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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 29, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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utilities like pg&e. today's meeting was the very first since the camp fire, yet another huge fire where pg&e is believed to have played a role. so dozens of people came to toy this meeting is over! >> reporter: and it was over for about 10 minutes. jackie barshack says that's a start. >> we have shut down the meeting. over 30 people spoke in public comment. >> reporter: they had a lot to say. >> this is the second straight year that we've had to choke on the carbonized remains of our neighbors. >> reporter: alexander post grew up in chico and he says the current system gives pg&e no reason to change. >> it's evil, but it's not illogical because if you're going to continue to bail out pg&e to provide public money to socialize their losses, what is their incentive to be , to
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act safely? there is none. >> reporter: richard becker says the commission itself is part of the problem. >> you don't really regulate them. you protect them. that is the role of the cpuc. it is to make it appear as if there is regulation when, in fact, there is just enabling of this corporations. >> reporter: today the message was clear. pg&e should go bankrupt. then state or local governments should take over. while the commissioners didn't comment on that, today the president, michael picker, said something important. he is ordering an examination of the corporate governance, structure and operations of pg&e. everything is on the table. >> if we have a better option to achieve these goals, we have to consider it. >> reporter: so the commission could consider breaking up the utility or restructuring it, but that takes time and for people at the meeting today patience is gone. it burned up in all the fire. >> we will be back to take over
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the puc meeting if they continue to press for bailing out pg&e. >> reporter: so things do move very slowly here at the puc. i'll give you an example. today the commissioners voted on a series of safety reforms for pg&e to implement. now these safety reforms again voted on today are the result of the san bruno explosion in 2010. so while there may be change, it probably isn't going to happen any time soon unless maybe the legislature or a ballot measure gets involved. live in san francisco, melissa caen, kpix5. >> thank you. we have breaking news now on the storm watch. survivors of the camp fire are dealing with a new problem, flash floods in the burn zone. >> crews spent the day rescuing people from homes as floodwaters swept through parts of butte county. our ken bastida is joining us with a closer look at some of those water are pling ou r s led s ever tt them to eir
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homes tonit. lo at th. crews slowly moving through the water on horse run lane. in some areas that water is about 2 feet deep. officials say this is just the beginning. this evening evacuation orders are in effect for the area of butte creek canyon on honey run road and horse run lane. in one neighborhood alone deputies had to go door to door warning people to get out. it's the second evacuation for some of these people this month. we saw one person leaving the area on horseback leading two other horses to safety. >> we're going to use mini rafts and try to get people across so we can notify those people they're under evacuation order and see if we can rescue them or shelter in place. it is serious. the water is coming up. >> crews are saying the flood warning will be in effect until just after 9 p.m. tonight. a little bit earlier today all lanes of highway 99 in both directions were shut down due
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to that flash flooding, but it is back open this evening. >> ken, thanks. got a live look at the san mateo bridge, still a chance of scattered downpours now around the bay area. the storm clouds hanging over oakland this afternoon. in fact, chopper 5 was able to catch a rainbow between showers. we caught this downpour about noon in petaluma as one of our crews was headed north on highway 101. >> the storm caused this roof to collapse. chopper 5 was over the damage in west oakland this afternoon. this is a warehouse at 24th and peralta. you could see a huge portion of the roof caved in with debris scattered on the inside of that gaping hole. the storm arrived early last night and the rain isn't over just yet. >> meteorologist paul deanno is still tracking some downpours out there, paul? yeah, guys. where with is raining in those few spots it is pouring for five, 10, 15 minutes. we'll look at radar now and show you a few showers in the east bay and south bay, heavier showers leaving the santa clara valley, but a couple dancing
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around fremont, milpitas and newark, saratoga and los gatos getting a few showers and one just passed over downtown san jose which is still soggy. oakland hills, nearly 2 inches of rainfall. it was also the wind, thunder and lightning and small hail, petaluma 1 1/2 inches of rainfall, nearly an inch in san francisco and in san jose. amazingly despite the fact we went seven straight weeks without a drop of rain in october and early november, san francisco is almost back up to normal, 94% of average for the water year. snow in the sierra continues this evening and tonight the snow level 6,000 feet, additional snowfall up to a new foot of and the high surf advisory, seen some of the waves? they will stay high through tomorrow morning with the swell 12 by 7:00 or 8:00 tonight, still a little cloud cover through the overnight hours, partly sunny skies when you wake up tomorrow, much
