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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 29, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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thursday, november 29th. i'm michelle griego. >> and good morning. i'm kenny choi. it is about 6:00 right now. we are in for a messy morning commute. the powerful storm that's been dumping rain all over the bay area has let up some. but we are not done yet as we take a live look outside in san francisco. coit tower there in that picture. >> and take a look in los gatos this morning. it was raining hard. it has subsided since then. but there's still a lot more rain to come today later this morning. we have also seen some downed trees in some places. the marin county sheriff's office posted these photos of a tree that fell on a pickup truck near east blithedale avenue and tower drive in mill valley. >> this is always the thing. we want the rain to come but when it comes all at once, we see damage like this. it's crazy. i know the roads are messy right now and things are going on. the wind is creating problems. >> yes. the wind is picking up, as well. so the second storm that we have been talking about all week, it is here. that powerful storm system bringing the rain and the wind. now, right now, we are getting
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a bit of a break for most of us. but just wait because more rain is on the way. hi-def doppler, and we are still getting a lot of activity up across the far north bay. cloverdale is getting hit with heavy rain right now currently moving over bodega bay, as well. windsor getting some light rain. and then pushing across rohnert park, petaluma, getting some light rain this morning. and then down across the south bay, los altos hills there, and also, near sunnyvale, cupertino, you can see that rain about to push into san jose. so we are looking at scattered showers this morning. but you can see offshore, we are going to track that rain that's going to continue to push into the bay area. so again, not done just yet. a live look with our "salesforce tower" camera looking west just to show you it is rocking and rolling with that wind picking up and you can see that camera just shake there is so our temperatures are in the 50s this morning. now through 10 a.m., areas of heavy rain isolated thunderstorms as that low pressure system pushes across the bay area and just enough instability and activity to fire that off for us.
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brief heavy downpours for the rest of the morning and into the afternoon. we are talking scattered showers and then through tonight catching a break into tomorrow. but it's going to stay windy all day today. but the strongest winds up in the mountains. we are going to time it out for you going hour by hour on futurecast coming up. let check in with gianna for traffic and the wet roads. thank you. yeah, as mary said it's tapered off a bit in some spots but that will change as the rain comes through this morning. now, keep that in mind as you work your way out the door this morning because we are seeing some slow and go conditions as a result because of these slick surfaces. give yourself some extra time there. heading toward the bay bridge, business as usual. metering lights were turned on at 5:21 this morning so earlier than usual. 27 minutes, that's your drive time, to go from the maze over towards the central freeway in san francisco. high wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge. so be very careful across that
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upper deck into san francisco. now, we are still dealing with a lot of ponding on the freeways and a lot of flooding. west 980 at jackson, south 880 at 23rd. north 880 at 2. eastbound 980 also westbound 580 at broadway and west 80 at gilman so affecting your drive in the east bay this morning. of course, our slow and go conditions coming off that eastshore freeway, as well. let's take a look at traffic as you work your way through pleasant hill this morning. southbound 680 stop and go conditions. you're going to see slow speeds down into walnut creek shut down areas on, south 24 on monument avenue shut down for wet weather. lots of flooding so be careful. a lot of closures and we have seen some problems with cars getting caught in the floodwaters this morning on highway 9 in the santa cruz mountains, this driver was lucky to make it right through without getting trapped. >> kpix 5's katie nielsen joins us live from another
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problem spot this morning. the 7th street on-ramp to 880 in oakland. katie. >> reporter: michelle, this area looks flooded overnight. still closed this morning to drivers. you can see oakland police cars here as they are making sure that no one goes through this underpass right now except for a couple of vehicles right now including this truck. but in san jose, just a few hours ago, firefighters helped rescue the driver of this car that got stuck in a flooded intersection on alameda near the stockton under crossing for the rail lines. firefighters were able to walk the driver out of that car and get them to safety. they said the driver was not hurt. also, overnight, a couple of lanes on 580 eastbound near macarthur flooded. drivers had to use the left shoulder to get around all that standing water on the freeway there. but chp saying lanes are now open.
