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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 13, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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wi now 5 pm a chaotic scene in a neighborhood at the goodwill truck breaks down several powerlines leaving several people without electricity. the crash not down three power poles and damaged a fourth on 19th street between union and adeline and west oakland. we are live at the scene this evening. katy. >> reporter: pg&e crews are just starting their work here. let me show you what they are dealing with. this is 19th street. inbetw
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adeline and a union street. you can see the three downed power poles still blocking the road, transformers are on the ground, the downed power lines and communication lines are still crisscrossing the street. take a look at the cell phone video. you can see high-voltage power lines arcing and hear what sounds like explosions. >> i heard the loud bangs in my apartment i ran downstairs, it likened itself to armageddon it was chaos. >> reporter: power poles crashed down as wires blow out the windows. this started just before 11 am as a goodwill truck was trying to maneuver on a narrow street. >> it was a goodwill truck that got caught out on the wires it might have struck the pole it is uncertain speaking to the neighbors, one of my neighbors was outside and he told him not
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to move the truck and the truck moved. >> reporter: they realize that the driver realized that the truck was duck on the wires in the pole. and then the truck gunned it sending the truck going forward which created a domino effect that not only knocked out one powerful but to on the other side. oakland firefighters say the driver was not hurt. he stayed on the scene to help with the investigation. people who live nearby say they are trying to make the best of the situation. >> we are going to get dry ice, we bought 500 lights to put on the table and a lot of candles from marshals. >> reporter: pg&e says at one point earlier today there were about 1500 people without power. now the numbers down to 50. it is just those who live along 19th street. pg&e crews are face with overnight tonight
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removing the three power poles that are on the road, those obviously have to be replaced. a fourth power pole was damaged. it did not come down but it also needs to be replaced. and then they will put the powerlines back. they hope to get power restored tomorrow morning by 7 am. katie nielsen and west oakland, thank you. police are investigating an explosion that shattered windows in san francisco's soma district just after 10 am this morning at tabor and second street. you can see dozens of broken windows in the building. at one point police put this man and zip ties and had his hands bagged. its unclear why. still no word on what exploded. people in the area say caught the mouthguard. >> we just heard it was like a boom and a very, very loud but low, deep, voice sound. >> a few minutes later we heard the fire trucks and the placement in the ambulance.
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the cause of the explosion is under investigation. this is going to be a big story this week as we look live outside. laws are beginning to roll in. another round of showers will hit the bay later tonight. that does set the stage for what will be one set of storms after another after another after another between now and thursday we'll get went. the latest on the kpix five doppler shows not a lot yet, you can see a line of showers, but they have been pretty much sitting there all day. they hit a big block of high pressure that is over idaho. they are not moving much they will later tonight. in the moment we will deal with watching that. by 4 am we should generate some rain in the bay area. but there is major news later in the week. low pressure sets off, up off the pacific northwest with subtropical moisture coming across essential latitude of the eastern pacific. it is the first atmospheric
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river the season that may develop later in the season. if it does we could get hit with a good amount of rain. more down south and hear. that is later in the week. in the meantime we set the stage for showers that will slowly develop, it will take a while for it to reach livermore and pleasanton. rain, wind, showers, and all of that translates the snow in the sierras. 48 inches of snow will wallop the sahara, sierra through thursday. we will have full forecast in a few minutes. struck a giant sinkhole impacts traffic closing all westbound lanes and the montague expressway. kpix five says that crews are rushing to get it fixed. >> reporter: the sinkhole first opened friday evening. for the past 48 hours repair