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calmer tomorrow compared to today. it was very stormy, wind and rain. we'll talk about another rain chance which main impact part of your weekend in a few minutes. >> a lot of thunder and lightning this morning. thanks. the storm making a mess in marin county. earlier today there was a power line perilously hanging over the highway and a willow tree fell on top of a truck in marin. an arborist said the tree was rotten in the middle making it easier for the rain and wind to take it down. >> the leaves didn't come off this yet and it rains. that kind of creates a surface area to catch all the water which adds more weight to the tree and then it falls. >> fortunately nobody was inside the truck when the tree toppled over. a live look from our san jose camera, the south bay also dealing with problems from the rain, kpix5's devin fehely. >> reporter: the storm had largely punched itself out by midday today. there were some showers in midafternoon, but the effects
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of the storm lingers long after the rain stopped. the one-two punch of wind and rain pummeled the south bay overnight causing street flooding catching drivers off guard like this car stuck in a flooded underpass near the s.a.p. center in downtown san jose. in los gatos even police patrol cars found themselves spinning out on the wet and slippery roads which made driving treacherous in places like highway 17 and the santa cruz mountains. >> make sure you drop your speed down, you're not going too fast. maintaining a safe following distance. >> reporter: recent rains have filled coyote creek in san jose leaving people living in flood prone communities nearby nervous and watchful. >> it definitely makes us you all oodi hass two years -- flooding situations we had less than two years ago. >> reporter: the creek has stayed within its banks. when we caught up with this
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crew from san jose's transportation department, they'd already been on nearly 20 calls. the day was barely half over. >> last night's wind and rains took down all the leaves and dry debris off the trees. that's probably been the no. 1 blockage of the inlets we've been dealing with. >> reporter: law enforcement is urges driving to slow down during the evening commute. while the rain may have left, there is still water on the roads and therefore, it is still dangerous. in devin fehely, kpix5 -- in san jose, devin fehely, kpix5. a laedunder a freeway overpass this morning. still big rigs went right through the flooding splashing water everywhere. some impressive snow totals in the sierra in the last 24 hours and it's still falling now. here's a look at conditions on interstate 80 at donner summit. you may be excited about the idea of fresh powder.
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travel could be difficult with another storm expected through friday night. more than a foot of snow has fallen at coming 6:45 our emil tuer wilhave a full report on the conditions from north shore in tahoe. don't forget you can always track the changing weather on our website. get hour by hour conditions, the seven-day forecast and alerts and warnings for your neighborhood all at other news now, another bay area car break-in involving a law enforcement vehicle. >> this time the victim, someone with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. julie watts has details on what was stolen. >> the atf confirms it was law enforcement issued equipment reportedly including weapons, but the agency says it is aggressively pursuing leads, though it will confirm if they have a suspect. the break-in happened outside the federal building in oakland on tuesday and atf confirms it is working with oakland police to find that stolen gear. the agency won't confirm, however, exactly what was
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stolen or how citing concerns about compromising the investigation. kpix security analyst and former fbi special agent jeff harp explains atf is now part of the department of justice which has specific rules about storing weapons in vehicles. >> you have to have an approved container which would be approved by the agency issued by the agency. that container is bolted to the frame of the car. if it's in a trunked car, it also has a locking mechanism on there besides the standard key lock. >> ina 2017 audit of atf weapon found 26 weapons lost or stolen in three years of one was used in a crime. 11 were stolen from vehicles and the agents in those cases were suspended, but another 10 weapons were lost by agents left in vair us why locations including restaurants, in the metro -- in various locations including restaurants, in the metro, on top of a car. half of those agents were
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disciplined. that audit found record keeping problems. atf is not alone. a similar audit of homeland security found more than 200 lost firearms in two years. of course, the most notable case in the bay area involved a gun stolen from a federal ranger's car later used in the fatal shooting of kate steinle on pier 14. we all remember that too well. >> thanks. a shocking murder in one of san jose's oldest upscale neighborhoods, one man stabbed to death, another critically injured by gunfire, the mystery about what happened inside this family home. >> court hearings brought to a halt, how a firecracker caused frs hallcaout on at steph curry, how her letter inspired the warriors' star to make a change to his sneaker line.
