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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  January 8, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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after the berkeley man was shot sleeping next to his young pres the push for the long promised border wall. good morning. it is tuesday, january 8. i am michelle greg go. >> good morning. i am kenny choi. we have a storm heading our direction what they wet trip home tonight. not for us but for everybody else . you guys that have normal schedules will have to pay the price driving home. it will be eight soggy commute. right now only a few showers . we zoom in to the north bay and the santa cruz mountains, and we could see a few heading toward santa rosa and calistoga with a few showers but not significant rain. for the vast majority of us it will be a dry commute.
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we have showers in the santa cruz mountains, from the scotts valley to the half moon bay . it is a few sprinkles, the story for the vast majority of us into the afternoon and evening . san francisco right now mostly cloudy and 53 degrees . 52 in concord in oakland and in santa rosa. today a chance of morning showers here and there. the real wind and real rain will pick up later today. that is before the wet weather sticks around today and into tomorrow through the end of the week. in the meantime, the high temperatures today mild and 59 degrees in santa rosa and in fairfield . 61 in oakland, 60 in san francisco, 63 in san jose . coming up we will timeout the rain.
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we have wet weather and wet roadways for the afternoon and evening . it is dry right now . looking at 880 and 92 southbound we have a report of a crash involving three cars at the right shoulder. we don't see delays yet but extra volume on the southbound side of 880 toward hayward in y the minutes san mateo bridge, so far not affecting your drive with extra volume but traffic moving at a decent speed across the span . give yourself 18 minutes from hayward into foster city and connecting into the 101. looking at highway 4, an easy ride out of antioch toward the east shore freeway, 30 minutes . 880 southbound to 237, a 25 minute drive time, no delays
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commuted from 882 85 with an 11 minute drive time . everything is on time for the mass transit . president trump will try to win over the american public to drum up support for the border wall plan to shift the blame on democrats for the government shutdown. here's a live look at the white house where the president is preparing to make another pitch for the border wall and the primetime speak . president trump once nearly $6 billion for the wall and vice president mike pence is saying that the president will declare a national emergency. >> the american people will hear from the president on the crisis and we have to address it. >> immediately after the presidential speech democrats will offer a bottle . >> i expect the president will
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lie to the american people because he has been lying to the american people. >> if the agreement to end does shutdown is not reached by midnight about 800,000 workers will miss a paycheck this week. watch the presidential address right here on kpix 5 at 6 pm. governor gavin newsom spinning his first day in office and proposing an expansion of the state healthcare program to cover undocumented young adults . right now they can get state medicaid coverage or medi-cal through the age of 19 and raising the age limit to 26. >> how far will it go? this is the first step to bring it up further and further, and how will we pay for this? >> we don't want it to stop here we wanted to be a positive beginning to include everybody. >> state lawmakers are pushing the offer medi-cal coverage to all undocumented immigrants in
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california. it looks like ticket sales are slumping for the college championship at levi's stadium and who is paying the price, and we have kpix 5 in santa clara with kiet do with the details. >> reporter: there were chattering's about the ticket prices dropping is much as 75%, enough to get some of the die hard football fans off the couch into the car or plane . last night the move was described as phonetic with bands decked out from head to toe with the orange or purple . most of the seats were filled but leading up to the game ticket sales were underwhelming in a large part due to the fan bases 2500 miles away in south carolina and alabama. one fan visiting the bay area from nashville for the first time decided to make the trip only hours before the game . he saw the front row seats only
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$800, one third of what they would generally go for. >> i am a big alabama fan and the prices were dropping on the tickets so why not make the trip . it was definitely a last-minute trip . made it in a, jumped on a plane and came out. >> reporter: the 49ers are the holstein, expected to take a hit of $8 million-$12 million but looking at the financial loss as an overall win due to the value it will bring to the stadium . the 49ers and organizing committee will hold the debriefing press conference to go over the final numbers at 10 am today . live from santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5 . is a 6.3 magnitude earthquake off of the coast of japan and downgraded to the 6.4
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. the shaker is on the southeast coast, and it was 24 miles deep. japan is used rts, and the usgs predicts a low probability of any major injuries or damage reported . this is just after 11 pm local time in japan. it is 6:07 am. a burglary suspect is charged with killing the uc berkeley graduate that was camping with his two daughters last summer. the 42-year-old anthony rauda fired the fatal shot that the malibu state park in june but they say it does not and they are. he is facing 10 counts of attempted murder in a series of incidents dating back to 2016 . that ,35 tristan beaudette was found dead in his tent with his two-year-old and four-year-old daughters . the girls were not
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injured. tristan beaudette family was planning on moving to the bay area . the bay area police officer is off the job after allegedly offering to help suspects in exchange for sex . why we are just finding out about it months later. the world's largest consumer electronic show in las vegas and we will show you the unusual attractions. it will be wet today, taking affect the the afternoon and evening. we will tell you when it will timeout . we have your travel time coming up a new accident reported on highway 17. cvs pharmacy.
