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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  January 21, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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the most part we have some sunshine as we start this week. good morning it is january 21 son what? >> i love that. >> it has been so long and we haven't later today. it was so stormy last week. and changes are coming. we had some lingering showers out the, it won't last long, and you can see especially across the south bay. showers in los gatos. and that is all wrapping up. high pressure building. we had that sunshine. here this is looking east at the bay bridge. temperatures are in the 40s about 50 in those spots from concord. and livermore at 47. 46 in san jose. and this is down to 38. so, a few spotty showers this
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h afternoonwith teures and conditns. y all wea but, for this holiday we are looking at plenty of sunshine temperatures in the middle to upper 50s as we go through the day on this martin luther king jr. day. so this is what we are going to expect. inland locations topping out in the upper 60s to near 70. you know exactly when, coming up. we start off with a live look at the golden gate bridge. a wind advisory across the span. so both hands on that steering wheel but so far so good. as far as traffic goes, no delays coming out of the county and not a lot of the cars on the roadway just yet. hopefully we will have a lighter than usual monday morning commute. all right. elsewhere windy conditions
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along 580 through the altamont pass. no delays as of yet. coming away from the 205. what 580, we do rert involv and a advise that that is there. and a vehicle reported here this is northbound 101 that was blocking at least the left lane. we are seeing a lot of green on our sensors. a good start with our morning drive. everything along the peninsula is cleared. we take a look at that coming up next. the nation remembers martin luther king jr. and his efforts to bring a quality across races. here is a list of places and services impacted. financial institutions are closed, post offices are closed, this will run on a saturday schedule with free parking. service from richmond start earlier than usual. and additional early trains will run from richmond and daly
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city. muni is on the saturday schedule. and parking meterscio but monday through friday street sweeping will not be. a much is scheduled starting at 11 am. thousands are expected to participate in a half mile journey. and stopping by the willie mays plaza. before ending at the garden. and in oakland, the fifth annual much will also start at 11 am. there will be an event at the plaza starting at 7:45 am until 8 pm. construction is beginning in downtown san jose on the new extension. this is very preliminary work that we are going to be testing. and that's going to cost them road closures downtown in the area of santa clara street to
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north market and north third street. eventually there will be four station in san jose at the santa clara those stations won't be open until about 2026. you may remember some of those delays that we have been talking about in part because of used equipment, used parts are part of the system that were purchased and then they had to be extracted because they were routers in there were some consider 30 returns. we are going to see this happening. and, as far as the noise it's only going to be as loud as a lawnmower. so it should be too disruptive. and you know they say, short- term pain long-term gain. thank you. we are in week five of the partial government shutdown as we take a live look at the capitol building in washington dc. president trumps plan to end
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the shutdown didn't seem to work over the weekend. democrat thing that they won't budge until the government is statement sunday night to the hundreds of thousands of utter work who are not getting paid during a shutdown calling them great patriots. this coming one day after he laid out a proposal aimed at ending the standoff. >> this is a commonsense compromise both parties should embrace. >> is offering three years of extended protection for dreamers and for immigrants and protected data sustaining a. in exchange, the president wants i $.7 billion for a border barrier. >> we need walls. >> democratic officials are incident in the offer saying it is a temporary reprieve for what he has done. she called the speech unacceptable and a not.
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>> mr. president, open up n dem and republicans can have a civil discussion and come up with bipartisan solutions. >> federal courts will run out of money this week and food stamps in february. school lunches could take a hit in march. >> we have to reach the point where government shutdowns are absolutely on except where we see the president in the president says the congress this is a tool that you can use to put political pressure on anybody. we have breaking news, senator, hilarious officially announcing -- harris announcing her bid for the presidential election in 2006 -- 2020 election. a group of teens seen
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taunting a war veteran is sparking outrage. but as they explained, these are now talking indicating that there may be more to the story than what was seen on camera. >> both the high school students in the native american veterans at the center of this controversial viral video are speaking out. >> i just wanted him to look at my country to see what's happening. like look at this. >> this shows teenagers making fun of nathan phillips. the students from the catholic high school of kentucky were at the national mall attending a march for the life raleigh. phillips was there for the indigenous peoples rally. >> our boys were targeted. they were targeted from the get- go. immediately there were all these people running around filming. >> chaperone say that a third group, african-american hebrew israelites started it by
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yelling hateful things. those chaperones are sharing this video of that confrontation. >> our boys didn't do anything to they didn't attack those gentlemen. >> philip said he saw the encounter and inserted himself between the groups helping to calm the situation. >> they could've walked away but they decided that they wanted to stay. >> the teenagers standing face- to-face with phillips has been identified as nick in a written statement he says i believe that i remain motionless and, is helping to the diffuse the situation. i said a silent prayer that it would not get out of hand. they say since the incident they have received death threats. the diocese of the high school says that the matter was being investigated. they also apologized to phillips. a man is that after shots writing out an east oakland party. the 22 shot on 22nd avenue.