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we're following a developing story now out of san jose. a murder investigation in a tight knit upscale neighborhood, one person is dead while another is critically injured. the violence broke out this morning in the vendome neighborhood near north first street. kpix5's len ramirez is there now. ivtwo lls from inside. k foa this ily a couple blocks
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away from san jose police headquarters, but even before officers could arrive a second call came in, this one reporting someone had been stabbed. police say one man was stabbed to death and another critically wounded by gunfire, all part of a violent crime scene in this otherwise peaceful and upscale neighborhood on ayer avenue near north first street. the names of the victims are being withheld until their families are notified. >> well, it's shocking. it's a pretty quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: neighbors say the home where it happened was lived in by an elderly couple and middle aged son and the family had lived here for decades without previous incidents. >> it's a close neighborhood, very small, so pretty shocking. >> reporter: police describe the man who was shot as the suspect in the fatal stabbing. they are not talking about the relationship between those two men, no other details on this being released san jose, len
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ramirez, kpix5. the. a scare at san francisco -- kpix5. a scare at san francisco's hall of justice this morning. the building was evacuated after a woman lit a firecracker in the lobby. the firecracker sparked a small fire near the security checkpoint. the smoke left fire alarms blaring and the small fire was quickly extinguished. a 42-year-old woman was arrested. all criminal court hearings were canceled for the day. back to the storm watch, a blast of wind and rain causing problems around the bay area. check out this mess at a mill valley christmas tree lot. the wind toppled trees sending a pop-up tent flying. >> in san francisco winds caused construction scaffolding to collapse in the sunset district this morning. fortunately no one was hurt. >> this video just in from pacifica. you can see all the choppy waves slamming into the pier. the high surf advisory is still in effect this evening. a loof rain prompting water ing rescues, some of them caught on camera. a man was found clinging to a
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tree in the middle of the l.a. rer wed from the helicopter after some careful maneuvering there. he gets him and the two are hoisted back up to safety. ries in the fire zones there in southern california. flooding has been a big problem this go-round, paul. >> yeah. the burn zones are the problem. regular soil like a sponge absorbs the first maybe 1/2 inch or an inch of rainfall. then it could be flooding or runoff. after a fire there's no topsoil left. there's just this junk sitting up top which will immediately liquefy and start heading downhill. we always talk about the burn zones. why? there's no soil left. there's no sponge action of the ground. it all just carries off and becomes dar now, the last few showers from the storm here in the bay area are moving through now on 680 and 880, not good timing there, mother nature, south n u
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lily now dry. what's left today. half moon bay the warm spot at 62 degrees, san francisco 60. let's talk some football, pac- 12 championship game 5:00 tomorrow, partly cloudy, rain free. we've got the big game. remember, it was rescheduled because of smoke a couple weeks ago. we will have clearing skies after morning showers in berkeley as stanford takes on cal. we also have the raiders in town hosting the kansas city chiefs 1:00 on sunday, should be partly cloudy, dry and cool. so more pleasant weather to get outside. you may not have wanted to play football this afternoon. it was breezy and quite wet. rarely do we see a storm this strong -- see the counterclockwise flow, the center of the storm rolling right over california. this was a strong one moving right into northern california. that is why it was so wet and windy and stormy several hours
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this morning. the wet weather ends tonight with clearing skies. we are talking about overnight lows dropping into let's say the 30s to mid-40s. we get a dry break tomorrow and wednesday rain returns early in the day coming up saturday. here is your extended forecast calling for lows tonight in the 30s and 40s, highs mainly in the 50s to around 60 degrees tomorrow. saturday morning quick moving weather system, some morning rain. it will clear out by afternoon. sunday we're dry. monday we're dry. then more showers move in or a light rainfall tuesday into wednesday, so not completely dry, but the stormiest weather that we had today is moving. that's your forecast. new body cam video of a deputy's daring rescue during the camp fire. surrounded by flames with no way out, how a bulldozer pulled up in the nick of time. >> tiger woods was back on the course apparently still in shock over losing to mickelson.
6:20 pm
ereattle teammate. takes aim at his words could come back to bite him coming up.