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a live look looking to the south, it is cloudy but will be rainy later. we could see a few sprinkles this morning but the evening will be wet. the burlingame police officer is out of a job for allegedly offering to help a woman charge with a dui if she agreed to have sex with him. that behavior is brought to life due to the new law and the bill from nancy skinner gives transparency to officers charged with misconduct, line, or shooting their gun using force causing bodily injury or death. the inglewood police shredded their records days before the law went into effect claiming it was to make space.
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>> i would ask them what they are trying to hide and if they have something to hide. >> this is absolutely inappropriate. my concern is whether other police departments are quietly doing the same thing, and if they have, shame on them and that information needs to be exposed. >> we reached out to the inglewood police department on the officer fired last year and was told the chief was gone for the day. the shares of the utility company are down by three and half % in the premarket trading on the heels on the 22% drop on monday. this is amid the possible bankruptcy top for pg&e. they could be on the hook for $30 billion in wildfire liability. they are looking into whether pg&e equipment started the camp fire that killed 86 in butte county. the company stocks have dropped
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60% since the fire broke out nearly 3 months ago. the greatest thing since sliced bread is the electronic show in las vegas. the breadbox can bake 10 loaves of bread an hour from scratch without anyone at the controls. there are 10 breads to choose from and three grocery chains in the u.s. will reportedly test the device over the next few months but the breadbox makers are keeping their identity a secret for now. >> that's great for the entire neighborhood. >> i made biscuits last night and they were very good. >> from scratch or was it feels very? -- pills barry? >> i burn them because i was busy with mike baked potatoes. >> we need a robot to help us clean the house. let's go over to the
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roadways with the laundry list of things brewing. in the south bay at redwood estates we have the crash blocking at least one lane. we have a car facing the wrong way on the shoulder at north 17. that means it is a busy ride working way through the santa cruz mountains this morning. give yourself extra time heading into san jose. the north one-on-one is stacking up this morning with reports of a crash and debris in lanes. that is north 101, and you can see the traffic is stacking up at north 101 and north first street. this is not far from the trouble spot with the line of red and a parking lot. 280 looks great northbound heading out to the south bay toward the peninsula. we have a stalled vehicle just past the toll plaza blocking one lane that will slow things down. we are well into the maze at
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this point with the approach slowing down at the east shore freeway, 580 and a katy freeway as well. the san mateo bridge it looks good. southbound 880 at 92 a crash reported at the shoulder. extra volume on the anan sluggish toward the 101. the nimitz freeway showing extra volume but looking okay. the roadways are dry but that will change. absolutely. looking at the golden gate bridge camera earlier we could see a few sprinklers. here are the sprinkles on the high def doppler. we have green on the north bay, moving through windsor and santa rosa. nothing significant as far as the rainfall totals are concerned. you can see a few raindrops on your windshield. further into the peninsula a few showers making their way inland.
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half moon bay and san mateo likely to get a few owthe rerai effect until the afternoon and evening. looking at the sales force tower cam, clear with the exception of clou francisco 53. 52 and concord, 49 in santa rosa, and 48 and livermore. this low pressure is responsible for this and you can see that strong system circulating around that low pressure system with sprinkles that are part of the edge moving from the south toward the north slowly making its way to the shore. the real rain is here making its way on shore with that low pressure system sliding in. the future cast shows the timing. scattered showers here and there into the afternoon. by the evening we have this big band of rain moving through the
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vast majority of the bay area. it will be eight wet ride home through the evening. early wednesday and into the afternoon scattered showers. thursday we have a break with slight clearing and dry. that is the end of it and the only break we will get. the rain totals for this storm close to 2 inches in the far north bay. the mountains, northbay, santa cruz mountains getting the vast majority of the rainfall. it will also be windy. the wind advisory goes into effect at 1:00 this afternoon. it is mostly for the coastal areas and the mountains, inland mountains with the wind gusting everywhere throughout the bay area today. the wind and rain will pick up into the afternoon and evening with showers into wednesday. we have a brief break on thursday with more wet weather friday into the weekend.
