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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 20, 2019 9:35pm-10:05pm PST

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♪ (cheers and applause). >> james: last week i grabbed some friends chris pratt, elizabeth banks and will an et and took them-- arnett to space camp to find out which one of us what make the best astronaut. >> i have come to alabama with chris pratt, will arnett and liz baths banks, the star of the lego movie 2-rbgs that movie ip. so we will find out which of us makes the best astronaut by going to space camp..
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(laughter) welcome to space camp are, my name is captain robert gibson but please all of you call me hoot. >> you got t robert. >> i am a navy fighter pilot, space shuttle astronaut and gotf to spend over 36 days in orbit. >> james: wow, what about that. >> thank you for your service, hoot. >> thank you. >> james: you have already made us feel very inadequate. well done. >> today i'm going to be evaluating which of you is best ur nl wei jusastrt. cntrige, itu like we experience in space shuttle launches.
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>> we look like real astronaut. >> you know that song where they say we don't need another hero, turns out we do. >> you look incredible able. >> i know. >> you look incredible. >> oh my god. >> we're going to up 4g. >> no, we're in the. >> we're going to 4 grks g. >> okay guys, now you're spinning. [bleep]. >> now you're feeling it. >> oh my god. >> you guys are doing great. >> oh my god. >> is this the fastest anybody has ever gone, this is 2g, get ready for 3. god.
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>> can you touch your nose. >> put your fingers in james mouth. >> the extra vehicle lar activity simulator or eva mimics the effects of working outside the space shuttle in weightlessness. we've got a broken satellite and we need to repair it. >> easy, easy, easy. james, are you coming? oh, something broke, something snapped. >> how do i get to it? >> i mean would that happen in space? would there be a roll of tape somewhere. okay, zero watch. >> whooo. >> oh my god, you're up there. >> hold on, oh, hold on. hold on. >> this is certificate
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terrifying, this is absolutely terrifying. i'm in, i'm in, i'm in. >> all right, come on back, come on back. >> yeah, baby. oh god. >>out ow. >> dam it pratt what are you doing down there, dammit prat, he don't have time for thrk dammit pratt, get your ass back to mission control. >> i'm doing this one for you, mom. >> he's got the line, he's got the light. >> look at this handoff, this handoff is a thing of beauty. >> it's now up to you arnett, go, g go. >> if i don't come back, make sure to clear my browser history. (laughter). >> james: come on, guys. >> well done. ♪ guess what mi going to do that is supercool and really in style
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that my kids aren't going to be embarrassed about it. >> what? >> space dab. >> are you dabbing you can't-- there is zero tolerance on dabbing. >> let's go. >> just. >> t mine us, is this okay. to press these because i'm just pressing to enjoy it. >> i don't think. so please don't do it. >> three, two, one. >> ready for launch, liftoff. >> oh my god. >> whoa. >> that is a barrel roll. >> and i think it's going to be a long long time. ♪ touchdown baby. ♪ not the man i am at all snoapt oh no no no. ♪ i'm a rocket man. ♪. >> do i have to ryne line up these dots. >> there you go, you do after
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the diamond. >> bring her home, bring her home, great job british bull dog. take us home. >> there is something that you should know we have not told you yet since you came back from that anomaly, you've been gone 18 years. >> wait, what? >> everything has changed. >> welcome home, soldier. (laughter) >> i aim to put the cross on the diamond. >> as far as the landing gear, discovery. >> you are going to have to hand crank it. >> i can't hold it steady, i can't hold it steady. >> have i to go put the landing gear down myself. >> oh, the children. >> oh, oh, oh, no, discovery, discovery. oh no!
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>> oh my god. did we get lights. >> oh yeah, yeah. >> all fowfer you exhibited the k50eu7bd of intelligence, bravery and creativity that we look for in astronauts. but we can only have one winner. and elizabeth, are you the one with the right stuff. >> yeah! (applause) >> that was really fun, you know, really we're all winners cuz think of the friends we made along the way. but also i totally should have won and this whole [bleep] thing is rigged. >> i won, when do we go. >> when do we go to space. >> i just feel like it's my time, you know, and i'm the hero that the world needs right now. >> she knows that they is not actually going to space, right? (cheers and applause). >> james: i would like to
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♪ >> james: welcome back, everybody, hey, reg, you know what time it is, it is time for the "late, late show" dancecam, if the camera lands on you get up and show us what you got, hit it. ♪ this is how we do it. ♪ this is how we do it. ♪ >> james: hey, oh yeah. ♪ nice. ♪ h ♪ oh no, oh come on, give us a
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dance. ♪ i can't, i-- i can't follow that guy, he was too good. you really should have ended it after that. >> james: it's not a competition, it's a celebration, it's not about being good or bad, you have to let loose. we want to see him have a dance, don't we? (cheers and applause). >> james: come on. >> okay, all right, fine, fine, i'll dance. >> james: all right, here we go. this is how we do it. ♪ this is how we do it. ♪--
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(applause) (laughter). >> james: what was that? >> that-- that was my dance moves. >> james: right, well, that was a letdown. you shouldn't have done that. you shouldn't have agreed to do that. that has left a really bad, that left a bad feeling in the room. that was not. >> i didn't want to do it you told me to do it, this is on you. >> james: there is no way i could have known it would have been that bad, okay. like i thought you were being coy like no, i can't dance and everyone was going to or you. you should have fought back harder. you should have explained that-- you should have let me know how bad that was going to be. >> okay, i'm sorry, i'm sorry. >> james: you have killed the dancecam. you killed it. do you know how bad you have to be to kill a dancecam?
