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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  December 3, 2018 2:30am-3:00am PST

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>> brennan: welcome back. virginia senator mark warn were is the top democrat on the intelligence committee he joins us here. senator, as a democrat, how do you remember bush 41? >> president bush was a class act. i think he realized especially on this program, american leadership is critical. that leadership needs to be most economic, military, but also moral leadership. i think president bush think about transition from the cold war as vice president china was mentioning is to deal with the aftermath of teen man square for the situation with kuwait he
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always knew the alliances the rest of the world looked to that leadership in all of those rea realm. but also morally. and i think it would be all of us as we reflect to remember to those lessons are still important for all of us. >> a different plan of rep ca cannism than what we're seeing now? >> a bit different. >> i want to get to your role on sennal intelligence committee. this week we heard that the president's former personal attorney pled guilty to lying to congress about financial interests, specifically a buil building in moscow that the trump organization was seeking to build during the campaign. and that was reportedly discovered after the special counsel came asked your committee for transcript of what michael cohen had said. what does all of this signal to you? >> it signals, one, that if you lie to congress, as with our chairman said, if you lie to
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congress we'll go after you, make sure that it gets referred. we've made -- >> brennan: to go forward with prosecution. >> a number of referrals. but i think what it also says, is that donald trump as a candidate said, no dealings with russia. i think as republican delegate going into the summer of 2016, it would have been relevant factor that drum of was still trying to do business with the russia government, that's why he was so reluctant to say anything bad about vladimir putin. also the ongoing business deal, his son, son-in-law meeting with russians. we had the president campaign aide being aware that there was a hillary clinton e-mail. we had the president's campaign chairman, paul manafort offering to brief russian agents. there seems to be all of these paths lead to ties with russia and mr. trump continues to deny any of that. >> brennan: the president is
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saying, seeking a profit is not a crime. separating out the allegation of collusion with russian intelligence versus his organization's business -- >> what i say is, we can debate whether it's a crime or not but he was during that period was denying any ties to russia and i do think it would have been a relevant factor, frank low for republican delegates to know that during that time period when he was saying only good things about vladimir putin as candidate for president he was still trying to do business with that very same government. >> brennan: do you know that he knew about the pursuit of this? >> i'm not -- i only know what mr. cohen has said, clearly most of the individuals that are affiliated with trump have led them shelves into being -- >> brennan: was he obstruc obstructing -- >> that is a very relevant question. >> brennan: you said at the beginning you made a number of referrals, now, to be clear,
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what you're investigating here is parallel to what the special continental is doing in terms of pursuing criminal charges potentially. we saw these two intersect this week. when you say you've made a number of referrals, are you s saying to the special counsel is number of trump associates are lying we have proof of it? >> again, i'm not willing go into which individuals have been referred. >> brennan: referred for? >> if we've seen something that we feel would be appropriate to go to the special prosecutor as chairman mentioned i'll make those referrals we want to make clear that lying to congress is a crime. >> brennan: in the case of michael cohen the special continental came to you? >> we have ongoing relation up with with special counsel. two different approaches. the special prosecutor is a criminal investigation. we are a counter intelligence investigation, we've concluded obviously that russia intervened massively and need to preclude
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that from happening again. the question of there was collusion between trump campaign and russians. i believe there are core evidence that the russians were offering information about hillary clinton, we know that, that's been duped in a number of these meetings. the whether there was collusion that is something both chairman and i are reserving judgment until we see all of the witnesses. >> brennan: you saw the president at this gathering in argentina unveiled what is an agreement i guess in principle with mexico and canada with a new tree trade deal. reject the old nafta get this one approved and in place, is it going to be that simple? >> it's not going to be that simple. canada not done a full review but you could have renegotiated most within existing nafta framework but he wanted to put his own stamp on now congress has right to come in, whether
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it's labor, environmental, whether the deal is actually better, i think these are all opens questions, already seen push back from both sides. >> you're not ready to say you're going to vote -- >> not at all. >> brennan: senator thankyou. l be back w naon" and our panel. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats moderate to severe plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla,75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you.
