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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 29, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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now laughter and murder. ar co found responsible for starting the camp fire. >> they're looking at the potential already of paying out billions of dollars in civil damages. kpix 5's da lin is joining us from the pg&e headquarters in
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san francisco, and da, some people believe the criminal charges don't go far enough. >> reporter: that's right, because even if pg&e is found liable and convicted, you can't jail a corporation. you can't lock up this company here. that's why some people are asking prosecutors to go after company leaders. >> if we want to get at the heart of justice over these fires that we've seen, we need to have some action taken. >> reporter: cal fire is still investigating what caused the camp fire which killed 86 people, but if pg&e is liable, the state attorney general says the severity of the criminal charges all the way up to murder depends on the agree of malice or negligence. >> even if it's a murder conviction against the corporation, the not g ton. dy igoing to prison. >> reporter: pg&e already has six felony convictions from the gas pipeline explosion. they paid fines, performed
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community service, and is currently on probation. this retired judge says a new criminal conviction could mean for fines and a longer probation period. >> customers want to see actual people held accountable. >> reporter: mindy is with the organization that helps payers. >> pg&e certainly didn't seem to get the message last time and the board of directors did nothing to clean the company up. >> until someone goes to prison for these actions, we'll not see a change in culture. >> reporter: legal experts say even ife, it's unlikely prosecutors would go after pg&e executives. nevertheless, a criminal case against the company could lead to a ste takeover or break up of the company. >> if it's determined pg&e did not behave according to the terms of probation, yes, pg&e is in big, big trouble.
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>> reporter: yeah, the state attorney general released that information because a federal judge had asked about the possible consequences pg&e could face. that judge is currently overseeing the felony probation for pg&e. by the way, pg&e has not directly responded to the latest piece of information released by the attorney general's office. live in san francisco, i'm da lin, kpix 5. senator hill says butte county is a small county and may not have the resources to go after or investigate a multibillion dollar company. he hopes the state will step in and help with the investigation. well, new at 11:00, san francisco police have identified a suspect wanted for robbery and attempted murder. they say he's 25-year-old melton earl kelly from oakland. there's a manhunt under way to find him, and we have video of the suspect stopping and beating another man that eventually become unconscious on the ground. if you recognize, police want
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to hear from you.. the inmate who escaped this week is back behind bars in san luis obispo. mendoza was arrested at a taco bell. he had been missing since wednesday when he walked away from his work detail. later investigators say he car jacked a woman in this home depot parking lot in san rafael. yesterday the woman told us about the encounter. >> he said give me the key, i have a gun. i'm going to kill you. he do like this, i have the gun. give me the key. if not i'm going to kill you. he jumped into the car and i asked him can you return my dog? >> she said he let her keep her phone and dog before speeding away. the suv was found abandoned on dark clothing at a dollar tree
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store in nearby san miguel. they believe he was trying to make it to los angeles where he earned the five year sentence he was serving at san quentin for car jacking. and the man accused of killing a police officer happen captured. arriga turned officer singh during a traffic stop on wednesday. authorities found him after a massive manhunt. he surrendered to swat officers near bakersfield. over the last 24 hours, 7 more people have been arrested for helping him elude hiing his brother, girlfriend, and he fir police officer to die in the line fire. he leaves behind a wife, newborn baby and canine officer that will be retired. and the boy that died
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during the travel ban was laid to rest today. he was born with a rare brain disease and came to the u.s. with his father to get treatment. both are u.s. citizens, but abdullah's mother was not able to visit because of the trump administration's travel ban. after a long legal battle she was finally allowed to enter the u.s. last week. >> they were very close to seeing the unimaginable which was having to be separated while their baby died, and we're very relieved it happened, but at the same time i think all of us are thinking year ago. >> we learned today his mother was granted an immigrant visa so she can stay in the u.s. indefinitely. as the partial government shutdown continues, it's causing problems here in the bay area, including at the golden gate national
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recreation area. today people encountered a traffic mess. all this was a source of frustration for locals as well as for people who have come to the region on their holiday vacations. >> it's really frustrating that everything is closed and we've tried to go to all these different places around san francisco and they're all shut down. >> especially with all the tourists this time of year, it's ridiculous they're shutting down such a big parking lot and causing traffic jam. >> the overflow ran into neighborhoods with already tight parking. the shutdown has been going on now for eight days. president trump and lawmakers are in a stand off over funding for a border wall which the president wants. the epa has begun furloughing workers and thousands of federal employees are forced to stay home or work without
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pay. and taking a look at sunset in downtown san francisco a little while ago. pretty pink this evening. clear and gorgeous saturday wrapped up earlier today. looking ahead to what the forecast will be on new year's eve, if you're near the water in the early going the numbers will be mostly in the 40s with clear skies. temperatureswill be 48 at the coast, 47 around the bay and 43 inland. but as the time goes on, and if you're specifically coming to san francisco, it will be 52 new year's eve, and by midnight the numbers fall to 47 degrees. the good news, skies looking clear. we'll have more details in a few minutes. police in new york city are ramping up security ahead of the big new year's eve celebration in times square. revelers who look up will likely see sharp shooters on roof tops. the nypd has an elite team of snipers that will watch for
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any sign of potential danger like an active shooter. the team has spent four months training and scouting positions. >> we have the blanket of security that you're going to feel knowing that we'll be watching the event, and there's another blanket of security that you're not going to know we're there, but trust us, we're there. >> officers will also fly drones over the area and monitor feeds from more than a thousand security cameras. people coming into times square on monday must go through designated entry points where each person must be searched. and looking ahead, bart will have expanded service on new year's eve with extra trains available until 3:00 a.m. it's partly geared to moving large crowds efficiently to the new year's eve the san francisco water front. it could be a mega millions new year's because no one won last night, so now the jackpot is $415 million. the odds of hitting the new year's jackpot are less 0 milli
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officials say it did happen once back in 2008. coming up, why california's drought is hurting the fight against climate change. >> also delta is sending something new into the skies. a look at the new jet that's going against the current airline trend. >> oh my god! look at the sky! and an eerie blue glow over new york city capturing people's attention. some even questioning have aliens landed?
