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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  January 4, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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of the week and it's january 4th. good morning. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm ann maca vick for kenny joy this morning. we have made it to friday. yes. >> and emily is in for mary this morning. >> and it's a chillier start and day as well. it's going to be cloudy for now. we have rain ahead and looking at the current temperatures at the moment. 32 degrees in santa rosa; 37, napa; 38, san jose. 46 degrees in oakland. and looking at our high def doppler, not a lot to see just yet. that is the going to change here the next 24 hours. i will get to that in just a moment. in the meantime, the headlines for today. partly cloudy with the chilly start and dry today, though. with near seasonal. its. it's going to be a soggy
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weekend. the high temperatures, seasonal this time of the year. 57 in napa and concord and fairfield, san jose, warmer, 60 there. mix in san francisco and 54 degrees in pacifica. our temperatures in the mid-40s to the mid-30s. i will tell you what the seven- day outlook looks like. we start off with breaking traffic news. a futile crash at south fremont boulevard. all lanes are completely shut down. we don't have a lot of information, but caltrans was asked for a closure at 3:56 this morning. expect them to be closed for some time for the investigation. and in the meantime, you want to use 680. all lanes shut down at south fremont boulevard. asmes inother an, that the rest the freeways are off to a descent start.
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a live look at nimitz and southbound 880, still looking okay through heyward. you might see spectator closing due to the closure of the northbound side of 880 through fremont. the toll plaza, we are seeing the cars stacked up. it's a pretty light ride out of emeryville and into san francisco this morning. about a 15-minute drive time to head to the central fly across the span of the bay bridge. this morning, at least one person is injured after an suv crashed through the third level of a parking garage in los angeles. it happened late last night in north hollywood. the vehicle went through a glass wall and ended up upside down on the street below. the suv's viver is hospitalized in critical condition. investigators are looking into the cause of the crash. a napa pilot managed to save himself and his passenger in a harrowing underwater escape. she is sharing his story about the moment of impact this morning and the struggle to get himself and his passenger out
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alive. he talked to the reporter steve large. >> it's worse than it looks. >> reporter: he still has a bloody forehead from the crash. >> it's an abrasion from where my head and hat was still on. was forced into the windshield or wind screen. >> reporter: he said he is okay. >> reporter: physical ole, i am fine. >> reporter: his sea plane crash landed in the american river and became submerged after he said that the plane's wheels were down for the planned water landing. >> it looked like one of my west water landings ever. much is a belafula day and suddenly, it wasn't. >> reporter: he fears the wheels were down because of his own pilot error. >> i feel a sense of failure and a sense of guilt over not being the kind of pilot that sway are supposed to be. >> reporter: he recounted the terrifying first moments you ve
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intended to save him and instead, trapped him, pushing him into the back of the plane, a dark cargo area. >>was frantic to what was going on. i was aware that i was holding my breath. the air was five or six feet above me. >> reporter: after making it above water, he dove down again and again to free his passenger now unconscious and still strapped to her seat. >> i can tell you, it looks like it does in the movies. it was just bad. >> reporter: finally, freeing her on the fourth dive, he performed cpr until first responders arrived. she is still in critical condition and a crash landing and harrowing underwater escape and yety's focused on the passenger. >> and it seems so simple until it didn't go that way at all. >> reporter: the pilot credits the homeless camping along the riverrer who saw the sea plane crash and called 911.
