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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  January 4, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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planned today for the central valley police officer shot and killed during a traffic stop last week. >> and chopper 5 is live over a deadly crash on 880. it's causing a big mess for the morning commute. it's friday, john 4th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makevac. first, rain is a few hours away. >> it's the worse news and kind of bad news. as far as the weather is concerned. it's clear today. and this is the last day without rain before the next seven days are going to be wet. taking a live look outside right now of the sales force tower, you can see it's hazy. throughout the day and into e ates achilly, ough. 21 in santa rosa. 33 degrees, livermore and 35,
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concord. 45 degrees in san francisco and excuse me, all of the water that keeps the temperatures nice and mild. 33miles per hour in livermore. three miles of visibility in livermore and the north bay. we're seeing issues and 6 miles from santa rosa. be careful this morning. the hi-def doppler doesn't show much now. the next 24 hours, that is going to change and be all green with the rain moving in and in the meantime, the headlines for today. partly cloudy in the afternoon hours and with a chilly start. as far as the highs are concerned. nice and dry and that is going to stick around. for today, 55 degrees in fairfield and concord; 56, santa rosa; 54, pacific a.; 56, san francisco. and then ourstes are going jo mo part, it's going
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to be dry today before rain returns. i will time that out for you later. how is that roadway looking? >> it's tough this morning. crow continue to follow the situation in freemont. this is northbound 880. all lanes continue to be shut down for a deadly crash that know happened after 3:30 this morning. a lot of activity in and around the area. the investigation continues. they hoped to have lanes by 6:00. that is not the case. key have big delays going northbound as well as southbound and now r spectators. slowing. they're saying it mean closer to 7:00. expect this to be there. use alternates. we're going to jump to the mattes. there is reports of an accident and that is making matters worse. the best bet, hop on to 680 instead and you can sethat parallels 880.
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no delays now and everything is is the green and that is a great alternate. you can use fremont boulevard, warm springs as well and hop on to 8 at. again, all lanes completely shut down. northbound 880 and south of south fremont boulevard. plan for the closures this morning. back to you. happening today, football festivities ramping up in san jose. ahead of the biggest game of the year. the national championship. >> and ki, t do is live with -- ki, t do is do is live with more. they going to have food and music and espn is going to be here broadcasting as well all weekend long. the other big venue is at the
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convention center. 300,000 square feet. they transformed into play-off fan central and this is where you can rub elbows with football stars and test your own athletic abilities like kicking, running and throwing. at the end of each day starting at 6:00 p.m. on friday, saturday, and sunday, there is going to be free concerts down the street. yet it's headlined by one republic. we're talking about folks coming from all over but from the deep south, the home of clemson. >> i think it looks good so far. >> the big game is on monday. the activities start at noon. everything is free but a few exceptions. you have to pay for your own food and drink, of course. the only times is $adults, $10. the admission to the play-off experience on saturday and sunday. side, everything is free. live in downtown san jose, kiet
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do kpex5. and there is not a lot of hope that would end for a government shutdown. a live look at the capitol building in washington, d.c. that is where nancy pelosi and the fellow democrats celebrated by passing legislation. >> the joint resolutions is passed. >> seven republicans join democrats in passing a series of spending bills, attempting to reopen closed federal agencies. the house passed a separate stop gap measure to temporarily fund homeland security without dealing with the border wall just yet. president trump said that is something he will not accept. >> we're not doing a wall. does anyone have any doubt we're not doing a wall? >> i think the president made it clear. no wall, no deal. >> the senate republicans say that they will not vote on anything until it gets the president's seal of approval.
