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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  January 4, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the table, president trump stands defiant, demanding border wall funding. this morning, there is another chance for compromise. >> and the city of san jose welcomes college football fans from near and far. a full wrap of this weekend's events we have more going on. good morning, it's friday, january 4th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makevec in for kenny. it's friday. this is going to be a very rainy weekend and something we're getting prepared for. >> and it's not get news for the game on monday and going to be wet likely. you know what? that is why they make umbrellas and ponchos, right? true. >> and youca buy them in team colors. it's not the end of the world. >> exactly. it's chilly out there and hazy. taking a live look out of the sales force tower camera. you can see the haze. the temperatures are chilly in the valleys. 41 degrees in santa rosa; 33, livermore; warmer closer to the water, oakland and san
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francisco. 46 degrees right now this morning. we're looking at visibility issues this morning. nothing too terrible. in the valleys, again, where we are seeing the issues. three miles of visibility in livermore and in the north way, it's down to 1.7 miles of visibility in santa rosa. just keep an eye out if you're on the roads and make sure that you're taking time getting to work this morning. off to a partly cloudy start for the day, chilly as well and dry for the remainder of the day before we see the rain returning this weekend. going to be soggy this weekend and through the next seven days. the high temperatures, a mix of the 50s. 55 degrees in fairfield; 57 in napa; 56 degrees in santa rosa. pacifica, 54 degrees and the warmest temperatures are going to be in the south bay. sixty degrees in san jose. seasonal temperatures. again, dry and cloudy today before the rain is returning. i will tell you when that is going to move in and how long it's going to stick around. >> temperatures in the roadways
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now. we give a traffic alert on 880 near the fremont area and a ride at south fremont boulevard. all lanes are completely shut down. chp is on the scene of the accident. it's a fatal crash. the reports say a vehicle may have hit a pedestrian there. the investigation is going to take time. we're seeing speeds to about 6 miles per hour. traffic is diverted off of the freeway at south fremont boulevard. a good alternate would be to use 680 instead. you can see 680 parallels 880 and traffic is in the green there. we're not seeing delays on 680 itself. we'll update on you this all morning long. we have a couple of accidents to report this morning. north 87 right before 101 and we're getting word of a rollover accident here. a couple of lanes blocked. the number two and number 4 down and you're going to see delays through there. to the east shore freeway, we go westbound 80 at hunting boulevard. reports of a a possible fire to the right shoulder.
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spectators as you work through there. the rest of the freeway, looking good. no delays from there towards the bay bridge plaza. i will show you a live look now. traffic is pretty light and no delays out of oakland into san francisco and an easy friday morning commute into this portion. a live look near the central freeway and so far so good with no troubles through there. anne? >> i will take it. happening today, more than 1,000 flags will line the streets of newman during a procession for the fallen officer. corporal singh's funeral is set for tomorrow in modesto. yesterday, president trump called the widow. he was shot to death the day after christmas during a traffic stop in the stanislaus city of newman. he leaves behind an infant son. a statement from the white house reads in part that the met praised the officer's
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service to his fellow citizens, offered condolences and commended law enforcement's rapid investigation,and preheno suspect. the accused giller, gustavo perez-ariaga, is an undocumented immigrant from mexico. he was arraigned on murder charges this week. last week, president trump highlighted the case as part of the ongoing push to build a border wall. four minutes afterrify. taking a live look now. washington, d.c., capitol hill, as the partial shutdown of the federal government is now on day 14. it's also the first fall day of the 116th congress. the new congress was sworn in yesterday in bay area democrat nancy pelosi was elected speaker of the house of representatives. >> the joint resolutions is passed. the bill is passed. >> pelosi and fellow departments celebrated the new majority by passing legislation aimed at ending the shutdown. >> we're not doing a wall. does anyone have any doubt that
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we're not doing a wall. >> in the past, they offered no new money for president trump's wall, along the u.s.-mexico border. without the president's support, the bills are likely dead on arrival in the republican-controlled senate. >> the wall, about, you can call it a barrier. you can call it whatever you want. essentially, we need protection in our country. >> the president is expected to meet again with congressional leaders from both parties at the white house today. because of the shutdown, hundreds of thousands of federal employees are either furloughed or working for suspended pay. it's touted as college football's biggest game-of-the- year. >> the college football championship game won't be played until monday. free concerts, parties, and other festivities are starting today. here's more from downtown san jose.
