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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  January 18, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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and the months of testing about to get underway. bitten by >> i have a concussion. i have ptsd. i have all kinds of bruises and abrasions. >> plus new claims of extreme trauma, a woman who was bitten by another woman on a popular bay area trail speaks exclusively to kpix5. the news at 6:00 starts right now. the bay area. et right to kp good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. we start with one man's new freedom after 15 years behind bars in the bay area. >> let's get right to kpix5 political reporter melissa caen live at the martinez detention facility tonight. melissa? >> reporter: that's right. we are here where there was a very joyous reunion earlier today after adnan khan became the first person in california state to benefit from a brand- new law allowing persons who
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have been convicted of first degree murder but didn't kill anyone to get their sentences reduced. a long tim ago [pkg] [sound of family, etc] the family and friends of adnan khan could not contain thier excitement today as he walked out of jail a free man after nearly sixteen years [sot-adnan khan]i didn't know how to put these clothes on. seriously. wen i was the deputies the family and friends of adnan khan could not contain their excitement today as he walked out of jail a free man after 15 years. >> i didn't know how to put these clothes on seriously. when i was putting my clothes on, the deputies in there were like hey, are you done and i'm like no. i'm still figuring out the belt. >> reporter: in 2003 then 18- year-old khan agreed to help three people rob a marijuana dealer named kevin mcnutt. >> there's another man that mr. khan had just met a few days before and unfortunately this man was seriously schizophrenic and he was having a delusion at the time and he ended up stabbing and killing mr. mcnutt. >> reporter: even though khan was shocked by what the other
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man had done, under california law khan was legally responsible for the murder and he was sentenced to 25 years to life. while he was in jail he worked with other activists to change that law and last year the governor signed a new law saying only an actual killer or major participant in a murder can be guilty of first degree murder. also the bill is retroactive and khan says he's learned a lot in prison. >> believing like the goodness in yourself, i think i believe that was taken away -- i took that away from myself growing up and once i rediscovered that i matter and i have value, i think that's the biggest thing that i take away from my experience. >> reporter: khan's mother says while the old law was unjust, she's just happy to have her son back. >> whatever happened, we just leave it behind because he is out here now. >> reporter: now it's hard to know exact numbers, but khan's attorney tells us there are about 800 people in prisons
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around the state of california who are eligible for resentencing and possible release under this new california law. jose will begin. >> thanks for that. in a few days some early tests for the b.a.r.t. extension in downtown san jose will begin, but the road to building a new terminal hasn't always been a smooth ride. kpix5's devin fehely is live in downtown san jose tonight with a new timeline. devin? >> reporter: yeah. the newberryessa b.a.r.t. station is right behind me. the station is empty and the trains are absent or idle. that's because of some other construction-related problems that for a time delayed this project, but it may finally be getting back on track. the vta says the work to finally open the long awaited milpitas and berryessa b.a.r.t. stations is for once ahead of schedule and could even be completed by the end of march.
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>> the staff, they felt almost ashamed this happened under their watch. they made sure they tried to lose as little alecoend th for turned around as fast as they did. >> reporter: kpix5 first uncovered problems back in september including the revelation a subcontractor installed more than 1,000 pieces of used equipment, routers and servers that formed the communications and security backbone of the new rail line. the vta said all that used equipment was removed and replaced by the end of last year. the transit agency is now set to begin early testing for the design and construction for the final leg of the extension that will take b.a.r.t. into the heart of downtown san jose and out to santa clara. >> so excited about it. if that could bring us more customers and more customers to downtown san jose, that would be great for me, for us, for our business. >> reporter: because all of the downtown b.a.r.t. stations will be underground, construction crews will drill down 150 feet below the street
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to collect soil samples. the vta says these initial tests should not be too disruptive, but commuters say they just want that project on track and on time. >> i could use it now if it was there because a lot of times i'll be coming from fremont trying to get to palo alto. that would be the perfect connection to the caltrain. >> reporter: here's how the vta's new timeline will work. they say they hope to have all the construction and testing on their part done by the ends of march. they will han the system over to b.a.r.t. including those new stations in milpitas and here in san jose. b.a.r.t. will have an additional six months of testing before the first trains and riders start rolling on that system. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix5. >> thank you. the high surf warning ended > t today, the high surf warning ended about an hour ago, but
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some large swells could linger into tomorrow and check out some of these rides. there was no shortage of good surf off san francisco today. chopper 5 spotted some of these people catching some pretty big waves compared to normal out near one of the rocky points at lands end. chief meteorologist paul deanno joins me. for the most part you want to keep the umbrella, but on the radar it's pretty nonexistent of shower activity yet. nobody told the ocean today that. >> exactly, that lag time. that storm was still pushing those swells in which were running 25 to 30 feet. the radar will get more active overnight into tomorrow morning, nothing out there now, but a few showers building offshore. to the north there's a weak weather system moving into northern california. after a big storm like we had wednesday it's always important to note what's coming is not going to being as strong as what we just had.