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richard sherman returns to seattle sunday for the first time as a visiting player and is still upset about how the team handled his departure. >> you just expect after you've done so much for a franchise that they wouldn't cut you while you're hurt, you know. it's kind of more of a respect thing than anything, but they did. so you got to kind of roll with the business. >> i thought it was really [ bleep ] to be honest with you how it ended, you know. would really have liked for him to stay here. >> sherman remains close to doug baldwin, but that's not the case with seahawks quarterback russell wilson. they won't be sharing any turkey legs this weekend. sherman was asked about wilson's ability to extend plays and had this response. >> yeah. i've also seen him throw five picks in a game. so you see what he's capable of on both sides of it. you understand that he can be defended. >> reporter: what is your relationship? >> i don't really have a
6:23 pm
relationship with russell. we're teammates. we played during a very special time for the franchise. >> i remember bill walsh used to say never give the opposition bulletin board material. sherman just did. the raiders have a rivalry game of their own sunday when the high powered chiefs come to town. oakland is a 15-point underdog. >> we know what the point spread is and we know what we're up against. we're anxious to compete. >> kansas city's explosive offense led by that man, patrick mahomes, thrown 37 touchdowns this season, the most in the nfl. while the raiders have yet to face mahomes on the field, jon gruden has seen plenty of him on film. >> his overall skill set is sickening. it really is. he's double jointed. he can throw the ball from any platform possible and he's got a playing style that reminds me of favre. he's a young favre. i think that's why andy reid went and got him.
6:24 pm
he makes a lot of plays when there's nothing there. i don't have time to talk about him anymore. golf in the bahamas, opening round, world challenge better known as tiger's annual tournament, but he was hardly the host with the most. what do they say in golf, allen? never up never in. it went in all right, the wrong place. a triple bogey on 12. tiger finished with a 73, 16th in the 18-player field. eight strokes off the lead. >> good night. >> that is a huge fish. the streak of marlin has been broken here on kpix5. our catch of the day goes to joaquin gutierrez of san lorenzo. e pulled in four rainbow trout -- he pulled in four rainbow trout at quarry lakes in fremont all weighing between 6 to 8 pounds. you think you can do better? send us your fishing pictures to
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it's an old rock quarry fremont bought and turned it into a beautiful recreation area. one of the lakes is called horseshoe lake which i'm e ught sh. you have to let us know if somebody catches the tilapia in lake jabot and e-mails you about that. coming up in the next half hour a stunning guilty plea from the president's former lawyer, what it means for the russia probe. >> nasa partners up to get astronauts back on the moon, why two major space companies were left out of the race. >> and discount shoes sold for designer prices, how payless in hundreds o. -- hundreds of dollars. managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority.
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you're watching kpix5 news. our top story at 6:30, the man who was once presid says he lied to lawmakers. michael cohen said he gave a false impression about the extent of contacts with russians in 2016. >> our ken bastida is here with more on the latest turn in the special counsel's russia investigation. >> the story that will not go away, michael cohen entered a
6:29 pm
new guilty plea today, brand- new one, at a surprise federal court hearing in new york city. >> mr. cohen has cooperated. mr. cohen will continue to cooperate. >> michael cohen pleaded guilty to lying to congress during a court appearance in manhattan this morning. >> this is one more example of one of the president's closest allies lying about their ties to russia and russians. >> cohen now admits that negotiations over trump tower in moscow continued throughout the campaign into 2017 and he says he kept president trump in the loop the whole time. >> it means when the president was representing during the campaign that he had no business interests in russia, that wasn't true. >> cohen's guilty plea is part of the deal with special counsel robert mueller. as part of the agreement cohen spent dozens of hours talking with investigators.
6:30 pm
>> he's a weak person. >> president trump criticized his former lawyer and said his moscow project was perfectly legal. >> he's got himself a big prison sentence and he's trying to get a much lesser prison sentence by making up the story. >> the president has repeatedly attacked the mueller probe saying on twitter this morning, "when will this illegal joseph mccarthy style witch hunt, one that has shattered so many innocent lives, ever end or will it just go on forever? after wasting more than $40 million is that possible? it has proven only one thing. there was no collusion with russia, so ridiculous." you're thinking have i seen this movie before? that's right. mr. cohen pleaded guilty last summer to eight other charges including campaign finance, banking violations in a case that is separate from the russia probe. so on it goes. >> this may not be the last
6:31 pm
plea deal. >> oh, no this. shortly after cohen's court appearance president trump scrapped a meeting with russian president vladimir putin. mr. trump planned to talk with mr. putin at the g20 summit this weekend in argentina, but today on air force one he tweeted that the meeting is off. he said it's because russia keeps holding three ukrainian naval ships and several sailors after a recent confrontation at sea. while in buenos aires he will meet with china's president amid continuing trade tensions. federal authorities now say they will not file criminal charges against migrants arrested in a border clash. last sunday in tijuana people from a migrant caravan tried to breach a fence and threw rocks at border patrol agents. that prompted agents to fire noorities say no one will be prosecuted. they say there is a lack of information from the chaotic scene and many of those arrested are either minors or parents with children. governor elect gavin newsom was at the border today.