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if first responder his not arrived quickly, the passenger may not have initially survived. in sacramento, steve large, kpix 5. and what a story. normally, the coast guard and ntsb would be called into investigate. >> the problem, they're unavailable because of the partial government shutdown. we want to look live at washington, d.c. as the partial shutdown of the federal government continues. it's also the first full day is of the 116th congress. tom hanson has the latest on lawmakers' efforts to get the government back to full operations. >> house nancy pelosi i extend to you this gavel. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi and her fellow democrats celebrated their new majority yesterday by passing legislation to end the partial government shutdown. >> the joint resolutions is passed. the bill is passed. >> reporter: the two bills offer no new money for a border
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wall without president trump's support, they're likely dead on arrival in the republican- controlled senate. >> we're not doing a wall. does anyone have any doubt that we're not doing a wall. >> reporter: lawmakers appear no closer to a deal than when the shut down began 49 days ago. >> i think the president's made it very clear. >> yes. >> no wall, no deal. >> reporter: mr. trump tweeted out this video yesterday and held firm on his position in the white house briefing room while surrounded by border patrol personnel. >> the wall about, you can call it a barrier, whatever you want. essentially, we need protection in our country. >> reporter: president trump is expected to meet with congressional leaders from both parties at the white house today and it will be their second attempt this week to broker a deal. >> i hope they hurry up and get something done. let's get it over with. >> reporter: steps from the white house in capitol hill, one effect is littered around the national mall. with hundreds of thousands of
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federal employees not working, volunteers are left to clean up national parks around the country. >> a bay area law professor sees one likely way to end the shutdown. >> enough republicans have to feel the pressure to then be willing to go against the president. that is what it comes down to. >> not an easy task, though. the bill requires 2/3 support to override a presidential veto. and happening today, more than 1,000 flags will line the flags of newman during the procession of the corporal whose funeral is set for tomorrow in modesto. yesterday, president trump called the widow of the fallen central valley police officer. he was shot to death the day after christmas during a traffic stop in the stanislaus county town of newman. he leaves an infant son. the statement said the president praised officers and his service to fellow citizens,
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offered condolences and commended the investigation and response and apprehension of the suspect. the accused killer is an undocumented immigrant from mexico and was arraigned on murder charges this week. last week, president trump highlighted this case as part of his ongoing push to build that border wall. we know the identity of a woman whose body was found in liver moore. tacts are trying to figure out how she died. her body turned up monday at a waste management landfill in rural livermore. an autopsy found no sign of traumatic injury, but investigators are still treating the case as suspicious. they say that banta struggled with mental health issues, substance abuse and homelessness. the number of homicides in oakland last year fell to its lowest level in 1999. the city plans to hire more police officers in hopes to continue the trend. still, critics say the city is not doing enough.
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father aiden lalehan is a pastor at saint columbia catholic church and contend that city leaders should be putting more money into schools and building more affordable housing. >> the city could be doing more. clearly, they have more money in their coiffures. should it be redistributed to places that would help our economic poor. >> reporter: the police chief ann kirkpatrick gives a lot of credit to operation cease fire. a program that rounds up local criminals and offers them resources to change their lives. the number of homicides in 2018 gibbs 68 by comparison, san francisco recorded 46 homicides last year and san jose, the bay area's largest city, had 27. and the stage is set this morning for the college football national championship game. chopper 5 flew over levi stadium last night giving us a glimpse of the from issuely painted end zones. clemson and alabama will face
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off monday night. crews spent all day yesterday working for the weekend long event and including play-off play. sb nation wrote an article calling levi stadium the, quote, worse championship venue available. >> this is a world-class facility and one of the great opportunities for young people who get to play in this game. >> you don't agree with the article? >> i don't. i have not seen it. i normally don't comment when people ask me about other people's reporting. if that is what they reported, they're wrong. >> reporter: play-off fan central is free to bay area residents. it opens up at noon and ends at 6:00 p.m. >> time now is 4:40. >> the search is still on for the driver who hit a bay area teenager and took off. coming up, the cell phone video capturing the disturbing moments after impact. >> and we want to take a live look outside again at the beautiful bay bridge in san
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francisco. it's 4:40 right now. we'll be right back.