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and on 101 south, near the 92 interchange, some localized flooding there last night. this is one of the biggest storms to hit the bay area this season which is why all of this debris is coming down off the roadways and then clogging up storm drains, that's what's causing this flooding on the roads. chp advising drivers do not drive through standing water because it can be deceptively deep. that's what some of these drivers are finding out. especially that driver who got stuck in san jose early this morning. live in oakland, katie nielsen, kpix 5. 6:05. rain which helped douse the "camp fire" in butte county are posing a new threat for fire victims this morning. forecasters say that the thunderstorms could lead to flooding in burn areas. >> my concern is the runoff on the road and keeping the
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ditches open because that's what's going to wash out. it happened last year. >> weather permitting paradise residents may be allowed to return to the town next week. but officials there warning that there could be bones or bone fragments as they sift through the rubble and what's left of their properties. 88 people have died since the fire ripped through paradise on november 8th and for the following couple of weeks at last check 196 people are considered missing. deputies are asking that if residents find fragments, don't disturb the area and instead call 911. happening today, the wildfire situation is prompting a protest this morning outside a meeting of the california public utilities commission in san francisco. the demonstrators oppose state assistance to protect pg&e from financial consequences when its equipment causes wildfires. new this morning, the chairman of california's democratic party has announced he plans to seek treatment for health issues and alcohol use. eric bowman announced he would
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step down from his position during an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations. the "los angeles times" says he is accused of making crude sexual comments unwanted touching and physical intimidation. president trump says that he won't rule out a pardon for his former campaign chairman in connection with the russia investigation. this comes as some lawmakers move to protect the man in charge of the probe. in september, paul manafort pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges as part of a cooperation deal with special counsel robert mueller. two days ago, mueller told a federal court that manafort lied and breached that deal an accusation that manafort denies. manafort's lawyers have also briefed the president's legal team on their interactions with mueller. >> if they would resort to this extraordinary tactic simply shows their apprehension factor of fear. >> and yesterday, senate republicans shot down a bill aimed at protecting mueller. it was introduced by arizona
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senator jeff flake. flake sits on the senate judiciary committee. he will not advance any of president trump's judicial nominees until the bill is passed. time now is 6:07. mandatory evacuations are in place in southern california burn zones with the threat of mudslides this morning. we'll hear from residents dealing with a possibility of another disaster. >> and we are tracking our second powerful storm system moving across the bay area. we'll talk about the rain, the wind, i'll show you hi-def doppler and take you through the day hour by hour on futurecast coming up. >> and that rain causing a lot of problems on the roads especially flooding. we'll have your hot spots coming up in just a few minutes. i am a family man.
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redwood city. and just to the east of palo alto. we're tracking a second storm, more rain is on the way. also talking about strong winds. i'll have details on this coming up. in our storm watch, southern california residents recovering from recent wildfires may have to deal with mudslides today. mandatory evacuations are under way in lake elsinore in riverside county. this area was devastated by the holy fire back in august. officials are warning residents that burned hillsides could give way during the rain. >> after talking to neighbors, and the sheriff, we are leaving. so we are packing up tonight and hopefully, everything will be safe and sound. >> it's just nerve-wracking because they are saying that it's going to be, like, pretty bad and i'm just thinking, like, i hope everyone will be safe. >> reporter: more than 4,000 homes are under mandatory evacuation. the holy fire burned more than 23,000 acres and destroyed 18
