tracking lightning strikes for the far north bay. so healdsburg, guerneville, you might have heard a rumble of thunder tracking your thunderstorms in this area with


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