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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 15, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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tomorrow, still a few pockets of steady rainfall, though far fewer than a few hours ago. santa cruz mountains one of those spots stretching back to los gatos, saratoga and moderate rain continues from middletown south on highway 29 to calistoga, st. helena and yountville, cloverdale getting steady rain. three hour time lapse shows lots of snow in the sierra, lots of rain earlier today for the bay area. it will be heavier and more widespread tomorrow. futurecast we go into scattered showers mode tonight and tomorrow morning. by 3:00 tomorrow the heavy rain begins first in the north bay. watch the radar at 8:00 tomorrow night. that is the wettest hour where it's pouring, heavy rain about everywhere and likely some strong winds throughout the bay area as well. because the ground got saturated from today's rain and heavy rain is forecast for tomorrow, a flash flood watch is in effect for the entire bay area tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. the biggest risk will be road and highway flooding. the mountains, heavy snow is
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likely between 5,000 to 7,000 feet in elevation below lake level and around lake level, 2 or 3 feet of new snow by friday morning. look at what happens above 7,000 feet in elevation, 5 to 7 feet of snow likely, very strong winds, blizzard conditions likely beginning this time tomorrow in the mountains. we also have been talking about winds, the lower elevations under a wind advisory. our mountains and coastline under a high wind warning for wind gusts 50 to 60 miles an hour. today's rain is tapering off now, very wet and windy tomorrow that. storm moves in from 3:00 to 11:00 tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, scattered thunderstorms possible, strong winds likely and soaking rainfall. so a stormy day is in the offing for tomorrow. we'll talk about specific rainfall totals coming up in a few minutes. let's talk about those coastal mountains. the rain already bringing some dangerous road conditions up in the santa cruz mountains this evening. kpix5's wilson walker live
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right near the summitt. got a sign of things to come here? >> reporter: look, it has been a terribly messy day already here and the worst of it still very much to come. >> yeah. all day long we've been doing the wrecks. >> reporter: just as soon as the steady rain arrives, so did the steady stream of accidents and the highway patrol now preparing for a lot more of this. >> going out on your shift making sure you have plenty of flares and everything else you'll need throughout the day because you know you'll be going to call after call after call. >> reporter: of course, it's not just highway 17. there are preparations underway across the bay area. >> yeah. we got a call on our board that they're requesting for these drains to get cleared. >> reporter: in san francisco we found crews racing to prevent street flooding. if you have never watched them take one of those giant vacuum hoses to a storm drain, it is hard to understand just how much gunk can pile up in there. we're talking several feet of trash and mud.
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>> what happens is all this debris gets caught up in these catch basins. >> reporter: so with the rain -- >> so with the rain coming like we're going to have the next 24 hours this wouldn't have made it? >> no. this eventually would have clogged up and caused ponding in this intersection. >> reporter: the challenge is get to as many as you can before the rain gets worse. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: yeah, look, traffic problems just one end of the concerns up here. you've got high winds coming in the next couple days. they're worried about everything up to mudslides. so really the next 36 hours promising to be a pretty intense experience up here in the santa cruz mountains. on highway 17, wilson walker, kpix5. i'm ken bastida at the live news desk. you heard what wilson had to say about the santa cruz mountains, what paul deanno was saying about more of the urban areas. we want to clue you in on what's going to happen in the sierra nevada.
