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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  January 20, 2019 8:30am-9:00am PST

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> brennan: it's sunday, january 20th. i'm margaret brennan, and this is "face the nation." as a historic shutdown enters week five president trump offers temporary protection for some i am tkpwraptsz in exchange for his border wall. >> i want this to end. it has to end now. these are not talking points. >> brennan: democrats said no. they won't negotiate until the government reopens. we will talk with vice president mike pence about that and the president's plans for a seco wis president. robert mueller makes a public statement, regarding the
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president's former attorney lying to congress. >> adam schiff and john kennedy weight in. in syria, four americans were killed in a suicide attack. we will talk with bret mcgurk he is warning the terror group is getting new life plus. >> i will stand up for what i believe in. >> brennan: we will hear from kristen gillibrand who announced running for president. all that coming up on "face the nation." >> brennan: good morning. well come to "face the nation." we begin today with vice president mike pence. e>> gd morning, margaret. brennan: you arrived here today with secret service agents
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with you 24 hours a day. are they getting paid during the shut down? and 800,000 federal workers are not going without pay. if we don't have a resolution the pay checks won't go out at the end of the week. we have a crisis at our southern border, margaret. huni arimanandcu these presidee determined to secure the border, end the shut down. what the president articulated yesterday was a good faith common sense compromise where the president laid out his priorities building a physicalr, a steel barrier. new resources for boarder patrol, humanitarian assistance and technology. the president announced he would support legislation providing testimony poor airiel years ofeg status for those in the daca
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program and those with temporary protective status. it's a effort to compromise and we really look forward to the is not ate taking this bill up tuesday and work in earnest. not just to end the government shutdown. it's a burden on the families of 800,000 federal workers. more importantly address the crisis on the southern border. >> brennan: if this was a genuine attempt why weren'tmocre de consultations for this many. >> margaret, we have talked to democrats the last four weeks. >> brennan: who. >> the president has met with democratic leadership all the way through -- >> brennan: the democra starter. >> look that meeting in the wednesday the president looked at speaker pelosi and said if i gave you everything you wanted and signed legislation for funding most of the government and had a 30-day extension on
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homeland security. he said to her, inding w to secure the boarder and a wall. she said no. anwipresident has to reach out rthk s eannadte. fil when the president presented yesterday is a effort to bring together ideas from both political parties. i think it's a act of statesmanship to say this is what i'm for. my priorities, priorities of democrats for some period of time. we believe it provides a framework, a framework for ending this impass, securing the border -- >> brennan: i didn't hear you say which democrats support it. >> right. well the president met with the problem solver caucus. i think we all know who was there. we are grateful for their presence. we have had good conversations
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with democrat members of the senate. their leadership has discouraged them. i want to respect the conversations. i think what the american people saw the president do yesterday, i want to set the table for us resolving this issue in a way to achieve his objectives to secure the border. end the humanitarian security crisis. end the government shut down. also bring together the democrats priorities to accomplish. that that's what the american people expect us to do. honestly you know the hearts and minds of the american people today are thinking about it being the weekend. we are remembering the life and the work of reverend martin luther king jr. one of my favorite quotes is, now is the time to make real th- he inspired america and inspired that'sctlly whatperfect union.
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president trump is calling on the congress to do. come to the table in a spirit of good faith. secure the border, reopen the government, and move to a broader discussion about immigration reforms in the months ahead. >> brennan: you have said the offer on the table is not amnesty. the president tweeted something "amnesty will be used on a much bigger deal whether on immigration or something else" was that a offer for a path to citizenship? >> i will let the president's words stand. >> brennan: do you know what he meant? >> yes i do. brennan: what was it. >> at the end of his remarks yesterday he made it very clear. this proposal is funding to secure our border, to build a steel barrier on the southern border, give additional resources to the department of home land security, what they have requested for personnel,
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facilities, detection, and human taerpb assistance. the president has said he's more than willing for this legislation coming to the floor on tuesday to extend temporarily relief to people that are in the tps program and the daca program. at the noted of the speech i hope the american people heard him. once we move past this impasse and build trust with the parties, this is a president determined to fix our broken immigration system in the country. it all begins with border security. >> brennan: will he come down from the $5.7 billion ask. is that up for negotiation. >> that's the president's request. the senate leadership has agreed to bring theill tfloor with our request for funding of the wall and other resources. look, we recognize the legislative process is a process of give and take. the democrats want amendments and recommendations forward, the
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president will give them due consideration. the president is determined to build a steel barrier on the southern pwoeurder in the ten priority areas that the department of home land security said we need a physical barrier. it's roughly 234 miles. it's not from sea to sea. it's 234 miles of additional steel barrier. frankly you look back at prior administrations. virtually the last four presidents have all built similar barriers on the southern border. including president obama, we just want to respond to the needs that we have to secure our border. once the legislative process goes forward. i know president trump will listen to recommendations from the others inspectedder general this week that said the trump administration separated far more children from parents then initially reported. more than the 2700 and couldn't put a figure on it.