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and there is your stalemate. later today, house democrats are expected to begin discussing another of the priorities. what they call the culture of corruption. lawmakers will consider legislation that would make it easier to vote. tighten election security and require presidents to make their tax returns public. this is the final weekend jerry brown will be our governor. he will leave office on monday after an unprecedented four four-year terms leading the state of california. he served as governor from 1975- 1983. and two decades later, returned for two more terms. he plans to retire to his family property in colosa county, yet stay active in politics. the inauguration for his successor gavin newsom is scheduled for monday in sacramento. he will take the oath of office on the west steps of the state capitol at 11 a.m. and. tech stops appear for a
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rebound today. futures trading is pointing to a big jump when the markets open in a half our or so. we'll see. yesterday, the major indexes lost between 2 and a half and 3%. apple stock fell 10% yesterday. that was the single biggest day or biggest single day loss rather for apple in six years. the plump came after the ceo warned the company is going to badly miss the quarterly sales forecast, blaming it largely on china's slowing economy and ongoing trade war with the u.s. expecters say other companies will likely experience similar struggles in the new year. >> and that is not going to be just apple. there are a lot of u.s. companies with a lot of sales in china. >> yeah. >> and basically goto be watching the earnings be downgraded next year. >> we did get a potential sign of progress this morning. chinese officials announce that trade talks will resume in beijing on monday. the white house has not confirmed that. and today, residents at a small central valley town will pay tribute to police officers
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killed in the line of duty last week. more than 1,000 flags will line the streets of newman. a procession will bring the body of the corporal from modesto to newman where he joined the police force in 2011. he was shot to death a day after christmas. he leaves behind a wife and an infant son. funeral services are scheduled for tomorrow in modesto. a man accused of sexually assaulting a 99-year-old woman in san francisco's chinatown in new year's eve is expected in court this morning. the 26-year-old howard kidd is charged with burglary with intent to commit sexual assault and elder abuse. he pleaded not guilty. kid denied being at the victim's home. police caught him on surveillance video at the apartment complex. and time is 6:08. the family of a man killed by a park police officer is disputing the official account of a rally in his honor. why they say the agency got it
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wrong. >> and thousands of tourists are scrambling for safety as a historic storm bears down on southeast asia. >> and storms are ahead for us as well. nothing that significant. i will tell you just how wet it's going to be and how gusty and what that means as you try to head out of down. >> and if you're trying to take the nimitz this morning, the troubles continue. a live look from chopper 5. north 880 and all lanes are shut down.
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welcome back. it's 612. the deadly crash that happened around 3:30 this morning. at one point, all lanes were shut down and get a closer look here. looks like it may have opened to one lane and off the freeway. that right lane is opened to divert traffic off of the freeway. and just south of south fremont
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boulevard. and use alternates in the meantime. 680 is probably the best bet and this is causing de. at lea driv from 237 northbound heading towards the dunbarton bridge. thank you. a powerful tropical storm made landfall in thailand overnight. forecasters warn it could be the most devastateing in decades. thousands of tourists were evacuated. this is a rare event. the last time a tropical storm made landfall in thailand was 1962, when 900 people were killed. things are running smoothly at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station after it was shut down chopper d ertse of the station. the rally was held to mark one year since the 20-year-old was shot and killed by a b.a.r.t. police officer.
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the officer shot him in the back three times as tin del fought with another man. the officer believed the man were wrestling over a gun and he did not respond to requests to show his hands. prosecutors decided in the to file charges against the officer. >> we are here to make sure everyone remembers my brother's name and waiting for justice. we're going to still march and rally so they know that we're still out here for my brother. >> the station was shut down because the rale was blocking the faregates after the police told the group to move. the mother said that demonstrators did make room for riders to get through and that officers did not communicate with them before shutting the station down. the first round of interviews begins for the o firh joanhahinod heber.sincthe exami
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reports that 35 applicants submitted resumes. that number dwindled down to 11. the fire commission will begin introduces today and will forward about four candidates to the mayor in the coming weeks. >> all right, quarter after 6. that mess on 880 right now. >> and we have alternates, you know, and this is lighter than usual. not a lot of cars on the road. unfortunately, it's a big mess as far as the crash goes. northbound 880 on rather. you can see her live from chopper 5 and there is a lot of activity there on scene. it's a fatal crash. all lanes are completely shut down and happened at 3:30 this morning or after that. a big backup is behind it and they opened the right lane and that is to divert the traffic off of the highway and avoid 880. we're seeing a big delay with
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the second crash in the backup as well. 68y is probably the best bet. that is a great alternate and look at that. it's a parking lot northbound 880. we're seeing the delays southbound and spectators are slowing as they approach. and pretty serious situation through fremont this morning. your alternates and best bet is fremont boulevard, warm springs north and 680. hop on the parkway to get back and that will help you to avoid the delays there. it's friday light overall. a 35-minute drive time from 2:37 to the dun barton bridge and that is how long it will take to you get through the mess there. we have a couple of other things. better news to reports, north 80, the rollover crash completely cleared to the right shoulder. and delays should then out. 101 is a better bet than guadalupe parkway.