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that said we'll look at futurecast because it's high impact tomorrow morning if you're out and about, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, we may have a few showers around san francisco and the north bay has a chance of showers throughout the day. the rest of the bay area should be dry. widespread light to moderate rainfall is possible sunday. up in the mountains it will be more significant snowfall, snow level 6,000 feet and on sunday we could get 1 to 2 feet of additional snow sunday into sunday night more snow for the sierra. shower chance early tomorrow especially in the north bay. widespread rain is possible sunday. i'll have more on the seven-day forecast with a lot of sunshine in it coming up in a few minutes. >> paul, thanks. two women clash on an east bay trail both with their own stories to tell. now we're hearing from the jogger who says she feared for her life after a woman lunged at her and left her with a nasty bite mark. in klanhills withis vet clive iniew.
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da? >> reporter: both sides provide evidence to back up their story. the question is which story makes sense and who do you believe? the jogger says she's the innocent victim and she wants the district attorney to file charges against a dog owner who bit her. bitten by a dog owner = i asked her to call the dogs because they were rushing and circling says when is. >> i thought she was trying to kill me. i thought oh, my god, i'm going to die out here. >> reporter: cindy stainer gets emotional thinking about what happened earlier this month. she was jogging in the oakland hills and came across two dogs and their owner, alma cadwalader. >> i asked her to call the two dogs because they were rushing me and circling me and she didn't. >> reporter: cindy said when the shepherd husky mix nipped at her shorts, she pepper sprayed the dogs. >> miss cadwalader started screaming obscenities at me, what did you do to my dog? >> reporter: cindy started jogging away hoping to deescalate the situation. she said minutes later on her way back to the car the 19-year- old dog owner hit her in the head, pushed her to the ground
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with her face on the dirt and tried to take the pepper spray. she said when she wouldn't let go, the teen bit her. she said it lasted for about 10 to 15 seconds. >> she was literally latched to my arm, i mean latched to my arm. >> reporter: the dog owner released this video of her dog with a swollen eye. her attorney says cindy was the aggressivor and attacked alma. she said alma bit cindy in self- defense. >> miss strainer grabs her by the hair and starts kneeing her in the groin attacking her and as she has my client's hair firmly in her grip, my client bites to get her to release. >> reporter: cindy says that's a lie. >> probably more than anything is i want a public apology from her for attacking me physically and then maligning my name. >> reporter: cindy is a nurse at kaiser and a handful of her co-workers came to the interview today to defend her character saying that cindy is
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a trustworthy person. by the way, police arrested the dog owner. so far the d.a. has not filed any charges against the teenager and cindy's attorney says if the d.a. drops the case, they may file a civil lawsuit against the teen. live in the oakland hills, back to you. >> thank you. oakland teachers banded together and called out sick today, this while the school district and teachers union remain deadlocked on pay raises. today's sickout wasn't a union sanctioned events, but organizers say this is just a preview of what a strike could look like. according to education officials, they might vote to strike within the next month. aside from pail raises, pay raises, the union wants smaller class sizes. >> we're all here because we believe our students deserve the best. >> before another sickout last month the school district said
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teachers will face disciplinary action and they will be docked pay for calling in sick. coming up next the lessons elon musk is learning about the auto industry. >> tesla is about to lay off workers by the thousands, why it could make for a lower cost for customers who have been priced out. >> reporter: today i have the incredible fortune of stepping into some pools that some people have waited 3 1/2 years to enjoy. others, frankly, thought this day will never come. i will show you what's going on at harvon hot springs on the eve of reopening, that story coming up. don't miss the grand opening of the new floor & decor
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101 & broadway in the old gokart racer building. of its workforce... more than three thousand people.
