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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  January 15, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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we start in butte county... good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. kpix5 news at 6:00 begins right now with storm watch. we start in butte county where there is serious concerns about flooding in the camp fire burn area. the community of polga where the fire started is under an evacuation warning. the concern is the hills, all that vegetation burned off in the fire leaving nothing to hold back that loose soil. the blaze scorched more than 150,000 acres which are now very vulnerable. meanwhile back here in the bay area taking a live look at some of our rain soaked bridges, the conditions have been slick all day making for a slow ride home for all the commuters. there was rain mixed with gusty winds in san jose. we spotted plenty of umbrellas late this afternoon. the flags also were blowing downtown and the showers started picking up the closer we got to sunset.
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and susie steimle... has the arin county. >> we have live storm watch coverage. our wilson walker is in the soggy santa cruz mountains right now and susie steimle has the storm preps in marin county. but we begin with our chief meteorologist paul deanno. paul, what we're seeing right now, i know from listening to you this week, just a taste of what's coming. this is and could be the biggest storm that we've had all winter, right? >> we talked about progressively stronger storms throughout the week, yesterday, today bigger, tomorrow the biggest storm perhaps of the winter, definitely of the week. we're looking at an inch or 2 of rainfall in eight hours which for us in the bay area is significant rainfall. there's a look at the radar currently. it was a very wet day. that soaking, heavy rainfall has lifted up to the north into the sacramento valley. we're left with some showers which we will have until early tomorrow afternoon. redwood city, you're getting wet right now, stanford and palo alto getting showers, heavier rain in and around mount vaca and vacaville, back to fairfield, napa and st. helena. three hour time lapse shows the
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heavy rain and heavy mountain snowfall lifting to the north. we're in between storms now, but perhaps the strongest one of the season is coming tomorrow. flash flood watch is in effect because the ground is now saturated from today's rain. tomorrow we get additional heavy rainfall, flooding threat especially on our roads and highways. it will be a mess of a commute tomorrow. in the mountains it's snowing now. it will snow tonight. it's going to snow the next couple days between 5 and 7,000 feet in elevation, 2 to 3 feet of new snowfall. that's a lot. above 7,000 feet in elevation how about 5 to 7 feet of new snow with blizzard conditions likely within the next 24 hours. very strong wind and also some very heavy snowfall. your storm update, today's rain has tapered off and will continue to taper off this evening and overnight tonight. we will have scattered showers throughout the morning hours tomorrow, very wet and windy weather from 3:00 tomorrow afternoon until 11:00 tomorrow night and within that eight- hour window an inch or 2 of rainfall for the entire bay area. that's you, san jose and
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livermore. scattered thunderstorms are possible, strong winds likely and soaking rainfall for six to eight hours. so a stormy setup for your wednesday coming up tomorrow. back to you. lagunitas creek and many other north bay streams are filling up fast this evening. kpix5's susie steimle is live in corte madera where they are gearing up for a flash flood watch. susie? >> reporter: you can see just how heavy the rain is coming down here right now and it's been pretty consistent all afternoon as people do everything they can across the bay area to prepare for tomorrow's storm. one of those things i'm standing right in front of, you might be familiar with this scene if you are a homeowner. we're at the corte madera fire department where they have sandbagging stations for people trying to protect their homes from flooding especially before the skies really open up tomorrow. public works crews in san rafael are expecting the next 48 hours to be nonstop maintenance calls like this
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one. they're scouring the city clearing storm drains blocked by debris hoping to prevent any major flooding tomorrow. >> right now the water is beginning to build up on us, so we're having a couple localized flooding calls coming in. >> reporter: being below sea level, san rafael has to be prepared for major rain events. mark wright, the major operator of public works, says the city has more pump stations than any in the bay. >> we have up to 125-horsepower ones that pump 1,350 gallons per minute, all three flowing at the same time. we're moving a lot of water. >> reporter: the rain the past couple days has made the ground even more saturated and with tomorrow being the first serious soaking of the season mark can't help but look to the hills worried about mudslides. >> if we have a lot of rain like 2 to 3 inches in one hour, then that can inundate the system and cause catch basins and head walls to overflow and at the same time it can cause