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that's interstate 80 at kingvale right now. 's been snowing all afternoon long. there's a lot of it on the roadway. four wheel drive or chains are required from kingvale over to the nevada state line. highway 50, it's the same fromacth right now. ans ach urelreastdyate p line. you can see what that looks like. this is highway 89 around emerald bay and lake tahoe. it has already been closed. cal tran has closed that in anticipation of even worse weather that's going to be moving in. the totals are unbelievable. we have not seen a storm like in a while. you heard paul deanno talking about the snow totals above 7,000 feet. now that would be the summit areas. we're talking about 7 feet of snow between tonight and friday. be very careful. caltrans is not advising people
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to travel through the mountains until this storm can clear on the weekend. at the live news desk, i'm ken bastida. back to you guys. >> we got you covered on that storm all day tomorrow beginning at 4:30 a.m. meteorologist mary lee will be tracking the rain and snow and gianna franco will help you with your commute. the man who led authorities on an hours long manhunt was shot and killed by vacaville police. he was wanted for lighting his own house on fire and killing family members. >> reporter: when you hear the details, you think this simply can't be true. i'm going to hop out of the way so you can see behind me. that fire was so strong it was smoldering even into the afternoon hours today. this is what vacaville police say nathaniel holland did to his own home after stabbing his own family. >> it's obviously pretty traumatic what they're going
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through. we're fortunate that they're going to survive the injuries. >> reporter: police say holland stabbed the mother of his children and their 16-year- old daughter. then they believe he poured gasoline throughout the house and lit it on fire. the couple's 4-year-old daughter still inside. >> the whole house was engulfed in flames, yeah. it was bad. >> reporter: ginger sisk's husband heard the family screaming and ran to help a third child, the toddler still inside the home. >> he kicked the fence down, went back there and kicked the sliding glass window down and actually the brother is the one that went in, pulled her out. >> reporter: holland took off police say and the manhunt began ending with holland dead. he was fatally shot by an officer after police say he stabbed a k-9. >> the chp helicopter was used to lifeflight the dog to uc davis vet center and to have this have a k-9 stabbed, it's pretty traumatic for everybody. >> reporter: as of this
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afternoon, police say that that family is still in the hospital receiving treatment. they are excted tok-9 officer. reporting live in vacaville, emily turner, kpix5. police released a sketch of the man who brutally attacked a san francisco grandmother. he had his hood pulled over his eyes, but witnesses were able to get a good look at the rest of his face as he walked out of the victim's home in visitacion valley last tuesday. a short time later 89-year-old yik oi huang was found bloodied and beaten in the playground across the street. she is still in the hosps a $10 an ormation itleadinalg e'to er arrest. now a live look at the white house where some democrats turned down a meeting with the president on the government shutdown. our elizabeth cook on what remains a stalemate between republicans and the democrats. liz? >> on day 24 of the partial government shutdown the white house tried a new tactic inviting moderate democrats to the white house.
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problem was no democrat rsvped. house republicans emerged from a house meeting with president trump bashing their democratic colleagues. >> this was supposed to be a bipartisan lunch, but not a single democrat offered to come here and negotiate how we end this partial shutdown. >> reporter: hoping to bypass speaker nancy pelosi, the president invited several moderate house democrats to lunch, but none were in attendance. >> we want to work with rank and file democrats. obviously what we're seeing right now is speaker pelosi referred to provide a counteroffer. >> earlier mr. trump tweeted why is nancy pelosi getting paid when people who are working are not? president trump is vowing to keep up the fight untiller gets $5.7 billion in funding for the not tting paid. te hundre in a letter to mr. trump several senate democrats urged the president to meet with federal workers impacted by the shutdown and called on him to bring it to an end.
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>> the american people suffering the dire consequences of this shutdown can no longer afford to wait for the president to come around. >> but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says democrats have a choice to make. >> they could stand with common sense with border experts, with federal workers or they could continue to remain passive spectators. >> congress is expected to cancel next week's recess if the government is still shut down. meanwhile the irs is recalling about 46,000 employees that were furloughed by the shutdown. the workers are being recalled to handle tax returns but will waitinstg for ople l their tax return. >> thank you, liz. president trump's pick to be attorney general is being asked about the russia investigation at his confirmation hearing. ial counsel ro >> will you commit to making any report mueller produces at the conclusion of his investigation available to congress and to the public?
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>> i am going to make as much information available as i can. he was ever asked to do somethi >> william barr said he didn't believe special counsel robert mueller would be involved in a witch hunt. he said if he was ever asked to do something unlawful, he would resign instead. the nominee did, however, express his support for the border wall saying that it's necessary. >> it's imperative to have border security and that part of that border security is a common sense matter means barriers. >> barr previously served as attorney general under former president george h.w. bush. he's in line to replace jeff sessions who resigned last fall. in a shift from sessions barr said he would not crack down on marijuana companies in states where cannabis is legal. there's big news out of london. british lawmakers are rejecting prime minister theresa may's brexit plan. the vote wasn't even close. the uk is supposed to leave the
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european union in just 10 weeks. now there is no exit plan in place. what's more, parliament will hold a no confidence vote on may's government tomorrow. largest economy into chaos. analyst warn if britain leaves the eu without a deal, it could plunge the world's fifth largest economy into chaos. extremists attack a luxury hotel in kenya's capital. gunfire and explosions send people running for their lives, the manhunt for the suspects. >> a fight over trees at cal gets so intense armed officers have to stand guard on campus. >> and this is the kind of weather these fish wait for, how the storms are helping drive a historic comeback of endangered salmon.