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developing right now, a manhunt is underway for a man who shot and killed a 7-year- old girl in texas. this morning, we're getting a first look at the possible suspect. >> reporter: authorities in the houston area released a sketch of the man they believe shot and killed 7-year-old jasmine barns on sunday. >> it's a who done it right now. once i determine who did it and where this vehicle is , then we'll understand motive better. >> reporter: this composite was drawn with the help of gasmoney 15-year-old sister alexis. the only one who saw the killer's face. >> and he was white and had blue eyes. that was it. he had a hoodie on. i couldn't see his hair or anything like. that. >> reporter: the driver of this red truck had a 5:00 adow and not a beard. celebrities on social media have weighed-in from actress gabrielle union and the
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daughter of dr. martin luther king jr. bernice king to hometown houston texan's wide receiver deandre hopkins who tweeted i am pledging my play- off check this week to help the family with funeral costs. he wrote on saturday, i will be playing in your honor, jasmine. the sheriff's department has not identified a motive. jasmine's mother, laporsche washington, believes it was a hate crime. >> it's not a coincidence. it's not. like i say, we didn't do anything wrong to this man, so, it was something in his mind that he had planned on doing beforehand. >> reporter: she had this message for the shooter. >> i know you're hurting. do the right thing so you can be at peace, too. >> reporter: a desperate plea for whoever did this to go to police. tom hanson, cbs news, new york. >> the reward to find jasmine's killer surged to more than $100,000. jasmine will be laid to rest on tuesday. the houston police officer and former nba star shaquille o'neal stopped by the funeral home and dropped off a
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cashier's check to help cover the family's funeral costs. and this morning, oakland police are closing in on the two suspects in a horrifying hit-and-run. and a 49-year-old on a bike was hit by a car and dragged for four blocks. cell phone video shows what happened next. >> oh, my gosh. >> please. >> what? >> call an ambulance. >> you can hear the teening for help. the video begins after the driver stops the car. you can see a man and woman standing outside. they look at the teen and then get back in and drive away leaving the teen critically injured laying on the ground wednesday. >> who does this? you know, what -- who does this. i am still trying to process this right now. >> and the teen is fighting for his life. the police are urging the driver and passenger to turn themselves in. and another hit-and-run
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caught on camera in pleasanton. and you can see the dark pickup truck. all of a sudden, she gets mowed down. she will survive, say authorities. the driver stopped but gave police false information. officers released these images and are working to identify him. >> this morning, millions of people in the south will spend their first weekend of the new year bracing for some rough storms. snow plows busy clearing the streets now to keep drivers safe. reporter john lawrence has more. >> reporter: severe storms this the south and impacting more than 28 million americans. >> it was on ridges. >> reporter: parts of oklahoma hit hard, including tulsa, where authorities say that icy conditions caused a 21-car pileup on wednesday night. state officials say at least 4 people died in three weather- related crashes between wednesday and thursday. forecasters say some areas near oklahoma city could see up to
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six inches of snow. >> they're starting to get slick on 40. i am heading west to reno and they said it's getting worse out there. >> reporter: heavy rain causing flooding issues in areas like austin, texas. >> that water moves fast. doesn't matter if it's a four- wheel drive or car, if there is water there, it can push you off of the bridge. >> reporter: high water in parts of louisiana and in calca shoe parish, a 68-year-old man was killed when an uprooted tree landed on top of the truck he was in. >> high thoughts and prayers go to the family now. it's kind of a bizarre, you know, weird accident that happened. >> reporter: a flash flood watch is in affect for the northern half of georgia on friday and there is a chance of isolated strong storms along the carolina coast. and i'm john lawrence reporting. the rest want country is dealing with severe weather. we're going to deal with winter weather ourselves. california style. >> yeah. >> and we have a bit of a break. and, i don't know, 12, 14 hours
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before we start to see it. and if you have anything to do outside, go ahead and do it. and take the christmas lights down. i know that is on my to do list before the rain moves in. taking a live look out of the sales force tower right now, clear for the most part. clouds are heading in our direction. pretty chilly in the valleys this morning and below freezing in santa rosa; 31 degrees there; 38, concord. and warmer, closer to the water, san francisco and oakland, 46 degrees right now. this low pressure system is moving up and that is responsible for the cloudy weather we're going to see this afternoon and we're keeping an eye on this low pressure system. this is all of the rain that is heading our way and that opened up the storm door. look at this. the storms are lined up and looking at how this is going to time out. this morning, relatively clear with ain thnorth bay and getting cloudier through the afternoon hours. into the overnight hours, the rain mutuals in and the first
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band is looking before dawn. >> have showers on and off on saturday before then a wewake u break and clouds before that second band of rain is going to move n the afternoon and evening hours and tomorrow on the winds, it's gusty and not as gusty in the south bay and the north bay. 29miles per hour and napa; 27, santa rosa and san francisco, 22 miles an hour and your headlines, dry today. seasonal temperatures and more late day clouds, cloudier into the afternoon hours and that is before wind and rain returns and sunday after the brief break unsettled through the rest of the week and today, a mix of the 50s. 55 in fairfield and concord; 56, san francisco and santa rosa. warmest in san jose at 60 degrees. and looking at the seven-day forecast, cloudy, a mix of clouds and sun today. and before we wake up to rain on saturday and showers all day as well as gusty winds. then on sunday, we're going to have a brief break in the
