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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 31, 2018 5:00pm-5:29pm PST

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as of this afternoon, fremont 20 calls ro winand several streets are affected. mike valencia saw this one go down. >> i just came into work today, do a couple errands and this tree was in the middle of the street. >> reporter: folks in his office quickly moved their cars. >> everybody over here, we moved to the back because we're scared these trees are going to fall. >> reporter: in the niles community park this 80-foot pine tree blew over and smashed into the ground hitting this car. no one was injured, but police secured the area because several large broken branches are stuck in an adjoining tree. they could fall down and hurt someone. in downtown niles folks were surprised by the wind's strength. >> i was dodging branches falling off trees earlier, but thank god i didn't have to wear my hard hat. >> reporter: one officer predicted there would be several more trees coming down throughout the evening.
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there is a wind advisory until 9 p.m. for this area. the national weather service defines a wind advisory as winds sustained as 30 miles an hour and above, gusts from 45 to 55 miles per hour. in fremont, don ford, kpix5. the wind was strong enough to bring down trees in santa cruz, one onto this car. there were also scattered power outages. >> the wind also brought some damage to san francisco. a traffic light went down near a construction site on van ness avenue and hayes street. the embarcardero also got rocked, wobbling traffic signs, tree branches blowing out of control and check out the bay. choppy water made for some pretty large white caps as fast moving waves moved across the water. be careful driving across bay area bridges this evening. chp oakland issued a wind advisory for the bay bridge and expect heavy nds ace otheh bay goits ofhowling winds, morelarge ite
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>> brian hackney joins us now with a look at these gusty conditions. >> some of the gusts exceeded 70 miles an hour, high atop mount diablo up to 72 miles an hour, 78 miles an hour recorded at mt. st. helene owe and a 44- mile an -- st. helena and a 44- mile an hour wind gust in the gap. this is bringing in the strong northerlies. it will subside tomorrow, but meantime the wind advisory is posted through tomorrow morning. so winds will continue tonight. the threat of downed trees and lines continues. in the meantime if you're headed out tonight, the temperatures will be in the 40s, in th to upr 40s, but coine that with winds to 25 s d ll out to celebrate tonight, have a good time, but bundle up.
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you're going to need it. we'll have more details of the forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. also a traffic alert on northbound 880 in san leandro. in the past hour the chp closed all lanes near davis street after reports of a freeway shooting. officers found shell casings but no victim or suspect. lanes are back open, but traffic is still tied up. in a few hours the city of san francisco will end the new year with a huge fireworks show that will light up the night sky. kpix5's wilson walker is live at the embarcadero where final preparations are underway. did you find a light pole to hang onto so you don't get blown away? >> reporter: man, it is cold out here, allen. you heard the forecast just now. we're outside of market bar here on the embarcadero. there was a family out here earlier, but i'm pretty sure they were from scnayou're comin bundle up, but more importantly do not drive. >> yeah. so beginning at 8:00 tonight
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all muni service is free all across san francisco. we'll be running extra service in our muni metro system and on our most popular owl lines until 5 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> reporter: muni is free. b.a.r.t. will run until 3 a.m. so by all means, do not drive. there is no official guess how many people will come to the embarcadero, but police expect crowds large enough to close down some of these streets. >> just be patient with the crowds and the traffic out there. people are going to want to get from point a to point b. >> reporter: something else to think about, the wind has been relentless already cancelling a number of bay cruises planned for today and tonight. >> we were supposed to go sailing. we've had it planned for a few days now and our sailor guide told us like we would die today if we went out there. >> reporter: that was particularly bad news for zach o'brien who had planned to use this sailing excursion for this little moment. >> i love you so much, britney.