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looking at the travel times and we're seeing the slower speeds through the altamont pass. 205 to 680, the 26-minute drive time and better than usual for most of the the week day commutes. east shore freeway in the green. let's look at the toll bridge plaza. out of emeryville, and san francisco. the san mateo bridge looks great as well. he's emily. and we have a lot to talk about. is that is going to change. the televisions are chilly this morning. 31 degrees in santa rosa and concords; san francisco, 45 degrees. the temperatures are not going to clot climb later in the day. they're going to make their way
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on shore into the afternoon hours and this low pressure system is the bigger one. it has a bunch of rain heading our way for the weekend. this, this, this, and this. a lot of wet weather is going to move through. basically the next seven days and going to be wet out there. and looking a the the future cast to time this out, relatively clear with the exception of clouds in the north way. into the afternoon hours, the clouds start to move in and gets more and more cloudy from there before dawn. we have the first line of storms that moves in tomorrow morning. it's going to be spotty showers off and on throughout the day on saturday and into is sunday, this round moves in. the afternoon and evening hours. and this is covering the entire bay area and soggy for the end of the weekend and into the beginning of the workweek. and looking at how much rain to expect for tomorrow's storms. from ay quarter of an inch to 3/4 and the exception of ukiah.
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we're going to see more rain there. the bigger picture is the winds and that is going to be gusty tomorrow. just keep an eye out on that. from 9 miles per hour in san jose and not as bad. close to 30 in the inland areas. go in santa rosa and 25 miles per hour in san francisco. so, your rain here means it go's going to be snow. gusts up to 55 miles an hour and some of the lifts are going to shut down and there will be delays likely and into that directions. that winter storm warning is in affect. maybe not the best weekend to head to tahoe. dry waking up with the seasonal temperatures and more clouds into the afternoon hours. shower start tomorrow morning and through the day with a chance of thunderstorms. we have a break on sunday morning before it rains again sunday afternoon. 47 degrees, a chance of showers and it will be uncomfortable
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wet, chilly mess fame. luckily, it's not a washout. the temperatures for the day, a mix of 50s and 60s. 55 in fairfield and concord; 56, santa rosa and 54 in pacifica; 56 also in san francisco. showing a mix of sun and clouds towards cloudy by the afternoon hours and before tomorrow is going to be rainy and windy. sunday, waking up with a brief break and going to be rainy again into the overnight hours on monday. and unsettled as well as tuesday and showers on and off for the two days. you know what? it's rainy again on thursday. vern? and sports settling in, folks. if you're a basketball purist, man, what a night at oracle. and if you're a warriors fan, you have to admit. thursday, that was an overtime classic. all of the greats in the game. only one left standing at the finish. >> and it's 6:20. taking a live look at the bay
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bridge from our sales force tower camera. i will give you the old cheesy line calm before the storm this morning. we'll be right back. what's better than having fast, reliable wifi
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good morning, everybody. emily turner, gianna franco, take a break. i got this. nba up top. i say that a lot but the association on thursday, boy, it was up there and hosting james hardin. the rockets in the finish. late in the game, durant on the run. to the rack! 26 points. boy is it blowing a 20-point lead. james hardin, reigning mvp to force overtime. bang on the classic shot.
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and down to time running out. and with that cold-blooded shot. a nice game of 40 or more points and 135, 134 the final. and give me randy bennett, saint mary's. the west coast conference opener. don's off and running. the nice pass. frankie ferrari on inside matt mccarty. 19.7 assists for ferrari on. and blowing a 12-point lead. scoring seven straight points and a rick shot and he was feeling it. tied it at 16 and that did not break. the ball game. 76-72 and down 13-2 for the season. the gails now 9 and 7. jones and the calpac-12 opener. the trojans, shaquan aaron and put it out of reach.
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and with that loss last night, 82-73 and get your hands up on defend at ucla. they didn't get it up enough. the alley-oop inside and moses brown. the cardinals spanked in the opener, 92-70 and screaming in waco, texas. probably still the 8 refer errorth-ranked baylor women and 22 points, 17 rebounds and knocked off number one connecticut, 68-57. the first regular season loss for the huskies since november of 2049. i didn't stutter. 2014. and that is a streak of 126 straight wins. a great night for the bayor bears. back 10 women, they win the florida night, including sixth rack of error returned stanford and 18th-ranked cal. i'm out of coffee and time to send it back to e, the, and g. >> or michelle. it's 626 right now.