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it will be a wet several days. the highs in the mix of 50s and 60s. 61 in oakland, 63 in san jose and 61 and concord. sunrise at 7:25 am was sunset at 5:07 pm. wind and rain kicking into effect into the evening with showers tomorrow. we have a brief break on thursday with another round moving through friday. it turns into showers saturday and another round on sunday. i am dennis o'donnell at levi's stadium, not what happened but how it happened with the alabama beatdown and highlights when we come back. we keep on the bay taking a look from emeryville thinks of our photographer this morning. here is the sales force tower and the bay bridge, 53 degrees in emeryville. it is currently 6:19 am.
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alabama and clinton had to be the colors that ball version of the warriors and cleveland cavaliers. this is the third time they met for the national championship. 74,000 were at the levi's stadium. 90 seconds into the game alabama throws it and it is picked up for return of 44 yards and a touchdown, clemson striking early, 7-0. now we have the 62 yard strike, 7-7 and less than three minutes into the game. now breaking two tackles him barreling into the end zone for the 17 yard score, sendhalf,
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shoveling for the second of three touchdowns to make it 28- 16. it is the third quarter, now 31- 16 and lawrence throwing it, wide open and the alabama native racing 74 yards. lawrence flowing 347 yards for three touchdowns, 44-16 and clemson winning the second national title in three years and the first team since 1857 to finish the season 150. >>we tch the game and during the about playing in it, and did it live up to your expectations or even better? >> it was surreal. even was better. >> we had a great season, five words, good is not good enough. we did not finish the way we wanted to finish. >> it was lopsided. losing, me personally, i know
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my whole career will not go undefeated which is unrealistic. all the work we put into see that so lopsided is the surprising part. >> for our seniors to be able to go out 15-0, and the best ever all year long, and tonight there is no doubt. south, eight from here the sharks looking to fend off the lightning and last night they hosted the kings that a fallen to the bottom of the western conference. it is the break, scoring the go- ahead goal with settles a winning, three happen to. they have won five of the last six games. get used to trevor lawrence, that true freshman has three more years and some experts call him the best true freshman
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quarterback in that history of college football. that is high praise and he earned it last night. at the levi's stadium, dennis o'donnell, kpix 5 . we have another storm on the way with more snow expected in the sierra. we have the big college football game that is over and the 49ers have learned they are losing millions from hosting the game. they are saying it is kind of a win, and we have the live report coming up. we take a peek at the golden gate bridge traffic coming in from marin with raindrops on the camera, and more rain on the way. emily will tell you all about it when we come back, currently 54 degrees in san francisco.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. the police arrest the bay area student allegedly planning the school massacre . the trump administration is vowing that the government shutdown will not affect your tax returns but the irs may not be able to live up to the promise. good morning. it is tuesday, january 8. >> i am michelle griego. we have the sky "spitting." >> that is the scientific meteorological term. it is in some spots, actually.
6:31 am
but we do have sprinkles. you can see the north bay with quite a bit of green, and we have sprinkles across 101 north of santa rosa. zooming into the bay, we have showers moving through the peninsula working their way toward oakland, hayward with a few showers. we have the same thing at san mateo and further south showers at the santa cruz mountains up to pacifica. it will not be terrible on the roads without a major impact on your morning commute. this will come at the evening commute. right now in san francisco we have cloud cover, 53 degrees and 49 in santa rosa, 48 in livermore, 52 inand oakland. we have on and off morning showers but nothing significant.