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will you marry me? >> yes. >> congratulations! >> oh, my god. it's backwards. >> is it backwards. >> oh, my god. >> i love you. >> i guess this turned out okay. >> yes, it did. >> reporter: i guess on behalf of all of us, congratulations to zach and britney. our photojournalist just walking around crissy field an stumbled up a qutionwe have heard from a couple people walking around out here, will this nasty, relentless wind affect the fireworks spectacular planned for midnight tonight? well, we have the answer to
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that question and a behind the scenes look at said fireworks spectacular coming up at 6:00. >> we look forward to that. all i can think is of for zach and britney, proposing on land means smooth sailing for the rest of their marriage. >> reporter: yeah. i think on the water today might have been a tough way to start a marriage. >> no photos of that. wilson walker. i know, you're speechless. wilson, thanks. as wilson said, bay area transit available for new year's partiers to get around. we all know where that was going. b.a.r.t. will have expanded service this evening, extra trains to and from san francisco running until 3 a.m. evening rides on vta, ac transit, caltrain, samtrans and muni are free tonight starting at 8 p.m. until 5 a.m. and caltrain free rides last until 2 a.m. if you'd rather stay? and watch the new year's eve
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fireworks tonight, go to our website, click on the link to our exclusive salesforce tower camera. new leadership for the struggling oakland raiders. kpix5's andrea nakano joins us with who is taking over as gm. >> on december 10th the raiders handed gm reggie mckenzie the pink slip. today they filled the position with a man that knows almost everything about the draft and the upcoming talent. >> i just got to tell you i'm jacked. i'm juiced. i'm ready to go and there's nobody i'd rather go to war with than jon gruden and mark davis. >> mayock with was previously the nfl network's lead draft analyst. mayock briefly played for the steelers and giants in the early '80s but does not have front office experience. mayock admits besides the draft he will have a learning asof hi job. >> the last 15 years i think i've tried to be the gm for all 32 teams and because of that
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from a scheme perspective, i think i'm sound. i think i've been used to evaluating all kinds of different players at all kinds of different positions for every team in the league. what i don't have is the everyday backup as far as the mechanics of running a team, but i've been in all 32 buildings the last 15 years. i know what it looks like. i know what it smells like. i just need a little help with the mechanics. >> mayock's addition is a huge, huge day for raider nation and i want to put an exclamation point on how excited i am and he will prove his worth quickly. >> mayock's draft expertise will come in handy in the upcoming draft. the raiders have four picks ll ck. the top 35 including the >> bo gr will be right there with him that day. >> oh, yeah. he will be the assistant gm or whatever that title might 'snoeven 2019 yet, but the white house race for 2020 is already taking shape. today massachusetts senator elizabeth warren took a in was
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early move. natalie? >> reporter: senator warren's announcement of an exploratory committee allows her to ramp up fundraising and hiring efforts as she positions herself early in what's expected to be a very crowded race on the democratic side. in a new year's eve message e- mailed to supporters, senator elizabeth warren becomes the first big name democrat to lay the groundwork for a potential presidential run. >> i'm launching an exploratory committee for president. >> reporter: at a media briefing monday she sounded very much like a presidential candidate. >> republicans, donald trump have made clear they think government should work for the wealthy and the well connected. everyoneelse. ht to workor >> repr:warren is hing bid. senator eved in fact, there'laer govern bu lde said to hinking foer harvard law
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professor turned u.s. senator, is urging fellow democrats to build a network of small donors. >> since i've made the announcement this morning i've already received donations from all 50 states, the district of columbia and puerto rico. that's how you build a grassroots campaign. >> reporter: president trump and senator warren have publicly sparred over her claim to native american heritage. she even took a dna test and publicly released the results. >> she did very badly in proving that she was of indian heritage. that didn't work out too well. >> reporter: with her announcement in the final hours of 2018 senator warren appears to be getting a jump on her competition 13 full months before the iowa caucuses. we've learned senator warren is already anning visits to early caucus pry the eay new ye >> natalnts ago you mentioned erite a few ot whnsin 202 ho elshwe be looking out for? >> reporter: well, veronica,
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one is a big name out of your state, senator kamala harris and then there's also her colleague, new jersey senator cory booker, former vice president joe biden and even former presidential candidate senator bernie sanders. back to senator harris, we heard earlier this month that she was expecting to make a decision over the holidays. >> natalie, we appreciate it. thank you. let's take a live look at the white house now as we head into the new year. parts of the federal government still shut down, but there may be an end in sight. today democrats introduced a new plan to get it back open when they take control of the house on thursday. one measure would include money for the rest of the fiscal year for a variety of agencies such as the state and justice departments. the other would fund the department of homeland security but only through february 8th and include enif the plan passes the house, it will still need senate approval. the stock market closes 2018 with its worst showing in
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a decade with all major indices finishing in the red for the year but did end the day on a positive note. the dow added 265 points today. the nasdaq rose 50 and the s&p 500 ended up 21 points. still ahead the south bay gets ready to host thousands of college football faithful. >> reporter: i'm maria medina live in san jose, why you don't need a ticket or even money to enjoy the college football experience this week, that story coming up. >> thousands of people crowd times square to watch the ball drop. coming up a clear look at security measures in place. >> it's already 2019 in many parts of the world, a look at the impressive new year's celebrations.