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anyone out there just yet? it's early. >> looks like it's going to be a good party and event the next few days here. the next few days, they have converted it. it will be known as the quad. you have i big hangout area for families, ice skating, dj, music and food. espn is doing a live broadcast here all weekend long of the most of the activities are free. there is another venue spot. they converted 300,000 square feet into what they call play- off fan central. you can rub elbows with the football stars, test your own athletic abilities, like kicking, running and throwing. at the end of each day, starting at 6:00 p.m., from is going to be free concerts with the host of various musical artists headlined by one republic. folks will come in from all over, especially the deep south of alabama and south carolina, home to clemson university. >> i think it's nice they have
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the activities going on in san jose. i think it looks good so far. check it out. >> reporter: the big game is on monday. the activities start today. everything is free but for a few exceptions. the only thing, food and drinks you have to pay for and adults pay $10 on saturday and sunday. otherwise, kids are free. 12 and under. come on down here. it's going to rain this weekend. if you're looking for something to do with the kids, not a bad idea to come here. the napa pilot this morning who crash landed a sea plane into the more river or wednesday is sharing his story of survival. his sea plane became submerged after he said the plane's wheels were down for the planned water lands. he believes it happened because of his own pilot error. he said his own self-inflated life vest intended to save him, trapped him and pushed him to
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the back of the plane while under water. >> was frantic to figure out what was going on. i was very aware that i was holding my breath and the air was five, six feet above me. can i tell you it looks like it was in the movies. it was bad. >> after the pilot made it above water, he dove down to free the passenger who was unconscious while strapped in her seat. she is still in critical condition. normally, the coast guard and ntsb would be investigating but both are unavailable because of the partial government shutdown. 5:08 and the state department is warning americans ever you visit china, you may not be able to leave. the warning was handed down in an updated travel advisory yesterday, calling attention to china's use of see-called exit bans. the warning claims they can prevent u.s. citizens from leaving china for years and that the exit bands are used to coerce dual citizens into
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returning to china. stocks in japan jar joining a global selloff. the nikkei is down more than 2% right now, following steep lassos wall street, especially tech stocks triggered by a negative report from apple. the company is seeing a slowdown of iphone purchases in china and will miss the quarterly sales forecast. apple stock plummeted 10% yesterday. and stocks dropped sharply after the company trimmed revenue expectations the fourth quarter of 2018. delta announced the revenue rose an estimated 7%. about a half point lower than expected. the shares plunged 1%. the worse since 2012 quick. the marks open in a little over an hour. stay with us for the live numbers. time is 5:09. >> attention meeting >> migraine sufferers.
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you might find relief. >> and a chilly start this morning. pretty chilly out there and hazy. we are seeing clouds move n the afternoon hours before rain returns to the forecast of the. i will time that out for you coming up in just a bit. >> and we're seeing delays build along 8 where are error 80 this morning. a fatal crash has all lanes shut down through fremont. details coming up.
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. in this morning's health watch, a new review of more than a dozen studies adds to the evidence that botox is an effective treatment for chronic migraines. researchers in france found patients who received the injections had an average of 1.6 fewer migraine attacks a month. a new study finds women who have persistent hot flashes and night sweats might be likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than women without the symptoms. researchers add while there is an increased risk of disease, there is not a significant increase in mortality rates. years for your pooch. ay mean researchers from the uk examined more than 50,000 dogs. they found the life spans of overweight dogs were up to 2 and a half years shorter compared to dogs who don't have a weight issue.