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right? my mom. >> come on! okay, give me another chance, can i do better. i will do all my best moves. (laughter) (applause) >> can i do it. >> james: i don't know. >> i swear. >> james: i don't know, dude thrrt, fain, i mean what have we got to lose. this is probably the lowest point in the show's history. and that's saying something. all right, here we go, hit the music. here we go. this is how we do it. ♪ this is how we do it. ♪ (applause). >> james: that was
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unbelievable. >> thank you, thank you so much. >> james: i cannot believe you were able to make it worse than your last one aw. (laughter) >> i should go. >> james: yeah, i think you should. yeah. this is how we do it. >> james: no, no, no, no. no. >> no music. >> james: he leaves in silence. >> okay. >> aw. >> okay. now he's gone, can we get a
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little bit moref dancers, can we get some more of that. ♪ this is how we do it. ♪ this show we do it. ♪ we'll be right back with more of the "late, late show," everybody. #r "green book" is the feel good movie
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>> james: welcoming back. i recently met up with my buddy seattle seahawks superstar quarterback russell wilson to find out which one of us can deliver fast food the fastest. take a look. >> i'm lear with seattle seahawks quarterback russell wilson and we're going to play a game. here is how it works, i will jump? a consider with a stunt driver from the fast & the furious, we are going to tear around this fresh and meaty drive thru and rustle is going to deliver us food very, very fast food. ef reitem of food that et goes delivered we're going to donate $1,000 to l.a. food bank. after that we will switch places and the person who successfully delivers the most food will be crowned the winner, does this make sense?hae. start th sunday nightto food form, before we stafort let's warm up, get our arm ready. yes, so do you feel good? >> i feel good.
9:59 pm
>> oh. >> james: come on now. come on now. >> that wasn't it. that wasn't it. >> james: so what am i doing wrong with my hands where should my hands be. >> first of all you want to put this finger right there. your hands are a lot smaller than mine. let's see. >> james: it's embarrassing. look at that. >> that's the difference. >> james: that's like when i hold hands with my four year old daughter. >> you want to use your hip, the wrist is the key. >> and the way your eyes are looking. >> james: when i hear wrist and hip there is the hip and there is the rest. is that right. >> that was the best one yet. >> okay. >> james: are you ready to do this. >> okay, all right. here we go. here we go. >> james: oh my god, oh my god. oh [bleep] oh, god.
10:00 pm
(laughter) >> i knew you were-- i hope this is your cheat day. >> that would have hurt. ness i threw that way too hard. >> oh, it's in my ear. >> a little milkshake, a little nacho mama. >> oh, oh my goodness me. >> you look good. >> you are too good at that. >> i moan that is like a regular order at a drive thru for me but-- oh my. >> that last line. >> give me a hug, man, come on. all right.
10:01 pm
>> get in the car. >> round two. i'm at the fresh and meaty k a get a double cheese bugger are and some fries. whooo! that's all you got, james. >> hey, russell, how do you like my goodies. >> they taste good. >> you are a little short, russell, that is maybe why i'm missing. oh. >> come on, come on now you wants some chilly fries, some chime fries. >> that got me moving here. >> that was the direct hit. >> hey, james-- . >> hey russell, you forgot your
10:02 pm
fries. you forgot your fries. >> oh man, that was great. that was fantastic. russell, it is a fact, you successfully delivered more food than me. are you the champion. >> disgusting. >> james: are you the champion. russell wilson, everybody. what a great sport. thanks for being in the stud yovment our thanks to russell wilson for the 14 point score, that is $14,000 for the l.a. food banker. if you want to help go to we'll be right back with more of the "late, late show," everybody.
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