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c-e-o elon musk says it's unavoidable... as tesla tries to reduce the tesla is laying off 7% of its workforce, more than 3,000 people. >> the ceo, elon musk, says it's unavoidable as tesla tries to reduce the sticker price for its mass market electric car, the model 3. investors reacted with a big selloff. tesla stock fell 13% today closing about $302 a share on the nasdaq. a bay area business professor sees the layoffs as standard growing pains for a startup like tesla. she notes that tesla ramped up labor quickly to try to meet early production targets and now it may be doing a reevaluation. company has done a lot for this community" tesla laid off about 9 percent last j >> the big challenge here is that while they're doing this a smalr labor pool? >> you never like to see anyone lose their livelihood, though. ultimately that's the worse possible scenario. why don't they just, you know,
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lower their profit margin? >> at the same time how many people do they have now that they're still going to be lejob know what? this company has done a lot for this community. >> tesla laid off about 9% of its workforce last june. that earlier round mostly spared people on the production lines. so this next story really is the epitome of rising from the ashes. the valley fire ripped through hundreds of homes and buildings in lake county more than three years ago and harbin hot springs which is north of middletown was gutted from the inside out, but now it looks nothing like it did in 2015. kpix5's wilson walker gives us a first look at the retreat that's ready to open its doors for the second time. ichardson ed to put on w >> reporter: if you knew and loved this place, i have an idea of how heartbroken you were when you heard what happened here. well, i cannot tell you how excited i am to show you what harbin hot springs looks like today. n to get here -
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an effort that spanned at least area - >> harbin used to put on workshops around personal change and development and i think this is the biggest workshop we've ever really done. >> reporter: it is the last minute hustle before the public returns and to say this has been an uphill climb would hardly do it justice. >> we've been climbing a mountain and we just got to the first ledge and there's a long way to climb beyond this, but we can rest here for a little bit. >> reporter: everywhere you look there is evidence of the love that went into this job, the handrails, the woodwork, the thoughts embedded into the concrete, in the trees that were salvaged from the fire itself. >> and playing it down and you can see how it makes a wonderful landscaping effect with the diffused lighting. >> reporter: 3 1/2 years it's taken to get here with the fires that were in the area and the men and women rebuilding harbin know they were california, you've been affected by fire and it doesn't
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just go away. >> we've been through this and we know how hard it is to get started and again took us three years even to get to this point. >> reporter: so if you come back, the fire really is still all around you. >> hundreds of thousands of trees were lost in this canyon, maybe a million. >> reporter: but some of the trees that burned are still very much alive. harbin, like the land itself, is a collision of what was lost and what has come afterwards, and every guest that returns will have to stop for a moment and sort all of that out for themselves. >> i'm sure there's going to be, since we experienced the same thing, our sense of loss, but it's going to be tempered with being able to slide into the warm waters again and just experience that sense of peace. >> reporter: harbin reopens tomorrow, but only for the days. if you're coming up here, you'll need a reservation because they can only handle so many people, but after 3 1/2 long years you can now come back here and get in the water. in the hot pool at harbin hot
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springs, wilson walker, kpix5. sports settling in >> no, no, he didn't. >> assignment of the day, wilson walker, rdthis week covering a lot of other weather events. in the sierra there's a winter storm watch for more snow coming up sunday. the snowpack has jumped 8% in a day. yesterday it was 103% of average. now it's 111. the north sierra leading the way, 113% of average. that's great because that's the water that we will be using and filling our reservoirs come summertime. it felt like summer outside for a little bit today at least in san francisco. you made it to the 60s, about the average high for july as well, san jose currently 61, oakland 62. we will have scattered showers san cisco, oakland d north overnight. san francisco dropping to 53 tonight, fremont and mountain view 50, concord 51, napa 49 degrees. there are the showers building off the marin and sonoma coastline, a high impact when you're talking about rain to
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start your weekend, a few showers for saturday morning. mountain view, you're too far south for showers. you'll get a mild and partly sunny afternoon with a high of 65. we all have a chance of some light to moderate rainfall with breezy conditions coming up on sunday. even though i'm talking about saturday morning showers, sunday will be the wetter day. this ridge will eventually get much closer to us taking the storm track, sending it up to washington and british columbia, but it's still building in our direction. there's a weathermaker going over it. there's another one coming on sunday. just up and over that ridge and sliding into northern california. there are your scattered light showers tomorrow morning by 9:00 or 10:00. only the north bay will see showers. that chance will exist into the afternoon for the north bay. sunday the ridge retreats and we get a more widespread rainfall light to moderate on and off. all of that goes away monday because here comes that ridge. how much rain? mind you we got about 2 inches of rain on average. on wednesday we're talking about 1/4 to 1/3 of 1 inch of rainfall sunday, so yes, some
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light to moderate rain, some breezy conditions and that's about it. here comes the ridge. it moves in monday. it will last all week long through the end of your holiday weekend and all of the shortened work and school week. it will be sunny and mild. mainly north bay showers tomorrow, breezy conditions with on and off rainfall sunday. we'll have cool, clear nights and sunny days next week, 60s tomorrow, san jose some sunshine, 66, santa rosa some showers, 61 degrees. after that rain is finished on sunday you've earned it. you'll get it. mainly sunny skies monday through friday with highs in the 50s and 60s. that's your forecast. it's boogyman day.... ...about an hour or so away from sports settling in. guess what day it is. guess what day it is. cousins its nba basketball....from the entertainment it is boogeyman day. about an hour or so away from the long awaited warrior debut, the big man demarcus boogie cousins, nba basketball from the entertainment basketball capital of the world, los angeles.