6:32 am
the real wind and rain will happen later today in the evening. remaining wet fothe vast majority of the week that we have left. the high temperature see snow with the mixup 50s and 60s. 59 in santa rosa, san rafael and pacifica. 63 in san jose, 61 in concord and 59 in fairfield. coming up i will timeout the rain for the next several days. we are watching the freeways and bridges with light rain at the golden gate bridge. here's a live look from the camera with raindrops, traffic holding steady. fae,and into san francisco an easy ride at 15 minute drive. we do have wet roadways so take it easy out and abis troub spot
6:33 am
clearing stages but taking time to get it completely off the freeway. in his caused a trickle effect of delays out of tracy. it is busy but when you get past this will have extra volume at the aa interchange and connecting onto the 680. on highway 17 we have a few hotspots northbound at 17 and the redwood estates with one lanes shutdown. it is slow over the summit for busy ride northbound on 17 with one lane blocked. on the 101 we have delays through san jose. here is the caltrans camera with one-on-one and north the first street. the shoulder is cleared so it should get better. here's a live look at i-80 in truckee before the next winter storm switch through the
6:34 am
sierra. the crews have done a nice job clearing but the snow was building up in the middle. they say to have your chains are ready. this area was shut down for 17 hours with the mountains getting blanketed with three feet of snow in 48 hours with 43 people saved after getting stuck in the back snow in the northern nevada county area over the weekend. search teams work to rescue one group when another call came in four different group needing help. >> they were fortunate to be high enough on the mountain where they could get cell service. >> as cold as it was i can only imagine getting stuck. >> with more rain and snow on the way authorities want people to enjoy the outdoors but be prepared and conscious of the self-service in case of self
6:35 am
service emergencies. taking a hit for the 49ers after hosting the college football championship. they had poor ticket sales at the levi's stadium and we have kiet do in santa clara to explain. >> reporter: leading up to the big game the big question was whether this to be a dud with empty seats. ticket prices were down 75% from previous years. the college football fans pounced on the tickets. the mood and energy is described as frenetic by our crews with fans decked out from head to toe in orange and purple. most of the seats were filled but in the days and weeks leading up to the game the ticket sales were underwhelming in large part because the fan bases are hundreds utcarona and alabama. tickets were going for one third of what they were work
6:36 am
last year, enough to get a few locals to jump in the car for the last minute trip. >> this is a pretty explosive area and it gives us a chance. we don't have a chance to watch the big-time games in alabama and clemson. >> the tailgating is not is known here as it is in the south so maybe this is the start of it all. it should be because it is a lot of fun. >> i think the fan base loves to be in this area, somewhere new. >> reporter: the 49ers are the host team and they expected take a loss of $8 million-$12 million but look at this as an overall win due to the value it brings to the partners. it will help them attract more hope profile events to the stadium. they will hold the debriefing press conference to go over the final numbers at 10 am. live from santa clara, kiet do,
6:37 am
kpix 5. 800,000 federal workers will miss the next paycheck if the government shutdown doesend we are looking at the white house where president trump will make the public address to america tonight talking about the key demand in the shutdown which is billions of dollars for the wall at the mexico u.s. border. it is day 18, the second longest sat down in american government history. they are concerned of the number of sick calls climbing. with only 12% of the irs workers on the job there is a big concern about tax refunds getting sent out on time. that is recalling the furloughed employees that will be forced to work without pay. the filing deadline will likely remain the same. experts say that if the shutdown extends into next month that funding will run out for food stamps, meals, and
6:38 am
funding for pregnant women. it looks like it is all but over for the sears store, adding the bankruptcy court today. the decision is whether they will accept the $4 billion offer to save some of the stores with 400 of the 500 stores. all sources say it is not will -- going to happen and they are asking the bankruptcy court for permission to begin liquidation. the good news for us is that there will be fire sales on some of the big appliances. this is the end of the retail store in america with the online retailers doing a number on the brick-and-mortar stores. sears is been around for over 100 years. >> the shopping has really changed recently. the northbay middle school student is under arrest. the suspect was planning a mass shooting at two napa schools
6:39 am
and the suspect is a river middle school student. he was going to attack his own school and the vintage high school. the police learned about the intention from a fellow student and found evidence at two homes. the investigation is ongoing. it is 6:39 am. the protesting corrupting outside of the home of the prominent democratic donor and what they are saying after two men died in his apartment in a span of two years. the seeming less and less receipts could be a thing of the past and one bay area city.
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alright, you've been here but have you... been blown away on this? saved the day with him? or built a snowman with her? it's time to make some magic for as low as $70 per person, per day. good morning. it is a cloudy start to the day as we take a live look over the
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city. the cloud cover will turn in the showers. we have a few sprinkles in the northbay, part of the peninsula. the santa cruz mountains are saying a few sprinkles. this evening it will turn into full-blown rain. the protesting corrupting outside of the home of the prominent democratic donor with the second person dying at the residence inn two years. >> dozens gathered outside of the los angeles home of ed buck . some were chanting that he should face justice after another african-american died after being inside his apartment. he came under fire in 2017 after jamaal moore died of a drug overdose at that location in which he was investigated but not charged. they call the latest incident suspicious but not criminal. >> two black men have been found dead at his house.
