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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  January 7, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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pack. that's just going too far. >> life just got so much better. thanks for watching at 5:00. >> oh, boy. what will they think of next? >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this monday, as both sides dig in on the partial government rkutdown, workers feel the pinch and travelers see the impact. plus we were there as kevin spacey appeared in court on assault charges. all that and much more beginning with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> day 17 of the government ayutdown. the effects are being felt across the nation. >> it is not just garbage piling up. some t.s.a. agents not showing up. >> t.s.a. leadership spent the day trying to find money to pay t.s.a. screeners on time. >> embattled actor kevin spacey arraigned on a felony assault charge. >> the academy award winner is accused of sexually assaulting a teenager. after plea of not guilty has been entered on his behalf. t> tennessee governor bill haslam has granted clemency for cyntoia brown.
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>> brown has been in prison for murder that she claims was self- defense. >> the man charged in connection enth the shooting death of jazmine barnes was back in court today. b eric black, jr., is now charged with capital murder. >> dramatic video out of texas. >> police and good samaritans all working together to rescue an elderly man from this burning car. >> police say that man would not cave survived if it were not for good samaritans. >> justice ruth bader ginsburg misses oral arguments for the first time since joining the supreme court. >> she is working from home while she continues to recuperate from surgery. >> a man follows a woman into a karate studio after trying to kidnap her. >> the suspect was on a stretcher. >> always know where the nearest karate studio is. >> yes. >> glor: good evening. i'm jeff glor. this is our western edition. we'll begin here with a deepening standoff over the partial government shutdown now in day 17. out of more than two million federal workers, 800,000 remain furloughed or are working
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without pay. tomorrow night in prime time, the president will take his case directly to the nation. paula reid begins our coverage. >> reporter: president trump will make his first prime time oval office address tomorrow oght, and on thursday he will travel to the southern border. the last time he visited the u.s.-mexico border was ten months ago when he toured wall prototypes. >> if you didn't have walls over here, you wouldn't even have a huntry. >> reporter: his publicity blitz comes as the white house and democratic leaders appear no closer to resolving the shutdown. the president wants $5.7 billion to build 234 miles of wall. wer the weekend, the white house requested an additional $7 billion for more immigration judges, border agents, medical supplies, and detention facilities. most illegal crossers are families and children, two of whom have died in recent weeks while in border patrol custody. >> i may declare a national emergency depending on what happens over the next few days. he reporter: vice president mike
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pence said today the president has not made a decision about declaring national emergency, , ich may allow him to use military funds for wall construction. the president has invited bmocratic leaders to come back to the white house at any time to continue discussions. but democrats appear unmoved. house speaker nancy pelosi has called the wall "an immorality" and wants to reopen the government before any further discussion of border security funds. s.e spoke to "cbs sunday morning." >> if the president of the united states is against governance and doesn't care whether people's needs are met or that public employees are paid or that we have a legitimate discussion, then we weve a problem. we have to take it to the icanican people. >> glor: so paula, are there any concrete meetings planned right now that might result in any brt of a breakthrough? j well, jeff, democrats have ptt accepted the president's invitation to return here to the white house to continue negotiations. nie administration has extended a separate invitation to both
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republican and democratic caders to come here to the white house to talk to the president before he addresses the nation tomorrow night. but at this point there is nothing on the calendar to suggest even the possibility of a breakthrough. >> glor: okay. paula reid, thank you very much. cbs news will broadcast the president's address tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern, 6:00 p.m. in the west. the white house said today tax ofunds will go out on time during the shutdown. i.e i.r.s. may recall some furloughed workers. the standoff is now affecting travelers. wait times are up at many airports as some screeners call out sick rather than work without pay. kris van cleave has more on this. >> reporter: flyers at new york's laguardia airport airerday had to wait in nearly hour-long security lines. inest.s.a. blamed a higher-than- expected number of travelers coupled with mismanaged resources for the delays, but the agency is worried lines will get longer if more t.s.a. screeners call out sick due to ede ongoing government shutdown. t.s.a. officials are concerned