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an investigation is underway near livermore.
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workers at a landfill reported what they suspect to be a body. sheriff's deputies are on the scene investigating now. it's happening off altamont pass at the waste management facility there. investigators say it's too early to say whether the discovery might be human remains. the countdown is on. in exactly one week one of the biggest sporting events in the world is taking center stage right here in the bay area. kpix5's maria medina live in san jose where preparations are underway for the college football national championship. maria? >> reporter: well, veronica, you can see crews still behind me at this hour working. they have been out here all day. to give you an idea how many people are coming to san jose, the game is sold out and levi's stadium can hold more than 71,000 people. injust a few days downtown san jose will transform into what organizers are calling the championship campus. the area from the s.a.p. center to the convention center
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and discovery meadows will be center stage for free concerts and much, much more for football fans. the tens of thousands of visitors expected into the south bay, caltrans crews cleaned up highway 87 and i-280 today, but the transformation isn't just happening outdoors. nearby businesses are gearing up for typically what is a slow month in sales, especially o'flaherty 's, the official bar for the clemson team. >> this will be a blackout week. we'll treat it like the christmas to newspaper new year's week or for us st. patrick's day. >> reporter: they're anticipating a much bigger week in sales than what the super bowl brought to the area a couple years ago, a touchdown for the south bay as they role out the red carpet for college football fans. >> normally we close for super bowl. that particular year we anticipated to be very, very busy, but because of parties
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all in san francisco it didn't turn out that way. we were pretty slow. >> reporter: so this year it's going to be much different. >> it should be. i mean all th i called several hotels here in downtown san jose. they are completely booked. by the way, the championship campus here opens up friday morning and i'm told most of the events including the concerts are free. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix5. how about a live look at times square in new york. you can see the crowds are gathering hours before the iconic ball drop. more than 1 million revelers are expected to ring in the new year there. dozens and dozens showed up tos a day before the countdown. also important the rain coming down ahead of the confetti. >> big fluffy sweatshirt with like furry stuff on the inside and i have ski pants overalls. they come all the way up to
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here. >> he's prepped. no one more ready than the new york city police officers. they've got about 7,000 officers on duty and for the first time nypd deploying drones for extra eyes in the sky. in london thousands gathered on the bank of the river thames to ring in 2019, a spectacular fireworks display. in dubai spectators got an eyeful at the stroke of midnight. a cascade of fireworks from the world's tallest building. there's my favorite, a burst of colorful fireworks over the sydney harbour bridge in australia. torrential rain in the area drenched crowds who arrived early. however, it cleared up just before midnight and the show went on as sh behind the dney ou one of the and will s ow
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brea s gorg. staf >>it is in can't up ll mihtar kid somenew year's eve fun, the special way they got to ring in 2019.