6:44 am
>> this is not a situation where ed buck caused the death but he has longtime friends that unfortunately did not handle their life well. >> the attorney for ed buck said that he was sober and gave no drugs to the man that passed away. it is 6:44 am. samsung has a warning and amazon takes the market lead. >> we have your financial report with jason brooks. >> apple is not the only smart phone maker seeing demand concerns and samsung has worn the fourth-quarter profits would likely plunge 29% from the previous year due to the weakening smartphone demand. they have less demand for memory chips. samsung had a string of record quarterly projects due to the heavy smartphone sales and the chip demand but that will end in the fourth quarter. they will still earn a profit
6:45 am
of $9.7 billion. amazon has value at $800 billion with microsoft in second place. google in third place in apple leading the market for years falling into fourth place with stocks plunging over the last few months with apple at $700 billion. it is a tough day for pg&e and one day after the stock plunging 22% over the bering -- after people are afraid of the possible bankruptcy. we have trade talks in beijing with the dow up over 300, nasdaq gaining and the s&p up by 20. it is just over three hours when the tickets go on sale for
6:46 am
the popular north bay music festival. >> i love this song, and bottlerock returns to napa on friday, may 24. neil young takes the stage on saturday with mumford & sons closing out the festival on sunday. single day ticket sales will start thursday. >> that is a very good lineup. it's not so good on the roads. >> it is getting busy and especially on the bay bridge. there was a broken down vehicle that causes the trickle effect. this is westbound at oakland into san francisco with the broken down vehicle just past the toll plaza but backed up into the maze with delays on all approaches including the east shore freeway, 580 and nimitz freeway. we expect slick surfaces as you work your way through this
6:47 am
morning. when you get to the central freeway the traffic is clear at the 101. looking at westbound highway 4, we have pockets of slowing from loveridge to the willow past commuting westbound toward the east shore freeway. there are no accidents but slow- and-go. going to the south bay, some new trouble spots, northbound 101 and oakland road with a crash on the right shoulder. the north first street on ramp we have a crash on the shoulder as well. we have a lot of red on the map with pockets of slowing, and it really bunches up at the 280- 680 connector. we have an update on the accident at highway 17 northbound at redwood estates, cleared off the roadway with some stop and go conditions with traffic covering from the trouble spot. looking at 680 southbound commuting through the snow
6:48 am
valley with crowds out of pleasanton, slow-and-go to the south would travel times busy. at the altamont pass and westbound 580 four the hotspot. it will be raining. it is actually pretty specific and how it will timeout. looking at the high def doppler you can see the green on the radar, not raining hard but more or less sprinkles or spitting on the windshield. as we zoom and we have that band off the coast making its way across the peninsula for rain and showers at hayward and oakland. that will be intensifying into the evening. right now for those commuting from the far south bay into the santa cruz mountains, you could see a few raindrops but nothing to make it really wet. that will be this evening. currently in san francisco 52,
6:49 am
52 in oakland and concord with the cool temperature at livermore and 48 degrees. that low pressure system is circulating around that low with a few showers that are mostly part of the band moving from the south to the north. the bright of the front will slowly start to make its way on shore this evening with that low pressure system sliding eastward into the afternoon or evening. right now mostly cloudy for all of us. moving through the day we have a few showers here and there into the afternoon. this evening we have that strong band moving through the area to drop significant rain totals. we have showers on the backend into wednesday before we start the clear wednesday night into thursday. thursday we have a break and mostly a dry day. we will see the sunshine before
6:50 am
the rain moves back in. the rain totals are pretty significant, 1/4 of an inch in close to 2 inches in the northbay. the northbay will see the front of this along with the santa cruz mountains. the wind advisory goes into effect this afternoon at 1:00 and intensifying into the evening. this is mostly the coastal regions, the mountains, northbay and south bay, inland, but gusting for all of us. the wind and rainbow ramp up in the afternoon and evening. showers remain through the evening and we get a break on thursday with another round moving through friday, and another one behind that. seasonal i-59 in santa rosa, san rafael and pacific up. 63 in san jose, 61 in concord and 59 in fairfield. the wind and rain will move through the second half of the day before it turns into
6:51 am
showers on wednesday. we have a brief break on thursday. friday is round 2 before turning into showers on saturday, and another round of moving through sunday. we have a relatively dry start to the week for next week. the age of paper receipts could be coming to the end if one bay area lawmaker gets his wife. >> we have businesses moving away from paper receipts but providing them digitally through texting or email. 21 billion gallons used to make paper receipts each year, and this bill would significantly help to cut down on the waste. months after the uc berkeley graduate was shot while sleeping inches away from his young daughters, murder charges are filed in connection with his staff.