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buildings. i'm anne makovec at the live desk and we are continuing to watch this fire burn in arizona. it's been going for four hours now. taking a leave look above this mansion in chandler, arizona. this is a suburb of phoenix near the retirement community of sun lake. you can see just massive amounts of smoke coming off this property. it is a home but it's huge. it's 12,000 square feet. this fire started four hours ago. so firefighters finally have a handle on it. this is what it looked like about 2 hours ago just the entire complex engulfed in flames. no injuries reported in this huge fire. three people lived in the home. they were all able to get out quickly and safely. but obviously, they have lost their home. early reports say that the fire started in a second-story bedroom. kenny and michelle? >> thank you. a civil rights activist
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organization will be meeting with facebook at the company's headquarters in the bay area. according to the "new york times," facebook has hired a republican-led firm to discredit groups targeting the company including color for change. the group meeting with facebook leaders today. facebook coo is expected to attend the meeting. all across the country it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. ♪[ music ] >> i love that song. especially when diana ross is singing it. she helped kick off the 86th annual rockefeller center christmas tree lighting ceremony in new york. an estimated 20,000 people got a front row seat to the celebration. an estimated 5 miles of l.e.d. lights were used with a 900- pound star at the top. the big apple's iconic symbol of the holidays will remain
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lit through january 7th. it really is beautiful. >> yeah. fantastic. >> i started playing christmas music as i cook thanksgiving dinner. when do you start? is it too early? >> halloween! >> whoa! >> that's early. >> so for two months. >> festive spirit. love it. it feels like winter with our rain and snow up in the sierra. let's first show you what to expect. we have been tracking a storm. this powerful storm is here. so hi-def doppler, boy, check out the lightning strikes just offshore. so this is a very active weather system here. zoom in first of all up across the far north bay. cloverdale, heavy rain for you. you can see the red colors indicating some brief heavy downpours. isolated thunderstorms offshore and then check this out. you can see the lightning strikes just to the south of inverness there. you're getting a heavy downpour over you currently so we are talking about enough instability to fire off those
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thunderstorms. sebastopol getting that light rain as well as rohnert park as well as eldridge, santa rosa. you can see light to moderate rainfall and then pushing across the south bay, sunnyvale, cupertino, campbell, you can see that light rain this morning. there is more rain behind it. so offshore, you can see that activity that's going to continue to push into the bay area as we go through the day here. so with that surface low pressure system, just moving through our area, we are looking at rain off and on today especially in the morning and early afternoon. a live look at the south bay. san jose good morning to you, and we are looking at some raindrops on our live camera because of the rain that has moved through this morning looking at temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s. a mild start to the day. tracking the winds, we are looking at sfo, looking at 28- mile-per-hour winds, downtown san francisco 26-mile-per-hour winds out of the south- southwest. 22 oakland, 23 berkeley. looking at 19 in vallejo.
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so some strong winds, continuing all day today. here's what to expect. heavy rain, isolated thunderstorms this morning as that surface low pushes through. scattered showers this afternoon catching a break late tonight into tomorrow. but it's going to stay windy with the strongest winds up in the mountains today. satellite and radar views, there's that surface low that will bring more rain for us and also kick up the winds. we are tracking another weather system right behind it for late friday into saturday. so a very active weather pattern which is is storm after storm for us. futurecast taking you through the day, here we are at 8 a.m. and you can see that scattered activity heavy downpours as we go through the rest of the day stopping the clock at noon. you can still see that scattered activity lighting up our radar screen. again, those orange and red colors indicating some heavy rain. by 4 p.m., catching a break for most of us but we could see some isolated showers still. so not completely ruling that out. late tonight into tomorrow, things really start to wind down for us. wind advisory until 4 p.m.