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meanwhile, emotional sent animals won't be allowed on some flights starting next week. puppies and kitties won't be allowed at all. more than 8 hours they're not allowed as well. passengers and crew are complaining about animals biting is any soiling. and this morning, b.a.r.t. officials are reviewing employee attendance records after more than a third of agent train operators and supervisors didn't show up to work on christmas eve or day. according to the chronicle, the absences left stationsup staffed and? some cases, police were forced to handle closing duties. in other news, we have learned a suspected b.a.r.t. graffiti vandal is also in trouble for a train-related stunt in australia. the 33-year-old matthew white was arrested at sfo last week. the police say he was about to board a flight to sidney and had spray paint on the clothes. he was wanted for jumping from
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a moving train in perth, australia. and you can see it right there. that fall could have killed him and he hits nearly hits a concrete piling there. on the way down. investigators believe that white is part of a larger graffiti gang that has tagged trains in australia and new york city. it has its own youtube channel. >> oh, boy. 5:15 now. let's get a check of traffic. friday lights, maybe? >> we have the traffic alert in affect. northbound 880ality south fremont boulevard. all lanes are shut down. we got an update, though. we're learning they're hoping to have lanes opened up by 5:45. before 6:00 this morning. all lanes are shut down. use 680 as an alternate. you can see the yellow and red behind it. our sensors there and traffic is pretty slow as you work your way through there. 10miles per hour and use 680. the best bet for now. elsewhere, we have new information on the other crash
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we have been following. northbound 87 before highway 101. they shut down at least the three right lanes. fire crews are on scene and injuries were reported. if you want, you can exit skyport to north first and that will get you to 101 to avoid that mess there. if you plan on taking 87, you might get stuck and light look at the live shots here and this looks great. no delays toward the san mateo bridge. and looking good with no troubles here. going from heyward to foster city. once you hop on 101, 101 is clear in both directions north and southbound. taking a quick look at the golden gate bridge, so far so good. no theys into san francisco and
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no trouble spots or accidents or incidents through marin county. the rain is on the way and he's emily with more on. that. >> that's right. it might be clear for the most part but it's champing as far it changing as far as the skies are concerned. pretty chilly temperatures. thirty degrees in santa rosa; 33 degrees in livermore; concord, 36 and closer to the water at 45 degrees and those temperatures will climb after dipping before dawn. the low pressure system moved up and out. the clouds here, what we're going to see move in the afternoon hours and we're keeping an eye on the low pressure system. this is the rain that is going to start to move in for the weekend. open the storm door. behind it are all of these storms and making for not a wet weekend but a wet couple of days and a week ahead. i will show you how that is timing out in a bit. in the meantime, starting out
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relatively clear now. clouds in the north bay and moving into the afternoon hours. the clouds are going to start to build in and that is when things get wet, the overnight hours. the first line of storms move through and showers on and off on sunday and moving with a break, still cloudy before the second line of storms moves through sunday afternoon and evening. it's going to be wet sunday night and moving into monday morning. monday, we have showers behind that and saturday alone, looking at the rain future cast. anywhere from a quarter of an inch and to with about 3/4 of an inch to the far north bay. we see ukiah getting the most rain there and that is going to be wet. not a washout but windy, though, on saturday and some rain here means for rain there and traffic delays up there. the higher peaks, up to three feet of snow and gusty up to 55 miles per hour. keep an eye on the lifts.
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they're shut down as far as the winds are concerned and your headlines today, dry today with seasonal temperatures for your highs before clouds move n the afternoon hours and waking up tomorrow. to a soggy saturday. and a slight chance of thunderstorms and there is a brief break on sunday morning before more rain comes into the week. a mix of the 50s, 56 degrees in santa rosa; 55 degrees in fairfield; 60 in san jose; 56, san francisco. your seven aft, shows clouds today and the rain and wind moving in tomorrow before a break in the morning and more rain on sunday. the beginning of the workweek is going to be on-and-on showers and before more rain returns on wednesday. thursday, more showers and don't put the umbrellas away. michelle. >> all right, good advice. freezing rain and snowfall are creating treacherous travel conditions across the south. we learned that at least four people died in weather-related crashes this week.