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friday's payroll deadline when streeners will miss their first paychecks could be a tipping point. many of the more than 51,000 screeners cannot afford to miss ocheck and officials fear they may not come to work. any security delays could mean missed flights for passengers. >> i appreciate them still coming to work and hanging in there. i have a daughter going back to college, so if they weren't, you know, on their job, i would have to drive to nashville, tennessee. >> reporter: air traffic controllers are also working without pay. n.t.s.b. investigators are not oble to deploy to accidents like last week's deadly small plane crash in michigan. >> n.t.s.b., we contacted them. they are not coming. >> reporter: they can only be called back to work if there is toreasonable likelihood of a life-threatening safety issue. >> each day that we're not on the job it becomes... the risk factor goes up. >> reporter: furloughed f.a.a. inspector troy tomey can't do cs safety focus job either. >> when people board the aircraft, we don't care who they wee, if they're democrats or tpublicans, we don't care what minority you are or what religion you go to. we're there to ensure that
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aircraft is the safest possible for them. >> reporter: now, yesterday more than 2.2 million passengers were screened at t.s.a. checkpoints like this one. the t.s.a. says people waited on 0verage less than 30 minutes. 99.8% of them waited less than 30 minutes. today t.s.a. headquarters was leddled in meetings, trying to come up with contingency plans and seeing if there is any money that can be made available to pay the screeners. jeff? >> glor: okay, kris. thank you very much. ktor kevin spacey made his first appearance in a massachusetts courtroom today. oe oscar winner, who is accused of groping a young man, recently asked the judge if he could ldoid this pubsp that did not happen. jericka duncan was there. or reporter: kevin spacey walked into a packed nantucket tourtroom today to face a charge of indecent assault and battery on an 18 year old in 2016. >> all rise. or reporter: the 59-year-old quietly stood up as his attorney entered a not guilty plea.
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>> actor kevin spacey sexually ulsaulted my son. 7, reporter: in 2017, former boston television anchor heather unruh accused spacey of groping her son while he worked at club car restaurant. the criminal complaint says the olleged victim told authorities spacey bought him nearly a dozen drinks and then touched his private area. re says he captured it on video using snapchat. during a recent court hearing, one officer was questioned by spacey's attorney about the oudeo. >> what the video shows is a person's hand made contact with his shirt, correct? >> yes. >> okay. not any body parts. >> correct. you don't see any body parts. >> reporter: there are multiple gavestigations into allegations that spacey sexually assaulted other men, some of which spacey has denied. cbs legal analyst rikki klieman. >> the prosecution surely has enough evidence to go forward. it doesn't necessarily mean that ultimately they may win. >> and you trusted me even
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though you knew you shouldn't. te reporter: last month on the pme day prosecutors announced hae felony charge against spacey, he posted this bizarre ydeo on youtube. >> i know what you want. you want me back. a reporter: spacey's attorney is due back in court in march, but spacey does not have to appear at that hearing. if convicted, spacey could face up to five years behind bars. jeff? >> glor: jericka duncan, thank you very much. national security adviser john bolton arrived in turkey today for talks on the future of syria and america's kurdish allies who have been fighting isis. bolton's visit comes amid bonfusion about exactly when 2,000 u.s. troops will leave opria. david martin has late developments on this. >> reporter: although president trump insisted today he has not changed his mind about pulling troops out of syria, the new timetable for their withdral is dramatically different. first, it was 30 days, then 120, now it's open-ended.
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that became clear when national security adviser john bolton met with israel's benjamin netanyahu over the weekend to discuss how the u.s. plans to get out. >> in a way that makes sure that isis is defeated and is not able to revive itself. >> reporter: meaning the creation of enough local o preventto prevent isis from gier staging a comeback. as the president himself put it... >> we won't be finally pulled out until isis is gone. >> reporter: that's completely different from 18 days ago when he declared victory on twitter. >> so our boys, our young women, our men, they're all coming back, and they're coming back now. >> reporter: that decision triggered the resignation of his defense secretary, james mattis, who said that the president's snap decision to abandon allies on the field of battle. fighting continues as u.s.- backed forces close in on the last isis strongholds, capturing at least one american in the process.