6:18 am
for the coastline bay and hills. again, the mountains will see strongest winds, gusts up to 45 miles per hour. downtown trees possible. and that flash flood watch for the burn scarred areas, so for the "camp fire" fire in butte county, shasta county of the carr fire, periods of heavy rain, debris flow, mudslides possible there. and again, really watching that closely up in butte county shasta county. winter storm warning in effect for the west slopes of the northern sierra nevada. tahoe, as well. that snow level down to 4,000 feet. we are looking at the highest peaks up to 24 inches of snow. travel delays likely. sunrise today at 7:04. sunset at 4:51. so here's that seven-day forecast. upper 50s to low 60s today. wet and windy. catching a break tomorrow. and then another weather system arrives late friday into early saturday. you just said about rain some light rain through cupertino, san jose. we have an accident on 280 in cupertino. it may slow you down this
6:19 am
morning so heads up. northbound right around foothill expressway is stuck in the center divide. no word if any injuries have been reported. chp is heading out to the scene. but again, we are starting to see some busier conditions on the roads. south bay, pockets of slowing northbound 101 through san jose. flooding southbound 880 at stevens creek. north 87. guadalupe parkway at santa clara we are seeing speeds on 87 down to about 47 miles per hour through there. and eastham i will ton on-ramp to northbound 17 also seeing flooding, east hamilton on- ramp to northbound 17. westbound 580/205 to 680, we are seeing traffic loading up. headlights toward the dublin interchange. delays coming out of the
6:20 am
altamont pass. 33 minutes again as you work your way over towards 680. so a little sluggish as you head through there. we do have reports of a rollover accident on marsh creek road. that's very busy for the morning drive. westbound before deer valley in brentwood. a lot of activity there on the scene. if you plan to use mass transit, we have some bart delays all morning long. 20 minutes downtown oakland in all directions but it is recovering earlier track problems. 19th street station, the 23 entrance is closed due to flooding. all other mass transit is on time. time now 6:20. as we take a live look outside, looking at the bay bridge, there's a little bit of a break in the rain. we'll be right back. [ phone rings ] what?!
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nba fans everywhere were hoping for a possible nba final between the warriors and the toronto raptors tonight. but let's face it, the warriors without curry is like the yankees without ruth. curry hasn't played since november 8th with that groin injury. he practiced with the team last night in toronto. but the team wants to be extra cautious with their mvp so he is not going to play. he is, however, expected back saturday night when the warriors head to detroit. >> we're never going to look back and go, man, i wish we played in toronto. but the opposite would definitely be true. you know, we can look back and say, what were we thinking? why didn't we give him another couple days? >> better safe than sorry. the sharks and warriors were both in toronto, and let's hope golden state has a better outcome against the raptors than san jose against
6:25 am
the maple leafs. the leafs haven't raised a banner since lbj was in the oval office. they were ahead 1-0. kevin labanc set off tomas hurdl game tied on the power play goal. toronto a nice boost from the 21-year-old star matthews, who had been out a month with an injury. got one past aaron dell to make it 2-1 toronto. it was capped off by an old friend, patrick marleau, his first-ever goal against san jose. leafs win 5-3, sharks' third straight loss. nfl jon gruden's brother jay peppered with questions by the d.c. media yesterday about why the redskins claimed the former 49er reuben foster. foster might not play. they say he is worth the backlash. >> we'll deal with the outcry so to speak but for the most part this is a young athlete, young person, who got himself into trouble. we want to find out what happened.
6:26 am
stanford women's basketball team landed the nation's top high school recruit yesterday. haley jones selected stanford over a the top schools in the country including uconn. she went to tara vanderveer's youth camp and now she is the highest rated recruit since 2010. this picture was taken when haley was in the fifth grade. congratulations to haley and congratulations to tara vanderveer. that's the latest in sports. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. it is 6:26. today a's fans have a chance to get their questions answered about the new ballpark proposal that was just unveiled. >> reporter: and localized flooding on bay area roads causing some problems for drivers this morning including this closed street in oakland. we'll have all the details just after this.
6:27 am
>> and another live look outside. this time at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll be right back.