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the wild weather is expected to continue through the weekend. areas near oklahoma city could see up to six inches of snow. in texas, the heavy rain and flooding is causing some cars to veer out of control and flip over. officials are urging folks in the south to stay off of the roads. hey, sports settling in, folks. if you're a basketball purist, what a night at oracle. and if you're a warriors fan, you have to admit. thursday was an overtime classic. there were greats in the game but one was left standing at the finish. >> and it's 5:20. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge this friday morning. use the proverbial calm before the storm phrase as we head into break. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. it's 5:23. a sig alert continues in fremont. all lanes completely shut down. northbound 880 at south fremont boulevard for an earlier fatal crash. a vehicle may have seen a pedestrian there. and traffic is very slow and go. use 680 as an alternate. we have another trouble spot. a rollover accident blocking three lanes, northbound 87 before highway 101. expect delays and here's vern with sports. >> reporter: good morning,
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everybody. emily turner, gianna franco, take a break. i got this. nba up top. i say that a lot, but the association on thursday, boy, it was up there at oracle. hosting james hardin and the rockets. the big numbers in the finish. late in the game, durant on the run. to the rack. 26 points and they blew a 24- point lead. and to force overtime, bang. and the extra period down 2. the time is running out and that cold-blooded shot and -- 135-134 the final. give me randy bennett. the west coast conference opener. up and running. nice pass. frankie ferrari inside of matt
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mccarthy. 19.7 assists for ferrari on. blowing a 12-point lead. jordan ford got high. a ridiculous shot and feeling it. they came back and tied it at 16. charles menlin, ball game. 76-72, dons down 13-2 for the season. gales now 9 and 7. the 12 pack opener. the trojan, put it out of reach. the bears and a setback. the loss 82-73. get your hands up on defense. at ucla, they didn't get their hands up enough. stores double figures. 92-70. and screaming in waco, texas, probably still. behind brown here running the 4. 22 points, 17 rebounds and they knocked off the number one
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connecticut. 68-57, the huskies since november 2014. i didn't stutter. it's a streak of 126 straight wins. great night for the baylor bears. the pac 10 women, they run the floor tonight, including sixth- ranked stanford and 18th-ranked cal. i'm out of coffee. time to send it back to, t&g. >> i'm kit, we're live in dawntown san jose. it's going to be rainy this weekend. have you thought of what to do with the kids? bring this am here to the college football play-off experience. it's all free. the live report is coming up.
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this morning, a driver wanted for hitting a bay area teen and leaving him for dead is on the run.
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the zoo will uncover new leads. >> and a trend inspired by a popular netflix movie going viral. how youtube is stepping up to put an end to the "birdbox" challenge. >> and the events for college football fans all weekend long. good morning, it's friday, january 4th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makevec. >> and might be him. >> a short week for a lot of people. a workweek for me. >> and that is true. >> lucky. >> we have boon here all week. it's all right. how's everyone do something. >> i am great. i'm here in the morning. >> i have to let you talk about. it's nice and cloudy out there today. the last dry day. haze starting out right now. the area is heading in our direction and looking at the current temperatures at the moment. warmest in san francisco, 45 degrees. dipping below freezing in the n 31 degrees in santa rosa;
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chilly in livermore as well and 33 degrees. the temperatures will climb later. we're looking at visibility issues, though, especially in the valleys. the worse is in the north bay. santa rosa to 1.7 miles of visibility there and get into work. not a lot to see now. that is going to champ the next 24 hours. it's going to be lit up. pretty much all the way through the next week. again, your headlines for today, partly cloudy and a bit of a chilly start. it's going to be dry and&seasonal for temperatures before rain returns starting tomorrow morning. the high temperatures for the cloudy day. a mix of the 50 es. 55 in fairfield and concord. 57 in oakland. 56 in santa rosa. 54 in paciway 60 degrees in san jose. gianna. >> all right. >> well, if you're working away or plan to take the nimitz freeway, we have a major
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traffic alert northbound 880. at south fremont area and this is due to a fate willa crash that happened earlier this morning. a lot of activity there on scene and we're seeing a big backup behind it. 10miles an hour is what you're seeing through there. the traffic is being diverted off of the freeway. 680 as you can see the parallels. this is your best bet instead of using 880. we heard from chp that lanes should reopen up at 5:45 or before six. we'll keep our eye for you in the morning. try to avoid 880 and we have another trouble spot south of there. northbound 87 before highway 101. a rollover crash has the three right lanes completely shut down. we're seeing a big delay behind a t of activity through there and you can exit skyport to north first street to get on to 101 and to avoid the slow spots as wow work through guadalupe parkway. jumping outside for a live
