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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 14, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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a new storm will likely give us the wettest day of the winter. when it , next. if you want a car with driver-assist technology, get a ford. if you want waze and amazon alexa compatibility, get a ford. if you want a car that doesn't have any of that, get anything... but a ford. otherwise, you're gonna want a ford. ♪ now at 11, breaking news. a toddlebadly burn, manhunt underway. pg&e cannot pay the bills and plans to file for bankruptcy. tonight, what all of this means
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for wild fervent dems. it is just sprinkling now, but the wettest day of the winter is coming our way. speak and we could -- >> we begin with the breaking news out of vacaville. kpix 5 is there with new information for us. truck investigators are expected to remain on the scene throughout the night. in a house just down the street as were all this happened. a house fire and a stabbing. we have some new information. police are still trying to piece together how it nt down. a four-year-old girl who suffered burns has been hospitalized. along with two others, a woman with -- in her 40s and a 16- year-old girl. police spent the evening searching the area. they are on the hunt for the suspect. he apparently knew all of the victims. he left the house on foot and
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so far, it is unclear how this all started. >> obviously, the circumstances are strange and it would be nice to know the secret -- sequence of events. >> we do have some confirmed reports of it of any on westbound 880 tonight. not too far from here. it may be related to the situation. we do not know for sure. what we do know is both the woman and teenager are in stable condition. it is unclear how the young girl who was burned is doing. justin ayers, kpix 5. tonight, pg&e is headed to bankruptcy court. what does that mean for you the consumer and wildfire victims? the company's stock plunged 52% after the news came out today. betty yu is live outside pg&e headquarters tonight. betty? >> reporter: pg&e put out these
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barricades today ahead of the utility's announcement that it would be filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. they said the bankruptcy is in the best interest of customers , shareholders and wildfire victims. >> reporter: the camp fire, the most destructive in state history killed 86 people, destroyed 18,000 homes and 500 businesses. it is believed it may have started when a powerline came down on nearby trees. that is in part why the utility says and now faces $30 billion in liability claims. fire investigators also found that pg&e was the cause of at least 17 major northern california fires in 2018. >> they opted to jump the gun and use bankruptcy as a weapon and as a way to resolve these claims. it is most unfortunate and
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horribly disappointing to the thousands of people who have been impacted. >> reporter: this attorney and his firm represents more than 600 victims from the camp and wine country fires. speak and they will get justice. if i or the lawyers who represent these victims have anything to say, they will get justice. in this case, going through the groups he is a delay of justice. >> reporter: the process will allow for pg&e to shed some of its debt and stay in business . >> it sounds like it is not going to have an immediate impact on bills. >> reporter: katherine sandoval says, pg&e is in a credit crisis and does not have enough money to keep it going for very long. pg&e is planning some alternative financing arrangements. if they have to borrow money, that could mean a rate hike. >> we need to hear the plan and we need to hear it soon.