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as a rough commute all over the bay area this morning with widespread flooding on the roads. >> and congress taking steps to punish saudi arabia for the murder of a "washington post" journalist. >> good morning, it is thursday, november 29th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. we want to get a live look outside. we are looking at, let's see,
6:31 am
the city of san jose. you can tell raindrops on the camera lens of rain has let up in some places. some power lanes came down in san francisco. this is in the parkside neighborhood. there are some scattered power outages all around the bay area. so a lot of issue us. this is round 2. not quite over it yet and then there's rounds 3 and 4. >> storm after storm for us a very active weather pattern. the jet stream just aimed right at the bay area and that's why we're tracking these storms. we're tracking lightning strikes and heavy rain as well as strong winds. so let's zoom in here. and inverness had lightning strikes just offshore this morning. tracking heavy rain over for you right now. from cloverdale down through
6:32 am
windsor, santa rosa, light to moderate rainfall. this is san francisco. you can see the cell about to move into san francisco there. so we're tracking that activity on hi-def doppler. the peninsula, san mateo, you can see that cell moving over you. and then down across the south bay some light rain from sunnyvale, cupertino, down through saratoga as well as milpitas, getting that wet weather this morning. so we have more activity behind it here. you can see that's about to move into the rest of the bay area. it's all pushing east and into our region. so now through 10 a.m. areas of heavy rain, isolated thunderstorms, as that surface low pressure pushes across our area. brief heavy downpours for the rest of the morning and into the afternoon with scattered showers. you catch a break late tonight into tomorrow. but it stays windy all day today with the strongest winds up in the mountains. so a wind advisory until 4 p.m. the coastline, the bay, the hills, gusts up to 45 especially up in the higher elevations but downed trees are definitely possible and we
6:33 am
are already seeing that. we are going to take you through futurecast with the rest of the day taking you hour by hour. we'll time out the rain for you coming up. now let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic. it is windy. wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge this morning. so use caution across the span. a crashing at the incline, flashing lights off to the left-hand side of your screen. well, a vehicle got stuck in some flooding on the frontage road so chp and tow crews are now on scene trying to clear that out of the roads. busy anyway as you work your way out of oakland into san francisco right now. 34 minutes your drive time from the maze to 101. the high wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge as well as the richmond/san rafael bridge. we are seeing slower conditions working your way from marina bay parkway to sir francis drake boulevard. that's about 14 minutes. also getting busy on the san mateo bridge. no accidents, just extra busy because of all these slick roads. 27 minutes from 880 to the
6:34 am
peninsula along 101. 880 here's a live shot near paseo grande 238 to 84, 18 minutes. no crashes through this portion. in fact, 880 outside of your regular slow conditions, looking okay. a new crash reported north 680 at highway 24. that's in the center divide. >> thank you. rain flooded part of highway 9 in los gatos overnight. this new video showing caltrans crews racing to clear the water. you can see one car right here slowly making it through. but some drivers weren't as fortunate. katie nielsen is in oakland this morning with the issues. >> reporter: we have been talking about the 7th street on-ramp to southbound 880 most of the morning. it had been closed but just a few minutes ago, oakland police did open up the on-ramp to the freeway but 7th street still closed underneath the overpass here at 880.
6:35 am
in oakland. in san jose, earlier this morning, firefighters had to rescue a driver of this car that got stuck in a flooded. section. near the stockton under crossing at the alameda. firefighters walked the driver to safety and say that driver was not hurt. drivers had to use the left shoulder to get around all the standing water on the freeway there. chp says early this morning, all lanes reopened. and on 101 south near the 92 late last night flooding, as well. so chp advising drivers do not drive through standing water. if you can't see the bottom of the road, through the water, do not go in there because you just don't know how deep that water is. we're talking with oakland police officers earlier this morning and had a number of
6:36 am
cars that stalled out in intersections that flooded all of that being caused by this strong storm washing a lot of debris off the roads clogging up the storm drains. so we have also seen public works crews out here trying to get everything cleared up to make it a little bit easier for drivers this morning. live in oakland, katie nielsen, kpix 5. we are in for another day of rough surf along the coast. chopper 5 giving us a look at some of the big swells yesterday. earlier today we saw waves slamming bay area beaches. stay with us for continuing storm watch coverage throughout the day. you can head to for the updated forecast and a live look at hi-def doppler radar. it is 6:36. today oakland a's president dave cavill will hold an open house for fans and community members about the team's new plans for a ballpark on the city's waterfront. the plans include a futuristic baseball stadium in the howard terminal area, and then later replacing the existing coliseum with a smaller
6:37 am