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look. 101 northbound at ignacio boulevard. you can see traffic north and southbound. definitely friday through here and that continues towards the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge as well. no metering lights. they did not get turned on this morning. typically, they go on at 5:30 or before that. everything is clear from here and all the way into san francisco. starting today, downtown san jose is the center of the college football universe. >> the concerts, parties and other festivities in advance of the national championship game to be played in neighboring santa clara and kpix's kit joins us from what is -- ki, t do joins us with more. >> reporter: i didn't recognize my own hometown. they did a great job decorating and activating, converting the area here. this is plaza de us isar chavez. you wouldn't know it with the stuff going on here. if you look there, that is the
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hangout area for families and that is known as the quad. they're going to have music, food, dj's and that big thing there is the espn broadcast booth they're going to have broadcast all weekend long. most of the activities here are going to be free. the other big venue they have is at the mchenry convention center. 300,000 square feet. transformed into play-off fan central and this is where you can rick elbows with football stars and test drive your athletic abilities like kicking, running and throwing. at the end of each day on friday, saturday, and sunday starting at 6:00 p.m., there will be free concerts at discovery meadow down the street where the hosts of artists headlined by one republic. folks will come from around the country especially the deep south. and this is expected to be be a bigger boost at the south bay than super bowl 50 in 2015. >> we made a conscious decision to keep the core of the events
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in santa clara and the south bay area. >> the big game is on monday. the activities start today at noon. everything is free with just a few exceptions. one thing you have to remember, you have to pay for food and drinks. adults will pay for admission on saturday and sunday to the fan experience in the convention center. beyond that, everything else is free, especially for kids 12 and under. live in downtown san jose. thank you, 5:35. and this is a live look at washington, d.c., capitol hill. the partial shut down of the federal government is now on day 14 two. weeks in. today, president trump expected to meet with congressional leaders again on the first full day of the 116th congress. yesterday, the house of representatives now with a democratic majority. past two bills that would fund and reopen the government. the measures are likely to fail. the legislation would end the stalemate and not provide funding for a wall along the
5:36 am
u.s.-mexico border. because of the shutdown, hundreds of thousands of federal employees are furloughed or working on suspended pay. police say a man who shot his wife and killed three young children in texas is in custody. authorities say the 27-year-old mahmoud called 911 to turn himself in. the children were 5, 2, and an infant. the wife who was shot in the head survived and was taken to a hospital. it's unclear what led up to the shooting. the hunt continues for a man accused of a -- a en-year-old girl in texas. the sister only saw the killer's face. they were riding in the mother's car near houston on sunday when bullets started flying. jasmine barns was killed at the scene. police say the driver fled in a red truck and this is scene the video and there is a
5:37 am
$100,000 reward out for information. oakland police are closing in on two suspects. a 14-year-old was on the bike and hit by the car, dragged four blocks. new crime phone video shows what happened next. >> oh, my gosh. >> please? >> what? >> call the al plans. >> that is a tone ager calling for help. the driver finally stops the car. on the left-hand side, standing outside, they look at the teen and they get back in. and they drive away leaving the teenager critically injured laying on the ground. >> who does this, you know. what does this? every time i get emotional, when i think about why it. >> the teenager is fighting for his life in the hospital this morning. police urging the driver and passenger to turn themselves in. this morning, we know the identity of the woman whose
5:38 am
body was found in levermore. the 23-year-old corrina banta of heyward. they're trying to figure out how she died. the body turned up on monday. an autopsy found no sign of traumatic injury but investigators are treating the case as suspicious. they said that bapta struggled with mental health issues, substance abuse and homelessness. at least one person is injured after an suv crashed through a glass wall on the third level of a parking garage in los angeles. it happened late last night in north hollywood. the vehicle ended up upside down on the street below. the suvs driver is in the hospital in critical condition. investigators are looking into the cause of the crash. before you start temperaturing watching, netflix has a warning. there is a new dangerous social media challenge inspired by the hit movie "birdbox." >> never ever take off your
5:39 am
blind fold. if you look, you will die. due understand? >> birdbox stars sandra bullock. some people on social media are mimicking the scenes. this woman nearly burns herself on a heater. 81 by repeatedly crashed into the furniture with his tricycle. >> that is smart of netflix to do that. it's ridiculous that people are taking the challenge at home. the movie is a different premise. that is silly. >> youtube is getting involved and appears the company is removing some birdbox challenge videos. >> ridiculous. 5:39. and your tax returns could be affected if the government shut down drags on. plus, new job members were released j he's diane king hall of cbs money watch joining us live with the stories and more from