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nakamura and seung min kim from the "washington post" and capitol hill.ark warner on making sense of how he sees the decision from michael cohen to plead guilty to lying to congress this is not a crime that is very often prosecuted. how is this decision to move ahead sort of seen on capitol hill? is this tightening the probe, more closely around the president or is this just a process, prosecution? >> what i find interesting about the charge that michael cohen pleaded guilty to over the week, lying to congresss remember that a lot of people have talked to congress throughout the course of all these russia investigations. the panel that has been investigating the russia issues, house intelligence committee, which warner is one of the heads of and the senate judiciary committee, there are a lot of
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characters have given lot of different statements to congre congress, what i found stark in addition to senator warner's comments was that the chairman of the intelligence committee said just on friday at a forum in texas he said if you lie to congress we're going to come after you. the committee is constantly reviewing testimony that they have gotten over the last year, looking for inconsistencies, made referrals to doj. that is a big hint that we should continue to watch what mueller is up to. >> brennan: senator warner said a number of referrals have been made suggesting he's not the only trump associate to have lied to congress. >> one of the amazing things here is that we're all, the country, the word even waiting for the mueller report. we're getting the mueller repo report. he's writing the report for us through these investigations, the information, through these prosecutions. i think, i was just on the hill
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this week asking a number of democrats how aggressive they think this is going to get. they think it's going to get extraordinarily aggressive and enfearing a whole new phase where the subpoenas will be fl flying fast and furious the fight between white house and who will be able to testify are going to be ferocious. >> even other places, you are seeing anger from the hill about the administration's cooperation or lack thereof in briefing over the murder of the journalist. you had two senior officials go to the hill, mattis and pompeo and deliver some sort of brie briefing about what the administration knows. but the cia director was not there, you see lindsey graham and others being upset about this administration and them trying to do oversight. >> loses lindsey graham on this, you know how the rest of the hill is going to take this. >> i want to come to one ofhe the hill, jeff flake,
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this week, he got a lot of flack from fellow republicans for his decision to withhold his vote basically hold hostage until there is some sort of hearing for this bill to protect the special continental from being fired. this is a lost cause, why is jeff make pushing that when republican leaders will never let this go to a vote. >> the last -- he's leaving office in a few weeks but he has felt, he has told us several times felt increasing cleon concerned about the fate of the mueller probe by appointment of matt whitaker as acting attorney general, he has had public comments before his current position that disparage the mueller probe, all democrats share that concern as well. i've been asking some republican sources why not just give jeff flake the vote to move on. you guys can vote on all the judges you want, this would be a very difficult -- first of all, people say, don't want to reward
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bad behavior on capitol hill sometimes that works, also going to be a difficult vote for a lot of republicans they want to avoid that. >> brennan: the organization is reporting on this as well. jeff flake was blamed for bloc blocking certain federal judge from moving ahead. it's really not just all about jeff flake on this one particular issue, right? you had uncovered some reporting about thomas barr. >> he was a person who was up for federal judgeship in north carolina, worked for jessie hems in '84 and '90 we at the "washington post" uncovered doj member this week that a lot of senators, growing group of senators including tim scott who said he would vote against nominee. but other senators as well that said raise question about whether this nominee had any knowledge or involvement in this effort to di disenfranchise blak voters during the is the 90. first of all, while trump has
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had a lot of success in transforming the federal judiciary he still running into lot of obstacles. two, the senate very narrow majority, one person rellly does have a lot of power here. >> brennan: david, the president in leaving argentina the gathering at the g0, gathe gathering of world ledders a major success in coming to agree with china. what was actually agreed to? >> a more limited success. it did avert something of a poe sen shall, i don't think catastrophe. next level of this trade war. could have gone but they sm have averted that for 90 days. they will have a truce, temporary cease fire. the president will not raise the $00 billion. something china didn't want. return, agree to buy some more goods and declare fentanyl as
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controlled substance, something that the president wants to show that he was making inroads to deal with the opioid crisis. but i think more -- deeper analysis shows that these intrinsic problems on trade are not going away to say could happen within 90 days somewhat unrealistic. >> it does seem, though, that he blinked a little bit, a lot of bluster about china, when push comes to shove here we are. we was generally, oddly, u uncharacteristically subdued. he signed on to the statementnoh putin and muhammad saalman. if you didn't know better you wk written by more traditional presidents in multi-lateral settings. i just found that noteworthy. the press conference referred to the eulogy that george h. w. bush as well.
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but i think the president is feeling pressure on trade. announcemenannouncement from g.y off 15,000 people, other stock market volitility has worried the white house, this is something that the economy, one of their biggest focuses as he starts to enter. >> brennan: says he's not being given credit. how easy will it be to get this new nafta as the president is naming it? >> i just started to look into statements of what senators have said. you have elizabeth warren, it doesn't have enough protection for workers. saying he doesn't like these provisions involving investor protections in that new agreement. you have senator rubio also saying, this deal is going to really hurt florida's seasonal vegetable grower industry. there's a lot of broader philosophical concerns. and either administration is going to have to twist arms here
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or work outside deals. >> brennan: has the government shut down been averted? >> check back in with us on friday, we'll see. >> you never say that. >> he might sign on off something that will get more time to allow those to mourn the patting of bush 41. but we will see. let's see what happens. we'll be back in a moment with our panel and look back at the legacy of george h. w. bush.