amphitheater on that site. the open house is set to run between 4 and 6 p.m. at the a's headquarters on harrison street street. [ no microphone ] >> we had a little microphone issue. anyway, bombshell in the robert mueller investigation into president trump. michael cohen you may remember this guy he was president trump's personal lawyer. he just pleaded guilty in federal court to lying to congress about some of the dealings that he and the presidential campaign had with russia during the 2016 campaign. now, it was in august that he pleaded guilty in another
6:38 am
case. this was a local case dealing with campaign finance problems, specifically hush money paid to some people who are covering up potential sex scandals. so this is a new phase him moving forward in taking care of this investigation and it looks like he is going to be cooperating with robert mueller whom he has been involved in 70 hours worth of interviews with. michael cohen pleaded guilty in federal court this morning. >> thank you. president trump heads to argentina today for the g20 summit where he will reportedly meet with russia president vladimir putin. according to the kremlin, the two leaders will sit down together tomorrow on the sidelines of the summit. it would be the first such sitdown since their controversial meeting in finland over the summer. president trump had hinted he might cancel due to recent russian aggression against ukranian ships. saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman will also
6:39 am
attend the g20. yesterday, congress advanced a resolution to end u.s. support of saudi arabia in its war with yemen. they call the situation in yemen the world's worst humanitarian crisis. it's to punish saudi arabia for involvement in the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. >> you cannot murder a journalist in a consul especially when he is a u.s. citizen. >> president trump has not publicly accepted the cia's conclusion that bin salman gave the order to kill khashoggi. the cia director did not attend the briefing yesterday. it's unclear why. she is the one u.s. official who has heard an audio recording of khashoggi's murder provided by turkey. new this morning, the number of children in the u.s. without health insurance is on the rise. according to a new report by georgetown university, children without health insurance rose by 276,000 last year. the study's author says that the rise reflects steps taken
6:40 am
by the trump administration and the republican-controlled congress to target programs like medicaid and the children's health insurance program also called chip. time now 6:39. oakland is getting some positive recognition for all it has to offer. why it was the only california city to make a new list of top travel destinations. >> and new restrictions are expected in response to the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history.
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6:43 am
a second storm is it packing a punch. we're talking heavy rain as well as isolated thunderstorms and strong winds. you can see those lightning strikes just offshore to the south of lagunitas there. but getting heavy rain from inverness, lagunitas there, as
6:44 am
well as down through mill valley, san rafael, novato. we'll take you hour by hour on futurecast details coming up. >> we're talking rain and snow. this is a live look at the snowy sierra in the town of strawberry right off highway 50. a national forest spokesman expects an avalanche advisory in the region the first of the season. but look at that area just blanketed with snow. the new snow is a welcome sight for skiers. here's a look at boreal mountain resort near donner summit last night. winter storm warning is in effect for the greater lake tahoe area through 4:00 tomorrow morning. so more snow is expected as the current storm travels through. >> at boreal it started snowing which is perfect for us. >> downtown truckee looks ready for christmas for folks driving to the sierra, chains are currently required on interstate 80 east of nyack and on u.s. highway 50 between kyburz and myers. it is 6:44 this morning.
6:45 am
the trump administration is reportedly black to move forward with a long promised goal to ban bump stocks. it's a move bound to upset the nra and gun owners. president trump first announced his plans shortly after the shooting in las vegas. but despite bipartisan back, it's been a long process. bump stocks allow semi- automatic weapons to fire rounds much quicker than usual. >> so we're knocking out bump stocks. i've told the nra. bump stocks are gone. >> what should be banned is bad people. >> we, the people, have the right to protect ourselves and our families even unto the shedding of blood. >> source telling cnn that the new rule calls for giving bump stock owners 90 days to destroy or turn in their devices. it is 6:45 right now. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us from new york. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, michelle. ahead here on "cbs this morning," we are going to begin with the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds.
6:46 am
plus, we'll look at the political risks of president trump leaving open the possibility of a pardon for paul manafort as the russia investigation nears an end. and there's a new report that says the gender pay gap is worse than previously thought! jill schlesinger is here with what women in companies can do to even the playing field. also, the controversy over a 70,000 christmas light display. why the 15-year family tradition is facing a backlash. and country music legend garth brooks is right here in studio 57 going to be sitting at this table so we're looking forward to that. see you at 7:00. >> i know. it's cool. gayle said yesterday she is so disappointed she is missing garth brooks because she is out of the country. >> yeah. she went to the global citizen festival out in south africa. so you know, check the show. check gayle's instagram feed. you know, she will be hanging out with some, um, some pretty interesting people. >> you get to hang out with garth brooks.