5:40 am
the financial world. welcome back, diane. >> reporter: good morning. it's good to be back. happy new year. let's start with in global markets have been mixed in this morning. equal street suffered another brutal beating yesterday. the dow tumbled 660 points. the in accordance skidded 202 and the futures indicate an update open today. all eyes are back on the job market. the labor departments the economy grew by 312,000 jobs last month. that was much better than expected. the nation's unemployment rate picked up to 3.9% as more people looked for work in december. meanwhile, prolonged government shutdown could impact the tax returns. the irs is deemed tax refunds a non-expected activity during the shutdown and caused the agency to continue working with about 12% of the staff and without funding. taxpayers filing early typically see refunds in the
5:41 am
accounts as early as february. if the shut down is not resolved soon, the returns are likely to be delayed. >> and a lot of us up at this hour are big coffee drinkers. >> yes. >> we need to brace ourselves for more expensive cups of joe. >> uh-huh. >> that is right. analysts say that coffee prices could move higher. coffee beans were low last year. one saving grace brazil is expected to produce a large crop of air, coveted by higher quality brands. >> did ian king hall of cbs thanks. we can stick with the free coffee. >> it's low quality. >> and that is a park. we'll tass time now is 5:41. >> a good samaritan with great timing. deputies calling this man a hero. coming up, how he stopped a
5:42 am
brutal attack. >> and we want to look live outside from the cam. cars are heading out there on the roads. geanna is going to have a traffic update coming up.
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good morning to you. we're tracking rain this morning. it's not in yet. just wait. the next 24 hours. and this is a live look at co, t tower. it's going to be a cloudy day, though. when the rain is moving in later. . in placer county, a knife attack is stopped by a good guy who put his concealed weapon's permit to good use. >> i'm listening and i hear this woman's voice just screaming and i looked at my wife. >> and it was the last thing he expected during a quick sunday night stop at a local grocery store. he saw a woman with a bloody knife in her haand a security guard struggling on the ground with the woman's police. that is when the good samaritan pulled his gun out and told the
5:45 am
woman to drop the knife. >> only complied when i you? >> john kept her cornered until deputies arrived. turns out the suspects were shoplifting. the placer county sheriff's office is calling john a hero whose conceal carry weapon was used the right way. >> encounter people who rob my struck. stole from me. threaten me. and, you know, you're defenseless. if you're an able-bodied person and you can help someone, you should do it. >> the security guard's hand was caught in the struggle. be okay. the suspects are facing several charges and will face a judge next week. and i know. scary, right? one of the first crimes of the new year in sacramento gets involved by social media. >> the man calls police to report the car stolen. >> kind of old like me.
5:46 am
>> that is doug tollson. he was worried he would never see the jean grand wagon ear again. he posted about the incident on facebook and less than 24 hours later, he got a call. >> i got there and it was in one piece. that is the part that blew me away. they used it to drive around and do a lot of theft on other people, unfortunately. it was full of other people's property. >> he said it appears he was able to find the spare key hidden on the jeep. that is a mistake that he will never make again. >> is that doesn't look like the vehicles work that much. >> that is why it's nondescript. >> not going to rob me. old jeep. >> if you had a tesla, he would hide the key. >> yeah. >> and i think the teslas are smart enough to be like this is
5:47 am
not not you. >> true. >> and how is traffic looking at fremont? we know we have been having lanes shut rnin . t l stus quo. laere ho to have lanes opened up at six. expect the closure to continue. northbound 8 autoat south fremont boulevard. all lanes are shut down. a fatal crash happened after 3:30 this morning. the investigation is taking time through there. we're seeing the backup behind there and use 680 as an alternate. you can use fremont boulevard or warm springs. you can take them mothers. and get back on to 880. 680 is in the green with no delays. again, all lanes remain shut down and we'll keep you updated on that. wad lumme parkway, 87 northbound. the rollover are is in the
5:48 am
clearing stages. three lanes are still blocked and waiting on crews to arrive on scene. you probably want to hop to ski pott. and in the south bay, we have a lot of closures in affect due to the college play-off national championship game. ki, t do is reporting on that all morning long. do plan for closures because of the events leading up to the game. this is in affect until the 6th of january from santa clara to post street park avenue. it's going to affect mass transit. the children's discovery museum stations will be closed. you can catch it northbound or southbound from the convention center. light look at 580, 68. the dub ling interchange. a lot of cars are working that way. not a lot of delays and things are looking through the altamont pass. from 205 and into 680.