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the official countdown to midnight might be a little past bedtime for the little ones. >> but it was an around the clock new year's eve party for the kids today at oakland's chabot space and science center. >> three, two, one! >> complete with epic balloon drops, families celebrated the stroke of midnight several times today at the space center. >> the kids get to causuay they ot's19 year holding this event and there were plenty of balloons to go
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around. about 2,500 of them were dropped throughout the day. besides the bay area windy conditions also a huge issue in the sierra today, this video we got from squaw valley. several resorts had to close their lifts today, just too windy. gusts over the peaks topped out near 100 miles per hour. >> i wonder if that's going to affect the fireworks tonight. >> we'll find out at 6:00 from wilson walker. what are you guys doing to ring in the new year? >> i'll be right here with you. >> i heard it said the difference between youth, adolescence, and middle age when you're young, you get to stay up until midnight on new year's eve. in middle age you are compelled to stay up. >> do i have to do this? >> we will tonight and we will do it with windy conditions and clear skies, starry skies tonight, but the winds will be gusting up to 35 miles an hour. the forecast calls for 52
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degrees at 7:00 tonight. by midnight down to 47, but combine that with the winds and it will feel like 20s and 30s. so we remind you again bundle up. high pressure is west of the bay area. low pressure is diving into idaho and nevada and that battle between the high and low means that we get breezy northerlies in between. the futurecast shows the higher elevations are really where all of the drama is unwinding, gusts approaching 80 miles an hour at mt. st. helena. those winds finally will abate but very crowley, slowly, remaining very windy in the n view fromigh windy and chilerni nded fecast. i mel 2030s ghy su
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breezy, next rain chance arriving on sunday. if instead of arrival you are departing tonight in san francisco, tomorrow it will be 54 degrees and for seattle 42, in los angeles 62. some rain for atlanta. overnight lows tonight 33, santa rosa, 34 san jose and breezy for new year's day but plenty of sun. temperatures in the 50s tomorrow baywide, south bay, east bay and north bay. they will all be in the 50s. in the extended forecast, that's where we pick up that hint of rain coming in late saturday, early sunday and then as the weekend goes on we'll begin to clear it out. in the meantime sunny, windy, winds abate, looks like a pretty good start to 2019. that's weather. let's get back to allen and veronica. the cbs evening news is up next. >> vladimir duthiers is here with a preview for us. >> here's a look at some of the stories we are workrie year's e
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crowd as severe weather threatens celebrations nationwide. >> plus russian agents arrest an american accused of spying and the shutdown showdown continues in washington tonight on the cbs evening news. still ahead an unintended consequence from all these selfies you've been taking, the new health problem doctors are warning about. man: what do you think you're doing, kevin? uh, was just going to drive home. ah-ah-ah. there are several warning signs present that you shouldn't be driving. like hearing voices? like your text-to-emoji ratio. oh, man. the selfies! selfie! nailed it. man: we all have warning signs that let us know that we're probably not ok to drive.
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coming up at 6:00 marking 10 years since an infamous shooting on b.a.r.t., the changes b.a.r.t. has made since an unarmed man was gunned down by b.a.r.t. police. >> plus terrifying moments inside a bay area restaurant when two armed gunmen start demanding cash and then pull the trigger. it's all coming up in 30 minutes on kpix5 news at 6:00. we're going to end 2018 here with what may be the latest health scare you have to worry about. >> an l.a. doctor is warning that social media is to blame for this. it's called selfie wrist. at least one doctor is saying yes, it is a real thing. his theory goes flexing the wrist to get that perfect numbth tingling sensations. i'm not sure that selfie wrist is covered yet by most insurance companies. we'll have to stand by for that one. >> evolution did not prepare for this, really?
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>> shockingly. >> there's also cell phone neck because we're all like this. so i guess it's a thing. >> brian, i don't think you and i have to worry about it. >> thanks so much for watching at 5:00. >> back in 30 minutes. see you then. captioning sponsored by cbs >> duthiers: on the "cbs evening news" this new year's eve, a flood of rain and people in times square and around the country. tight security on the ground and in the air. new questions as a colorado man is formally charged in the murder of his fiancé. who else may have been involved. all that beginning with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> tepid concerns tonight as we head into new year's eve, security and the weather. >> very popular new year's eve spots could be soaked. >> we didn't know we had to stand for this long. >> i have a diaper, so i'm ready. >> massachusetts senator elizabeth warren announcing she's exploring a run for president in 2020. >> i'm in this fight all the way.
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>> day ten of the government shutdown with no deal in sight.


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