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what is important is to make sure that we don't end up in a situation where the operation of the utility is compromised. >> reporter: this would be the second time in two decades that pg&e has filed for bankruptcy. back in 2001 and followed widespread blackouts throughout the state which led to negotiated rate hikes which we are still paying today on our pg&e bills. live in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. gavin newsom says safety, reliability and affordability are his main concerns moving forward. >> pg&e has not been a respected player in the past. they have admitted, knowingly, misleading regulators, in the past and in the very recent past. we had a dig at supported by the new legislature to be precise where they
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misrepresented their inspections of pipes and they misled the public. that is simply unacceptable. i can assure you, when it comes to our engagement with pg&e, it is trust, but verify. speak and the government says we are not in an energy crisis and you should not be concerned about your power going out. in the meantime, pg and e -- pg&e's ceo is stepping down. geisha williams was in charge during the deadly wildfires during 2017 and 2018. john simon is taking her place for the time being. rain is crossing the north bay, but our wettest storm is yet to come. wednesday will be very soggy, potentially the wettest day we have had so far this winter. it is pouring over the ocean right now. lightning strikes, too if you
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are along the san mateo or san francisco coastline. there is a light show off to the west. we have had some rain over the past couple hours. that has lifted out and we are getting a bit of a break. we will call it on and off rain the next 24 hours. it will be on in the form of scattered showers tomorrow and really on around lunchtime. we go back to scattered showers but watch wednesday afternoon. there it is. heavy rain for the entire bay area and also some strong winds. on a 1-10 scale, we have not seen rain hit a seven. it will on wednesday. the wind will also be a seven. flooding concerns on streets and highways will be about a six. wednesday afternoon is going to be straight up nasty. a high wind watch in effect for the hills and the entire bay --
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as 50 miles per hour. we will tell you how much rain we are expecting with this one storm on wednesday. the concerns about the burned areas in southern california. some spots getting blasted with rain, even snow along the grapevine. more on that still ahead. thanks for that. on capitol hill, last week ended with a government shutdown and no end in sight. day 24, here we go. president trump says the shutdown will continue until democrats cave and agree to billions for a border wall. democrats want to reopen the government and then continue debating border security. kpix 5 's joe vazquez is live at the airport with a story of a federal employee who is working without pay. he is not alone. >> reporter: i talked with a tsa officer. he has been here 14 years. most of his colleagues are going to work every day without a paycheck. an increasing number are calling in sick and also there are a chunk of folks who have
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not even considered essential. they are not even coming to the airport every day. they are ie livelihood but also about security. >> so far, god bless, nothing has happened. there is no telling when somebody with ill attention -- intention will try to sneak something on board and we do not have the personnel to catch it. >> reporter: he is very concerned about what is happening in houston and miami because terminals have had to shut down. and, in atlanta where somebody sneaked a gun onto a plane , the tsa chiefs -- chief says it is not related to the shutdown. >> reporter: he is a furloughed employee who is not getting paid but required to work. he says there have been backlogs and slight delays because some of his colleagues have been calling in sick. they have long commutes and childcare, both of which can be expensive when you have no paycheck.
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>> usually you would pass around the hat, can you loan me $20 or $50. but, we are all doing that to each other to get by. it is making it really difficult. >> reporter: he knows he is likely going to get paid eventually. still, he has been looking for other work just in case the shutdown goes on much longer. speak and i can only go so long. i was able to pay off all my bills this month, but next month , coming up in february, i just do not have it. >> reporter: about the gun that got through the atlanta airport, the tsa says they know that it was not related to the shutdown because it was on day 11 of the shutdown and not too many agents called in sick. today is day 24 and 7.6 percent of the agents have called in sick. that number seems to be increasing as the days go on. reporting live, joe vazquez kpix 5. today, flights from oakland and san jose to hawaii are on
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hold. the new flights are on hold because the faa workers who handle a key certification are furloughed. now, many thinking of going to hawaii in the spring and summer are in a wait and see mode. >> until they get the certification, they do not know when they will be able to start flying. that means they have to hold off on advertising routes, taking reservations, some -- selling vacation packages and more. it is costing southwest airlines a lot of money. new flights would serve four california cities. oakland, san jose, sacramento and san diego. join our morning team for the very latest on the shutdown starting tomorrow morning at 4:30. she died in the line of duty. now, this california officer's offensive. catching a lot of a hint tonight that it may
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not be over for oakland. the deal that could still be made with the raiders. meet lincoln, noel, n and gabriella.