6:47 am
we'll see you at 7:00. thanks so much, norah. >> okay. it is 6:46 right now. turning to the economy now, jobless claims are rising an wall street hoping for more gains after a big day yesterday. joining us now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. couple of key reports on the economy out. the labor market showing a little bit of weakness in recent weeks. the labor department reporting that initial jobless claims rose by 10,000 to 234,000. that's the highest level since may. historically speaking it's still a low level. and a key inflation gauge put out by the government came in flat at 2% in october. that takes a little bit of pressure off the federal reserve at its december meeting. that's one of the key reasons why the stock market had its massive rally on wednesday when fed chair jerome powell said there's not a preset policy path for rate hikes. there had been expectations of a hike in december. that's made the market nervous of late. and that fueled the rally yesterday. the market is taking a breather today. let's go to the big board see
6:48 am
how we're doing so far. the dow is down 60 points. nasdaq is down 25. the s&p lower by 9. back to you. >> thank you. national geographic magazine has listed oakland as one of its top destinations in the culture category. oakland joining cities like cairo and galway on the top ten lists cited for art, food scene, night life and diversity. oakland is the only city in california chosen and one of only 4 u.s. cities included in national geographic's best trips for 2019. >> oakland getting some love. >> loving it. that's awesome. we are tracking a lot with this powerful second storm with heavy rain, thunderstorms and strong winds. hi-def doppler, we have it going for you this morning. we are tracking heavy rain and lightning strikes. you can see the lightning strikes along the coast.
6:49 am
first zoom into the north bay because we're tracking heavy rain stretching from guerneville down through santa rosa. a lot of rain with red and orange indicating heavy rain for you. lightning strikes offshore west of inverness but we are seeing lightning strikes along the coast and also south of lagunitas there. you can see lightning strikes and heavy downpours so isolated thunderstorms this morning as this low pressure system pushes across the region here just enough instability to fire that off. also, looking at moderate rain right along 101 through tiburon there. sausalito, mill valley and over the golden gate bridge. the east bay through san leandro. across the south bay even some light rain from san jose.
6:50 am
we're tracking all of this and more is on the way. that's going to be pushing ins across the bay area. this second powerful one is producing activity for us. you can see the camera shaking in the wind this morning. temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s. winds are picking up. looking at 22-mile-per-hour winds at half moon bay. 28 at sfo. south-southwest winds at 26 in san francisco. 22 oakland. 23-mile-per-hour winds in berkeley. and about 18 in santa rosa. and we will see strong winds as we go through the day. so rain, isolated thunderstorms this morning, scattered showers this afternoon. but brief heavy downpours are possible. as we go through the rest of the morning and into the early afternoon, catching a bit of a break tonight into tomorrow. but it stays windy all day today with the strongest winds up in the mountains. satellite-radar view, there is that surface low that's going
6:51 am
to continue to push into the region. we are tracking another weather system right behind it that moves in for late friday into early saturday. let's time it out for you on futurecast taking you hour by hour. here we are at 8 a.m. and you can see the scattered showers and heavy downpours, as well. stopping the clock again at noon and you can still see that activity lighting up our radar screen. as we head through the afternoon, catching a bit of a break for most of us, but still isolated showers there lighting up our futurecast radar screen. catching a break late tonight into tomorrow. a brief break and then another system rolls in. rainfall amounts with this storm looking at 2.5 for the north bay there, 2 to 4 inches for the santa cruz mountains. looking at about an inch to 1.5" in the east bay, south bay and for the peninsula. so here's that seven-day forecast. a wet and windy day today. please be careful out there. we are looking at a break for friday and then friday night into saturday. another storm rolls in
6:52 am
catching a break sunday, monday, and another storm for tuesday and wednesday. rain making it busy on the roads. let's head to the south bay. a crash along 280, it was reported in the center divide. chp is on scene. northbound 280 at foothill expressway two lanes blocked for this injury accident with slow conditions from de anza. 680101 connector towards highway 85. northbound 280 that will take you about16 minutes. flooding and ponding on some of our main lines of our freeways. south 880 at stevens creek north 87 at santa clara, we are seeing slow and go conditions a lot of 14 miles per hour, 15 miles per hour, so very slow speeds. north 101 our drive time just updated. we are now in the red. 45 minutes from hellyer avenue down to san antonio avenue. also slow northbound 87, highway 85 to 101. and it looks like north 101 out of morgan hill still very busy this morning.