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crews have been working around the clock to identify and fix the problem and make repairs. the asphalt used to fill in the sinkhole was still fresh and hot when we recorded these images. a swirl of gray smoke could be seen rising off the new pavement. on the ground, crews are rushing to finish repairs and reopen the road well ahead of schedule . >> i thought i would come down to see how big the hole was they are trying to fill. they already paving over it. >> reporter: a massive sinkhole opened in the westbound lanes of montague measuring 30 feet wide and long and 20 feet deep. traffic engineers a drainage pipe that runs under the road was likely to blame. they fear it could be monday night or later before repairs were complete . >> the commute would be heinous because that is the main street that everybody needs. >> reporter: letter than expected weekend rains allowed crews to get a jump on repairs. they are racing to finish up before tomorrow's morning commute. and avoiding what could've been a traffic nightmare . >> it could've been a disaster
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for folks who don't know about it. i'm sure there are many people that are going to be coming or attempting to come this way to work. and the silver lining is that the sinkhole only affected the westbound lanes. the eastbound lanes have remained open throughout the repairs. on the central coast, caltrans is planning on shutting down the area of highway one ahead of the oncoming storm. they will get more rain down there but then we will appear. the enclosure includes mud creek and pool slide. that areas for him to mudslides that the photo was taken at those two spots yesterday and you could see how little bit more water it could all come down if it gets wet enough. we will see you. police in san jose are investigating the cities second homicide of the new year. the victim was found near park moore avenue and ray street earlier this morning. had been shot and later died at the hospital. at this point police are not
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releasing his name and the shooter is still on the news, luce. a judge in oakland has blocked trump administration rules on letting his employers opt out of birth control coverage. the rules would've taken effect tomorrow. george gilliam granted a request for preliminary injunction. california and other states argue that the changes would force women to turn to state- funded programs for birth control it might lead to unintended pregnancies. a live look at the u.s. capitol where a partial government shutdown has been going on for 23 days. this weekend became the longer shutdown in u.s. history. today a senate ally after urged him to reopen the government now. and to keep trying to resolve the impasse over funding for a border wall. cbs reporter meg oliver has the latest. >> reporter: the partial government shutdown is in its fourth week. talks to end it has stalled. the sticking point remains the white house's demand for ball along the southern border. in a series of tweets sunday, the president described the wall is vital to national
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security writing the damage done to our country from a badly broken border, drugs, crime, so much that is bad is far greater than the shutdown which the dems can easily fix as soon as they come back to washington. senator lindsey graham suggested a short-term solution . >> open the government up for short period of time like three weeks before he pulls the plug, see if we can get a deal. if we can at the end of three weeks, all bets are off. see if he can do it by himself through emergency powers. at the white house dismissed claims made in the washington post and the new york times this weekend, the post said mr. trump had gone to extraordinary lengths to hide details of his meetings with russian president vladimir putin. the post said the president even took his interpreters notes. >> why has this president donald trump best buddy i don't get it. he raises questions about the relationship between the president and putin.
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>> reporter: the timing of james comey's hiring prompted the bureau to investigate whether president donald trump was acting on behalf of the kremlin . >> are you now or have you ever worked for russia, mr. president. >> i think it's the most insulting thing i've ever been asked. and white house aides called the reports outrageous and silly. protesters turned out in sacramento demanding fair treatment for immigrants seeking asylum. stood around and in the section with signs saying and deportations now and stop the war on immigrants. organizers are calling for justice and peace for asylum- seekers who have traveled from central america to the u.s. mexican border. breaking a sweat for a good cause. how community is coming together to support an east bay officer battling cancer. the super bowl halftime show got an added bonus. we will tell you the other performance joining the five on
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stage. maroon five on stage. life can change in an instant.