6:32 pm
>> the economic reality here is real, too. every time with respect that there is a flippant comment about shutting down the border it impacts the economy and the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, that are reliant on that trade and commerce on a daily basis. >> newsom so said the state government needs to make -- newsom is said the state government needs to make a greater effort to support immigrants and asylum seekers. the chairman of the california democratic party is out accused of sexual misconduct. eric bauman stepped down today. the allegations surfaced last week. then yesterday the l.a. times reported accounts of crews comments and unwanted -- crude comments and unwanted int with 10 people. bauman was elected party chair last year. party delegates will choose his replacement at their convention next spring. nasa has a new plan for getting back to the moon and maybe beyond, lunar exploration going private. kpix5's betty yu joins us with
6:33 pm
details. >> we first landed on the moon nearly 50 years ago and we haven't been back since 1972, but today nasa says that will change. nasa is partnering with nine private aerospace companies to build robotic landers. these companies will design and build rovers to explore the surface. the goal is to get science and technology experiments to the moon as soon as possible. nasa says the companies will compete to deliver those experiments and arrange their own rocket rides. however, the ultimate goal stretches far beyond the moon. >> we're going to the moon. we're going to retire risk. we're going to improve capability and technology and ultimately we want to take it all the way to mars. >> the project will act as a test bed for future flights to mars. nasa's partners include well known companies like lockheed martin and some that many have never even heard of like orbit beyond and moon express. a uc berkeley researcher told kpix the partnerships are in
6:34 pm
our national interest. >> you can see that some of our national competitors, china, japan, india, they're all creating their own industries in the same way because these are of great strategic importance. >> two heavyweights were left off the list, elon musk's spacex and jeff bezos' rocket company blue origin. experts say they don't provide payloads and instead offer launch services. selected companies have already submitted proposals of rover prototypes. some could be rolling across the moon as soon as next year. >> we look forward to that. thanks. a bay area girl wanted to wear steph curry's sneakers, how she got the warriors star attention. >> a dumping of snow in the sierra and plenty still falling, the warning to drivers, stay home or risk getting stuck.
6:35 pm
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6:37 pm
new at 6:00 a letter to steph curry from a little girl in napa changed the way a huge company does business. >> as kpix5's john ramos shows us, it may have also taught a lesson about getting everyone on the court involved. >> reporter: sometimes discrimination happens because people just forget to think about others. hogood to have someone to remind them. riley morrison of napa is 9 years old and the point guard on her school's basketball team, but she was getting a lot of attention today because of the shoes she wasn't wearing. riley asked for a pair of underarmour curry 5's for christmas, but the company's website didn't carry them for girls. >> i saw that they were on the boys page and not the girls page and i told that to her and her immediate reaction was like that's not fair. >> i was really disappointed. >> reporter: why is that?
6:38 pm
>> because girls play basketball, too, and it's not any more important for boys than girls. >> reporter: so three weeks ago riley wrote there letter to the head of the company, not the president or ceo, the real head of the company stefan curry himself. >> i hope you can work with underarmour to change because girls want to rock the curry 5's too. >> reporter: this morning she got a handwritten response from steph saying the small sizes had all been labeled for boys, but he was working to correct that. he offered her a pair of curry 5's and to be first in line for the 6's and invited riley to join him for a special celebration on international women's day in march. >> it cemented to me that he's my all time favorite athlete. >> and his wife is a cook. >> yeah. >> reporter: the letter may have been a long shot, but
6:39 pm
that's what steph is famous for and now if you go to the underarmour website and click on girls, there says an assortment of curry 5's to choose from. >> boys aren't the only ones that want them. everybody wants them. >> reporter: i asked riley if she wrote the letter to get a pair of shoes or to strike a blow for women's equality. she told me a little bit of both in. napa, john ramos -- both. in napa, john ramos, kpix5. low cost shoe brand payless fooled dogs of social media influencers by opening up a fake luxury store. >> they're elegant, sophisticated. >> i could tell it was made with high quality material. >> the fake shop palessi was set up in los angeles at a mall and stocked with payless shoes selling for hundreds of dollars. dozens of social media influencers were invited and paid a small stipend to attend. one actual shopper even dropped 640 bucks on a pair of boots.