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the british government is trying to tackle what it calls an escalating migrant crisis. since last month, more than
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200 illegal immigrants have crossed the english channel, often on overloaded rafts. sometimes they call for help on cell phones and once on shore rescue teams treat them for hypothermia. there's a disagreement in britain about what to do. some are calling for more rescue ships to keep them from drowning, others say that could make the situation worse. >> it's feasible were we to put additional craft they could act as a magnet encouraging people to make the perilous crossing. >>y ing because reimposed american sanctions have driven down iran's economy and their standard of living. and in in country the debate continues tonight over the treatment of migrant family. the secretary of homeland security kirstjen nielsen is
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touring facilities in texas and california following the deaths of two children. also i.c.e. is leaving more migrant families at bus stops in arizona as part of an effort to get people that legally applied for asylum out of detention centers, but immigration advocates say they often have no place to go. >> all of the churches are at capacity or tapped out, and this is problematic because where will we place these folks? >> they're at risk and vulnerable people. they're children, and their parents who are in great jeopardy if they're dropped off at the re>> esand other charitable groups say they're doing what they can with help from volunteers. delta is sending something new in the skies. next month the airline will debut it's brand new air bus a-220. the plane breaks with a trend by offering wider seats and comes with a new system to avoid turbulence. >> reporter: you could say the air bus a-220 was slow to take
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off. it started as a plane no one seemed to want, but now delta is betting it's the jet you're going to want to ride on. >> the reason passengers should care about the a-220 are three magical words. wider coach seats. you don't hear airlines introducing planes that are actually more comfortable for us as travelers, especially in coach. >> reporter: seat size is a company complaint with fliers. the 18.6-inch across seats are the largest economy seats in delta's fleet. the 109-seat a-220 boasts bigger er bins so your wi fe rgwinds, and tv screens. and it's the only airline we know of that has a loo with a view. yes, that's a window in the bathroom. >> you're at 35,000 feet, it has a shade, but what a view. >> reporter: the flight deck is state of the art and includes an app to avoid
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turbulence. their flight weather viewer aims to show pilots where the smooth air is by crowd sourcing data through all of delta's aircraft. it's designed by a canadian secret maker, but failed to get orders and prompted a trade dispute with boeing until air bus bought the plane and moved some production to u.s. delta and jet blue both bought some having the plane flying high over the u.s. for the years to come. >> the focus on the inside is comfort, but the outside it's about efficiency. it's made of composite materials so it's lighter, the engines are new making the plane 20 percent more fuel efficient. a lot of people in the eaoue eir ey t >> oh my god! look at the sky! >> oh my lookat the sky! it's blinking! >> there's aliens coming to earth, mommy. >> the pulsing blue glow had
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some people speculating that aliens finally landed on earth. the answer is no, but the truth was equally shocking. according to a con edison spokesperson, an electrical fault caused a quote arc flash at a power plant in queens on thursday. no one was hurt in the incident. okay, well student leaders in the uc system are objecting to a plan to eliminate a student advisor for the board of regents. it allows a student to join the board without voting. a current student regent that does have a vote on the board though supports the change. but others say it's a step in the wrong direction saying students should have more of a voice. and new research found elephant seals and birds are more alike than we thought. that guttural croaking has some very specific meanings. a uc santa cruz researcher
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found northern elephant seals actually have dialects, something that until recently was only documented in birds. the sounds adapted to their social situations are potentially critical to our understanding of the evolution of language. one example, the male elephant seal produces distinctive songs during the breeding season just like long birds do. well, california is trying to decrease emissions, but the state's drought is actually hurting the fight against climate change. a new study shows the dry periods between 2001 and 2015, shifting to fossil fuel generated electricity was the cause hundref nsore of car carbon dioxide. meanwhile at san francisco's civic center, more
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than 1500 people sign a petition to stop the removal of 19 ficus trees around the library. the removal order is currently being challenged and a hearing is scheduled at the board of appeals on january 25th. have you ever had a ficus in their house? >> i have actually. >> they're finicky. once they're happy, just don't touch it. let it go. >> good advice. >> brilliant. partly cloudy to clear skies around the bay area tonight, and it's on the chilly side. san francisco 60 degrees. oakland achieved 62. these were the highs for the day. in oakland 60 and in concord 59. and look at city hall, beautifully lit up. right now concord 42 degrees. numbers range from 38 at livermore and santa rosa to as