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at least 15 people killed in a terror attack at a luxury hotel complex. some of the gunfire was . chaos and panic in nairobi, kenya, at least 15 people killed in a terror attack at a luxury hotel complex. some of the gunfire was caught on camera. kenyan security forces rushed people from the scene-- while gunmen continued shooting. a witness says the attackers were wrapped in ammunition.. and he sa escaped. >> the bullets and car bombs sent people scrambling for cover. a witness says the attackers were wrapped in ammunition and he saw several bodies as he escaped. >> windows, guys come in, they
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just started shooting. >> somali extremist group al- shabaab is claiming responsibility for the attack. today marks three years since the same group launched a deadly assault on a kenyan military base in somalia. back here in the bay area berkeley police arrested six protesters who were trying to stop the removal of several trees. the group had been illegally camping in people's park for weeks. this morning dozens of officers in riot gear showed up to the park and arrested the protesters after they refused to leave. the officer then stood guard as crews cut the trees down. uc berkeley says the trees were sick and dying. a ees campus >> they were rotten, infested by insects, had weakened limbs. they were leaning. >> five trees were removed. it may be a sloppy commute by cars, but the recent ins are putting endangered coho
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salmon on the fast track to their bay area spawning grounds. the numbers are the highest they've been in more than a decade. >> reporter: it's a wet, drizzly day in moran woods, perfect for ocean going fish in this tiny stream. more than 2 feet long, this large coho salman is right at home in this small creek. it's the highest number in 12 years. >> we've seen over 500 coho salmon this year. >> reporter: compared to other years? >> we've had as few as about 100. >> reporter: researchers aren't sure why the number has jumped up, but certainly the extreme habitat projects have helped. ocean conditions may have proved they say. whatever the reason, it's good news. >> they come back as these large adults, which isust omawto
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e was a problem. the rain and cloudy skies are keeping most of the fish deeper in the water hiding until the sun comes back out, but look carefully. you can see this one moving around. flora and her friend alice say a lot of fish were moving around spawning yesterday. >> to increase the drama, there was a little silvery 10-inch male we were told that was trying to get in on the action. >> reporter: the rain and increased flow in the stream is what triggers the salmon to come all the way back to the woods. >> this coming weekend is supposed to be clear. so it might be a good time to come out and see some salmon spawning. >> reporter: in marin county, don ford, kpix5. if they need the rain, i think the salmon will be thrilled with my forecast over the next 24 hours. it is raining over a good chunk of the bay area right now, mainly in the north bay, when the heaviest rain arrives and which parts of will get 2 inches of rain tomorrow coming up. nge to men.. in the me too movement. >> a shaving ad drawing cheers and sharp criticism, the debate
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over gillette's new challenge to men in the me too movement. the old tappan zee bridge came at bayer our roots run deep.
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so chances are you've seen us around the house...
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or around the yard... on the shelf... or even out in the field. your mom knew she could always count on us, and your grandma did too. because for over 150 years we've been right by your side. advancing the health of the people, plants and pets you love. so from all of us at bayer, thank you for trusting in us. then and now. fo the hudson the old tappan zee bridge came down outside new york city today. explosives brought the 672-foot eastern span down into the hudson river. something else came down in the hudson river 10 years ago, yeah. the old bridge has been replaced by that new one that's just behind it. you see it drop into the water, but the steel is going to be salvaged and recycled. >> amazing. paul deanno is here and
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he's been tracking all that rain for us. >> we had a stormier than what we thought day today kind of setting the stage for tomorrow because now the ground is saturated. now the water doesn't have anywhere to go, so what falls tomorrow is immediately going to being runoff. that's why the floodthreat likely increased a bit today for tomorrow making no extra room for tomorrow's rainfall. let's look at radar, st. helena, yountville, light rain to the east, silverado trail getting heavier rain and heavy rain has shifted into the central valley, still pockets of steady rainfall for sonoma north to glen ellen, lighter north along highway 4, west back to almost concord. danville a few showers with alamo and canyon getting a few showers and rain continues over the santa cruz mountains, par for the course this time of year. a drippy afternoon in san francisco, 51 degrees, san jose 54. tomorrow it's not about the temperature. it's about the storm coming in. this time tomorrow it will be