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group workouts for a worthy cause raising money for an east bay police officer who is battling an aggressive form of cancer. people pay $10 each for workout sessions today at three army fight fitness club locations including this one and pleasanton. anyone can purchase special membership with all the proceeds going to the fundraisers for the ailing man's fantasy, family . >> we are moore for just getting sweaty and fit we are here to help a human but making a healthy human mind body and soul altogether. and seeing 124 people come out like this and support, it is amazing i have to say. you have seen this story,
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35-year-old kia hendrix has stage iv pancreatic cancer. the disease has spread to the stomach lining. he is receiving treatment at stanford medical center. drivers can expect to see changes in downtown walnut creek soon. they will get new parking meters for crews are expected to install them in the next few weeks. this is what they will look like this little thing over my shoulder. the city says it will be easier to read it they expect, except coin, cards, and dollars in rates and timetables will remain the same. the super bowl has just been announced. the performance, this year fans are getting more than just a headliner. pop man maroon five is set to take the stage at halftime joining them wrappers travis scott and big boy. superboy, super bowl liii takes
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place right here on kpix 5 on sunday. meanwhile your super bowl party could be running a popular effort, appetizer this year. guacamole. did you say walk a orc walkout. it is because of a gasoline shortage in mexico. without gas trucks they might not make it to the u.s. thousand tons of guacamole is eaten in the u.s. doing super bowl. people are trying to make sure they don't miss out on a natural phenomenon that happens a few weeks had a vr big sur. they call it a fiery lot, light tunnel when the sun aligns perfectly with this rock formation called the keyhole arch. what it does come a fiery orange glow peaks through. >> this is a trip we planned for years now. catching interesting things
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with the right light. the only right light happens a few minutes during the sunset where you have soft light. look at that. you better be quick to snap the picture because it only lasts just a few minutes. and to find out the exact time and location, tell us when to snap the photo. it will not even last that long because you do need the sun and there's not much of that tonight. unfortunate for photographers and i'm sure that juliet has been down there and taking our kids down there. it is a beautiful beach not well marked off of highway 101 and big sir if you have not seen it go see it. showers will develop slowly overnight. look at the jet stream, these lows the jet stream off to the west, that will write the jet stream into california picked this first round of showers has been butting up this high over the intermountain region. it has all slowed down. in terms of the onset of rain. we will get to showers
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overnight tonight and it will be wet and cold tomorrow morning. not terrific rain coming down. to showers coming down. it will sell, slowly develop over week we will get showers and rain and showers and rain. the inland areas will get slower to get this. it will be dry when you wake up in the morning before all of this makes its way into the inland valley's. you could see all of the clouds that prevent the sunlight and the beautiful sunset for big sur. concord 57 degrees, oakland 57, san francisco 58, oakland 58 as well. these band of showers finally begin to make its way onto the santa cruz mountains. uncharacteristically the showers will be moving in general from south to north instead of north to south. it will first be at monterey bay, to the peninsula, not a lot on the interiors between now and the afternoon it will take
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tomorrow evening and tomorrow night before it really begins to rein in the bay area. right through tuesday afternoon. is wednesday when things set up to maybe give us a pretty good dose of moisture. the future cast shows a good deal of rain expected in the north coast to the three inches by thursday in the bay area and even more in the southland. things are going to be getting mighty moist. you can also see we have rain statewide for california for the next couple of days. here is what we are expecting, tonight eventually showers developing tonight in the coast first in the south bay and then making its way north often on rain most of the week. it will look to dry up at sfo h freezing partly sunny. los angeles rain and 56 degrees. overnight low tonight mid-40s, daytime high mostly be mid-50s
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cooler tomorrow than today. in the extended forecast, we will be looking for showers eventually develop to make their way inland. the stage is set, we notes the highest side opens up the door rain on tuesday, heaviest rain wednesday night into thursday, and then we began to dry up for the week. we might get some showers over the weekend not much. this week expect what. the stage is set, the road to the super bowl is now down to four teams. good nick foles lead the eagles against the saints next. cvs pharmacy.