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warm as 51 in san francisco. wind advisories posted beginning tomorrow evening sunday through tuesday morning. gusts could approach 70 miles per hour in the highest elevations. even down below 20 to 35 miles per hour northerlies means chapped hands kind of weather. a very dry direction. out the door in the morning, cool, about 41 degrees around the bay and a little cooler inland. high pressure is going to finally be moving in over california, and as it moves east that's when the winds wrap up. still we'll be sunny and dry after a partly cloudy night tonight. a bit on the windy side too. the highs all week remaining in the mid-50s. overnight lows tonight down to 37 in santa rosa and 38 in san jose. set up on your sunday morning at 7:25 a.m., and upper 50s and low 60s for highs. new year's eve again, we'll be in the 40s around the bay area, and it looks dry and clear. that pretty much sums it up for the rest of the week. it will be sunny throughout the weekend. a few clouds in friday and saturday as we start 2019, but
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that's about it. just bundle up. that's weather. here's sports. coming up in sports the college football championship game at levi stadium is all set. and we finally saw the warriors back to their old sevens at klay thompson seemed to get his shooting touch back again. it even had him talking to his own hand. we'll be right back. ♪
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it's been hard to watch and describe. a the warriors lost two straight games at home this week and haven't looked like themselves all season. but tonight we finally got to see the warriors were are familiar with. opening minutes, looney buries his first three of the season, just the fifth of his career.
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he scores 12 in the game. and second quarter, klay thompson came out of his shooting funk. he has 17 in the fit ha third quarter of basket the warriors get it right down the floor to kevin durant for the dunk. he scores 25 in the game. fourth quarter the blazeers cut the deficit to 8, but then thompson hits another one from deep and then tells his shooting hand i missed you. he finishes with 32. his most in over a month, and golden state snaps their two-game skid. the sharks eric carlson returning from a two-game suspension today in edmonton. second period, carlson with a shot from the blue line and that gets through and lights up the lamp making it 4-1 san jose. he also had 3 assists in the
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game. moving on to the third period, now 5-1. evander cane leaves the pass , and the sharks go on to win. and a rough day for the pac-12 in hoops. all but two teams from the conference get a win. one is from the bay area. and the national championship game is set as alabama forced the rest of the teams in the playoffs to face a harsh reality, they're still the ones to beat. that's coming up next. ♪
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♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪ united. official airline of the golden state warriors.
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the crimson tide have reached the title game in the last three years winning in 2015 and 2017. this year they come in as the number one ranked team in the nation and showed why tonight. the heisman winner kylar murray trying to lead the sooners to an upset of the tide, but tua scores from 27 yards out. it's 28-0 tide. third quarter, the sooners trying to come back. murray an oakland a's draft pick with a beautiful run on the throw cuttingalabama's lead to 11, but tua finds smith for the touchdown. one of his four touchdown
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passes in the game as bama wins to advance to their fourth straight national championship game. in the first semifinal, clemson facing notre dame. final seconds of the half, the tigers leading 16-3. trevor lawrence's pass is tipped, but higgins is still able to come down with it giving clemson the 23-3 half time lead. same score late third. etienne puts the game with a with a 62-yard touchdown run. 30-3 is the final to advance to next monday's national championship game against alabama at levi stadium. stanford, the cardinal up 8 off the miss. the put back dunk, that's
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stanford wins 93-86. and cal hosting seattle. miles carter grabs the offensive rebound, scores and draws the file. carter scores 26 and the red hawks win 82-73, so the bears enter pac-12 play at 5 and 7. not a great season for pac-12 teams so far. >> it's rough. all right, we'll be right back. this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during our lowest prices of the season. it senses your movement, and automatically it can even warm your feet to help you fall asleep faster. so you wake up ready to make your resolutions, reality. and now, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j.d. power.
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plus, 24-month financing on all beds. ends new year's day. sleep number. proven, quality sleep.
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some 50,000biodegradable y brazil yellow, green, blue and orange today. look how pretty. the event is to bid farewell to the struggles of the present year and celebrate the victories expected in the new year ahead. >> that's not a bad idea. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow.
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