6:52 am
was it a success for the college championship game? we have your live report coming up. we have a good morning had on cbs as vice president mike pence gives us a preview of the presidential address tonight. we will see if the president is willing to compromise to end the 18 day government shutdown. we will talk about the role in "if beale street could talk" and who regina looked to for inspiration coming up at 7. we take a look at the golden gate bridge, 54 degrees in san francisco. what's better than having fast, reliable wifi
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with coverage throughout your home? how about having internethacan help y save on wireless phone service?
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xfinity gives you the fastest speeds from america's best internet provider to stream on all your devices. plus, with xfinity mobile included, you can switch your wireless carrier and save hundreds of dollars a year. now that's simple, easy, awesome. get started for $29.99 a month for 12 months. plus, ask how you can get xfinity mobile included so all you pay for is data. switch today. i am kiet do live at levi's stadium. the big game was over a couple of hours ago and there was large talk about the ticket prices cratering leading up to the big game.
6:56 am
ticket prices are all by 75% from last year but enough to get the die hard college football plans off the couch into the car or plane. the energy is described as frenetic with fans decked out from head to toe with orange and purple. most of the seats were filled but leading up to the game ticket sales were underwhelming in large part due to the fan bases that are 2500 miles away in south carolina and alabama. one man visiting the bay area for the first time from nashville. he decided to make the trip hours before kickoff with low level seats $800, one third of what they would generally go for. >> the prices were dropping on the tickets so i thought why not make the trip. it was definitely a last-minute trip, mated in a day and jumped on the plane to come out. >> reporter: the ere the host team and expected to take
6:57 am
a yet of $8 million-$12 million. they look at the financial loss as an overall win due to the value it brings to their partners. it will help them attract new high profile events to the stadium. it will be a debriefing to go over the final numbers at 10 am. live from santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5 . the first act as governor, gavin newsom proposes the expansion of healthcare, california for all. he wants to use medi-cal to cover the undocumented young adults. right now in california, after the age of 19 undocumented immigrants can no longer get medi-cal but the new proposal would expand the age limit up to 26. the police say a suspect was planning a mass shooting at two napa schools, his own school and the vintage high
6:58 am
school. the police learned about the intention of the suspect from a fellow student. anthony rauda charged with murder in the death of the uc berkeley graduate camping with thistwdaughters. tristan beaudette was shot in june and his family was moving to the bay area. the partial shutdown of the federal government in day 18 with no end in sight. if the agreement to end the shutdown is not reached by midnight 800,000 workers will miss a paycheck. the funding for the proposed border wall and the president will make an appeal to the public for demand for the wall at 6 pm. democrats call it a political stunt. watch the presidential speech live right here at kpix 5 at 6:00. westbound 80 is slow approaching the maze, and from her degrees to the maccarthur maze give yourself 33 minutes.
6:59 am
there is no accidents but extra busy. northbound 101 problems this morning, 68 minutes. westbound 580 the hotspot in slow at 205 heading towards 680. you could use mass transit, and everything is on time. we have green on the high def doppler and in the northbay sprinkles and the same thing in the santa cruz mountains. that wet slog will come this evening, cloudy with the few showers this morning. the wind and rain will be ramping up later today with wet weather sticking around through the week. we have rain all the way through monday with a brief break on thursday, and i guess that is when i will be taking down my christmas lights. >> my tree is not down yet. >> i know. make it a great tuesday.
7:00 am
thanks f good morning to our viewers in the west. it's tuesday, january 8th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump will give his first prime-time oval office address tonight. we'll talk with vice president pence about the shutdown standoff and ask him if the president is getting ready to declare a federal emergency. and a worker shows us how the shutdown is hurting her family. >> ordering freedom for a woman convicted of killing a man when she was 16. why san toya brown and her celebrity supporters say she was the victim. >> gadgets on display today at cbs in las vegas, the world's largest consumer tech show. simple chores or


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