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do you regret the policy. >> the president has reversed the policy. >> brennan: do you regret what happened to the more than 2700 children? >> i think we regret not only that circumstance but what is driving that circumstance. it's one of the reasons the president had secretary nielsen negotiate with mexico that going forward we will allow families to remain in mexico while applying for asylum. it would take away them coming into our system that's ill equipped to handle families and unaccompanied minors come ago cross the border today. majority of 60,000 people that are detained attempting to come into the country illegally every single month, more than 2000 a day are families, una companied children. we have arrangement with mexico where the families can remain in mexico. the president recommended that we allow children to apply for
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asylum in the central american countries. look the mu man traffickers and the cartels take american cash to entice families to send their family or their children on the long and dangerous journey north. we want that to end. these reforms will advance that from ending but look it's time for congress to come to the table. >> brennan: i do want to, sorry to interrupt you. we want to ask two quick things. it's rare to get time with you. do you care to comment on the buzzfeed report that the special council found issue with but not specific, what part of the report was inaccurate. >> the special council said the report from buzzfeed was inaccurate. the response for many in the national media to take it at face value -- - >> brennan: what part was wrong? >> -- and hyper ventilating about the accusations against
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the president was a disgrace. >> brennan: what part was wrong. >> there is an obsession in this town. we fully have cooperated with the special council. over a million documents. we will continue to fully cooperate. i will let the special council address the issue. the president maintains he did nothing wrong. what the american people saw this week is the obsession of many in the national media. frankly some democrats on capitol hill to assume the worst of this president. frankly we appreciate -- >> brennan: -- tell us what part was inaccurate. >> -- we appreciate the special council making clear that report was inaccurate. the special council will complete his work. we will focus on the irk use most important to the american people. >> brennan: very quickly. four americans were killed in a suicide attack in syria this week. that day you gave a speech saying the isis was defeated do.
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you regret saying that? the deaths seem to contradict that. >> first and for most we are deeply saddened by the loss of these four brave americans. we were praying, especially yesterday, when the president joined their families at dover airforce base. their contributions will be forever inshrined in the hearts of the american people. look president obama -- >> brennan: should you have said that. >> let me be clear. president obama withdrew american forces from iraq in 2011 isis rows up -- >> brennan: that's the criticism to what is happening now -- >> when we came into office two years ago today. president trump said we will drive isis out of iraq. we will drive them out of existence. because of the sacrifices and courage of those four americans and people like them, the end of
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2017 we captured so called capitol of them in r roca. the isis state has been defeated. as i said in that speech, the president wants to bring our troops home. he wants to make sure we hand off the fight of the isis in syria, what remains in isis in syria to collision partners and we continue to support them with american assets in the region. the isis group has crumbled thanks to the courage of our armed forces in the region. we will continue to drive isis from the region and the face of the eater r. earth. >> brennan: mr. vice president thank you for your time today. >> thank you, margaret. brennan: next up we talk to adam schiff.
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>> brennan: we're back with adam schiff, a calf democrat and ally
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to speaker pelosi. adam schiff, welcome to "face the nation." would you like to respond to anything the vice president just said? >> i think the vice president and president know what the president announced yesterday would not go anywhere. it wasn't intended to. i think it was a effort to prop up the president's sagging poll numbers. it did nothing to get us close together shut down. the president denounced the shut down. said he would be proud of it. he's proud of it he needs to put an end to it. that's what we hoped we would hear from the president. people have suffered enough. federal employees are going without another pay check. that's what a real president would do. instead what this is really about is not border security. what this is about is a broken promise that the president made and made it cheerly false song and dance cod build a great beautiful wall and
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pay for it. >> brennan: you don't see this as a opening for daca getting at least there are years of protection. >> no, it was saying, lock i created a problem taking away protection for dreamers and refugees. i'm willing to undo part of the damage temporarily to get my wall. well, that's not really a offer. it wasn't intended to be. at the end of the day what the president wants to replace one fraudulent promise with another. the promise mexico would pay with now taxpayers paying with reimbursement of nafta. pwrafplt how do you see the special statement of the report of buzzfeed that the president directed his attorney to lie to congress about business dealings in russia. >> i assume this was prompted by the reaction of the buzzfeed
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report. also it may have to do with the special council wanting to use michael cohen as a witness in further prosecutions and wanted to make sure the public didn't have the perception he was saying more than he was saying, to the special council. i think we need to pay attention to what we do know that wasn't included in the statement. we know michael cohen has shared information about core matters about the russian i investigation that he learned from people associated with the trump organization, the business organization. we also know from the special council he has shared information about his communications with people associated with the white house during 2017 and 2018. is that period 18 that michael cohen is making false statements publicly about the trump tower deal. there is a lot more to learn. >> brennan: are you still investigating the claims some. >> absolutely.