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controversy tonight over this photo of the slain davis police officer proudly waving a flag to honor fallen officers. some are calling it offensive. speak and it had taken two years before she was sworn into
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law enforcement. >> to say thank you to the men and women who serve >> reporter: she was honoring those killed in the line of duty. the picture is now viral since the officer herself was tragically taken, shot and killed while doing her job. >> the thin blue line represents all people. >> reporter: for some groups of people, the flag itself is a controversial one. >> there are definitely racial undertones. >> reporter: she says the thin blue line flag ra direct response and attack on the black lives matter movement. >> these people yell at us, they call us leeches off the system, tell us to get jobs, it is basically a new version of the confederate flag. >> this is representative -- reprehensible. >> reporter: he calls the flag black lash insulting and
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devastating. police officers and families are mourning the death of this woman. >> reporter: a student group stated the meaning behind the photo was racist and a trigger to black and brown people. on monday, black lives matter sacramento was taking donations on the streets. they want those flags for art. >> people have chosen a side and that is what is going on. >> reporter: others argue, there should be no sides when it comes to a flag honoring a fallen officer. >> it shows a complete lack of regard for humanity. >> reporter: another student group at uc-davis did come out criticizing the message of its peers on facebook. we do have to say, regardless of how they felt about this flag, everyone we spoke with did agree that the death of officer natalie corona is an
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tragic one. they send their sympathies to the family. it turns out the oakland raiders may not be finished with the oakland coliseum just yet. the bay area news group is reporting team officials will meet with the coliseum authority one last time, possibly this week. the raiders need a place to play next season before relocating to las vegas. they pulled out of a lease last month after the city of oakland filed a lawsuit. at the same time, there was a groundbreaking today for the raiders new team headquarters near las vegas. 55 acres will include three practice fields and an additional field indoors. that is on top of the office space and an exercise pool. san francisco-based children's store gymboree is filing for bankruptcy r se time in less than two years. most of the company's 900 stores
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are set to close. the company is hoping to sell the high end brand janie and jack. they previously filed for bankruptcy in 2017. a set of quintuplets born in the bay area just celebrated a milestone. they turned one years old -- 1- year-old. >> we see why the babies made headlines before they were born and how they are doing today. >> reporter: meet these quintuplets. there is lincoln, noel, grayson , preston the flirt and gabriella the mellow one. in order from oldest to youngest. >> they are at the age where it is fun to see how they interact with each other. >> reporter: did i mention the set of 5 have two older sisters? >> reporter: this past weekend,
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they reached a milestone their parents feared they may never reach. they celebrated their one-year birthdays. to meet the quintuplets now, you would never guess they were all born three months early . >> we are looking at these little to pound six -- 2 pound 6 ounce babies that do not look healthy. to us, it did not look like it was possible for them to survive. >> reporter: it took a medical team of about 60 to deliver the babies. it was the hospital's first- ever quintuplets delivery. the couple made headlines about fight to deliver the babies at a hospital specializing in high risk pregnancies. >> they said, they are amazing and breathing on their own. they finally came home more than two months after being born. as you can see, they are doing
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just fine. you may be wondering, what is the secret to raising quintuplets? routines, they say. the babies are on feeding and sleep schedules. in fact, they sleep 12 hours a day, all five of them at the same time. >> i think we have an agreement between everybody that we are all just trying to get through the day and have some fun. >> reporter: maria medina, kpix 5 . >> just trying to get through the day. just have a little fun. like the automatic bottle feeder . >> that was great, that was genius. i just have one. i can't imagine five. think of how many diapers! how many dishes you have to do, bottles? >> how many hours of sleep you're not getting every night. >> those parents are amazing . >> good luck and congratulations on your first year, ghettos. stormy weather is making a mess in southern california. there are evacuation orders for