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morning before things get rainier. unsettled on monday and tuesday, showers on and off before the real rain returns on wednesday and we're wet the rest of the week. the roads are dry today. we're starting off with a big problem as you work your way along northbound 880. and we do have a fatal crash that has all lanes completely shut down and this is northbound 880 at south fremont boulevard and some earlier reports, this may take some time. use 680 as an alternate in the meantime and no word when lanes will reopen and we're seeing a big backup behind the crash. north 880 at south fremont boulevard, all lanes are completely shut down and into the south bay, the traffic is off to a good start and we're seeing a few cars in the north bound area and once you hit san jose, everything is looking good through here and keep in
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mind, we have been reporting on this the last few days. closures are in affect for the college football play-off national championship in and around san jose. the game gasim on monday at levi stadium. a lot of activities leading up through monday from almanden boulevard and affects as wasway and do plan for that. it's going to affect have, ta. the children's museum station will be closed. you can catch sta northbound and southbound near the convention center. the rest is on time. no delays for ace, caltrain error error or b.a.r.t. and let's look at travel times. we're in the green and into northbound. 36 minutes and looking good alongside 80. no delays on the east shore freeway, westbound from highway 4 to the maze and an easy 13- minute drive time. light look at the east shore freeway. you can see extra volume and
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traffic is light. we're getting reports of a trouble spot. we'll have more on that coming up. about 9 minutes before 5:00. >> straight ahead this morning, olivia newton john sets the record straight on an upsetting rumor. >> and a preview of this weekend's golden globes. we'll have those stories and much more coming up. >> first, taking a live look outside right now. this is the city of san francisco. you can see city hall there. its dome is not lit up. they usually shut that off around midnight. it's going to be another chilly morning around the bay area. we'll be right back.
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good morning, it's seasonable day. looking at the high temperatures for the day. 54 in pacifica; 58 degrees in los gatos. sixty in san jose; 55 in heyward. looking at the inland areas, 55, brentwood; 54, vallejo and 55, pleasant on. around the bay, 50s as well. 56, san francisco; 54, mill valley. cooler the further north you g.56 in ukiah and 52 in clear lake. the friday morning drive is starting off with a major traffic closure. we have a traffic alert northbound 880. a lot of activity there and the investigation, we're seeing big delays building behind this and so use 680 as an alternate. they are diverting traffic off of the freeway at south fremont boulevard. plan for that this morning. olivia newton john attempts to set the record straight. >> and the excitement is building for sunday's golden globes awards. chris martinez has your eye on entertainment. >> reporter: the hype is
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building for sunday's golden globe awards. she host sandra oh and andy samberg rolled out the red carpet as technicians prepare the venue for one of hollywood's biggest nights. the golden globes unofficially kick off the awards season, leading to the oscars in late february. olivia newton john took to social media to respond to rumors of her failing health. >> the rumors of my death have been great i exaggerated. i am doing great and i want to wish all of you the happy, healthiest 2019 possible. >> reporter: shoo tweeted the video after reports said she was close to death. she was diagnosed with cancer in 2017, the third time in three decades. the national geographic channel is temporarily pulling astrophysicist neal degrass tyson's show star talk from the lineup, amid sexual misconduct allegations from two women. she has vehemently denied the accusations on his facebook
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page. and the notebook is coming to broadway. the 2004 love story based on nicolas sparks best selling novel will hit the stage as a musical at a yet-to-be- enainmt. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. 3 minutes now before 5:00. and wanted in two hemispheres. >> vandalized b.a.r.t.'s flight of the future was wanted for this daring plunge. the new video from australia. >> and as we speak, 100,000 people from all over the country in the bay area are converging in san jose for the college football championships. we have a live report coming up.
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a california officer gunned down in the line of duty. he will be laid to rest this weekend. how the community plans to honor him. >> and with a resolutions on
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the table, president trump stands defiant, demanding border wall funding. this morning, there is another chance for compromise. >> and the city of san jose welcomes college football fans from near and far. a full wrap of this weekend's events we have more going on. good morning, it's friday, january 4th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makevec in for kenny. it's friday. this is going to be a very rainy weekend and something we're getting prepared for. >> and it's not get news for the game on monday and going to be wet likely. you know what? that is why they make umbrellas and ponchos, right? true. >> and youca buy them in team colors. it's not the end of the world. >> exactly. it's chilly out there and hazy. taking a live look out of the sales force tower camera. you can see the haze. the temperatures are chilly in the valleys. 41 degrees in santa rosa; 33,


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