6:53 am
let's head to 680 southbound. your commute through walnut creek very busy southbound towards 24. give yourself 10 minutes to make that portion of the drive. we do have a crash northbound 680 and highway 24. it's in the center divide. 6:53. we are following breaking news this morning! president trump's former personal attorney enters a guilty plea. we'll have details coming up. >> reporter: plus, flooding on the roads causing problems for drivers. we'll have the latest on some of these road conditions coming up. what's a gig of data? well, it's a whole day's worth of love songs. or 300 minutes of baby videos. a gig goes a long way. that's why xfinity mobile
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lets you pay for data one gig at a time. and with millions of wifi hotspots included, you'll pay even less for data. or if you need a lot we have unlimited too. plus, get $200 back when you buy a new smart phone. it's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today.
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6:56 am
flooding on bay area roads has been causing problems and slowdowns for drivers all
6:57 am
morning. just about 30 minutes ago, the 7th straight on-ramp to 880 southbound reopened but 7th street itself here in oakland still closed. that's because of flooding underneath this overpass. chp actually had to pull a car out of the standing water earlier this morning. in san jose, just a few hours ago, firefighters helped rescue the driver of a car that got stuck in a flooded intersection on the alameda near stockton under crossing for the rail lines. firefighters were able to walk the driver out to safety and say that driver was not hurt. then overnight tonight, a couple of lanes on 580 eastbound near macarthur flooded. drivers had to use the left shoulder to get around the water on the freeway there. chp now saying all lanes are open on 580. but they are warning drivers do not drive through standing water if you can't see the bottom of the water. it can be deceiving how deep it is. so they are seeing a number of cars that are getting stuck
6:58 am
and stalled out in some of these flooded roads. live in oakland, katie nielsen, kpix 5. time now 6:57. time for your final five. flash flood warnings in effect for california areas hit by wildfires. in southern california, mandatory evacuations are issued for some of the holy fire burn areas in orange and riverside counties. officials are warning residents burned hillsides could give way during the rain. >> rain could cause problems for butte county residents still living in shelters after the "camp fire." officials saying paradise residents may be able to return to the area next week. the president of the a's is going to talk about the attempt's plans for a new baseball stadium on the waterfront. the open house is 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. at team headquarters. michael cohen made an appearance in court pleading
6:59 am
guilty to lying to congress about contacts that he had in russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. his plea is part of a deal arranged by special counsel robert mueller. opening statement are scheduled to begin today in the murder trial of james alex fields junior, the ohio man charged with killing a woman during a white nationalist rally in virginia. he plans to argue he was acting in self-defense when he drove his car into a crowd of counter-protestors. checking the roads, slick surfaces out there. 101 here out of marin county at ignacio very busy conditions down to 580. 19 minutes. flooding in the north bay. 101 at ignacio, north 101 at lucas valley. that low pressure system is now moving across the bay area. several lightning strikes that we're tracking across the north bay from lagunitas, san rafael, bolinas. you can see the thunderstorm activity there and now the
7:00 am
rain is pushing across san francisco. light to moderate rainfall there and across the east bay you can see that rain pushing across san leandro. >> a lot more on the way. thank you. thank you for watching "kpix 5 news this morning." "cbs this morning" is coming up next. have a great day. good morning, it's thursday, november 29, welcome to "cbs this morning." dramatic moments. the administration's response over the murder of reporter jamal khashoggi. as the president heads to the g-20 summit. a startling report revealing the pay gap between men and women is even worse than previously thought. the growing issue for millions of women and what they can do to close the gap. in a role moment of canada, the first dy


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