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warren christopher clark, a houston resident. according to this letter he sent isis, he offered to teach english in the islamic state. instead he was apparently thrown into the front lines. clark is now one of more than 700 foreign fighters captured and held by u.s.-backed forces in syria. if the u.s. were to pull out abruptly, all those fighters would almost certainly be released and be able to return to the battlefield. jeff? >> glor: david martin at the pentagon, david, thank you. in one of his last acts as governor of tennessee, bill haslam today granted clemency to cyntoia brown and commuted her life sentence for murdering a man when she was 16. mark strassmann reports her case sparked intense debate over harsh sentences for minors. >> reporter: cyntoia brown killed johnny allen inside his house in 2004, hours after the 43-year-old real estate agent bought her off the street for $150.
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brown was 16, a victim of human trafficking by a pimp named "kut throat." she claimed self-defense, that inlen was reaching for his gun. >> i just grabbed the gun, and i shot him. >> reporter: but prosecutors convinced a jury that her real motive was robbery. brown got life behind bars and eventually support from celebrities like rihanna, snoop dogg, and kim kardashian west, demanding her release. last summer, she pleaded before the state's parole board. >> i knew it's an act of mercy that you even give me a hearing. >> reporter: that board divided over her case, but last month tennessee's supreme court ruled brown should serve 51 years before becoming eligible for parole at age 67. today tennessee governor bill haslam commuted brown's sentence. he said, "to serve at least 51 years before even being eligible
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for parole consideration is too harsh. transformation should be accompanied by hope." brown's now 30 and will go free august 7th. gratitude echoed by brown's lawyers, including houston gordon. >> we need to see this as a national awakening to change the draconian laws that allow juveniles, children, to be placed in adult prisons when they're just children. >> reporter: brown also thanked the governor and promised to do everything she could to justify his faith in her. while behind bars, she has earned her g.e.d. and her associates degree. jeff, she's expecting to receive her bachelor's degree in may, egree months before she's to walk free. >> glor: interesting debate. mark strassmann in atlanta, mark, thank you. we're going to move now to texas and new developments in the drive-by shooting of seven-year- old jazmine barnes. aoday a judge in houston ordered one suspect charged in the
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girl's killing held without bail. janet shamelin is there. >> what would you say to jazmine's family. >> reporter: with his hands shackled, eric black, jr., appeared in court facing capital murder in the shooting death of seven-year-old jazmine barnes. -oe prosecutor said the 20-year- old was involved but was not the gunman. >> we believe that the evidence cs pointing to eric black as the driver of the getaway vehicle in the shooting of jazmine. >> reporter: black was identified over the weekend. the highly publicized drive-by shooting last sunday led to thousands of tips. deputies say black admitted his role and said he thought they targeted someone from a previous night's bar brawl. he was already in custody on an unrelated charge when westioned. >> the intended targets were likely someone elsutns jazmine, a herli >> reporter: deputies are interviewing a second man that black said was with him, but tonight no charges have been filed. >> what do we want? t? justice!
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>> reporter: the houston community rallied around the damily. jazmine's mother gave emotional feas for justice from her hospital bed as she recovered from her gunshot wounds. >> we have to bring justice to my baby. you cannot hide for too long. >> reporter: for jazmine's sther, the arrest brought some closure but no peace. >> i'm hurt. i'm upset, but at the same time, e'm happy law enforcement did their job. >> reporter: tomorrow, jazmine's father and mother will do what will be difficult for any parent, they will bury their child. they decided to open this funeral to the community that's supporting them, celebrating saat they say was a short but joyful life. jeff? >> glor: janet, thank you. coming up next on tonight's "cbs evening news," a toxic bloom threatens a way of life along the florida coast. s d later, a stranger drove cross country to deliver some precious cargo. anything but typical.
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along florida's west coast. bd tide, an algae bloom that killed millions of fish last ermmer, is causing more havoc. here's manuel bojorquez. w reporter: in the waters off rsrt myers, a way of life is threatened. >> i keep sticking with it, hoping that we'll have a good year, but we need these to get hegger. >> reporter: shane doyle is lelking about a florida delicacy, stone crabs. it's harvesting season, and the fourth-generation crabber is not catching many worth selling. >> there should be ten of them little ones and ten big ones in there. >> reporter: fishermen blame the so-called red tide. we reported on the toxic bloom in august, which choked marine life, even manatees. run-off from industrial agriculture is believed to make it worse, and warming waters may ndtend its impact. >> what you see is akin to pouring gasoline on a forest fire. >> reporter: richard johnson, who owns a supermarket on sanibel island, says businesses on dry land have been hurting, too. the sanibel-captiva chamber of commerce estimates the island
5:48 pm
$46 $46 million in revenue in the last five months of 2018. johnson formed a coalition to suessure incoming governor ron nosantis to live up to his campaign promise to clean the waters. >> if we don't properly manage water and make good decisions in the state of florida with water management, we're going to lose paradise. >> reporter: eddy barnhill feels te already has. >> this is like hurricane irma coming in here and sitting on us for 12 months, just destroying everything. >> reporter: his fish house, which used to process stone crabs, now sells ice. >> for me to have to steer my son away from fishing because i don't feel there's a future for him, that tears me up. >> reporter: here at miami beach's iconic joe's stone crab ststaurant, the owner estimates the supply of stone crab is down more than 50%, the worst season he's seen in his 20 years here. jeff? >> glor: manny, thank you very much. coming up here tonight, new information on the best way to prevent the flu.