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several cities in various counties. folks are being told to get out by 10 am. the storm is already making a huge mess in los angeles. check this out. that is mud and mud flow crashing into a home. it was so strong that it pushed the guesthouse right off its foundation. i-5 is back open in both directions. you can see traffic slowly starting to move again. this long line of big rigs inching along as the flakes come down. we did not have a drop of rain for four months but no we have flooding in the burns on. that is the extreme nature of california r ly. 50 miles offshore, it is a light show, right now. five or six lightning strikes of -- over the past five minutes. it will give you color in the
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sky overnight tonight. it is wednesday afternoon and wednesday evening that hits the entire bay area. you can see wind gusts at a minimum of 50 miles per hour. we certainly have the possibility of downed trees or powerlines through the bay area. san francisco 52 degrees, rain free right now. oakland 53, san jose 50. no rain over the bay area currently. rainfall will be moving through tomorrow for the main event on wednesday. this storm is aimed toward central and southern california. we just showed you the video of the result there. it is a good thing it is not heading here. some energy will go to the north and some to the south. we just get a little bit of rainfall around here. the third one, the one on wednesday is the one that gets us. it will be a direct hit wednesday afternoon into the night. tomorrow morning, scattered showers with heavier showers at times, especially for the south and east a. then, we have more
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scattered showers. the radar will likely be completely clear only a couple times. and there it is. wednesday afternoon, lasting from 3 pm-9 pm. the rainfall totals will add up. an inch and a half of rain for san jose. inch and a half of rain for pleasanton and san francisco. two inches of rain, most of it falling just on wednesday. wednesday afternoon will be pretty stormy. it is 3 pm-9 pm on wednesday that it will be very wet and windy. tomorrow in summary, san jose 59, palo alto 58. summary for danville and pittsburgh, mid-50s. san francisco 58, novato the -- 56. stormy east day is wednesday with scattered showers possible on thursday morning. and, we dry out friday through the weekend. some showers are possible on sunday evening. a stormycoming up.
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the clemson tigers visited with president trump to
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celebrate their national football title. the white house dinner was a little out of the ordinary. president trump tweet -- treated them to fast food. mcdonald's, wendy's, burger king and pizza all served on white house china. why? much of the staff has been furloughed because of the government shutdown. >> great american food. it has been very interesting to see at the end of the evening. i >> they took on the national title last week. clemson was not the biggest story in college football today. that belonged to an oakland a's draft choice. we have his decision. could the 49ers actually land one of the best receivers in the nfl with the help of jerry rice? his reaction next. was not --
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the first-round draft pick kyler murray declared for the nfl draft throwing his baseball career in doubt. he won the heisman trophy after a breakout season with oklahoma. he is now projected to be a first-round pick or he coul 0 million on his first contract instead of writing a minor-league bus.
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with the pittsburgh steelers to -- looking to unload antonio brown, could he be a good fit with the 49ers? on sunday, jerry rice said he is ready to come to the 49ers . >> i don't know what happened in pittsburgh, it is just a to the niners if they want to go for it and bring him on board. if it was left up to me, he would be here in a heartbeat. >> do see this? james harden continued scoring 36 points in the first half against the grizzlies vanishing with 57 the rest of the team combined scored 55 points. his 17th street 30 point game. houston wins. >> give me the top five! >> good night, that is a huge fish! >> jake moore in kentucky reeled in a 93 pound blue catfish.
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11 pounds off the state record. this soccer player, down he goes. then the cart ran over his foot. canadiens and bruins in ot. they knocked the puck right out of the air and into the net. that was the game -- game- winner. he draws the file to throw it up. and it went in. that kind of night for that man. he scored 30 points. how about syracuse and duke? final seconds of the first half. he through it from 80 feet and got it to go. that was just the appetizer! the desert was syracuse upsetting the top-ranked blue devils in overtime. by the twter for suggestihathe raiders sit down , stop acting like two-year-olds, hammer out
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the deal and play one more season in oakland. >> there is a lot of money at stake for the city. to sign a lease for the team for one more season. >> i know the fans would love it. they would probably love the team to stay . >> a lot of fans are saying let them go.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> another bombshell report regarding president trump and russia coming from "the washington post." the paper says the president went to quote extraordinary his conversations with russian president a-- president a put ineven con fis case-- confiscating notes from its interpreter. >> the late show has acquired these notes. ♪ ♪


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