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with trash piling up at national parks due to the government shutdown, some people are taking matters into own hands. we'll hear from them straight ahead. >> and it's going to be rainy this weekend. have you thought about what you're going to do with the kids? bring them down to downtown san jose for the college football national championship. a lot of free events leading up to the big game. a live report is coming up. >> and we are continuing to follow this breaking news. this deadly crash in freemont. this is northbound 880 south of south fremont boulevard. of course, creating a huge mess there as the lanes are shut down except for the right lane as traffic controllers or the law enforcement is trying to divert all of that traffic off of the highway. gianna is going to have an update in just a bit. it's 6:27 right now. we'll be right back.
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>> was holding my breath and
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this air was 5 or six feet above me. >> we're hearing from a bay area pilot who crash landed his sea plane into a river. what he said went wrong. >> and why dianne feinstein is snubbing a fellow california lawmaker in the 2020 presidential race. throwing her support behind someone else. >> and the morning commute is a huge mess. chopper 5 is live over a deadly crash on 880. >> that has been messing things up all morning long. it's friday, january 4th. i'm anne makevec. >> i'm michelle griego. we're going to get to gianna soon about the backups. >> you need the alternates this morning. >> first, we want to talk to emily. we should have a countdown clock. >> we're going to go with 24 hours and you can bank on that. that is going to be wet from that point forward. all the way through the weekend. that is going to start tomorrow
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morning. starting side, it's relatively clear. hazy out there and into the beginning of sunrise. you can see a few clouds in the sky and that is going to thick know throughout the day. the current temperatures in san francisco, 45 degrees. and still chilly in the north bay. santa rosa at 31; liver more, chilly and 33 degrees this morning. this is the hi-def doppler. within 24 hours, this is going to change and be nice and green with a lot of rain. i will time that out in a bit. in the meantime, headlines for today, partly cloudy and into the afternoon. off to the chilly start. they will climb by mid-day. that is going to be dry and seasonal. things will change into the weekend when the rain returns. hour high temperatures today, a mix and getting into the 60s barely in san jose; 55 in
6:33 am
fairfield and concort; 56 in santa rosa and san francisco and cooler along the coast. mordegrees in pacifica. and i will tell you how that rain is going to time out later in the show. in the meantime, tell us how to get around the mess. >> and we're going to go to chopper 5. this is northbound 880 and you're looking at the area near fremont. and a deadly crash happened about 3:30 this morning. is they to have that right lane at the exit there to help diverse traffic off of the freeway. a lot of activity and things happening there. and look at this. that is really bad and it's all the way to dixon landing at this point. in the meantime, stbet, you can hop off of dixon landing and take warm springs, fremont boulevard north and hop on to mission boulevard. that will get you to 680 and right now, it's in the green.
6:34 am
that looks bett th backup. and we just got new information in from chp. they're saying the lanes should reopen up in a half hour. and look at that on the southbound side. you can see the traffic is starting to build as well for all of the spectator slowing. fremont boulevard, warm springs boulevard, north 680, the it's. a couple of hotspots to get to and west 92 before 101. this is blocking one lane causing a backup on 292 new foster city and into 24. we had an earlier travel spot. a vehicle fire and that is cleared. michelle, anne. 6:34. downtown san jose is the center of the college universe. >> free concerts and parties and other festivities ahead of the national championship game to be played in neighboring santa clara. let's go live to kiet do. he's partying.