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movement and mudslides. >> reporter: so if you're looking for a little bit of good news, one thing we heard consistently today from cruels is they're happy the big storm is happening so late in the season because most of the leaves are off of the trees. if they were on the trees, there would be more in the storm drains and that could lead to even more flooding. >> great point. thank you. prevent street flooding. these giant vacu speaking of storm drains, in san francisco crews spent the day racing to prevent street flooding. these giant vacuum hoses are being used to clear the storm drains. we're talking several feet of trash and mud. >> what happens is all the debris gets caught up in these catch basins. this eventually would have clogged up and caused some type of ponding in this intersection. >> the biggest challenge for crews today is to get to as many storm drains as possible before the rains get even worse. another round of rain means conditions are taking a very
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dangerous turn in the santa cruz mountains this evening. kpix5's wilson walker continues our storm watch coverage along highway 17 near the summit where it's really been raining all day long, wilson. >> reporter: ken, i've been up here since about 1:00 this afternoon. it has not stopped raining once since i have been here. the men and women who have to keep this highway clear and safe, they know the score. they're watching the forecast just like we are and they know that the next day and a half or so is just going to be a mess. >> yeah. a lot of the crashes we've been having up here are solo spinouts into the hillside, into the guardrails or medians. so you see a lot of front end damage. all day long we've been going to wrecks. >> reporter: and this just from the front end of the weather system that will batter these mountains the next 36 hours or so. >> going into wednesday, wednesday night, flash flood advisories, wind. >> reporter: also mobilizing
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is caltrans which has crews out looking for road problems like wind debris and people living in these communities have been told to prepare for the possibility of even larger problems. >> any time the winds pick up, we have flooding, power lines down, trees down, of course, as the ground starts to get more saturated, we start worrying about the hills sliding down and having mudslides. >> reporter: to put it simply, this is going to be a long couple days. >> it is for sure. >> reporter: ken, standing here watching the wind and the rain picking up and i'm thinking what is it going to look like tomorrow if this is a preview of what's to come? >> i had the same thought. >> reporter: it's been a day up here already. >> yeah. i had the same thought. it's pretty bad today in some spots, wrecks all over highway 24 going westbound this afternoon from people sliding into each other and this is nothing compared to tomorrow. so we'll stay with it. wilson walker in the santa cruz mountains, thanks. this reminder, when you get up
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tomorrow morning, you'll have the up to the minute weather and traffic conditions ready to go from our morning team. mary lee and gianna franco starting tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. the search is on in san rafael for a man who tried to drag a woman into his van overnight. the victim says she was walking near the civic center around 1:00 in the morning when a dark van with tinted windows pulled up behind her. a man jumped out and grabbed her. she walloped him with her umbrella and he took off. the woman told police her attacker looked like he was in his 20s, stands about 5' 8 with a muscular build. he also smelled of alcohol. manhunt underway in san francisco tonight for two masked men who held a homeowner at gunpoint. the suspects stormed in with guns just after midnight at a home on sagamore street in the ocean view district. the victim was not hurt, but the robbers ransacked his place, fled the scene. police searched the area but
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did not find them. >> right now we're just kind of canvassing the area looking for surveillance footage, witnesses, anything we can. >> the guys took off with a backpack containing a wallet and several other items. there was a discussion on affordable housing today, kpix5's len ramirez on the moment that appeared to hit newsom as a father. lenny? >> reporter: that's right. this was during a housing roundtable and a photo op and these things tend to follow a very predictable schedule, but things did take an emotional turn when a 42-year-old mother of three started describing how she and her husband have to commute from los banos all the way to sunnyvale in san jose. so they're on the road so many hours that she said basically her mother is the one raising her kids. that seemed to get at the governor and reinforce why he has put housing near the top of
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his priority list. the roundtable discussion brought together gavin newsom and mayor sam liccardo who is just back to work after a bicycling accident surrounded by struggling middle class workers. newsom called housing in california a crisis at all levels. >> it's not just a low income housing issue. it's a workforce housing issue. >> reporter: newsom highlighted his recent state budget pledging $1.75 billion to build more housing in california and tying housing to state transportation dollars to force more cities to build. newsom also took two executive actions today to inventory unused state land in california that could be used for housing and to streamline permitting and building. >> we have a two year horizon before we want to see groundbreakings and three years for units to come up. >> reporter: he didn't need to convince the people on his panel. one was a business owner who can't find enough workers. >> we've had to shift our business model on busy days. we don't do catering anymore.