6:40 pm
payless soon revealed the stunt. they let the shoppers keep their shoes for free. payless' fashionable, too. up next saved by a bulldozer, new body cam video from a deputy who put his life on the line to rescue people at the camp fire. >> even when the storm moves out, some weather elements lagged behind. one is the beach. the surf is still rough even with the storm moving out. a rough surf advisory in effect through the morning hours tomorrow, details when our next chance of rain is, your forecast next. managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority. until i held her. i found my tresiba® reason. now i'm doing more to lower my a1c. once daily tresiba® controls blood sugar for 24 hours
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we're following breaking news in butte county where for the second time in less than a month evacuations have been ordered. this time it's due to flooding. crews have spent the day rescuing people from chico in t area of butte creek canyon. it's not clear if anybody is still trapped. crews are saying the flood warning will be in effect until after 9:00 tonight. the butte county sheriff's
6:44 pm
office has released some body cam video from inside the camp fire as a deputy raced to rescue four nurses to find himself surrounded by flames. deputy aaron parmley was driving on pence road in paradise november 8th. his patrol car broke down leaving him surrounded by fire and embers. he did find the four nurses, but as you can see, they had trouble breathing, getting out of there. parmley said he couldn't see more than 10 yards in front of him. finally parmley flagged down an emergency vehicle. >> can i get in? >> yeah. come on. >> come on. >> get in. i can only get e dozeto ke suybody se was able in. they all made it on board. the bulldozer drove them to safety. the camp fire burned more than
6:45 pm
150,000 acres, about the size of chicago. the number of dead, 88, right now 196 people listed missing. the snow is still coming down this evening in the sierra. more than a foot of fresh powder has fallen at resorts in tahoe. while it might look like a winter wonderland out the window, kpix5's emily turner shows us that it is a nightmare on the roads. >> reporter: another hour, another layer of snow and more snow means more runs open at north star. this week's series of storms has set the stage for the season they say. >> the storm comes in and really spackles and smushes all thsnow piles in and as lays a we get more anms, it's only getting better and better. >> reporter: north star got 18 inches overnight with snow falling on and off all day. other resorts like squaw reported similar numbers. what's good for the slopes isn't so great for the street. >> it was difficult. we had a couple crashes, not
6:46 pm
real bad, a lot of disabled vehicles. >> reporter: behind this storm is yet another one set to roll through friday evening. all that white stuff means chain controls on and off on 80 as well as around the lake on 89 and closures on 50. >> well, it is pretty to look at but not too convenient. >> reporter: 88 at kirkwood closed for avalanche control and an avalanche warning is in effect for the whole area. a the some point it got close to with -- at some point it got close to whiteout conditions and the brief lulls in the storm are not an invitation to come up. >> if it's not essential, don't come. people see a break between storms and think hey, we can sneak up there. there might be an issue with traffic and then you get stuck in the storm. a welcome sight in san francisco, this rainbow appeared over the bay bridge this afternoon after rain moved through the area. >> meantime some people saw double, this photo posted by the alameda county sheriff's
6:47 pm
office showing an officer pointing to a double rainbow in the sky. paul, that's a lot different than the thunder and lightning i woke up to this morning. >> kind of had a florida feel to our weather earlier today where it got sunny, then it poured, got sunny again, a little hail, a little thunder and lightning. we had very unsan francisco- like weather today because we had a very unsan francisco-like thing happen with our weather. we'll talk about why in a second. it is raining lightly in fremont and heavier showers over the diablo range. looking north and west for anything new, i'm not seeing it. this might be it and showers moving through the east bay and south bay now. not done in the sierra, winter storm warning through 4 a.m. tomorrow. that includes lake tahoe. snow level 6,000 feet. may get additional snowfall if you add up everything from today between 9 and 13 inches of snow. 50s outside. it will get chilly tonight because skies begin to clear,
6:48 pm