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fans...tonight is your night!!! dubs finally get to unwrap a 6-foot, 11 gift.... demarcus cousins. nba up top, if you love the golden state warriors, fans, tonight is your night. the dubs finally get to unwrap a 6-foot 11 gift, demarcus cousins, in the line-up tonight signed with the dubs in july, tore his achille's nearly a year ago and now we get to see if the veteran all-star can gel with the rest of the offense against the los angeles clippers, a 7:30 jump. both cousins and head coach steve kerr are preaching patience with his return and chemistry. they probably won't get it. >> we can't overstate what this guy's coming back from and i
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know there's going to being instant judgment analysis, criticism. we're either going to be the end of the night unbeatable or in big trouble. >> there's one thing to be scrimmaging against coaches or players, whatever the case may be, but to actually be in a game setting, that's just a whole other element. be patient with me. state in berkeley, 77-63. star meantime ladies night with the pac-12 play, cal has won already in the books. they beat washington state in berkeley 77-63, star player scoring 29. 2-3 in the conference. sixth ranked stanford hosts washington later. palm springs, pga desert classic in round 2 phil mickelson out of the cat box, 7 hole and that is butter. set himself up for birdie. yesterday had 60, 68 today, birdied four of his last five holes and leads the field by
6:25 pm
two. nfl, bring in the conference championship game sunday, afc, patriots and chiefs, channel 5 game, 3:30. earlier at noon the nfc rams at saints. by the way, rams running back cj anderson has played just three games for los angeles this season. what's he done? well, he's rushed for over 100 yards in each game. he's a vallejo native, cal alum, was put by the panthers and raiders during the regular season before being picked up by the rams. one of the reasons anderson says he has had success, he's fresh. he's only played in 10 games this season. >> i'm the freshest running back in the league. i'm not going to say still fresh, but i'm fresher than mark and alvin and todd for sure. i'm out there flying around on practice just being a kid having fun and part of it, i look faster than everybody else, part of it's because i'm fresh. >> almost an all cal backfield because jared goff is the quarterback.
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>> that's right. >> another bay area product from marin county. >> be some good games. any one of these four teams could win the super bowl. >> get your popcorn. lay a log on the fire. have your favorite beverage and enjoy. >> are you going to make a call on who's going to the super bowl? >> i hate doing that. >> come on, vern. >> i'll go rams, patriots. >> thanks, vern. coming up next he's not letting a recent crash stop him, the nearly 100-year-old british royal that will soon get back behind the wheel. >> keep your eyes open for a celestial show, where and when to watch the super blood wolf moon lunar eclipse this weekend. we'll have that story tonight on the news at 11:00.
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prince philip crashed his car yesterday in britian... but thankfully.. no one was hurt. but now... it looks like the 97 year old... will be getting back behind the whee prince philip crashed his car yesterday in britain. thankfully no one was hurt. >> bit of a sticky wicket, but now it looks like the 97-year- old will be getting back behind the wheel again. that's fair warning. the royal estate today. it's still unclear if he caused h. a new black land rover similar to the one he flipped yesterday was delivered to the royal estate today, still unclear if he caused the crash, but despite that he's got insurance. he said today he's ready to get behind the wheel again. there was talk after the crash that he would most likely retire from driving, but apparently that is not the
6:30 pm
case. >> wow. do royals get in trouble with the law? like what happens next? >> i don't know. cbs evening news coming up next. >> good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this friday, the report that says president trump directed his lawyer to lie to congress, we detail the legal implications. se huge storm dropping snow and ice from the midwest to the northeast. and "on the road," a wrestler shows us the real meaning of nirength. all that and much more beginning with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> a bombshell report has washington buzzing. >> if this report is true, we aye likely on our way to possible impeachment proceedings. >> two words sum it up: categorically false. >> dangerous winter weather from coast to coast. >> 100 million americans are in the path of a powerful winter storm. >> the northwest could see up to two feet of snow.


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