6:35 am
maybe not much now. but where the championship campus fun begins a few hours from now. >> reporter: i was driving here. there is a ton of roadblocks and detours. i was trying to ask what is going on here? i was pleasantly surprised. didn't recognize my own hometown here. they have done a great job of transforming the plaza de cesar chavez. we're here in the area called the quad. you're looking at the hangout area where you can come with friends and family. to the left, espn is going to do the live broadcast all weekend long. there is going to be food, music, and drinks. so, the other big venue that is around the corner is the mchenry convention center. they converted 300,000 square feet into the play-off fan central. you can rub elbows with football stars abilies like kic and throwing. at the end of each day at 6:00
6:36 am
p.m., friday, saturday, and sunday, there is free concerts at discovery meadow down the street with a host of musical artists and headlined by 1 republic. the folks will come from all over. especially the deep south, alabama and south carolina, especially home to clemson university. it's expected to be a bigger boost for the south bay than super bowl 50 in 2015. >> we made a conscious decision to keep the core of the events in the south bay area. >> the big game is on monday. everything is free with a few exceptions. the only thing you have to pay for are the food and drinks. adults pay $10 and that is the player experience. beyond that, everything else is free. especially for kids 12 and under. kiet do, kpi and, 5. the second week of the government shut down is coming
6:37 am
to a close. yesterday, the u.s. house passed two bills to fund and reopen the government. but, the plan may not reach the senate floor. the majority leader much mcconnell won't call for a vote on any bill that doesn't already have the president's approval. trash has been piling up at national parks when rangers and other staffers are on furlough. in san francisco, the city's department of public works will pick up the slack, according to the examiner. the dpw will collect trash at land's end and aquatic park. that is normally handled by the park's six. and down at joshua tree national park, it's gotten so messy, visitors took matters into their own hands. every morning, a group of volunteers is helping to clean toilets, restock the restrooms and empty the trash. >> this is a spontaneous organic community effort. this community came together and galvanized. we knew we had to do something
6:38 am
with the government shutdown. we have been dubbed the toilet paper angels. >> president trump is expected to meet with congressional leaders from both parties at the white house today, the second attempt this week to broker a deal. 6:38 and he hasn't decided if he will run again. former vice president joe biden has the support of california's senior senator if he enters the 2020 presidential race. the l.a. times quoted dianne feinstein as saying i worked with him closely on a number of different things and have a great respect for his integrity and his ability. i think experience is really important at this particular point where our world is today. the sometimes also asked finestein about california's other senator, harris, who is considering a run for the white house. he she is a big fan of harris but fine type is said that harris is new in the senate and takes awhile to get to know
6:39 am
somebody. this morning, the napa pilot who crash landed a sea plane into the american receive or wednesday is sharing his story of survival. >> and looked like one of my best water landings ever. such a beautiful day and then suddenly, it wasn't. >> his sea plane became submerged after he said the plan's wheels were down for the planned water landing. he bes it happened because of pilot error. the self-inflated life vest intended to save him had trapped him instead and pushed him into the back of the plane while upped water. >> i was frantic to figure out what was going on. i was aware that was holding my breath and the air was five or 6 feet e tet de i above ter, agaito unconscious while strapped in her seat. she is still in critical condition. and time now is 6:39. major insurance companies are going after pg&e connection
6:40 am
with california's deadliest ever wildfire. the details on the new lawsuit. >> and an unusual scene in parts of the south this morning. a winter storm is causing all kinds of trouble. >> and the market opened up about 10 minutes ago. light look at the big board here. the dow is down about 300. oh, up, sorry. it's up. i am so used to saying down. that is up. a good thing. 356 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs reporter financial reporter jason brookes.