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can congress has a fundamental interest in two things. first, getting to the bottom why this witness came before us and lied. who else was knowledgeable this was a lie. >> brennan: you will ask questions from michael cohen? >> yes. we have a date for him to come in voluntarily or if necessary by subpoena. the other reason we have to get to the bottom of this is bill barr testified last week he wouldn't commit to following the advice of ethics lawyers. he wouldn't commit to making the mueller report public. either one of those ought to be reasons not to confirm him. the combination of both should be disqualifying. >> brennan: would you sub even at report to make it public. >> we will do everything necessary to make the report public. more than that, they will fight us on this. we need to do our own investigations. at the end of the day if the justice department tries to
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stonewall the release of the report for whatever reason the american people need to know what happened. we are going to have to press bartrr fo wantedh. to be attorney general, he could bring a credible resolution to the investigation and insure justice in the department will be impossible. known that he was chosen for the investigation, he refuses to follow equityics advice, and attempt to bury any progress report. there is no reason the majority of americans to have confidencen the president knew michael cohen was going to lie but didn't tell him to lie, there is something to do about that, is that obstruction of justice? >> if the knew he would lie, butten didn't urge hi don't know if t crime. it would behat's unethical.
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this president has done a lot of things deeply unethical. the question remains and rudy guiliani, i guess said this morning he's not writing off the possibility that the president micha cenbouttalkedo his testimony or others have as well. we need to know exactly what the conversations were. they're not protected by any kind of a privilege. if anyone was instructing whether it was the president or other people affiliated with the white house or trump organization encouraging a witness to lie. we need to know about it. i will say another thing. we know the president's public statements have been false as it pertains to his business dealings with russia. so the combination of his public falsehoods with false testimony before congress certainly contributes to a picture of >>: ruction of justice. nnanre congressman. we turn to johnnee kendyresp onr
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keeping the department of justice in check. he joins us this morning from new orleans. senator, would you like to respond to anything the congressman said there? what is your interpretation of the special council statement regarding this report? >> myrget, sat through every minute of the hearing is that there is an fbi rule that says an investigation report is not released. it's give to the attorney general. the attorney general reports on the report. now i have said how i feel about it i think they ought to release mueller's report for a couple of reasons. one, it will leak anyway. washington dc leaks like the titanic. number two, think the american people have a right to know. if there is a rule that gets in the way i hope that mr. barr will consider, consider waving
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it. >> brennan: is that a factor in you deciding to vote him in for confirmation. >> no, i think barr is implement knee qualified. anybody who thinks. if anybody who thinks this report is going to remain confidential has been smoking some of that medicinal marijuana. pwrafplt back to the report in buzzfeed whether the president directed his attorney to lie. what do you understand the special council's comment on that to mean? >> i found what happened with respect to the buzzfeed article, it was embarrassing. i think the first amendment was bruised. reporters make mistakes. we all do. nds asnnan: buzzfeed sta dd. >> ianswer to the fact thatwhat surprise is ne
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making a mistake intention or not, it was astonishing to me that so many folks didn't stop and say, hey, let's think about this. could this be true. the sources? have these particular reporters had problems before? it was almost as if, some of the reporting was not reporting it was wishful thinking. think that hurts the first amendment. >> brennan: senator i'm coming up against time. i will ask you quickly. will you vote for the president to end the shut down with the proposal. >> yes. it represents progress, not perfection. ms. pelosi's response was predictable. i can promise you the more -- democrats are now happy with the president putting something on the table. third point, i talked to the president about this issue for about an hour last week.doudea d
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as 4:00 o'clock. >> brennan: senator kennedy, thank you for your time. we will be back in a moment.
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>> brennan: in our next half hour we talk with the presidential candidates and former trump envoy to the collision against isis. kristen dill i brand has announced jump into the democratic primary race. she spent the weekend campaigning in washington. we will ask her why she thinks she should be the next president of the united states. and for the first time since resigning from the trump administration brentmcgurk will tell us about his experiences. discussing his concerns of the president pulling out troops from seer ya. all that is coming up on "face the nation."
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>> brennan: we will be right back with more "face the nation," and a lot more in our second half hour. stay with us.
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