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it's becoming tense. >> reporter: tense for her, emotional for a law office worker who commutes to san jose with her husband five hours a day from los banos. >> i bought a house. like how can i be complaining? but then i don't see my children grow up to be able to take them to like basketball or soccer. i'm sorry. i didn't think i'd get this emotional about it. now arizona, i guess here we come. >> reporter: they could be ditching california for good. that seemed to get at the governor who also has small children and was seen wiping away tears. >> i recognize the stress. i recognize the pain. i cannot promise that we can solve these issues overnight, but there's a different energy and a different commitment and a different resolve with real money attached to that that we haven't seen in this state for quite some time. >> reporter: governor newsom said he will be relying on mayor liccardo in san jose more
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and more when it comes to the housing issue and not just because they share similar views, but also because sam liccardo has been able to do things here in san jose that the governor wants to happen in other cities around the state and that includes building more affordable housing. he says the time has passed for cities to not build any affordable housing. every city has got to pull their fair share from now on. >> absolutely. so many thousands of people in that woman's plight. they have to commute so many hours every day just to put food on the table. something has to change. len, thank you so much. plus. up next two women stabbed, a child burned, how the suspect who caused it all wound up dead in one bay area city. >> plus b.a.r.t. is making major changes to its train schedules, what you need to know before they go into effect. served in a no-mess bag, my new deli trio and turkey, bacon, and cheddar pannidos are almost too easy to eat on the go.
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house on fire. it ended with the man being shot and killed by police. wild scene in vacaville, it started start with a man stabbing family members and lit his home on fire. >> kpix5's emily turner is live for us at the family's home on alderwood way in vacaville. >> reporter: when you hear the narrative, you think wow, how could something like this happen? behind me you can see what's left of the house that's now boarded up. >> it's obviously pretty traumatic what they're going through and we're fortunate that they're going to survive the injuries. >> reporter: vacaville police say this man, nathaniel holland, stabbed the mother of his children and their 16-year- old daughter. then they believe he poured gasoline in the house and lit it on fire. the couple's 4-year-old daughter still inside. >> the whole house was engulfed in flames, yeah. it was bad. >> reporter: ginger sisk's husband heard the family screaming from the front yard and ran to help a third child.
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an unharmed brother rescued the toddler still inside the home. >> he kicked the fence down, went back there and kicked the sliding glass window down and actually the brother is the one that went in and pulled her out. >> reporter: holland took off police say and the manhunt began ending with holland dead. he was fatally shot by an officer after police say he stabbed a k-9. >> the chp helicopter was used to lifeflight the dog to uc davis vet center and to have this have a k-9 stabbed is pretty traumatic for everybody. >> reporter: the officer who pulled the trigger is on paid administrative leave pending the investigation into the shooting. the family are all expected to recover and as of this afternoon were still in the hospital. >> emily turner in vacaville tonight, thanks. attention b.a.r.t. riders, the transit service is about to make some big schedule changes. starting february 11th service will begin an hour later in the
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mornings at 5 a.m. there will also be delays after 9:00 on week nights as trains single track through downtown san francisco and the transbay tube. there will also be single tracking all day on sundays. >> these changes are necessary because we're undertaking two massive projects. one is to do earthquake retrofit work to the transbay tube and the other is we're replacing cables in downtown san francisco. >> b.a.r.t. says sunday's schedules will vary week by week, so riders should check before heading out. we have some of the roughest weather likely to move so far this winter, the storm coming tomorrow. it doesn't look like much now over the santa cruz mountains, but it's going to add up to
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significant rainfall totals in and around boulder creek. notice it's not raining in san jose, but just 20 miles away it is pouring. some light rain still for portions of alameda and contra costa counties. the heavy rainfall we had earlier today has lifted to the north. it's going to be wet tomorrow. it's also going to be windy. 24 hours ago i was telling you about a high wind watch. that's been upgraded to a warning for the coast and our mountains. we could see wind gusts around 60 miles per hour tomorrow eveng inasthe loiswer elevatiothns, santa rosa, south of san francisco, oakland and san jose, wind gusts could hit 40 or 50 miles an hour, enough to knock down trees or power lines. please watch out for that tomorrow. oakland 52, livermore 52, santa rosa currently 49. it is drippy at the top of salesforce tower. it's going to stay mild tonight with clouds, san rafael 48, fremont 49, mountain view 50. microclimate forecast, albany wet and windy tomorrow in the afternoon and evening, high 59.