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pouring. the wind will be whipping. we'll be here for you. oakland 50 degrees tonight, mountain view 50, san jose 49. enough rain tomorrow that with the saturated ground and heavy rain likely the flooding threat's high, a flash flood watch in effect. the biggest impact we'll have is road and highway flooding tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. if you can work from home tomorrow, itan's me exout enof san francisco or anywhere that you're going will be a problem this time tomorrow. microclimate forecast, albany along interstate 80, heavier rainfall tomorrow, windy in the evening, high 59. things will taper off to showers and calm down on thursday with a high of 57 degrees. so we've had a series of storms. we told you last week that this week would be wet. now we're into the details. there it is getting its act together heading right toward northern california, a direct hit on the bay area tomorrow evening. let's get the details from futurecast, still some
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scattered showers tomorrow morning. it's not like the rain is completely gone. we won't have the storm yet. by lunchtime you may be thinking paul, where's the storm? 3:00 heavy rain begins in the n. rn eah . watc it's a . fr8:ont. 00 there will be a definitive rain, no rain line clearing through about 11:00 tomorrow night. in its wake we'll have some scattered showers possible thursday morning before things clear out by thursday afternoon. look at these rainfall totals. san jose 2 inches of rain mostly tomorrow, nearly that for concord and pleasanton, saout an inch, almost 2 es ch n rafael, a pretty uniform rainfall totals. don't worry about the mountains blocking much. 3 inches of rain for mendocino county. you get into the mountains you can double those numbers, likely 4, 5 or 6 inches of rainfall for the north bay and santa cruz mountains. a stormy day tomorrow. on and off rainfall continues through tomorrow morning. then we get stormy 3:00 to 11:00, your eight hour window of wet and windy weather with
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showers lingering into thursday morning into thursday afternoon. highs tomorrow right around 60, oakland, concord, fremont, 59 in san francisco and napa, 58 pacicafi 62wet and windy. weingsurt'st on a cldime ear the pattern is to change. aside from a shower chance on sunday we might go two weeks without a drop of rain from friday all the way into february. so we're talking about a lot of rain over the next 36 hours and things changing after that. tomorrow will be stormy. see that traffic behind me. it's going to be five times worse tomorrow. back to you. >> paul, thank you. one of the manlyest brands takes its product into the me too moment. >> this week we are revamping our newscast line-up. a full hour of bay area news at 5:00. elizabeth cook and ken bastida take over at 6:00 followed by the cbs evening news with jeff
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glor at 6:30.
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ad is sparking a heated debate, and even calls for a boycott. the social media campaign has nothing to do with shaving or i admit it. i'm a gillette guy. i like the mach 3 razor, but a new gillette ad is sparking a heated debate, even calls for a boycott. >> the campaign has nothing to do with shaving or razors. >> be boys. >> instead it's tackling male behavior. the company best known for its products for men addresses
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several issues including sexual harassment, bullying and the me too movement. the ad is garnering support. one person tweeting this, "this is fantastic. what a beautiful uplifting message that all men need to lead by example." others have denounced the ad for stereotyping male behavior. one person wrote, "been with the company over 35 years. you just lost one of your most loyal customers." >> well, we have people on both sides. you can weigh in on our kpix5 poll. does that gillette ad strike the right tone on masculinity and the me too movement? right now on instagram we have a tie. most people are voting on twitter and like the ad. however, on facebook people tell us the ad kind of misses the mark. the fight to change a school name has divided a bay area community for years. >> it is a reminder of slavery, lynchings and segregation. w district. >> and as i alluded to earlier,
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10 years after the miracle on the hudson, captain sully and his passengers share their memories from one of the most remarkable moments in aviation history. >> we had a lot of rainfall earlier today. those heavier shower pockets are getting harder to find, but one is sitting right over beautiful napa county, yountville, st. helena and the city of napa getting rained on right now, big storm coming tomorrow, more details on that next.
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this evening you're watching kpix5 news at 5:30. our top story at 5:30, a fight over a name in the north bay, this evening the dixie school district is facing growing pressure to change its name. good evening again. i'm allen martin. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. it's a topic that's divided the community for years and today some parents are taking action to force a vote. kpix5's melissa caen live tonight in marin for us. melissa? >> reporter: yeah. we're here in marin where tonight the dixie school board is going to meet in about a half hour. as you can see, already a number of community members here excited to weigh in on the issues in front of the board tonight. now it only takes 15 registered voters in the school district to force the board to vote on a name change. so today members of the community submitted those petitions and started the


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