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they said happened while the victim was standing outside of a house party. the shooter fled the scene. the victim's name and has not been released. police and crimestoppers are each offering up to $10,000 in reward money for information leading to the killers arrest. getting closer to going on strike, the oakland education association called for a vote yesterday. it's the latest in a showdown between the school district and its workers. they say that they want more student resources smaller class sizes and what they call a living wage for its workers. union and community members are using art to send a message. they met in oakland to create signs and banners for a possible strike. >> when you are in a struggle like that you have to keep your spirits up. i making things actually together we are building is strengthening.
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>> teachers could strike us in is mid february. heads up if you want to check out san mateo. devon explains. >> the san mateo police department says that the break- ins happened early friday morning. and that people look up to broken glass. >> investigators that they methodically moved their neighborhood along this area targeting cars that were left. and that had valuables left inside. and all too familiar story here. >> it is mostly a reaction of anger and i didn't feel like i was violated i was just angry. i think that they are doing as good of a job as they can. >> they say that they are investigating a break-in. they say that they had experienced an increase in property crimes eight troubling trend they say is true.
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homeowner said the break-ins have them on the alert. >> keep your doors locked. all you can do is the common sense things. t just tag away. neighbors say that there watching each other's backs. >> cannot cameras are you can leave the lights on and neighbors are always observant. it's never really going to prevent something. is 4:41 am. the super bowl showdown coming up. a rising star booked his ticket to the big game in a matchup with the bay area legend. we spoke with his family. and taking a live look outside in san francisco as we start off this monday morning we will be right back after this.
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live new desk and making the official, kamal harris is running for president in 2020. she just tweet it was simple she said, i'm running for president let's do this together. this is been predicted and finally she is making the big announcement that she's going to jump into the race. she is california's attorney general, san francisco district attorney she is a senator and she is making the leap to run for president. she's been time a long supporter of rock obama. so i assume he will be out campaigning for her. her official mpiset to happnext oakland which is her hometown. so it's going to be an interesting race. and focusing now here on the bay area and california's new early primary. an interesting to note that there are three senators in the
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race and she is the fourth woman to declare for the presidency. >> and the first african- american woman to declare. >> thank you. a rising nfl star's super bowl bound both the rams and the patriots will be led by the bay area quarterbacks. the rams quarterback jared goff celebrated a stunning victory. some of his family members cheered him on. they watched him play sports for a very young age. he went to marin catholic and went on to play football where he holds many records. >> well, he is very competitive. and he's humble. >> yes he is. >> and it is like he always did a team effort for all of his growing up. you know it wasn't all about him. >> tom brady is from san mateo.
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and these are opposing starting quarterbacks. there is a big day of history. >> well, to they area quarterbacks of course. and it is the sixth ring. >> i think i was losing my voice here from yelling at the tv. >> review angry? >> no comment. >> they were controversial call. love did you see it? i don't know. this event with an unforgettable name. and it peaks the clouds. >> it is called a blood wolfman. it was visible across the united states, europe, and parts of africa and russia at the space and science center in oakland. they clouds covering but then the clouds parted in the viewing party moved outdoors. >> scientifically it's just
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called a lunar eclipse the moon as it orbits around the earth passes through the shadow. it is a rusty red color has the name blood moon. >> native americans used moons and lunar eclipses to tell the time. >> and they named it each month after something. so, this is a wolfman. and it requires howling. >> howl at the moon. another super blood wolfman will appear in july but it will only appear to be visible in africa and in europe. i didn't get a chance to see it but i had a friend who is in san francisco who said thousands of goals were flying around in circles right around that time. he met the werewolves route to. >> that's right. >> it was funny as on facebook
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and one of my friends posted if you are reading this, you should be outside looking at the moon. >> that's right. the clouds parted a little bit. we were able to check it out and. that was great to see. we did have moved in. we are looking at clear skies as we go through the afternoon. if you wanted that sunshine you got it later on. but that was ace the secular sight in the sky. with that lunar eclipse. and that super blood moon. here is doppler radar. you can see a few showers lingering from that system. it's pretty much about it. we are going to see things wrap up as we go through the day. especially for the morning here. this is our south a san jose camera. we are looking at temperatures right around 50. 46 san jose. and a chilly 38 in santa rosa this morning. so here's what you can expect,
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a few lingering showers on high definition doppler turning sunny through the afternoon as high pressure building and this is just the start. a big warm up is in store this weekend. i wish i exactly when we will see the warmest month coming up. it is still breezy. we are looking at 14 winds. 12 in downtown san francisco. as well as for oakland in berke 11 in vallejo. here is a satellite in great idea. it's going to continue to move out and high pressure will build and and strengthen for us. i do want to let you know about a coastal flood advisory because of the king tied. this is from 8 am until 1 pm. minor flooding is possible along the immediate coast and the bayfront that does include the center high tide at 10:53 am. so let's take you through the day.