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>> brennan: back with bob schieffer plus susan page, washington bureau chief for "usa today" and author of "the matriarch: barbara bush and the making of an american dynasty." all three of these very esteemed journalists have covered bush 41 and washington through the years can really give us that perspective. i want to start with you, because you've been taking a look at the impact 41 had in terms of global leadership. what was that legacy? >> i mean, it's remarkable
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period of time, the disillusion of the soviet union, fall of the berlin wall, reunification of germany. two things really that ought to be remembered. one is he over saw the end of the cold war and the unification of germany without a shot being fired which was really remarkable achievement, was not a foregone conclusion, probably didn't get enough credit. >> brennan: andrea merkel gave him credit for it. >> the second course of the iraq war, the first gulf war he went into kuwait, drove saddam hussein out of kuwait back into iraq then he stopped. in other words, he said, going to free kuwait not change the government in iraq we learned? years later that was a very wise decision. >> brennan: what you're describing here, multi-latera multi-laterallism, working wit withal lies, restraint, speaking out about shared values versus
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national, it sounds like a description of republican party values and standards. >> george bush was part of that generation. that shaped world order after world war ii. and just to add to one thing that injure said, in addition to going into kuwait and going back and stopping, he also got that remarkable coalition of countries that he put together to pay for it. which is almost unheard of in this day and time. they actually paid for it. but george bush was -- he represented mainstream republican thinking. of that time. that is, that america is part of the world, he had great respect far our alliances he understood that when america was at its best was when they were -- when we were working with people who shared our values, our allies, he had a great respect for nato and all of these alliances that
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came about after wwar ii. the fact that he had had all these jobs, he had this great resume. he actually learned from it. in he cld say he just didn't sit around. >> brennan: it's interesting, susan, these days we talk about not being part of washington. coming in with different experiences, being a virtue where as what you're describing is, he had highest levels of power bases here in washington before getting to the oval office. >> the passage of time has been kind to george h. w. bush he we talk about journalism being the first draft of history, second draft looks different. some of the things that -- some of the consequences of this looks so much -- his restraint in dealing with saddam hussein in the situation in iraq. some presidency seems smaller after time has passed,
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george w. bush seems bigger than at the time he was defeated for a second term, something that left a terrible -- not big scar okay on him, when his son was elected. >> brennan: what some the demos particular legacy. his place in the world but what was he to america? >> his domestic legacy more somewhat because he was seen as being insensitive or unaware, not in touch with economic anxieties americans with feeli feeling. bill clinton was exclusively aware of that. but his domestic legacy is actually pretty muscular, he signed the americans with disabilities act, significant piece of legislation, he gave a national address on addressing aids. and i think it's easy for us to forget now how much of a break through that was at that time. of great stigma attached to hiv aids. he gave an address, he talked about the lessons he learned from the death of his daughter
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from leukemia at the time she died, leukemi leukemia had a grt stigma. to address people with aids with dignity that was a remarkable speech that he gave. >> . >> brennan: i've read interviews where he didn't like the word dynasty or talking about his family. but he was the son of a senator. the father of a president. is the bush family still going to be continue to be part of the sort of political landscape of this country or are we seeing the sunset on the type of republicanism of the type of lieder that you are all describing. >> in a way i think that george h. w. bush sort of the last of the breed. this was a generation as bob said that when he came to washington the town was full of people who were bonded by joint service in world war ii. which was more important than where they came from, more important than the party that they represented that's been lost. one. other things that's been lost
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ma ways theush family political history is woven all through the 20th century. would that be true in the 21st century. but a sense that the george h. w. bush version of republicanism is kind of gone. >> that's an interesting point, too. george h. w. bush and his son both had great respect for the presidency, the office of the president sigh. george h. w. bush you didn't come in do the oval office u unless you were wearing a suit and tie he got that from his dad. you can say that's kind of, whatever. but the fact is, it shows the respect and the dignity that the office deserves and they were very big on that. i think they were right. >> they extended that to the
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current president. the bush family had lot of conflicts with donald trump including the fact that he defeated jeb bush in 2016. we know that the bushes didn't vote for donald trump. but he was in -- there was never any question that that would happen because george bush's mind to show respect to the current occupant. >> brennan: he did not attend barbara bush's funeral. >> he did not. there is where sitting pushes' did not attend, that was not a break with precedent. little doubt that barbara bush did not think much 6 donald trump she was a woman who spoke her mind. she wrote in her son's name. >> brennan: thank you. all of you. throughout the week we'll be remembering the legacy of 41.. we wall be right back with "face the nation." aaaaaahhhhhhhh!
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>> brennan: stay with cbs all week while we'll have continuing coverage as the nation pace tribute to the 41st president he will be laid to rest on wednesday. we'll have coverage of it throughout our cbs platform. for us on "face the nation," that is it for us today. thank you for watching. until next week on "face the nation," i'm margaret brennan. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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♪ on this special edition of the cbs evening news from washington. moerk remembers its 41st president and george h.w. bush's closest friend resflect on his final days. bob schieffer on the candidate answering critics who thought he wasn't tough enough. and the father who helped his son through one of the country's darkest hours. all that and more begin with the headlines in 60 seconds. tributes and condolences from around the country and around the world are pouring in following the death of george h.w. bush. >> a life of quality. a life of honor. a life of honesty. >> perhaps the most modest man ever to hold the presidency.
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>> a man who in every one of his