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6:43 now. severe storms in the south have turned deadly. parts of oklahoma getting hit hard. icy conditions caused a 21-car pileup and at least four people have died in weather-related crashes throughout the last week. meantime in texas, heavy rain
6:44 am
is flooding major roadways. >> that water moves fast. doesn't matter four-wheel drive or a car. there is water in there it can push you off of the bridge. >> it's true. the flash flood watch is in affect for the northern half of georgia today and there is a chance of isolated strong storms along the carolina coast. yix 's 6:44 and time for a look at what is coming up later. biana joins us now from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, michelle. happy friday. ahead on cbs, speaker nancy pelosi gets her gavel back and said that he is not getting a single penny for his border wall. who while two new funding bills could set up a fiery meeting at the white house today. >> and china's historic mission reignites a space race. returning to the moon could help us get to mars. >> and would you drink iced tea topped with cream cheese foam? i am not making it up. it the 2019
6:45 am
food trends. we'll talk to a correspondent about what else to expect on the year. see you at 7. have a great weekend. >> i would have to say no. but i would drink the iced tea. >> i know. >> we'll see you at 7. thanks. a shocking surge in jobs and all eyes on apple stock this morning after yesterday's huge dive. >> joining us now is kcbs radio financial reporter jason brookes. good morning. >> good morning. certainly a sweeter taste to the stock market today after yesterday's big selloff and the december jobs support is certainly helping out. the labor department reported a much bigger-than-expected gain of 312,000 jobs. hourly wages were up 3.2% and that was stronger than the gain the prior month. the job growth continues to remain strong in the u.s. and that has alleviated fears of a potential recession on the way due to the stock market's big
6:46 am
correction in the fourth quarter. the job growth remains strong. the jobless rate moved up to 3.9% and that was due to a big surge in the number of people looking for work. apple was responsible for a big chunk of yesterday's selloff and stock. diving by 10% to the lowest level in over a year and a half on the revenue forecast cut due to weakening iphone sales in china. apple is holding out the market and has a ways to go. up by almost 2%. and let's go to the big board. the numbers are fairing this morning and stocks are getting a boost on reports that the u.s. is sending a trade delegation to beijing on monday. any improvement in the trade war story would help the stock market. right now, the dow is surging higher by 386 points. the nasdaq is up and the s&p is up by 43 points. back to you. >> all right. >> and see how it goes does the rest of the day. jason brookes from kcps
6:47 am
radio. thank you. tonight is the night some lucky winners will get a chance to party with seth curry. >> it's supposed to be a fun big thank you. some people missed out on tickets again yesterday and for the second day in a row. they announced the party on instagram on tuesday. he told fans they could pick up free tickets at a pop-up store. the party is at the fox theatre tonight. admission is first come, first served. even if you snagged tickets, you may not be able to get in. there is a chance. >> yes. >> and there is. >> i think the bottom line, if you have a ticket, go there early. >> uh-huh. >> and the tickets don't guarantee entry. >> apparently. 13 minutes now before sub:00. lanes finally opening up on 880. >> it's been a tough commute this morning. we got from chp that all lanes were open. you can see that live from chopper 5 traffic and that is
6:48 am
starting to move. this is northbound 880 and that is where we had the fatal crash after 3:30 this morning. they were hoping to have things open up by 7:00 and earlier than expected. the good news, the bad news, it's going to take awhile. and to dixon land landing. it's going to take time for things to get back to normal there and getting backed up to the freeway and northbound 8 aty from fremont boulevard. pack your patience. at least the next 15 to 20 minutes. we'll show you that on the maps here. you can see 680 looks good in the green compared to 880 in the red. all lanes open, northbound 880 and jumping over to the peninsula, westbound 92 at 101. good news here as well. key have a bit of a backup. and westbound 92.
6:49 am
if you're taking the san mateo bridge, things are good out of heyward with a 15-minute drivetime to get to the end of the span there and you will see a bit of a backup through foster city. no backup here. a light traffic out of oakland and into san francisco. rain is on the way, though. >> and we're starting to see signs of it. you can see clouds on the horizon and going to increase throughout the day. it's a pretty sunrise this morning, right? the current temperatures at san francisco. 45 degrees and still chilly in the north bay; 31 degrees n santa rosa; concord, 35, 32 and in livermore. this is starting to move out and leaving behind the clouds that will make their way on shore and making for a cloud afternoon for us. and that is increasing when this starts to move in, bringing this with it. and that is wet weather. opening the door behind it and
6:50 am
that is heading our way the next seven days and making for a wet week and wet weekend ahead of us and this is how it's going to time out. relatively clear. a few clouds in the north way and they're going to increase through the afternoon hours and moving into sunday or excuse me, saturday overnight. the first band of rain is moving through. spotty showers through all day saturday and we have a second round after a brief break in the morning. a break and the second round of storms is moving in. sunday afternoon and evening. and a close eye on how much rain we're going to get. anywhere from a quarter of an inch to 3/4 with the exception of the far north bay and the bigger problem is the winds and look at this. chose to 30 miles per hour
6:51 am
gusts. 20miles an hour and gher peaks. 3feet of snow and some travel days are going to result out of that and that winter storm warning is in affect from saturday through sunday morning and gusts up to 55 miles per hour. there is going to belet closures as well this weekend and maybe not the best day or weekend to go skiing. dry with the seasonal highs and more late day clouds moving in and more rain by late sunday and certainly going to be an unsettled couple of days the next few days and a mix of 50s as far as our high temperatures are concerned and your seven aft. shows we have clouds today. wind and rain tomorrow and after a brief break. and we have showers on monday and tuund ra again on wednesday and it's going to be unsettled throughout the week. michelle? >> and thank you. three major insurance companies are trying to get ahead of the claims they're
6:52 am
expecting from the deadliest wildfire in state history by suing pg&e. they accuse the company of doing a poor job of maintaining the equipment. and while cal fire has yet to give an official cause of the fire, pg&e admits it had problems with the transmission tower near the transition point. the damage is estimated in the bottoms. time now is 6:52. a special tribute is planned for the central valley police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. how the corporal will be honored today. . >> i'm kiet do. 100,000 people are converging from all over the country in the bay area and into the south bay for the college football national championships and all of the free events leading to the bag game. we have a live report coming up.