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here we are at 6 am. a few spotty showers are possible. but watch as the skies clear. 4 pm we will see plenty of sunshine and that continues over the next several days. here is what you can expect. high temperatures with that sunshine on this holiday looking at 57 in downtown san francisco 59 redwood city, that the oakland, fremont, as well as san jose 59 for a high in santa rosa. we will see that sunshine and look at the state warm up. every single day we are going to be warming up about the inland or tomorrow upper 50s for the bay. check out wednesday, thursday, and by friday, for those inland locations some of these were response topping out near 70. and it's going to be plenty of
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sunshine into the weekend. it does look like a dryer period over the next several days. let's check in with gianna for a look at that traffic. this is a look at the 880. no accidents or incidents. no road closures for construction. so you should have a pretty easy ride if you're traveling near here. no delays near the macarthur maze. an easy ride all the way down into fremont. no delays, extra volume, it is that commute direction. hopefully it lighter than usual. traffic is moving nicely. and if you're heading towards the bay bridge, you should be good to go. no metering lights are on. and let's go on over to our maps. a couple of the spots we have been monitoring, the westbound 580. we have a big rig involved. so it looks like injuries have
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been reported. icmeanow oachenyou t yellow pass that car traffic is very quiet. this vehicle reported along the 101. this one is still stuck in lanes but traffic is really light along the north and southbound at 101. in an update on mass transit if you plan on taking part or the ace train you have a modified schedule. regular scheduled they will be running on a saturday schedule. there is a special mlk train. thank you. it is 4:52 am. straight ahead, it is big brother premier day. we have a sneak peak of the new celebrity season, coming up. and here is a live look outside. we are looking at san jose. we will be right back.
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good monday morning. happy martin luther king jr. high definition doppler. the most part the showers have wrapped up that we are tracking a few showers. your boulder creek in lexington. and that's pretty much about it. we do have a few spotty showers. but for the most part we are going to see that clearing and sunshine a live look looking east at the bay bridge. temperatures, 50 oakland, downtown san francisco dropping onto 47 in concord. 45 in san jo looking at 37 in santa rosa. we will talk about a big warm up coming up. the good news is we just checked in with the hp. no wind advisories. but that has been canceled.
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checking your travel time. all here just how you like it on a monday morning. from hellyer avenue to san jose to sfo only 37 minutes. an easy right here, from hercules to the maze. there is a wind advisory. if you are commuting from the 205. that will take you only about 20 minutes. the new season of celebrity big brother premieres today and this time there is a contestant from the bay area. they include anthony's gamma she can't crack, and deana lohan and natalie eva marie. she is an actress in a former wwe wrestler. >> i love a good game.of celebrity big brother airs tonight at 8 pm right here. kamal harris just threw her
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hat in the ring. she is running for president in 2020. more on that big announcement coming up, next. parents seem to have a secret weapon to fight cold- weather it is vitamin or folklore. most of them aren't backed by science. why they say it still helps. and the first inklings of downtown san jose beginning in just a couple of hours. and, we have a live report coming up.
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breaking news just the past three minutes california senator kamal harris announced her plans to run for president. this morning testing begins on a san jose extension. the timeline for the expansion. oakland teachers are working on a plan of action. good morning everyone.
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it is monday, january 1. is almost 5 am as we start off this monday morning. it turned out to be a decent weekend. we saw a little bit of sunshine. >> yes. we are going to see more sunshine this week. he enjoyed that sunshine saturday we had the rain on sunday. we are going to see plenty of sunshine the entire week. i want to show you this beautiful shot by one of our awesome photographers who is able to catch this super blood moon. he took the symbolically this before the clouds rolled in. but a very pretty view and hopefully you got to check it out. tracking just a few lingering showers. this is near lexington hills. a few spotty showers as we kickoff your monday. and looking at temperatures right around 47 in concor


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