5:49 am
the roadways are dry now. things could change and rain is on the way. here's emily. > thank you somuc right now, our temperatures are pretty chilly out there. relatively clear, hazy in some parts and that is going to change the next 24 hours. current temperatures, santa rosa tipping into the 30s. 33 degrees in liver more and warmer closer to the water, san francisco at 45. oakland right now at 43. those temperatures will start to climb this time of the year. the low pressure system moved up and out, leaving behind the clouds that will make their way on shore and in the afternoon hours. we're keeping an eye on the low pressure system here and all of this. this is rain moving through over the weekend r of the storms and d foa wet weeken starng tmo relatively clear and cloudy in the north bay. cloudier into the afternoon
5:50 am
hours is moving through before dawn. going to be soggy early saturday morning and a mix of showers flow saturday. before then, we wake up with a bit of a break and cloudy. that second round of storms lookings like it's moving in sunday afternoon and evening. we're going to keep a close eye tomorrow on our wind speeds and gusty, close to 30 miles an hour in fairfield at 27. santa rosa, 24; not quite as bad but gusty, 16 degrees in ben loehmann. grain here means snow in the sierra. the winter storm warning for tahoe goes into affect tomorrow and into sunday morning. higher peaks up to three feet of snow and travel delays very likely and the wind gusts up to 55 miles an hour. some of the lefts will be shut down this weekend and probably not the best weekend to go skiing. today is going to be dry.
5:51 am
the seasonal highs with late- day clouds. tomorrow, it turns into wind and rain. a slight chance of thunderstorms break on sunday morning. before then, it's rainy again. not excellent news for the national championship game, but not as wet as tomorrow and sunday, it will be a chance of showers. 57 degrees for the national championship game. our highs today, 56 degrees in santa rosa; 54, pacifica; 55, fairfield and a mix of 50s. sixty in san jose. cloudy today. and windy and rainy tomorrow. certainly rainy on sunday after a bit of a break in the morning. unsettled on monday and tuesday, showers on and off before the rain returns on wednesday. thursday, we go back to showers. keep the galoshes out and get ready for a wet week. >> okay. look at this and this is something out of the disney film frozen. ent that cool? the world's largest ice and snow festival kicked off in china. the massive cathedral measuring
5:52 am
over 30 feet high. they're all made of ice and snow. the annual event brings more than a million visitors every year. the festival will remain open until february. i think -- . >> that is beautiful. >> isn't it? hundreds of people getting ready for seth curry's big party tonight. even if you have a ticket, you may not get in. what you need to know before you go. >> and here's a live look outside at the richmond san rafael bridge. it's 5:52. we'll be right back.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
welcome back. it's 5:54. we monitor the situation. a traffic alert continues due to a fatal crash. northbound 880, right at south fremont boulevard. all lanes are shut down with big delays. the best bet is to use 680. try fremont boulevard or warm springs going north to get back on to 880. big delays northbound and south fremont boulevard because of the fatal accident. 5:55 right now. curry's free party is tonight. >> it's supposed to be a fun thank you to oakland fans. waiting in line missed out for tickets again yesterday. what a disappointment. he told fans they could pick up free tickets at a pop-up store. the party is going on tonight
5:56 am
at the fox theatre. admission is on a first- come/first-served basis. people with tickets may not be able to get in. you want is to arrive early. >> early. >> and i can see people camping out, right? >> yeah. 5:56. investors are looking for a rebound after huge losses led by apple yesterday. why some experts say the tech giant struggles could be a sign of things to come. >> as we speak, 100,000 people are converging in san jose to see the college football championships. we have a whole host of free events happening in downtown san jose. a live report coming up.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
a live look from washington this morning. congressional leaders will meet with the president again.
6:00 am
>> and a special tribute is planned today for the central valley police officer shot and killed during a traffic stop last week. >> and chopper 5 is live over a deadly crash on 880. it's causing a big mess for the morning commute. it's friday, john 4th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makevac. first, rain is a few hours away. >> it's the worse news and kind of bad news. as far as the weather is concerned. it's clear today. and this is the last day without rain before the next seven days are going to be wet. taking a live look outside right now of the sales force tower, you can see it's hazy. throughout the day and into e ates achilly, ough. 21


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