6:53 am
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i'm kiet do. we're live here in downtown san jose. huge crowds are expected this weekend into monday for the 2019 college football national championships. this area has been converted into what they're calling the quad. they have meeting areas here for friends and family. there is going to be djs, music food and activities, ice skating here. to the left, espn will have live broadcasting. this area will be active the next few days and all of the activities, most of them, are free. the other big venue. 300,000 quite have been transformed into play-off fan central and this is where you can rub elbows and kicking, running and throwing. at the end of each day on friday, saturday, and sunday at 6:00 p.m., there is free concerts at discovery metal down the street and headlines
6:57 am
by one republic. >> i think it's nice to have things going on. >> i think it looks good so far to check it out. >> and the big game is on monday. the activities start here at noon. everything is free but for a few exceptions. you have to pay for your own food and doctor inks. the only times the adults bay pay is a $10 admission. at the mchenry center. beyond that, everything else is free. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpex 5. and some lucky winners will get a chance to party with steph curry tonight. supposed to be a fun thank you for oakland fans. some people waiting in line missed out on tickets again. the party is at the fox theatre tonight. the admission is first come/first-served. >> this is the final weekend that jerry brown is the governor. he's going to leave office on monday after an unprecedented
6:58 am
fourth four-year term. he plans to retire to the family property in colosa county and stay active in politics. >> president trump is expected to meet today with some congressional leaders to discuss the lingering partial shutdown of the federal government. the president said he won't agree to any proposal that doesn't include money for his wall along the u.s.-mexico border. and seven people have died after a highway crash in florida. two big rigs and passenger crashes collided on interstate 75 near gainesville. the diesel spill spilled across the highway. >> today, the stanislaus county town of newman will pay tribute to the police officer killed in the line of duty last week. 1,000 flogs will line the streets for a procession for the corporal this neraices are in modesto. >> and relief along 880. looking live at chopper 5 and south of fremont boulevard. all lanes were shut down for a
6:59 am
fatal crash and all open. still slow from dixon landing and moving better in both directions. another traffic alert reported westbound 80 at gilman. it's going to be a dry day today. that is the end of it before rain moves in tomorrow. i cloudy day into the afternoon hours. dry until tomorrow. when rain is going to return for this weekend and all the way through the week. the high temperatures today, are going to be a mix of the 50s and the south bay. you will flirt with 60s and you might hit it,ma notice not. the seven-day forecast, shows cloudy today. windy and rainy tomorrow. rainy on sunday and we have a bit of a show or and off on monday and tuesday before the ttagon is ns on day. just beprepared for wet weather. >> yes. >> and typical winter weather. >> yes does. everyone have their indoor activities planned for the weekend? >> yes. >> christmas dismantling? >> mile per hour story me.
7:00 am
my husband, i told him he's making it this weekend. >> and i have to take it on down the tree. >> me, too. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, january 4, 2019. welcome to "cbs this morning." new house speaker nancy pelosi says democrats will not give in to president trump's demand for billions for a border wall. as the most diverse congress in american history is sworn in. the democrats plan to fund the democrat could set up a heated showdown today in the white house. >> a young mother's thanksgiving day disappearance. police investigate a possible link between the fiance accused of killing her and a nurse who lives hundreds of miles away. >> minnesota sues insulin manufacturers over the fast rising price of that life saving drug. we hear from one mom who says her son died because he couldn't afford to pay for his su


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