san jose 56, livermore 53, 48 redwood city, 52 san francisco, 45 in the tri-valley. let's go to martinez for our microclimate forecast. tomorrow we dry out, much calmer weather in martinez, 59 degrees. saturday morning not a storm, but a rain chance. we'll have some rain in the morning gone by afternoon, high 57 degrees. what happened today? we don't do what we did today that often because typically the center of the storm, the most unstable part of the storm, rarely moves right over the bay area. usually we get a front draping south of the actual storm. the storms usually go into oregon or british columbia or washington state. this time the storm said i'm going to california, too. so we got the cold core low pressure area which destabilized the atmosphere. so yes, we got rain, lightning, thunder, hail and very strong winds closer to the center of low pressure. that low is moving out. so the weather is calming down now. tomorrow morning we'll see an increase in sunshine throughout
6:49 pm
the day. tomorrow evening we'll keep things partly sunny or mostly clear, but look what happens start morning, clouds and a few light to moderate rain showers. that will move out quickly. by saturday afternoon we'll begin to see sunshine reemerging. scattered downpours, a couple more possible, but most of it's already gone, mainly dry weather friday, but we aren't done because rain moves in early in the day saturday. highs tomorrow a degree or 2 below average, seasonal, chilly if you're tsid mpbell rtly sunny, 59, ty 57, pacifica 56, dublin 57, pittsburg 59, drying out in berkeley, 58 degrees, petaluma 59, sonoma 59, chilly in lake county, lakeport 52 and clearlake 51 degrees. saturday morning more light to moderate rain showers, then dry for the weekend. tuesday and wednesday more light to moderate rain showers. now that we've caught up with what's normal for the water year, mother nature will do her best to keep us near normal
6:50 pm
with two more rain chances coming up over the next seven days. that's your forecast. back to you. >> thanks, paul. coming up a huge turn- around for a high school football team in atherton, how a former arena league mvp has the sacred heart gators thinking about a state championship. >> coming up on bay area nightbeat, it's the most aggressive move yet against flavored tobacco products, the bay area lawmakers trying to ban them statewide tonight at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44 cable 12.
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6:53 pm
high school football gets down to the nitty-gritty this weekend when section championships are won and lost and if atherton sacred heart wants the title, they've got the perfect man for the mission. the gators won a combined five games in the last two seasons, but they've won 11 so far in 2018 and completely shattered the head coach mark grieb's
6:54 pm
goal. >> he said we want to have a winning season i think is what he said and he hasn't lived that down. >> what the coach is slowly living down is his former life as a football player. it's been over a decade since grieb was a legitimate star quarterback in the arena football league. the san jose native won three arena bowl titles with the sabercats back when his players were barely out of diapers. >> they came up with a nickname for me. they started calling me the goat. i'd walk places and they'd do little calls. not the goat that dropped the touchdown pass, greatest of all time. >> i remember when i was a freshman hearing the older guys like call him the goat and like the joe montana of arena football. i was like who is this guy? we have an arena football team? >> grieb had options when the arena leg folded eventually. he had a masters degree and decided his next calling was as a teacher both in the class rooming and on the field.
6:55 pm
>> the last two years -- room and on the field. >> the last two years i played i was calling the plays and coordinating the offense. in some ways the guys on the team treated me like a coach. >> hiss are play as a coach is far -- hiss are play as a coach is far from -- his resume as a coach is far less glamorous. he thinks what could have been if his football career went a different direction. >> worked out for the chiefs and at one point they asked if i wanted to sign with them. i was about four weeks from finishing my masters at stanford at that point. if they promised me i'd get in training camp, i said i'll come, but they couldn't. so i didn't go. >> a masters from stanford brought him to sacred heart where he's trying to add a little more decoration to the football field gate. the gators will play for the division 3 title this saturday against aptos. kurt warner was an arena league
6:56 pm
quarterback. >> that turned out well. >> and super bowl champion and jeff garcia, canadian football league, long time quarterback in the nfl, three time pro bowler with the 49ers. so i think mark grieb had that potential. he had the game and had the shot with kansas city and didn't work out. >> didn't happen, but teaching, coaching, admirable profession. >> masters at stanford not bad. palm, we are expecting more rain, right? >> saturday morning i want to tell people it's nothing like the rain we got today, the thunder and lightning and all that. we do have a couple showers over hayward and fremont. that's the last of the showers moving out. we dry out tonight, dry tomorrow, some showers or light rain returning saturday morning. the storm is gone, a lot of stormy weather. >> time to clean up. we always got you covered news and weather on >> join us for nightbeat at 10:00 and back here tonight at 11:00. good night.
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