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the saints have home-field advantage in the afc playoffs. that may be bad news for the rest of the conference. new orleans have not lost a home playoff game since george hw bush was in the oval office. the saints were on fire for their last six postseason games and is superdome. the eagles picked off drew brees on the first play of the game. nick foles dropped it in there for jordan matthews, 37 yard score philadelphia off and running 7-0. next legal possession, folsum reaches over the goal line from yard out, just like that, philly is up 14- 0 same score 2nd quarter in new orleans, desperate. they fake a punt on their own 40 direct snap it to the backup quarterback, picks up the first
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down to keep the drive alive. later in the drive, it's another fourth-down, 4th and goal drew brees finds kirkwood, two yard score, the eagles lead 14-7. saints on an 18 play, 11 1/2 minute drive, michael thomas, he had 12 catches, 171 yards, three minutes to play, the saints look to extend a lead, but will mrs. from 52 in philadelphia had one more chance. the eagles drive to the new orleans 30, folds is looking for more, jeffrey wright through his hands and into this of marshon lattimore. the game clinching interception, jeffries is christ. the saints come back to win 2714 and they host the rams next sunday in the nfc championship game. in the afc, people have been clamoring for it. once again, it appears that reports of the patriot's demise were premature. tom brady trying to reach his 13th afc championship game. rivers chargers won nine games away from them last year.
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new england scores, charges had a cook response, rivers to the former cobbler, alan 30 yard score, it looks like we are setting up for a shoot out. patriots held over the middle, edelman the former woodside eyes star, nine catches 151 yards, now second to jerry rice for most career playoff receptions. next play, tony michelle, watch this hole on the right side. he is going to tie to the pylon giving new england a 14-7 lead. the rookie back went from 129 yards and three touchdowns. la's off installed, constantly under pressure, the chargers had only six first downs in the first half compared to 24 for new england. so they picked up bart la's own defense, him and philip dorsett with his only touchdown pass of the game he had 343 yard
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surpassing, the patriots led 35- 7 at the half. they cruise 41-28 going to kansas city next weekend to play in their eighth straight afc title game. >> i know everybody thinks we suck. we cannot win any games. we will see you it'll be fun. >> people say our quarterback is too old were not good enough and defense are skilled players are not good we see it but it doesn't affect how we play. >> you get one night. and when you wake up tomorrow morning it's on to kansas city. the patriots beat the chiefs 43-40 in october the early forecast for kansas city next sunday calls for a high of 20 degrees. seven inches of snow could not slow down the chiefs yesterday. it did impact offensive lineman jeff allen getting home. he tweeted quote my car got stuck in the snow before the game. a nice guy named dave helped pull me out without knowing i was a player. i wanted to get him tickets to
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the afc championship game. that he needed to track him down. today allen added quote despite the recent influx of people changing their name to dave in the kansas city area, i was actually able to track down dave. and that helped me thanks to the power of social media. the a's top exhibits, executives are doing the last ditch effort to get murray to play baseball instead of declaring for the nfl draft. oakland mame give murray a major league contract. the heisman trophy winner has rejected the first round pick in the nfl draft. the deadline to enter the draft is tomorrow. the staffer women blowout arizona 78-48 for their eighth straight win. alana smith and shauna carrington combined for 39 points and 32 rebounds. it is hard to figure out who's the hardest team. i think it is the sharks in the bay area right now. they have not lost this year.
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and dan was in ascii they are played by play man extraordinary extraordinaire. if you're off of baseball contract would he do ? you have 49 million and a signing bonus for the a's. you might have to forfeit. but if you are only chances to play football, and that is right now, maybe you have to take that chance. we will be right back. life can change in an instant.
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that is it for us at 5 pm. we will see you back here at 6 pm for news. we will see you in 30 minutes. ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> begnaud: the deadly storm is not over yet. snow is piling up from the midwest to the nation's capitol. also tonight, can the president and congress finally work out a deal to end the longest government shutdown in u.s. history? >> there's no excuse for the shutdown. >> they're playing politics because they hate trump. >> begnaud: a new report claims there are no detailed records of president trump's face-to-face meetings with vladimir putin. >> anybody could have listened to that meeting. >> begnaud: new details about the suspect accused of murdering jayme closs' parents and kidnapping the girl. he's due in court tomorrow. demonstrators say the real border crisis is an immigration system not prepared for families and children seeking asylum.


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