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we taper things off to showers and calm down thursday, high 57. storm track is active, several storms heading toward california. we had rainfall yesterday, of course. the direct hit was southern california. it got closer today and will get closer with tomorrow's soaker. you can't see the rain yet, but there's plenty there and it's heading right toward us. overnight tonight and tomorrow morning scattered showers and even by lunchtime tomorrow scattered showers. then 3:00 hits. you'll notice an increase in intensity outside. 8:00 is the windiest and wettest hour. behind the front as often happens we still have some unstable air, so showers on thursday morning, clearing skies by thursday afternoon. how much rain? a lot. east bay 1 1/2 to 3 inches of rain by thursday, santa cruz mountains 3 to 6 inches of rainfall, 3 to 5 inches of rain for the north bay and san francisco likely 2 inches of
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rain or more, most of it falling tomorrow. on and off rain continues through wednesday morning. then we get stormy tomorrow afternoon and evening 3:00 to 11:00 with showers lingering into the afternoon. highs tomorrow low 60s, campbell 61, union city 59, walnut creek 59 degrees, stormy in san rafael 57, and 56 in windsor tomorrow for the high. your extended forecast, thursday morning things calm down. friday mostly dry. over to dennis in sharks. who are the hottest team? the winner to that question gets satisfaction. >> this guy proposed, but her answer is a mystery. ♪
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win tonight against the penguins the sharks are the hottest team in the nhl and the bay area. they have yet to lose in 2019. they're going for their seventh straight win tonight against the penguins. that is exclusive, the dorsal fin digest to kpix5. san jose has won 15 of 20 since being blown out in ottawa december 1st prompting a rare team meeting with general manager doug wilson. now defenseman brett burns and erik karlsson have been on a terror. karlsson with 25 assists in the
6:24 pm
last 20s games. the sharks radio announcer told me it was only a matter of time for the five time all-star. >> when you first get traded especially if you're a star player, you have certain routines. you know what way to get to the rink. you know where the store is. you know all those other things going on in your life plus you know all the guys on your team and what they can do. erik had to adjust, but boy, he's been lights out. >> i love watching him walk into the rink. >> between him and evander kane and brett burns. >> how about you? you look good today? >> not a chance. i'm just a conservative guy. >> even sharks fans stepped up their defense. the golden knights fan drops a knee to propose to the jumbotron only to be blocked out by this guy in the sharks costume. i can confirm he will not be invited to the wedding if indeed she said yes, which we don't really know. over 1 million people are expected to visit atlanta
6:25 pm
during super bowl week, but which two teams will be joining them? the atlanta mayor made it clear she doesn't want the saints to come marching in. >> are there any two teams you would like to see come down here? >> just anybody other than the saints. i know there's going to be a bounty on my head for saying that, but if it can't be the falcons, hey, as long as it's not the saints, i'm happy. >> the saints and falcons are, of course, division rivals. who says up for a little bit of fishing? >> good night. >> that is a huge fish! >> our catch of the day goes to gwen heaps who pulled this leopard shark and check it out. she had never been ocean fishing before and she only went along because she recently got engaged to rich who sense us this picture. rich said the fish was caught outside the bay bridge during low tide while they were enjoying -- wait for it and i quote -- a nice can of wine. >> welcome to california. >> you think you can do better? send us your fishing pictures
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to do you remember can of wine? i remember the box wine. my mother loved the strawberry box wine. >> they weren't using it in place of wine glasses. it actually came in a can? >> it came in a can. >> there you go. well, up next turns outs one of apple's hottest new items isn't the iphone but one specific part for it.
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"..." cheap repl cbs evening news is coming up next. >> jeff glor is here with a preview. jeff? >> hi, ken and liz. here's a look at some of the stories we're working on. cameras capture the moment terrorists storm a western hotel in kenya. at least 14 are dead. >> we'll break down today's testimony of william barr poised to become the new attorney general. >> and a good-bye to the late great carol channing tonight on the cbs evening news. >> san francisco's own carol channing. cheap replacement batteries are apparently draining the life out of iphone sales. >> apple was forced to offer the $29 fix after it was caught slowing down older devices. uses requested 11 million replacements last year rather than forking over hundreds for
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new phones. it translates to a potential revenue loss in the billions. thank you for watching today at 6:00! the cbs evening news is up next. >> see you. captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this tuesday, terrorists storm a luxury hotel complex in venya. many are dead. al-shabaab claims responsibility. new information on the man accused of kidnapping jayme closs. and saying good-bye to the incomparable carol channing. all that and much more beginning with the headlines in 60 seconds. n ( gunfire ) >> bloody terror attack in nairobi, kenya. >> crowds ran as militants aatched the attack. >> everyone everywhere was just running. >> the high-stakes hearing on capitol hill. >> confirmation hearings begin for attorney general nominee gilliam barr. >> i will not be bullied by anybody, whether it be congress or the president. >> president trump says he will never ever back down as the government shutdown drags on to day 25.


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