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need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad. >> glor: justice ruth bader ginsburg missed arguments at the supreme court today. e cos the first time in a quarter century on the bench that has happened. ginsburg, who is 85, had two cancerous growths removed from her left lung last month. the's working from home. omstudy out today found in recent years the traditional flu fot was more effective for children than the nasal spray vaccine. the c.d.c. says everyone six months and older should get vaccinated. cbs news made news today. susan zirinsky has been named our president. she replaces david rhodes, who takes an advisory role. "z," as she is known around here, becomes the first woman to run cbs news. z joined cbs news in 1972 and has worked on nearly every broadcast, including as executive producer of "48 hours."
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she is a legend as well as a mentor and a friend to generations of journalists. we are overjoyed for her and pretty happy for us. up next here, a journey of love thanks to a complete stranger. >> this portion of the "cbs evening news" is sponsored by: publishers clearing house. okay, max...time to help mrs. tyler reach her health goals! i'm in! but first... shelfie! the great-tasting nutrition of ensure.
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day.:how they rescued 2 swimmers just-in-time. next. >> glor: finally here tonight, for a young boy recovering from surgery, the best medicine may g be his best friend. a young boy recovering from surgery. the best medicine may be his best friend. an extra special delivery. >> it has been a rough time for this 8-year-old from wilmington, north carolina. it has been hard and overwhelmingly awesome at the same time. >> the hard part? visiting relatives for the holidays. parents started getting headaches. a trip to the er revealed the brain tumor. >> we are happy he made it out of surgery. we have been shocked and sad. >> the parents had some smiles as well. the west valley utah police department named him officer for the day. he got to meet te soccer player.
5:58 pm
nothing was quite right until frank showed up. frank is the miller family 8 month old german shepherd. >> i felt really excited to see frank. i just really like frank and he is a good dog. >> frank had been left behind in north carolina until the story hit social media. the next thing you know a former trucker who did not even know the millers was picking frank up and driving 2300 miles to deliver him. >> i never question why i was doing it. i knew it needed to be done and i was doing it. >> which leads us to the awesome part. a doit a boy getting his dog back. >> we were laying down and snuggling and a tear went down and he cried. i felt loved. >> even more awesome. how is frank getting home? someone has volunteered to make the trip all over again. ome part. i love that. that is the "cbs evening new ght. that is the cbs evening
5:59 pm
news for tonight. san jose's big test. after a disappointing ran out it comes down to this.>> was hosting the college championship a boom or a bust for the city? >> because started to get more extreme. it turned into clear calls for health. >> surfers to the rescue. how they saved a couple caught in the rip current with no lifeguards on duty. >> the next room headed our way. rain, gusty winds , and rougher surf. checking the timing of the storms this coming week. kpix 5 news at 5 begins now.
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after rainouts and sinking ticket prices the city is ready to see the payoff to hosting the biggest event in college football. chopper live flew over the vice stadium as players were out on the field warming up before the game between alabama and clemson. the threat of empty seats had many wondering if the south bay lost out on a huge opportunity. >> live in santa clara where a late surge of fans is actually making up for a slow start. >> reporter: that is right. organizers are trying to turn it into a super bowl type event. the promise that as many as 100,000 people would be coming and staying in and around the downtown san jose area. it remains to be seen if they got those kinds of numbers, but we can tell you from this live shot that the fan certainly did show up on game day. >> the tailgate parties were packed. orange and crimson clad fans cong


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